10 UConn Library Resources You Need to Know

Every student needs a place outside the house or dorm to get work done. On any campus, the library is an obvious choice. There are a variety of amazing resources available to all students on the University of Connecticut campuses. Keep reading to discover how you can utilize them.

1) Subject specialists

A UConn member works and studies a map of Canada.

These are people and librarians in the UConn network that know a large amount about specific subjects. Whether you have particular questions, need to know where to get started on research, or just need some advice, this is an awesome place to start. Best of all, it’s open to everyone!

2) Research databases

Check the library website to utilize the research databases from anywhere.

These online, searchable databases are superb for research projects. No matter the subject of your next big paper or project, the UConn databases are no doubt a great place to get started. They can be accessed most anywhere from the library website.

3) Group study rooms

A group study room at the UConn library.

For your next group project or study session, these study rooms are perfect. They offer a private space for your group to convene and collaborate. Not to mention, you can speak openly without fear of disturbing the other library members.

4) Course reserves

The course reserves are created directly by your professors.

Instructors from UConn have the ability to collaborate with the library to create an online course reserve for their classes. In these, they can post homework pages, text passages, practice problems, and anything else they think might help their students. If you’re struggling in a course, this might a good place to start.

5) Ask a librarian

Many students fail to utilize the expertise of their librarians.

This service can be accessed online or in person. Ask librarian your important questions regarding research, citations, and virtually anything else you can think of. Additionally, there’s a live librarian chat box online that can be accessed from anywhere!

6) Interlibrary services

Interlibrary services is a good option for niche topics.

If you’ve done your research only to discover the perfect resource is not accessible by UConn, use this service to request it be sent to campus. The library can borrow, trade, or buy resources from others if there is enough need.

7) RefWorks

Confused about citing sources? No worries.

This resource specializes specifically in assisting students in creating the perfect bibliography. Citations can definitely be confusing! So, from APA to MLA to Chicago, there’s information on all styles.

8) Connecticut digital archive

An example of a picture found on the Connecticut digital archive.

This archive is designed specifically to preserve the history and culture of Connecticut throughout the ages. Look here for information on local history and historical Connecticut happenings. It can be an especially great resource for those in history classes!

9) Workshops

Workshops are great for those confused about the basics.

At UConn libraries, there’s a workshop for everybody. From learning how to pull off APA style correctly to creating the perfect poster presentation, there’s educational opportunity for every type and level of student.

10) Tutoring centers

tSchedule a tutor today! It's fast and easy.

Finally, there’s the tutoring centers. These centers focus on a variety of subjects and are perfect for any student struggling or who needs just a little extra help studying. Whether you’re failing or just wanting to bump your next test score up a few points, this is an awesome resource.

Libraries at University of Connecticut

1) Homer Babbidge Library

The outside of the Homer Babbidge Library.

This is the school’s main library and is located in the center of campus in the Storrs academic core. You can find a variety of study spaces and resources. There’s also a cafe inside for quick coffee breaks!

2) Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

Compared to others on campus, this library is focused more around research papers and similar assignments. It’s especially geared towards science classes and other STEM courses. But, it’s also a great area to study, regardless of the class.


presentation on MAGIC at UCONN

MAGIC- or the Map and Geographic Information Center- is awesome for history projects and similar assignments with a need for historical context. Here you can find countless maps, almanacs, and other geographic resources.

10 SUNY Albany Library Resources You Need to Know

With so many different resources, college classes and assignments can be overwhelming. However, the library is a great place to start for any class. Keep reading to discover the greatest library resources available to you as a SUNY Albany student.

1) Group study rooms

A study room at SUNY Albany.

For that upcoming group project or a class study sessions, group study rooms are great resources. For many groups, it’s important to have a common area. Reserve your spot today on the library’s website.

2) Printing and copying

Printing is easy on campus.

For those students needing to print or copy for class, there’s quick and easy access to a printer and copy machine. It does cost a small amount of money. Make sure to bring your SUNY card with you to pay!

3) Personal appointments

Librarians are awesome resources.

If you’re confused about citing sources or getting started on research, you can make a personal appointment with a librarian. Although often forgotten, librarians can help ease your mind about citations. And, you can get a grade you can be proud of!

4) Innovate Make Create Center (IMC)

An example of the editing software available at the IMC.

The IMC is great for anyone looking to incorporate multimedia into their next assignment. In this room, microphones, video cameras, editing software, and much more are available to students. And of course, multimedia is a great way to add an extra bit of life to your next project!

5) Information commons

The information desk at the SUNY Albany library.

This desk in the library is there for helping you orient yourself and find what you’re looking for. It’s great to for any student, but can be especially invaluable to freshman looking to gain their bearing. Ask them about anything library-related and you’ll get an answer.

6) Distance learning materials

using computer

For students taking classes away from campus, there are still resources you can utilize. For instance, there are online research databases accessible from anywhere. And, specific class resources from professors are available.

7) The Standish Room

the standish room

The Standish Room is a group presentation room. It seats 77 people sitting or up to 107 standing. If you’re planning a big event or speaker, reserve it online now!

8) Disability resources

Disability resources are available to those needing them.

Students with disabilities should contact the library. Accommodations and resources are available to any and all students.

9) Instant messaging

Online chat with a librarian now!

Do you have questions but don’t want to leave the comfort of home? Is it late at night and you don’t want to make the trek onto campus? That’s okay. The library offers text messaging with librarians to answer any questions you have instantly!

10) Personal Assistance With Searching (PAWS)

PAWS is a great resource for those confused about research.

PAWS is a great research resource. If you’re having trouble finding a specific source or subject, it offers personalised care and help with every kind of research.

Libraries at SUNY Albany

1) Dewey Graduate Library

The common area of the Dewey Graduate Library.

This library offers a great place to study while focusing on resources in criminal justice, public administration and policy, social welfare, and library and information studies. With books devoted to these subjects, it’s no wonder a large portion of the student body spends their time there.

2) Science Library

The main atrium of the Science Library.

This building is focused on sciences, which is perfect for anybody looking to find research in scientific journals or otherwise. It’s also one of the largest libraries on campus, meaning there’s a plethora of study spaces available to everyone.

3) University Library

One of the entrances to the University Library at SUNY Albany.

The University Library is the largest of all of SUNY Albany’s libraries. It’s offers a number of different places to study that are perfect for every type of student. Additionally, here is where you’ll find access to the vast majority of resources listed above.

10 Temple University Library Resources You Need to Know

College courses can be overwhelming, but the library is one place that works to serve the students. There are countless resources that Temple University students should take advantage of. Read on to find out how.

1) Librarian appointments

Librarians are a helpful but sometimes forgotten resource.

Set an appointment with a librarian to ask them questions about anything! From research help, citations, or just gettings started on a project, they’re there to help. Most importantly, these appointments offer one-one-one time to ask all the questions you can think of.

2) Journal databases

The databases are accessible from anywhere.

Use the journal databases at Temple University to find sources for your next project. There’s information for practically every topic imaginable. You don’t even need to leave the house, as the databases can be accessed through the library website.

3) Access surgery/medicine/pharmacy

Pre-medical students will love the resources available here.

These databases are specifically tailored to information and research in medicine, surgery, and pharmacy. For biology and pre-med students, this can be invaluable. Just like the previous resource, it can be accessed online.

4) Refworks

Refworks is perfect for any student confused about citations.

This tool is great for large projects that require a lot of citations. Refworks is a citation management tool that makes it easy to keep track of and cite all the sources you use. Regardless of the citation style, this resource makes it easy!

5) APA/MLA style handbooks

The library is a great place to learn about the various styles.

APA and MLA style can be tricky and meticulous. That’s why Temple University offers handbooks on the styles to help any student get an easy A. And, as mentioned previously, the librarians are available to answer questions.

6) Exam prep

Studying for the next big exam is easy with the library's help.

For that upcoming midterm, quiz, or even final, there’s resources for every kind of student. There are resources online and in person. To utilize them, head to the library website today.

7) LexiComp

Check here for your medicine related research.

LexiComp is a database that specializes is information on prescriptions, drug trials, and medicine. Similar to Access Surgery, it’s great for research in biology, pre-med, and related classes. Best of all, it’s free to any student online!

8) Study spaces

Go online to reserve a study space for your group.

Whether you’re looking for a community space for a group project or study session, you can find it at the library. From group study sessions to midterm presentations, they’re perfect for every group. Go online to reserve your space.

9) Print and copy

Image result for print and copy

Even in the 21st Century, printing and copying is a necessity for most classes. Printing does cost a small amount of money. However, it’s fast and easy to do at the libraries on campus.

10) Borrow e-devices

Check out an e-device for you next project.

Computer broken and have a paper due soon? At Temple University, you can borrow laptops, tablets, cameras, and other devices to help you with your next project or assignment. Simply ask at the desk.

Libraries at Temple University

1) Samuel Paley Library

The outside of Samuel Paley Library.

This is the main library on campus and offers a plethora of resources, as listed above. It holds the majority of the books at Temple. Additionally, it houses the many administrative offices, where you’ll find meeting with various people and librarians.

2) Beasley School of Law Library

 A common area within the Beasley School of Law Library.

This library is open exclusively to law students. But, if you find yourself in law school, it’s the perfect space to study. The resources are made specifically for law students to help them succeed in their schooling.

3) Charles Library

An architect's rendition of the future Charles Library.

This library is currently under construction. However, it is expected to be finished soon for one of the next incoming classes of freshman. Time will tell what exciting modern resources it will house!

10 Appalachian State Library Resources You Need to Know

On any campus, the library is an invaluable resource for all students. It’s the perfect space to get work done alone or as a group. That’s no exception at Appalachian State University. Keep reading to discover all the resources your library offers.

1) Course reserves

Many courses have extra resources available online.

Instructors at ASU often collaborate with the library to create course reserves for their students. Here, you can access homework, practice problems, and text passages. In addition, you’ll find anything else your instructor thinks could be helpful.

2) Research databases

Databases are an amazing start for research.

This is the perfect place to start for you next big project or paper. With so many databases accessible to students, you can find sources for virtually any topic. From science to humanities databases, Appalachian State students are lucky enough to have access to all of them.

3) Video collections

An example of a camera you could check out through the library.

Similar to the above resource, the video collections are an archive of movies and videos that can assist in research. Not to mention, they can add a little extra pizzazz to a presentation.

4) Group study rooms

An example of a group study room on campus.

For a group of students looking to complete a group project or long study session, this is the perfect thing. Reserve a study room now and get your own private space to work together.

5) Print, copy, scan, and fax

You can print at the library for a small price.

Head to the library now to print, copy, or scan anything you may need for classes or homework. You can even fax, if needed. All can be done for a small price.

6) 3D printing

Visit the library today to utilize the 3D printer.

Perhaps one of the most unique resources that ASU has to offer, this modern resource can be helpful. It can definitely add an awesome visual aspect to your next project. And no doubt your professors will be impressed!

7) Audio and video recording rooms

These professional recording devices are great for any project

In the 21st Century, it’s unlikely you’ll take a class that doesn’t require the use of technology. If your next project includes any kind of video or voiceover, then the audio and video recording rooms were made for you. Simple head online and reserve the space in the same way you would a study room.

8) Game development room

A student busy at work with game development.

These rooms are another unique resource. Here, you can find a variety of video games, including in the up and coming field of virtual reality. Additionally, there are computers available to help you develop your very own game software.

9) Library instruction

A library workshop at Appalachian State University.

This resource offers students the chance to learn how to cite, create bibliographies, begin research, and follow style guides, among many other things. Citation styles can be confusing. That’s why it’s a great resource for any student confused about formatting on their next paper.

10) Technology checkout

If your computer is broken, try checking one out at the library.

The library checks out laptops, video cameras, tablets and many other things. As a whole, there’s a number of different technologies that students can check out for personal or educational use.

Libraries at Appalachian State University

1) Belk Library

The Belk Library, located on campus at Appalachian State University.

Located right on campus, this is an awesome space for students to study and get work done. With quiet areas overlooking the mountains and trees around campus, it’s beautiful too.

2) Watauga Public Library

The Watauga Public Library, a great area located just downtown.

This library is located downtown in Grandview Heights. However, it’s great for any student looking for a change of scenery. Additionally, it can offer other books and sources that aren’t available on campus.

3) Northwest Area Health Center Library

This library offers a number of biology-related and medical resources.

This library is actually located in the Watauga Medical Center. Although small, it is again a great place for a change of scenery. In addition, there are many medical resources available, making it great for the next biology lab.

10 Purdue University Library Resources You Need to Know

With midterms season in full swing and the rest of the semester just around the corner, every student needs a place to get work done. The perfect place is the library. But, many Purdue student don’t realize how many resources are actually available to them. Read on to find out more.

1) Study rooms

An example of a study room at one of Purdue's libraries.

If you need a quiet group-area to study or complete a project in, look no farther than your very own library. Purdue has a number of study spaces available, including rooms by reservation. It’s great for the upcoming group project and a midterm group study session.

2) Online course reserves

Visit online today to utilize this resource!

Instructors can collaborate with the library to create online course reserves for their students. Depending on the class, homework, practice worksheets, notes, and book readings can be accessed here.

3) InterLibrary Loan

Libraries across the country contribute to the InterLibrary Loan.

Many libraries are limited by the information they hold within their walls. However, with the InterLibrary Loan, Purdue students can search for books and papers from other libraries and universities. Then, the source can be sent directly to Purdue for regular library check-out.

4) UBorrow

UBorrow makes research a breeze.

This is another resource similar to the InterLibrary Loan. Regardless of which subject you’re pursuing, this resource will help. Using UBorrow, your research can span across many libraries and be send directly to you at Purdue.

5) Online almanacs

An example of an almanac map.

For your upcoming history project, there’s a gigantic database of historical almanacs and maps. They range in practically all time periods, areas, and types. It’s perfect for an upcoming historical report!

6) Guides by subject

Subject Guides

Confused about a specific class? No worries. From science to humanities to education, there’s a guide for most major subjects and colleges located on the library website. There’s great information to utilize for upcoming tests, projects, and of course for finals season.

7) Purdue e-Pubs

The e-Pubs are another superb resource.

With Purdue e-Pubs, you can search for books, publications, and papers that pertain to your topic from anywhere! No matter the subject, there’s a huge database to search, meaning there’s information on virtually any subject. Obviously, there’s a number of great research resources at Purdue.

8) Tutorials

Tutorials are offered on a variety of things, including APA style.

College classes can be confusing. That’s why Purdue has tutorials that teach college course basics. For instance, there’s tutorials for students confused about finding scholarly articles, following copyright laws, and adhering to plagiarism.

9) Print, copy, and scan

Printing and scanning at the library

Like many libraries, Purdue offers resources to print, copy, and scan right on campus. For a small price, anybody can utilize this resource.

10) Purdue e-archives

The e-archives span across all of Purdue's history.

This database is reserved exclusively for research and papers published by Purdue and its constituents. With information going back to Purdue’s founding in 1869, there’s research spanning decades and centuries. If you’re looking for a paper specifically published under a professor at Purdue, this could be a good place to start.

Libraries at Purdue University

1) Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library

The Humanities, Social Science, and Education Library at Purdue.

This is one of the main libraries on campus. Stop by here to get some work done and research. This library is specifically tailored towards humanities, social sciences, or education.

2) Library of Engineering and Science

The main area of the Engineering and Science Library at Purdue.

As the name implies, this library is focused around engineering, science, and similar STEM fields. It has resources devoted mainly to the study and understanding of said fields. You can even find tutoring for these fields here!

3) Roland G. Parrish Library of Management and Economics

Pictured above is the entrance to the Roland G. Parrish Library.

This is another awesome place to get work done on campus. The smaller environment makes it perfect for studying alone. Despite its size, it also has a variety of research resources available.

10 Coastal Carolina University Library Resources You Need to Know

Are you confused about what exactly your library offers to students? You’re not alone. Take a minute to read on and figure out how Coastal Carolina University supports its students and their research.

1) Research appointments


For those unsure where or how to get started on their next big research project, the librarians at CCU are here to help. Simply set an appointment to sit down one-on-one with a librarians and get your questions answered.


person holding phone

The CCUMOBILE application offers a variety of resources for students on the go. Discover books to check out, study room availability, and more!

3) Citation help

working on computer

There are guides and people available to help any student with APA, MLA, Chicago Style, and many more.

4) Distance learning services

computer on desk

The students taking classes with CCU from a distance are not devoid of help from the library. Electronic journals, e-books, instructional videos, and other resources are available online.

5) Laptop checkout

Image result for laptop checkout

Kimmel Library makes it easy for students without a computer to check out laptops as needed.

6) Camera checkout

Image result for camera checkout

Just like above, any student can check out video cameras to assist them in their next project.

7) Printing

Image result for ccu printing

Printing, copying, and scanning is available all regular hours that the library is open. Photocopiers can scan documents to computers for free!

8) Study spaces

Image result for ccu study room

There are a number of study spaces available to reserve for groups of students looking for some quiet space. There are silent and talking areas in the library for every kind of studier.

9) Video tutorials

video tutorials

The library at CCU offers a variety of supplemental instruction videos to students free of charge. No matter the subject, there are resources to be found!

10) Ask the library!

Image result for librarian

Perhaps the most valuable resource of all, librarians are always available at the help desk to answer absolutely any question you can think of.

Libraries at Coastal Carolina University

1) Kimbel Library

Image result for kimbel library ccu

Located on campus, you can find all the resources listed above at Kimmel Library. It’s a short walk from any dorm or building at CCU .

2) Conway Library

Image result for conway library

Conway Library is situated right on Main Street in downtown Conway. Although it’s not on campus, it offers its own resources and is a great way to catch a change of scenery.

3) Horry County Library Extension

Image result for library

Another public library, this one is smaller than the others. But, it is still a great place to look for research and get some work done.

10 West Chester University Library Resources You Need to Know

For anyone looking to get work done at West Chester University, the library is an invaluable resource. There are countless things available that many students are not aware of. Read on to find out where and how to access the countless library resources at WCU!

1) Research help

west chester university library

The librarians at WCU have a plethora of knowledge regarding research, whether that be online periodicals, physical books, or a combination of both. They offer one-on-one sessions as well as group classes to help students on everything from simply getting started to completing a paper’s references.

2) Computer workstations and laptops

west chester university computer

In the 21st century, it’s virtually impossible to go to school without access to a computer and the internet. So, if for some reason you don’t have access to a computer of your own, the WCU libraries offer computer workspaces as well as laptops that can be used within the library.

3) Research resources

 west chester university library

In addition to the actual librarians and their help, the library is full of resources for every kind of research paper or project. Regardless of the topic, there’s no doubt there is information available in the WCU libraries.

4) Printing and scanning

 copy machine

Printing is available for ten cents per page and scanning is available for free. The machines take coins, but there are coin machines available in the library as well.

5) Starbucks

r starbucks coffee

For those late night study sessions and group projects, there’s always access to caffeine at the WCU libraries. Starbucks is located on the first floor of the library.

6) Online databases

 online databases

With access to a giant number of different databases and academic journals, these online research tools make research a breeze! Simply visit the library website to access them.

7) Electronic course reserves

 electronic database

Professors can place helpful articles, textbook passages, and practice problems in the course reserves at the library. They can be accessed by anybody at any time!

8) Government documents

west chester old map

For those looking for historical maps, raw demographic data, and other helpful government information, this is the perfect resource.

9) Children’s books

children's library

If you’re a student with children, there’s an area of the library devoted exclusively to them. With this, you can easily complete your research while keeping the youngsters occupied.

10) Instructional media center (IMC)

video camera picture

At the IMC, it’s easy to check out laptops, print large or small projects, laminate, and check out DVDs, among many other things.

Libraries at West Chester University

1) Francis Harvey Green Library

 francis harvey green library

Francis Harvey Green Library is located just off the corner of High Street and Rosedale Avenue near the campus quadrangle. This is the main research facility on campus.

2) Presser Music Library

presser music library

The Presser Music Library is located in Room 121 of the Swope Music Building. Although both libraries offer great study spaces, this library is focused more around music resources.

3) West Chester Public Library

 west chester public library

For those students looking to get off campus or for a change of scenery, West Chester also has its own public library. It’s located on the corner of Church and Lafayette Streets.

10 of the Coolest Clubs at SDSU

There’s no doubt that college life can be difficult to adjust to. One of the best ways to get involved is the clubs. At SDSU, there are over 250 student organizations, meaning there’s a group for every interest, career goal, and person out there. Take a look at this list to get a feel for some of the coolest clubs to find at state.

1) Associated Students

Logo for associated students sdsu

A.S. is effectively the student government of campus. They help create community and plan various events on campus, like Aztec Nights.

2) Culture Clubs

Asian culture at sdsu

There are a number of clubs to join on campus for students to learn about different cultures, meet those of similar ethnicities, and create a larger cultural understanding across campus.

3) Greek Life

Sdsu alpha phi sorority girls holding the greek letter signs


Although there are plenty other opportunities to get involved on campus, Greek life is a huge part of social life at San Diego State University. If you’re interested in joining, get more information and start the rush process today!

4) Intramural Sports

SDSU swimming

Even if you don’t make the varsity teams, there are many intramural sport clubs that exist on campus. From Quidditch to flag football, there truly is something for everyone.

5) Language Clubs

Sign for spanish club

From French to Spanish to Chinese, there’s a group for every language that can connect you with native speakers, study abroad opportunities, and cultural events.

6) Pre-professional Clubs

Student from SDSU Pre vet association holding a bird

For those interested in professions that require more schooling after undergrad, like medical or law school, there’s a club for you! The pre-professional clubs can help you stay on track all four years and assist in finding mentors and with the application process.

7) KCR College Radio

kcr college radio logo

Without a doubt, KCR is one of the easiest and most fun clubs on campus. Regardless of if you’re interested in going into journalism, KCR will give you time on air to broadcast your voice and music to the world.

8) Aztec Unity Project

aztec unity project

From Dog Surfing Competitions to helping out local food shelters, the Aztec Unity Project is the perfect group to hook you up with volunteer opportunities throughout the San Diego area.

9) Green Love

A leaf that's in a heart shape

If you’re into sustainability and trying to save the planet, then this is the club for you! They meet weekly to discuss various ways the student body can help make SDSU a greener campus.

10) The Global Aztec Alliance

Image of global connections

This group connects foreign students who are studying abroad here at SDSU with current students so they can better connect with our American culture and way of life. It’s a great way to get a fun new friends from a country across the world!

Top Events Durings the School Year at SDSU

1) Aztec Nights

Aztec nights

Aztec Nights is a series of events thrown by A.S. during the beginning of every school year. From carnivals to movies on the green, the events are a blast, and FREE to every student and up to one guest.

2) Football Games

Aztec football players

There’s no doubt football games are a big part of the student culture at SDSU. Be sure to get there early to tailgate!

3) Themed Nights at the Garden and UTK

Entrance to University kitchen and aztec market

The dining halls are not notorious for absolutely delicious food. But, it’s themed nights, like Southern BBQ at the Garden and Sushi Night at the University Towers Kitchen, shouldn’t be missed.

4) Basketball Games

Basketball players playing the game

Similar to football games, the basketball games are a lot of fun. Even if you’re not into sports, they can be an awesome time.

5) Farmer’s Market

Students attending the farmers market

Every Thursday on campus, you can find a plethora of stands across the walkway selling fresh foods of all kind.

Top 8 Dorms at SDSU

Living on your own is an exciting, albeit stressful, time in any young person’s life. And when attending college, the freedom and excitement of those formative years are improved no better than living on campus. Yes, there may be shared showers, rotten roommates, and decaying dishes all crammed into one closet of room. However, the community built with the people in and around your floor is an experience that no freshman should live without. Here’s the definitive ranking of dorms at San Diego State University, so you know the most about your options.

1) South Campus Plaza

South Campus Plaza is the newest of the available dorms.

Address: 5100 Montezuma Place, San Diego, CA 92115

With suite style living as well as dining and retail options on the ground level, this dorm is one of the most sought after, especially amongst freshmen. Trader Joe’s, Sushi, Poke, and more are all just an elevator ride away. It’s also the dorm that is closest to the main campus.

2) Zura Hall

Freshly renovated in 2015, Zura Hall is pictured here as seen from the observation deck.

Address: 6124 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

This traditional residence hall was recently renovated, and accommodations include living areas on each floor and a communal kitchen on the main floor. Additionally, there is a sixth floor observation deck that is available exclusively to Zura Hall residents and their guests. With a pool nearby shared with Tenochca and a surf theme throughout, it’s obvious why this dorm is so popular.

3) Cuicacalli Suites

Cuicacalli Suites, as pictured from the pool.

Address: 5150 East Campus Drive, San Diego, CA 92115

Similar to South Campus Plaza, these dorms are suite style. The people assigned to this dorm are generally more likely to get private rooms, and each pod of rooms shares a single bathroom, communal living space, and kitchenette with a full-sized fridge. The dorm also has it’s own private pool and is connected to the main dining hall on the East Side of campus.

4) Tenochca

Two students relax outside Tenochca Hall.

Address: 6126 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

This dorm has not been updated in a long, long time, hence the reason it’s nicknamed ‘T-Nasty.’ However, it does have a shared pool with Zura and is situated in a good location on the East Side of campus. Although not ideal now, a renovation is expected to be completed by Fall 2018, possibly bumping this dorm into the top 3.

6) University Towers

University Towers is generally reserved for student athletes as it is closest to the sports facilities. Address: 5505 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

Address: 5505 Montezuma Road, San Diego, CA 92115

University Towers is a unique style of dorm. The rooms are doubles and share a bathroom with the room next to them. Additionally, the dorm rooms are massive compared to others and their is a dining hall on the first floor. However, the one caveat of UT is that it is located on the far southwest corner of campus, making walks to class, clubs, and events incredibly long.

7) Chapultepec

Chapultepec, or 'Chappy,' pictured as the sun sets.

Address: 5400 Remington Road, San Diego, CA 92115

Chappy is filled with doubles and triples with communal bathrooms. Similar to UT, it is a very long walk to main campus as compared to most of the dorms. However, students in Chapultepec tend to grow a very strong sense of community and have the best views of beautiful San Diego from their windows.

8) Maya & Olmeca

Chapultepec, or 'Chappy,' pictured as the sun sets.

Address: 5400 Remington Road, San Diego, CA 92115

Maya & Olmeca are the oldest unrenovated dorms on campus, and it shows. The dorm houses communal showers. However, in addition to Chappy, these dorms build an amazing community around them. Additionally, these dorms are on the East Side of campus, perfect for visiting friends in different dorms and just a short walk away from campus.

Overall, the dorm experience is different for everybody. However, it truly is what you make of it. Although these are the rankings, regardless of your dorm assignment, there is fun and community to be found in each and every building on campus. Best of luck this year and, as always, Go Aztecs!

Here is Your Move-in Day Packing List at SDSU

1) Room Basics

  • Closet organizer
  • Desk lamp (non-halogen)
  • Towels/washcloths
  • San Diego appropriate clothing
  • Hangers
  • First aid kit
  • Shower tote and shoes

2) Foods and Snacks

  • Utensils
  • Mugs, plates, and bowls
  • Can opener
  • Peanut butter
  • Bread
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Oatmeal
  • Fruit

3) Tech & Entertainment

  • Chargers
  • Extension cords
  • Surge protector
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Laptop

4) School Supplies

  • Notebooks
  • Pens and pencils
  • Flash drive
  • Stapler
  • Index cards
  • Sticky notes

5) Cleaning Up & Organizing

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Laundry detergent
  • Laundry bag
  • Tissues
  • Febreeze
  • Removable wall hooks
  • Paper towels

6) Campus Gear

  • Bike or skateboard
  • Swimsuit
  • Backpack
  • Walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle

7) Items You Should Ask First Before Bringing

  • Candles
  • Toasters
  • Coffee machines
  • Rice cookers
  • Anything that plugs in

5 SDSU Buildings You Need to Know

Going to school on a new campus in a new city can be scary, so there are a few buildings every SDSU student should know before they begin classes. With this list, you can arm yourself with the most pertinent landmarks around campus to make your transition easier.

1) Hepner Hall

Hepner Hall is featured on the official SDSU logo.

Hepner Hall was built in 1931 when SDSU moved from their first location in downtown San Diego. When built, it was originally the entrance to the main campus. Although the school has grown since then, it remains an iconic shot and is the most photographed building on campus. With it’s central location, many classes are held inside of it.

2) Malcolm A. Love Library

The main entrance is pictured above, lovingly referred to as

On any campus, the library is a vital resource for research, entertainment, and simple silence. That’s no exception at SDSU. Malcolm A. Love Library is composed of six stories across two connected buildings. It features quiet spaces for studying, reservable study rooms, computers, and a modern media center.

3) Viejas Arena

basketball hoop

Viejas Arena is home to SDSU’s women and men basketball teams and houses New Student and Family Convocation at the beginning of freshman year. Additionally, artists regularly perform concerts here, with a history including J. Cole, Van Halen, and Lady Gaga.

4) Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

The Conrad Prebys Student Union is one of the most green buildings on campus.

With a renovation completed in 2014, this building is often considered the “living room” of campus. It hosts a variety of events, including various club meetings, free film previews, dining options, and a bowling alley. It’s a building filled with great, FREE activities that every person on campus should take advantage of.

5) Housing on East Campus

Zura Hall is one of many buildings located on East Campus.

Although in reality a group of buildings, East Campus is an area that absolutely every student should know. Almost completely consisting of student housing and dining options, it’s the hub of life, especially for those in freshmen year.

Hopefully, reading this list has put part of your mind at ease about attending San Diego State University. With a new campus, there’s a lot to learn. These 5 buildings are some of the most crucial to get your bearings and be a successful Aztec.

Interesting Facts about SDSU

1) The institution is one of the oldest in California.

Zura Hall is one of many buildings located on East Campus.

Founded on March 13, 1897, San Diego State University is one of the oldest in the California State University system.

2) SDSU has a brilliant study abroad program. 

The Colosseum in Rome, a popular study abroad option.

According to the Institute for International Education’s Open Doors Report, SDSU is ranked as #9 in the nation for number of students currently studying abroad.

3) The university operates San Diego’s public broadcasting systems.

The station is owned by SDSU.

KPBS, a public radio and TV station, is owned by San Diego State University and is consistently rated one of the best in the country.

4) It was originally a teacher’s college.

SDSU shortly after being built at it's current location.e

By 1921, SDSU had begun granting teacher’s certificates and degrees to its students. At this time, it was named the San Diego State Teacher’s College.

5) The university has since moved from its original location.

The original building of San Diego Normal School in downtown San Diego.

SDSU moved from its original downtown San Diego location to its current location in February 1931. It was renamed San Diego State College in the 1950s and later renamed again to San Diego State University in 1974.