Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Nebraska – Kearney

University of Nebraska – Kearney which is one of the best state university in the United States was founded in 1905 and they are located in Kearney, Nebraska. They have several restaurants and cafes for both their students and staffs. All the restaurants inside the school premises are open to the public and available for UNK students to use their flexible meal plan dollars. Meanwhile here are the restaurants and cafes you can get at the University of Nebraska – Kearney.

1. Suwannee Thai Cuisine

The building of Suwannee Thai Cuisine

They have several meal options for their customers, all of which are very delicious. Their meal price ranges between $10 and $40 depending on the specific food you want. Some of the foods you can find in Suwannee Thai Cuisine include drunken noodles, Thai food, mango chicken, roti, ginger tea and so many more.

2. Baristas Daily Grind

A nice coffee at Baristas Daily Grind

They are located very close to the campus. They experience a very high level of patronage from students and staffs alike. The inside of this cafe is pretty cute and cozy. Their coffee is also pretty yummy. This is the best venue for a hot breakfast.

3. Topperz

An image of spaghetti at Topperz

They have a good selection of food items. Although their foods are always pricey, you’ll always find the best there. Their food is a must try for every students of the University of Nebraska – Kearney.

4. New China Express

A plate of food at New China Express

This restaurant always offer the best with the quality food they serve. You can get delicious food with as low as $5. They have lots of topping choices and their dough is soft and yummy. They also serve appetizers live spinach artichoke dip, garlic toast, cheese bread, Italian Chinese spices and mozzarella sticks.

5. Chicken Coop Sports Bar & Grill

The interior of Tru Café

Chicken Coop Sports Bar & Grill is homey, with comfortable space with very attentive staff. They have a good selection of bar food and you can see it prepared through windows if you are curious. They also offer a bar and good selection of beers on tap from other microbreweries. This place is meant for those that are financially buoyant.

6. Tru Café

Interior of True cafe

Tru Café is a popular hangout spot for students. What made this café unique from others is that they are the only one that serves organic meals. This is full-service organic coffee and tea house. They also have a variety of craft beers, freshly made organic juices, homemade muffins and rolls. Their menus are great and super affordable with Gluten free options.

7. Sozo American Cuisine

The picture of Sozo American Cuisine

This restaurant has many features that keep their customers comfortable. These features include takeout, reservations, Parking space, television, specially made chairs, Full Bar, Free Wifi, and Wine and Beer. Their services are not expensive and they accept all types of cards for payment.


Restaurants and Cafes for Students at Bucknell University

Bucknell University is a private university that is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. The university was founded in 1846 and they’ve improved to become one of the best university in the world. They have a lot of restaurants and cafes where students and staffs and eat and enjoy their lives. Highlighted below are the restaurants and cafes available in Bucknell University.

1. Bertrand library café

An exampe of coffee at Bertrand library café

The Library Café offers a variety of Starbucks blends, along with espresso, lattes, iced coffee drinks, and Tazo tea. They also serve a variety of bottled sodas, juices, and speciality drinks. Guests can enjoy a freshly toasted bagel or other pastry or choose from a variety of “On the Go!” items including sandwiches, salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, and wraps.

2. Bison Café & Bison C-Store

The picture of Bison Café & Bison C-Store

The Bison is the main retail location on campus, with a wide variety of a la carte options available daily, including local burgers, the famous chicken tender wrap, and custom built smoothies. The Bison is also home to a convenience store.

 3. The Commons Café

The interior of the Commons Café

The Commons Café is the campus home to chopped salads and also features local burgers, featured sandwiches, and an all-day breakfast menu. Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday, 7am – 8pm, Friday 7am – 5pm, Sunday 11:30am – 3:30pm. Their foods are very affordable.

4. 7th Street Café

The frontage of 7th Street Café

7th Street Café is Bucknell’s ultimate dessert and coffee shop location, milkshakes, speciality coffee, and espresso drinks. Plus there’s quick meal options and snacks available all day. You’re good to go with just $10.

5. Flying Bison

An image of Nacho Tots and Fried Mac & Cheese

Known around campus as the “Flyson,” our food truck hits the road three nights a week with a unique menu that includes the famous Nacho Tots and Fried Mac & Cheese. Hours of Operation: Wednesday, 11pm – 2am, Friday & Saturday, 12am – 3am.

6. Knickers Dining Room

fast food at Knickers Dining Room

They have provisions for breakfast and lunch to Bucknell students, the general public, and all Club members. Diners are welcome to eat in the casual dining room or enjoy the outdoor tables overlooking the first and tenth tees. Dining Dollars and Campus Dollars are accepted, as well as cash and credit card.

7. Terrace Room

The making of salad at Terrace Room

The Terrace Room is open for lunch five days per week. They have a full salad bar, deli, and dessert area with the best ice cream selection on campus.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at La Salle University

La Salle University is one of the best private university that belongs to Roman Catholics. This institution was founded in 1863 and they offer several amazing courses.  Listed below are the restaurants and cafes that are available for students of La Salle University.

1. Explorers Den

The pictures of Explorer's Den restaurant

They are located at students environment,  as such,  they experience a high level of sale. Their foods are always served hot and they’re very affordable for an average student. They also have provisions for breakfast, lunch,  and dinner.

2. Julian’s Soul Food

A meal at Julian's Soul Food

This is the best place where lovers can hang out for dinner. They have a cool, serene and peaceful environment. Although they have expensive foods, an average student can afford them. All their dishes are authentic and most of them are available in mild, medium or hot for spice temperature. They operate form 11:00am to 9:00pm every day.

3. Denise’s Soul Food

Variety of dishes at Denise's Soul Food

Denise’s Soul Food has a wide selection of food favourites that are made fresh daily. For brunch, students will find made-to-order omelettes, fresh fruit, gourmet salads, and various hot entrees.  For dinner, menus include grilled chicken, an international-themed cooked to order station, frozen yoghurt and much more.

4. Charley B’s Bar and Grill

The interior of Charley B's Bar and Grill

This is a popular joint for the students and staffs of La Salle University. Their foods are less expensive and they have good and friendly staffs. They also have a cool and serene environment. You can also get homemade pasta, ravioli, cakes, salad and ice cream from them.

5. La Rose Jazz Cafe

A picture of La Rose Jazz Cafe

This is a very nice restaurant where dinner is served for $10.00 with an admission fee of $5.00, drinks averaged around $6.00 depending on the type you want.  This is a great little hideaway Venue, and their service is great value of money.

6. Kim’s Restaurant

an awesome interior view of Kim's Restaurant

This is one of the most expensive restaurants for the student of La Salle University. This place is cute and comfortable for both after workout or business meet over coffee. They have lovely and friendly owners and staffs. Their foods are within the range of $40 to $60 depending on your order.

7. Relish

The image of an Homemade Pickle Relish recipe

Relish has reservations for brunch, lunch, dinner, late Night food. Some of the other features you can get in this restaurant incude ,waitstaff, parking space, wheelchair accessible, full bar, takeout, television. Their foods are very delicious and affordable.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of New England

Food is one of the basic necessities of life without which one cannot survive.  The University of New England which is one of the best university in the world has provisions for restaurants and cafes within the school premises.  Students of the University have options of the type of food to eat, drinks to take, and where to relax at their leisure.  Highlighted below are the restaurants and cafes that are available for students at the University of New England.

1. Sea Star Market

picture of buffalo wings at Sea Star Market

This is the student’s favourite spot for food. They have varieties of foods which include Buffalo wings, hot, medium, mild, or garlic parmesan. They also have delicious sandwiches for breakfast at a very cheap price. 

2. Huot’s Seafood Restaurant INC

The front view of Huot's Seafood Restaurant INC

Huot’s Seafood Restaurant INC is perfect for friends hang out. They have large space, good music,  delicious foods,  and friendly staffs.  They offer different kinds of seafood and drinks and their price range depends on what you want. You can get quality food that’s as low as $15.

3. Fielder’s Choice Ice Cream

The buildingof Fielder's Choice Ice Cream

If you’re a Lover of ice cream, then this is a perfect spot for you. They have the best combination of flavour and quantity that this ice cream junkie has encountered. They also add butter pecan to your wish. Their products are very affordable.

4. Beach Bagel

An image of food at Beach Bagel

This place is great for the quick coffee and breakfast. There are only a few tables inside but many more outside with very cool weather.  In fact,  most customers prefers to sit outside. They also have friendly and highly responsive staffs.

5. Run of the Mill

Picture showing a food at Run of the Mil restaurant

This is the restaurant with the cheapest price so far.  Many students of the University of New England patronize this restaurant regularly. They have Grilled Sun-dried Tomato tortilla amply filled with Chicken, Spinach, and Feta Cheese, drizzled with Balsamic vinaigrette at the rate of $8.5.

6. Tami Lynn’s Restaurant

An image of food at Tami Lynn's Restaurant

They have real good French toast and the best lobster for students and staffs of the University of New England. They also have local cuisine, Pizza, Diner, American, Deli, Gluten Free Options at an affordable price.

7. Yellowfin’s Restaurant

The interior of Yellowfin's Restaurant

They have both Vegetarian meals, and Gluten Free Options as a special diet. They sell their foods at an affordable price.  This is a great place for students to have dinner because of the great space. Their food ranges between $3.5 and $14.

Restaurant and Cafes for Students at College of Staten Island

College of Staten Island is a public college located in Staten Island, New York. With College of Staten Island, you don’t have any problem with where to get the best and delicious meal on Campus. There are several eateries located both inside and close to the campus. Here are the restaurants and cafes that students can explore in College of Staten Island.

1. The Park Café Restaurant

This is an Image of The Park Café Restaurant

Located on the first floor of the Campus Center adjacent to the Cafeteria. The Park Café is open for lunch Monday – Thursday during the Fall & Spring Semesters. The menu features fresh soups, salads, sandwiches, crepes, Paninis, quiche, seafood, and pasta. The restaurant also periodically offers theme and prix fixe buffets.

2. Chili’s Grill & Bar

The frontage of Chili's Grill & Bar

Their features include coffee Bar set in an attractive environment and nice customer service. The menu features lattes, flavoured coffee drinks, and cappuccino as well as a variety of salads, sandwiches, paninis, home-made soups, wraps, and fresh baked goods.

3. Dolphin Express

An example of food at Dolphin Express

Located in the Center for the Arts Atrium the Food Carte is centrally located between North and South Quads and the North and South Administration Buildings. The Dolphin Express serves hot and cold beverages, soups, salads, sandwiches and assorted deserts.

4. The Campus Center Cafeteria

The interior of The Campus Center Cafeteria

The Cafeteria is the main dining facility on campus and as such has something to satisfy everyone’s palate. The modified court features several service counters such as Deli-Board, Hot Stuff, Sizzles and Pies on Pizza. Each service area features standard menus and daily specials that include soups, hot entrees, hot and cold sandwiches, pizza by the slice and pizza rolls.

5. DaddyO’s BBQ and Sports Bar

Example of a food at DaddyO's BBQ and Sports Bar

This is one of the largest Sports bars on Staten Island that is available to both students and staffs. severing everything from Smoked Brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, st louie ribs, pastrami, burgers, Smoked Chicken Wings, Mac & Cheese, Bacon, Nachos, Chili, Beef short rib, fried chicken, chicken and waffles, Steaks and many more.

6. Mike’s Unicorn Diner

Picture of veggies at Mike's Unicorn Diner

This is yet another amazing restaurant for students that want quality and delicious food. They have big space with large door for proper ventilation. Their food is less expensive and they operate all day service.

7. Dunkin’ Donuts-Baskin Robbins

The building of Dunkin' Donuts-Baskin Robbins

If you’re looking for the best doughnut around then Dunkin’ Donuts-Baskin Robbins is the best place for you. The price of their product ranges from $10 to $20. This is also one of the best hangouts for students.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University is one of the best public university located in Johnson City, Tennessee. This university was established in 1911 and it has rapidly grown to become a top-rated university in the United States. Here are the best restaurants and cafes students can get in the school.

1. Wellington’s Restaurant

The inner view of Wellington's Restaurant

The Wellington restaurant is a nice homey restaurant on campus that serves beverages, breakfast and lunch. Their meals are pear walnut salad. Angus burger, deviled eggs, filet and so many more. Students love to come here for the great study environment as well as the delicious food and drinks at good prices.

2. Cook-Out

This is the sample of food for breakfast

This is the best and cheapest eatery you can find around the East Tennessee State University’s campus. As such, they experience high patronage from students and staffs of the institution. There are very delicious and always served hot. $15 food is enough to get you satisfied.

3. Main Street Pizza

An image of pizza from Main Street Pizza

You get the taste of every bites in Main Street Pizza. Their pizza’s customization is perhaps the favorite option for everyone and there are also some phenomenal appetizers. They are situated in a quiet and serene environment. All their products are very affordable.

4. Italian Pizza Pub

An image of Italian Pizza Pub

They have Great pizza at a reasonable prices and sweet staff. Students have always testified to the fact that their Pizza has great seasoning and taste. They also have crust, cheese, toppings and sauce. This is a very good joint to take your lunch.

5. The Firehouse Restaurant

This is an image of The Firehouse Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the heart of the university, as such, they experience very high patronage. Their foods are within the range of $15 – $40 depending on your specifics. The available menus at fadi’s fabulous foods include shawarma chicken, sliced pork, steak frites, sweet tea and Bacon and mixed vegetables for vegetarians.

6. Starbucks

A picture of a sweet ice-cream at Starbucks

They offer fast and friendly services. It is a well-known destination for students and it is situated very close to the ETSU’s campus. This Starbucks is small and quaint, but it offers the same food and drinks like a regular Starbucks, all at the same great prices.

7. Freiberg’s

An image showing the interior view of frieberg's

Their lunch menu is of great value and generous offerings that will not leave you lacking for taste. They have top-notch schnitzel and beer cheese and they sell them at a reasonable price (even better than others). Try Freiberg’s and see for yourself.

Restaurants and Cafes For Students at Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University is one of the best public university that was founded in 1849 which is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They have several restaurants and cafes located within and around the campus premises. These college cafes offer different types of menus depending on the student and staff’s needs. The restaurants and cafes at Eastern Michigan University are highlighted below.

1. Sidetrack Bar & Grill

The interior of Sidetrack Bar & Grill

This restaurant is full of character and delicious foods to eats. Their foods ranges from fresh salads to award-winning burgers. Sidetrack Bar & Grill has something for everyone. Mountainous strawberry shortcakes, endless craft beers on tap, and a stellar happy hour have made this restaurant one of the best around. Their services are very affordable.

2. Maiz Mexican Cantina

An example of food at Maiz Mexican Cantina

They are fresh and delicious Mexican cuisine with various types of foods. Every recipe is unique, exciting, and bursting with flavour. Their award-winning fried avocado tacos, sizzling fajitas, and refreshing margaritas have won the hearts of Ypsilanti, making them one of the best restaurants in the city.

3. Happy’s Pizza

Sample of products at Happy’s Pizza

Their pizza is obviously the ‘bomb’ that students are talking about. The fried Shrimp and fried were delicious and they’re served hot. The Customer Service was friendly and can be easily approached. If you can get their product within the range $15 to $40 depending on what you want.

4. Tower Inn Cafe

The front view of Tower Inn Cafe

Tower Inn Cafe has a very big space for big meetings and events. They also have good and friendly customer service agents that are very responsive to customer’s need. Their fresh baked bread is usually brushed with olive oil and garlic and topped with our own four cheese blend. And also, their fresh pita is usually topped with tender chicken, mouth-watering pesto, greek feta, tomatoes and our four cheese blend. All their products are very affordable to students and staffs of Eastern Michigan University.

5. Chefs Restaurant Mediterranean Grill

The interior of Chefs Restaurant Mediterranean Grill

This restaurant has provisions for lunch and dinner in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This jewel of an eatery is nestled behind Eastern Michigan University in a small strip mall. The place is very clean and the service provided here is always excellent. Most importantly every dish that most students tried here has been absolutely wonderful. Their Fatoush Salad is absolutely delicious.

6. One Bowl Asian Cuisine

One bowl meal at One Bowl Asian Cuisine

This restaurant serves varieties of Asian foods. This is the best hangout spot for most students of Eastern Michigan University. Their big bowl of spicy hot noodle soup can go for $5. They also have appetizers which includes
edamame, fried spring rolls, agedashi tofu, veggie summer rolls, egg rolls and crispy tofu.

7. Dom Bakeries

The notice board of dom bakery

This is a fantastic bakery with different types of delicious baked products like doughnuts, apple fritters, drives thru etc. All their confectioneries are very cheap and sweet. The quality of their products never changes even if it’s kept for a very long time

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at CUNY Brooklyn College

Food is a necessity for survival, it’s the basic needs that’ll keep students intact throughout their study year. CUNY Brooklyn College provide students with several places to eat that are located in various halls and streets on the three campuses. The restaurants and Café present within and outside the campus premises offer the best set of foods for students and staffs of CUNY Brooklyn College.

1. Fisherman’s Cove

This is an image of jerk chicken at Fisherman's Cove

Their food is so good, mouthwatering, tender and well-seasoned. Students of CUNY Brooklyn College always look forward to their Jerk Chicken. Their Curry Goat is spicy and their stew Chicken is also very tasty. All the dishes are offered at an affordable price. They have excellent and unique customer service with a very clean and pleasant atmosphere.

2. Bake & Things

Picture of baked products at Bake & Things

They have different types of tasty baked products at the cheapest rate. They have daily fresh New York bagels, English muffins with self-serve toaster, assorted muffins, croissants, danish, sliced pound cakes and jumbo cookies.

3. Metropolitan Food Services

An image of food at Metropolitan Food Services

This is the most patronized food restaurant situated in the heart of CUNY Brooklyn College. Metropolitan offers a variety of dining options for the students, faculty, staff and visitors at Brooklyn College. Their dedicated food service team works hard to provide you with quality food that fits your budget.

4. James Hall Kiosk

A picture of James Hall Kiosk

It is located at the basement level of James Hall. You can stop by for a quick cup of freshly brewed coffee, fresh baked goods, snacks, sandwiches, Hale and Hearty soups, fruits, candy, cold drinks or even a slice of pizza.

5. Boylan Hall Cafeteria

The interior of Boylan Hall Cafeteria

This is a full-service Food Court located on the basement level of Boylan Hall offers a wide selection of popular food and beverage options such as pancakes, challah French toast, hot cereals and many more. For lunch and beyond, they offer burgers, chicken sandwiches, philly cheesesteaks, gyros, fish sandwiches, French fries and many more. All their products are very delicious and affordable.

6. Kosher Dining

variety of food at Kosher Dining

This restaurant is next to the Food Court in Boylan Hall, offers kosher foods including pizza, salads, and sandwiches. You can get as much food as you want with $20. This is a popular hangout for students of CUNY Brooklyn College

7. The Library Café Starbucks

The interior of The Library Café Starbucks

They offer a full array of hot and cold beverages: coffee, assorted teas, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and a full line of Pepsi beverages and waters. Fresh baked goods and snacks are also available at the Library Café Starbucks. Most students grab a cup of coffee in this café before going for lectures.

Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado always made space for restaurants and café in order to ensure that students and staffs are well fed. Students with meal plans have the convenience of enjoying meals at any of our dining rooms on campus. However, there are some restaurants and café that offer the best quality services at affordable price. Each location has their own speciality and atmosphere, no two locations are the same. You’re not required to eat at any one specific location, so you really should try them all. Highlighted below are the restaurants and Cafes for students at the University of Northern Colorado.

1. Pho 18

An image of food at Pho 18

They offer authentic pho and other delicious dishes. They have friendly customers service and they are located in a friendly and serene environment. They have savoury, rich, and delicious slices and chunks of the most delicate meat. They also have delicious menus for vegetarians.

2. Santeramo’s Pizza House & Italian Food

An image of pizza at Santeramo's Pizza House & Italian Food

This is one of the most patronized restaurants on the University of Northern Colorado’s campus. They have one of the best pizza and salad. They serve nice, simple, clean, inexpensive, good food, and a large menu. You can also get homemade pasta, ravioli, cakes, salad and ice cream from them.

3. Roma Restaurant & Lounge

The front view of Roma Restaurant & Lounge

This restaurant never disappoint with the quality food they serve. You can get delicious food with as low as $5. They have lots of topping choices and their dough is soft and yummy. They also serve appetizers live spinach artichoke dip, garlic toast, cheese bread, Italian nachos, and mozzarella sticks.

4. Fonta’s Restaurant

A picture of pizza at Fonta's Restaurant

Fonta’s has been around since the 60s. It is currently owned by a gentleman who worked for Fonta when he was in high school. The same food, traditions, etc. have been there for decades. The pizza is an excellent thin crust. They also have spaghetti, calzones, etc. The twist is, they have a great Greek Salad and Gyro’s.

5. John Galt Coffee Co.

This is an image of John Galt Coffee company

Customers are always impressed by the friendliness of the staff, the quality and low price of the coffee and the interior of this location. They service the best coffee in the entire of the University of Northern Colorado.

6. Chipotle Mexican Grill

A picture of  Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl

This is the best place where lovers can hang out for dinner. The have cool, serene and peaceful environment. Although, they have expensive foods, but an average student can afford them. All their dishes are authentic and most of them are available in mild, medium or hot for spice temperature. They operate form 11:00am to 9:00pm every day.

7. Cranford Cove Tea Tavern

The interior view of Cranford Cove Tea Tavern

This is one of the cheapest cafés you can find around. This place is cute and comfortable for both after workout or business meet over coffee. They have lovely and friendly owners and staffs. Their tea is within the range of $5 to $20 depending on your order.

Restaurants and Cafes For Students at Indiana University-South Bend

Indiana University-South Bend is one of the largest public university located in the heart of South Bend, Indiana, United States. They have lots of Restaurants and Cafes that offer the best set of foods and drinks to students. They offer nutritious meals and snacks to satisfy every palate. Highlighted below are the best set of restaurants and cafes you can find in Indiana University South Bend.

1. University Grill

An Image of food at the university grill

The University Grill is located in the Administration Building on campus. It features grill items, pizza, soft pretzels, chef’s tables, salad bar, made fresh daily items, homemade soup, and simply-to-go items at lunch. You can patronize them if you’re looking for a full hot breakfast. They also offer hot breakfast sandwiches, waffles, omelet bar, and oatmeal every morning at breakfast.

2. Rohr’s Notre Dame

An image of irish puff at Rohr's Notre Dame

This is one of the restaurants that student and staffs of Indiana University South Bend patronizes so much. They have different types of menus that their customers can choose from. One unique thing about them is that they offer 24 hours service. They have provisions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

3. BarBici

An Image showing the front view of BarBici

If you really love salad and pasta served with flatbread, then this is the best restaurant for you. They serve all their foods hot and they always make sure that customers are always attended to on time. There foods are very affordable for students and staffs alike.

4. Chicory Café

The picture of Chicory Café's notice board

This is the best place for students to take their breakfast. They have brunch, live salad, jambalaya, sandwiches, bread and pasta .Chicory Café is very progressive and they are most willing to address their patron’s needs. You can also try this café with an order of beignets.

5. The Northside Express

A picture of sandwiches at The Northside Express

The Northside Express is located in Northside Hall near the main Auditorium. This location is perfect for consumers who want to eat on the go! Grab sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more. Pair these with bottled beverages, and both sweet and salty snacks.

6. McAlister’s Deli

An image of McAlister's Deli

The McAlister’s Deli is the best place to go with your girlfriends so that everyone can share a bit of everything. Okay, it’s actually so you can all get an order of dates without it looking weird. Most of their foods are tasty, delicious, nutritious and affordable. You can eat to your satisfaction with as low as $10.

7. Courtside Café

An image of snacks at Courtside Café

Located in the Student Activities Center, this location offers guests an inviting atmosphere with fresh subs, wraps, and flatbread sandwiches, made fresh daily soup, French bread pizza, made to order salads, and snacks.