Jobs for College Students at Central State University

Getting a job in college is a great stepping stone to opportunities after graduation. Consider which positions you’re more interested in and reach out to the people in those departments to see how you can assist. Jobs can be found in any department on the Central State University campus!

1. Tutor

Teacher helping a student

Tutoring not only helps the students you’re helping, you will also be able to communicate more effectively, excel more in your preferred subject, and help students in many grade levels. If you’d like to tutor, look into opportunities on and off campus.

2. Library Assistant

People studying in the library

You may spend tons of time in the library and know the ins and out of the entire place. If you do, you could definitely get paid to assist students with questions, place books where they belong, and do other kinds of administrative work. If you want to work in the library, ask for open positions!

3. Maintainer/Setup Crew

People working on event electronics

If you’re interested in learning how to set up events for your campus, this is the best way to get involved! As a student employee, you’ll help prepare the rooms at the Student Center for events and provide maintenance support. You’ll be the go-to person when someone needs help with event setup!

4. Student Dining Worker

Student worker in the store

 Student dining workers work in the Student Center, Memorial Hall, Hilltop Café or Starbucks. You’ll make new friends from all over campus and learn new skills related to the food service industry. It’s a great way to provide customer service to other students and faculty on campus.

5. S.T.A.R. Leadership & Management Program

Image of cartoon people holding hands

The S.T.A.R. Program helps students develop job-related and personal development skills. Student employees provide a positive experience for guests who visit the Student Center, work in groups or independently and handling a large range of responsibilities. This position will give you the opportunity to help people while developing your own skills.

6. Bookstore Assistant

Bookstore store on campus

The Bookstore at Central State University is always buzzing with people coming in and out. Since it’s one of the busiest places, there are opportunities to get involved through employment. If you like working in a retail setting or helping students find the right textbook, the bookstore will definitely keep you busy!

7. OneClass Note Taker

OneClass logo

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Jobs for College Students at UW La Crosse

Jobs at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse are plentiful! There are many opportunities to get involved and work with people who can help you develop skills related to your field. Take a look at this list for jobs on campus!

1. COVE Graphics

Image of a graphic design

Creating graphics is a great way to provide campus organizations with publicity services. You’ll design posters, make buttons, and help publicize events to the entire campus. If you have knowledge in Photoshop, this is the position for you! You’ll work 6-10 hours a week and assist with projects from start to finish.

2. Building Manager

Building in the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse campus

Building Managers are responsible for the security and safety of the building and anyone who’s inside. They supervise the usage of the Student Union, open and close the building depending on their shifts, assist with events, and much more. This is a customer service position that will get you aquainted with many students, staff members and faculty.

3. Event Support 

Event space in a hotel

Event Support help with staging, lighting, and sound for the many kinds of campus events. This can include lectures, concerts, talent shows, and dances. If you want to gain more experience in event set-up or love being behind the scenes, this position will help you develop the skills needed for off-campus employment.

4. Intramural Sports Officials

Officials on the basketball court

Officials provide assistance both on and off the court or field. They help with conflict resolution, team building, time management, communication, and leadership. If you understand sports very well and are looking for a position where you can call out calls, this job can prepare you for entry-level positions after college.

5. Pride Center, LGBTQQA Peer Educator

Image of a graphic for the pride center

The Pride Center serves UW-La Crosse LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, and members of the community with resources and educational programs. Staff members help guests feel welcome, assist with administrative work and run programs. Working here can give you a sense of community as well as resources that can be helpful for any college students.

6. Office Assistant – ID Card & Dining Plan 

Office assistant in an office

Office Assistants in the ID and Card Plan department help students with issues such as losing their ID, wanting to change their meal plans, or taking new ID pictures. It requires basic computer skills and people skills! You’ll be speaking with many kinds of people and assisting with many office duties during your shifts.

7. OneClass Note Taker

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Jobs for College Students at UWF

Are you an University of West Florida student currently seeking job opportunities on campus? Take a look at this list for interesting positions that are available year-round. Reach out to departments for more information or specific jobs for more information!

1. Cashier

Female cashier in a supermarket

Do you have previous cashier experience or want to learn in a customer service position? Working in the bookstore, dining hall or ticketing office will allow you to use perform duties including receiving cash and checks, counting money, issuing refunds, and preparing basic financial reports. It’s a great job where you can advance your communication skills.

2. Laboratory Aide

Person handling files

AS a laboratory aide, you can be assigned to a faculty member to help with research. You’ll assist with setting up and taking down equipment, cleaning up work areas after experiments/activities, and so much more. This is a great opportunity for students who want to continue working in research related positions.

3. Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant speaking with student

If you love working with people and being in a leadership position, being a Resident Assistant would be perfect for you! As a Resident Assistant, you have the responsibility of monitoring the residence halls. You will be the resource person for the residents while creating a safe and secure residential environment.

4. Student Assistant

People in the library

The UWF Libraries are always looking for students interested in working in their many areas. You can work in either the Main Library, Emerald Coast Library, Special Collections, and the Curriculum Library in their public and technical service departments. The assistants help out in many areas as well as the students that come in everyday.

5. Athletics Student Photographer

Photographers in the football field

Student photographers have the chance to photograph home events, help with the photo archiving system, and have their images posted on social media platforms. It’s a great job to have if you want to increase your photography portfolio.

6. Athletics Ticketing Coordinator

Person handling tickets for an event

Are you interested in the ticketing office for athletic events? Working with the Athletics Department will give you the chance to work at home sporting events by assisting with game day ticket sales and having the opportunity to interact with student-athletes, coaches, donors, and fans.

7. OneClass Note Taker

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Jobs for College Students at DePaul University

Undergraduate students at DePaul University have the chance to get involved on campus as there are many job opportunities available. Working with other students can be a great way to meet new people Speak to your career center about what kind of positions you’re interested in having on campus.

1. Resident Assistant

Door decoration for RA's

Helping other students have a great dorm experience is a very sought after position. RA’s usually have their housing tuition covered since they work with the campus housing department. If you’re very social, love helping people and want to make a difference on your campus, being an RA can be a very rewarding experience.

2. Teaching Fellow

Assistant tutoring a group of students

Are you currently excelling in a course? Assisting professors as a Teaching Fellow will allow you to help grade exams/assignments as well as tutor students. This is the perfect position for you if you enjoy tutoring or want to eventually teach in that specific subject.

3. Library Assistant

Student placing books in the shelf

All libraries on campus need students to assist with their computer labs, printing jams, and general questions. If you like working in a quiet space, this job will give you that sense of calmness, even in the busiest time of the day.

4. Lifeguard

Student lifeguard ready to assist

Are you an experienced swimmer wanting to teach others? As a lifeguard, you’ll have the opportunity to teach lessons, watch swimmers in case of emergencies, and work at the campus pool. This is job is definitely one of the cool jobs to have so reach out early if you want this position.

5. Receptionist

Receptionist helping guests

Many departments on the Depaul University campus require a receptionist to greet students and guests. This job will give you the chance to learn administrative duties such as answering phone calls, filing documents, and finishing data entry. It’s a lot of hands-on experience that can help you in the future.

6. Food Service Worker

Student worker separating milks

There are so many dining options on campus that you can get involved with. The juice bar, cafe shops, and student centers could always use a extra hand! Working in your campus dining halls can help you gain customer experience as well as your conversational skills, and you might just bump into people you know as you’re working.

7. OneClass Note Taker

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Jobs for College Students at CSU Long Beach

Are you interested in working on the campus of CSU Long Beach? Every semester, there are departments looking for student leaders/workers to help them. Take the opportunity to look for employment all over campus!

1. Receptionist

Receptionist helping a guest

As a receptionist for many different departments, you’ll have a variety of duties. You will be able to answer phone calls, schedule information, file paperwork, assist guests, sort mail, and so much more. This is your chance to work in an administrative setting where you’ll be able to learn more about the department.

2. Intramural Official

Football official making a gesture during the game

Working for Campus Recreation as an intramural official will give you the opportunity to observe games and have the right to identify rule violations and “call” them. This role is critical to the smooth flow of the matches and maintaining its pace. You must really understand the game you’re refereeing and be able to facilitate protests and conflicts that may arise.

3. Multimedia Editor

Different kinds of multimedia

Do you have an interest in working in the school’s magazine and in multimedia? The Multimedia Editor creates and coordinates web-based content for the print and online publication 22 West magazine. This can include a podcast and video content, photographs, video and
audio content as well as many other forms of media. The student must be enrolled in a related degree program (Journalism, Communications, English, etc.) and have worked with 22 West Magazine for more than a year.

4. Photographer

Photographer with long lens

The Associated Students, Inc. usually hires photographers to take and publish photographs for all of ASI’s publications. Students have the chance to photograph events, design projects, assist in set production, and develop film/digital still photographs. If you love photography, this is the perfect job for you!

5. Convenience Store Associate

University convenience store

As a convenience store associate student workers assist customers with information, locate merchandise and make purchases at the registers. You’ll be working with tons of merchandise and guests that regularly visit the convenience store. This is a great customer service job to help you with your people skills, communication skills, and customer service skills.

6. Bookstore Associate

Small bookstore

Similarly to a convenience store associate, you’ll be providing customer service at the bookstore. Since there are many positions of a bookstore, student workers are trained in all areas and prepared to work where they may be the necessity. A fun perk is being able to represent the store at campus events.

7. OneClass Note Taker

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Jobs for College Students at University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky students have many opportunities to gain employment and experience all in one place. Look for opportunities on campus where you might least expect them. You never know what you may find!

1. Graphic Designer

Person designing a graphic

If you’d like to work with the University of Kentucky International Center, they hire graphic designers to create graphics content for their digital and traditional media. This includes creating content for their website, social media accounts, posters, flyers, brochures, videos, emails and so much more. This is definitely a hands-on position where you can use your creativity to help the center.

2. Student Center Shipping and Receiving

Someone checking delivery boxes

The Student Center has many student workers who work with building occupants and vendors by answering all phone calls, giving directions, assisting with departmental shipping, training new staff, and completing general clerical work. For this job, you must be able to work evenings, weekends, and occasional special events.

3. Construction Laborer

Someone moving a piece of wood

As a construction laborer on campus, you will do many manual labor tasks such as picking up materials, delivering them in a company vehicle, and assisting with cleaning up constructions sites across campus. You must be a UK student and be able to work 16-30 hours a week.

4. Philanthropy Officer – Call Center

Person holding a phone

Student Philanthropy Officers call alumni students, friends and donors of the University of Kentucky to request donations. These donations will help support student scholarships and improve many departments. This is an important position that is mostly open in teh evenings and nights.

5. Front Desk Staff

Employee at the front desk

As a front desk staff member, you have one of the most important jobs in whichever department you work in. You’ll be the first person see when they walk in the office or the first person they speak to on the phone before being transferred. Ask different departments on campus if they have any positions available for employment.

6. Ice Cream Shop Crew

A person scooping ice cream

Do you like ice cream?! Well, at the ice cream shop at UK, you’ll be responsible for scooping ice cream, creating different desserts, making coffee, and serving customers. You’ll be serving ice cream in Kentucky’s first Food Hall.There are many opportunities to advance to managerial positions if you work well for a long time with them!

7. OneClass Note Taker

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Jobs for College Students at GWU

Working on the campus of George Washington University, even as a part-time worker, comes with many responsibilities and rewards. Seek out opportunties throughout campus for the chance to learn from your employers and be prepared for employment after college. On-campus employment is definitely a stepping stone to real-life experience.

1. FWS Tutoring

Professor teaching a student

If you have Federal Work Study and are interested in an off-campus position, tutoring with George Washington Univerity’s Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service will allow you to impact the lives of pre-K and elementary school children in the DC area. You’ll help them improve their school readiness and literacy skills. Six to eight hours a week are required and you must stay for the full school year.


Student tutor tutoring young student

GW SMART DC partners with organizations and elementary schools to provide tutoring to students in grades K – 6. This program is different because there is no minimum hour requirement. It’s perfect for you if you enjoy teaching or want to become a teacher one day.

3. Lead Summer Assistant

Assistant ready to tackle many jobs

During the summers, the Lead Summer Assistants (LSA) work for GW’s Summer & Conference Housing Program, which hosts thousands of guests to the GW campus. The LSA’s supervise other Summer Assistants, serve as the primary liaison to the guests, and manage all administrative and operational tasks. This is a very popular program so apply early!

4. Campus Recreation Assistant

Treadmills near a window

Do you want to work in a fitness setting? This is a great opportunity to get involved with the Campus Recreation to develop leadership and communication skills by interacting with guests on a daily basis. There are also opportunities for promotions available to students. You can work as a desk monitor, weight-cardio room monitor, group fitness leader or lifeguard. You must work for 10 hours a week for at least two consecutive semesters.

5. Lifeguard

Student lifeguard watching the pool

Lifeguards ensure the safety of students and faculty members that visit the pool. You must be licensed and have previous lifeguarding experience to be employed. Duties include supervising of guests, cleaning, enforcing policies, and many others.

6. Housing Assistant

Different houses in a complex

Housing Assistants work with the housing department to answer phone calls, e-mails, and walk-in questions based on campus housing and employment opportunities. As a Housing Assistant, you’ll also have the chance to do administrative work such as processing housing applications, cancellations, and room swaps.

7. OneClass Note Taker

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Jobs for College Students at UH

Working on your University of Houston campus can be very rewarding. Seek out opportunities through your on campus recruiter website and ask around for available positions. You never know what you may find!

1. Garden Assistant

An outside garden

Through the Office of Sustainability, students have the opportunity to assist with outreach activities and general tasks. Assistants work with the garden coordinator, who will then pass on the coordinator position to the assistant after they graduate from UH. Working here means having a job for the entirety of your undergraduate career.

2. Outreach Assistant

Assistant at an event and speaking with people

Another position with the Office of Sustainability is working as a outreach assistant. You’ll have the chance to promote the garden and events to your campus community as well as the surrounding areas. You will work on with other organizations, plan and promote events, and also assist with general tasks.

3. Athletics Department Assistant

Athletes running while the media team is nearby

Are you interested in video, graphic design, operations or marketing? Then there is a job position waiting for you with the Athletics Department! The department has many positions available for UH students that can help you gain experience in the sports industry and will prepare you for job opportunities after you graduate.

4. Library Assistant

Large selection of books in a library

Working at the library on campus can be a very rewarding experience. You get to help students with computer problems/questions and serve as an important part of keeping the library accessible to everyone. Even though this is a job you can keep until you graduate, there are opportunities for growth.

5. Front Desk Assistant

Student at the front desk

Many departments are always searching for student workers to help with administrative work. If you want to learn more about a specific field, find the department you’re most interested in working in and ask if they have any positions available. Learning how a department works can help you in future endeavours.

6. Student Dining Worker

Self serving salad area

With dining options including Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut and lots more, there is always a need for student workers to lend a hand. Workers always get a free meal for their lunch break and get the opportunity to meet lots of new people. This is your chance to work in your favorite dining hall!

7. OneClass Note Taker

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today. 

Jobs and Opportunities for Students at Stony Brook University

Jobs at Stony Brook University can be a great way to get socially involved on campus. There are a variety of jobs and opportunities for anyone with a specific skill. If you need an on-campus job, look no further, this list will include places near your dorm room that you can easily walk to and make some money.    

1. Library Assistant

interior library

The library is usually jam packed with people and student assistants are typically the ones there to help. As an assistant you would help keep the space clean by permitting food and drinks near the computers, dusting off the computers, and walking around the area to let people know they can call you over if they need help.   

2. Athletics Dept. Videographers, Assistants

Two people are interviewing an athlete on camera

Are you interested in sports and working with cameras? A recently added paid position is assisting the Athletics department as a broadcast production assistant, videographer, and a PA announcer. This is definitely a hands-on position that can help blend your interests in working with athletics and the production side of a game. 

3. Campus Rec Assistants

An empty gym space

Working at the campus rec can help you stick to your gym goals as well as keep you  socially active on campus. Depending on your task for the day, you’ll be interacting with many people throughout your shift. If you’re interested in becoming a fitness trainer, you can also do that.  

4. Starbucks Barista

A woman creating a drink

With two locations on campus, Starbucks is a popular location that’s usually filled with people waiting on their orders. If you enjoy a faster pace of work, you will always find something to keep you busy here! Plus you can always become people’s favorite baristas when you remember their orders after the fifth time.  

5. Student Activity Center Student Leaders

A receptionist helping two people

At the Student Activity Center there are always events going on and lots of people coming in and out. The staff at the SAC help at the help desk, setting up events in the auditorium, and help managers with other duties. If you want to get involved with these jobs, this is the perfect place for you to work!  

6. Campus Dining Student Worker

Subway workers

One of the newest campus dining locations is Subway. With five locations to hang out with friends while eating food, working at one of them definitely has its benefits. You’ll have the opportunity to get a free meal per shift and meet new people that you wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s a great social job that can teach you practical skills as well as communication skills. 

7. Computer Lab Monitors

students in a computer lab

If you enjoy working in a technical setting, being a computer lab monitor would be a great way for you to help people with computers. There are over ten computer labs spread out across campus that need students to oversee them. This gives you the chance to interact with new people every single shift and give other students the comfortability of coming in to do homework while getting any assistance they may need.  

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Top 10 Coolest Courses at UTM

Are you currently searching for courses to take for next semester at UTM? The kind of course you take will have a huge influence on how interested and invested you are in learning the topics taught in that class. Think about how well you think you will do in that introductory or advanced course before enrolling!

1. WGS355H1 – Gendered Labour Around The World

Cartoon figures pulling gender images 

If you’re interested in learning more about gender, this course focuses on masculinities and femininities seen specifically in workplace settings. Topics include speaking about an employee’s experiences within gender regimes, dynamics of class, and race. It’ll be an interesting class with a varying amount of engaging topics to discuss!

2. MGMT374H5 – Operations Management

Image of different tools in operations management

Operations management focuses on how facilities deliver their goods and services. If you have a managerial interest, this course will teach you through theoretical frameworks for managing operations. They’ll teach you about materials management, inventory control, and much more. 

3. ENG237H1 – Science Fiction

Fictional object as seen in movies

Have an interest in science fiction books and movies? Through ENG237H, you’ll learn about subjects including AI, future and dying worlds, genetics, space/time travel, strange species, theories of everything, utopias, and dystopias. You will learn and read about these worlds all in this one class.

4. LIN228H1 – Phonetics

Image of a human vocal machine

In case you’re not sure about what phonetics is, it’s the study of sounds used in languages such as articulatory and from an acoustic point of view. You’ll be able to practice how to recognize phonetics in a large and how they’re produced. Students will learn to practice transcribing a variety of speech sounds for further understanding.

5. ARA212Y5 – Introductory Arabic

Words are written out in Arabic

This class is perfect for you if you don’t have any sort of background in the  Arabic language. This course provides students with the literacy skills to read, write and speak in Arabic. You’ll start by learning how to write and pronounce the alphabet then how to express basic ideas orally and in writing. By the end of the semester, students should be able to write simple sentences and have basic conversations in the language.

6. ESS103H1 – Geology in Public Issues

Mountain ranges

Are you ready to learn about geographic hazards including earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis? ESS103H1 goes over global change such as geologic records of hot and cold climates, and how the earth survives. If you’re looking for a science-based course that can fit the requirement for Humanities and Social Science, this class is perfect for you!

7. AST201H1 – Stars and Galaxies

Stars in the sky

The study of stars and galaxies can be an incredibly interesting topic. AST201H1 will cover the properties and life cycles of stars, galaxies, and the Universe itself. No class is complete without the history of the topics being discussed – you’ll learn about developed methods for the galaxy phenomenas in thr world. Best part of it all is that this course is intended for students who don’t have any kind of science or engineering background.

8. CSC324H1 – Principles of Programming Languages

Different names for programming tools

Programming is a very useful skill if you want to become a computer science major or even work in the business field. CSC324H4 covers coding, control flow, and parameter passing through functional programming and logic programming. There’s so many programs to learn!

9. PSY327H5 – Interpersonal Relationships

Couples placed together 

If interpersonal relationships are interesting for you to learn about, PSY327H5 has a particular focus on romantic relationships. You’ll be able to answer questions such as “Why do we want to be in relationships, what informs our choice of relationship partners, and what is the role of sexuality in relationships?” Topics include attraction, interdependence, attachment, sexuality, culture and gender, jealousy, and to have a thriving relationship.

10. SOC352H5 – Gender and Care

Two hands creating the heart symbol 

Gender has a large impact on how care is valued in a society. The course will compare how care is valued in different countries and institutions such as hospitals and homes. It considers how proper care is provided to children, elderly people and adults with disabilities.