5 Ways ASU Makes Electrical and Computer Engineering Degrees Different

Engineering is a popular degree especially at ASU in the Fulton Schools. Many disciplines have their differences and similarities. However, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are two of the most similar. They have a lot of cross over and even the same classes for the two majors. ASU does indeed ensure they differ especially as students take upper division classes and pursue unique opportunities. Here are five of the most prominent ways it does so

1. Classes

Although CSE and EE degrees are very similar, there are unique classes that ASU offers which differentiates between the two. Since the initial classes are pretty similar-such as coding and digital logic- these classes are typically combined. However, around your second year the classes diverge by major despite the same core ideas. For example, computer basics and boolean logic is divided between EE major and CSE. It will be important to make sure you are confident in which degree you want to pursue at this point!

2. Research

ASU offers many opportunities to pursue research with faculty or other students. Specifically within engineering, professors know the subtle differences between CSE and EE and therefore provide unique ways to further study these majors. CSE research opportunities involve in depth topics within coding, for example, while EE plans have to do with circuit work or design.

3. Upper Division Choices

Once students reach higher levels of classes, the specifics to their majors become much more prominent. For Electrical Engineering specifically, there are six choices to choose from as a focus. These range from circuits and power to signals/systems. It allows students to really put a stamp on their degree and choose what interests them most. CSE majors choose from upper division classes that they want to learn more about such as math.

4. Clubs

ASU has countless clubs on campus that are advertised to attract more students. When it comes to engineering specific clubs, both student run and faculty run clubs promote the difference between engineering degrees. There is IEEE and SODA for example (for EE and CSE majors, respectively), that do work within these majors. This allows students to gather with others of the same major to share ideas.

5. Faculty Events

The faculty will throw events to share more about their personal experiences within their specific major. For Electrical Engineering for instance, faculty will have speeches prepared every week about a certain pathway course to help students gain more information. It is held in the engineering building, Goldwater, where EE majors can ask questions and meet staff. CSE staff have weekend ‘Hack-a-Thons’ and similar events to work with students as well.

Although both CSE and EE are similar in the basic ideas, they still have quite a few prominent differences. For students struggling with deciding which is better suited for them, they should look into these events and ways that ASU promotes the differences! It is also a great way to meet other students and staff within these majors. These events provide more in depth information than what is provided on the ASU website.

5 Ways ASU Engineers Can Go Beyond STEM

Engineers at ASU have to take a lot of rigorous courses in order to obtain their diploma. At times, it can be difficult to balance all the college courses as well as extracurriculars and just simply enjoying the college experience. Many engineers have a desire however, to receive an education outside just STEM, but don’t feel they have time in their schedules. However, here are some ideas to help out!

1. Pursue a Certificate

Certificates are similar to obtaining minors, but don’t require as much work. They have students take less classes around 12 credit hours to add this to their resume. Those pursuing STEM degrees can therefore pursue a certificate in something completely outside this scope. For example, there are Computer Science majors looking into certificates in an art field. This is a great way to balance out class types and be able to study something beyond STEM.

2. Study Abroad

This is a fun and memorable college experience to be able to study outside STEM! Especially during the school semester, engineers can feel overwhelmed with tough classes. ASU offers many disparate types of study abroad opportunities. Students can travel for just a couple weeks if they do not want to take a whole semester off, or can even go over summer break and avoid missing classes during the semester all together! The opportunities to study something different then STEM are all over- from art in Paris to literature in Switzerland.

3. Join a Club

This is a very affordable and low commitment outlet for engineers to obtain an education beyond STEM. ASU especially offers a plethora of clubs tailored to a variety of likes and hobbies for its students. They usually meet once a week and allows students to find time around their classes to attend as they are usually at night time. Students can learn about something very casual such as knitting to art history.

4. Research

Research is a very important aspect of college that most students want to take part of at one point in their career. Not only does it look good on resumes, it also offers invaluable experience. Specifically for engineers, there are many STEM related research opportunities. However, although uncommon, it can be a great idea to pursue research in something different than engineering. This makes a thesis project standout and displays breadth in knowledge. There have been past students pursing an engineering degree that perform research in the arts such as dance or even literature.

5. Unique Minors

Minors are similar to certificates but a little more in depth. If you are willing to put in some extra work with classes and homework, it could be great to look into adding a minor to your course work! This allows for engineers to obtain something beyond engineering to place officially on their resume, but it displays something notably achieved. If you are really passionate about a subject outside of engineering, this is a perfect idea.

Engineering is a tough major, but definitely doable with hard work and determination! Don’t feel intimidated that you will only be reading textbooks in the library all four years at college. There are many ways to learn beyond STEM. You can find the best way to incorporate classes or clubs into your schedule and make the most of your college experience!

5 Things to Know Before Taking ‘The Human Event’ at Barrett, ASU

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University is known to hold the notorious ‘Human Event’ class tailored towards incoming freshmen. It is a rigorous two semester course full of historical and cultural readings. Students spend each week reading books and articles, writing essays, and discussing them in a socratic seminar style class. Here are something to expect before you walk in on your first day.

1. There Will be A LOT of Reading

Expect to spend time reading…a lot. Some weeks will have less than others, but there will be plenty of nights you will have to devote hours to reading. Make sure to balance this with your other work, since it is easy to lose track of time and not devote enough to another class. Try your best not to wait until the night before class (or morning of!) to go over the readings because it will make your discussion rough!

2. Expect Awkward Silences

A lot of times, the professor for Human Event will leave the discussions open for the students. As a socratic seminar style class, the hour and fifteen minutes is typically devoted to a free for all. Students are encouraged to develop their own questions and build upon each other’s point. While some discussions will be riveting and in depth, there will be days where awkward moments happen. No one will say anything for a seemingly eternal few seconds. Don’t worry, eventually someone poses a question..or maybe you will!

3. First Essays will be Rough

Known to be one of the toughest honors classes within Barrett, The Human Event will most definitely challenge you to improve your writing. Expect to receive your first essay and not see the best grade you may have wanted. Don’t worry though- this class is all about improvement and growth. All the professor genuinely care and want to help you improve your reading and writing skills, so keep putting in the work to see the grades improve!

4. Discussions Will Vary

Some discussions will be great and nearly everyone will participate. The professor will barely have to cut in and add their input. Other times, though, it is very slow and thoughts do not always connect. The professor helps more often and introduces questions they believe will help move the discussion along. Expect that sometimes discussions will be slow and even dull at times, but that’s always an opportunity to find your own unique view to share!

5. You Will Learn More Than You Think

As rough as the class can be, over the weeks in each semester you will be surprised by how much you learn. Not only will your breadth of knowledge about culture and history widen, your speaking skills will improve immensely. Each discussion professor stress the importance of critical thinking and expressing your own views as effectively as possibly. Over time, you will see how much your essays as well present ideas more clearly. This will in turn improve other facets of your education as you continue your college career.

The Human Event is a tough class- that is no question. Yet, there are some surprising parts you may have not expected. The most important part is to always do your best and try to improve your skills each discussions. Luckily, all the professors have offices right below the Barrett dorms so it is easy to check in on your progress!

10 Things that Will Surprise You About Barrett at ASU

Barrett is the Honors College at ASU. It provides students with the opportunity to take on another challenges  in college and increase the rigor or their studies. It has its many perks, and is located at the corner of the Tempe campus.

1. Dining Hall


The Barrett Dining hall is known to be the best dining hall on campus! They provide the most variety of food and ensure their students get the best. The best desserts are served and they have the best vegan options too. An all year round gelato bar is also a highlight- and hey…they are the only dining hall on campus that has avocado!

2. Close Classrooms


The freshman class, known as ‘Human Event’ is a staple for the Barrett students. It involves reading many cultural and historical books and texts to then discuss them in a socratic seminar style in class. Lucky for the honors students, all these classrooms are located within the Barrett community. There are many classrooms in each of the separate dorms. This makes it super convenient to roll out of bed, walk down stairs and be at your classroom!

3. Burning B


In college, we all know how important coffee is. Of course, there are several Starbucks and coffee shops around campus, but there is a unique one in Barrett. It is named ‘Burning B’ and is actually within the Honors Hall. They proudly serve Starbucks. This is the best way to start your day without having to walk halfway across campus! It is also a great place to study if you need to get out of your dorm.

4. Style Dorms


Barrett offers many different types of dorm rooms. They have the typical shared room and shared bath option, but also a single room with a shared bath. This makes it nice when you want your own room but not to spend as much for a studio. Speaking of which, there are some studio rooms as well for Barrett. Yet, the most popular choice is the suite style! This gets you your own room, shared living space, and kitchenette.

5. Vista


Vista is known to be the honors upperclassmen housing. It is apartment style which is super nice! It is very close in proximity to the Freshman Barrett dorms, as it is just across the street. Walmart, Jimmy Johns, Frozen Yogurt, and several other shops divide the two. Vista is something to look forward to as they have their own pool, gym, and a definite upgrade in dorm styles!

6. Scholarship Office


National Scholarships are a definite way to help yourself stand out to employers. That is why it is nice for ASU‘s Barrett students that the actual office to support students is located within the Barrett complex. Just above Burning B, there is a office that is open all weekdays. Students can either make appointments are walk in and learn more about how to compete for these scholarships. They include Goldwater, Fulbright, and Killam.

7. Front Desk Help


Barrett has a front desk that is staffed by a community member 24/7. This makes it very easy to find help right away. It is meant to provide support and help to freshmen especially during the first year. This ensures there will always be someone to help out during any emergency. They have information to guide students when in need.

8. Constant Support


Barrett is known to offer an immense amount of support. It really wants all its students to succeed, so there are regular check ups on students. Students will have specific honors advisors beyond their regular major advisor. They ensure students are on track to graduate with honors and provide any type of support for each and every student. Furthermore, students receive the ‘Barrett Digest’ email every day about ways to get involved on campus and further their academic careers.

9. Tight Knit Community


A lot of comparisons are made between Barrett and small liberal arts colleges. This is because Barrett itself, in the midst of all of ASU, resembles this. The students are all very studios and take rigorous courses. This creates bonds and close friendships. Students can go out onto campus, but then reside back behind the Barrett gates in their own special community. It is surprising by how calming it is to have a separate community within the whole campus.

10. Opportunities


ASU is such a large campus and has an abundance of opportunities, but Barrett especially promotes many opportunities to its students. Most times, these are only for Barrett students. For example, there guest speakers that give lectures within the Barrett complex. Also, on the non academic, side, Barrett will host specific recreational events to unite students. One instance was a trip up to SnowBowl for a very low price that included rental skis/snowboards, a lift ticket, and transportation.

Barrett is definitely a choice to consider when attending ASU. There is a lot of information on the website, but still there are many surprising facets to it. It is a great place to be when you need to escape the huge campus beyond the gates. Next time you stop by ASU, make sure to visit Barrett!

5 Popular Study Abroad Opportunities at ASU

Many students say they went to study abroad at one point during their college careers. Those who do always seem to have amazing stories to tell with life lessons learned as well as life long friends made. Although it can be difficult to organize your schedule to find time and a little daunting at first, but ASU provides the best support! College flies by, but before you let it, check out these study abroad options.

1. Faculty Directed Travel

This is a great choice if you do not want to spend a huge amount of time away from school and classes. You get to travel with other ASU students and it is a little more controlled. A faculty member or more will direct the trip. You have a lot of days planned out for you which means less stress of organizing your own schedule. You even have the option to travel over summer break. Some trips include learning about culture and literature in Switzerland or immersing yourself in the arts around Paris!

2. Intensive Global Study

This is also taken with an ASU faculty member. You are able to earn credit as well for studying in whichever field you choose. It is another great option when the long term study abroad options do not seem feasible. It occurs over breaks such as Fall or Spring break. It can be around 7-10 days. It provides students with the opportunity to really experience the global study abroad options without having to commit so much time in a semester.

3. Exchange Programs

This program involves taking courses at a selected university while studying abroad. Financially, it can be a nice option because whatever fees are scholarships a student has at ASU will be seamlessly transferred to the chosen university. You will immerse yourself in a new culture and speak a foreign language. It takes course over summer or a selected semester. Although it is more long term, it is the most independent for students!

4. Partnership Study

This study abroad opportunity involves taking courses with American, local, and international students. It takes place over the course of a semester and the fees will cover costs of housing, tuition, and extra trips. It must be with an ASU partner organization, which there are many choices to choose from! It is mostly taught in English, so the fluency of another language is not required.

5. Scholarship Summer Study

ASU also promotes the National Scholarship opportunities which can lead to students studying abroad either over summer or during a semester. It involves different types of programs such as independent global and exchange programs. For example, the Killam Scholarship is popular where students who are awarded this will travel to Canada and swap a semester (fees included) to take courses in a University.

Since college truly does fly by, start planning now! If studying abroad is something on your list of things to complete before graduation, talk to a counselor now. There are peer advisors and many offices on campus that support students in this way.  You can narrow down which option will be best and hopefully before you know it you’ll be on an airplane set to see a new part of the world!

10 Ways ASU Offers Support

College can be tough, but there are some great ways college will offer support. ASU, especially, throws many events and has programs that reach out to students. Struggle is inevitable as some points in time, so make sure next time you hit a road block you look out for these events to help out!

1. Journaling

Many people overlook writing down emotions. However, this is quite the effective way to work through stress and anxiety! ASU offers seminars and student run get togethers to have fun creating your own journal with colors and prints! This is not only a fun social event, but contains awareness about anxiety and ways journaling can help. Check out these events near your dorms when you’re in need of some self reflection.

2. Lunch With Nutritionist

When always on the run to class, we all know it can be hard to keep up with healthy eating. That’s why ASU will have events in the dining hall to learn about nutrition! A trained nutritionist will be there to help out students. Plus, you get a free lunch out of it! This is a great way if you need some support to start living a healthy lifestyle.

3. Coffee and Chat

Coffee is pretty much a necessity for most students in college. That’s why it’s always nice to be able to hang out and talk at coffee shops! ASU will hold events at local Starbucks or other coffee places where students can get together and share experiences. It’s a fun way to relax and let go after a long day of classes, and free coffee never hurt anyone!

4. Listening Hours

Sometimes, you just need someone to sit there and listen. That’s why ASU will have programs that ambassadors of ‘Well Devils’ will be there for you. They are trained to sit down with you and listen to anything you’re going through, and offer support. This is a nice way to let out anything that has been weighing on your shoulders. It is comforting to know there really is someone out there willing to listen to all your problems and seek help.

5. Free Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax, self reflect, and get some exercise in! ASU has students that will lead yoga classes around campus. These range from within the Memorial Union, SDFC, or even dome near Barrett. The free class allows students to take some time for themselves and recollect. College can be stressful, especially around midterm season, so these are great sessions to attend if you need to find some peace in your day.

6. Morning Hike Up ‘A Mountain’

Weekends can be another time where you get worked up about all the homework and studying you may have ahead of you! It is easy to get lost in studies and stay in your dorm all weekend long, but ASU will make sure you have other options! It’s a great idea to get some fresh air and exercise between work. A group will gather at ASU to walk over to A Mountain for a morning hike. The beautiful view in the morning is refreshing, and you will feel better with some movement!

7. Addiction Awareness

Addiction is a serious and real problem, especially among college students. It can lead to scary paths in the future. Therefore, ASU holds seminars and group gatherings to talk about this and offer support. It can be difficult at times to admit having a problem, or just asking for more information. These seminars allow students to find support right away and feel safe sharing concerns while become more knowledgeable about these real world problems.

8. Open Advising Hours

Advising offices are open all week, and have many walk in session times. The staff is very open and wants to help students! That is why they have office hours where students can walk in and chat about any concerns or problems they are having. ASU will promote this online and in emails to ensure students know where, how and when support is offered. This is a great way to seek professional help.

9. Student Services Counseling

Student services on campus wants to also make sure students feel the support of community. They will have counselors available all week, and a 24/7 phone communication line. The first visit is free, which allows students to not feel stressed about going through ample paperwork just to speak with a counselor. When time get tough, anxiety and stress are at all time highs, so having an on campus and easily accessible counseling station is very supportive.

10. Massage and Power Snacks

Self love and care is essential to remaining happy and healthy. That is why ASU will promote this and hold events that ensure students incorporate this in their daily lives. They will have free massage stations once in a while around big finals or midterm seasons. There will also be events to create your own ‘power snack’ bag to have when going to class. Healthy foods will be available like vegetables, fruits, and crackers. This helps students feel taken care of and lead a healthy lifestyle.

As stressful and tough as college can be, it is definitely manageable, especially with all the events ASU has! There are so many ways to lead a healthy life, and ASU wants to make sure its students have these opportunities. Next time you feel yourself in a funk, check out one of these events. The support will make your day and week that much brighter.

10 Places to Study Near Arizona State University

We all know it is so important to find the good places to study as college students. As great as the library and dorms are, there are times it is nice to just have a place off the actual campus to crack open those textbooks. Coffee shops, parks, and plazas are all great substitutes. Here are some places around ASU in Tempe that are awesome places to try!

1. Cafe Rio


Cafe Rio is really close to campus and just next to the light rail. You do not need to Uber or even bike there. You can just walk on over from any dorm on the Tempe campus. It is a casual, quick service Mexican bar grill. It has many cheap deals throughout the week where you can grab a bite and study for those midterms!

2. Normal Diner


This is located right off Apache and brings back those vintage vibes. It is a quiet brunch place to eat breakfast or lunch. You can even just sit and study or work on homework inside. It presents a relaxing environment to work in a place that is not the library or campus study lounge. Plus, the staff are all really nice!

3. Starbucks


Well, you can never go wrong with this popular coffee chain! Although there are some scattered on campus, there is one off University a little away from the actual campus. It is nice because it is so close to walk to, but far enough away that you won’t feel too overwhelmed with the college scene. Snuggle up with your favorite cappuccino and work on those assignments.

4. Scottsdale Mall


ASU offers a variety of transportation methods, and one of which is the valley metro. Grab a seat on this from the many stops on campus and in about twenty minutes you’ll find yourself at the Scottsdale Mall. This is a beautiful location to find a bench or table to study at for a bit. You can be surrounded by the typical “city hustle vibes” if that helps you get focused!

5. Chandler Mall


Speaking of malls, there is yet another the opposite direction from the Scottsdale Mall. If you’re looking for a bigger area to explore, take the valley metro and check out Chandler Mall. There are huge places and food courts to find your place and crank out that essay. If you even want to, you can do some shopping at the variety of stores!

6. Tempe Market Place


There are free campus ORBIT shuttles to take that you can ride and visit this classic market place. There are many classic shops like Target and Barnes & Noble. This book store especially is a fun place to sit and read your favorite book or study. It has the best, quiet scene to get very focused! A great place to stop by if you need to escape from campus.

7. Mill Avenue


There is nothing like a little visit to Mill! This is right next to campus and even has some campus buildings scattered throughout. There are so many little shops and benches to find your place out. Check out the sandwich shop, Jimmy Johns, and Greek restaurant to take a rest and study!

8. Tempe Beach Park


Sometimes, nature and the outdoors is just the best place to relax. Especially with Arizona weather, Tempe Beach park turns out to be a wonderful break place. There are gorgeous views and so many places along the grass to set down the backpack and pull out those books. You can even take a beach towel and get some tanning in!

9. Royal Coffee Bar


There are classic coffee places like Starbucks to visit, but sometimes it’s nice for change. Tempe offers awesome substitutes like the royal Coffee Bar! This is a quiet, relaxing setting that is just offset from ASU. It is quiet enough to feel far enough away from the craziness of campus. It has great coffee and even delicious vegan snacks!

10. Cartel Coffee Lab


Another coffee substitute is Cartel Coffee Lab. This is near Gammage at ASU. It embodies a luxurious atmosphere where you can get lost in studies for hours. It is a nice change from the hustle and bustle of typical coffee shops and the campus crowded areas. It is definitely a place to try out if you just want to walk or bike off campus.

Now, these are not the everyday types of places to go, but there are those certain days you might just need to get away from campus. These are the perfect escapes to kick back and relax. If you find yourself in a homework funk, take the risk and try one of these places for a productive work session!


10 Ways to Show SunDevil Pride at ASU on a Budget

There is nothing like the best four years of your life, typically referring to the college years. This is known for making your lifelong friends, finding ways to save money, studying, and also representing your school! School spirit is such a fun aspect of university life, but at times those bookstore T-shirts are way too expensive. So, here are some cool ways to show school pride and save those pennies.

1. Free Shirts at Games

It is not only a fun outing with friends to head to sports games, but you even get free gear! A lot of sporting events at ASU such as football games, basketball games, and hockey games will have a ton of free giveaways. Usually, there are those gold t shirts you can keep your eye out for. These are totally free and a great way to show your spirit at the next game!

2. Tattoos at Devils on Mill

Especially during football season at ASU, there will be tailgate events near Mill street which is right next to campus. They have free food, giveaways, and full of spirited people! There is always a station to grab some temporary tattoos that feature Sparky the Sun Devil, the classic fork and ASU letters. It is a stylish and cool way to show your school pride.

3. Walmart

The prices of official school gear can be very expensive. It is so much fun to wear the school “swag”, but usually stores like Walmart are slightly off campus, but have gear. On top of that, they are priced way better and are a out a quarter of the price you can get somewhere on campus. There is a Walmart on campus at ASU and has great prices for fan gear and shirts!

4. DIY Shirts

All the free shirts you get are great, but at times they may not have your size. The smalls and mediums always go so quickly, so you may find yourself walking away with an XXL. Don’t donate it though next time this happens! There are awesome ways to ‘DIY’ the shirt and make it into a cute crop top and rolled up sleeves or even cut vertical slits in the bottom to tie it up.

5. Events SDFC

The Sun Devil Fitness Center is known for all the workout classes and huge facilities. Furthermore, it has plenty of events that have free sun devil swag giveaways. There are events about health and fitness where you can play games and win free gear! It is the perfect way to become more knowledgable about campus, or even get a quick workout in.

6. Hayden Lawn

Hayden Lawn is usually filled with tables and people spreading awareness during the weekdays. If you go there during lunch time any weekday there are most likely some giveaways or tables with free gear. People are trying to spread news about their clubs, get survey information, or talk with the student body. They will have giveaways such as ASU bags, shirts, and school supplies to flaunt as you walk back to your dorm!

7. Memorial Union

The Memorial Union is known to be the center hub of campus. It is pretty much in the middle of everything, and therefore has pretty much everything you need to be a true Sun Devil. Almost daily, they will have the desks at each corner filled with free ASU pens and stickers. It is quite the fad to decorate your dorm room or laptops with stickers, so you can add these to your collection to show your school spirit.


8. Sign up Online/Social Media

Social media is huge these days, and ways college students reach out is by connecting on apps like Instagram. Most clubs will have free shirts and bags if you sign up for their accounts. For example, the 942 club is known for representing all ASU teams at sporting events. By just following their Instagram account, you could receive a free clear bag that has ASU figures to bring into all the stadiums!

9. Body Paint

If you don’t have the shirts or foam finger, you can always DIY ASU spirit for yourself! Body paint is pretty cheap on Amazon (you get a student discount for Amazon Prime!), and what better way to prepare for a game than painting Sparky! Getting a group of friends together to paint a letter for each person to write ASU is a great, low cost way to show how proud you are to be a Sun Devil.

10. Sparky Posters

Sparky is known all too well at sporting events and around campus. Everyone wants to get a picture with the intimidating Sun Devil. If you ever want to try and get on TV at sporting games, make posters featuring Sparky in your own way. It is easy to create and campus supplies posters and markers to draw it. Bring it to events with your friends and show them how it’s done!

School spirit is something that all students should really try and encompass. It can be hard show all the time, especially when the cost of certain items is high. Don’t let this discourage you though, as there are still plenty of other ways to represent your school! Hopefully you think of some of these before the next big school event.


10 Things To Do On a Budget Around ASU

College life is great, but everyone knows it is also about budgeting and saving money! College students definitely want to have fun while they’re young though, so here are some ways you can do that around ASU. Plan for lots of adventures and exploring while saving those dollars!

Go to Tempe Park Beach

This is so close to ASU but has the most beautiful views. You do not even have to drive or pay for gas to get there. You can either walk about 20 minutes or even take advantage of the free shuttles campus provides. It is a wonderful place to have lunch on the grass and enjoy the scenery. You can play sports with friends or plan a BBQ.

Visit Tempe Market Place During Holiday Season

Free shuttles once again will take you to this destination! It is such a fun outdoor mall area with plenty of places to go. During the holidays, you can get some prime seasonal entertainment as they have fake snow celebrations throughout the month of December. It usually holds fun free events for those who swing by during the day, or you can stop at Barnes & Noble to read a back for the afternoon.

Climb ‘A’ Mountain

This is a classic ASU/Tempe activity to partake in. If you ever attend ASU, this will definitely be on of the first things you do, and it will be a classic! It is great to do either with a group of friends or even alone if you need that nature break. It is great to do at sunrise or sunset, as the Arizona skies are always beautiful at this time. Just make sure to pack water!

Go to the Pool

Arizona is hot, we all get it. So, of course, there are pools all around ASU. The SDFC has many huge lanes where you can relax without spending a penny. It is a great place to get that much desired tan (without going to a tanning salon) or getting that morning cardio in. Take advantage of the free gym even if you do not like lifting weights!

AMC Movie Theater

This costs about $7 per movie, but that is a great deal compared to other theaters. On top of that, the quality is top notch. You are definitely getting the bang for you back! You will be treated with huge reclining leather seats. The theater rooms are not too large either, so you won’t be stuck in the very back. It is a great place to relax after a long day without spending too much of that hard earned money.

Promotions at Restaurants

The food chains around campus know college students are always finding ways to save money here and there. So, they usually have promotions to attract customers and gain a following. This mean *drum roll* free food! Places like Taco Bell or Jimmy Johns will have free meal coupons or even walk around campus handing out free sandwiches. If you want some free food to take a break from studying, just look up the coupon catalogs or see if you can spot those sample bags (or smell them!).

Take Light Rail to Phoenix

The light rail connect many ASU students and others to popular tourist places within Phoenix. It picks up at the campus and only costs $4 for a day pass. You can take the light rail and pretty much travel anywhere for that day! There are awesome places like the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Zoo, and cute aesthetic cafe shops to visit on a weekend.


Arizona is known for it’s amazing scenery. You might as well take advantage of Mother Nature and enjoy the sights! There are many places around Tempe that will provide a fun day time hike with friends. Just pack some snacks, put on those hiking boots, and enjoy a walk through Papago Park or Rio Salado!

Mountain Biking

Along with hiking, comes biking! This is for all those mountain bikers out there. If you need some more speed than hiking can provide, you need to check out the free mountain biking trails around Tempe. Similar to hiking, you get to enjoy the beauty of Arizona but with the advantage of being on wheels. Just make sure to go in the morning to avoid that heat!


Paddle boarding is the perfect way to wrap up a rough week and prepare for the weekend. Why not rent a paddle board and try it with some friends on the lake? You can rent either boats or paddle boards at the beach park and try it for the day. If you go with friends, you can all even split the cost and try it together to save money!

So, as you can see you do not always have to drain your wallet to have fun while you’re young! There are so many cool things that are promised to be Instagram worthy if you just look around. Arizona has a lot to offer so make sure you try some of these things and make those memories you will cherish forever!


10 Things That Surprise Every Engineering Major at ASU

The Fulton School of Engineering holds quite the diverse group of students at ASU. There are total of six  schools and a plethora of opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and make an impact with your education. Engineering definitely takes a lot of work, but there are some surprises along the way. These are the ten most surprising things you wouldn’t expect as an engineering major at Arizona State University!

Tutoring Centers

There are so many free tutoring centers on campus. Yep, that’s right… FREE! So, there really is no excuse to not ace those calculus or physics exams. It is very convenient to have a tutoring center right outside your classrooms. It is quite the surprise at first to see so many centers around campus, but it has shown to be really helpful and convenient. Also, if you go to tutoring, it is much more likely that you will become a tutor yourself at one point!

Free Stuff

Within the engineering side of campus, there is a main building dedicated just for engineering students. It is called the Generator Labs and holds so many work spaces for different types of engineering projects! Along with this is free stuff. This includes stickers for ASU spirit, engineering prototype materials, and of course coffee! This is perfect for those late nights you need to study for tests with groups.

Get Involved Right Away

As a freshman just beginning your engineering journey, you may think you cannot get super involved. Fulton at ASU makes this so easy however! Engineering majors get to choose from so many opportunities to get involved in their first semester. It can be overwhelming with all the choices, but if you pick one or two you are really interested in, it is very easy to get involved with other engineers to keep yourself busy.


Along with opportunities, there are many clubs that you would not expect at first part of Fulton. It does not matter which specific engineering discipline you are though! Fulton Ambassadors, Engineers Without Borders, and Fulton Student Council, are examples to just name a few. Each one is unique and focuses on using engineering knowledge to make a difference both on campus and in other parts of the world. It is so cool to see yourself making a difference when you join Fulton!


This may come as a surprise, but it is actually a lot easier than you would think to perform research at ASU! As an engineering major, FURI is a program that allows undergraduates to obtain money to perform an kind of research they want with a professor. If you have any sort of particular interest within your major, all you have to do is apply and the majority of students are accepted!

Study Abroad

As an engineer, many people think there it just too much work to have time to study abroad. However, ASU makes sure all the engineering students at least have this chance. There even is an office devoted to engineering student affairs to get involved with studying abroad. They help students find time within their semester schedules to continue pursuing their degree but also travel somewhere they have always wanted to. College is the perfect time to explore and travel, so Fulton Schools ensures this is available!


The professors are busy just like the students, but at Fulton they care a lot about students’ success and well being. They hold many office hours and are willing to extend extra hours to fit a student’s schedule. Some students may be intimidated at first to talk with professors, but they really want to get to know you! At ASU, engineering students will be surprised by how much professors can help them get involved on campus!

Engineering Library

Noble Library is known on the ASU campus for engineering majors. Students in Fulton will find how nice this is for studying or working on group projects. It works on the green, yellow, red light system, where the first floor is meant for talking, the second is somewhat quiet, and the third floor and completely silent for studying. It will take you by surprise how much time you will end up spending here… it is the engineers’ second home!

Switching Majors

All engineering majors will find it super easy to switch between majors. Some colleges have strict guidelines to staying within a certain major, but Fulton ensures students have the ability and time to explore other engineering majors in order to find the best one suited for them. Freshman and Sophomore year tend to have very similar core classes for engineers, giving students time to explore and pick which specific major they wish to pursue.


At ASU, engineers are not ALWAYS studying. Sure, there is a lot of work, but you will be surprised by how many friendships you make! ASU is a very large campus, especially with many engineers. With all the ways to get involved, clubs on campus, and events held for engineers, you will make great friends and form unbreakable bonds. It is a great experience!

Now that you have become more versed in the Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU, you can see what an amazing place it is to study. There are countless support systems on campus and people to reach out to. You will never feel bored or not know what to do, as there is always something engineering related on campus. If you are deciding where to go to school or are considering ASU for engineering, it is definitely a place to look in to!