5 Tips for Incoming Freshmen at Ball State

Moving away from home and to start living on your own is a big step in one’s life. At Ball State University, every freshman is welcomed with open arms as they take on this big change. Here are a few tips to make your first year as a Cardinal a success!

1. Step out of your Comfort Zone

This is probably the hardest part of being away from home with a bunch of people you don’t know. The ability to reach out to people and to make yourself known is very important. Whether you want to or not, you will meet tons of new people every single day. It is important to be able to break out of your shell and mingle. When you have someone to experience all your time at college with you, it tends to be more enjoyable!

Rear view of young college friends talking while walking in campus

2. Join a Club or Organization

This is another great way to meet new friends! Whether it be a religious group, sport or student media, you will be able to meet new people and have fun along the way. Getting out of your room and being involved can be a great way to also make connections for your future career! To sum up, joining a club will boost your chances of making lifelong friends and you’ll have tons of fun!


3. Go to Sporting Events

In high school, having school spirit can be considered lame and not many people actually care. At Ball State, this is not the case at all. As a Cardinals, you are held with the responsibility to show your school’s pride and to represent Ball State in a positive manner. Going to a football or basketball game is a fun way to show your school pride and have a great time with your friends!


4. Try Not to Slack Off

It becomes very easy to sleep, watch Netflix and eat food rather than studying and going to class. It is crucial to avoid this at all cost! Going to class and taking notes will directly affect your performance in your classes. For most students, high school was a breeze and they never had to study. It becomes very important very quickly to learn how to study and to apply these skills in the classroom.


5. Create Your Brand

At least one of your professors will say at some point that creating your own personal brand is very important for your professional career. This may be the most important aspect that you need to learn early in your educational career. The first, and easiest, step in doing so, is to simply introduce yourself to your professors. It only takes a minute to get your name in the mind of a professional. Professors have connections on connections that can be at your disposal if you make yourself known.

talk to performance

Being a freshman can become a daunting task for many people. If you keep it simple, put yourself out there and create your own brand, you can surely succeed in your first year at Ball State University!


5 Perks of Living in Dorms at Ball State University

Living in a dorm room isn’t only for freshmen who are new to the area because dorm life offers many perks at Ball State University. Since most of the dorms on campus are fairly new and updated, students are given the tools and abilities to strive and enjoy their college experiences!

1. Quality of Rooms

Unlike some places that rent out rooms to college students off campus, the dorm rooms are constantly being upgraded and repaired. The university makes sure that the rooms are in good condition before filling them up at the beginning of the semester. This is one added bonus on living in the dorms because of the standard of quality that is ensured!


2. Dining Plan Options

A very convenient part of dorm life is the ability to obtain a dining plan through the university. Although you may still acquire dining plans when you stay off campus, the on-campus versions are much more inclusive. These plans offer you more meals and better deals on things such as cardinal cash and parking passes. Another level of convenience is that some dorms even have dining halls in them! This is just another feature that makes dorm life more pleasurable.


3. Access to Laundry Facilities

If you chose to stay in the campus dorms, you will have the pleasure to be able to do your laundry right downstairs! This may sound like a  simple idea, but it can make a big difference. In the fees that you pay for your housing contract, access to washers and dryers is included and all you have to pay for each load and your detergent!


4. Access to Computer Labs

If you don’t have your own computer and hate going all the way to the library, some dorm buildings have their own computer labs. In most cases, students will have access to a good amount of computers and other equipment. Depending on the dorm, you may have access to video, audio, and other electronic devices such as mics and cameras! This gives living in a dorm a good edge because the devices that are offered can cost thousands of dollars. The best part is that using these features is all included in the cost of your housing contract!


5. Games and Lobby Areas

The best way to get projects done or to just unwind in your free time is to spend some time in the lobbies of your building. A majority of dorms have furnished lobbies that have coaches, TVs, and game areas. Some buildings even have pool and ping pong tables! Other areas in dorm buildings include mini kitchens and gaming areas for everyone to enjoy. Often times, board games and other items can be rented free of charge!

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At Ball State University dorm life has its perks. This includes game areas, dining plans and much more! So next time you are on the fence about staying in the dorms on campus, think about all the features that are included!

Best Sporting Events to Attend at Ball State

A great perk of being a student at Ball State University is that you will be able to attend all athletic events free of charge! Definitely, make sure that you take advantage of this feature to stay involved while at school!

Cardinal Football

A perfect way to spend your Saturday afternoon or Thursday is to cheer on the Ball State football team at Scheumann Stadium. The Cardinals are a part of the MAC conference and play many big schools throughout the season. Although Ball State is not known for having a nationally ranked football team, it is still very fun to go to the Nest and to cheer on the Cardinals!

Image result for ball state women's soccer stadium

Men’s and Women’s Basketball

Another great way to spend some downtime is to go to some basketball games! Both men’s and women’s basketball tends to be pretty good against other top MAC schools. Worthen Arena also has a “Nest” that students can sit and enjoy games free of charge! The atmosphere is exciting and lively, and it sure beats sitting in your room doing nothing!

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Women’s Soccer

This team captures the essence of college sports because of how good they are on and off the field. Ball State women’s soccer led the league with 13 athletes who got an Academic All-MAC award this past season. Besides in the classroom, this team never fails to entertain on the field. They are three-time repeating MAC champions after this season. Head over to the Briner Sports Complex to cheer on the Cardinals!


Men’s and Women’s Volleyball

Another great way to spend your boring weekday evenings is to head over to Worthen Arena and watch these two teams faceoff in MAC play! Volleyball is another sport with high energy and a very good atmosphere. In addition, the men’s volleyball team is nationally ranked! As one of the best teams in the country, competition is high and intense.

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Ball State University is a mecca for MAC play and the sporting events listed above, as well as others, are really fun to attend. Head on over to Worthen Arena, Briner Sports Complex, and Scheumann Stadium to cheer on your Cardinals! Chirp Chirp!

5 Key Concepts of SP 102 at Ball State

At Ball State University, SP 102 (Beginning Spanish 2) is a second level Spanish class that many freshmen take. If you are trying to get a Bachelor of the Arts degree, a foreign language is required. This is a good starting class if you re interested in Spanish. Here are some concepts to expect in SP 102.

1. Reflexive Verbs

The use of the reflexive is used quite a bit more in this class than you would have used it in high school. Professors will tend to use the reflexive just casually and will expect you to be very familiar with this idea. Be sure to study up on this idea so you do not fall behind!

Image result for reflexive verbs spanish

2. The Preterite

The Preterite is the form of the past tense that is used the most. Although you probably remember a little bit from high school, this class takes it up a notch. The use of the preterite will be used just about every class, especially when talking about past events. It becomes very important to be able to grasp this concept quickly because of how important it is.

Image result for the preterite tense in spanish

3. The Imperfect

Another form of the past tense in Spanish is called the imperfect. This is not a very common form of speech in general conversation. The imperfect refers not to a specific point in time, but to a general space in the past. For example, when talking about your childhood, you use the imperfect. This concept will not be used all the time in this class, but once you get to the childhood section, this will be used a lot.

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 4. Composition Exams

Twice a semester, most professors issue writing exams over whatever topic is currently being discussed. These assignments are treated like tests and have a well-sized influence on your final grade. Topics could include what you did last summer or a favorite memory from your childhood. These topics will make you use your skills with the preterite and imperfect in your writing.


5. Vocabulary

As with many foreign language classes, vocabulary is very important to understand that language fully. Spanish is no exception and professors rely on your own knowledge of the vocabulary to move the material along. Many new words and phrases will be introduced to you, but you will need to know basic vocab in order to excel in this class. You may want to consider buying a Spanish-English Dictionary because it will definitely help you along!


SP 102 at Ball State University is a good class to take, especially if you need foreign language requirements. Knowing basic vocabulary and the forms of past tenses will help you excel in this class!

6 Reasons to Take HIST 150 with Bosworth at Ball State

If you’re looking to take HIST 150 at Ball State University, Dr. Bosworth is the professor to take it with! She has a great sense of humor and really delivers the material very well.

1. Sense of Humor

Dr. Bosworth is a professor for this entry level history class that every student has to eventually take. If given a choice, she is the way to go. She has a great sense of humor that translates from just talking at the beginning of class to the actual material. She jumps at every opportunity to make jokes and the “boring” material quite fun. She likes to joke about her cats and the Patriots which can be very relieving in a lecture setting.

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2. Engaging in Class

In a class with 200 other students, it is easy to just be a number. Dr. Bosworth does a really good job of getting the class engaged in the material. Unlike almost all lectures, she actually asks the class to raise hands and answer questions related to the material! This really sets her apart from other lecture professors. Thus, students are more engaged in the class and grades tend to be better when students can easily understand the material.

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3. In-class Activities

Along with being actively engaging with the class, she assigns in-class activities every so often that keeps students wanting to attend class. Since it is a big lecture, attendance is not taken. This means that there needs to be another way to make sure people go to class. By having these assignments show up, but not scheduled, students need to attend class to get these points. Dr. Bosworth also does a good job of making these assignments fun. They consist of podcasts and videos that do a good job of expressing a certain idea.

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4. Open-Note Tests

Dr. Bosworth’s policy on exams is that they are all open-note and open-book. This is another awesome aspect of Bosworth’s teaching style because of how much information is actually covered. The fact that you get to use your notes for the test is an added plus to an already enjoyable class! This makes it very important to attend classes and listen to the lectures because it will directly affect how you perform on the exams.

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5. Making the Material Fun

Because a lot of lecture material can be dry, Bosworth does an excellent job of making the material seem less boring and more interesting. A vast amount of information is covered in only one semester, and she does really well on covering the material efficiently and with fun. Students in her classes seemed to have fun with Dr. Bosworth’s sense of humor and her teaching style.

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6. Great Personality

Dr. Bosworth definitely breaks the boring professor stereotype. She always makes time to talk about her cats or the movie she just saw. This is an aspect that many professors do not have, which is how she separates herself from her peers. Another reason she is a good professor is her passion for the material she teaches. When a professor loves the material being taught, it becomes easier for students to love it too. This is what makes Dr. Bosworth a great history professor!

no cheating

If given a choice when picking a professor for HIST 150 at Ball State University, Dr. Bosworth should be at the top of your list! Because of her personality and teaching style, Dr. Bosworth can be considered one of the best options for students!

5 Best Places to Eat on Ball State Campus

One of the biggest struggles for a new college student is avoiding the “freshman 15” and finding the best places to eat. Here are some of the best places to get a bite to eat on the Ball State University Campus!

5. LaFollette Square

On the north end of campus sits LaFollette Square which is home to two different food services. One is a convenience type store that houses some hot food, and the other is an all you can eat cafe. In the convenience store, you can find frozen foods as well as chicken strips and tacos. Right next door sits the all you can eat food court that has a different menu every day. This is a great place to fill your belly with as much food as you want for just one meal swipe!


4. Student Center

One of the more popular places to eat is at the Tally Food Court in the student center. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that there is a Taco Bell inside! Many students also come here for the salad and soup bar. This is one of few places on campus that has such an option. Another reason that the student center is a mecca for eating, is because of the Starbucks right next door! Students can use meal swipes or their own cash to get delicious pastries and beverages from this very popular chain.

Image result for taco bell at ball state

3. Noyer

Noyer is another place that offers lots of variety when it comes to choosing what food to eat. Like LaFollette, two different places are right next door that gives plenty of options for every student. One of them is another grill with snacks kind of store. You will have the ability to get chicken or burgers, as well as getting snack type items. The other options is another all you can eat scenario. This dwelling has a little higher quality food than most types of these places and it has an ever-changing menu. Some favorite menus consist of breakfast for dinner and Italian pasta night.


2. The Atrium

Located right in the middle of campus, the Atrium is one of the most popular food spots all throughout the day. It is home to Chick-Fil-A, Boar’s Head Deli, Papa Johns, and other food choices. Everyone loves a good fried chicken sandwich, so the Atrium is usually very busy and bustling with people. In addition to these chain restaurants, there is a grill and a Mexican restaurant too! The Atrium can definitely satisfy any taste you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner! On your way out, be sure to stop by Jamba Juice to grab a smoothie too!

where to eat-chickfila

1. Woodworth Commons

The best place to satisfy your taste buds is definitely at Woodworth. Woodworth houses the most variety and healthy food options on campus! From a grill to a pizzeria, it truly has anything you are in the mood for. Another great feature is the salad spinning station. This is one of the only spots on campus you can get a spun salad. Right next to the salads is a convenience store that holds many snacks and drinks for you to purchase. This store has extended hours for the late night students to grab a snack.


Especially for new students, maintaining a healthy and diversified menu is important. These are the best places to get good food and healthy options throughout the Ball State University Campus!

5 of The Best Places to Study at Ball State University

With finals season upon us, you might be wondering where the best places to study are at Ball State University. Well, you are in luck! Here are the best places to get studying for finals week.

1. Bracken Library

This is definitely one of the most popular spots to study for finals. Because of the convenience of all the computer and printers, this really is one of the best spots to set up camp and cram for your tests. Another great feature is the long hours that the library is open. With the possibility of the library being open until 3 a.m. on most days, you can really grind it out. Another added plus is there is a cafe that sells pastries and coffee to keep you properly fuel when preparing for your finals!

Library-banner2. The Atrium

The Atrium can be the perfect spot for studying if you do not like to stay up late and don’t  mind a little bit of noise. This may not be the ideal spot for some people, but it has some good focus points when it comes to studying. The Atrium is home to a well-sized food court which gives you an array of food options to keep you awake while studying. Although the Atrium does not have extensive hours like the library, it has the basics when it comes to preparing for finals!

Image result for the atrium ball state

3. Your Hammock

This may not apply too much to fall semester finals, but it will definitely come into play during the spring semester. A popular practice at Ball State is hammocking around campus. On a nice day, relaxing and studying can be very calming for stressed out college students.

Related image

4. Residence Hall Lobbies

One of the closest areas to study from your room can be located right downstairs! Most residence halls offer a good-sized lobby and seating areas furnished with couches and tables for your sitting conveniences. This is a good area to meet with friends and study groups to make sure you ace your finals. In addition to the lobbies, some halls have good sized computer labs that can be used to print and to study online. Both of these features are at the disposable of Ball State students right in their building!

Image result for ball state residence halls

5. Your Room

Probably one of the best and most productive places to get studying is in the privacy of your own room. Although the looming presence of internet distractions can tempt you, the quietness of your room can give you an opportunity to get some real work done. As long as your roommate is on the same page, the peacefulness of your room can be the perfect way to ace your tests!


At Ball State University, there are many places for everyone to get some work done and to really prepare for final exams that are right around the corner. If you take this advice and find out what place works best for you, you are certain to be prepared for final exams!

4 Tips to Ace ASTR100 at Ball State

ASTR 100 at Ball State University is a popular humanities class that many students choose to get their Core Curriculum class out of the way. Here are some ways you can succeed and get a good grade in this class!

Attend Class!

Although this seems like a very basic and simple concept, it is extremely important to go and be engaged in class. Because this is a lecture-based class, attendance is not usually taken so it can be easy to slack off. In class, there is a lot of information covered that the book might not even hit on, so it is crucial to pay attention in class!


Take Notes

This may seem like another cliche idea, but it is important to take notes on the material and to put it into your own words. Making scientific-sounding terms into something that anyone can understand will help you avoid confusion and make it easier to study. Another reason to take notes is because of how many people could be in your class. To a professor that handles hundreds of students in a class, it is easy to become a number to them. Getting one on one help from this type of professor can have its challenges, but with sufficient notes, this process can be a lot easier.


Copy Down all the Equations

This is a very scientific class that requires many equations and mathematical skills. That being said, it is crucial to copy down all of the equations that are presented during lecture. It is even easier to just snap a picture of the equation for later reference. These equations become very handy when it comes to having to use them for homework assignments.

Image result for lots of equations gif

Do Your Homework!

As a lecture class, ASTR 100 does not have many grades in the grade book. Other than tests, homework is really the only other grade that will contribute to your final score. Every point counts and will make a difference when it comes to your final grade. Most of the homework is math based so be prepared to do physics calculations.


With these tips, you are sure to survive ASTR 100 at Ball State! Be prepared to learn a lot more about physics than planets and stars, because that is the majority of the content. Astronomy will be a breeze if you follow these tips!


What to Expect in NEWS 105 at Ball State

In NEWS 105 at Ball State University, you will learn all about the mainstream media, and how to write in that style. From print to broadcast, you will learn the basics of all kinds of media in the world right now!

AP Style

The Associated Press puts out a book of guidelines and rules that virtually every news agency uses as the basic code of conduct. This book houses all the areas of reporting that may be under question. For example, The American Automobile Association is now only known as AAA in printed news stories. This is just one example of how something should be formatted according to AP Style. In this class, you will need the updated AP Stylebook and have a general knowledge of the content inside.

Image result for ap stylebook

Writing as a Professional

In contrary to many writing classes, essays are not the main focus in this class. As a result, you will write actual articles that would be similar to real-world works. This gives you an advantage that other students may not have. In addition to studying how media works, you will gain experience that will help you in your respective career field. Not everyone is a writer, so this class also touches on T.V. and radio broadcast which offers an array of interests.


Mock Stories and Articles

As stated above, real-world articles are a focus in this class. You and your peers alike will read mock information on an event that probably didn’t happen. Although it may not be real, your stories will still be accurate with the information and will give you opportunities to practice your reporting skills. This is a great way to broaden your horizons past your major and to get a taste of the real world.

Image result for ny times


As an aspiring journalist or broadcaster, professionalism is very important, especially in this class. As a part of your grade, you will have to attend one or two seminars outside of class. These seminars have guest speakers who provide real-life information. This information can be riveting for someone who needs that little push of motivation. In some cases, you will be asked to write a news-style story on these events. This pushes your knowledge even further into real-world writing over events that actually happened.

Image result for guest speaker

News Discussions

In this class, you will have an opportunity almost every day to discuss current events. Other than current events classes, many classes do not offer anything like this. This is a very important part of the class because you will be learning to do the same things that the real reporters are doing out in the field. To be able to analyze and discuss events and stories that have actually happened, will give you an edge on how to write these stories.

Image result for news

At Ball State University. NEWS 105 is a real-life oriented class that offers a very good experience for a career in journalism. You will learn how to write news stories and radio broadcasts about real and fake stories, which will provide knowledge for the real world.

How to Survive SP 102 at Ball State University

At Ball State University, SP 102 is the second level Spanish course. You can take it if you have completed 101 or testing out of it. Here are a few tips if you look to succeed in this class!

Make Attendance a Priority

Many professors in foreign languages have fairly strict attendance policies, and this class is no exception. Because participation points take up a decent chunk of your grade, simply showing up to class will help your score as well as getting on the good side of your professor. Putting time into attending this class will not only get you better grades but will definitely enhance your learning experience.


Be Engaged

As stated above, participation is important when trying to figure out a foreign language and it can take a toll on your grade. By raising your hand and answering questions, your knowledge will grow at the same rate of your participation grade! Taking this class has a slight advantage over other classes. A majority of the time, these are not lecture-based classes and have, at most, about 30 students. This gives you an opportunity to be able to reach out and get one-on-one help from a professor.


Ask Questions

This concept ties directly to being engaged. With the opportunity to be in a small class setting, you will have many chances to ask questions and to get help. Whether the question is a word you don’t know or an entire concept, it doesn’t matter. The professors are there to help you. Take advantage of their knowledge and use it to your advantage!


Do the Weekly Homework

In most cases, you will have homework that is due on Sunday every week. Fortunately, it is all done online and it does not take long to complete. Also, it tells you when the answers are incorrect and you can fix them. This makes it very easy to do well on them. Just don’t forget to do them because they take up a majority of the class’s points.


At BSU, SP 102 is still a beginner’s course for the people who are curious about the language. If you follow these tips, you will surely excel in this class!