Top 10 Majors at University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is a public institution located in Fayetteville Arkansas. The university is currently offering more than 70 amazing majors. Having a knowledge of these major is a key to making the right choice. Highlighted below are the top 10 majors offered in this university.

1. Agricultural Business

Different kinds of agricultural products

The agricultural business major provides education suited to career opportunities in farm management, agricultural business management, and agricultural marketing in both the domestic and international areas. The basic skills and knowledge needed for making sound decisions are provided by the agricultural business curriculum.

2. Architectural Studies

Example of an architectural design

The architectural studies program provides opportunities for students who wish to prepare for graduate study in an accredited architecture program or in an allied discipline, such as architectural history, historic preservation, urban planning, or construction management, as well as serving students who seek opportunities in related fields. The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies incorporates coursework from the school with liberal studies for students with interests that fall outside the parameters of the accredited professional degree program.

3. Finance

Analogy of financial analysis

Students who major in finance concentrations more on banking, energy finance, financial management/investment, insurance, and real estate. Careers in finance are analytically oriented and will generally require proficiency in accounting, economics, and quantitative methods.

4. Chemical Engineering

picture of distillation columns in a chemical plant

Chemical engineering deals with the creation, design, operation, and optimization of processes that derive practical benefits from chemical or physical changes principally involving chemical and biochemical reactions. Chemical engineers have a variety of traditional job opportunities in industries such as petroleum production and processing, chemical manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical production, and process equipment manufacturing.  Students obtain a broad foundation in chemistry, mathematics, physics, communication skills, economics, and the humanities.

5. Sociology

The description of a social environment

Sociology is a comprehensive liberal arts degree that provides an excellent foundation and springboard for working in today’s diverse social, organizational and business environments. The Sociology major provides marketable skills in research, theory, and data analytics and knowledge related to social institutions, interactions, cultures, social inequality, and organizations.

6. Philosophy

Picture showing the philosophy of lotto

Most of the things offered Major include some of the deepest, most interesting, and most challenging questions that the human mind can raise. What is the difference between appearance and reality? What are the sources and limits of human knowledge? Does God exist? What is the origin of evil? Can computers think or have feelings? And so on. The Department of Philosophy at the University of Arkansas offers an undergraduate major in philosophy as well as a combined major in philosophy and African and African American studies, both of which lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

7. Animal Science

Pictures of some group of cows

The animal science major offers three areas of concentration designed to provide scientific and technical education to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility. Students gain valuable experience pertaining to the production of beef and dairy cattle, swine, horses, sheep, and companion animals. In addition, extensive study is offered in the specialized areas of animal health, breeding and genetics, meat science, nutrition, and physiology.

8. Management

Comparison between management and leadership

Management is the force responsible for directing organizations toward goals or objectives. Therefore, the management curriculum focuses on the nature and capabilities of human and other resources, as well as how the manager plans, organizes, staffs, coordinates, and evaluates those resources in an organization and its environment. The study of management prepares students for positions of leadership in profit and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

9. Graphic Design

Representation of graphic design

This major will prepare students to be proficient makers and thoughtful problem seekers and solvers in a four-year professional degree program. The Graphic Design degree focuses on typography, interactivity, branding and design research, each identified as strongly connected to the design industry while incorporating the university research initiatives of the School of Art at the University of Arkansas.

10. Food Science

Picture of the food science laboratory

Food science is the application of science and technology to processing, packaging, safety, product innovation and distribution of food products. Food science deals with all aspects of food between production and consumption and involves many disciplines, including chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, engineering and sensory science.

Top 10 Majors at University of Michigan-Dearborn

The University of Michigan-Dearborn was founded in 1959 and it’s one of the best public university located in Dearborn, Michigan, United States. In case you’ve chosen this University or you’re aspiring to make it one of your chosen university, then you’ve made the right choice. They offer amazing majors that will help push your career forward. Listed below are the top 10 majors at the University of Michigan-Dearborn that might interest you.

1. Applied Statistics

Statistical data represented with a bar chart

Statistics is the science of learning from data. It includes planning for the collection of data, managing data, analyzing, interpreting, and drawing conclusions from data, and identifying problems, solutions and opportunities using the analysis. The applied statistics major allows students to focus on their passions including genetics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, public transportation, automotive areas, communication systems, financial markets, utilities, public policy, public health, government, manufacturing, quality control and others.

2. Biochemistry

Scientific Glassware For Chemical Background

This major is designed to provide students with an understanding of the structural and functional relationships between the chemical constituents of cells and their roles in life processes. UM-Dearborn offer courses in biological sciences and chemistry, and appropriate courses in mathematics and physics. The degree in biochemistry prepares a student for careers in industry, medicine, teaching and research.

3. Mathematics

Basic mathematical solution to a problem

Mathematics is an essential tool in the modern world, as well as a fascinating and beautiful subject in its own right. Mathematical scientists have described and understood complex physical phenomena, supported the infrastructure of the internet era, optimized production in industrial processes, and cultivated the creativity of young minds.

4. Digital Marketing

Analogy of all areas of digital marketing

The Digital Marketing major is designed to give you the skills you need to thrive in the ever-changing digital world. Students will learn about topics such as, social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile strategies that can be adapted to implement contemporary marketing campaigns for any type of organization. In addition, students will be familiarized with data-driven decisions using social media measurement, business intelligence, SEO/SEM, web analytics, and marketing data.

5. Economics

Picture of demand and supply curve

Economics includes the study of labour, land, investments, income, production, taxes and government expenditures. Economists seek to measure well-being, to learn how well-being may increase over time, and to evaluate the well-being of the rich and the poor. Economics major at UM-Dearborn provides versatility and critical thinking skills for practical problem solving, which is an excellent preparation for the workplace of the future.

6. Bioengineering

the pictures depicting how engineering principles is applied in biology

Bioengineering is an expanding branch of engineering that primarily deals with problems of medicine, healthcare, and, in general, quality of human life. It is a multidisciplinary field that combines scientific principles of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics with the best engineering techniques developed in traditional areas.

7. Environmental Science

representation of the natural things found in our environment

The environmental science concentration provides students with a strong background in areas of science related to environmental concerns and with an opportunity to study environmental problems from a scientific point of view that integrates biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. This major prepares student for careers in waste management, environmental consultation, teaching, environmental health and resource management.

8. Manufacturing Engineering

Picture of a car assembly line robot

The manufacturing engineering curriculum prepares manufacturing engineers to plan for, design, build, improve, install, and operate competitive production systems for discrete manufacturing. Manufacturing engineering program at the University of Michigan-Dearborn includes coursework in programming, hardware controls, the multilayered control architecture of the integrated factory, computer-based technologies, manufacturing processes, assembly, product engineering, manufacturing productivity and quality, and manufacturing integration methods and systems design.

9. Psychology

Analogy of psychological reasoning

Psychologists are equipped with the goal of understanding, predicting, and modify behaviour and psychological processes. The Psychology major at UM-Dearborn offer courses in the areas of Natural Science, Cognitive, Clinical/Abnormal Developmental, social organizations.

10. Software Engineering

computer displaying basic HTML codes

Software Engineering is the area of computer science concerned with the theoretical and practical aspects of the design, building, testing, modification, optimization, implementation, and management of large, high-quality software systems for a wide range of applications across society. The application areas of this major include computer game design, web engineering, and information systems.

Top 10 Majors at UM Flint

The University of Michigan-Flint is a comprehensive urban university of diverse learners and scholars located in Flint, Michigan in the United States. The university is currently offering more than 70 amazing majors. Having a knowledge of these major is a key to making the right choice. Highlighted below are the top 10 majors offered in this university.

1. Communication Studies

Analogy of communication studies

All Communication Studies majors complete core courses focused on developing speaking and writing skills, mastering essential theories of how human communication works and learning how to evaluate research. As a major, you will learn more about how internships in Communication Studies at UM-Flint work, and why it is so important for students to have one.

2. Criminal Justice

The tools of criminal justice

As a student of this department in the University of Michigan-Flint, you’ll focus more on the U.S. criminal justice system and use an interdisciplinary approach to understand real-world issues. Students also study issues like poverty, homelessness, addiction, and access to public services, and how they intersect with the crime.

3. Accounting

The accounting tools

This major is for students that want to become an accountant. Students will get to learn how to provide assurance about the reliability of financial statements, keep track of company revenue and expenses, examine financial records for errors or fraud, Implement new accounting and finance technologies and systems, manage and mitigate financial risk and many more.

4. Theatre and Dance

A theater which dance and drama are performed

This Major is best for students who are talented in dancing, playing of instruments, act drama etc. The central focus of the UM-Flint Department of Theatre & Dance is to provide students with a challenging educational environment and richly diverse learning experiences.

5. Physics

Energy equation in physics (it's the most popular equation)

UM-Flint provides an education in the basic laws of mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, relativity, quantum mechanics, and elementary particles. Students also study applications of the basic theories to the description of bulk matter, including the mechanical, electric, magnetic, and thermal properties of solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas, and to the description of the structure of atoms and nuclei. In addition, students develop the laboratory skills and techniques of the experimental physicist, skills that can be applied in the experimental search for new knowledge or in applications of the known theories.

6. Health Education

Analogy of health education

Health Education Major at UM-Flint is aimed at promoting the health and well-being of the community by preparing community-oriented health educators with expertise in theory-based practice, to contribute to the knowledge base of health education, and to serve as a resource to the community.

7. Political Science

tools of a political scientist

Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels. The political science program at UM-Flint provides students with a broad array of courses representing the different sub-fields of the discipline. These include international relations, comparative politics, American politics, political theory, and research methods.

8. Computer Science and Information Systems

This is the picture of a computer displaying graphs

Computer Science programs provide students with an understanding of the Science of Computation. Students completing a concentration in Computer Science are prepared to enter the computing profession or to continue in graduate studies.

9. Astronomy

A picture showing the outer space

Students study astronomical phenomena such as day and night, the lunar phases, summer and winter, eclipses, and the motions of planets can all be predicted with accuracy by the orderly use of simple natural laws. Courses in astronomy are designed for students who seek to fulfil the general education requirement in natural science or to develop their understanding of classical and modern astronomy.

10. Public Administration

This is a picture representing a public administration career

Public Administration is an interdisciplinary degree designed to provide students with the conceptual knowledge, analytic and quantitative skills, and practical experience relevant for entry-level positions in public and nonprofit organizations. The program aims to develop a multidimensional understanding of the role of public institutions in meeting the needs of a dynamic and changing society.

Top 10 Majors at UW Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin which is located at Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States, is one of the best public urban research university and the second largest in Wisconsin. The University has 14 schools and colleges offering a wide range of majors. The top 10 majors offered in this institution are highlighted below:

1. Accounting

Business graphs for accounting purposes

Accounting is often described as the language of business. Accountants definitely need to number savvy, but what they really do is provide information. As an accountant, you’ll gather and organize financial information, analyze that information, assess performance and efficiency, and make suggestions for change or improvement. A degree in Accounting at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a great launch pad for any business career.

2. Geosciences

Image showing the core of the earth

Geoscientists study the earth and the processes that shape it. Students will have to study Water, glaciers, climate, soil quality, and tectonics. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers compulsory outdoor field work which prepares students for jobs with environmental and water resource management, energy and mineral industries, and government agencies.

3. Civil Engineering

Construction site of a building

Civil Engineering is a profession that deals with the infrastructure of society and impacts your everyday life. Civil engineers design, build and maintain highways, tunnels, rail systems, airports, bridges, canals and dams, power plants, buildings of all sorts etc.

4. Applied Computing

image representing applied computing

Students with IT professional drive and are willing to solve business problems using computing skill can choose this major. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing. They’ll give you a hands-on computer science program experience with a valuable focus on the business skills employers need.

5. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering lab

Biomedical engineers apply mathematics, science, and engineering knowledge to solve healthcare-related problems that improve the quality of life and reduce the cost of healthcare to society. Biomedical engineering students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will learn to translate engineering principles into clinical methods.

6. Art Education

representation of arts education

This major is good for students that love teaching, especially art subjects. You’ll learn through theoretical and practical examination of elementary and secondary schools, and community-based settings. The curriculum at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee prepares students to be successful candidates for K-12 art teacher licensure in the state of Wisconsin.

7. Classics

Classics-Image depicting historical records

Classics is the study of the literature, languages, cultures and societies of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. So, this major is for students that love history and are inquisitive of how things came into existence. The Classics program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee focuses on three areas, which are: Classical Civilization, Ancient Greek Language and Literature, and Classical Latin Language and Literature.

8. Microbiology

Microbiologist- Working on micro-organism

The Microbiology major prepares students for a variety of careers in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, and health-related professions, and for graduate and professional studies in areas such as medical microbiology, industrial microbiology, environmental microbiology, microbial biotechnology, and molecular biology. Students will be on the cutting edge of developments in industrial production processes, public health, biotechnology, and drug discovery.

9. Finance

Analogy of currency growth

The major in finance looks at how individuals and firms allocate their resources over time. You’ll get to evaluate projects, investments, financing, risk, valuation, and markets on a daily basis. You’ll also learn how to use data and technology as tools to evaluate and make the best financial decisions.

10.Human Resources Management

Different approaches used by Human resource managers

Human resources professionals make sure that their organizations have the necessary talent i.e the right people to make the company successful and help them grow. Human resources management includes identifying, recruiting, and selecting new employees. They also give training and development for employees, administering compensation, benefits plans, among other objectives.

Top 10 Majors at Seattle University

Seattle University was founded in 1891, and it’s located on 50 acres in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighbourhood. More than 7,200 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs within eight schools and Colleges. The University is consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the West.  Below is the list of top 10 majors available at Seattle University.

1. Anthropology

Stages in the transformation of man from primitive age to modern age

The major is designed to empower students with anthropological knowledge and skills that are both immediately valuable as well as a foundation for further intellectual development. Regardless of your future career plans, anthropology gives you the foundational skills to successfully navigate and understand our increasingly global, multicultural world, while opening up new horizons for personal reflection and growth.

2. Economics

picture depicting a graphical analysis

courses in economics major are designed to acquaint students with the workings of the local and world economies.  Seattle University provides frameworks and tools for students to analyze data, solve problems, and make decisions in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

3. English

Department of English's reading room at seattle university

This major requires students to be eloquent, with strong communication, critical enquiry skills, and problem-solving abilities. Seattle University’s curriculum makes students grapple with some of the most interesting questions of literary and cultural history, engage profound and intractable questions of justice and value, and become thoughtful and active citizens of the university, nation, and world.

4. International Business

flags of different country

This major will prepare students for the impact of international competition and how to operate effectively in the global marketplace by integrating the management, marketing, finance, law, and economic functional areas in a global context.

5. Mechanical Engineering

mechanical Engineering drawings and tools

Seattle University’s Mechanical Engineering department provides undergraduates with strong foundations in areas of mathematics, basic sciences, engineering theory and practice. They also provide students with programs that build practical engineering skills and develop your social, economic and environmentally responsible professionalism.

6. Philosophy

analogy of philosophical thought

This major has to do with the study the basic problems concerning matters like mind, reason, values, knowledge and language. Philosophy students learn to think critically about the world, to call into question biases and unwarranted assumptions.

7. Accounting

A computer - used by accountants

This major is for students that want to become an accountant. Students will get to learn how to provide assurance about the reliability of financial statements, keep track of company revenue and expenses, examine financial records for errors or fraud, Implement new accounting and finance technologies and systems, manage and mitigate financial risk and many more.

8. Theology and Religious Studies

Cross - Theology and religious studies

The department contributes to students’ intellectual growth by helping them develop the skills and knowledge to engage critically and effectively with the multi-religious dimensions of human life. Students approach the study of Theology and Religious Studies in an integrated manner where they are introduced to multiple aspects of religion such as beliefs, faith, rituals, ethics, spirituality, and sacred texts. The curriculum of the Department of Theology and Religious Studies invites students to reflect upon their own experiences and questions about ultimate reality.

9. Mathematics

picture showing solution to mathematical problems

Mathematics is an essential tool in the modern world, as well as a fascinating and beautiful subject in its own right. This major gives you a broad knowledge of finance, insurance, software engineering, and the sciences. Seattle University’s Mathematics department offers Seattle University’s Mathematics department.

10. Management

various types of management skills

The Management major will help students gain a strategic management perspective and the knowledge to structure organizations in order to meet profit and social responsibility goals. At the same time, students will become qualified in important communication and management skills to recruit, retain, and guide individuals and teams to support successful companies and organizations.


Top 10 Majors at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is one of the best private university in the United State. They are located in Winston-Salem North Carolina with students spreading across 49 states and over 50 foreign countries. Interestingly, they offer 45 majors within 45 schools and colleges. However, the top 10 majors offered in this university is highlighted below:

1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

molecular structures- molecules and integration

This major provides a strong foundation in biological chemistry and molecular biology with the insights into the experimental approaches and results that demonstrate the function of biological molecules. The major is designed to build conceptual understanding and practical and critical thinking skills to address current biological, biochemical, and biomedical challenges.

2. Physics

picture indicating the concept of light in physics

This major is best for students that love physics right from high school. The study of physics is exciting, challenging, and brings out the student’s intellectual best. The program is designed to give the student a broad understanding of physics, with the opportunity to pursue research at the forefront of biophysics, condensed matter physics, gravitation and particle physics, and medical physics.

3. Finance

Hard currency - coin, used as a medium of exchange

The Finance major in the Wake Forest University School of Business prepares you for a successful career in financial services, including portfolio management, investment and commercial banking and financial consulting. The major emphasizes a strong concentration in finance, supported by accounting concepts beyond the introductory level, which is critical in a global environment.

4. Mathematical Business

basic tools of mathematical operations

This unique major prepares students for careers in business and government that require sophisticated, model-based, advanced quantitative approaches to problem-solving. The major is extremely useful in today’s complex global environment, where problems in business administration and public policy require intricate mathematical analyses.

5. Accountancy

illustration of different accounting methods

The Accountancy major in the Wake Forest University School of Business provides a foundation in the concepts, principles and practices of accountancy and business that students need for success in the early years of their careers. This major provides students with knowledge of related fields like auditing and assurance, taxation, business advisory services, forensic accounting, and investment and commercial banking.

6. Communication

Illustration of several means of communication

In Communication, the student studies the phenomenon of human communication in all its aspects. This major support a liberal arts approach to communication through scholarship, creative production, and teaching in three concentrations: communication science, media studies, and rhetorical studies. The goals of Wake Forest University is to prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship and for the many career paths in which knowledge of communication is a critical asset.

7. Health and Exercise Science

illustration of health and exercise science

This major is designed to prepare individuals for careers in medicine and allied health, such as preventive and rehabilitative programs or for further graduate study in the health sciences. The majority of students at Wake Forest University pursue careers as physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, and nutritionists.  Others pursue further education and careers in dentistry, public health, exercise physiology, health psychology, and biomechanics.

8. Law

The integrity of Law

If you really like the legal profession then you need to learn to develop and apply the law. Although, a career in law can be intellectually challenging, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding. The law department in Wake Forest University train students to be a leader in legal education by modelling engagement and professionalism through academic excellence and a thorough commitment to service.

9. Elementary Education

Picture indicating a teacher in classroom

This major is specifically for those that have a passion for teaching. Once admitted to the program, students become teacher candidates, form a cohort, and are immersed in education coursework during the spring semester of their junior year and fall semester of their senior year.

10. Music

picture indicating musical note

This is a very interesting and exciting major for those that truly love music. This major prepares students for careers in music and/or advanced degrees.

Top 10 Majors At TSU

The challenge most students face after high school is choosing the major that will suit their need. But there’s always a point in one’s life when such a decision needs to be made. However, highlighted below are the top major offered at Tennessee State University.

1. Civil and Architectural Engineering

buiding design and plan of civil and architectural engineer

Civil engineers deal much with planning, designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, and roads while an architectural engineers plan, design, construct and maintain buildings. Therefore, civil and architectural Engineering department is crucial for the completion of construction projects. The department enables students to develop careers to become successful technical and design managers and leaders. The department also prepares the students to become life-long learners, skilful communicators, and effective practitioners, and leaders in a global community.

2. Biology

The leaf of a particular plant with a shadow of frog

Biology is the study of living organisms utilizing scientific methods. They also examine the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living things. The Department of Biology at Tennessee State University offers students opportunities for study in General Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Teacher Certification/Licensure using state-of-the-art equipment.

3. Aeronautical & Industrial Technology (AIT)

picture indicating aerospace manufacturing

This major is for those that want to become a pilot, work as an industrial engineer, work as a designer of electronic systems, work in corporate aviation and in airline operations. The aviation training curriculum is designed to prepare and provide students with the skills and expertise for professional careers in the commercial aviation field, while the industrial technology curriculum emphasizes electronics, operations, management, robotics, material handling and quality control.

4. History

The picture depict the famous history moments

Art History in Tennessee State University studies the artistic endeavours of peoples around the globe, and professional art historians seek to understand the context of art: why art and architecture are made and how they relate to historical and cultural circumstances. Their curriculum encourages students to explore history from multiple perspectives including race, class, gender, and sexual orientation on local, and national.

5. Geography

geographical picture of the whole worlds indicating each continent

This major is fundamental to knowing the world. It deals with the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of Earth. The program not only expands students’ intellectual horizons with knowledge and understanding of the spatial organization and distribution of natural and human phenomena but also exposes students to geographic tools and emerging technologies. Included in Tennessee State University are fieldwork experiences, service learning, research assistantships, study abroad programs, and internship opportunities.

6. Political Science

Political science departmental building

Political science focuses on the theory and practice of government and politics at the local, state, national and international levels. The political science program at Tennessee State University provides students with a broad array of courses representing the different sub-fields of the discipline. These include international relations, comparative politics, American politics, political theory, and research methods.

7. Electrical Engineering

power station for electricity distribution

Electrical Engineers are responsible for our higher standard of living and impact every facet of human life through design & development in telecommunication and computer communication industry, research in federal laboratories, control and robotics in manufacturing, Electric Power and Renewable Energy. You’re required to be well-grounded in physics and mathematics to study Electrical Engineering. Electrical Engineering students at Tennessee State can be eligible for scholarships.

8. Social Works

picturen depicting social workers in our environment

The Social Work Program prepares students for entry-level professional positions in social work. This includes preparing graduates of the program primarily for programs like urban population, promotion of social and economic justice, response to diversity and oppression, and to serve populations-at-risk. Additionally, the program provides leadership and a reservoir of social work professionals for the region.

9. Communications Studies

flow of communication from sender to receiver and vice versa

Communication Studies promotes the responsible use of communication as a tool in a variety of situations: interpersonal, small group, intercultural, and corporate settings. Students gain an understanding of how communication serves as the organizing feature of relationships:  interpersonal, work, societal and more. Tennessee State University Department of Communications is big enough to challenge you and diverse enough build you.

10. Chemistry

reactions - chemical equilibrium stages

Chemistry itself is the science of the nature, composition, and property of material substances, as well as their transformations and interactions. Chemistry is traditionally divided into five major parts: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and physical chemistry. The purpose of the Department of Chemistry at Tennessee State University is the advancement, interpretation, dissemination, and preservation of chemical concepts and knowledge.

Top 10 Majors at Utah State University

Choosing a major field of study can be very difficult at times, you’ll be left with the choice that’ll eventually determine what you’ll probably become in future. So you’re encouraged to weigh several factors before choosing your area of focus. However, highlighted below are the top major offered at Utah State University.

1. Interior design

example of a building with interior design

This is a very nice major for those that like aesthetics and beautiful surroundings. They mainly focus on the interior design, decoration, and functionality of a client’s space, whether space is commercial, industrial, or residential. Interior designers must understand construction and building codes, know the characteristics of materials, and have budgeting skills.

2. Agricultural Science

Department of agricultural science's building

Agriculture is the primary source of food and livelihood. Utah State University gives the necessary motivation which allows students to learn to design and apply technologies to guide the ethical use of land, food, water, and economic resources thereby improving the health and well-being of humans, plants, animals and the environment.

3. Electrical Engineering

Electrical components on a mother board

Students in this department design and develop new electrical systems, they are also involved in carrying out various tests and solving electrical problems. You’re required to be well-grounded in physics and mathematics to study Electrical Engineering. Electrical engineering covers a broad range of application areas, including power generation and delivery, transportation (cars and airplanes), communication (radio, TV, wireless, telephones), robotics, computers (memory systems, displays, microprocessors), defense applications (navigation, radar, and secure communication), and consumer electronics (DVD and MP3 players).

4. Mechanical Engineering

the set up of a mechanical system

Mechanical engineers are involved in researching and designing mechanical devices of all types, including engines, tools, and machines. The broad discipline allows graduates to work in nearly every area of industry. Coursework offered at Utah State University includes but not limited to mechanics, design, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermal science, and material science. The department offers a sound framework of engineering courses taught by a faculty with extensive academic and industrial experience.

5. Journalism

the instruments of journalism

The journalism program is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide range of communication fields. Students develop many skills needed to work in communications, such as writing, information-gathering, reporting, video production, online journalism, and media literacy.

6. Biochemistry

Example of chemical bonding

Biochemistry is the basic science that addresses the molecular basis of life and seeks to explain the chemical properties and changes that occur in living organisms. The core courses for the major are in the areas of general, organic, and biological chemistry, general biology, calculus, general physics, and laboratory courses.

7. Geology

Geology - different types of rock minerals

This major is good for those that love exploring earth minerals because geologists mainly examine the planet Earth, its composition, history, and structure. Geologists also explore for energy, mineral, and water resources and evaluate potential hazards due to earthquakes, floods, landslides, waste disposal, and volcanic eruptions. They use the knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and engineering in the study of earth’s natural environments.

8. Nursing

Stetoscope - Used by medical personnel to listen to internal sound of human and animal

As a nurse you should be able to possess the tender heart to Care, support, nourish, foster, bring up, advice, educate. In Utah State University Nursing program, nursing theory is correlated with knowledge from the biological, physical, and behavioural sciences, as well as experiences in the classroom. Students learn in nursing skills laboratory and clinical settings such as acute care hospitals, extended care facilities, ambulatory clinics, home care and other health-related environments.

9. Psychology

Psychology- communicating through the mind

Psychology is the science of behaviour and mental processes. The department is internationally known for its innovative research and teaching. Students are required to complete an apprenticeship course which allows them to gain work experience outside the classroom.

10. Business Administration

business administration

The business administration major provides students with a broad education in the core business areas of finance, human resource management, marketing, and operations. This well-rounded degree option is for students wishing to enter the business world and pursue a wider variety of careers.

Top 10 Majors at University of Utah

The University of Utah located at 201 presidents circle, UT84112 is one of the top universities in the United States. not only do they breed intellects, they also have other attractive places like downtown Salt Lake City nightlife, where you get to spend the weekends skiing and biking in the mountains, or just hang out with friends in the residence halls, you’ll find the perfect way to balance your day and take a break from the books. They offer lots of catchy and amazing majors that might interest you. However, highlighted below are the top ten majors you can find at the University of Utah.

1. Applied Mathematics

applied mathematics department's building

Applied mathematics is usually for those that have the passion for numbers and problem- solving. These problems can be as simple as allocating an investment and calculating returns, or as dramatic as using mathematical algorithms to crack and decrypt intelligence codes. This degree provides students with excellent quantitative and analytical skills, and a math degree is the perfect stepping stone for a countless number of careers.

2. Art History

art history university of utah

Art History in the University of Utah studies the artistic endeavours of peoples around the globe, and professional art historians seek to understand the context of art: why art and architecture are made and how they relate to historical and cultural circumstances. The Art History curriculum introduces students to these topics through lectures and seminars.

3. Astronomy

astronomy department

This is specifically for, but not limited to those that love mathematics, computing, experiments, and wish to contribute to the future scientific progress of humankind. The University of Utah’s astronomy department has research expertise in cosmology, galactic and stellar astronomy, high energy physics and particle astrophysics, as well as planet formation and relativistic astrophysics. Students in this department have access to facilities such as the Hubble Space Telescope, Keck Observatory, and a 40,000-processor NASA supercomputer.

4. Business Administration

School of business university of utah

The Business Administration degree provides students with a strong knowledge base across the fundamental disciplines of business: accounting, finance, management, and operations management/information systems.  Graduates of the program have pursued careers in management training and leadership development, business analysis, marketing and brand management, sales and customer service, and a variety of roles in government, non-profit, and health services.

5. Chemical Engineering

college of engineering university of utah

Offering this major in the University of Utah is so cool. You’ll get to take chemistry out of the laboratory and into the real world by applying scientific knowledge, technical expertise, and creativity to make useful materials. The University of Utah’s Department of Chemical Engineering is nationally recognized for its research programs, and it was recently ranked 5th in the country in federal research and development funding.

6. Computer Science

A series of codes

The University of Utah’s Computer Science program consists of courses in object-oriented programming, discrete mathematics, software engineering, computer organization, algorithms and data structures, software systems, and theory. Advanced courses in theoretical computer science, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, databases, operating systems, computer networks, programming languages, graphics, computer architecture, and digital design are also available as electives.

7. Geoscience

geoscience department at university of utah

The University of Utah’s Geoscience program will provide you with a broad foundation in fundamental science concepts, and you can then individualize your degree by pursuing one of three emphasis areas in the geoscience fields which are Geology, Environmental Geoscience, and Geophysics.

8. Health Society and Policy

A world globe with letters, health, society and policy

The Health, Society and Policy (HSP) Program address the multidimensional character of human health. Students in this program are given the broad, interdisciplinary foundation for understanding health, allowing them to sensitively and effectively address health care issues in multidimensional contexts.

9. Marketing

Marketing letters on a teal circle

As a marketing major at the University of Utah, you will study diverse topics such as market research, consumer behaviour, advertising, sales and business development, and international marketing, with one goal in mind, learning how to build brands that people want.

10. Nursing

college of nursing university of utah


The University of Utah’s nursing program prepares students to be generalists in clinical settings, entry-level administrative positions, or to pursue graduate work in nursing. Regardless of educational background and prior experience, all nursing students complete coursework in general health, public health, evidence-based medical practice, and systems and populations.

Top 10 Majors at Lehigh University

Lehigh University is obviously one of the Top University located in 27 memorial drive west Bethlehem. In case you’ve chosen Lehigh University or you’re aspiring to make it one of your chosen university, then you’ve made the right choice. They offer amazing majors that will help push your career forward. Listed below are the top 10 majors at Lehigh University that might interest you.

1. Accounting

Accounting department's buiding

Lehigh University offers major in accounting at the undergraduate level. This major will gives students the rudiments and the fundamental knowledge in core accounting courses as well as networking opportunities that prepare them to hold leadership positions in a diverse array of business careers. During the summer, Lehigh accounting majors typically participate in well-paid summer internship programs that lead to entry-level jobs upon graduation.

2. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering department's building

They offer major in chemical engineering by combining an in-depth background in the chemical and physical sciences with classical engineering principles, preparing students for dynamic careers in a wide range of industries. Students learn science and engineering fundamentals through the use of computers, team projects and lab experiments in laboratory facilities that are among the best in the nation.

3. Health, Medicine, and Society

Newly renovated Williams Hall.

This particular major prepares students to meet the increasingly complex health needs of the growing global population. The courses they offer focuses more on social scientific and humanistic approaches to health that aim to cultivate a broad understanding of the effects of health, illness, and medical care on individuals, families, and communities.

4. Materials Science and Engineering

Material science and engineering's building

In Material science and engineering major, students are allowed to choose their area specialization, such as nanotechnology. Students work closely with award-winning professors who are at the top of their fields in a program that provides a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. Students in the program are provided with hands-on laboratory experiences, research opportunities, and summer internships.

5. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering's building

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in mechanical engineering offers students a comprehensive education grounded in the fundamentals of the discipline while incorporating invaluable hands-on experience opportunities. Mechanical engineering students gain knowledge in areas such as solid and fluid mechanics, engineering materials, product design and manufacturing, thermodynamics and control systems.

6. Molecular Biology

Molecular biology's building

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in molecular biology explores cells, their characteristics, parts, and chemical processes, and pays special attention to how molecules control a cell’s activities and growth. The curricula offer distinctive experiences that provide exceptional preparation for graduate school, professional training, and careers in health-related industries. Students are actively encouraged to become involved in independent study and honors research where they work directly with faculty and graduate students on the generation of new knowledge. Through coursework and laboratory experience, students learn to conceptualize and address scientific problems, understand professional responsibility, work independently and as part of a team, and bring an integrated, multidisciplinary perspective to bear on contemporary issues in the life and health sciences.

7. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Newly renovated buildings of pharmaceutical chemistry

Major in pharmaceutical chemistry is a chemistry degree option that focuses on core chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology to prepare students for careers in the pharmaceutical field. The breadth of knowledge offered by this degree program prepares students for work in this highly interdisciplinary field.

8. Art

Faculty of art's buiding

They introduces students to the basic media of art such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and photography. A major in art may focus on museum studies or graphic design, or it can be combined with psychology for those who seek a career in art therapy; with theater for those interested in costume design; or with architecture and theater for those interested in set design.

9. Physics

physics departmental building

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in physics provides an education in the basic laws of mechanics, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, optics, relativity, quantum mechanics, and elementary particles. Students also study applications of the basic theories to the description of bulk matter, including the mechanical, electric, magnetic, and thermal properties of solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas, and to the description of the structure of atoms and nuclei. In addition, students develop the laboratory skills and techniques of the experimental physicist, skills that can be applied in the experimental search for new knowledge or in applications of the known theories.

10. Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and anthropology's building

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in sociology and anthropology teaches students statistics, cultural diversity and human nature, human evolution and pre-history, research methods and data analysis. Lehigh’s anthropology students say they value not only what they learn through courses, internships, and independent research, but also the personalized attention and active mentoring they receive from faculty.