Jobs for College students at Seattle University

Seattle University is located at the northwestern part of the United States of America.  It’s a Jesuit Catholic university with a keen interest in preparing skilled, ethical and wise professionals besides just educating.  The school has a platform called ‘Handshake’ that handles internship listings, recruitment activities, and on-campus interviews.

Seattle University provides jobs of varying roles for her students through the school library—Lemieux Library and McGoldrick learning center.  Here are some of the student jobs available here:

1. Marketing and communications Assistants

marketing staff working on a project

The Lemieux Library and McGoldrick’s center look out for creative students, who are innovative in their approach to work, through the school year.  The marketing and communication assistants work as a member of the library marketing and communications team. He/she has the responsibility of creating social media strategies that improve the outlook of the library, designs marketing materials and is in charge of managing communication. He/she is to create and share engaging contents across all social media platforms of the library, track social media engagement and analytics and take photographs of library events when there are any. The skill set required for this role includes excellent communication skills which include the ability to write and edit, basic Photoshop and photo editing skills, graphic design, adequate knowledge of social media operations, an understanding of Google Analytics and excellent organizational skills. The position is paid and has flexible work hours.

2. Tutor

A tutor teaching a student

Tutors are required to meet students on a regularly scheduled basis.  Meetings could be with individual students or small groups.  The meetings are to assist the students in understanding courses and concepts not clearly understood.  Tutors are required to share learning strategies and materials to aid the student in becoming better equipped for alone study.  To qualify as a tutor, one has to have excellent grades.  The position offers pay and is flexible for tutors and participants.

3. Research and Information service assistant

Young female lawyer or secretary working in her office on a Computer or Pc

The person who takes this role is in charge of the information desk at the library.  He or she provides answers to the questions of users of the library, keeps track of questions asked,  mentors newly hired library services assistants,  provides technical support and when necessary, he/she participates in library tours.

4. Library Dean’s office assistant

A librarian helping out a visitor

This role assists the office of the Library Dean. The assistance could be on daily operations and special projects. It is expected that the person who becomes in charge of this role is,  familiar with the operations of a computer,  capable of research,  is a problem solver, is observant and keen on details,  can effectively communicate orally and in writing.  The responsibilities of these offices involve file preparation, data entry, web research, and general office tasks.

5. Library Systems Assistant

A learning assistant on her desk

Being in charge of this role means you are responsible for the maintenance of library computers and systems, assisting librarians and users of the library with troubleshooting systems, updating computer applications and carrying out general system operations. To apply for this position, one must be very familiar with computer applications and hardwares, be able to work unsupervised and commit to a minimum of ten (10) working hours a week.

6. Note taker with OneClass

A group of students taking notes

Students can earn extra income by taking notes for OneClass. This job has numerous advantages for students. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

Jobs and Opportunities available to students of College of William and Mary

The College University of William and Mary is located at Williamsburg, Virginia. It is a publicly owned research institution founded in 1693. The University is committed to providing equal opportunities for all people.  There are lots of jobs and opportunities provided for her students’ right in the school and here’s a list to get you started:

1. Makerspace Student Engineer

A student engineer repairing a machine

This is an opportunity for engineering students. The Makerspace is a program within the department of applied sciences that seek the services of undergraduates with talents in prototyping and manufacturing, to serve as assistants in operation, maintenance and interdepartmental training within the growing numbers of Makerspaces on campus. The responsibility of this position includes: maintaining and improving on facilities and equipment of Makerspace, promotion of the program through outreach and continuous development of Makerspace community government, contributing to projects that are in the works and helping to promote and coordinate campus-wide design competitions. The skill set required for this role includes the ability to teach prototyping skills, ability to handle physically demanding activities, ability to model in 3D and design on Autodesk fusion 360.  The pay per hour is $12.

2. Lifeguard

Lifeguard students taking a group picture

Filling this role will require one fulfilling the responsibilities of protecting individuals using the swimming pool from harm, through the enforcement of policies, rules, regulations, and guidelines necessary to keep patrons safe.  The lifeguard is also required to carry out first aid treatments for rescued swimmers, prevent trouble where possible, maintain pool deck, test water for quality and record findings at the beginning of shifts, open and close the swimming pool at the scheduled time.  Work hours are flexible and have a pay rate of $10.75 per hour.

3. Communications Intern

An intern at a communication outlet

This role requires students who have excellent writing and editing skills with keen attention to details, students who are self-motivated and can work independently or within a team,  unsupervised, and have interests in Chinese language and cultures. They will draft and edit contents of WMCI,  create publicity for events and activities of the school on social media,  write reports of happenings at events and activities of WMCI, edit and proofread WMCI materials and participate in the annual processes of designing and editing the newsletter. The work hours are between 6-12 hours a week with a pay rate of $7.25

4. Digital Marketing Coordinator

A man working on his computer

This opportunity offers professional mentorship.  The role fulfills responsibilities such as, post creation and scheduling on the official social media handles of the Raymond A. Mason School of business, responding to comment, enquiries and general social media engagements, coordination of student involvements in social media activity, tracking trends, analytics and reviewing new digital tools to improve the general outlook of the school.  To qualify for this role, one must have a personal computer system, be a great team player, be a multi-tasker, be proficient in the use of Microsoft office packages, be social media savvy and be able to stick to brand guidelines. This position had flexible work hours and a pay rate of $10 per hour.

5. Office Assistant

An office assistant working on her desk

The Raymond A.  Mason school of business requires students who have strong clerical and analytic skills to work as office supports to the graduate registrar.  Responsibilities of the role include data entry and analysis, file maintenance and records retention, clerical support and other sundry roles.  Proficiency in computer applications, the ability to multitask, work with a team or individually with little or no supervision, and manage time excellently and maintenance of data with high accuracy are necessary for this role.  Work hours are flexible and dependent on the availability of candidate and have a $10 per hour pay.

6. Note taker with OneClass

A lady taking notes on her book

Students can earn extra income by taking notes with OneClass. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

Jobs for College Students at Columbia University

Columbia University is located at Upper Manhattan, New York.  The school is a privately owned Ivy League research institution established in 1754. Asides great academic activities, the school, also provides a range of job options and opportunities for her students, to gain relevant experience, make extra money and develop themselves beyond the scope of the classroom.  These opportunities are for students of all races, gender, religion and sexual orientation as the institution prohibits discrimination of all forms.  These opportunities range from internships, volunteering, work-study programs, and part-time jobs to research assistants.

The school also has a career center that grooms graduating students in preparation for the job market.  The center organizes job recruitment events that bring employers and students, together improving the chances of students getting employed.
Below are some of the student jobs available at Columbia University:

1. CSA Tutor

A tutor teaching a group of students

The CSA tutoring services continuously seek qualified students who would serve as peer tutors. To qualify as a tutor for any course, one must have at least a B+ grade, and there’s a wide range of courses one can choose to teach.  This position is paid with flexible working hours.

2. Office Assistant

An office assistant working on his post

This role provides administrative support to the University event management. The office assistant is responsible for data entry, file maintenance, bookkeeping, reception, material preparation for meetings and clerical support. The required skills for this job include a basic knowledge of operations of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel application, a general knowledge of the University campus, multitasking skills and great communication and interpersonal skills. This position is paid.

3. Venue Assistant

Venue assistants cheering the tea,

The venue assistant works with the Columbia University event management, assisting with the coordination and implementation of all aspects of group events. The venue assistant works under the direction of the event manager, he/she provides customer services for event activities held at Lerner Hall. The skill requirements of this job include excellent multitasking skills, ability to work under pressure, friendly peopling skills, great communication, and interpersonal skills. The position offers pay of $18 an hour and works time is flexible as it is dependent on events that are being covered.

4. Wait Staff

Wait staff pose for a picture

The wait staff works with the Columbia University catering and must support and provide customer services for all events catered to by Columbia University catering. The responsibilities that come with this position is carried with the events requirements of each event.  The required skills for this position are, ability to work under pressure, excellent interpersonal skills, great communication skills and food presentation skills with knowledge in wine and drinks.  The working hours of this position are flexible as it is shift dependent and the pay rate is $15 per hour.

5. Research Assistant

A research assistant taking notes during practical session

Some departments of the Columbia University offer on-campus research opportunities for her students. The position is often paid and has flexible working hours with the added advantage of, improving one’s chances of getting into graduate school or landing certain career opportunities.  There are various faculties and research program you can apply to; they include the faculty of arts and sciences, the engineering faculty or the summer research program.

6. Note taker with OneClass

A student flipping notes on her book

For students who wish to earn extra income, you can take notes with OneClass. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

Jobs for College Students at Dominican University of California

The Dominican University of California prides itself as one of the leading art and technology institutions in the United States. The institution has exciting urban environments, excellent dining, and entertainment opportunities, with incredible outdoor recreation also available. The Dominican University of California has student jobs available in numerous categories. The student jobs available differ regarding pay, benefits, leave, and other elements involved in employment. Here are some of the jobs available for students at the Dominican University of California.

1. Undergraduate admission student ambassador

A student ambassador smiling at the camera

This position requires students to assist the Office of Undergraduate Admission to provide prospective students with positive and accurate information about the college. The students hired for this position will work for the Office of Undergraduate Admission in a variety of ways, including conducting campus tours, assisting with on-campus visit programs, and hosting prospective students overnight in residence halls. The Student Ambassador Program serves as a leadership opportunity for Dominican University students. There are requirements to be met before students are given this job and work hours is around 5 hours a week.

2. Library Teaching Intern

An intern teaching fellow students

This position is open for any SOIS student with interest in academic libraries or teaching/presenting in any library setting. It is not necessary that candidates have prior teaching experience. The hired interns will observe and assist librarians teaching a variety of classes and either co-teach a “one-shot” class or develop an original workshop. They will also be tasked with developing webinars, tutorials, or creating other multi-media content, assessing student learning, and promotion and marketing. Students to be hired must have excellent communication skills, interest in instruction and emerging instructional technologies, and more.

3. Student Patrol

The campus safety team working

This job requires students to provide professional safety and security services through regular patrols. They will be asked to maintain visibility and projects good security image (uniform standard, neatness, etc.). Other functions include executing all policies as stated in department handbook and other functions required. Only students with high moral standards will be hired. Students that can write and read in English and have a clean disciplinary background will be given preference. The working hours are flexible to ensure the hired students put in the work and have enough time for their classes and other academic activities.

4. Office assistant at the Center for Global Peace through Commerce (CGPC)

A lady working on her desk

This job allows students to acquire work experience in diplomacy and philanthropy. The person selected may provide administrative support to the CGPC Office and works under the supervision of the Director. The hired student will have to show an interest in and respect for the unique multicultural objectives of the Center for Global Peace through Commerce. They must also possess knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint); and knowledge of Google Docs/Drive (Sheets, Docs, Slides), have strong organization skills, have excellent written and oral communication skills and more.

5. Welcome and Information Desk Agent

Students working at the welcome information desk

The Welcome and Information Desk (WID) agent is viewed as the search engine for the campus community providing information, navigation, resources, and connection to services. Students hired for this position will also help to facilitate a welcoming, caring, healthy and safe environment, and promote an inclusive community. The agents will work at various front desk locations – Coughlin Commons, Lewis Hall, and the Priory East Entrance – assisting in administration, service, and campus safety. The desk agents are required to demonstrate professionalism and exemplary customer service at all times, while also responding quickly and effectively in emergencies and situations involving campus safety.

6. Note taker with OneClass

A student taking note

For students who wish to earn extra income, you can take notes with OneClass. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

Job for College Students at the University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh is a public owned research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The University offers a range of rewarding jobs and opportunities to her students and this cuts across the part-time federal work-study jobs partly funded by the government of the United States of America, a wide range of internships, volunteering opportunities, and research opportunities. 

The school also has the out of class curriculum (OCC) which is independent of class activities and has its credit and offers the opportunity to serve in a team and possibly build your leadership skills. Below are some of the student jobs and opportunities available at the University of Pittsburgh:

1. Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technicians

Medical personnel working in a hospital

The University Medical Center often need nursing students to fill the rules of casual nursing support.  The responsibilities of this role includes, assistance of general patient’s day to day activities (including hygiene needs),  working closely and reporting changes in patient’s well-being and condition to nursing staff,  performance of basic clinical operations (such as weighing and taking blood pressure values), transportation of patients by assisting with pushing their wheelchairs, assisting with canes and crutches. To be qualified for this position, one must be currently enrolled as a nursing student, for candidates who have, had no previous experience working in a hospital or have very little experience; the center organizes training which you must commit to attending for a week before you can commence work.  The salary ranges between $14.12 and $22.16. Work hours are done by shift, and they are flexible with some casual employees working a minimum of eight (8) hours, every two weeks.

2. Student Brand Ambassador

student brand ambassadors pose for a picture

This role requires students who already have established connections and networks with other students through, school groups and activities, leveraging the power of their networks to build and strengthen Kaplan partnership with these school clubs and organizations. This role may require you to deliver presentations to students informing them, on the path of graduate school and the plans of Kaplan to help them reach their goals.  To be eligible for this position, you must be an individual that is Tech savvy,  a social influencer,  resilient,  resourceful, enthusiastic, self-motivated and a current sophomore,  junior or senior willing to commit to a one year contract.  The pay is $15 an hour.

3. Student Behavioral Associate

A student helping out the nurse

This role is available at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  The Student behavioral associate assists the nursing staff in providing physical care for clients’ needs; they also document medical records according to the established policies.  The requirement for filling this role is a full-time enrollment in a health care related baccalaureate. The salary range is between $13 and $20.25.

4. Teaching and Research Assistant

A student assistant teaching a class

The University offers students with good grades the opportunities to teach and be research assistants in various departments. This position is paid with flexible working hours and the advantages of honing your teaching skills and upping the chances of getting into graduate school.

5. Pizza Delivery Driver

A Pizza Delivery Driver

This role operates outside of the school, and you can learn everything on the job. Pizza vendors such as Dominos and Pizza Hut provide uniforms for this role and the skill needed is communication skills and friendly demeanor.  The pay is between $12 -$15 an hour.

6. Notetaker with OneClass

A man taking notes on a piece of paper

You can take notes with OneClass and earn extra income. Asides earning extra income, you can get better at studying and focusing during your lectures

10 Coolest Courses at the UW Oshkosh

As a college student, you will get tired of your schedule if you don’t have some courses that will break the norm and get you excited. There are some courses at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh that are considered cool due to their exciting nature. Here are the ten coolest courses at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh.

1. English 210 – Classical and Medieval Literature (HU) (XC)

Students of Medieval literature studying outside

This course looks into the literature from antiquity to the Renaissance, which may include classical works of Greece, Rome, Britain, and continental Europe. Getting to explore other forms of literature has always fascinated students.

2. History 110 – Topics in the History of Modern Civilization (SS) (XS)

A professor teaching history of the modern world

Even though we live in modern civilization, knowing how we arrived here is something very intriguing. This course explores mostly non-western history as students will learn about the origins of civilizations in the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas; the role of religion in society; the rise and fall of empires and more.

3. English 212 – British Literature II (HU) (XC)

Students discussing about the British literature

The classical British literature has always been considered fascinating. It is a study of English literature from 1800 to present and will look at the numerous novelists during that period and their works.

4. Physical Education 208 – Effective Leadership in Adventure, Outdoor, and Recreation Education (SS) (XS)

Students on a hiking trip

Only a few students would turn down a course that requires them to carry out outdoor fun activities. This course presents the concepts of adventure, outdoor, and recreation education including cooperative and leadership activities. Each student will take part in a civic engagement experience where they will help teach others how to react and respond to a variety of situations they engage in while being physically active.

5. Interdisciplinary 270 – Telling Stories for Fun, Profit, and World Peace (HU) (XC)

Students telling stories in groups

This is another course that students usually enjoy. You will get to study how humans told personal stories through the ages, and how those stories shape our world. Hear stories firsthand, build awareness of your own civic identity and learn the components of good storytelling.

6. Political Science 115 – International Politics (GC) (SS) (XS)

An interactive class on international politics

Discussing and learning about politics on the global stage is exciting. This course will explore the development of the nation-state system; the role of the great powers; the struggle for power; settlement of disputes; diplomacy, the quest for law, nationalism, and contemporary problems.

7. Sociology 153 – Intercultural Exploration of Families (ES) (SS) (XS)

A professor teaching students on multicultural family

This course is designed to look into the family system in the U.S. and across cultures. Students will learn about the ways family structures both reinforce and challenge gender roles. They will also get to explore the sociological and gender-based theories of the family.

8. Theatre 152 – Non-Western Theatre (HU) (NW) (XC)

Students rehearsing on a stage

Learning about how other cultures view certain things is interesting. In this course, students will study theatre outside the Euro-centric or Western tradition (to include African, Asian, and Indian, ritual, libation, dance, puppetry, masks, storytelling, etc.) The course explores cultural differences and similarities in theatrical performance.

9. Music 110 – Music, Ethics, and Community (HU) (XC)

Students in a multicultural music class

Music has a deep-rooted place in society and exploring the ethical issues related to listening, appreciating, sharing, practicing, teaching, and thinking about music sounds fun. Students will get to research how music is connected to identity and community and more.

10. Political Science 101 – Introduction to Comparative Politics (GC) (NW) (SS) (XS)

A professor taking a class on political science

This course serves as an introduction to some important concepts and issues in comparative politics in the context of case studies from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. It also looks at political participation and institutions, political ideology and culture, the role of government and more in these regions of the world.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at West Chester University

West Chester University has a large catalog of jobs available for their students. Students can search through part-time jobs posted by the school, local businesses and people seeking to hire them. The student jobs can be looked up at part-time, seasonal, or summer positions in various industries, including childcare/babysitting. Students are required to contact the HR department of the offices they are seeking to gain employment.Here are some of the student jobs available in this institution.

1. Campus Dining Services

Students taking their food from the campus canteen

This job is available to students via ARAMARK and they can be hired in numerous departments such as Lawrence Dining Hall, Rams Head Food Court, Starbucks, Einstein Bagel and New Street Catering.Students are expected to keep the environment clean and welcoming at all times while also communicating customer concerns, needs and equipment malfunctions to management staff. They will also be tasked with preparing food and beverages. The job is open for students and applications can be submitted to the managers.

2. Sykes Student Union

Sykes Student Union building

Sykes Student Union has numerous positions open for student workers. They can work in numerous areas such as the information desk, copy center, and event staff. The student union body also hires student director and community ambassadors for off-campus and commuter services. The duties of each position differ and the hired students will be briefed about them. Applications can be submitted either at the student union office while they can also be contacted via their official email.

3. WCU Campus Store Bookstore

A campus book store

The campus bookstore is one of the most visited places in the school. The building usually requires student workers that will help keep the place running by assisting the staff already there. Depending on the area, students hired will be assigned numerous tasks such as shipping and receiving, inventory controller, textbook managing assistants and more. Students are expected to put in roughly 20 hours a week here.

4. Campus Recreation

Students training at the campus recreation facility

The campus recreation department hires students to help out with the numerous activities carried out by the department. They can be hired in fields such as fitness programs, sports clubs,facilities, intramurals, and as wall monitors. The students hired will help other students and staff in carrying out numerous activities such as climbing wall, policies, and more. They will also be required to keep the facilities tidy and welcoming and ensure that the equipment used is maintained. It requires students to put in 10-20 hours of work per week and it is open to students who meet the requirement set by each area.

5. Law Clerk at Brown The Law firm

A law clerk accepting a file from a guest

For law students that seek field experience, this office offers that for WCU students. It is a part-time job that requires students to oversee data distribution to courts and requesting records through portals and downloading files. General management of active cases through the courts is also one of their duties. The job is specified for those with proficient computer skills,managing calendar and coordinating, drafting legal documents and pleadings,drafting correspondence, time management skills, working directly with Lawyer/partner. It is not strenuous as the hired student is expected to work less than 10 hours a week.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Virginia State University

Virginia State University has both the Federal Work-Study and Work-Aid Programs available that are committed to providing students of the institution the opportunity to work and earn a living. The primary objective of the student jobs here is to help support the students financially while also giving the on-the-job training experience required to make them perform excellently in the outside world. The work-study program is available for students who complete the requirements and are expected to perform the work that is agreed upon when accepting the jobs. Here are some of the student jobs available here.

1. Student Technician

A student working on electrical equipment

Students hired for this position will join ResNet which is a team of student technicians that are tasked with providing quality customer service and excellent technical assistance to other students in the institution. They usually handle software and hardware problems to students while also providing other technical support. The problems handled by this team include troubleshooting personal computers on modern operating systems (Windows and Mac), virus removal/clean up, network configurations,printers and supporting on-campus students. The students with exceptional customer service and understanding of computer hardware and software are preferred.

2. Outreach Assistant

Guests signing booklets

Available in multiple offices in the campus, the students hired for this job will be tasked with performing entry-level operational and technical tasks related to the outreach programs of the institution. They will also be tasked with distributing and updating communications and educational materials. Other functions include providing logistical support for community events, student and community training,resource delivery, and more. Students are expected to put in roughly 12 hours per week working here.

3. Facilities Assets

Maintenance workers discussing a project

Facilities assets worker will be in charge of maintaining activities, collecting data, and implementing the monitoring program that will support the prevention of utility failures. They will be asked to undertake preventative and predictive maintenance programs such as water management and prioritization of critical assets. The student worker will also be asked to enter information into the University’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), AiM, while also creating and running reports in an accurate and timely manner. Students are expected to put in roughly 15 hours of work every week.

4. Office Assistant Level 1

An office assistant working on her computer

This is a rather rigorous work that requires medical students to put in 20-30 hours every week. The hired candidate will be tasked with data entry, filing, and copying. They will also help out with research study data entry, complete lab kits for patient research visits,complete excel spreadsheets, and file regulatory documents in research binder. The student worker might also get some other duties assigned to them. 

5. VCU Health System

VCU Health System? sign post

VCU usually hires 10 student workers from VSU. This program is a special one for students and is handled by Pathways to Health Care Workforce and Revenue Cycle of VCU Health. The hired students can be graduate or undergraduate students and they are expected to work for roughly 20 hours a week. The students will get to learn valuable medical skills while also being tasked with handling some administrative functions. The job is mostly open for health-related students.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee has one of the most vibrant work-study programs in the country. The student jobs available here allows students to have flexible time and make enough room for their studies. It usually requires a short commute, thus students don’t waste their time commuting to work, walk right from class to work. The student jobs available for students will also enable them to develop skills and experiences to use at future internships and employment. Here are some of the jobs available for students of this institution.

1. Library Assistant

A librarian shelving books

The library student assistants are crucial to the function of the library as they undertake basic responsibilities and other services. Assistants spend 75% of the time they are assigned to the library to engage directly in public service activities and another 25%performing tasks around the library. The library assistant will have to provide great service to students, faculty, and staff and will also be responsible for keeping the College Library’s collections organized, facilities clean, and supplies stocked. The job is available all year round and the hours are flexible for every student there.

2. Athletics Scorekeeper

A matchday scoreboard

This is a very important job that students enjoy doing. Before a game begins, a scorekeeper helps to prepare the facility for the game. The student cleans and sets up equipment, including the scoreboard, and tests the equipment to make sure it works properly.Scorekeepers here may also need to greet visiting teams as they arrive and may greet fans and spectators. Most of the time, classes don’t class with athletics, thus students have ample time to focus on both their studies and their job.

3. Exercise Instructor

A fitness instructor during an exercise session

For students that love to workout,this job is perfect. Fitness trainers and instructors lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise (exercises for the heart and blood system), strength training, and stretching. The student exercise instructor will work with other students and staff to help them achieve excellent fitness levels. The campus employers will schedule your work hours around your classes and the job is available all year round.

4. Computer Lab Assistant

A Computer Lab Assistant  helping out a student

The computer lab operates under the school library. Usually, students hired here staff the second and third-floor service desks, providing support and information to patrons in those areas, as needed. The computer lab assistants also handle equipment check-out, assist patron use of College Library Print Services, and help grow the College Library technology services catalog through front-line insights and project work. A deep knowledge of technology is required for this job.

5. AmeriCorps Enrollment Coach

A man sitting in front of a class

This job is perfect for those that are looking to contribute to any NGO program. The hired student will support high school seniors through high school graduation and the summer transition period to ensure fall college enrollment. They will help in presenting college going workshops to high school students and help them meet the needed requirements. You will also have to chaperone campus visits, college fairs, and other events for students. The job is open for anyone who wishes to help high school students overcome their challenges and find their way to college.

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at the University of Alabama – Birmingham

The University of Alabama –Birmingham has Hire A Blazer, a place for all things career. Students can access internships, part-time jobs, career jobs, and work-study jobs there. There is a wide range of student jobs available for those who wish to earn money while also schooling. The work-study is available for every student that meets the requirement and the working hours are flexible as they are scheduled around the lecture hours of the student. Here are some of the student jobs available in this institution.

1. Student Office Associate

A student assistant at her work station

The student under moderate supervision, performs general office, administrative and secretarial duties with some variety and complexity. He/she is also required to follow generally prescribed procedures using limited judgment. Typical duties may include receiving, screening and routing telephone calls, mail and visitors, arranging itineraries/agendas, setting up and maintaining files. The student is required to put in roughly 20 hours every week, between Monday and Friday.

2. Sales Associate

A sales assistant attending to a customer

The Sales Associate is a job that several students relish. The job is flexible and the students are responsible for various retail support activities related to an assigned area i.e.textbooks, general merchandise, art supplies, computer supplies, etc. The salesclerk will also assist with customer service for the Store, telephone, web, ore-mail inquiries from customers, and customers in the Store. The hours are long and it is split amongst the students working there.

3. Team member at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

A worker attending to a customer

This job is available off-campus and is available for students that wish to deliver a premium customer experience by inspiring creativity within their customers. Team members are asked with driving sales through advanced product knowledge, innovative merchandising, and cutting counter accuracy. Students who work part-time here will create an exceptional in-store experience and provide excellent customer service by interacting and engaging with customers. Students would be able to make money while also learning valuable sales and marketing skills.

4. Student Assistant Librarian

An assistant librarian shelving books

If you are good with research and helping others, then you should try your hands here. The student assistant librarian has duties such as library searches, general office work, data entry, assisting patrons, book repairs, and maintaining statistics. Good manual dexterity necessary for specified tasks is also required. The assistant would be required to perform complex library tasks with minimal supervision and also have the ability to work effectively with the public.

5. Program Assistant

Five people discussing a project

The hired student under limited supervision will assist the assigned department head or director in the day-to-day operations of a program. They will also be tasked with overseeing the program support, general office, administrative and secretarial duties with some variety and complexity. It is a job that requires a lot of administrative duties. It is however flexible and students can get to do the job while also having ample time for their studies.