5 Spring Plunge into Purple Events at ECU

East Carolina University does a great job of involving their students and making sure there is plenty of entertainment on campus. Plunge into Purple is a series sponsored by the University with a mission to “welcome students into the excitement and traditions of ECU through education, socialization, and involvement.” Here are some of the most popular Plunge events that you must attend!

Polar Bear Plunge

What better way to plunge into campus life than by jumping into a pool filled with ice in January? This event is put on in the beginning of the spring semester and is a great way for students to mingle and step out of their comfort zone. The Polar Bear Plunge provides snacks, t-shirts, and towels to students who participate! It is commonly said that every student needs to take the Plunge at least once during their time at ECU!

MLK Day of Service

All ECU classes are cancelled on Martin Luther King Jr. day…and what better way to celebrate than by getting out in the community and serving others? Students can sign up to participate and can pick a location to go volunteer for a full day or a half day. Locations vary from the animal shelter to a local soup kitchen. This is a great opportunity to give back and make some new friends! Many majors and graduate schools often require service hours so this is also a great way to get ahead.

Pirate Read Author

Every year, freshman are assigned a book to read prior to coming to campus. These books are usually discussed in English and seminar courses. In the spring, the author of the book will come speak at the University. The books chosen usually relate to issues going on in the world, and the author will discuss his writing and facilitate a discussion amongst students. This event is highly recommended for freshman who read the novel. This year, author of Evicted Matthew Desmond will be presenting.

Winter Welcome Back

This event happens every winter on the first day classes begin. It is held in the student center and allows students to enjoy free movies, bowling, snacks, and a rock climbing wall. There are also cool craft vendors who come where students can make street signs and other novelties for free. This event is only for ECU students and participants must bring a valid ECU One Card.

SAB Winter Concert

This event is relatively new to Plunge into Purple. ECU always holds a concert in the fall during homecoming week, but the Student Activities Board has now added a concert to the Spring Semester. Tickets will either be free or reasonably priced, so students should definitely attend if concerts are something that they enjoy. The concert will be held in Wright Auditorium so there will be plenty of seating for students.

Overall, East Carolina University offers tons of events to encourage students to become involved in campus life. The Plunge into Purple calendar is located on the University website, and events are added very frequently. These events are a great way to take a break from studying and make some new friends, so it is a great idea to attend! There are also diverse events during the Fall semester so be sure to mark your calendars!

6 Best Off Campus Apartments in Greenville, North Carolina Near East Carolina University

When you first decide to move off campus, the thrill sets in. No more resident advisor, no more dining hall, and no more rules (at least monitored ones). However, once the reality of picking the right apartment complex sets in, things can get pretty stressful. Here is a list of some of the best off campus apartment options at East Carolina University.

Sunchase Apartments

Located approximately 7 minutes from campus (2.9 miles) Sunchase is a great option for students who want a nice and quiet place to live. The apartments have very spacious kitchens and living rooms that are ideal for cooking and entertaining. Each resident also has their own bathroom and bedroom. Sunchase also offers the option to have a “Split Apartment” where you do not have to share a wall with your roommate.

The Landing

Located approximately 8 minutes from campus (3.3 miles) The Landing is a very popular complex for students. The complex has three pools and a large gym, as well as study rooms in the main office. During the summer and spring months, there are commonly pool parties for students to attend. These apartments are also recent remodels that contain hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances.

The Province

Located less than a mile from campus, The Province is a great choice for you if you do not have a car and need to walk to class. This complex also has large pools and a spacious gym for resident use. However, if this is an option for you, this complex does charge overages for utilities while many others do not have a cap per unit. This is a large factor to consider if your roommates are not energy efficient.

University Suites

Located approximately 6 minutes from campus (1.9 miles) University Suites is a townhome option for ECU students. Three bedroom options include rooms on the main floor with the kitchen, a room on the second floor with the living area, and a loft bedroom on the third floor. Each room has a private bath. University Suites also provides a large flat screen television for its residents. This is a good option if you are choosing to live with random roommates since each resident has their own floor!

University Park

University Park is a new complex that is visible from campus. The complex is approximately a 5 minute walk to the heart of academic ECU. However, this complex only offers 2 bedroom units, so if you want to live with multiple people this may not be the best option for you. This complex is also close to the Tar River, so flooding is very common in that area of town.

The Boundary

The Boundary is also relatively new, and is less than a five minute walk to campus. This complex has pools, fitness classes, dog parks, and dining locations for its residents. The facility is located in Uptown Greenville, so it is very close to nightlife. This is the most expensive complex in Greenville, and residents have to pay an additional cost for parking. If money is not an object and you want to walk to campus, this could be the best fit for you.

Overall, there are TONS of apartment complexes in Greenville, NC. It is really important to research the benefits of each one and what fits your needs. ECU does offer bus services from every off campus apartment, so do not let distance be a deciding factor. All complexes also offer tours, so go check it out before you sign!

5 Safety Measures at East Carolina University

East Carolina University truly cares about the safety of their students. The institution is located in Greenville, North Carolina, which doesn’t have a reputation for  being the safest. However, the university does a great job keeping their students safe and secure through many on campus resources.

1. ECU Alerts

East Carolina University offers a text and email service called ECU alert. This service provides students with updates if there is any crime in the area surrounding campus. ECU Alerts also notify students about upcoming weather conditions and class delays. This service is available for students and parents so that everyone can be updated of campus/Greenville conditions.


2. Blue Lights

There are blue lights scattered throughout East Carolina‘s campus. These lights have a button on them and an intercom that if pushed will directly call the ECU Police. If a student ever feels unsafe or if they are being followed, they can use this service. The rule of thumb is if you are looking at one blue light, you should be able to see another one, so they are scattered all around campus.


3. ECU Police

East Carolina University has their own police department located on campus. These are fully trained officers that are available to assist students if they ever feel unsafe. The department works different campus events like football games, basketball games, and Student Activities Board events. These officers are also fully capable of giving tickets and other charges, so students should be on good behavior.


4. Joyner Library Security

Right in front of Joyner Library at the entrance is a large security desk with cameras displaying the entire building. These security officers will escort you to your dorm or car if it is after dark and you feel unsafe. After 11 pm, only ECU students are allowed in Joyner library and your student ID must be shown in order to enter. The security officers remain in the library whenever it is open (24 hours).


5. Bus Services & SafeRide

If you do choose to partake in going downtown over the weekends, ECU Transit has you covered. Buses run to and from apartments on weekends from 10 pm to 2 am to prevent drinking and driving. SafeRide also operates after these hours and will take students back to apartments or dorms if they feel unsafe and the buses are not running. This is a great addition unique to ECU that allows students to have fun and stay safe.


Overall, even though East Carolina University is located in an area that does have some crime, the institution does a good job making sure its students are safe. The university provides many resources for any student or parent who is concerned about the area. If anyone ever feels unsafe on campus, there are multiple actions they can take to get assistance!

5 Unique Qualities about East Carolina University

East Carolina University is an amazing institution located in Greenville, North Carolina. The history of the University is very interesting, and since 1907 ECU has been trying to put themselves on the map as one of the best national universities. The institution has many qualities that makes it unique, here are some of the most interesting facts:

The Colors

In 1909, East Carolina University students were asked about the school colors. The students were able to vote on many different color combinations.  Purple and gold won the vote because of the amazing Eastern North Carolina sunsets (with common hues of dark purple and mustard yellow).  Even then, ECU believed in democracy and engaging students for their opinions!


Mascots over the years

When East Carolina University was first established, the mascot was a Great Dane named “Buc”. Then, in 1968, a large white poodle became the mascot of East Carolina Teaching College (ECTC). Finally, East Carolina University adopted the Pirate as their final mascot due to the school’s close proximity to the coast. Once the mascot was chosen, local elementary school students competed in a contest to name the pirate.


The Canon

At the start of every football game, a canon is fired to symbolize the beginning of a battle. This began in 1967, and in 1984 the staff decided to fire a canon every time a player scored to boost crowd morale. This has become a large tradition at ECU, making the teams entrance and all quarters of the game very interesting and unique.


No Quarter

East Carolina University’s slogan is “no quarter”. This was drafted because if pirate ships would refuse to surrender, they would lower the Jolly Roger flag and raise a no quarter flag, meaning they would offer no mercy. At every football game, during the third quarter this flag is raised. Beginning in 2017, the pirates had a large no quarter flag that covered the entire Boneyard raised by students.


The Mall

The Mall at East Carolina University has not been changed since the institution was established. All dorms are still there and trees are planted in the same spots. The Cupola was added as the orignial burned down in a fire. Also, outlets have been added to two of the trees so that students can study and charge their phones and computers.


Overall, East Carolina University has many qualities that makes it a unique place to attend college. The history of the University is one of its most amazing qualities, and it is important for students to know how far their school has come. Over the years, ECU has changed for the better and become even more unique!

5 Tips to Fight Senioritis at ECU

After three years of college, senioritis will creep up on most students. Senioritis, more commonly defined as “an affliction of students in their final year of school, characterized as a define in motivation or performance” impacts all of us at some point in our lives. Here are some tips to make sure that even if you catch senioritis, you can pull through and make it to graduation!

1. Take Care of Yourself:

One of the easiest ways to get exhausted and cranky in your senior year is not taking care of yourself! Getting enough sleep is very important, especially when things get stressful. Be sure that you eat all your meals and exercise when you can. Try not to eat out all the time and eat a salad on occasion. Your body and your wallet will thank you! Also, you can check out the wellness center on campus and use the free massage chairs if you need a break before class!


2. Apply for Jobs

It is important not to let senioritis get in the way of planning for your future. Begin looking to apply for jobs, or graduate school if that is the route you chose. If you stay unmotivated, it could negatively impact the next phase of your life. Planning ahead will make you much less stressed in the long run, especially if you can have a job lined up before you graduate. Many professors will recommend jobs, and you can visit your ECU advisor if you have questions about a local employer.


3. Go to the Career Center

If you are panicking about finding a job within your major, the Career Center is a great resource for you at East Carolina University. Each semester, they hold a career fair with employees from all over the state that do hires on the spot or interviews at a later time. The Career Center can also give you advice on all employment options you can have within your major, because it is always important to have a Plan B.


4. Get organized

Completing school work is already tough whenever you are exhausted and unmotivated. It will be even worse if you wait until the last minute to complete assignments and study for exams. Keep your planner up to date and in line with your syllabus so that if you feel some fatigue coming on or have a busy week you can work ahead and get everything done. ECU has many student wellness programs that will help you prep for the GRE and teach you how to stay organized. However, do not forget to schedule in some time with friends and family as well.


5. Consider the cost

College is expensive…and whether you are paying for it yourself, your parents are helping or you have scholarships, someone is footing that bill. Every class you skip at East Carolina University is over $100…let that sink in. You are paying for this education, so before you let your grades slip realize that it will catch up with you eventually. The point of going to college is to get an education, so do not get caught up in the intense desire to be done.


Your senior year of college will be one of your best ones yet, so do not let it slip away because of senioritis. It is important to stay on top of your school work and take care of yourself, because the choices you make this year will directly impact your future. Hang in there seniors, we are all in this together and graduation will be here before we know it!



5 Famous Alumni from ECU

East Carolina University has many interesting and famous alumni who attended school in Pirate Nation. When conversing with friends and family, it is always nice to know who went to your university. So, here are some of the most well known alumni of East Carolina University:

1. Sandra Bullock

Known for many movies such as The Blind Side, Ms. Congeniality, The Proposal, and more, Sandra Bullock is an alumni of East Carolina University. Mrs. Bullock received training in ECU‘s professional acting program, and also studied in the school of communication. She is one of the most highly paid actresses and has won many awards.


2. Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson is an American screenwriter, known most commonly for his writing of Dawson’s Creek, The Vampire Diaries, and the film Scream. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. Williamson went to ECU and got his degree in Theater Arts and graduated in 1987.


3. Vince McMahon

This famous alumni is most commonly known for being the CEO of Stamford, a company that promotes the World Wrestling Entertainment. McMahon is a former wrestler and announcer, and is a two time world champion. He graduated from ECU in 1969.


4. Beth Grant

This ECU alumni is a well known actress and currently stars on The Mindy Project as Beverly Janoszewski. She has also played Gracie Leigh in the CBS show Jericho. Grant has starred in many other films such as Speed, The Artist, and Rain Man. She graduated from East Carolina University‘s school of theater in 1972.

5. Justin Hardy

A recent graduate of East Carolina University, Justin Hardy is a current player for the Atlanta Falcons. Hardy is a wide receiver, and actually got to play some in the SuperBowl game of 2017. Hardy is a deeply rooted Pirate and is a proud alumni of our University.


East Carolina University has some very interesting alumni, many of which are still famous today. Many athletes, actors, and CEOs have attended our University, and it is important to take pride in that! ECU is a great school, so no wonder it attracts great people.


5 Best Fitness Classes at ECU

East Carolina University has amazing resources for all of their students. One of the best is the Student Recreation Center, a large gym where students can exercise and avoid the freshman fifteen. The Student Recreation Center also offers group fitness classes for FREE, where you can access certified fitness instructors, burn lots of calories, and have lots of fun! Here are some of the best group fitness classes at ECU:

1. Zumba

If you are looking for a fun workout and a way to improve your dance moves, Zumba could be the class for you! A fifty minute class taught by a certified instructor, Zumba combines Latin rhythms to fun pop music. The more you attend the class the more comfortable you will get with the dance moves. Every few weeks, new songs are added to keep you on your toes.


2. Body Attack

If you are looking to get fit fast, this is a great class for you. Body Attack is high energy and combines common exercises like running, jumping, and lifting to maximize your workout and burn over 700 calories. A great mix of cardio and lifting, this workout incorporates energizing music and an encouraging instructor in order to keep you coming back!


3. Body Flow

Body flow is an interesting class that combines yoga, tai chi, and pilates. This class is a great option for anyone, even if you are new to fitness. Calming music plays and you are guided through stretches and movements in order to help you relax and burn calories. Breathing control is also incorporated into this class, which will help strengthen your core muscles.


4. Ultra Barre

This class is a new addition to ECU‘s fitness program that incorporates classic ballet moves to strengthen your core, arm, and leg muscles. Ultra Barre is a great class to get you in shape, and although it seems low impact it really works your muscles. If you are looking for a fun way to tone up, this class could be perfect for you!

 5. Body Combat

Body combat is a non contact martial arts class that focuses on getting fit and gaining muscle. Each class can burn up to 740 calories and get you in shape quickly. Moves from karate, kickboxing, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu are incorporated into this high energy class.


Overall, if you are an ECU student, you really should try out these group fitness classes. You can register online at the Student Recreation Center and access the group class schedule. This is great so you can plan ahead and incorporate your workout into your week. Be sure to utilize this resource to stay in shape and healthy!

4 Reasons to Take Theater 1000 as an Elective at ECU

Although East Carolina University has many interesting electives, Theater 1000 is a great course. As a fine art credit, this course will give you lots of knowledge and give credit towards your degree. Also, this class is fun and not just sitting in a lecture all day!

1.You get to go see campus shows

As a requirement of the course, theater students go and see two shows on campus each semester. Shows can be musicals, dramatic plays, or classic works. They are all reasonably priced and very good! It is a great opportunity to watch fellow students showcase their talents.


2.You get to learn improvisation

During the course, students will actually get the chance to do a little acting themselves through improvisation activities. This has a great transfer value because it will teach you to think on your toes and act quickly. Even if you do not go in front of the class and act, it is very entertaining watching your classmates.


3.You get to read great plays

As a requirement of the course, students usually read two classic plays. Rather than a boring textbook, you get to read an actual story and can later watch the movie if you so choose. You also get to do a character analysis of one of the protagonists in your favorite play you read, which is a very unique assignment.


4.Lectures are dynamic and entertaining

Throughout lectures, students are on their feet and involved. Professors often ask questions and encourage their students to participate. During lectures, you also get to review the plays that you read and got to watch. This can make students feel like they get to apply their knowledge and actually use their skills.


If you are interested in a course that will teach you something different and keep you entertained, Theater 1000 may be a great fit for you. Check out ECU’s course catalog to learn more about the fine arts and other electives  offered on campus. There are tons of options to fulfill credits and have fun!

4 Types of Professors at East Carolina University

East Carolina University has many diverse classes…and with those diverse classes come all different kinds of professors. Before signing up for a course, it is always a good idea to look into the habits of the professor teaching. Ask your friends, consult students who have taken the course before, and check out websites like Rate My Professor to see what you are getting into. Here are some of the most common types of professors at East Carolina University:

1.The Strict One

This professor is a stickler for the rules. He or she will most likely take attendance every day, have assigned seating, and not give extra credit. These professors can commonly be befriended if you attend their office hours and ask them questions with material you are struggling with. Show them that you care and they will appreciate the effort.


2.The “Cool” One

This professor wants to be liked and admired by his or her students. They will commonly bring in candy, encourage conversation, and try and keep up with the current language students are using. Often, these professors want their students to succeed and will provide study guides and other materials to help you get the best grade possible. These professors can also be befriended by visiting office hours and putting a face to a name.


3.The Old Fashioned One

This professor will most likely write on a chalk board and make you take notes with pencil and paper. This person does not like technology and will get fired up if you have a laptop or cell phone out. Sometimes, this professor will even grade assignments and tests by hand…and take forever to post your grades online. Be sure to ask questions in class if you have a professor like this, because it might take awhile for them to respond to their email.


4.The Life Changing Professor

Every student at East Carolina University will have a professor who inspires them to a turning point in their education. This professor will push you to be the best you can be, grade you hard, and teach you so much more than what you learn in the classroom. Usually, these professors are found once you get into your major and choose a career, but if you are lucky you may have one earlier in your college experience.


Overall, East Carolina University has many different kinds of professors. There are advantages and disadvantages to any course, but with may subjects it is pertinent that you have a good teacher. However, if you do not agree with your professors teaching style, ECU has tons of academic resources to help you out!

Top Reasons to Attend East Carolina University

Choosing which college to attend is an exciting (but super stressful) decision. North Carolina has so many different options to choose from, and they all are fantastic! However, East Carolina University has so many benefits that make it one of the top choices for students! Here are some of the best qualities about ECU and why you should attend:

It’s affordable

East Carolina University has been voted one of the most affordable Universities. With low tuition costs, and a recent tuition freeze, the price should stay stable for the next few years. Each year, students will pay approximately $4,400 for tuition each year. Including room and board and all other fees, it costs approximately $21,000 dollars to attend ECU. This is very competitive with other Universities, especially since many of the dorms have been recently remodeled.

Greenville is Pirate Nation

An amazing thing about East Carolina University is that it is located in Greenville, North Carolina. Greenville is a very supportive community and loves being a part of Pirate Nation. Many students will receive discounts at local restaurants and retail locations since they go to ECU. Anywhere you go around town has ECU apparel and supporting signage. Even the fire trucks are purple and gold. Alumni are also very supportive and love hiring ECU students as interns and new employees.

Professors are Supportive

All professors at East Carolina University are required to have at least five hours a week where they are in their office for students to come ask questions. Although the student:teacher ratio at ECU is 18:1, sometimes there is not enough time in class to ask everything, which is why this time is set aside. Professors are also very willing to make appointments to meet with students because they genuinely want you to learn.

There is something for everyone

The campus at East Carolina University is the perfect place to make you feel at home. Whether you want to join a sorority or a service organization, with over 500 clubs you will find something for you. There are also hundreds of options for different majors, and many different resources to help you make that choice. After you get adjusted to college life, ECU will allow you to have some of the best years and memories.

Making the decision of what college to attend is not something that you should take lightly. Be sure to research different schools and know what you can afford and who offers what you need. East Carolina University is an amazing place full of outstanding people. Apply today for the best years of your life!