Restaurants and Cafes near or at Missouri University of Science and Technology

At the heart of Rolla is the Missouri University of Science and Technology. It is surrounded by state-of-the-art restaurants and cafes that offer students dishes of all types. Whether you want to feast on native American diets or some Asian delicacies, all are available. Check in at one of these college cafes and treat yourself with a sumptuous meal. Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes to satisfy your hunger.

1. Bruno’s Pub & Grill

The outside sitting at the Bruno's Pub and Grill

The Bruno’s Pub and Grill is one of the best eateries near the Missouri University of Science and Technology. It’s a family-friendly joint serving barbecue wings, fish and pizza. They pub features various drinks at discounts during the happy hour. Amazingly, they accommodate pets especially dogs during the winter.

2. Alexy’s Pizza Place

Glutten-free Pizza at the Alex's Pizza place

Do you want a gluten-free pizza, calzones, Greek salad, or a beer? You will get this, among other dishes, at the very heart of downtown Rolla at the Alex’s Pizza Place. Students love this place especially during those cold days as the fireplace acts immensely to keep them warm.

3. Colton’s Steak House and Grill

Grilled steak at the Colton's

This is a simple easygoing chain that offers great grilled food. You can make your order and inquire the best steak, and it will be served to your comfort. They also sell whiskey at good prices and you will find students here on a drinking spree. Students like this place simply because it’s cheap.

4. Einstein Bros Bagels

The official logo of the Einstein Bros. Bagels

You will get amazing catering offers at this restaurant. Although it specializes in bagels, you will find a plethora of dining options. Other foods offered here are; egg sandwiches, coffee, fresh pastries, soups, and salads. They offer catering to students with special events.

5. Miner Break Cafe

Inside the Miner Break Cafe

Located at the Curtis Laws Wilson Library, this cafe opens on weekdays 8am- 11am excepts on Friday 8 am- 5pm. They have a coffee shop and snacks. Students like this place because of it’s conveniency. You can take and be in class in two minutes.

6. Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Restaurant

This is an International fast-food chain

Also known as the DQ Grill and Chill, this is part of a chain of fast food restaurants. Mostly offers drinks, both soft and cold.Here, you can also get a meal of grilled sandwiches and burgers.

7. Great Wall Chinese Restaurant

A decent Chinese food

This is an ideal Chinese food joint that specializes in rice and Chow Mein. It’s possible to order online and have it delivered at your comfort. It has plenty of dining options. If you want to dine at this restaurant, make sure you are conversant with Chinese meals.

With the great hassle students experience in the campus, we can honestly say that these restaurants play an important role. Students can feel refreshed with foods and drinks at prices that don’t seem too high. Also, they make life more comfortable. Those who can’t prepare meals on their own are assured of quality. Lastly, they create a relaxing environment perfect for learning.


Restaurants and Cafes at Kean University

If you are somewhere near or at Kean University, you need to get into one of the restaurants dotted at this place. New Jersey is home of some of the best eateries and there are significant of them around the campus. The college cafes serve students, staff, and also guests. They have pocket-friendly prices to suit the students’ purchasing power. The restaurants near campus provide alternative dining options for students look upon them.

1. Ursino Steakhouse and Tavern

The Dining area at the Ursino Steakhouse and Tavern

This is a historic restaurant that offers all sorts of dishes and drinks. Located inside the university, it has a tavern, grill, and steakhouse. If you want fresh, seasonal meals, then you have to get into this joint. There is a state-of-the-art bar upstairs that serves all sorts of beers and wines.

2. Patio Cafe and Grill

Patios Cafe and Grill offers Portuguese dishes

For some decent Portuguese delicacies, Patio cafe does well to make sure students get what they deserve. Quality, fresh, well-cooked food. They serve all meals from lunch to dinner. Also, there is a collection of assorted drinks that you might be interested in.

3. Aunty Annie’s Cafe

Breakfast is well-served at the Aunty Annie's cafe

Aunty Annie’s Cafe offers ideal breakfast packages at friendly prices. Yummy sandwiches, pastries, scrambled eggs, and coffee are some of the best meals you will get here. Don’t let the morning cold take the better part of you- get in and grab some hot coffee. Breakfast costs around $9.

4. Smashburger Cafe

A burger meal at the Smasburger Cafe

Located at the Miron Student Center, this cafe is a robust joint with amazing offers. Although it’s famous for burgers, there is much more to eat in here. They include buns, chicken, beef, shakes, turkey, and fries. Students love this place of the tasty burgers and reasonable prices.

5. Suspenders Restaurant & Pub

The outdoor patio at the Suspenders Restaurant and Bar

With a robust menu and just half a mile away from the University, this is a favorite spot for students. They are always in this restaurant, taking down some drinks while watching some games. It features a great outdoor patio, decent foods, beer, wines, and cocktail. Chicken quesadillas cost $9 while a French Dip Burger is $12. Bottles of Heineken and Budweiser trades at $5 each.

6. Garden Restaurant

The front view of Garden Restaurant

If you want great meals any day of the week, then you should think of the Garden Restaurant. It opens for 7 days a week and has student-friendly meals. On Sundays, wine bottles trade at half-price. A dessert meal goes for $6.

7. Tropicana Diner

Tropicana Diner has a great natural environment

This is one of the coziest restaurants near Kean University. At the Tropical Diner and Bakery, food is fairly priced. Shrimp cocktail costs $11.95 while Cheese Nachos trades at $7.95- $10.50. There are lots of dishes on the menu that you need to look at.

Irregardless of where you come from or your favorite meal, these restaurants will serve you perfectly. The savory joints around this area are in such a way that you cannot miss whatever you want to eat. Besides, they are close to the university so that students can access with ease. They ensure a dynamic lifestyle in and at the campus.

Restaurants and Cafes Near or at Mercer University

Mercer University is located in Macron, in the State of Georgia. Here, there are great restaurants and cafes to cater for all students in the institution. Also, there are great college cafes dotted across the campus. They are run by qualified professionals who call the shots here. Talk of local cafes, cuisines and high-end international chains, and you’ll have described Macron in the best manner.

1. Connell Student Center Food Court

Which Wich Cafe is located inside the Connell Food Court

When you get to the Cornell Student Center, take the stairs to the 2nd floor. Here, the food court will welcome you with tantalizing aromas from the 3 food providers. They are Brewed Awakenings, P.O.D market, and Which Wich cafes. These three cafes offers diverse types of foods and it’s unlikely to miss out on your favorite.

2. Panda Express

Panda Express is Ideal American-Chinese Cuisine

Located inside the University Center Food Court, this cafe offers leisurely meals at convenient prices. They have mouthwatering dishes such as orange chicken, broccoli beef, teriyaki chicken,and Kung Pao among others. It is a perfect definition of an American- Chinese cuisine. Food costs at $2-7.

3. P.O.D. Market

P.O.D market offers fresh produce.

For freshly prepared foods, you have to visit the University Center Food Court and head straight to the P.O.D. food joint. there are many ‘grab-and-go’ options that you can choose from. Salads, burritos, wraps, sushi, and sandwiches are the order of the day. Other foods include traditional essentials, coffee, and fresh produce.

4. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Einsteins Bros. and Bagels offers Sumptuous Meals

If you want an appetizing bagel sandwich, this is where you will get it. Homemade pastries, salads, desserts, and freshly baked blood are some of the yummy meals you can purchase here. There are several meal plans that applies in this restaurant that students always prefer.

5. Francar’s Buffalo Wings

 A decent meal at the Francar's Buffalo Wings

This is one of the most popular joints because it offers decent meals. Despite being highly preferred, their prices are still very fair. It is probably because if its proximity to students. Although they are famous for wings, it has an appalling meal for the whole community. Food costs at $3.45- 7.99, a price that students don’t strain to pay.

6. Momma Goldberg’s Deli

The Official Logo of the Momma Goldberg's Deli

This restaurant offers premium meats and well-prepared sandwiches at good prices. It’s located just across the university’s stadium and students can access it with ease. On average, lunch costs at $5.79.

7. Osaka Hibachi and Sushi

This restaurant offers Asian Foods

This is a modest Asian Cuisine that serves meals from the East. It is highly popular among Asian students. You will find students here munching their delicacies. The Menu is highly comprehensive and with around $6, you have a great meal.

In the above food joints, it’s unlikely to miss the meal of your type. In addition, they charge very good prices and you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, the attendants are highly courteous and will serve you to satisfaction.

Restaurants and Cafes at Drake University

Because of the significant number of students, there are several college cafes to offer dining services. They are well located so that students can access then with ease. Also, there are various restaurants near campus premises where students can get decent meals. They however, charge less so that students can dine without much strain. If you are new to Drake University, the following joints will provide you with various dining options.

1. University Library Cafe

Inside the University Cafe

This is one of the favorite joints because of its strategic position. Students can check in and out at their desired time. Local foods served here includes burritos, omelets, corned beef, nachos, and chicken. The price of a full meal is around $5-9. That is fair since it contains several toppings. Also, there are local bears that trade for a few bucks.

2. Mars Cafe

Mars Cafe is an ideal drinking joint

If there is a well themed cafe, then it should be Mars cafe. Students like this place since it has a cool environment perfect for dining. Also, there is great ambiance and a natural feeling. Its ideal for drinking because of the nature of drinks served there. They include; coffee, wine, beer, and tea. Besides, they treat customers with cool music.

3. Quad Creek Café

Students enjoying their meals at the Quad Cafe

Any Alumni will tell you that Quad cafe is the place to go if running out of finances. This is so because food and beverages are offered at a low cost compared to other joints in the university. Besides, they have a lot in their menu for students to choose. For example, cheese pizza costs $3. 99 while chicken caesar salad costs $5.49.

4. Hubbell Dining Hall

The Hubbell Hall is large enough to accommodate 400 students at a time

This hall is large enough to host as many students as possible. It offers grilled products, pizza, salads, international foods and many more. Meat is very popular here and trades at around $7.5. In addition, it has a sitting capacity of around 400 students at a time, as well as two serving points.

This hall is large enough to host as many students as possible. It offers grilled products, pizza, salads, international foods and many more. Meat is very popular here and trades at around $7.5. In addition, it has a sitting capacity of around 400 students at a time, as well as two serving points.

5. The Drake Diner

Inside the Drake Diner restaurant

Across the road is the Drake Diner restaurant that offers food at rather high prices. For instance, Chicken and Waffles costs $9.49 while a breakfast package trades at $5.45. Blackened salmon salad trades at $13.79. You will get grilled marinated chicken at $11.29. Although, these prices are high compared to other joints, they offer savory meals good enough for your guests.

6. Jethro’s BBQ

A meal served at Jethro BBQ

Get into the legendary Jethro BBQ restaurant and grab one of the most savory meals of all time. They are; pork, chicken, sausages, and beef (all smoked), omelets, and gravy. Smoked chicken nachos cost $1o.95 while 20 pieces of smoked wings go for $25.95. The dishes are pricy but legendary as well.

7. Gateway Market and Cafe

People dining at the Gateway Market & Cafe

This is a lovely meeting point for students. They are not only impressed by the natural foods but also free WiFi connection. A breakfast burrito costs around $9.99 while biscuit sandwich is $7.50. A french toast is $8.5 while ham and cheese omelet goes for $7.99.

To be sincere, it’s difficult for one to be bored with the presence of such great joints. There are so many such eateries where you and your friends can dine and have fun. Since you have enough options to choose from, do it wisely. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s the pocket that really matters.

Restaurants and Cafes near or at Keene State College

Do you want to satisfy your hunger uniquely? Then you are at the home of the best dishes in New Hampshire, the home of Keene State College. There are many dining options to choose from. The college cafes are designed to accommodate as many students as possible. As for the restaurants near campus, they have significantly improved their catering prowess to reach out to as many students as possible. So, what are some of the best restaurants and cafes at or near Keane State College?

1. Marco Polo Garden Restaurant

Chinese foods at the Marco Polo Garden

This is a modest Chinese cuisine. It offers a range of Chinese dishes to students and residents around Keene State College. Some of the best foods here are dumplings, chow mein, and Lo Mein. It is an ideal joint for guests and families.

2. Fireworks Restaurant

Chefs preparing food at the Fireworks Restaurant

Fireworks restaurant is a vibrant eatery in New Hampshire. Students from Keene State College get some amazing offers in this joint. It’s also an award winning restaurant offering modern Italian dishes. They also serve beer and other assorted drinks. Although their prices are somehow high, students love the fact that it provides a perfect dining experience.

3. Lindy’s Dinner

The front view of the Lindy's Diner

This is a casual, friendly dining joint. It’s ideal for students who hang out for dinner dates and meetings. They offer hamburgers, hot dogs, sea food all at exceptional prices. You can only pay with cash, so make sure sure you carry a few bucks.

4. Zorn Dining Commons

Students taking meals at the Zorn Dining Commons

Zorn Dining Commons is a common meeting point within the University. It features a grill, gluten-free area and vegan station. Full course meals sell at student-friendly prices with free WiFi.

5. The Stage Restaurant and Cafe

Outdoor eating at the Stage Restaurant and Cafe

If you want to have an hot drink for the morning cold, get into this cafe. There have amazing coffee options that students love to take before the morning classes. The staff give amazing service to students and the atmosphere is always fantastic.

6. The Works Bakery Cafe

The front view of the Work Bakery Cafe

There are plenty of dishes here, ranging from decent to tradition prices. It’s highly popular for breakfast and beverages. They cook organic native dishes that natives love very much. Bagels and burritos are fresh and well prepared. The food here is a bit costly so make your choices wisely.

7. Prime Roast Coffee Cafe

Prime Roast Co. offers coffee exclusively

Located at the university’s student center, this is one of the best places to hangout for beverages. They exclusively offer coffee and tea with a few pastries and cafes. Whether you want espresso or cappuccino, it will be brewed upon request. These drinks are cheap and students can often purchase.

The above are some of the common eateries among the many in this place. They serve great prices, are tidy, and ensures that students are well attended to. However, these joints are somehow expensive and you have to part with more dollars to get decent meal. Inspite of all this, students love them and will always walk in to get their favorite dishes.

Restaurants and Cafes at IU Southeast

If there is a place full of dining life, it’s the Indiana University Southeast. You are assured of all types of quality foods and styles of your choice in the college cafes. As a student, you don’t have to feel the pinch of parting with a few dollars; Everything is cheap and available. The restaurants near campus are favorite spots for visitors and parents. Here are a few college cafes to dine in;

1. University Grounds Coffee Shop

The University Grounds Coffee Shop offers meal plans for students.

If you want splendid coffee drinks, then you need to visit the University Grounds Coffee Shop. You will be treated to well blended drinks, teas, espresso, snacks, smoothies, and bottled soft drinks. Students can purchase meal plans and get smooth supplies of dishes throughout the semester.

2. Commons Food Court

Inside the Commons Food Court

There are varieties of grab-and-go options available for students at the Commons Food Court. Get well cooked Panini sandwiches, salads, soup of the day, snacks and desserts. Since it’s a student-centered cafe, food and drinks sell at reasonable prices.

3. Onion Restaurant and Tea House

Types of foods offered at the Onion Restaurant and Tea House

Prices at this restaurant are favorable for students. With $8 you have a full lunch, soup and egg roll. It is a favorite for students of Asian origin especially the Chinese. Students love this place because it’s cheap and the staff are attentive and friendly. If you want to treat your friends with a meal, this is a nice place.

4. Fireside Bar and Grill

Outside the Fireside Bar and Grill

The Fireside Bar and Grill has a wonderful menu, cozy atmosphere, and dedicated staff. Students get home-cooked dishes at reasonable prices. For guests, there is a warm feeling that welcomes you to New Albany. There is also a warm environment for late night drinks

5. Mark’s Feed Store

Grilled Chicken Finger Salads at the Mark's Feed Store

This restaurants serves desserts, BBQ, pork, salads, and fish all in a casual vibe. With as low as $10, you have a full lunch of any kind of food. Many students love this place because of the amazing waitresses who serve tirelessly.

6. Coffee Crossing

You can use a CrimsonCard at the Coffee Crossing cafe

It’s all about creating an amazing coffee brewing experience and offering products at reasonable prices to students. It’s located just 400 yards away from the university and it’s a perfect breakfast spot. It doesn’t charge exorbitantly and students love it.

7. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken

This restaurant is famous for Chicken Meals

If you want to eat a flavored chicken, this is the joint you get into. It has a reputation of preparing legendary chicken dishes that can rival any brand in the country. The prices are as famous as the chicken and students take turns in this restaurant. They offer Classic Chicken, Jumbo Dippers, and Breast Strips alongside other meals.

These eateries will offer you the most amazing meals, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In most cases, you have all what to eat without going to far away from the university. It’s breathtaking for students since the meals aren’t too expensive to purchase. Get into one of these joints and treat yourself fully.

Restaurants and Cafes at Cleveland State University

The Cleveland State University located at the heart of Ohio and has a perfect learning environment. This is suplemented by the college cafes and restaurants near campus that offer dining services to students. At the university, you will find refreshing cafes that provide some dishes at convenient prices. When you walk outside the university it is not different. Restaurants and Cafes are allover offering various foods and drinks. In short, you can’t miss what you want to eat or drink with the many options available.

1. Fenn Shoppe

The Fenne Shoppe is located at the Fenne Tower

Located at Fenne Tower, this is a perfect spot for breakfast. Get a mango juice or a poppy seed bagel and have a quench. You can either eat in, order takeaway or delivery. They charge reasonably and students love this place because of the delivery services.

2. Outtakes Convenience Store

Outtakes store is ideal for snacks and beverages

The store offers a wide range of beverages all fresh and well brewed. It also provides candy and snack. Located at the university’s student center, many students can get there and get varieties of grab-and-go options. If you don’t feel like eating inside, you can order a takeaway and will be served.

3. Papa John’s Pizza

A section of staff at the Papa John's Pizza

Located at the Main Classroom Atrium, Papa John’s Pizza offers the most delicious pizza around. It’s popular among many students who rank it alongside other high-end chains like Domino’s. Here, Pepperoni and Cheese cost $5.99 while dessert costs around $2. This is a fair price for students.

4. Elements Bistro

Element Bistro has a great ambiance

It is an ideal American Cuisine that provides local foods, beers, and other drinks. There is a variety for lunch including salads, chicken, and sandwiches among others. Also, beer, wine, and whiskey are in abundance. You can dine, drink, host events and have fun in this restaurant.

5. Phuel Cafe

A student dining at the Phuel Cafe

This is modest eatery that features eclectic dishes and friendly staff. As many students will tell you, there is a always something delicious enough to fill your demand. If you love veggies, you are at the right spot. Despite being a small cafe, you can get whatever you want.

6. Hotspot Cafe

Hotspot cafe offers customers with free WiFi and parking

Get off the highway and get into this casual American cafe. They is free, parking, all sorts of burgers, breakfast and lunch options. With free wifi all day, students don’t mind hanging around this place. The comfy setting contributes to a great ambiance making it even more attractive.

7. Winking Lizard Tavern

Outside the Winking Lizard Tavern

If there is a place with a more comprehensive menu, then it’s the Winking Lizard Tavern. Although it’s famous for night drinks, it also provides all sorts of American foods and a few Asian. With tantalizing toppings, students flock here for lunch and dinner.

These are just some of the great places to dine when at Cleveland State University. It is not possible to lack your favorite food in these joints. Since they are student centered, they don’t charge exorbitantly. All you need is to pop in and your delicacy. It will be coming in a few.

Restaurants and Cafes at the Christopher Newport University

Life at the Christopher Newport University would not be the same if not for the college cafes. Apart from proving foods to students, thy play an integral part in the life of the institutions. Restaurants near campus are ideal chilling and refreshing spots. They go all along to even host students’ events. Students can also host visitors, guests, and even parents here. Here are some of the best places to dine and wine at Christopher Newport University.

1. Discovery Cafe

Inside the Discovery Cafe

Being home to Chick-Fil-A, this cafe mostly offers Pizza and chicken sandwich. Pizza costs around $7 with toppings available at low prizes. This amazing pizza price attracts many students who want to have the delicacy. Pizza is always fresh and students can make special orders.

2. Discovery Grille

Students enjoying food at the Discovery Grille

This cafe mostly offers grilled foods such as hot dogs, salads, fresh subs and burgers. It is located at the student center where many can access it. Reasonable price makes it even more student friendly. Chili cheese hot dogs cost around $1.99, while Turkey Melt is $2.50.

3. Einstens Cafe

Einstein's Cafe is Ideal for Coffee Drinks

It’s location, (Trible Library) makes this cafe a convenient meeting point for friends. Coffee is brewed in plenty so you don’t have to worry about late nights or freezing winter mornings. Snacks and pastries are also offered to accompany the hot beverages.

4. Discovery Bistro

Students being served at the Discovery Bistro Cafe

Many students here prefer this joint for lunch and dinner. It is located at the David Student Union, a perfect spot for many. The major food offered here include sandwich at $5.95. However, there are other dishes such as Grilled and Bourbon Chicken, Pepperoni, Triple Play and T.B.M.

5. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Students enjoying their meals at the Moe's Southwest Grill

Off Warwick road is the Moe’s Southwest Grill, a perfect dining spots for students and visitors. Mostly, they offer Southwestern dishes such as Tacos, Nachos and Burritos. In addition, there are other forms of grilled foods such as hot dogs, beef etc. This place is a darling to many students since it offers free chips and salsa in every meal.

6. Smoke BBQ Restaurant and Bar

Students dining at the Smoke BBQ restaurant

Apart from offering foods and drinks, this restaurant is an ideal place for conducting events such as weddings, birthdays, and graduation, anniversaries and all form of parties. They offer students customized deals at their convenience. Locally inspired dishes are in plenty and all you need to do is place an order.

7. Panera Bread

Outside the Panera Bread Restaurant

If you are a fan of bread, ask no more. This is the place where you will get all sorts of breads and sandwiches. It’s an ideal all-day restaurant with free Wi-Fi and tasty meals. It has serves salads, soup, pasteries, bagels, and drinks. It’s located half a mile from the university

8. Schlesinger’s Steakhouse

People dining at the Schlesinger's Steakhouse

If you are out for a drinking spree with friends, his is the place to be. Wine and beer are in plenty and steaks are well cooked. Also, the staff here are courteous and friendly. It has a good atmosphere for partying.

If you are at Christopher Newport University or around Warwick, these are some of the best places to get into. they have great foods and charge reasonably lower prices compares to other high-end international chains. You will brobably walk out with no more hunger or thirst.

Restaurants and Cafe at the Barnard College

There are great dining spots both inside and around the campus of Barnard College. There is a superfluity of options that offer varieties of foods and drinks for the whole populations. Since the college cafes aren’t enough for the students, restaurants near the campus chip to provide catering services. In addition, the restaurants give you a breath to Manhattan life and culture. Here are some of the best restaurants and cafes where you can have great dining;

1. Diana Center Cafe

The Diana Center Cafe is a colorful joint

Apart from the cool red and orange theme, this cafe stands out among many in several ways. Firstly, it features many concepts such as parfait bar and build-your-own-salad, Thin Crust Pizza, and Grille Works. It’s located at the Diana Student Center, a perfect spot for many students. You can pay using either money or points.

2. Liz’s Place

Liz's Place is located at the Diana Student Center

If you are looking for a great meal and snacks, Liz’s Place will offer you such. Starbucks signature beverages, garment sandwiches, and baked pastries will make your day a perfect one. With about $6-$12, you have a complete meal.

3. Hewitt Dining Hall

Students enjoying their meals at the Hewitt Dining Hall

Just at the basement of the Barnard’s Hall, you will find this outstanding restaurant where students converge for meals. It gives you a very rare dining experience. This is perhaps the largest eatery inside the campus. There are began and vegetarian options, gluten free section, halal meals, and full kosher prices, all at student-friendly prices.

4. Community Food and Juice

Michelle Obama also had lunch at this cafe

Located a few yards from the university is the Community food and Juice cafe. It’s an American-eclectic joint that offers local, organic and seasonal foods. This cafe has high emphasis on health and is one of the few offering full vegetarian meals. You will likely find students here scrambling for veggies.

5. Tom’s Restaurant

The exterior view of Tom's Restaurant

This is one of the most popular restaurants near the campus. It’s located at the corner of West 112th Street. It has featured in several TV and is one of the earliest eateries in Manhattan. This restaurant is ideal for coffee drinks.

6. Absolute Bagels Restaurant

This restaurant is highly-rated in New York

This is one of the best bagel restaurants in Manhattan. With as low as $2.75, you can a bagel and students flock this place to have a bite. They have many assortments and the bagels are absolutely incredible. However, you can only pay with cash. During weekends, there are fairly long queues and you need to get there early enough.

7. Peets Coffee at Milstein Center

Peets cafe is inside the Milstein Center

If you are at Barnard college, you need to walk into Milstein’s Peets cafe and have a great coffee drink. Since the establishment, it offers students with good coffee drinks and snacks. It provides premium roasted coffee with great flavor and aroma.

With the many options available, you miss great food deals while around the college. The above are just great options for you to consider. Barnard College, as well as the entire Manhattan neighborhood, has great dining spots for you.

Restaurants and Cafes at JSU

If you are at Jacksonville State University, you will be treated with aromas and delicacies from the college cafes. Just a few yards away are restaurants around the campus where you get exciting meals at your budget. Since many of these restaurants near campus serves students mostly, their prices are reasonable. you will get different joints from simple cafes to high end restaurants and international chains. In this article, am going to show you some of the restaurants and cafes to check into while inside or around the campus.

1. Gamecock Diner

Gamecock Diner is a spacious dining joint

This cafe offers you unique dining experience at low costs. it features unique culinary sections with state-of-the-art technologies to produce superfood. There is plenty of foods such as corn nuggets, chili cheese dawgs, hush puppies, chicken fingers, and burgers just to mention a few.

2. The CAF

Students dining at The CAF

It features a large variety of fresh foods to satisfy everyone. Students love this place because not only is it strategically positioned but also cheap. The delicious and nutritious meals cost anything between $2- $20 and students can purchase without much strain. It is located within the reach of many students.

3. Baja Fresh

Mexican dishes at Baja fresh Restaurant

This is an ideal Mexican restaurant with Baja-inspired dishes such as burritos, tacos, taquitos, desserts, salads, and quesadillas. If you are a fan of big, delicious Mexican foods, this is the ultimate place to be. The staff is friendly and warm and the atmosphere feels great for students. The cheapest dish here costs $1.49 while the most expensive is just $8.99.

4. Jazzmans Cafe and Bakery

Jazzman's cafe is perfect for Breakfast

If there is any place you need to stop at every morning, then it is Jazzman’s cafe. In this cafe, you will whatever coffee and tea blend you want. these beverages are accompanied by freshly-baked items for breakfast.

5. Wow Cafe and Wingery

Inside the dining area at Wow Cafe and Wingery

Famous for it’s delicious wings and burgers, this is a nice place to hang out. This restaurant also offers chicken tenders, quesadillas, and salads to quench your appetite. If you want to go out with friends, check in at this restaurants and get the best chicken treat you have been hoping for.

6. Cecil’s Place

Cecil's Place has been in place since 1980

Lunch is not enough if you have not yet visited Cecil’s place. Located just 1.2 km from the university, there are awesome flavors that you don’t want to miss. Talk of burgers, fries, sandwiches, and milkshakes that everyone is talking about! Students love the freshness of the food and the manner it’s cooked. Perfect joint for lunch and dinner.

7. Grandpa Noodle Gallery

This joint is famous for Asian dishes

Just as the name suggests, grandpa has been doing a great job to offer noodles to students. In additions, this joint also offers a Asian food. The ambiance is great although the dishes are fairly expensive compare to other joints. Asian students are always here in plenty.

If you are looking forward to a great stay at or around Jacksonville, here are some of the places you should check in. they offer great foods and drinks and don’t be amazed how cheap they are. While these are just but a few, there are many more to stopover. The dining experience from these places is totally unmatched.