How to Secure an Internship at ECU

At East Carolina University, many majors require you to complete a full time internship in your last semester of college. Usually, this process is entirely up to you, and there are many things that must be done before you can find the right internship. There are courses to help you to make sure you have everything you need to start applying and accepting, but here are some of the best ways to ensure that you secure a great internship on time:

Call or email agencies to ensure they are taking an intern

Different agencies may take interns every semester, but depending on the staff ratio they may not be hiring over the summer or in the spring. It is important to call them before applying to ensure that they are accepting interns when you want to apply. If you do not take this precaution, you may fill out an application that will not even be read. If no one answers your phone call or replies to your message, send them an email.

Have all your documents ready early

If you are applying for an internship in healthcare, there are tons of documents that you need to have filled out. This can be really time consuming, so it is important to do this significantly before you want to start applying. Some agencies also require background checks or drug tests, and results from these can take up to a week. If you have everything ready before you begin filling out applications, the process will be much less stressful.

Apply early

Depending on the semester that you apply, applications can open two to three months before they are due. Go ahead and fill them out early so that if anything is incorrect it can be fixed before the due date. This also will allow you extra time to reread them and have your friends or family double check them as well. At East Carolina University, you can take essays to the Writing Center and the tutors there will look over them for free!

Plan ahead

During the internship application process, your planner needs to be your best friend. Have all your due dates written down so that you can find time to get everything done. It can get very stressful having so much to do at one time, but as long as you are organized and prioritize your time you will succeed. Do not wait until the last minute to submit ten applications, because your work will not be quality!

Overall, applying for internships at East Carolina University is an exciting time. However, it can also be very stressful if not done correctly. Be sure to use your campus resources, plan way ahead, and set aside time to get everything done. Your internship can be a great experience, and can even lead to a potential job in the future. Good luck!

4 Reasons to Major in Recreational Therapy at ECU

East Carolina University has many options for majors…from business to public health to anthropology you will definitely be able to find the right choice for you. It is really important to research the different major choices and visit the academic planning center to learn more about career options with each major. Recreational Therapy is a new and upcoming field, and ECU happens to have one of the best RT programs in the nation. Here are four reasons why you should definitely consider majoring in RT at ECU:

The professors truly care

Recreational Therapy has fantastic professors that really encourage you to succeed. They are understanding and try and make sure assignments are spread out and tests are not given on the same day. Most professors make class interesting and dynamic. For example, some classes will be outdoors playing wheelchair basketball or going to visit a therapy dog. In this program, classes are not boring!

Classes are small

With some majors, all four years of college you could be in classes of 100 plus people. However, with Recreational Therapy, most classes range from 20-40 people. Twenty five students are accepted each semester, so the program stays small. This gives you an opportunity to get to know your professors and your classmates better throughout your time in the program.

The program is hands on

In the Recreational Therapy program, many classes require volunteer and shadowing hours. This gives you the opportunity to get out in the community and really learn what your future career will be like. You can work with adaptive PE, after school programs, nursing homes, etc. During your senior year you also have facilitation experience where you practice actually leading interventions with children with disabilities.

You become close with your classmates

Being in a program of only 25 people… you get close. Especially when you see them every day in class and study together outside of school. The people in the program will become your best friends and be an outlet for the stressors that college can provide. Recreational Therapy attracts a certain kind of individual, and if it is the major for you, most of the students in the program will have personalities very similar to yours!

If you are looking for the right major for you at East Carolina University, definitely give Recreational Therapy a chance. ECU offers a foundations course than anyone can take, so that potential students can learn the basics and layout of the program. It is important to know that shadowing hours are required to be admitted, so if you are interested look into that sooner and not later! If you want a hands on major that encourages students to give back, this may be the major for you.

Best On Campus Jobs at East Carolina University

Being in college at East Carolina University, there are tons of fun things to do in Greenville, North Carolina. However, quite a few of these fun things cost money. College is already pretty expensive, but luckily East Carolina University offers lots of jobs on campus to provide students with either a work study or self help employment. Here are some of the best jobs on campus:

Student Recreation Center

Working at the Student Recreation Center is great, and it also gives you motivation to go to the gym. Students can work as cashiers, fitness instructors, supervisors, and desk employees. Employment options are also avaliable in the Wellness Center, where you can educate your peers about healthy choices and teach classes and groups.


ECU Transit

ECU has the third largest transit system in North Carolina. The coolest thing about our bus system is that it is entirely student run. This means that you can get a job as a bus driver or as an office employee. Working for transit is convenient because buses run to apartments and class buildings, so you can drop yourself off on campus or at home!


Pirate Academic Success Center

There are many job opportunities at the Pirate Academic Success Center, including tutoring and peer mentors. Students can make tutoring appointments or attend walk in hours. Tutors are responsible for making lesson plans and keeping up with the curriculum for the courses that they teach. Peer mentors can help students develop study habits and work based on their own schedule.

Neighborhood Service Office

Students can work in the Neighborhood Service Office on either West Campus or on College Hill. These students handle campus mail, and notify students when they have packages. They also do typical office duties like making copies, loading printers with paper and ink, and answering questions about living arrangements.


Resident Advisor

Students can apply to be a Resident Advisor at ECU, and stay on campus and serve as the contact point for the residents who live on their hall. If you are presented with this opportunity, your room and board at the University will be covered. Resident Advisors are responsible for planning programs, making roommate contracts, and providing assistance to all of their residents.


Working on campus is a great opportunity because usually your bosses will understand your class schedule. You will also get University holidays off work, which is a huge advantage if you are from somewhere that is far away. There are plenty of opportunities for on campus work, and all students are encouraged to apply for either a work study or self help job.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Residential Neighborhoods at ECU

East Carolina University offers many different residence halls for students to live in, with three different neighborhoods to choose from. Based on your preferences and needs, it is important to explore the different neighborhoods and discover which one is best for you. The areas are College Hill, West End, and Central campus. All neighborhoods have their ups and downs, which are listed below:

College Hill


If you love sporting events, College Hill may be the neighborhood for you. A five minute walk from Dowdy Ficklen Stadium, football games are a breeze when you live here. This is a very popular neighborhood for athletes (varsity and club). This section of campus is also more quiet, with its own gym, mailing center, dining hall, and additional food options.


While the neighborhood is more quiet, College Hill is quite a walk from campus. In order to get to the classrooms, students have to walk down the hill and cross a main street. During spring and fall this is not too bad, but in winter and summer it can be a little inconvenient. College Hill is also farther away from the student center, the student recreation center, and other campus resources.

Central Campus


If you have a tendency to oversleep, Central may be the neighborhood for you. Just a two minute walk from academic campus, this is a convenient area if you tend to hit the snooze button or want to come back to nap in between classes. Central campus is also right in the middle everything, so when there are events on the mall all you have to do is walk out the door! Plus, living in these dorms gives you a beautiful view of the Cupola.


Since you are right in the middle of College Hill and West Campus, you have at least a 5-10 minute walk to either area. The dorms on central campus are also the original dorms from when ECU was founded, so they are older than others on campus. However, they are scheduled for renovations soon so do not let that stop you. But since these dorms are right on the mall, if there are events going on throughout campus, things can get noisy.

West End


West End is located right next to Uptown Greenville. If you like to shop or eat out, a 5 minute walk can take you to various locations. West End also has its own dining hall, and is a 2 minute walk from the gym, student center, and the library. West End is also very close to the Pirate Academic Success Center, where students can get free tutoring and review sessions for exams. There are many on campus jobs that are very close to this neighborhood as well.


Since West End is right next to Uptown Greenville, sometimes at night things can get loud. There is quite a bit of nightlife in this area, so on weekends it can be a bit noisy. West End is also about a 10 minute walk to academic campus, so not nearly as close as Central. The parking lot for students on West Campus is also much farther than the parking lot provided for students that live on College Hill.

Overall, East Carolina University has many neighborhood and residence hall options for its students. Whether you want to be close to academics, athletics, or campus resources it is possible to find the perfect place for you. ECU lets you pick your neighborhood, dorm, and room so if you do your research, your first year can be outstanding! When you take a tour of campus, you can visit all the neighborhoods and see which is best for you.

Hidden Resources on Campus at East Carolina University

East Carolina University has ample resources for their students, with many of them that are pushed on you at orientation or heavily advertised. However, there are lots of other resources on campus that not many people know about that are really helpful. It is important to use these resources not only because they are awesome, but also because your tuition helps to pay for them!

The Wellness Center

Located in the Student Recreation Center, the Wellness Center offers a safe space for students to relax and unwind. This room has massage chairs, snacks, and televisions to watch shows or play video games. This is a great place to go after your workout or catch a breath in between classes.  They also give out free samples of shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc. The best part is, not many students know about this area, so it is almost never crowded!

The Counseling Center

A lot of people are under the assumption that the Counseling Center is only for students that are experiencing a difficult time. However, this is not the case. This resource can be used if you want help transitioning into college or improve your outlook and attitude about life. The Counseling Center offers group and individual treatment sessions, as well as counseling for substance and alcohol abuse. Appointments can be made by phone or online!

Peer Mentors

A section of the Pirate Tutoring Center, Peer Mentors are a great resource to learn study habits and to help with courses. These students are older and more experienced, and can help you transition into college life. Your mentor will help you make study guides, learn the ropes on campus, and organize your schedule. They are here for YOU, so whatever you think you need, they can help provide. This is also a great on campus job opportunity if you are an upperclassmen needing employment.

Service Learning Center

For quite a few classes, students will be required to complete a service learning experience. The center for student learning and engagement allows you to pick volunteer opportunities based on your interests and log them on Orgsync to earn credit. There are many employees in the service learning center that are excited to recommend opportunities for students. This is not just centered on volunteering, there are also different conferences and conventions for students to attend.

Career Center

Located just a short walk from campus, the Career Center is a great resource for students. You can get your resume updated, have headshots taken or business cards printed. You can even do practice interviews for your field… and the best part is all this can be done in person or online! Each semester, there is also a career fair where the center brings in different employers and students can bring their resume and apply for multiple jobs and internships all at once.

College is an exciting time filled with all sorts of opportunities. While on campus, it is extremely important to use all the resources that East Carolina University offers you. Research all the options on campus, and pick the best one to help you do your best. Be sure to try all these out, as they will really help with your success as a student!

Best Food Locations on Campus at East Carolina University

When living on campus, sometimes eating at the dining hall can be very tiring. Even though the dining halls at ECU have great food, it is good to have a nice variety and treat yourself sometimes (it is especially awesome to be able to treat yourself and put it on your meal plan). Here are some of the best food options on Campus at ECU:


The founder of Chilli’s attended school at ECU, and his gift to the University was a full restaurant on campus. Students can put their meals on their meal plans and have any food that they could normally have at the restaurant. If you ever want to go out to eat without the cost, this is the best option for you.


Craving chicken minis before class? We have you covered. Want some chicken nuggets and fries for dinner? ECU is on it. There are two locations on campus where students have access to the full menu, with salads, grilled chicken, and speciality sandwiches avaliable.

Bleaker Street

A location that resembles Panera, Bleaker Street is located in the student center and has various soups, sandwiches, and salads. Healthy sides are available like homemade chips, carrots, and fresh fruit. Their soups are outstanding and perfect for a warm break in between classes.

Einsteins Bagels

The perfect place to get your coffee, bagel, sandwich, or muffin fix. With many options and great prices, Einsteins is the perfect place to grab a meal or snack in between classes. They also have speciality and seasonal coffee throughout the year! Their service is also super quick, so you won’t be late!

Panda Express

If you are craving Chinese food, you can get some on campus with your meal plan. The Panda Express on campus has all options of the normal restaurant, and fortune cookies! You can get multiple meats, just one, and there are even vegetarian and lighter options.


If your new years resolution is to eat healthier, try the Subway on campus. ECU has two locations on both ends of campus, and both offer 6 dollar meal deals that can be charged to your meal plan. Subway also has salads and options for breakfast.

If you are looking for good food and a variety of options, ECU is a great campus for you. These are just a few of the best foods on campus, and there are plenty of others to pick from. Whether you want something healthy, typical fast food, or a sit down meal, ECU has anything you could want!

7 Tips for Freshman at East Carolina University

Starting college can be very intimidating…moving away from home, taking harder classes, meeting new people, and taking on more responsibilities. Your freshman year of college is all about the choices you make, and those choices will be the foundation for the rest of your time in college. Here are some tips to ensure that you are successful your freshman year at East Carolina University:

Find Your Classrooms Before the First Day

Before your first day of class, walk around and get a feel for the campus. Learn where all of your buildings are and make a walking route for yourself. Be sure to actually go into the building and find your room, as sometimes the numbering systems can be confusing.


Go to Class

This seems obvious, but sometimes it can be really tempting not to go to class, especially if professors don’t take attendance. However, whether you go to class or not, you’re paying for it, so get the most out of your education (your GPA will thank you). If you do not go, you will get behind!


Go to Events on Campus

East Carolina University offers tons of campus events to help you settle into campus life. These opportunities are almost always free, and usually include food and giveaways. Be sure to use the movie theater and bowling alley, as both are great places to hang out with friends!


Befriend your Resident Advisor

Resident Advisors in your dorm are your guide to life on campus and within your new home. Be sure to attend their programs and get free food and learn all the rules of your hall. If you ever need any help/get into trouble, your RA is the perfect resource.


Go to the Gym

The Freshman Fifteen is a thing and it can happen to you! Those dining hall cookies will catch up with you (and they are very addictive). ECU has a great gym on campus that is free for students, so use it! Exercise is a fantastic stress relief, especially when classes get crazy.


Don’t Get too Caught Up in the Party Scene

Living on your own is a totally new experience because you can do whatever you want! Going to parties on occasion is okay, but remember it is not why you are in college and if it becomes a regular habit your grades will slip.


Don’t take an 8A.M.

Unless you are 100% confident you are a morning person, do not take an 8am your first semester. Just because you did it in high school does not mean you want to in college. You will be staying up much later and will appreciate that extra cushion to sleep in.


College is an amazing experience, and your freshman year is one of the biggest adjustments of your life. Use your campus resources to make the best choices and get the most out of your time at East Carolina University. Everyone on campus wants you to succeed!

Top 4 Ways to Make Friends at East Carolina University

Attending a large national university can be very intimidating, especially if you come from a small high school where you were a big fish in a little pond. East Carolina University has almost 30,000 students, which luckily gives you the potential to make 30,000 friends.

Join the ECU Facebook Page

Each class at ECU has their own Facebook page, and this is a great way to meet people before you even arrive on campus! You can post about yourself to potentially find a roommate and other individuals with common interests or habits.


Get Involved

With over 500 student organizations, joining a club is a great way to meet people with similar interests as you. Clubs also give you a great opportunity to hang out with your peers outside of class, while boosting your resume.


Talk to the People You Sit Next To in Class

In a large lecture hall, it is highly unlikely you will make friends with the person who sits 10 rows behind you. Be sure to talk to the people around you so that you can study with them, and do things outside the classroom.


Hang Out in Common Areas in Your Dorm

One of the best ways to make friends is in your dorm, and each dorm at ECU has multiple common areas to hang out and study! Having great friends that you live with is very convenient because they are usually right down the hall.


It may be scary at first, but once you find the right group of friends your time at East Carolina University will be irreplaceable. College friends last a lifetime, and with how friendly everyone is at ECU, you will have no trouble finding the perfect group for you. Take advantage of campus resources, and the big university will start to feel just like home!

Top 5 Best Dorms at East Carolina University

Once you have chosen to attend East Carolina University, there are many important decisions to make in regards to your time on campus. What meal plan do you want, what neighborhood of campus to you want to live on, who will be your roommate? However, the most important decision to make prior to beginning college at ECU is what residence hall you want to live in. ECU has many choices of where to live, and here are some of the best options:

Gateway East

The newest and biggest residence hall on Campus at East Carolina University houses many living learning communities and the Honors College. This residence hall is very upscale with vaulted ceilings and tile floors. Some rooms have suite options, where you can have a shower, toilet, and sink in your room. The dorms are spacious and have large closets, and the lobby has elevators and study space.

Gateway West

The sister building to Gateway East, Gateway West houses additional living learning communities and has the same layout. The buildings are connected by a covered breezeway, and both have study lounges and upscale laundry facilities. At the bottom of the building, there is a Neighborhood Service Office where students can get their mail and have access to free printing.

White Hall

A newly renovated residence hall on West Campus, White Hall is located in the heart of ECU. With a view of the gym, dining hall, and student center, this dorm is the perfect central location. White contains hall style bathrooms that have full sinks and nice showers. There are laundry facilities, study lounges, and a printing lab.

College Hill Suites

If you are an upperclassmen wanting to still live on campus, College Hill Suites is the perfect option for you. Right next to Todd Dining Hall, the suites are spacious and unique. Each suite has 2 full bathrooms, a living room, kitchen area with a fridge and microwave, and 2 bedrooms. The suites also have hall style kitchens if you prefer to cook some meals on your own.

Scott Hall

Located right across from the athletic facility, Scott Hall is the perfect dorm for club or varsity athletes. Scott is also convenient for freshman who do not want a communal bathroom, because it is suite style with four residents to one bathroom. The rooms are very spacious and have many options for rearranging furniture. Scott is also near the smaller gym located in the College Hill neighborhood.

East Carolina University has many options for Residence Halls for their students. Based on your needs and wants, research the different dorms on campus and pick what is best for you. ECU allows you to pick your residence hall, and even what floor you are on and room you are in. You can also take virtual tours of residence halls online, and schedule an actual tour during Open House!

How to Survive Group Projects at ECU

When most people hear the phrase “group project” there is usually a noticeable cringe around the entire classroom. That cringe gets even bigger whenever the professor says that groups are preassigned and you can’t pick who you are working with. While group projects can be frustrating and test every ounce of patience you have, they can also teach you some valuable life lessons. Here are some tips for how to make the best out of your group project experiences at East Carolina University.

1. Encourage communication

Having over two people working on an assignment can get a bit chaotic, so it is important to set up a way for everyone to communicate. GroupMe is an effective app that allows you to all converse with one another, or a large group text would suffice. Either way, every group member needs to have access to your chosen method of communication so that they can be informed.

2. Set up regular meeting times

As soon as the group and project is assigned, go ahead and plan out times that work for all of you to meet. Even if you don’t meet every single week or day to work on the assignment, it is important to set that time aside. Put these times in your planner, and in your group message so that everyone can stay on task. If you can’t attend a meeting, be sure to get filled in on what you missed and do your part.

3. Hold each other accountable

Usually if a project is large enough to involve multiple people, there are lots of components to be completed. During your group meetings, it is more effective to split up the work load rather than doing everything together. With that being said, be sure to hold everyone accountable for his/her part. Use a google document so that everyone’s changes can be tracked and you can see who did what and when it was completed.

4. Be honest on peer reviews

At the completion of a group project, it is really common for professors at East Carolina University to assign a peer evaluation. This is where you rate your peers and yourself based on performance and effort with the project. Be honest…do not rate your peers too high or too low, and do not rate yourself too high or too low. These ratings will impact the grade of you and your group members.

Although group projects can be very stressful, they are reflective of your future in the workforce. It will be rare that you will choose your co-workers and your assignments within your job. On occasion, we all will have to work with people who differ from us, so it is important to learn how to do so in college. Try and keep a positive attitude with group projects, and always remember you can talk to the professor if things get out of hand. Best of luck!