Top 10 Professors at Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a fun place to be considering that its located in the country’s capital city. With the numerous courses that they offer, the institution has been rated as one of the best in the region. The team of dedicated professors in the institution ensure that each and every student at Georgetown receive quality education and have a smooth time while in school. Check out some of the top rated professors in the institution.

1) Kumi Sato

 Kumi Sato
Rating: 94%
Department: East Asian Languages and Cultures

Courses Taught by Kumi Sato

JAPN 011-Learn more
JAPN 012-Learn more
JAPN 212Learn more
JAPN 211Learn more
JAPN 372Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Kumi Sato

“Sato-sensei is the best language instructor I’ve ever had. She’s so sweet, funny, caring, and engaged. Fair grader and fantastic teacher. I just finished her class and it’s the first time I’ve gotten emotional about a class ending!”

“Sato-sensei is an incredible teacher–I am amazed by how easy and smooth she makes it for students to learn Japanese, despite its reputation as one of the most difficult languages in the world to learn. Her energy is infectious, and her enthusiasm makes every class exciting. While the subject is difficult, Sato supports you every step of the way.”

2) Anthony Arend

Anthony Arend

Rating: 97%
Department: Government

Courses Taught by Anthony Arend

MSFS 655-Learn more
GOVT 265-Learn more
GOVT 263Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Anthony Arend

“A great professor in class. Never seen someone who could captivate a class of 150 students for 2 hours, and no one had their computers out. Take good notes during lecture and you will do the papers just fine. HIGHLY recommend. Very intelligent and funny guy. Plus he makes the effort of getting to know everyone in the class.”

“Very engaging lectures, with short video clips shown and questions posed to students throughout to keep everyone engaged. Very unhelpful during office hours, but other than that, great professor!”

3) Gwendolyn Mikell

Gwendolyn Mikell

Rating: 90%
Department: Anthropology

Courses Taught by Gwendolyn Mikell

ANTH 283-Learn more
ANTH 328-Learn more
ANTH 320-Learn more
ANTH 392-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Gwendolyn Mikell

“super sweet lady. i took a 300 level anthro course without any anthro background and she really helped me through the readings and papers. super helpful during office hours; would offer additional readings/sources, etc. she’s a little all over the place; not the most life-changing course/prof, but would not shy away from a second class with her.”

“The readings can be a bit confusing but she is really good at explaining them. She is super knowledgeable about all things Africa (and women’s rights in Africa) and has great stories and amazing connections. Downsides: she can be unorganized and doesn’t respond to emails. But overall, take her class especially if it’s an upper level seminar.”

4) Roberto Bocci

Roberto Bocci

Rating: 95%
Department: Art & Art History

Courses Taught by Roberto Bocci

ARTS 301-Learn more
ARTS 131-Learn more
ARTS 230-Learn more
ARTS 430-Learn more
ARTS 330-Learn more
ARTS 435-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Roberto Bocci

“Best professor ever!! He really cares about his students and wants to help everyone as much as possible. As long as you show up to class and put the effort into your projects, he will help you as much as he can.”

“Roberto Bocci is a wonderful professor and I believe anyone interested in photography, digital art or video should make a point of taking one of his courses. He helps his students to do the best work possible and his own work is awe-inspiring to say the least. He is always a willing advisor and a great friend.”

5) Edward Barrows

Edward Barrows

Rating: 98%
Department: Biology

Courses Taught by Edward Barrows

BIOL 320-Learn more
BIOL 304-Learn more
BIOL 341Learn more
BIOL 004-Learn more
BIOL 340-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Edward Barrows

“The most caring prof I’ve ever had, super understanding. Forest Ecology itself is a breeze-no regular homework/reading. U don’t need the Bio2 prereq. Lectures are random, not much is missed if you skip. 2 semester-long “projects” culminate in a 5-min ppt presentation at the end. 3 exams are tough as hell-require a LOT of memorization/cramming.”

“Barrows (the correct spelling of his name) is a great professor. He takes an interest in his students and really helped me understand the details of the material. Class wasn’t mandatory but you’ll want to go anyways, since he truly is a brilliant mind.”

6) Der-Chen Chang

Der-Chen Chang

Rating: 97%
Department: Mathematics and Statistics

Courses Taught by Der-Chen Chang

MATH 310-Learn more
MATH 316-Learn more
MATH 302-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Der-Chen Chang

“Der Chen is awesome. By far one of the best professors in the math department. The material is pretty difficult, but he does a great job of teaching it. He’s really reasonable when it comes to assignments and grading. I’ve taken two classes with him and highly recommend him.”

“He’s entertaining and super friendly. Very approachable and helpful in office hours. Makes the coursework understandable and genuinely wants every one of his students to do well! Take whatever class he’s teaching.”

7) Marius Schwartz

Marius Schwartz

Rating: 92%
Department: Economics

Courses Taught by Marius Schwartz

ECON 631-Learn more
ECON 461-Learn more
ECON 429-Learn more
ECON 101-Learn more
ECON 001-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Marius Schwartz

“The class material is v challenging, but Prof. Schwartz makes it understandable. If I did not attend class I would’ve failed, because his explanations during lectures were crucial. He dances around sometimes which is odd, but he’s a really nice guy that cares if his students are learning. The curve is a godsend, so overall not bad! Would recommend.”

“Schwartz is one of the best teachers in the Econ department. As a senior econ major, this is the only econ class I have been engaged in. Schwartz dances all throughout class and knows so much. While the class is not easy, it is very manageable and he is a really great teacher.”

8) Caetlin Benson-Allott

Caetlin Benson-Allott

Rating: 96%
Department: English

Courses Taught by Caetlin Benson-Allott

ENGL 681-Learn more
ENGL 904-Learn more
ENGL 251-Learn more
ENGL 903-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Caetlin Benson-Allott

“She’s pretty awesome. The class starts a little slow, but by the end of the year is super interesting. Sometimes can be picky with writing grading, but will be very helpful if you go to her for help. Regardless of paper help, go to office hours and just talk about movies with her. Easy participation and super fun to talk to her as well”

“Prof Benson Allott is great- she requires that you come to her office hours at least once because she wants to get to know you. Not a lot of work in the class and she doesn’t grade harshly”

9) Marcia Chatelain

Marcia Chatelain

Rating: 98%
Department: History

Courses Taught by Marcia Chatelain

HIST 301-Learn more
UNXD 050-Learn more
HIST 391-Learn more
HIST 280-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Marcia Chatelain

“Best professor at Georgetown, hands down.”

“Take this professor!!! She is the most intelligent, engaging and eloquent speaker I’ve ever listened to. Lectures are engaging, she covers dark topics however the class has a light, energetic energy. Short assignments through out the semester and a research paper at the end. HIGHLY RECOMMEND She’s like the older sister we all wish we had!”

10) Wayne Davis

 Wayne Davis
Rating: 93%
Department: Philosophy

Courses Taught by Wayne Davis

PHIL 305-Learn more
PHIL 304-Learn more
PHIL 901-Learn more
PHIL 150-Learn more
PHIL 151-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Wayne Davis

“Wayne is the man. He’s a great lecturer and class is actually not boring despite the subject. If you go to class you will understand the material easily, though its possible to learn it straight out of the book. Wayne is a great guy and a fair grader; always available for questions and is willing to give back points on tests if he slipped up.”

“Wayne is a great guy. Take my word, the people crying underneath don’t know. This class is a breeze if you show up.”

“Davis is amazing! Definitely worth taking this course with him!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Georgetown University

1) Research Project by Felicitas Opwis

Felicitas Opwis

Faculty: Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University

Her main research field focuses on Islamic jurisprudence, and in particular how the formulation of Islamic legal theory is related to intellectual discourse in other fields of Muslim learning, and to the political and social environment. She investigates how Islamic jurisprudents tackle the perpetual dilemma of achieving legal change without changing the scriptural foundations of the law. One of her projects involved a comparative analyses to determine how and why legal principles, such as public interest and juristic preference, change over time. Felicitas Opwis has published several articles and book chapters on questions of legal change in Islamic jurisprudence.

2) Research Project by Laia Balcells

Laia Balcells

Faculty: Government at Georgetown University

Her more recent work examines preferences for secessionism and their relationship with redistribution and identity-related factors. She has also recently explored post-war low-intensity violence (in Northern Ireland), wartime displacement (in Colombia and Spain), and cross-national variation in civil war warfare and its implications on conflict duration, termination and severity. She is currently using design-based inference tools to study the consequences of violence and transitional justice in post-conflict settings. She uses a multi-method approach to her research questions, and she has a particular interest in the study of historical phenomena using the tools of political science and economics.

3) Research Project by Jong-in Hahm

Jong-in Hahm

Faculty: Chemistry at Georgetown University

Dr. Hahm’s research interests are in Physical Chemistry, Nanomaterials Science, Biomedical Applications of Nanomaterials, Biotechnology, Fundamental Properties of Polymeric, Metallic, and Semi-conducting Nanomaterials. Her current research centers on the synthesis of materials such as nanotubes and nanowires with interesting structures and functionality. She is working to develop methods for the controllable synthesis of these one-dimensional structures on various catalysts in order to produce functional nanomaterials to facilitate their applications in basic science and engineering. Her group is using a variety of polymers and biomaterials to grow the nanomaterials at tailored sites and with a defined geometry and orientation.

4) Research Project by Gabor Agoston

Gabor Agoston

Faculty: History at Georgetown University

His field of research includes Ottoman military, economic and social history from the fifteenth through the late eighteenth centuries, early modern Hungarian history, and the comparative study of the Ottoman and Habsburg empires. His publication; Guns of the Sultan: Military Power and the Weapons Industry in the Ottoman Empire (Cambridge University Press, 2005; paperback edition, 2009; Turkish- and German-language editions, 2006 and 2009) involved a research project that challenges the sweeping generalizations of Eurocentric and Orientalist scholarship regarding Ottoman and Islamic societies.

5) Research Project by Heidi Hamilton

Heidi Hamilton

Faculty: Linguistics in Georgetown University

Dr. Hamilton’s doctoral dissertation work was on language and Alzheimer’s disease where she has spent life in linguistics exploring the interrelationships between language and a variety of health care issues and contexts. Her early work on Alzheimer’s disease, as most fully represented in her first book Conversations with an Alzheimer’s Patient: An Interactional Sociolinguistic Study (Cambridge University Press, 1994), is generally recognized as the first work in the area of language and Alzheimer’s disease to depart from the clinical paradigm with its experimentally-elicited data. By basing her analyses on the language of open-ended, naturally-occurring conversations, it was her aim to understand language disability as a human problem within multiple linguistic and social contexts.



Top 10 Professors at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly is a public university located in San Luis Obispo, California. Having being ranked 21st out of the top 100 best-value public colleges and universities in the nation, and 5th in California in 2017, most of this success is attributed to the professional, talented, and knowledgeable professors.

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Here are some of the top-rated professors in the institution.

1) Tim Delbridge

Tim Delbridge

Rating: 94%
Department: Agribusiness

Courses Taught by Tim Delbridge

AGB 411-Learn more
GSB 512-Learn more
AGB 310-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Tim Delbridge

“He is amazing. He is so excited that it makes you WANT to love the class just for him.”

“I love this professor, so nice an gives you GREAT feedback on how to improve and is very clear on what you need to fix. I learned so much for him. Don’t skip, he gets upset when you do. I generally was late, but he didn’t really mind as long as I got to work. Critiques were my favorite part, he is encouraging & makes you want to push yourself”

2) Ann DeLay

Ann DeLay

Rating: 97%
Department: Agricultural Education and Communication

Courses Taught by Ann DeLay

AGED 438-Learn more
AGED 536-Learn more
AGC 426-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Ann DeLay

“Great teacher. High expectations but equips you for success. Wonderful sense of humor.”

“Awesome teacher! Loves teaching ag and will bend over backward for students”

3) Matthew Burd

Matthew Burd

Rating: 95%
Department: Animal Science

Courses Taught by Matthew Burd

ASCI 366-Learn more
ASCI 438-Learn more
ASCI 405-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Matthew Burd

“Absolutely great class! Learned a lot! Very comprehensive and complex subject.”

“Covers LOTS of material, very in-depth, learned a lot from this class.”

4) Doris Derelian

Doris Derelian

Rating: 91%
Department: Food Science & Nutrition

Courses Taught by Doris Derelian

FSN 374-Learn more
FSN 415-Learn more
FSN 461-Learn more
FSN 480-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Doris Derelian

“Great lecturer, interesting, articulate, amazing stories.Fun easy class.”

5) Craig Baltimore

Craig Baltimore

Rating: 90%
Department: Architectural Engineering

Courses Taught by Craig Baltimore

ARCE 211-Learn more
ARCE 212-Learn more
ARCE 221-Learn more
ARCE 222-Learn more
ARCE 223-Learn more
ARCE 224-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Craig Baltimore

“Very helpful during office hours. He is fair with his grading, but you have to be willing to put the time in.”

6) Michael Black

Michael Black

Rating: 97%
Department: Biological Sciences

Courses Taught by Michael Black

BIO 501-Learn more
BIO 475-Learn more
BIO 476-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Michael Black

“he’s very determined to have his students do well if the effort is put in. If you show effort, you’ll pass the class. Also, he is a hilarious guy! Definitely an entertaining lecture.”

“It’s a lot of paper but printing out the power points and taking notes on them is really helpful. He’ll really stress the things you need to know and go over difficult concepts. He’s also very entertaining, always trying to act out the interesting analogies he makes up. Good professor”

“Great teacher. Very funny, which helps students pay attention.”

7) John Hagen

John Hagen

Rating: 94%
Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Courses Taught by John Hagen

CHEM 127-Learn more
CHEM 351-Learn more
CHEM 128-Learn more
CHEM 354-Learn more
CHEM 446-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of John Hagen

“Dr. Hagen was a great introduction to chemistry. He may not seem approachable at first but he has no problem explaining any confusions.”

“if you take chem, take this professor, you can’t go wrong, he’s funny, energetic, and definitely not boring. he gives automatic “retrofits” on all the tests, ie the entire class gets to retake the part of the test that had the lowest class avg, either multi choice or short answer”

8) Robert Clark

Robert Clark

Rating: 93%
Department: Kinesiology and Public Health

Courses Taught by Robert Clark

KINE 522-Learn more
KINE 406-Learn more
KINE 302-Learn more
KINE 301-Learn more
KINE 311-Learn more
KINE 230-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Robert Clark

“Robert is awesome. so smart and very easy to listen to. he offers extra credit. enough tests, maybe 4 or 5, that you don’t have to overstress about a grade on 1. a lot of info to study but not hard. I loved this class and got an A. my friends didn’t get an A that easy and it requires work for sure”

“cares about his students’ progress and learning. All his lecture slides are online, but going to lecture helps to reinforce info. Exams were comprehensive but not difficult. It is important to study notes well beforehand and even skim the book in order to do well on exams.”

9) Eric Brussel

Eric Brussel

Rating: 95%
Department: Mathematics

Courses Taught by Eric Brussel

HNRS 143-Learn more
MATH 344-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Eric Brussel

“Extremely passionate about mathematics! Very helpful during the office hour and explains theories very well. Humorous! Highly recommend!!!”

“Great professor! If you truly want to learn something about math, take his class. You can see that he is extremely helpful and knows a lot about what he is teaching. But if you are not confident about your IQ, don’t take his class. His class is prepared for those who are most intelligent and enthusiastic in learning true math.”

10) Nancy Stauch

Nancy Stauch

Rating: 96%
Department: Liberal Studies

Courses Taught by Nancy Stauch 

PSC 424-Learn more
EDUC 469-Learn more
PSC 425-Learn more
PSC 101-Learn more
EDUC 432-Learn more
SCM 300-Learn more
EDUC 410-Learn more
EDUC 414-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Nancy Stauch 

“Stauch is great! The labs helped you understand the lecture and you can’t get lost in the material. She is always open to help students who don’t understand. Easy grader. Fun teacher. Take her if you can get her!!!”

“Stauch is AMAZING! Take the class with her if possible. It is a hard subject, but she makes it so understandable. Coursework is not that hard at all. Just do what she asks!”

“Nancy was the best professor I’ve ever had! Take her class!”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

1) Research Project by Darin Bennett

Darin Bennett

Faculty: Animal Science at Cal Poly

Dr. Bennett’s current research and teaching interests focus on sustainable poultry production, and comparative avian physiology and nutrition. He has worked on projects that have aided the growth and development of the specialty birds industry in British Columbia. His research has included most of the species of poultry used for commercial production in North America, including chickens (broilers, layers), ratites (Ostriches, Emus), ducks, quail, and pigeons.

2) Research Project by Xiaowei Cai

Xiaowei Cai

Faculty: Agribusiness at Cal Poly

Dr. Cai has conducted previous research on produce supply chain management, foreign direct investment decisions of multinational food enterprises, oligopsony power of U.S. beef packers, consumer product purchasing behavior, economic analysis of U.S. dairy industry, and financial feasibility of biofuels investments. Her research work has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals such as Agricultural Economics, Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, Journal of Food and Agricultural Industrial Organization, Western Economic Forum, International Food, and Agribusiness Management, Applied Economics Letters.

3) Research Project by Matt Haberland

Matt Haberland

Faculty: BioResource & Agricultural Engineering at Cal Poly

His primary research interests lie in swarm robotics for agriculture, but he is currently active in a variety of other projects including ego-activity classification of body-worn video, control of legged robots, and development of the optimization sub-module for the Python scientific computing library SciPy. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at MIT in 2014 for his thesis “Extracting Principles from Biology for Application to Running Robots”, and previously created the Contact Sensor / Stabilizer for the rock drill of the Mars rover Curiosity.

4) Research Project by Wyatt Brown

 Wyatt Brown

Faculty: Horticulture & Crop Science at Cal Poly

Over the last 15 years, he has conducted projects involving broccoli and cauliflower florets; sliced green onions; pre-cut artichokes, sweet potatoes, apples, and lemons; whole strawberries; pre-cut pineapple; chopped cilantro and whole herbs. His research on antibrowning compounds for pre-cut produce has resulted in a recently conferred patent. His current research involves evaluating transit and retail temperatures for pre-cut leafy greens, characterizing and testing biodegradable films for packaging, evaluating migrants from plastics due to sealing or during microwaving, evaluating plastics for heavy metal content, and determining the potential migration of heavy metals from plastics during the storage and microwaving of pre-cut products.

5) Research Project by Robert Arens

Faculty: Architecture at Cal Poly

Robert’s professional work has focused on civic and cultural projects. Robert has worked with Studio Daniel Libeskind on the World Trade Center Redevelopment, the Fiero Milano Redevelopment project, and the Denver Art Museum Expansion and Museum Residences. Earlier in his career, he worked with William Kessler and Associates on the US Air Force Museum Expansion, the State of Michigan Library and Historical Center, and the Orchestra Hall Expansion. His current research focuses on rapidly-deployed emergency shelters and low-impact building systems.

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Top 10 Professors at Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona is a is a public polytechnic university in Pomona, California. It is one of two polytechnics in the California State University system. The professors and tutors at the institution work hard to ensure that they give their students the necessary knowledge and skill set so that they can become relevant in the job market. Here are some of the top professors at the institution.

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1) Nolan Tsuchiya

Nolan Tsuchiya

Rating: 97%
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Courses Taught by Nolan Tsuchiya

ME 439/L – Learn more
ME 340 – Learn more
ME 232 A – Learn more
ME100L – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Nolan Tsuchiya

“He’s one of the best. Explains things super well and make them easy to understand. He cares that student learn.”

“I went into this class with no prior experience for matlab, and came out knowing a ton about how engineers use it. pros: finish hw in class, fair midterm, no final, tsuchiya is a great lecturer.”

2) Steven Archambault

Steven Archambault

Rating: 95%
Department: Agribusiness & Food Industry Management

Courses Taught by Steven Archambault

AG401 – Learn more
RS 5250 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Steven Archambault

“Dr Archambault does his best to engage students about issues in the agricultural industry. There is 1 module each week with 3 tasks. The tasks are watch videos, read a chapter, read 2 NPR articles & answer a couple of questions about them. No final exam, midterms or essays. Automatic A if you put effort into your answers.”

3) Wei Bidlack

Wei Bidlack

Rating: 93%
Department: Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Courses Taught by Wei Bidlack

AVS211 Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Wei Bidlack

“All you have to do to pass is show up and take a short quiz on the reading. She is very informative and while she gives homework it is always really easy. As long as you put the effort in you should get an A no problem.”

“She was a very easy teacher I read the notes she provided online and was solid for the quizzes. The assignments were quick and straightforward and offer 20 points of easy extra credit that I would recommend. This class was hybrid for me so we only showed up when there was a quiz.”

4) Drew Hwang

Drew Hwang

Rating: 95%
Department: Computer Information Systems

Courses Taught by Drew Hwang

CIS 101 – Learn more
CIS 311 – Learn more
CIS 451 –Learn more
CIS 491 – Learn more
CIS 466 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Drew Hwang

“He’s pretty chill, has his own kind of humor, and you’ll have some good times in his class. The 1st exam was easy, multiple choice and short answers. The final was extremely hard.”

“For a CIS 101 class, I think he might be the easiest teacher. Of course, the teacher doesn’t teach in the class well I don’t think they have to since it’s basic Mircosoft, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, & Excel online study. You basically have to memorize the practices online and then take the test. Since it’s a CR/NC class you just have to get a 70% at least && the good thing is, he gives you three times to take the exam.”

5) Sonya Zhang

Sonya Zhang

Rating: 92%
Department: Computer Information Systems

Courses Taught by Sonya Zhang

CIS 315 – Learn more
CIS 311 – Learn more
CIS 305 – Learn more
CIS 304 – Learn more
CIS 299 – Learn more
CIS 234 – Learn more
CIS 101 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Sonya Zhang

“One of the better Professors that I’ve had.”

“Zhang knows what she is talking about when it comes to web development. Her class is pretty simple and you should not have a hard time getting a good grade. She has a thing for making her students do blog posts (2 for the quarter) on a WordPress site she put up. They are an easy way to get points.”

6) Gerd Welke

Gerd Welke

Rating: 93%
Department: Finance, Real Estate, and Law

Courses Taught by Gerd Welke

FRL 306 – Learn more 
FRL 300 – Learn more 
FRL 383 – Learn more
FRL 483 – Learn more
FRL 490 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Gerd Welke

“One of the best professors in the department.”

“Show up to class, read the powerpoints, read the book, read the newspaper articles he points out. Sometimes the class was hard to focus in, but if you went to class and read the powerpoints afterward, you could get by. He gives extra credit opportunities, take advantage. Went to office hours, very helpful. Tests were kinda hard, use study guide.”

7) Tarique Hossain

Tarique Hossain

Rating: 91%
Department: International Business & Marketing

Courses Taught by  Tarique Hossain

IBM330 – Learn more
IBM409 – Learn more
IBM499 – Learn more
IBM301 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of  Tarique Hossain

“TAKE HIM! I LOVED his class! He has a hilarious dad sense of humor and he really knows his stuff when it comes to marketing! If you pay attention during his lectures YOU WILL PASS EASILY! But on top of that, his lectures are actually interesting. Tests are fairly easy if you study, and he also does in class exercises so you need to go to class!”

“Great and caring teacher! Tests do require you to study!! (all multiple choice) (2) Midterms (1) Final. There is also an ONLINE HW. In-class exercises. Extra-Credit Quizzes (Very Helpful). Easy to follow lectures, offers little to no extra-credit outside of class and no late work. Show up, be respectful, do the work & you’ll pass. :)”

8) Analena Hope Hassberg

Analena Hope Hassberg

Rating: 97%
Department: Ethnic and Women’s Studies (EWS)

Courses Taught by Analena Hope Hassberg

EWS201 – Learn more
EWS140 – Learn more
EWS401 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Analena Hope Hassberg

“She has you buy 3 book and Top Hat. One book is on youtube to listen too and can find others online. So look before you buy. We had readings for every class. I didn’t do all. A lot of discussion boards, don’t get behind, they’re easy. Midterm A for effort and Final is easy questions both are take home. You learned a lot. One of my favorite class”

“I would always see her in the EWS building and she would always be smiling. Now, I have her and she is really good. Community service is required and I am so grateful for that. She is funny and engages with her students. Don’t ever stop smiling”

9) Heather Wizikowski

Heather Wizikowski

Rating: 90%
Department: Education

Courses Taught by Heather Wizikowski

EDS512 – Learn more  
EDS403 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Heather Wizikowski

“If you plan on earning a credential, find a class to take this professor. Her lessons are clear, and she is very caring. She uses a lot of differentiated instruction so all students can learn in their style. Follow her syllabus so you don’t lose points. Overall, an amazing professor who demonstrates her teaching well. Assignments help you learn.”

“she is a hard grader, not an easy A. Her blackboard set-up is overwhelming with all the different folders.”

10) Kenneth Stahl

Kenneth Stahl

Rating: 95%
Department: Interdisciplinary General Education

Courses Taught by Kenneth Stahl

IGE122 – Learn more
IGE132 – Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Kenneth Stahl

“My baby was due in the middle of this course and this professor went out of his way to make sure I can still pass this class! Very understanding, knowledgeable and helpful. Very clear outlines and available outside of class.”

“Ken is a really genuine and nice person. He is really caring and is a fair professor. I personally didn’t like the IGE program all that much but I think his class was definitely my favorite out of the three classes. Definitely, recommend.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at Cal Poly Pomona

1) Research Project by Richard Kallan

Richard Kallan

Faculty: Communication at Cal Poly Pomona

Most of Professor Kallan’s research and publications focus on how language functions rhetorically, and, more specifically, on how writers use various strategies and tactics to create compelling messages that ensure persuasion. One of his publications is titled “Renovating your writing: Shaping ideas into clear, concise, and compelling messages.”

2) Research Project by Melissa Aaron

Melissa Aaron

Faculty: English & Modern Languages at Cal Poly Pomona

Melissa Aaron’s research interests are on Early Modern theatre history, business, and economics; “original” Shakespearean staging practices; Harry Potter, fandom, fanfiction, werewolves in popular culture. she has several publications under her name and one of them is Global Economics: A history of the theater business, the Chamberlain’s/King’s Men, and their plays, 1599-1642. University of Delaware Press, 2005.

3) Research Project by Cory Aragon

Cory Aragon

Faculty: Philosophy at Cal Poly Pomona

Cory Aragon’s research areas include social and political philosophy (including issues of global justice), normative ethics, feminist philosophy, critical philosophy of race. He has several presented papers among them “Global Gender Justice and Epistemic Oppression: A Response to an Epistemic Dilemma,” presented at Philosophy Department Brown-Bag Series at Cal Poly Pomona, October 18, 2016

4) Research Project by Neil Chaturvedi

Neil Chaturvedi

Faculty: Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona

Chaturvedi’s research has been published or is forthcoming in Religion and Politics, Politics Groups and Identities, and The Journal of Asian American Studies. Currently, he is working on a book manuscript focusing on the power dynamics in the United States Senate, arguing that despite conventional wisdom and political science logic, centrists in the Senate are more vulnerable than powerful.

5) Research Project by Jill P. Adler

Neil Chaturvedi

Faculty: Biological Sciences at Cal Poly Pomona

Her research interests are on drug and vaccine development with an emphasis on liposome delivery systems for the treatment of microbial infections, in particular, fungal and viral infections. Recent work has been focused on the interplay between the adaptive and innate immune response in both fungal and viral infections, and the interactions between antimicrobial drugs and the immune response.

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Top 10 Professors at Boston College

We all agree that professors contribute highly to the success of students in colleges and universities. This is no different at Boston College where they have passionate and skilled professors. Professors at the institution are determined to guide students in exploring their academic potentials. Through friendly interactions with their students, the professors ensure that all their students have a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Below are some of the professors you will find at Boston College

1) Angela Ards

Angela Ards

Department: English
Rating: 98%

Courses Taught by Angela Ards:

ENGL 1080–Learn more
JOUR 2016-Learn more  
ADS 4016-Learn more
ENGL 4016-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Angela Ards

“She is truly a great professor that does not try to force her interpretations of the text. She LOVES lots of participation. I would not say she is a tough or easy grader, she is very fair. She also wants you to succeed, so she makes herself approachable for help”

“She makes you work for it, you have to do the reading and participate in class, but she’s good about answering emails/giving feedback and I genuinely looked forward to class with her because she was so passionate about what she was teaching”

2) Michael Graf

Michael Graf

Department: Physics
Rating: 100%

Courses Taught by Michael Graf

PHYS 2100-Learn more
PHYS 8799-Learn more
PHYS 9911-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Michael Graf

“Enthusiastic, funny, extremely helpful, sometimes too much work”

“He is a really nice teacher likes his job a lot it is not a hard class but is time consuming”

3) Michael Resler

Michael Resler

Department: German Studies
Rating: 100%

Courses Taught by Michael Resler

GERM1050-Learn more
GERM1051Learn more
GERM2201-Learn more
GERM2222- Learn more 
GERM2240-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Michael Resler

“Professor Resler is one of the best teachers I’ve had so far. He’s very enthusiastic in class and wants to see his students learn and succeed in class.”

“Amazing professor. Best at BC. Genuinely cares about his students. Take it! Or regret it.”

“Can’t say enough about Professor Resler. He was always enthusiastic and engaging, even when the class was low on energy. He was my best professor at BC, and one of my favorite teachers ever. If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and take on of his classes.”

4) Ann Lucas

Ann Lucas

Department: Music
Rating: 95%

Courses Taught by Ann Lucas

MUSA 1320-Learn more
ICSP 1660-Learn more
MUSP 1660Learn more
USA 2309-Learn more  
ICSP 2309-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Ann Lucas

“The lectures are great, she’s engaging and the topics are very interesting. However, you’ll have to take notes of pretty much every single detail because they will be in the test. Tests aren’t unreasonably hard but they’ll challenge you if your notes weren’t good enough. She puts a lot of weight on attendance, it can affect your grade harshly.”

“Thank you for a great learning experience. Enjoyed the class very much.”

“Great Professor, very clear on what’s is required in order to pass, very interesting subject material, and she has an amazing fashion sense.”

5) David Twomey

David Twomey

Department: Business Law and Society
Rating: 94%

Courses Taught by David Twomey

Law 101-Learn more 
BSLW 1021-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of David Twomey

“Teaches straight from the book. Spends most of the class goofing off. All papers, but the final paper, are pass/fail. All the pass/fail papers are 1-2 pages double spaced. One paper requires going to the Boston Municipal Court and I didn’t have time to visit during the semester so he let me turn it in after the semester was over.”

“Hard class but a passionate professor who loves his students”

“Prof. Twomey was one of the best teachers I had as an undergrad. I had very little interest in the subject matter of the course, but he was one of the few teachers who talked to you as a person and got to know your name. The course was worth taking just to meet him”

6) Brian Braman

Brian Braman

Department: Philosophy
Rating: 97%

Courses Taught by Brian Braman

PHIL1090- Learn more
PHIL5501 – Learn more
THEO 1090-Learn more 
UNAS 1109-Learn more
UNAS 1110-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Brian Braman

“Braman is a wonderful professor and a great person. He obviously cares about his students and is always available if you have questions or need help. The expectations for the class were made very clear. DO participate in class because it matters for your grade. Our class was discussion based and it was very enjoyable.”

“LOVE THIS CLASS! Braman has made me think more than ever before. Best teacher I’ve ever had. Though he cold calls, it is the best & most life changing class. Get ready to read & be prepared for class. He expects you to give your all because he always does. Sometimes we just chats instead of lecturing. Very good talks. 10/10 would recommend!!!!”

7) Neil Wolfman

Neil Wolfman

Department: Accounting
Rating: 95%

Courses Taught by Neil Wolfman

CHEM 1109-Learn more 
CHEM 1111-Learn more  
CHEM 1113-Learn more
UNAS 1199-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Neil Wolfman

“He cares so much for his students, it is not an easy class by any means but so worth it. He has such a sarcastic/blunt sense of humor that makes going to class tolerable. Going to his office hours is a life saver and he is someone you really want to get to know.”

“Professor Wolfman dedicates so much time and effort to his students. He is really here to teach and will do what he can to help you connect with the material. The course is not easy and requires lots of work and attention but Professor Wolfman is always looking to work with students to help them understand the course.”

8) Franck Salameh

Franck Salameh

Department: Slavic and Eastern Languages and literatures
Rating: 92%

Courses Taught by Franck Salameh

NELC 2161-Learn more
RLRL 2292-Learn more  
ENGL 2348-Learn more 
NELC 4130-Learn more
NELC2062-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Franck Salameh

“You will not find anywhere on campus anyone with Salameh’s breadth of knowledge, smarts, and humbleness. Come to class, do the readings, think critically, and you’re guaranteed an A.”

“He is an amazing teacher. He is passionate about everything he teaches, and he teaches in such a way to make his students equally passionate about whatever he is teaching.”

9) Paul Christensen

Paul Christensen

Department: Political Science
Rating: 94%

Courses Taught by Paul Christensen

POLI 1026-Learn more
UNCS 2245-Learn more
POLI 2422-Learn more    
POLI 4901-Learn more
POLI 4951-Learn more
POLI 4961-Learn more
POLI 7101-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Paul Christensen

“Possibly my favorite professor at BC. His class was hard but if you work on your papers you will be rewarded. Take him!!!”

“Took Christensen for several classes. He was one of the best teachers I had at BC. Gets students excited about issues and lets you write interesting papers. Final/Midterm can be difficult, but if you pay attention and participate, you will be fine.”

10) Can Erbil

Can Erbil

Department: Economics
Rating: 91%

Courses Taught by Can Erbil

ECON 1130-Learn more  
ECON 1131-Learn more
ECON 2207-Learn more
INTL 2207-Learn more
UNCS 2245-Learn more

Students’ Reviews of Can Erbil

“Hard-working, fun and caring prof. Didn’t think I would actually enjoy an econ course..”

“Clear, fun and energetic. Plays music at the beginning of class. Love micro.”

Notable Research Projects per Faculty at BC

1) Research Project by Hanne Eisenfeld

Hanne Eisenfeld

Faculty: Classical Studies 

Professor Hanne specializes in archaic and classical Greek poetry and Greek religion and myth. She is particularly interested in how these fields – divided into different categories in modern scholarship – were not so separable for the Greeks themselves. Her current project focuses on a set of mythical figures in Pindar’s victory odes who challenge the boundaries between mortality and immortality. She argues that these myths engaged with contemporary religious contexts in order to reassert the boundaries between humans and gods and to celebrate the victor’s humanity.

2. Research Project by Ashley Duggan

Ashley Duggan

Faculty: Communication 

Professor Ashley’s research interest is on social science and addresses the intersections of nonverbal and verbal communication processes, health, and relationships. Dr. Duggan has recently published four articles on the role of reflective practice and Communication in family medicine with an interdisciplinary team of senior investigators across multiple disciplines.

3. Research Project by Brian Braman

 Brian Braman

Faculty: Philosophy

The research interests of professor Braman include Political philosophy, Moral philosophy, Philosophy of religion, Social Ethics, Philosophy and aesthetics. He has published several books including University of Toronto Press, March 2008: Meaning and Authenticity Bernard Lonergan and Charles Taylor on the Drama of Authentic Human Existence, by Brian J. Braman

4. Research Project by Sarah Babb

Sarah Babb

Faculty: Sociology 

Professor Babb’s research interests are on Globalization, Organizations, Economic Sociology, Latin America, Political Sociology, Comparative and Historical Sociology. Some of he publications include the “International Organizations: Loose and Tight Coupling in the Development Regime.” Studies in Comparative and International Development

5. Research Project by Kathleen Bailey

Brian Braman

Faculty: Political Science

Kathleen Bailey’s research interests lie in the area of ethnic and regional politics with a focus on the former Soviet space, especially Uzbekistan and Central Asia. She is the author of the forthcoming Clan and Politics in Uzbekistan.