How to Come Back Refreshed for Spring Semester at ECU

Winter break is the perfect opportunity to relax with your family and finally get rid of those dark circles that have been under your eyes since August. However, after having almost a month off school, it can be really difficult to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips to ensure that you come back refreshed and ready to succeed in the Spring semester!


Most college students are sleep deprived throughout the semester, so while you are home sleep as much as you can. Go to bed early and get yourself back on a somewhat normal sleep schedule, because going to bed at 3 AM is not healthy.

2. Eat healthy meals

ECU does have a variety of food options on campus, but sometimes they are lacking fruits and vegetables. While you are at home, take advantage of those home cooked meals with fresh food. It will make you feel much better mentally and physically.

3. Order your textbooks ahead of time

Although it might not be the most fun way to spend your break, ordering your books before you head back to campus for the semester will make your first week of classes run much more smoothly. You can order from Amazon or from the student book store for pick up.

4. Write out your schedule

If you have a planner (and if you don’t you should get one), go ahead and write out your class schedules and plan your breaks. If your professors have posted a syllabus, go ahead and write in your assignments as well. This will allow you to be much less overwhelmed the first week.

5. Spend time with family

While you have the break from class, be sure to spend quality time with your family. Being away from home is difficult on students and parents, so catch them up on everything you are doing. Even if it seems redundant, they want to hear it and they will love spending the time with you.

6. Do nothing

College is hard…so during all your break plans be sure to budget in some time to do absolutely nothing. Be a total couch potato, catch up on that Netflix show you have been wanting to watch and do some online shopping. Your mental health will greatly appreciate it.

Winter break is the perfect opportunity to get some rest and relaxation after a semester of non stop chaos. Spend time with your family and get lots of rest so that you are ready to come back to Greenville and do it all again. Don’t forget to make plans for your next semester so that the beginning is not so overwhelming! Good luck!

4 Best On Campus Events to Attend at East Carolina University

East Carolina University is a beautiful campus with tons of things to do. The University tries to ensure that its students are healthy and entertained by providing fun and free events on campus to encourage students to get involved throughout the Fall and Spring Semesters.

1. Get a Clue

At the beginning of the Fall Semester at ECU, Get a Clue takes over the mall. This is a very fun event where incoming students can learn about different organizations on campus and opportunities to volunteer in Greenville. There are lots of coupons for local restaurants and free giveaways like t-shirts, cups, and candy.

2. Homecoming Concert

Every year on the Thursday of homecoming week, ECU brings in a famous artist to perform for their students. The best part is, this concert is free! Students have to get their free ticket from the student center, and then they can attend the concert. Previous artists include Lee Brice, Future, and 21 Savage, so each year there is a different genre of artist.

3. 7:07 Series

The 7:07 series is a great event that occurs on certain Tuesdays throughout the year at 7:07 pm. Different stars from MTV shows like Girl Code, Guy Code, and Wild and Out come and perform and speak with students. Other 7:07 series have included carnivals in the football stadium with free food and rides. These events are also free for students, on a first come first serve basis.

4. Barefoot on the Mall

The week before finals, the Student Activities Board knows that their peers are stressed out and need a break. Barefoot on the mall is the perfect opportunity to unwind, eat free food, jump on inflatables, and listen to great music! Previous artists include MKTO and Charlie Puth. This event is also free to students.

So whether it is the beginning of the academic year and you are looking for clubs to join, or right before final exams and you desperately need a study break, East Carolina University will provide the resources for you to get exactly what you need. Be sure to take advantage of these free opportunities!

5 Reasons to Study Abroad at East Carolina University

Although Greenville, North Carolina is a great place to live and study, it is also an amazing experience to leave the country and learn! Studying abroad is one of the safest (and cheapest) ways to travel out of the country and meet new people. Not only do you get to explore and see new places, you also get to earn class credit while you are there.

Your tuition is included in the cost

Tuition is included in your study abroad experience, and over the summer you can take up to six credit hours to apply towards your degree. If you chose to study abroad during the semester, you can earn up to 12 hours of credit. Summer tuition can be very expensive, so why not take your courses in a beautiful setting?

You can go almost anywhere

At East Carolina University, you can pick almost anywhere in the world to study abroad and there is a program for it. Want to go to England? You can study public health in the heart of London. Want to study business? You can do so in the beautiful country of Italy. Also, ECU does not require abroad students to book flights together, so you have the opportunity to travel before or after your trip.

Your professors plan everything for you

In order to get you acclimated to a new country, your professors make sure that every mode of transportation and your first meals are covered. They also help get the best prices on group rates for different shows and local attractions. For the first part of your study abroad experience, you will have professors who have been to the country before and know their way around.

You get to meet amazing people

When students study abroad, they form a bond with their peers that can’t be created in a normal classroom. Whether it is taking a long flight together or wandering around a foreign city, this trip will give you friendships that will last a lifetime, and travel buddies for the future.

You get to experience a completely different culture

Studying abroad allows you to immerse yourself amongst people who are completely different from what you are accustomed to. If you go to a country that speaks a foreign language, this will help you learn something completely new. It is very interesting to learn the different customs of new cultures, and studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to do so.

Overall, studying abroad is one of the best decisions you can make at East Carolina University. If you desire, you can even study abroad more than once, for a summer, or for an entire semester! This is a choice you will not regret, and ECU has many resources for you to learn about different trips and courses that you can take.

5 Best Electives at East Carolina University

When attending college, it is easy to get swept up in the hard courses that you have to take for your major. However, it is really important to remember that every major has built in hours for electives to take! East Carolina University offers many fun and interesting electives to take, that can be a big relief from some of your more intense classes.

1. Intro to Theater (THEA 1000)

This elective is very fun with dynamic and interesting lectures. As a part of your grade, you get to go watch two plays on campus, which is a great opportunity to see your fellow students talent! You will also get to read and watch plays during class, which is a fun way to learn.

2. American Sign Language (ASLS 2020)

If you are looking to learn a foreign language, but want something useful but diverse, American Sign Language is a great class for you! There are various levels you can take, and clubs that you can join associated with the courses.

3. Intro to Scuba Diving (KINE 2278)

With this class you get lots of field trips…and you get to learn how to scuba dive for class credit! At the beginning of the course, students get to scuba dive in the indoor pool at the Student Recreation Center, and as they gain experience trips can be taken to Atlantic Beach and Wilmington. How cool is that?

4. Dog Walking (KINE 1010)

Yes…there is a class for that. College is hard, so why not spend two mornings a week walking dogs for class credit? Dogs are picked up from the animal shelter and brought to the class location for students to learn fitness tips, help an animal in need, and de-stress.

5. Bowling (KINE 1139)

One awesome resource that ECU has is an on campus bowling alley. An added plus, you can get an easy A and learn some bowling skills. This class is free to students, and you can show off your gained skills on Sunday afternoon when the bowling alley has free play time!

East Carolina University has SO many options for electives you can take to learn something that you are interested in, or to help boost your GPA. Be sure to research what classes are avaliable and how they can contribute to your major!

Best Extracurriculars on Campus at East Carolina University

Attending a University with almost 30,000 students can seem a bit overwhelming…which is why it is so important to join extra-curriculars and get involved! ECU has over 500 student organizations, so there is literally something for everyone. But, if you are worried that you won’t find a club that you like, you can start your own!

Greek Life

Joining a sorority or fraternity can be a great way to make friends, attend campus events and get involved in Philanthropy. ECU offers rush in the Fall and the Spring, so you can join either semester. Greek life makes up 10-12% of campus, and there are options to live in the houses and have meals there as well.

ECU Ambassadors

If you are interested in giving back to the University and Greenville community, Ambassadors may be for you. This organization focuses on community service, and works athletic events like football games, gives campus tours, and serves the community by working with the Ronald McDonald House and Boys and Girls club (just to name a few).

Pirate Navigators

If you want to give campus tours, Pirate Navigators is for you! This organization also serves as a job, where students receive a monetary stipend to show potential students East Carolina University.

Student Societies

It is really important to join clubs within your major to promote yourself. Almost every major has one, and it is a great way to network with your professors and other professionals within your field.

Pre-Professional Clubs

If you know you want to attend additional education after college, it is wise to join a pre-professional society for what you want to do. These clubs are a great way to have opportunities to tour colleges, volunteer within your field, attend conferences, meet professionals, and give you a better chance to get into a program.

With so many organizations on campus, you can definitely find the perfect club for you! Getting involved is a great way to make friends and make a big university feel just like home!


4 Best Study Spots Near East Carolina University

East Carolina University, located in Greenville, North Carolina is one of the best public Universities in the nation. There are so many great opportunities at ECU, however, sometimes when getting super involved it can be easy to neglect the real reason why you are there…to study! Here are some of the best study spots on campus…and in the town.

Barnes & Noble

Located just ten minutes from campus, Barnes and Noble is an amazing place to study if you want to be surrounded by books (and quiet people). With free wifi, a Starbucks, and a cute little cafe area, this is a great place to escape to hit the books. They also have some of the best cheesecake you will ever try!


Coastal Fog

This place has one of the best cups of coffee in town, but Coastal Fog is an amazing cafe where you can study. It is quiet, beautifully decorated, and has free wifi. The cafe is located in Uptown Greenville, which is walking distance from campus. This is a hidden gem that not many students know about, so it usually isn’t too crowded.


Cynthia’s Lounge

Cynthia’s Lounge is located on ECU‘s campus in Mendenhall Student Center. It is a quiet room with couches, tables, and televisions right next to Java City, one of the University’s many coffee shops. This a great place on campus to study, because it is never very crowded and near coffee as well as a Chic-Fil-A and Panda Express…if you need some “inspiration” while studying.

Joyner Library

Although it may sound cliché, the library is an awesome resource on campus to help you keep focused and use your study time wisely. Even better, you can go online in Joyner and reserve individual or group study rooms (up to two weeks in advance). This is great because you can schedule that study time and be guaranteed a space with computers, whiteboards, and projectors.


Overall, East Carolina University is an amazing place, and so is Greenville. There are plenty of places to study and ensure that you have fun in college, while keeping the grades that you want!