10 Coolest Courses at Mercyhurst University

Not sure what to study in college? Don’t let indecision win over you. We suggest you make a list of courses that you like or you need to achieve your ultimate goals. To help you with your decisions, we have listed down 10 coolest courses at Mercyhurst University. Mercyhurst University is a small, Catholic liberal arts institution in Erie, Pennsylvania. The campus offers more than 50 undergraduate majors.

1.GEOL 203 – Voyages to the Terrestrial Planets

Geology students field experience.

Do you like to learn more about the universe? Why not try a course that will tackle terrestrial planets? GEOL 203 or Voyages to the Terrestrial Planets is under the geology department at Mercyhurst. In this course, students will concentrate on learning planetary geology, as well as travels or voyages to space and other planets.

2. FASH 110 – Introduction to the Fashion Industry

Group picture of Students from the Fashion department at Mercyhurst.

If fashion is your passion, then FASH 110 is just right for you. This subject is considered one of the 10 coolest courses at Mercyhurst University. Students will learn basic planning, promotion, distribution techniques for wear/clothing markets. Also, students will study both intrinsic and extrinsic properties within the textile complex.

3. ARTH 125 – Art Therapy I

Art therapy session at Mercyhurst University.

Do you like traveling? At Mercyhurst University, you have an opportunity to travel abroad through the Arth Therapy I course. As one of the top universities with art therapy programs, Mercyhurst provides students a chance to volunteer in art therapy related service-learning programs abroad.

4. MUS 101 – Theory I

Mercyhurst Civic Orchestra from the college's chamber orchestra.

Fourth on our list of 10 coolest courses at Mercyhurst University is MUS 101. This course covers not just music, but as well as psychology, healthcare, neurology, and real-world clinical experiences. You will learn to use music as part of an integrative course of therapy to improve a person’s well-being.

5. DANC 380 – Choreography II

Dance class routine at Mercyhurst University.

If directing musical dance, opera or recitals on stage is your kind of passion, then DANC 380 is the course for you. In this course, you’ll learn the art of dance composition. You will also be able to work two to four times a year in mainstage dance centers of Mercyhurst University.

6. ART 321 – Introduction to Website Design

Ongoing lecture at Mercyhurst.

If your dream is to be the next online influencer, learning website design is a must. At Mercyhurst University, one of the coolest courses being offered is ART 321 or Introduction to Website Design. This course prepares students to become creative in terms of website development. If you take this course, you’ll learn the professional use of emerging technologies and web-based communication.

7. HIS 235 – Intro to Public History/Museum Studies

History majors at a Regional Conference.

Intro to Public History and Museum Studies allow students to explore historical sites around the world. The course prepares students to work in interesting careers after college. You have the chance to work in historic sites, museums, and you’ll be able to contribute to business and public history policymaking.

8. ANTH 224 – Archaeological Field Methods

The Archaeological processing laboratory at Mercyhurst University.

This course is made to expose students to field methods used in contemporary anthropological archaeology. If you’re into archeology, you’ll definitely enjoy this class. Topics of the course include technical details, rational, and wide range of filed methods in terms of site characterization, location, and pre/historical sites.

9. ANTH 357 – Bioarchaeology

Anthropology students doing fieldwork.

Are you curious about the lives of ancient people? Learning bioarchaeology will help you understand the lives and deaths of earlier people. The course covers the analysis of human remains from an archeological perspective.

10. SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology

Active learning in a classroom at Mercyhurst University

The tenth on our list of 10 coolest courses at Mercyhurst University is none other than SOC 100 or Introduction to Sociology. Studying sociology will help you understand how societies work. This course will also assist you in adapting with societal change and therefore help you make rational decisions in life and your career.

If you’re still undecided what courses to take in college, you can use the list above as a cool reference. Studying does require not only passion and hard work but also curiosity. Try to take classes that are not common among your peers, and you’ll be surprised to what you can actually learn and gain.

10 Coolest Courses at Mercer University

It seems like you can study a college course in just about anything these days. From hardest to easiest, universities are offering classes that categorize as cool to their students. At Mercer University (MU), you will find yourself on a campus full of innovative, unique, and sometimes daring but cool learning opportunities. Let me take you to my list of 10 coolest courses at Mercer University. And hopefully, by the end of this post, you can pick a class that you like to attend.

1.ANT 356 – Archaeology of the Goddess

Mercer students field experience.

One of the coolest courses you’ll encounter at Mercer University is under the Anthropology department, the ANT 356. This course tackles the existence of feminine deities. Topics include the mythological origin and archaeological pre-historic data of goddesses. If you want to learn something cool, then this course is definitely right for you!

2. CLA 102 – Comedy and Satire

Students group photo at Mercer University.

Take a course that will make your imagination flow. CLA 102 or Comedy and Satire is about with and humor with political and social criticism. If you take this class, you will also learn the most fundamental questions of human existence. Cool, right?!

3. BIO 475 – Virology

Biological research at Mercer University department of biology.

Do you want to know how a virus affects the human body? At Mercer University, you can learn everything about viruses. BIO 475 or Virology is the third on our list of coolest courses to study at Mercer. Topics of this course include the nature, epidemiology, and control of viral diseases. You will also learn the mechanisms in which viruses use to achieve self-replication and host infection.

4. GDS 306 – NGOs, Aid and Advocacy in Action

Students from International Studies at Mercer University

Are you curious about how a non-profit organization works? If yes, then you can consider taking up GDS 306. This course focuses on private-sector agencies, non-profit agencies that deal with the transition and development of advocacy, humanitarian relief, and service delivery. You will also study the effectiveness of these organizations in serving communities.

5. ART 224 – Sculpture

Collection of arts at Mercer University

Learning art is cool, and so is every art subtopics. And here at Mercer University, you can study one of the coolest courses under the Art department, Sculpture. Art 224 or Sculpture is the study of three-dimensional design, object casting, metal, and wood fabrication. If you like creating character models or model objects into reality, the best way is to carve them.

6. CSC 380 – Artificial Intelligence

A computer science student studying eagerly on his laptop.

With the advent of high technology, universities are now offering cool courses to adapt to innovation. At Mercer University, you can study Artificial Intelligence. This course is an introduction to the principles and techniques used to design systems and the problem domains of artificial intelligence.

7. JMS 230 – Digital Storytelling

Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University

Are you an inspiring digital writer? Try one of the coolest courses at Mercer University to put your creativity in writing. The course Digital Storytelling focuses on the contemporary form of narrative nonfiction storytelling. In this course, you will learn how to form and tell stories across multiple digital platforms.

8. PHI 250 – Mind, Brain, and Behavior

Ongoing lecture at Mercer University.

Have you ever wondered how and why people think and behave the way they do? PHI 250 is a course that tackles the philosophy of mind. You will learn different theories of personal identity and the mind, as well as behaviorism and the nature of consciousness. After you take this course, you’ll surely understand people more deeply.

9. PSY 240 – Theories of Personality

A Psychology student attending a Research Conference at Mercer University

Isn’t it cool learning the different personalities of people? At Mercer University, you can take classes on Theories of Personality. This course covers major theoretical explanations of the structure, organization, and development of personal attributes. Studying this subject will help you understand why people have different characteristics.

10. THR 302 – Directing

Theater students gathered in a circle.

If watching stage play or TV series makes you want to direct your own creation, then you may want to consider taking Directing. This course is the 10th coolest courses on our list. If you take THR 302, you will learn the methods and principles of direction for camera and stage. At the end of this course, you will be directing a one-act scene or play for stage or television.

Opting for a unique and cool course is a great way to enjoy campus life. The 10 courses mentioned are considered cool yet clear specialization that can suit your personality. These courses will help you get what you truly want after campus. I hope the list above can help you in choosing your university courses.

10 Coolest Courses at the University of Toledo

The University of Toledo (UT) is among 27 public universities in the country that offer such a multitude of academic options at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The college experience at the University of Toledo extends beyond academics. Not only in the classrooms, the students are involved, but in their professions and communities too. As a student, you’ll be part of the community. You’ll make a difference – on campus and around the world. Continue reading to learn more about the 10 coolest courses at the University of Toledo.

1. ART 1080 – Perceptual Drawing

Arft work by students from UT's College of Arts and Letters.

The first in our list of 10 Coolest Courses at The University of Toledo is under the college of arts and letters, Art 1080. This course covers different approaches to drawing. As a student, you’ll learn to develop visual acuity, skills, and perception in the field of drawing. If you love studying graphic media, this class is worth your time!

2. CIVE 3210 – Soil Mechanics

A student digging the soil for studying.

Can you imagine studying soil? At the University of Toledo, under the department of civil engineering and environmental engineering is a course that tackles soil. CIVE 3210 explores the physical properties, origins, soil stresses, and movement of water through the soil as an engineering material. Cool, right!?

3. SPED 4340 – Effective Management Of Students With Special Needs In Educational Settings

Teacher and a student talking in a classroom

Teaching is indeed a cool profession because you get to help students become a better version of themselves. In this course, you will focus on learning effective methods in handling special children. Topics include techniques for managing student behavior, analyzing problems and environments, and data and analysis. You will also learn to handle aggression and noncompliance, as well as implementing and evaluating interventions.

4. FINA 3480 – Investments

The opening of the Accounting Lab at the college of business and innovation

Not many people are good at handling money, yet if you learn how, you’ll have a great advantage. FINA 3480, is definitely a course that you’ll love studying because you’ll discover one of the most crucial survival methods, investing! This course covers the history of risk-returns trade-off, investment process, financial markets, and investment securities.

5. EEES 2150 – Biodiversity

Biodiversity lecture at the University of Toledo.

The fifth in our list of 10 coolest courses at the University of Toledo is all about biodiversity. If you want to learn the different processes that govern all living things, this course is a must! Exploring the biodiversity and general biological methods and problems of living organisms can turn your boring lectures to exciting ones.

6. ASTR 4820 – Astrophysics II

The observing team (students from Physics and Astronomy department) from University of Toledo.

Astrophysics is one of the coolest courses at the University of Toledo. Why? Well, it’s because this subject is the study of celestial objects and events happening outside of Earth’s atmosphere. Learning stellar structure and evolution, as well as close binaries, the sun, the Milky Way, cosmology, will make your campus life a bit more exciting!

7. EECS 3550 – Software Engineering

Students from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, posing a group picture.

In this modern era, where computer and internet rules, having software knowledge is beyond amazing! Next in our list of 10 coolest courses is none other than EECS 3550 or Software Engineering. This course tackles human-computer interaction, software design, tools, modification, testing, software lifecycle, and user requirements. If you want to see yourself developing software for the future generation, this subject is your best shot!

8. PHIL 3000 – Symbolic Logic

The faculty of social and philosophical foundation of University of Toledo.

Are you interested in logic and philosophical ideas? This course will help you identify and understand symbolic logic. Studying this subject will give you a broader perspective on society. Interesting topics in this course include Bayesianism, set theory, predicate, and propositional logic.

9. PSY 1010 – Principles of Psychology

Psychology students group picture after class.

Do you want to know why people behave the way they do? Principles of Psychology is one of the 10 coolest courses at the University of Toledo that will help you understand people’s behavior. This course will cover scientific topics and principles that govern human actions.

10. THR 3470 – Stage Sound Design

The interiors of the Doermann Theater at the University of Toledo.

Our list won’t be complete without a course that entertains people. THR 3470 or Stage Sound Design is one of the coolest subjects for students who love theater studies. This course tackles techniques and methods of sound production and design in a theater set-up.

The 1o coolest courses at the University of Toledo can make your campus life a bit relaxing and exciting. Without these courses, you may find yourself stressed all the time. If you want a balanced and fulfilling college life, choose subjects that you will enjoy the most. You can consider trying the coolest courses mentioned above. Happy studying!

10 Coolest Courses at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University (SLU) began in the year 1818. It is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious Catholic universities and recognized for world-class academics. The University is guided by enduring Jesuit mission that focuses on serving unwavering commitment with a higher purpose. If you want to engage in a fun, challenging yet cool field of studies, check out the list of 10 coolest courses at Saint Louis University. This list will help you in shaping your future after college.

1. AENG 2000 – Intro to Aeronautics & Astron

Picture of students and teacher after an aviation summer class at SLU.

The first course listed for the 10 coolest courses at Saint Louis University is worthy to consider. This course will cover the topics about the nature of aerodynamic forces; incompressible and compressible fluid flow. The class includes an introduction to performance, stability, and control. You will gain an understanding of the structures and the design process as a whole. Isn’t that amazing?!

2. THEO 3740 – Religions of Asia

Asian American Association representative talking to students at a recruitment booth

This course is mainly about different religions in Asia. Topics include Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The course will also cover sacred space, cultivation of self, birth and life stories. If you take this course, you\ll surely learn new and cool ideas and philosophies of the Asian religion.

3. THR 2500 – Costume Construction

The set of a play during a theatre performance

Are you interested in costume making? If yes, then you’ll probably like this course. One of the coolest courses at Saint Louis University is THR 2500. This course teaches students on the importance of effective stage costuminng. Topics under this subject include draping, sewing costumes, and draping. At the end of the course, you can enjoy creating your own costumes if you’ll ever want to perform on stage.

4. EAS 2210 – Mineralogy Lab

A geophysics student examining rocks in the lab.

Can you imagine yourself studying ore, stones, and rock-forming minerals? This subject is one of the coolest courses at SLU because students will learn how to identify rock-forming and ore minerals. Method of studying will include optical and physical properties examination. Field trips are also part of this course. Pretty amazing, right?!

5. BIOL 3060 – Cell Structure and Function Laboratory

Group Picture of Students and faculty from Biology Department.

This subject covers the basic concepts in cell biology which includes pdifferent organisms, principles of protein synthesis, the establishment of primary cell cultures will also be covered in this course. By taking up this class, you will learn techniques in microscopy (light/fluorescent), SDS-PAGE and protein determination.  These topics appear complex yet awe-inspiring because they make students appreciate and understand life at the cellular level.

6. CVNG 3070 – Engineering Project Management

Engineers planning a project in their new laboratory.

Do you want to build houses or commercial establishments? But you lack knowledge in managing project building, then this course will definitely inspire you. Taking up this course includes an introduction to basic concepts of management, business, public policy, and leadership. Other topics including labor, material, equipment, and indirect costs; analytical techniques for project planning and scheduling. Remember that inventions and creations are possible through project management, isn’t that cool!

7. SOC 4680 – Forensic GIS

A classroom setup for students and teacher in sociology department

This course teaches students how to apply spatial statistics and sociological theories to the study of crime in the US. Topics in this subject include hot spot mapping, the journey to crime models, temporal and spatial patterns of crime. If you love watching thriller or crime movies, you may want to consider this cool and unique course. While you might hesitate at first since forensic studies involve crime, solving crime through forensics is definitely cool!

8. CSCI 2400 – Computer Architecture

Picture of computer programmers in a classroon

With the world’s current modern technology progress, computer architecture might be one of the coolest courses you can take. This subject discusses the introduction to the organization and architecture of computer systems, including aspects of digital logic and data representation.  This concept of study includes designing structural platform using modern technology.

9. EAS 4780 – COMET Modules

Comet flying over earth from space

Comets are rarely predictable yet surprise people most of the time. In this course, students can become a part of surprising and unpredictable modules. Why? Well, it is because the course depends on the student’s pace. This is a self-study course that uses Computer-Based Learning. If you take this course, you’ll enjoy studying this cool subject every day!

10. THR 2510 – Acting I: Fundamentals

Picture of people acting at Saint Louis University Theater.

The last on our list of 10 coolest courses at Saint Louis University is certainly not the least. This course can help you become the next big star. How cool is that! Students taking this class not only study the principal theories of realistic acting but also learn the balanced of experiencing character creation.

Saint Louis University offers competitive and complex yet creative, fun, and cool courses for students. The 10 coolest courses at Saint Louis University signifies that the University is up to providing unique and new challenges. These subjects can also help students to focus on shaping the future.

10 Hardest Courses at Piedmont Technical College

Not all courses are created equal, some are harder than others. Therefore, if you’re deciding for a major or degree, you better know what courses you’re getting yourself into. At Piedmont Technical College (PCT), you will encounter both easy and difficult subjects. Today, you will learn the 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College. Continue reading to learn more about these difficult courses.

1. ACC 102 – Accounting Principles II

A group picture of students from Piedmont Technical College.

Numbers and theories if combined are quite a handful for college students. If you’re taking an Accounting degree, you’ll have to study this course. ACC 102 is one of the hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College because it focuses on managerial accounting theory and procedures for financial statement and cost accounting.

2. ACR 224 – Codes and Ordinances

Picture of person with hardhat working on electrical wires

Are you familiar with codes and ordinances for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating installment? This course will help you learn the appropriate building of ordinances and codes for heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration installation. Math is one of the basic foundations of this course and you have to know how to apply principles to be able to pass this subject.

3. CHM 110 – College Chemistry I

a teacher looking over a student's lab station

Our list of 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College is incomplete without a chemistry course. This subject is known for its difficult lectures. In College Chemistry I, you will learn gas laws, atomic and molecular structure, solutions and equilibria, and nomenclature and equations.

4. CPT 237 – Advanced Java Programming

Computer technology student working on computer

If your computer language is as easy as ABC, anyone can create computer programs. However, learning the computer language is not easy. This course is about one of the computer languages that you’ll encounter if you’re studying computer technology. Advanced Java Programming covers network programming, swing classes, multi-reading, layout managers and JavaBean component model.

5.ECD 203 – Growth and Development II

Early Childhood Development event at Piedmont Technical College.

Fifth on our list of 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College is the subject, Growth, and Development II. This course covers an in-depth study of preschool children developing and growing in recent years. You have to learn about different tasks and activities that are appropriate for the children. If you think you can’t handle kids, then you’ll find this class a bit challenging.

6. EET 145 – Digital Circuits

A sample of a computer board from a class in electronic engineering.

Do you like studying math, numbers, algebra, and logic? If not, then this course will give you a headache. Digital Circuits course tackles number systems, logic optimization, counters, registers, Boolean algebra, and basic logic gates. Apart from these concepts, you will also learn how to model a circuit, test and construct it.

7. EGT 215 – Mechanical Drawing Applications

Tools needed in engineering design class at Piedmont.

If you want to learn art designs in a technical and industrial environment, then this course can help you. However, you need a great foundation in engineering and computer knowledge to understand this class. Mechanical Drawing Applications course covers advanced drawing principles and applications in the industrial setting.

8. FSE 101 – Introduction to Funeral Services

Symposium of students from Funeral Services Department

This course is not just hard but it’s only for students who are brave enough to handle dead people. If you think you have a calling to do funeral services then this is the best class for you. While this subject is quite difficult because of all the ethical principles it covers, the course can help you learn more about life and death.. The course covers the history, principles and practices of funeral services, with attention ethics, fundamental skills, knowledge, obligations and aptitudes of a funeral service professional in America.

9.MAT 140 – Analytical Geometry and Calculus I

An ongoing Math lecture at Piedmont Technical College.

We can’t go on with our list without a Math subject. Analytical Geometry and Calculus I is one of the 10 hardest courses at Piedmont Technical College because this course require good foundation in Geometry, algebra, trigonometry, polynomials, logarithmic and most basic and higher math concepts. This course also covers topics about curve, sketching, minima and maxim functions and related rates.

10. PHM 202 – Pharmacological Anatomy and Physiology

Student Memorizing medications

Do you have problems with memorizing things? If you do, then you’ll find this course hard. Memorization and understanding are the key skills you need to pass this subject. Pharmacological Anatomy and Physiology is about therapeutic drug categories. It also tackles anatomy and physiology of systems affected by medication actions.

The road to achieving your dreams is not always smooth. You will encounter hardships and challengers. One of the many obstacles that you must overcome are the hardest courses in your campus. Hopefully this list can help you come up with ways to pass college with flying colors.

10 Hardest Courses at South Carolina State University

South Carolina State University is located in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. This university is the only state-funded and a land-grant institution in South Carolina. It started in the year 1872 as the South Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical Institute. The school campus has a total land area of 160 acres (65 ha) plus an additional 267 acres (108 ha) at Camp Harry Daniels in Elloree, South Carolina. The university offers a wide variety of courses that students can choose from to gain a bachelor’s degree in a specific field of study.

1.C 407 – Inorganic Chemistry

A student works in a chemistry lab

Do you want to explore the world of science and learn new ways on how to improve coordination of compound elements? This course provides a systematic study of the chemistry of elements and their compounds. You will also learn the different methods and techniques which are unique to inorganic chemistry. If you are up to challenge, then you might want to consider this course.

2. FM 205 – Design Elements and Principles for the Consumer and Environment

A group of students conceptualizing design

Do you want to become competent in acquiring knowledge in the fundamental elements of design? Then, this course will assist you in understanding basic design fundamentals within the professional and consumer context. The course provides a deeper knowledge base competencies on conceptualizing the principles and component of the design.

3.CS 496 – Neuroinformatics and Brain-Computer Interface

Students talking about their research study.

If you are the type of person who loves doing research with the latest technology interface, then this course that covers the information processing system in the neural system is a game changer course for you. The course includes neuro-computing on neuron level, cognitive processing on a brain level, neuro-informatics website, artificial neural architecture, bio-signal processing, brain-robot interface, and brain-computer interface. Laboratory works plays a vital role in learning this course that includes bio-signals metrics.

4. NE 180 – Essentials of Medical Physics

Picture of two students in a physics lab

If you want to have a solid foundation for theoretical and practical aspects necessary for studying medical physics applications, then this 4th course considered as one of the hardest course in South Carolina State University might be an interest for you. The course tackles basic principles in medical physics. The applications that you will learn in different areas such as diagnostic imaging, physiological monitoring, and analysis of clinical data is a basic skill you need if you want to proceed in the field of Nuclear Engineering.

5. SPED 322 – Educational Procedure for the Mildly Mentally Retarded

A female teacher leads a young male student in a counting exercise.

Teaching is a tough profession but it gives the most rewarding fulfillment being able to help those with special needs. This course is designed to prepare a person to work with individuals identified having mental disorder. The course presents a detailed program and teaching strategies needed in handling those person with special needs.

6.CS 308 – Data Structures and Algorithms Analysis

A student presenting a math calculation on a glass board

Analysis is not an exciting task specifically if you are dealing with Algorithms. But if you up to challenge and loves dealing with numbers an and abstract, then this course is worth to consider. The course deals with abstract data types used as mathematical models for elementary data structures, including records, lists, linked lists, queues, stacks, and trees. Each is analyzed for speed, memory usage, simplicity, pitfalls, and is compared to other data structures.

7.P 255 – General Physics II w/ Calculus

ongoing class lecture in calculus

This course is a combination of Math, Science, and Engineering. It offers a general physics course with calculus covering topics is thermodynamics, electricity, wave motion, and magnetism. This course is recommended for students majoring in mathematics, computer science, and civil, mechanical, industrial, & electrical engineering offering a wide array of study that is a prerequisite if you want to proceed with a General Education Curriculum.

8.ACCT 419 – International Accounting

A group of students major in International Accounting.

Having a solid background in Accounting is an essential part of the success of a business. This course offers a wide array of study in multinational dimensions of accounting with specific relevance to the economy and practices of a certain country. You will gain an understanding of the different clusters of financial accounting principles, foreign currency translation, multiple reporting systems, and financial disclosure of multinational taxation and transfer pricing.

9. PSY 308 – Child Psychology

Picture of a toddler playing games with a net on head that is evaluating brain iwth a doctor and his mother holding him

Ninth on our list of 10 hardest courses at South Carolina State University is none other than PSY 308. This course provides a complete package of a child development stage thru psychology from childbirth up to adolescence period. The course examines the descriptive and psychodynamic aspect of a child’s development. The study also includes motor, intellectual, emotional, and social development.

10.ARTS 323 – Electronic Page Design

picture of a white walled museum area

Through this course, students will learn the processes and applications of layout and page design in the digital environment. The course main focus includes poster/layout design, editorial design, promotional design, desktop publishing, and publication design. Theories beneficial for this course of study will also be included in the curriculum.

Being in a university is quite tough at times but learning new things, skills, and knowledge is the best thing you can give to yourself and for your future. There are courses that are quite tough to take but it will bring the best version of yourself once you finished the course and be part of the institution. These 10 hardest courses at South Carolina State University are challenging but will definitely help you after college.

10 Hardest Courses at Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is a private college located in Savannah, Georgia. It is a mid-size private institution founded in 1978 with an enrollment of more than 9,000 undergraduate students. The school operates in two locations in Georgia and in Hongkong. If you’re interested in enrolling in this campus, this list of 10 hardest courses at Savannah College of Art and Design will come in handy.

1. ADBR 205 – Creative Production for Brand Content

A student creating template design with a colour wheel in front of a computer

Are you creative? Applying creativity and making something out of your imagination is not an easy task. This course from Savannah College of Art and Design requires you to do both. Creative Production for Brand Content covers topic about prototype development based on innovative advertising concepts.

2.ANIM 411 – Technical Animation

person drawing on tablet for animation

Have you ever wondered how action packed or fantasy movies create their special effects? With this course, you’ll learn the use of CG dynamics, including, cloth and hair simulation. You will also know how to create secondary emotion to improve animated storytelling. If you think you can handle this challenging and technical side of studying Animation, then you can survive this course.

3. FASH 220 – Advanced Fashion Sketching

picture of fashion design sketches of different outfits

Sketching may sound easy, but it is not. You need to incorporate the right ideas, moods, and details of the garments or clothes into your sketches. Included in our list of 10 hardest courses at Savannah College of Art and Design is the course FASH 220. This course covers techniques and uses of croquis and flat specification in visually interpreting fashion apparel.

4.FIBR 170 – Textile Structures: Material, Form, and Function

students working with fiber and textiles

Fourth on our list of 10 hardest courses at Savannah is the Textile Structures of FIBR 170. This course covers experiments that deal with textile processes and the combination of textile materials. The course also focuses on the use of fiber and textile in technological innovation, contemporary and industry practices.

5. INDS 302 – Lighting for the Interior

sample interior design of a working space

If you think this course is just about adding lighting in an interior environment, then you’re wrong. This course is not just about designing, but also learning about basic electricity and electrical distribution systems. Therefore, you need to have a good foundation in Math to understand this class.

6. PROD 302 – Costume Design Techniques

student creating a set model for production design class

Do you like making costumes? In this course, you will learn how to construct costumes through different techniques. You will study machine sewing, hand sewing, and other industry-specific construction to create costumes. This course is hard because you need to know how to use the different techniques in costume making and incorporate the ideas of character and narrative interpretation of production design.

7.PSYC 260 – Creative Thinking Theories and Processes

Psychology lecture picture of students listening to professor

This course is something you can’t avoid, and it is one of the 10 hardest courses at Savannah College of Art and Design. PSYC 260 is made for students across all majors. When you take this class, you will understand the psychological process of creating thinking and collaboration. This course will also help you distinguish situational factors that affect creative thinking.

8. SCPT 304 – Modeling: Reimagining the Figure

Sculpture exhibit at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Do you know that clay modeling techniques can be used in the automobile industry? This course from Savannah College of Art and Design will teach you clay modeling techniques and applications in different industries. Some of these industries are the toy, film and even automobile.

9.TELE 360 – Business of Television

Television set up production made by Savannah students

Are you looking for a career in the television industry? This course can help you understand the business of television. If you take this subject, you will study the various players in the TV business, including the advertisers, networks, producers, and agents. Finishing this course will give you a perspective of the financial, management, and creation of television programs.

10. CREA 357 – Poetry Writing III: Refining Poetic Voice

Meeting and gathering of Creative writers

The last but certainly not the least in the list of 10 hardest courses at Savannah is about poetry writing. This course requires a thorough skills in writing and poetry. In this class, you will learn complex poetic forms, manuscripts and interpretation of contemporary poets.

College can be overwhelming at times but this shouldn’t lower your confidence or self-esteem. Take challenges and learn from them. Who knows, these 10 hardest courses at Savannah can bring you more opportunities in the future.

10 Hardest Courses at California Baptist University

Campus life can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Why? College is exciting because you’ll learn new things and meet new friends. On the other hand, college is also nerve-wracking because you’ll encounter challenging courses. Today, I’ll be discussing the 10 hardest courses at California Baptist University (CBU). Hopefully, this list will help you prepare your university life. Check out the list of 10 hardest courses below.

1. ACC 410 – Advanced Accounting

faculty and staff group picture at California Baptist University

Anything with numbers can be challenging for most students. The ACC 410 is an accounting subject that requires you to be good in math and its application in business. Advanced accounting covers topic about accounting relationships between subsidiary and parent business entities. It also tackles foreign currency exchange, partnership accounting, transactions, and foreign subsidiary financial statements.

2. MAT 154 – Statistics for Nursing and Healthcare

A Nursing Student listening intently to a lecture  at California Baptist University

Who says Nursing is all about the science of caring? Well, Nursing classes can also lead you to study statistics. This course is an introduction to statistics for Nursing majors. Topics under this class include epidemiology, clinical trials, and statistical theory.

3. FLT 116 – Private Pilot Ground

California Baptist University allowing students to tour their flight operation center.

Are you an Aviation student at California Baptist University? If yes, then you’ll have to go through one of the 10 hardest courses of the campus, which is the FLT 116. This course is an in-depth study of aerodynamics, airspace, airframes, aircraft systems, and all methods of navigation. Private Pilot Ground can be a bit overwhelming, but if you like aviation that much, you’ll get through this course well.

4. DES 112 – Design Thought Foundations II

Students having their Design Class.

Fourth on our list of 10 hardest courses at California Baptist University is the Design Thought Foundations II. If you think that designing is just being creative, then you’re wrong. This course is all about applying and understanding design thinking through 3D exploration principles. When you study this course, you’ll learn design methods, frameworks, and other applications of design theories.

5. CHE 416 – Physical Chemistry II with Lab

California Baptist University students at the Chem-E-Car Western Student Regional conference

Our list of hardest courses won’t be complete without a chemistry subject. One of the most challenging classes under the Chemistry department at California Baptist University is Physical Chemistry. Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, and Molecular Structure are some of the difficult topics you have to study in this course.

6. HSC 305 – Epidemiology

The Health Science building at the California Baptist University

If you’re up for a challenge, take the Epidemiology course at CBU. This subject deals with disease classification, analytic study designs, disease frequency, and effects, as well as screening latent diseases. You need to have excellent memorization skills and analytical thinking to be able to understand this course.

7. THE 353 – Directing I

One of the Theater Programs at California Baptist University

Do you love watching musicals, and plays? The people behind these entertainment media are what we call as “Directors.” Studying to become a director is not easy. This course at California Baptist University covers the techniques of stage direction, composition, blocking, picturization and play analysis. If you take this course, you need to present in-depth research, directing scene work and script analysis.

8. PSY 473 – Psychophysiology

Annual Counseling Psychology Practicum Luncheon at CBU

Studying how the brain work will never be on the list of easy courses. Psychophysiology or PSY 473 covers the introduction to the complexities, boundaries, and capacity of the brain. If you don’t have critical and analytic thinking skills, this subject can give you a headache. Topics under this course include neural and endocrine processes that affect the brain-behavior and function.

9. EGR 225 – Discrete Structures I

California Baptist University Club host Tutorial for Engineering Students

Imagine learning computer science with discrete mathematics. It won’t be an easy class, for sure! This course covers the foundations of discrete mathematics as they apply to computer science. You also have to learn propositional logic, fundamentals of counting, number theory, relations, Boolean algebra, and simple proof techniques.

10. RAD 440 – Radiologic Biology and Physics

Radiology Department at California Baptist University.

Last on our list of 10 hardest courses at CBU is the RAD 440. This course tackles the principles of radiation with the living systems. Imagine learning radiation effects on cells, tissues, molecules and the body as an entire system. Isn’t it hard? Yes, this course is challenging and if you want to secure high grades, you have to study hard.

Tough courses can give you more stress than easy subjects, but they will certainly put you on the edge of your seat. Challenges can help your campus life more exciting and fun, so don’t think twice. Try these courses and pursue the dreams that you want.

10 Hardest Courses at Mendocino College

Mendocino College is a public community institution in Ukiah, California. Its campus is situated in a rural area of hilltop land north of downtown Ukiah. The college has three branches in Fort Bragg, Willits, and Lakeport. Presently, there are about 4,000 students enrolled on the campus. The school has an open admissions policy and offers challenging courses. To learn more about these courses, check out our list of 10 hardest courses at Mendocino College below.

1. ENG 210 – Creative Writing

Mendocino faculty discussing about a new book released.

While reading stories make your imagination go wild and free, creating stories can make your brain cells exhausted. It is never easy to create characters and stories that can inspire your readers. That’s what creative writing is all about. This course will teach students to apply writing principles in developing stories.

2. ANT 200 – Physical Anthropology

Ethnic Studies Students having their class meeting.

Do you want to understand the interactions between behavior, environment and biology? Well, this course will help you learn about these things. Physical Anthropology deals with the biological nature of human’s past and present, as well as understanding beyond the human biological phenomena. If you don’t have a solid foundation in both natural and social science, you’ll find this course hard.

3. GEL 201 – Geology

Geology students posing for group picture

Geology can be a difficult course, but effort and hard work can make up for that in part. Third on our list of 10 hardest courses at Mendocino College is GEL 201. This course deals with a lot of math in the long run, so if you don’t like numbers and computations, geology is not for you. While this class can be demanding, the field experiences can make learning fun.

4. MTH 210 – Calculus and Analytical Geometry I

A Professor teaching Mendocino students.

Any math course can be a bit difficult, but this course is quite overwhelming. You open a book and you’ll have to analyze and understand equations, maximization of areas and related rates. Calculus and Analytical Geometry I is not for faint-hearted. Studying this course will require stress and time management!

5. BIO 231 – Human Physiology

Professor using slide shows in teaching Biology students.

A ton of medical terminologies can make this course challenging. Human Physiology requires you to understand not just the different parts of the body but how body systems work. If you don’t have a good ground in Chemistry before taking this class, understanding the physiological mechanisms of the body can be very difficult.

6. BIO 259 – Microbiology

Nursing faculty meeting at Mendocino College

This course is under the Nursing program of Mendocino College. Microbiology is considered one of the most challenging classes in Nursing. It is also included in our list of 10 hardest courses at Mendocino College. In order to understand this course, you need to have a good comprehension in multiple fields, including chemistry, genetics, mathematics and biology. You should also have a good memorization power to excel in this subject.

7. POL 202 – Political Theory

A group of students from Mendocino College posing for group picture in front of fountain

Studying political theory can be very demanding because it requires a thorough and rigorous analysis. If you don’t like long words and complicated sentences that deal with political concepts, this course isn’t for you. Nevertheless, if you have the guts and perseverance in integrating political philosophies into practice, then you’ll definitely succeed in this subject.

8. PSY 218 – Abnormal Psychology

Mendocino library interior

Psychosomatic disorders, mood disorders, and substance abuse are some of the topics you’ll have to learn when studying Abnormal Psychology. If these topics interest you, then be prepared to get busy. This course requires deep understanding of biological, environmental, and cultural influences on abnormal behavior.

9. AGR 53 – Landscaping with Native Plants

students looking at different plants

Do you love plants and landscaping? AGR 53 is the best course for students who like to learn how to use plants in landscaping. This course requires you to learn different native California plants and integrate them into diverse landscape settings. If you think you can handle memorization and application of concepts, you can definitely pass this course!

10. ART 213 – Color and Composition

Mendocino Art Student in an art show.

To finish our list of 10 hardest courses at Mendocino college is the subject, Art 213. This course will cover the application of the principles and theories of design. If you take this course, you’ll have a wider understanding of all subsequent art courses. Creativity and imagination are some of the integral factors in creating beautiful art. You have to be artistic and creative to pass this subject.

Difficult courses can take a lot of time. It might not be the best choice for students but challenging courses can bring fulfillment and success. Students can discover new abilities as they challenge their boundaries. So what are you waiting for? Try these hard courses at Mendocino College.

10 Hardest Courses at George Fox University

George Fox University is a Christian University in Oregon. The school has more than 4, 100 students from the main campus and its centers in Redmond, Salem, and Portland. GFU is a participant in the Richter Scholars program, which makes them competitive in the research industry. With this in mind, you’ll have an idea that this campus offers challenging courses for students. If you want to learn more about these challenging courses, keep on reading this article. Below are the 10 hardest courses at George Fox University.

1. PHIL 277 – Spirituality and the Intellectual Life

Students learning Philosophy in class.

Firs on our list of 10 hardest courses at George Fox University is PHIL 277-Spirituality and Intellectual Life. This subject seeks to overcome the opposition between spirituality and intellectual life. Students will study ways in which spirituality can strengthen one’s spirituality. This course is difficult because you will not only study these relationships abstractly but you will attempt to put into practice patterns of integrating the spirit and mind.

2. MGMT 300 – Leadership

An ongoing management lecture.

This class shows that managers are also called upon to be leaders. In this course, you will learn the differences between a leader and a manager. The class will also focus on effective leadership and management skills, philosophies and orientations. If you’re not into management, then this subject might be a bit overwhelming to you. The course will also emphasize self-reflection and personal application of leadership theory.

3. PHYS 190 – Astronomy

Physics faculty and staff at George Fox University

Can you imagine learning about the universe in a laboratory set-up? Well, in this course you will have at least 2 hours of laboratory class a week. This class covers the introduction to astronomy topics, such as the solar system, stars, galaxies, and cosmology. The historical context of astronomy will also be discussed along with its sophisticated and dynamic relation to faith. The laboratory experience will give you a firsthand experience with some of the pivotal observations and experiments of astronomy.

4. CHEM 151 – General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry I

Chemistry bottles use for laboratory experiments

Our list of 10 hardest courses at George Fox University is incomplete without a chemistry course. This course discusses the introductory and intermediate principles of chemistry. It also focuses on the aspects of general and organic chemistry that are pertinent to biochemistry. Chem 151 provides a background for students who want to pursue health-related professions in the future.

5. ACCT 272 – Principles of Managerial Accounting

The accounting major incorporates the academic discipline with Christian values.

Courses that tackle Math are always hard and this class is one of those challenging math-related subjects. This course emphasizes the uses of accounting data by management to make both planning and control decisions. If you pick this class, you will learn to analyze financial statements to assess a company’s liquidity, profitability, capital structure, and stock market ratios. Studying this course will also help you create operating budgets and use them to evaluate performance.

6. ENGC 310 – Environmental Engineering

Engineering students doing field work.

This math and science-related subject can make your campus life more demanding. Environmental Engineering covers fundamental principles of the subject and science principles relevant to engineered and natural systems. Topics include an introduction to sustainability, equilibria, kinetics, mass and energy balances, mass transport processes, population dynamics, water quality, sources of pollution, ecosystem structure and function, biogeochemical cycling, and oxygen demand.

7. FINC 340 – Financial Markets and Institutions

Students discussing a financial and marketing report in class.

This subject is an exploration of financial markets and institutions. The course will examine the role of insurance companies, depository institutions, investment banks and other financial intermediaries in the global economy. Studying this course will help you recognize recent developments in financial markets and in the regulatory environment of these markets and institutions.

8. NURS 311 – Pathophysiology

Nursing students practical exam in medications.

Do you want to know how the human body works? In this course, students will learn the basic principles, physiological changes, and process in the body systems. Pathophysiology is one of the hardest subjects in Nursing and is also one of our 10 hardest courses at George Fox University. Discussions of this subject and applied materials are specially made for nursing students but may also be useful to others wishing to explore healthcare-related fields.

9. CHEM 310 – Analytical Chemistry

Chemistry students working in the laboratory.

Another chemistry course that will give you a headache is Chem 310. Analytical Chemistry is about the techniques and principles of quantitative chemical analysis. If you don’t have a good foundation in general chemistry, you’ll find this course very demanding.

10. PSCI 303 – International Conflict and Peace

Political Science students having discussions in class.

Do you know why conflicts and wars happen? PSCI 303 will help you understand the different reasons behind global conflicts. This course examines the various approaches to war resolution, including the creation of international institutions and military alliances.

Nothing in this world can take the place of effort and perseverance. These 10 courses at George Fox University are challenging but will definitely help you become successful in your chosen field. Be optimistic and never doubt yourself that you can take these classes. Though things would get difficult at times, at the end of the day, you will learn tons of new knowledge and ideas! Good luck!