10 Coolest Courses at Stetson University

Preparing for the Spring semester? Do your research on your classes but also, refer to OneClass to look for the notes you may need for that class. The more prepared you are before enrolling, the better you’ll be able to manage the coursework. To help you out we’ve fathered the 10 coolest courses at Stetson University. Good luck next semester!

1. COMM 321V – Gender in Communication

Genders in different colors representing the spectrum of identification

This course focuses on Stetson’s Human Diversity Value. If you enjoy having discussions on gender, this course will be fun for you! You’ll study the relationship between gender and communication theory while practicing those theories. It’ll help you meet more people in your class and understand how gender is discussed in conversations.

2. DIGA 251 – Digital Video Fundamentals

Youtube in the middle, different ways of working Youtube on the outside which is represented in digital illustration

Video is always evolving as new programs are released every year. Here, you’ll be introduced to digital video while learning the basics of video. You’ll study composition, lighting, narrative, non-linear editing and how to use a camera. If you’re more creative, this course will allow you to find your own ideas and portray them in a visual attractive way.

3. ENTP 353V – Social Entrepreneurship

Person having many ideas about business in their mind in a diagram illustration

Where are the entrepreneurs at Stetson University?! If you would like to good in your society while using human and financial resources to develop a sustainable organization, you’ll learn a ton from this course. You’ll be able to discuss social entrepreneurship from societal, financial and managerial perspectives.

4. THEA 130A – Principles of Acting

Hand holding a clapper?

Acting is always a great course to take to express yourself! Learn some new techniques, meet new people, or even star in a popular play. That’s what acting is all about. This introductory course will help get you out of  your comfort zone and keep you moving.

5. POLI 102S – Florida Politics

Voting buttons

Voting is an important issue in America. If you haven’t already, learn more about the federal system and the role of the states in the political system. There are some specific surrounding politics in Florida but the course will navigate contemporary politics and public policies in the state.

6.ENGL 242A – Reading Lyric

Words flowing from the pencil into the air

Interested in writing poetry? ENGL 242A will encourage you to ask questions, discover new concepts, and consider all perspectives that have to do with the study of the lyric. The class will have discussions on the variety of lyric genres, emphasize critical reading and how to produced your own individual poetry.

7.RELS 352V – Nature, the Sacred, and Ethics

Beautiful mountains and river landscape

Nature’s calling! This course can be a really cool part of your day if you’re enrolled! This class is based on Stetson’s Ethical or Spiritual Inquiry Value to study religious traditions about nature and how the traditions can develop an ecological ethic. By the end of the semester, you’ll understand the relationship between different religious views and an ethic of the natural world.

8. SOCI 270S – Sport and Society

Variety of sport items like a soccer ball, basketball, puck, baseball... etc.

All societies engage in some kind of sport. SOCI 270S studies the field of the sociology of sports by analyzing the role, culture, structure, organization, and functioning of sports in each society, examining controversies in sports, and  explores issues of race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in sports. As a sports lover, you’ll be eager to put your interests to the test and seeing how much you truly know about how societies function in sports.

9.PHIL 104Q – Introduction to Logic

Coclourful cubes placed together

As you study philosophy, the study of knowledge, reality, and existence, think about taking courses outside of your main interest. Logic can be a very easy or difficult topic to discuss since there’s so many point of views regarding this idea. The course will introduce you to the informal and formal principles, techniques, and skills that can help you distinguish differences in logical reasoning.

10. EDUC 275V – Human Exceptionalities

Large group of people walking on a busy street

Are you interested in understanding humans more through the field of human exceptionality? This course focuses on Stetson’s very own Human Diversity Value. Students in the course will discuss problems involving school-aged populations classified as exceptional students. Topics include the various classifications of exceptionalities, services provided for handicapped individuals in society, and in-person learning within schools or service related agencies.

10 Coolest Courses at South Louisiana Community College

The fall semester is coming up soon and you must be looking for new classes to take! South Louisiana Community College has many unique courses that aren’t tied to specific majors. Anyone can take any of these classes if they’re of interest to you. Check out these cool courses at South Louisiana Community College:


Chefs making a pastry in the kitchen

Interested in the culinary profession? In CULN 1207, you’ll learn about practical cooking applications and theoretical information. Students will be able explore different career options, tools and equipment used in the kitchen, menu making, and the “mise en place” preparation principles. If you wish to further your career in the culinary profession, you will be able to learn about trade publications and professional organizations that offer higher education.


Team of EMTs practicing a drill

Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics are becoming important career choices to consider. This course investigates the role and responsibilities of the EMT, basic cardiac life support, and the care of ill patients. Students will learn to appropriately assess, recognize and manage all kinds of cardiovascular and pulmonary emergencies. Being an EMT is a great way way to learn basic skills that can help when pursuing a higher position.


Person welding metal

Not that many schools over courses like welding! WELD 1205 introduces students to the principles of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), safe setup of equipment, and the practice of welding stinger beads. This hands-on course will help you practice using single and multi-pass fillet welds with flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions.


names of each area in a hair follicle

As you follow your interest in cosmetology, this intro course discusses skin, hair and the scalp for a basic introduction into what your future courses will be like. These topics are analyzed according to their structures and functions on the human body. You’ll also explore a variety of diseases that can show up in the skin, scalp, and hair.


Airplane flying off the road and into the sky

Are you interested in flying a plane? These lectures and laboratory sessions use mathematics, physics, and aerodynamics to discuss their relationship to aircraft maintenance. You’ll cover aircraft drawings, blueprints, graphs, and charts while learning about fueling, directing, securing, and providing fire suppression for airplanes and helicopters. Aviation maintenance courses like AVMT encourage students to become critical thinkers since they’ll be in high pressure situations.


Design done through a graphics program

Knowing how to create graphics is pretty cool! Students will utilize vector and raster software on a Macintosh operating system. These tools will help you produce graphics for use in the digital media industry. It’ll be awesome to learn to separate color, improve poor images, photographs, and scanned images while using different tools and techniques learned in class.


An inter-web of people connected

Networking is such an important skill to learn as a college student but this kind of networking deals with the internet! This course will cover the following topics: network technologies, media, and topologies, devices, management, tools and security. After a semester here, you’ll know how to install, configure, and troubleshoot networking hardware, protocols, and services.


Two people working on a car

Interested in automotive service technologies? There are many career opportunities available for people who love working with cars. In AUTO 10002 you’ll discuss the safety factors, responsibilities, and tools used in this industry. Topics include careers, chemicals used, certification requirements, and OSHA and EPA regulations.


Apple Mac computer desktop

If you love working on computers this class would be great for you! As a student you’ll be introduced to information technology and the basics of computer organization. Topics will also include the architecture surrounding networks and the Internet. It’s a good way to learn about what goes on the deeper surface of a computer.


Group of ACs, refrigerator, and heating tools

Learning a trade such as heating, air conditioning and refrigeration can come in handy in the future when you’re living on your own. You’ve come to the right class as there are many jobs in the field that need a lot more employees. Topics include safety and health, inventory control, stock management, licensure, certification requirements, and so much more!

10 Coolest Courses at Lander University

Lander University, a public university in South Carolina, has a ton of classes students can take for their majors or personal interests. Creative minds can take a break from vigorous unrelated courses and vice versa. Next time you’re looking for new courses take a look at the 10 coolest courses on campus:


Letters of the alphabet in an art deco typography

Typography is created when the written language is placed in a legible, readable, and appealing way. You can select point sizes, line lengths, line-spacing, letter-spacing, and adjusting the space between pairs of letters. Students will complete different projects to gain an understanding of the universal qualities of typography. The only prerequisite to take ART 260 is ART105.


An ecosystem with animals and people

This Biology course studies the biological, physical, and chemical characteristics of specific freshwater systems. This includes lakes, streams, and rivers. There will be laboratory exercises and three-hour lectures each week. The only prerequisites to take BIOL 415 are MATH 211 and BIOL 303 or BIOL 306.


Chemistry of beer in an image

If you’re over the age of 21, this class can give you some cool history on beer that you can surprise your friends with. You’ll study the chemistry of the brewing process, major developments in process, the chemistry of the fermentation process that converts the wort into a finished beer, and so much more. There’s so much to learn and it would definitely give you some cool talking points by the end of the semester.


Cartoon of a human speaking

Students in all majors are required to take English courses. The ones you take are mostly up to you. This ENGL 345 course will be great to enroll in because you’ll study how language is interpreted, tools used by linguists, and how language reflects social issues such as gender, power, and ethnicity. The only prerequisite is ENGL 102.


US senator speaking to the press

If you enjoy learning about the early history and the global impact of the Office of Strategic Services and the Central Intelligence Agency (1942-1963) or are fascinated by the CIA, then this course will give you that background. A course like this isn’t found everywhere. Students will discover how fiction writers and Hollywood have shown espionage and counter-intelligence units. It will mention the Second World War and the early years of the Cold War.


A lightbulb is drawn with ideas surrounding small businesses

Thinking of building your own small business while still in college? May students are! MGMT 320 focuses on management strategies and issues facing small businesses every day. You’ll discuss how to develop systems for small or family businesses, the challenge of developing financing strategies, succession issues, and critical strategic decisions.


Different components of digital marketing

Understanding how marketing works has become more and more important to society as the growth of social media has become bigger. Prepare yourself with successful marketing tactics that you’ll learn through this course. Topics include the understanding of digital marketing channels, how online and mobile platforms grow to be successful through marketing campaigns, usergenerated content, search engine optimization, email marketing, viral marketing, and paid and organic search advertising.


The human skeleton turning into a full muscle body

Interested in working in a fitness-related field? Majors including courses like this one will prepare you to become more knowledgeable about the human body. The course studies the structures and function of the organ systems related to the study of kinesiology and exercise physiology. You’ll become more familiar with the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, and
respiratory systems as you continue throughout the semester.


Person swimming in a pool

Swimming is a great form of exercising and stress reliever! If you like to swim or are interested in learning, PEES 111 will teach students the elements of good swimming. This includes stroke mechanics for the front crawl, back crawl, and elementary backstroke. You will understand basic water safety skills while performing tests and knowledge tests used to evaluate your progress. It’s never too late to learn to swim and it’s a very important skill to have!


The human brain in various colors

People interested in how psychology works will definitely benefit from this course. Students will investigate current scientific research about the states of consciousness as well as the practical implications of the research. Topics mentioned in class will include sleep, hypnosis, meditation, mind-altered states, and drug states. The only prerequisite is PSYC 101 or PSYC 102.

Are you convinced that these classes are cool yet? College is all about finding your passion and turning it into a career. You’ll never know where your interest lies without taking a chance on a random course that is bringing you the credits you need. Give it a shot and see where you might end up!

10 Coolest Courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University – Florham

At Fairleigh Dickinson University, the possibility of taking interesting courses are endless. 2,500 undergraduates and 900 graduate students attend the Florham Campus, where students are supported by strong student life programs and academics. If you’re looking for new courses to take next semester, here are 10 of the coolest classes at Fairleigh Dickinson University!

1. ART1151 – General Drawing I

Person hand-drawing a cat

Are you interested in drawing? ART1151 is the most basic beginner course you can take to practice your skills. The course focuses on the techniques and concepts found in creative drawing. Students will create pieces based on observation and while using their imaginations. This is a great, easy pace course to learn how to draw!

2. ART1843 – Design for the Web

Different parts of web design in a cartoon design

Web design is one of the most sought after jobs in the digital landscape. Learning how to create and deal with issues behind websites, can be a great way to make some extra cash as a student. This introductory class includes an overview of how the internet functions, basic website navigation, image adjustment, and multimedia on the web.

3. SPAN1101 – Elementary Spanish I

"Hello" in Spanish in a speech bubble on a yellow background

Are you trying to learn Spanish? Basic language courses make learning a new language a lot easier than trying to learn by yourself. Here, you’ll practice your Spanish grammar, read stories, and lead into extensive conversation and writing.

4. EGTC1223 – Introduction to CAD

CAD software to create a design

Manufacturers use these computer-aided design (CAD) programs to build, modify, and analyze a design. It increases the productivity of the designer, improves the quality of design, and helps create a database for manufacturing. EGT1223 will introduce students to the use of the computer hardware and software used to draft applications.

5. DAN1230 – World Dance Appreciation and Practice

Kids dancing together in a competition

This introductory course examines the techniques and philosophy of partner dances while discussing the theory and practice behind them. They’ll go through the basic steps and patterns of a variety of dances. Students will practice the leading/following, rhythm familiarization, and regular body movements.

6. THEA2205 – Acting:Theory & Practice I

Actors during a play

Learning how to act through a theater course can help students in a physical, emotional, and social manner. Students can gain self-confidence, communication and cooperation skills while using theater as a creative outlet. You’ll be working on scene and character analysis, body and voice training, improvisation and performance.

7. HUMN2456 – Dissent in Popular Culture: From Inception to Iraq

picture of hands holding up a globe together

HUMN2456 explores the beneficial relationship between the media and dissent in American culture. Students will analyze the music, literature, television, and films that have made a big difference in American culture throughout the U.S.

8. FREN1101 – Elementary French I

"Hello" in the French language on top of a map of France in the colours of its flag

People who speak more than one language are known to have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and better listening skills. Whether it’s French or Spanish or any other language. This class focuses on the conversational aspect of the French language with an introduction to comprehensive grammatical and phonetic explanations.

9. PSYC2234 – Social Psychology

Brain divided into right and left sides, one creative and colourful and the other grey

Social Psychology deals with social interactions, including their origins and their effects on individuals. You’ll dive into the attitude changes, social norms, leadership and group dynamics seen in social settings.

10. BIOL1060 – Genetics and Society

DNA sample in a human body

Interested in learning about your genetics? You’ll learn about the impact of new developments in genetic technology on individuals and on a whole society. As well as how genes are transmitted in families, treatment and diagnosis of inherited disease, and genes in populations.

These classes are right on campus for you to take! Look at what they offer and think about what you may be able to get out of taking the class before you register. The possibilities are endless!

10 Coolest Courses At Drake University

Drake University, a midsized, private university in Des Moines, Iowa, offers courses that keep students interested in learning and reaching for their dreams. Their variety in programs included courses that can’t be found in other universities. Check out 10 of their coolest courses below:


Photographer photographing an owl

Do you enjoy photographing nature and all the incredible animals that roam the earth? Through BIO 061, you’ll be able to go off-campus and photograph landscapes, flora, and fauna with the class. The course focuses on the content, technique, and composition of your images. Students will use digital SLR cameras and lenses, digital sensors, exposure, and light composition. The best part is that no previous experience is needed, just an interest in learning.


a corner of the earth in space

Gender and space are seen in various novels and movies. One of the primary filters is gender, where ideas of space and the future are sifted and not completely visible. This Women’s Studies course will investigate visual and literary texts while discussing its relevance to various historical contexts, and how it relates to men and women.


drawing of salem witch trials occurring in a court room

The Salem Witch Trials are an important piece of history that isn’t usually taught through its course. Students will investigate the relationship between the practices and changes in social, political and economic settings since then. Specific topics throughout the semesters include “The Birth of Mass Cultural”. “The 1950’s: Televison Takes on the American Home”, and “The Salem Witch Trials”.


Handwritten board with the words "Small Business"

Many college students begin their own small businesses before they graduate. With a course like BUS 150, students can feel more secure taking control of their own ideas while understanding what it takes to run a successful business. This course emphasizes the managerial decisions required to start and maintain a business.


Alphabet letters in American Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn American Sign Language? ASL 070 examines its historical development, values, cultural identity, communication, and language of the deaf culture. You’ll also learn about specific members of the deaf community who have made significant societal contributions. The course will also draw comparisons and contrasts between the deaf culture and hearing culture.


Intaglio printmaking consists of creating visual images on a metal plate for press printing. You’ll see how original prints, from antique to contemporary, can be transformed into different visual images. It’s a new skill to learn or a way of enhancing your photography portfolio.


Gym teacher giving a lesson

Being a health and physical education teacher comes with many years of learning how the body responds to exercise and the importance of staying healthy. EDUC 002 studies the meaning, scope and historical foundation of health and physical education in schools. You’ll leave the semester with the knowledge and skills needed to create your own health and physical education programs.


Different parts of advertising

Advertisements are everywhere! Have you ever wondered where the ideas originated or how the idea became a full grown billboard in the middle of the street? Students will explore all forms of media, how people consume media, persuasion theories, writing and designing your ideas into advertisements. By the end of the semester, students will plan and execute an ad campaign.

9. LLAB 032 – Natural Hist: Field Arch

Waterfall in the middle of the woods

As part of the Natural History Workshops, these introductory courses are for anyone who is interested in learning more about nature. Students will take off-campus trips to visit parks, nearby mountains, and locations where there is so much to learn about nature.


Recycling sign

Have you ever seen art made out of things you would consider garbage? This really cool course turns discarded or obsolete materials and objects into sculptures. Repurposing traditional objects that many throws away can be a great way to express yourself through art or create a new masterpiece for your dorm room.

While following your specific major’s plan for graduation, try taking some courses that are for pure interest. Those may spark a new hobby or interest that can continue being a part of your life years after graduating. Good luck next semester!

10 Coolest Courses at the Community College of Rhode Island

Every university has a few courses that are too cool to not take. The Community College of Rhode Island will keep you on your toes as you look through their course catalog for the next semester. Check out some of the coolest courses on campus here:

1. ARTS 1810 – Darkroom Photography I

Photographs hanging until it dries in a dark red room

Interested in photography? Most people begin with digital cameras that can be bought on websites like Amazon. If you’re looking for something unique and have experience with photography, ARTS- 1810 will challenge you to think outside the box. This course covers the principles of exposure using cameras, film, and paper to make your own personal images. Make sure to have a 35 mm SLR film camera with manual exposure controls or borrow one from the classroom. Also, be aware that the class has a Art Studio Fee of $50.00.

2. COMM 2300 – Video & Media Editing

Person editing a video on a computer software

If video editing is something you’ve been wanting to learn, this course will help you achieve that goal! Not only will you study the history, techniques, and technology of video and media editing, you’ll also have the opportunity to work on advanced editing exercises. By the end of the course, students will have enough knowledge to pursue a career in video editing if that’s the goal. The only pre-requisites are COMM 1000 and a Lab Fee of $20.00.

3. ENGL 1210 – Introduction to Film

Film reels, camera, and clapperboard

Interested in watching films but not the editing aspect of it? ENGL-1210 analyzes film narratives, mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, and sounds. All these separate ideas come together to create a deeper meaning for the films. With just a Lab Fee of $20.00, this can be the introductory course to ignite a deeper interest in film studies.

4. HMLS 1000 – Intro. to Homeland Security

Official sign of the Homeland Security

Homeland Security protects the United States of many terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and much more in a state, national, and international level. This course will examine the most critical threats and challenges homeland security must deal with on a daily basis. There is a lot of background information that built the organization and you’ll learn all of it here in HMLS-1000.

5. OCEN 1010 – Introduction to Oceanography

Two cartoon human figures wearing protective gear in the ocean

This course studies the origin of oceans, history of seawater, tides, waves, sea floor, plant and animal life in the sea, oceanic resources and food, and marine pollution. OCEN-1010 accompanies a lab course to put further practice into the studies of the marine environment.

6. OPTI 2040 – Introduction to Contact Lenses

Woman putting on a contact lense

Millions of people in the U.S. wear contact lenses in their daily lives. If you’ve ever been interested in the historical information behind them, this course will give you that knowledge. Topics include the uses of the biomicroscope, keratometer, and radioscope, as well as patient care, cleaning, insertion, and removal of contact lenses.

7. PHED 1645 – Kettles and Ropes

Kettlebell rack

Looking for a fitness class early in the morning or after you’ve finished all your sedentary courses? Kettlebells, suspension bodyweight training and wave velocity training all offer a quick cardiorespiratory and strength training program that will keep you healthy and strong. Students can create their own training programs to meet their strength, endurance, and cardiorespiratory needs.

8. RUSN 1050 – Elementary Russian I

The alphabet letters in Russian

Students with some previous experience in the Russian language can benefit in the long run from taking RUSN-1050. In this course, you’ll continue conversating, reading, writing, and studying grammar in Russian. It can also benefit students with a deep interest in the language and the determination to learn.

9. SOCS 1010 – General Sociology

Variety of genders

As we discover what we do, thinking and feeling depends on our understanding of what it means to be male or female, thrive in a society where social interaction and values are important to who we are, we realize we live in a sociological society. SOCS-1010 explores the different expectations people have for one another, as well as the social norms, groups, intergroup relations, social change, stratification and institutions all intertwined. The course is divided into intensive reading, research, and discussion with the intellectual tools needed to understand and talk about sociology.

10. TRVL 1010 – Intro to Travel and Tourism

World map with recognizable monuments in the world

Traveling is in almost everybody’s bucket lists as visiting other places becomes more intriguing every day. What most people don’t know is the importance of the travel and tourism profession. Students will learn about travel products and destinations, as well as the business and technical skills necessary for a successful travel career.

As the semester gets closer, it gets even more important to take courses that you know you’ll enjoy! Are you thinking of registering for any courses from this list? Let us know! We hope you have a great semester!

10 Hardest Classes At Jacksonville University

Are you currently searching for new courses for next semester at Jacksonville University? There are so many programs and courses geared for all types of students. Check out these classes to get an idea of what’s available and what programs the school has to offer!

1. KIN 355 – Motor Behavior

A human skeleton

Are you interested in learning about bones? KIN 355 examines the neural and theoretical basis of human movement and learning.  You will learn how the brain, spinal cord, and sensory feedbacks function as they control all kinds of movements in the body. There will be chances to perform the movements yourself to have a better understanding of the concepts taught in class.

2. CS 330 – Networks & Wireless Communication 

Different places where wireless connections can flow from

We all use the internet everywhere we go but not many of us understand how it all actually works. CS 330 breaks down data communication and telecommunication models and standards to better understand wifi connections. You will learn about topics such as wireless networking, location-aware computing, installation and configuration, systems integration and management of the technologies. The only prerequisite for this course is CS 158.

3. PHYS 311 – Electromagnetic Theory II

Scientific formula for electromagnetic theories

In order to take PHYS 311, you must first pass PHYS 310 or receive the consent of the instructor. Students will study static and time-varying magnetic fields, magnetic properties of matter, Maxwell’s equations and many formulas like the one shown above.

4. ENGL 308 – Theory and Practice of Copy Editing

Edits made on an essay

If you’re a writer or aspiring editor, this course will prepare students with the tools to approach editing from a professional point of view. The instructor will explore the author/editor relationship, fact-checking, and other topics while consulting style manuals. Students will be able to practice their skills as the semester progresses.

5. FVA 301 – Advanced Screenwriting

Scripts for popular movies

Screenwriting is a distinct writing skill that requires many hours of practice. Enrolling in FVA 301 after taking FVA 201 will prepare you for a career in screenwriting. Students will write feature-length screenplays while creating the films for production, sale, and/or publication.

6. CHEM 321WI – Inorganic Chemistry

Chemistry equations and molecules

With three-hour lectures and three-hour laboratories per week, students have the chance to excel in Inorganic Chemistry. This advanced course focuses on coordination chemistry, bonding models, and many similar topics. On lab days, the experiments will follow the concepts learned in lectures for a deeper understanding.

7. PHYS 125 – Aviation Physics

Physics found in an airplane

PHYS 125 is a 4 credit algebra/trigonometry-based course that includes principles of physics relevant to aviation science. Students with an interest in aviation will have tons of fun with this course! Topics will include mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, and much more.

8. ENGL 411 Medical Autobiography

Two stacks of medical books next to each other

ENGL 411 covers literature found in medical books. As autobiographies discuss topics ranging from a specific person’s life to their medical interests, this course will allow students to study individuals who work in the field. You will also explore the relationship between illnesses discussed in class and self-expression seen in the autobiographies.

9. MGT 321 – The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

Three people speaking with each other in an office space

Have you ever wondered about how to deal with specific ethical situations? Well, MGT 321 gives students the experience and a framework for handling those difficult situations. The class includes various approaches to ethical thinking in areas related to business through case studies, role-playing, and discussing current events.

10. MSC 422 – Coral Reef Ecology

A coral reef filled with many fish

This three-hour lecture and three-hour laboratory per week class will prepare you for a career in ecology. Students will explore tropical coastal communities including coral reefs, seagrasses, mangroves, intertidal, beaches and salt ponds. The course also offers the opportunity of going on educational class trips.

10 Hardest Courses At University of Nebraska – Kearney

With a variety of majors to choose from at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, there are many courses to take. Although it’s easier to take introductory courses in some topics, some programs require students to take more advanced courses in order to graduate. Check out these 10 hardest classes at UNK that you may need to take:

1. CJUS 315 – Victimology: Victims of Crime

Learning how to help people is a very important tool in any profession but students must learn how to help victims in many situations. The course will cover homicides, child abuse, neglect, rape, spouse abuse, and other victimizations. This course will help students relate to victims of crime in a professional manner.

Handcuffs, book and gavel on a desk.

2. ENGR 216 – Engineering Circuits II

This course goes into details many laws, circuits, and applications that can be used in engineering. ENGR 216 requires a 3-hour lecture and lab time for one hour each week. Their only requirement is that you take ENGR 215 before enrolling in this class.

Pieces of gears

3. CDIS 352 – Normal and Disordered Language

As an introduction to language/learning, this course covers three levels of cognitive languages. It follows the notion that language is a tool that represents learning through lessons in identification, assessment, and intervention. It can be taken by non-major students.

Cartoons with conversation bubbles above their heads.

4. JMC 316 – Broadcast Advertising & Programming  

Are you interested in broadcast/cable advertising and programming? With a dire need for accurate journalism, JMC 316 topics include audience flow, coverage areas, audience measurement methods, ratings, and much more. If it interests you to learn more about the relationships among programming, promotions, and personalities in various departments within a broadcast/cable operation, this class is for you!

Image result for advertisement
a person drawing buildings through the books

5. STAT 441 – Probability and Statistics

For people who don’t enjoy math, getting up to this level might not be the best idea. STAT 441 covers all the discrete and continuous probability distributions that will have you dreading going to math class every single day for a full semester. If you enjoy math, you’ll have a great time learning the special discrete and continuous probability distributions, the normal distribution, sampling distributions, and hypothesis testing. The only prerequisite is MATH 260.

A graph with bars going up.

6. CSP 409 – Medical & Psychosocial Aspects of Addictions

Students interested in becoming Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors will earn 45 hours through CSP 409. It will help you understand the medical and psychosocial aspects of alcohol/drug use, abuse and addiction, and dependence. These are heavy topics that require lots of understanding. It dives into the behavioral, cultural and demographical aspects and belief systems about alcohol/drug use that most people may not think about.

Airwaves changing inside a person's head.

7. MIS 282 – Business Intelligence using Databases

Database, defined as a structured set of data held in a computer, has the ability to completely change how we use technology and what it can do. Students learn how to develop, explore, and answer their own questions while examining a variety of datasets. You’ll need a prerequisite of a passing score on the Business Computer Proficiency Exam or have taken MIS 182.

Codes inside of a database hardware.

8. PSCI 351 – The American Congress

With a basic understanding of the American government, you can go far in this class! You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the operation of the legislative branch of the US government, motives and methods of legislators, the interactions between the two houses of Congress, and how checks and balances affect the legislative branch and other branches.

The inside of Congress

9. MGT 450 – Health Care Delivery: Systems and Policies

Created for health sciences students and students interested in health care management, topics include the organization, delivery, and financing of health care, the business side of health care, and issues in the health care industry. Especially the effect of government policies. Students will evaluate current changes in health care policies in the United States and other countries to see how those changes affect the quality of patient care.

Doctors standing together.

10. SPCH 445 – Diffusion of Innovations

For a unique course on campus, in SPCH 445 you’ll learn about how social systems are affected when new innovations are created. This course focuses on the communication-based model. Innovations include fashion trends, campaign slogans, communication technologies, hygiene practices, birth control, farming practices, and genetically engineered foods. The class is mostly based on lecture but will include exams, case studies, and a final semester project.

Brain connecting with idea to create an innovation

10 Hardest Classes at South Mountain Community College

Universities are filled with many classes! Some are meant to help you move across your major curriculums while others allow you to take something that aligns with your interests. The hardest college classes prepare you for employment after you graduate but there are some of the toughest classes in college that give you the tools to deal with many difficult problems in your field. Regardless, they all give you a diverse set of lessons and experience that can be taken into the real world. In this list, you’ll find the hardest classes at South Mountain Community College.

1. PHY131 – University Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism

If you’re interested in how electric charge works, this course will give you basic instruction in those topics. You’ll learn how to understand current, electric and magnetic fields and induction in a variety of materials.

Different kinds of physics formulas on a blackboard

2. SBS203 – Financing And Cash Management For A Small Business

Businesses begin every single day and it’s important to know different areas to succeed. This course includes lessons on cash flow planning, identification of financial needs and sources, and equity and debt financing. Students will be able to create their own financial plan for their individual company. This hands-on approach will put an emphasis on sales revenue projection, expense allocation, inventory cost control, and day-to-day operational budgeting.

"Financing" spelled out using Scrabble pieces

3. REA201 – Real Estate Principles I And II

This real estate course will prepare students for a career with the proper tools to succeed. Students don’t need to take any prerequisites and it satisfies Arizona’s requirement of 90 hours of prelicensure education. Lessons include rights and interests in land, contract law, real estate sales contracts, mortgage and notes payable, deeds of trust, lending practices, loans and consumer rights, sources of financing real estate loans, escrow and settlement procedures, and so much more.

A cartoon blue house with e a "for sale" sign in front

4. ENH255 – Contemporary U.S. Literature and Film

Books stacked on top of one another with one open at the top

In this class, you’ll discuss challenges of creating a film from a book, as well as a variety of topics based on casting, narratives, values found in the industries. It will address racial, ethnic, gender, class and religious differences between cultures and both mediums.

5. GLG106 – Life in the Universe

If you’re not studying science as your selected major, you can take this course as an introduction to the search for life in the universe. You’ll study Earth’s location in space and time, nature of life, origin and history of the universe, and the possibility of life on other planets. This course will cover the Natural Sciences (Quantitative) requirement.

Image of outer space seen surrounding the Earth

6. HCR240 – Human Pathophysiology

Human Pathophysiology finds underlying human diseases processes based on cell injury, genetic and congenital disorders, and microbiological and immunologic factors. You’ll learn about the structural and how alterations of pathophysiology factors in health affect your body.

A body cell molecule  with the word pathophysiology on top

7. MAT221 – Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

For many people, math is a difficult subject. This course will discuss limits, differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, and many other topics that will prepare you for advanced levels of math.

Variety of math equations

8. BPC1708 – A+ Exam Prep: Computer Hardware Configuration and Support

Students interested in the inner workings of personal computers will discover the technical aspects including system components, installation, and system configurations. If you’ll be taking the CompTIA A+ examinations, this course will help students prepare for the exams. The only prerequisite is a grade of C or better in CIS105.

A piece of a computer's hardware

9. CNT170AA – Cisco – Connecting Networks

Are you preparing for Cisco certification examinations? CNT170AA gives you a wide range of knowledge on network devices and WAN technologies that meet network requirements for the exams. You’ll practice configuring and troubleshooting network devices, resolving common data link protocols issues, and implementing Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) operations.

Logo for CISCO

10. ECN212 – Microeconomic Principles

Microeconomic principles include the theory of consumer choice, price determination, and income distribution. If you’re interested in how monopolies, oligopolies and the effects of government regulation affect microeconomies, this course will prepare you with the skills for a long lasting career.

Chart detailing how different effects have an effect on economics

If you need to take the courses on this list, make sure to speak to alumni to figure out the best way to prepare for the class. Speaking to the professors teaching the courses or auditing for a day can give you a sense of their teaching styles.

Jobs for College Students at Ohio Dominican University

Are you currently looking for employment on the Ohio Dominican University campus? Take a look at the opportunities available on this list and reach out if any of them interest you. There are many chances of getting work experience that can help you after you graduate.

1. Library Homework Help Center

Digital paper with an A+ on it

Working in the homework help center means you have to make appointments with students and assist anybody who enters the center. You’ll have the opportunity to review homework instructions with students, teach them, and offer study skills. If you aren’t doing well in a subject, you may also use the other center employees to your advantage.

2. Research Assistant

Person looking at a computer on a desk

Research assistants search information for data collection, data entry, and data analysis. There many topics and departments that are looking for assistants interesting in helping with research! The only requirement for students interested in doing psychology research is to take PSY 320 and receive a final grade of B or higher. You’ll be working in psychology labs using SPSS.

3. PR/Marketing Assistant

Different kind of PR styles illustrated by digital graphic

Public Relations teams work with organizations and departments to promote them and their events. As an assistant, you’ll draft text for print, online newsletters, and press releases. You’ll have the chance to recruit prospective members, attend meetings,  and answer e-mails on behalf of the center. 

4. Media Center Associate

Different tools to use for media, cartoon of person connected to cameras and a laptop

Do you have an interest in media-related topics? In the Media Center, students can come in and ask for help with homework, computer skills, and general information. Associates also go to classrooms to help with classroom instruction. There are many ways of getting involved and doing things that you’re interested in!

5. Multicultural Peer Educators

Levels including students and educators

Multicultural Peer Educators in the Office of Multicultural Affairs participate in the planning, coordinating, and implementation of programs created by the office. Student workers also provide office assistance, peer advising, and assist with the recruitment of underrepresented students. Serving as a representative of the department will give you the chance to meet other representatives at campus events.

6. Athletics Team Manager

Track and field runners  during a race, with Usain Bolt in the foreground

Are you interested in sports? As a manager, you will assist with practice operation, film home games, and office work. This position will give you the opportunity to get really involved with the Athletics Department. You’ll build a rapport with the coaching staff and athletes at Ohio Dominican University.

7. OneClass Note Taker

One Class logo

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a notetaker today.