Top 10 Library Resources at SCAD

SCAD is one of the world’s leading institute in art and design education. The college supports a culture of consistent progress through various disciplines. The institution’s achievement is based on ensuring that its constituents adhere to best practices through evaluating, assessing, and advancing the effective application of information in making decisions. To prepare talented learners for creative careers, SCAD prides in its comprehensive library facility. A review of top 10 library resources at Savannah College of Art and Design is as follows:

1. Research

Photo of a librarian

Librarians help staff, faculty, and students in finding, evaluating and selecting on the sources of information from the library collections. The library accepts any inquiries by either mail, telephone or IM. In-person research assistance is also provided at Savannah, Hong Kong, and Atlanta locations. Students are allowed to schedule for one-on-one appointments with the library experts. However, most questions are not eligible for appointments.

2. Technology

Library computers

SCAD libraries have PCs, Macs, printers, scanners, and other technology equipment for the students. The Atlanta ACA Library is equipped with Macs and PCs for the current software industry. The facility is also furnished with scanners along with black and white printing. The Hong Kong library has one copier, six computers, and one scanner.

3. Inter-library Loan

ILL forms

Inter-library loan offers a solution to the research needs of SCAD patrons. The program enables easy access to library materials held at other libraries other than SCAD institutions. ILLiad is a unique system used by SCAD libraries in borrowing ILL materials and eLearning services. Current SCAD faculty, staff, and students use this system for placing, tracking, and maintaining a history of ILL inquiries.

4. Visual Resources Center

Collection of Visual library resources

The VCR provides all current staff, students, and faculty access to the ARTstor Digital Library. The Center also makes the digital image database of the institution available to the entire SCAD community. SCAD DID is a rapidly growing in-house database of over 100,000 images at the library. The ARTstor Digital Library is a collection of over one million art images, related information, and software gadgets that promote learning, teaching, and scholarship.

5. Writing and Tutoring

Tutor offering writing services to students in the library

Staff, students, and professors at SCAD locations get both individual and group assistance in the aspects of the writing procedure. Besides,  one-on-one tutoring in various subjects is also provided. Apart from appointments with specific students, the Writer’s Studio also schedules classroom presentations and workshops. The individual tutoring in different software and subjects enables the students to plan on appointments with the peer tutors during scheduled tutoring hours.

6. Special Collections

Library special collections and rare books

The Atlanta library features special collections including 964 art books. These collections date from the 17th to the 21st century with additional favorite artist’s literature. Library visitors gain access to the special collections through appointment from Monday to Friday. Calls and emails are used to contact the library department in request  for interviews.

7. E Learning

E Learning portal Development

SCAD libraries support qualified e Learning staff, students, and faculty through library materials and services. Students staying away from the city and the neighborhoods of SCAD campuses are also eligible to these resources. E Learning inquiries pertaining ILL and Inter-SCAD materials are collected and processed through the Savannah location. E Learning scholars can receive books through their local public or academic libraries.

8. Reserves

Selected textbooks available on course reserve

Course reserves are items chosen by the faculty to boost class instruction. Journals, audiovisual materials and books on course reserve are provided for the library use in two-hour duration. Requests for these materials have to be made at the Circulation Desk by a call. Students may use the library website in retrieving lists of course reserve materials. Electronic reserves are PDFs of chapters and articles secured by a password that can be downloaded or read online.

9. For Alumni

Alumni library card

SCAD alumni can access equipment, collections, and additional resources available in the library facility. They are eligible for checking out to a maximum of five circulating materials simultaneously. Access requires a SCAD Alumni card. All SCAD locations issue alumni cards.

10. Theses

A library thesis/dissertation advisor

Are you a SCAD graduate planning to submit your thesis? Do not worry anymore! The Office of the Graduate Studies takes care of your inquiries related to the thesis. Besides, the graduate studies website has a myriad of resources on thesis requirements. The library also offers assistance on undergraduate thesis problems within regular working hours.

Top 5 Libraries at SCAD

1. ACA Library of SCAD

Students studying from the ACA Library study space

ACA library is sited in the SCAD Atlanta construction. The facility supports various academic, artistic, and intellectual opportunities to students. Learners can access a wide range of periodicals, visual resources, and books. ACA library provides the reciprocal ARCHE program that allows borrowing of books at the 19 universities and colleges located in the Atlanta region.

2. Hong Kong Library

The exterior part of the Hong Kong library

Nestled in the main building of SCAD Hong Kong, this facility comprises of the historic North Kowloon Magistracy construction. SCAD renovated this building in 2009. The historic North Kowloon Magistracy construction has prime cultural and historical importance. Thus, the structure was changed into a significant space for Asian digital media study by SCAD. The fully renovated hall houses a library, computer labs, art gallery, classrooms, lecture halls, and digital studios.

3. Lacoste Library

Students on the path that leads to Lacoste library

The Lacoste library is located in a three-story building. The construction is considered as the former village bakery. The interior has a cozy design that comprises of the domed stone oven right on its ground level. This space is used for reading.

4. Jen Library

The exterior part of Jen library

Jen library is located at the core of downtown Savannah. The library’s building sits on 85,000 square feet land covering the whole of the city block. This facility is a popular US library for arts and architecture. Jen library has the writer’s studio that helps the staff, faculty, and students in the writing process including structuring ideas, prewriting strategies, formulating letters, thesis development and more.

5. Carnegie Library

The main entrance of Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library cards are obtained through registration at the Pittsburgh location. You have to show a valid form of photo ID on registering. All photo IDs must have an individual address and contact information. Carnegie Library offers a variety of materials to borrow including DVDs, books, magazines, music scores, CDs and more. Access requires a library card.

Top 10 Library Resources at NMU

The Northern Michigan University has various academic & career programs that are fostered by unique teaching opportunities. The institution is a supportive community inspiring the faculty, staff, graduates, and students to contribute to a sustainable world. To enhance an active environment for strong minds through innovation, research, and study, the university delights in the Lydia M. Olson Library. The following top 10 library resources offered by this facility at the Northern Michigan University.

  1. Digital Media Tutoring Center

Digital Media Tutors

This center is open during the library’s working hours. The DMTC provides support related to media projects. Primarily offered services include the provision of equipment needed in video and audio creation as well as other projects based on images. The DMTC has three main workstations and two screens with external keyboards and mice to connect to the NMU laptops.

2. Experience Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality at Evergreen Branch Library

The two Virtual Reality workstations at Lydia M. Olson Library include the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The students, staff, and faculty at the Northern Michigan University fix the workstations with controllers and VR goggles for use. Most of the VR programs installed on these workstations can be accessed through Viveport, Steam & Oculus Library. The DMTC Supervisor permits the installation of other software on the workstations. A user agreement is provided for first-time users of the VR equipment.

3. Interlibrary Loan

ILL process

You can get items that are not provided at Olson library through ILL. Materials including dissertations, books, microforms, and media can be requested from other library facilities accompanied by periodical article copies. NMU staff, faculty, and students can access the interlibrary loan any time. Community borrowers who have borrower cards must consult their respective local libraries on ILL services.

4. Alumni Resources

Alumni at the library

Michigan eLibrary freely allows its residents to access online articles, digital images, and books. The Michigan Resident Alumni is also eligible to other vital research information offered by the library. The facility provides databases both for adults and kids. These involve customized topics including practice tests and car repair.

5. Distance Library Services (DLS)

Postgraduate undertaking an online course

Northern Michigan University offers various distant programs and courses. Olson library provides research support and information resources to distance learning students. Services extended to these students differ from those demanded by on-campus learners. The library is guided by the requirements of the academic courses and programs in delivery of its services to distant learning students.

6. Course Reserves

Course Reserves Desk

Course reserves are useful in ensuring that the entire class gets access to the instructor’s material as assigned. Hard copy materials like videos, books, and physical items are provided to the learners at the public service desk in the library during working hours. Book chapters, journal articles, past exams, study guides and other resources available in electronic format are accessible throughout the day on a weekly basis. The library monitors entire copyright issues both on electronic and hard copy reserves.

7. Library Instruction

Students with faculty in a library instruction session

Olson library allows the faculty to organize for class library instruction regarding their respective courses. You must use the instruction request form to book for a library instruction session. A library staff member gets in touch with you for a discussion about your class requirements and confirmation on the availability of the requested time and date. Your session is expected to be held within the regular class schedule in a classroom or any open library space.

8. Support for the Laptop

Laptop Repair Services

The Help Desk handles any problem or question about computer software, hardware, or campus network. Support is offered on access issues and reset of passwords for MyWeb, MyUser, MyNMU, email,, and Instruct server. Other computer problems handled by the library Help Desk includes desktop, MacBook, and laptop troubleshooting. Other than software support, the Help Desk also helps repair printers and computers.

9. Research Assistance

Research Appointment

Lydia M. Olson Library has a Library Liaisons program that assist in finding research materials by discipline. The library reference staff handles general questions pertaining reference. Consult the University Archivist for assistance on any inquiry regarding the Archives or identification and access of primary resource collections at NMU. If you are a researcher and need a program that helps in citing, taking notes, sorting your notes and formatting your bibliography, contact the Help Desk for the installation.

10. Copyright Guidance

Copyright logo

Olson Library supports NMU students, faculty, and staff in securing copyright permission.  This initiative helps the facility in handling related queries. You may probably be granted the permission of reproducing copyrighted content including websites, library reserves, course packs, photocopies, book chapters, article chapters and more.

Top 5 Libraries at Northern Michigan University

  1. Olson Library

Students walking outside Olson Library

The Lydia M. Olson Library inspires creativity and scholarship by collaborating with the NMU community. The library along with the Archives serves the institutions and people in the upper region of the Peninsula. To achieve in this role, the facility provides the community members with community borrower cards under its policies. Residents in the Upper Peninsula who have attained 14 years qualify for community borrower cards.

2. Peter White Public Library

The Front part of Peter White Public Library

This library gives basic, resident and non-resident library cards. All patrons borrowing materials must present their library card when they check out. A PWPL card only applies to the patron issued the card. These cards are not transferable. All PWPL patrons are bound to the library lending policies, rules, and regulations.

3. MeLCat (Michigan Libraries)

MeLCat at Kresge Library |University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Eligible library patrons can access the MeLcat resource sharing service at any MeLCat library in Michigan. They must  to be on good terms with their local public, academic, school, or special libraries regarding their home library policies. The patrons can find, borrow, renew, revisit status and make the cancellation of requests before the materials are transferred.

4. Kevin F O’Brien Health Sci Library

Kevin F O'Brien Health Sci Library – Image captured at night

This facility is open to both regional and area staff, employees and physicians of UP Health System. All employees and staff have to show their valid ID to check out library items or services. Learners from affiliated colleges and university have on-site-use privilege. The circulation periods for the materials include four weeks for non-reference books and a night for reference books. Journals are exempted from the circulation.

5. Marquette University Raynor Memorial Libraries

Marquette University Raynor Memorial Libraries- Main Entrance with three flags

Accepted Marquette Courtesy Card must be shown when checking out. The borrowing privileges are not transferable, and you have to show up in person for the checkout of items. The Raynor library requires you to maintain your current phone number and address. Courtesy cards also permit non-members of the Marquette community for borrowing privilege.


Top 10 Library Resources at University of Scranton

The tradition of excellence inspires the University of Scranton. The institution fosters the freedom of personal development and inquiry to achieve growth of integrity and wisdom in its community. To offer an excellent learning experience this university prides in the Weinberg Memorial library that drives a shared commitment through study and research. We have compiled a list of 10 library resources at the University of Scranton as follows:

  1. Distance Education Library Services

Distant learning student studying online

The Weinberg Memorial library offers distant educational library Pledge. Services provided under this program include library instruction and resources alongside with various research services. All these resources boost the learning & research needs of the entire university. The library facility considers distant students in its various functions such as instruction, home delivery of articles and books alongside with the support in research.

2. Citation Help

APA Sample electronic journal citation

The library offers help on how to create citations. This service is achieved through the library’s Citation Research Guide that provides more information on citing. Several tools including management software and citation software are used as a guide. Most databases are designed with a citation feature that creates citing on a simple click.

3. Reserves

Reserve checkout counter

Making required readings for your class is essential. The Memorial library gives both print and electronic reserves for this purpose. The facility endorses the use of these e-reserves according to the patterns of use to encourage sustainability. Media materials can also be placed on reserve.

4. Information Literacy

Media literacy workshop in a library

Information literacy is a series of combined abilities covering information findings, creation, and value. The set also focuses on the information application in the production of new skills across different ethical learning communities. This program enhances faculty familiarity with their classes with the services and resources of the library through literacy instruction. The experienced librarians offer tailored instructions to fulfill individual needs.

5. Ask a Librarian

Ask a librarian icon

The library staff offers full-time research and intellectual support to the university’s academic departments. The faculty may coordinate with the liaison librarians on questions pertaining collection development and literacy instruction. Learners have direct link to the library staff assigned to their respective classes. They are eligible for personalized support regarding the subject under research.

6. Inter-library Loan

ILL services

Do you need a book, which is not available at Weinberg Memorial library? Don’t worry! Use the ZBorrow option. In case of any issues or error-related messages, contact the library circulation desk for assistance. Use ILLiad if the book or article you need is not provided at PALCI.

7. Laptops and Tablets

The library has seven iPads and 15 laptops for student borrowing privileges. The circulation period for the laptops is two years but that for tablets is 24 hours. Campus students fully eligible to borrowing privilege can request for a tablet or laptop at the Circulation Desk. Permission is not granted to students with delinquent accounts.

8. Media Resources Collection

Library audiobooks

The Weinberg Memorial Library supports the University goal to foster excellent education in liberal arts regarding the Jesuit tradition. The facility collaborates with the faculty in offering emerging and traditional media materials for student research and instructional support. The Edlab collection in the Media Resources Collection has a variety of kid’s textbooks and literature to support the university’s educational curriculum. The Media Resources Collection is sited on the third level of the Memorial Library.

9. University Archives

Sample archives & special collections

The university archives preserve and offer both digital and physical access to publications, documents, books, photographs, and artwork. The department also provides additional materials that portray the history of the institution. The university archives present opportunities for class visits and exhibitions in the year. The public at large is offered access to the special collections to enhance scholarship and education.

10. The Writing Center

Students cited in groups at the writing center

Nestled on the fifth level of the Loyola Center, the writing center is a quiet and safe place where learners work on their assignments and papers under the assistance of professional consultants. Students can make online appointments to secure chances at the writing center using my.scranton. The steps include logging into my.scranton, clicking on the self-service option and selecting Student Service & Financial Aid. The library consultants offer help in the writing processes undertaken by students including prewriting and revising.

Top 5 Libraries at Scranton University

 1. Weinberg Memorial Library

Weinberg Memorial Library – side view

The Memorial Library strives to support both the social and intellectual life of the campus. The library achieves this by inspiring knowledge, innovation, collaboration, and diversity. The excellent services offered by this facility meet the diverse cultural, social, and scholarly needs of the faculty, students, and staff at Scranton University. The Library appreciates research, teaching and is dedicated to intellectual freedom and sustainability.

2. Keystone College

Students walking outside the Keystone College

The Miller Library allows Keystone College’s students to borrow materials on presentation of an acceptable ID. The borrowing privileges are also extended to the faculty, staff, and the local community at large. Keystone staff, faculty, and learners are required to have an official keystone Id on check out of items. The resource does its lending procedures based on the existing circulation policies. Public patrons are eligible for borrowing with an acceptable PA Driver’s license.

3. Kings College

Main entrance of the Kings College

King’s College has mutual agreements with University of Scranton, Wilkes University, Marywood College, and the Luzerne Community College. A member of king’s college is required to present evidence of attendance at kings and an Id to qualify for the borrowing  registration at any of the institutions mentioned above. You are advised to carry any kind of An ID regarding the fact that the individual colleges fix the regulations. Any borrower from these local colleges has to show a photo ID and affiliation proof to be eligible for registration at King’s Library.

4. Marywood University

Main entrance to the Marywood University

Marywood University has a 21st-century library that is dedicated to the active empowerment of learners. It is a gathering space for student collaboration and mind expansion in different disciplines. Marywood library provides PALCI’s EZBorrow service that allows for borrowing of library research holdings by the Marywood faculty and scholars. Students on inter-library loan program can get electronic materials via mail through the PALCI’s RapidILL service.

5. Misericordia University

A green garden in front of Misericordia Library

Founded in 2004, the Friends of the Mary Kintz Bevevino Library sustains programs and support events that enhance student & community learning. The facility allows entire university and the visitors to conduct projects and creative works through the library’s Speaker Series. Students from Luzerne College, King’s College, Penn State University, Marywood University, Wikes, and the University of Scranton may make applications about borrowing privileges. A library ID is processed on showing an accepted ID card and filling in the borrower’s application form.

Top 10 Library Resources at Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a comprehensive institution committed to teaching and learning regarding the Catholic tradition. As the main fountain for the academic success of its faculty and students, this community prides in a library facility with a variety of services. Benedictine University library offers quick access to physical and digital resources to entire global and regional library constituents. The list below shows 10 library resources provided by this facility in support of the University’s mission statement.

1. Library Instruction

A library instruction session at Mesa Campus - Benedictine University

Do you have an online course that requires library instruction? Do not worry! Benedictine University library allows you to schedule for a classroom library instruction anytime within the library’s working hours. In addition to that, the facility provides library sessions to specific courses, orientations, research guides for online classes and other workshops on particular resources. Do not hesitate to plan for an in-person instruction session with the expert librarians in this community.

2. Course Reserves

Course reserve section of the library

Benedictine University library offers a reserve where students can place their electronic and physical items. The process involved is very straightforward. First, you have to fill either the printable form or the online form for all your items. Submit the form to the campus circulation desk or send it by mail. In cases where you intend to reserve your copy, you have to present both the item and the form to the circulation desk. Indicate your name on the interior of the item cover.

3. Online Teaching Library Toolbox

D2L interface

The facility offers information on the integration of the library with the D2L/Engage course. The library offers both basic and complex library instruction for all online sessions. Generally, six modules make up a library research tutorial for both sophomores and first-year students. There is a brief test that concludes each module, and the tutorial ends with a thorough quiz as well.

4. Library Persistent Links

EBSCO Persistent Links

Distance learning students can access library resources through persistent links. Persistent inks enhance the easy sharing of library materials from the databases with your colleagues and students. You need to have an authentication proxy to open the subscription databases. Copied URLs of the address are not functional. A persistent Links Guide is useful in generating persistent links to eBooks, videos, and articles. Benedictine University Library has a unique proxy prefix that precedes its persistent links.

5. Copyright

Fair Use - Benedictine University – copyright Information

Do you intend to know on copyright and its fair use in higher education? The library takes care of all copyright issues. The principle of fair use offers several opportunities in the use of copyrighted materials. Copyrighted items are free of both infringement alongside with other illicit practices by the state and federal laws.

6. Consultations & Liaison Librarians

Library Liaison Program

Liaison librarians corporate with specific departments and colleges through different services. They are also critical pillars in the reception of departmental library information. The liaison librarians are ready to help in your teaching and research as well as any other concern, suggestion or consultation. Engage a librarian in a chat within the stipulated chatting period. The library also allows you to forward a research consultation request form requesting a one-on-one appointment with a librarian.

7. Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan PowerPoint presentation

Interlibrary loan means the borrowing of library materials between libraries. You can use ILL to request articles or books that are not provided at Benedictine University library. The facility will deliver to you the items as per your request at no charge. For any books not available at this library, use I-Share. Use ILLiad for the articles’ request on ILL.

8. Archives & Special Collections

Department of library archives and special collections

The BU Library Archives is dedicated to collecting and preserving items that record the university’s history. The department supports both scholarship and research by promoting the use of special collections and archives by the members of BU and the community at large. As a result, the members get to know and understand much on the goals, programs, and origin of the institution. Afar from the life and history of BU, these unique collections and archives also record the former incarnations of the campuses including St. Procopius College, Illinois Benedictine College, Springfield Illinois College and more.

9. Study Rooms

Reservable Group Study Room

Benedictine University has several reservable group study rooms on Lisle Campus. Either two or four students can reserve these spaces for two hours daily. The rooms on the second floor can be reserved either online or individually at the reception desk. Your Ben Card is an essential requirement at the welcome desk on arrival. Rooms on the lower level are reserved in person right at the reception desk on presentment of your Ben Card at the Circulation desk.

10. Technology

Library computer resources

Current BU students, staff, and faculty can check out items at the Circulation desk of the library facility on the two campuses (Lisle and Mesa campuses). The checkout period for most equipment is three days. However, adapters and chargers check out for four hours. The material on Lisle campus varies slightly with that on Mesa campus.

Top 10 Libraries at Benedictine University

1. Benedictine University Library

Back view of Benedictine University Library

BU library is committed to supporting the success of both the faculty and students academically. This facility centrally focusses on the future of Benedictine University. BU library promotes the University’s academic mission by offering instant access to physical and digital resources. As a result, entire global and regional constituents are guaranteed of most exceptional virtual and in-person support anytime.

2. Pure Land Center & Buddhist Library

Pure Land Center & Buddhist Library interior photo

The Buddhist library is an accessible study and research institution in Naperville, US. The resource has many book collections that range in various genres. Pure Land Center & Buddhist Library prides in its strategic location that makes it a resourceful facility both to schools and community at large. The library offers borrowing services for neighbouring libraries such as the BU library through ILL.

3. Bellcore Tech Library

Highway to Bellcore tech library

This library resource is privately held and located in Lisle, IL. Bellcore Tec Library is a business based on a single location and falls among public libraries. Statistics indicate that the firm was founded in 2010 and incorporated in Illinois. Current approximations suggest that the facility holds a revenue of 100,000 with an employment rate of roughly three staff.

4. Brimson Grow Seminary Library

Visitor sited on the lounge at the entrance of Brimson Grow Seminary Library

The Brimson Grow Seminary Library is categorized among some of the most resourceful libraries to the public. The firm has existed for more than a decade. The employment rate for this business does not exceed four associates. The facility is a public industry operating in Lombard, IL.

5. Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library

Interior photo of the Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library

This library acts as a special meeting point for people of different religions, philosophies, and traditions. These groups come from both the East and West to emphasize the historical wisdom tradition. Established in 1926, this resource is nestled at the national centre of the society in Wheaton, Illinois. Henry S. Olcott Memorial Library prides in its finest national collections comprising over 20,000 book titles, audio recordings, video, and periodicals. Library membership entails borrowing privileges either by mail or in person. However, members are required to register with the library to be eligible for these benefits.

Top 10 Library Resources at University of Bridgeport

The University of Bridgeport provides a variety of graduate and undergraduate degrees. These programs are offered to people seeking professional and personal growth around the world. To enhance academic excellence, commitment to service and personal responsibility, this campus prides in the Magnus Wahlstrom Library facility that offers a myriad of resources and services to promote learning outcomes. Below is a quick rundown of top 10 Library resources at the University of Bridgeport.

1. Borrow and Renew

A student borrowing a library laptop

Wahlstrom Library allows borrowing of books, DVDs, CDs, loaner laptops, VHS, smart board makers, whiteboard markers, HDMI to VGA adapters, headphones, and headphone splitters. You are free to browse the library books on the third floor or the journals and audio/visual items on the fourth floor. Check out the items using your current university ID.  Requests for loaner laptops and other things are made at the Information desk. You are required to sign a Laptop Use Agreement to check out a laptop.

2. Computers & Printing

Library Computer section showing desktop computers and printing station

UB library has 44 desktop PCs and 36 more computers both on the first and second floor respectively. The Information Desk has twenty loaner laptops that are only used within the library. The desktop computers are opened by logging in your UBNet password and ID. Your normal UBNet login is used to access the loaner laptops. Wahlstrom Library provides print, scan and copy services to the students, staff, faculty, and the community at large.

3. Interlibrary Loan

A student completing an interlibrary loan request form

Items not provided at Wahlstrom Library are requested from other libraries through ILL- Interlibrary loan. Currently registered students, staff, and faculty get this service free for course research. The ILL request form is used to borrow articles or books not accessible on the library eJournals, databases, or Onesearch. However, UB Library may not be able to borrow particular items such as theses and dissertations that are charged, materials prohibited by the ILL publishers, course books and more.

4. Research Services

Three students consulting from a librarian

The Wahlstrom Library offers many resources that assist both the faculty and students in research. The facility has databases of books, news, articles, and other various scholarly works. Other academic resources include the eJournal Finder, Reference Sources and the UB Scholar Works. For any request about consultation services, you are required to liaise with the librarian by email, chat, or phone to inquire for a reference appointment. Research guides are available at the library for the basic research and the advanced topics.

5. Study and Meeting Rooms

Library Meeting Room

Some policies govern the use of the group study rooms. All students using the facility have to accept and follow these policies. The D!BS is used to reserve both the presentation and study rooms. The first floor has two presentation rooms that are enclosed with projectors, and erase boards. The rooms hold up to 12 visitors. Four study rooms are located on the first floor of the library building. These spaces are semi-private with DVD players and a video screen.

6. Disability Services

A photo of a student with crutches reading a book

Adaptive Technology room is provided by the UB library to support learners with visual, physical and learning disabilities. Space is sited on the fourth floor of the Wahlstrom Library. This particular room is equipped with low-vision equipment, and voice recognition software. Any student of UB campus who is eligible for accommodations can access both the software and the hardware.

7. Services for Distance Students

Library Document Station

Wahlstrom Library delivers scanned materials from its print journal collection to distant learning students. Scholars undertaking programs at the Waterbury and the UB Stanford areas benefit from this service. The documents requested through interlibrary loan are sent to your UB email as PDFs. Online eBooks and articles are provided through Library databases and Onesearch. This enables easy access by students from any place provided they use their UBNet password and username.

8. Services for Faculty & Staff

Students with staff in a library reading lounge

The library has some handouts, YouTube videos, plus other materials that can be combined into instruction to enhance information literacy. The facility organizes group reading of available library resources for classes to reduce waste of time and resources. Loaner laptops are provided for both staff and faculty. This is an initiative spearheaded by the Academic Technology Services. Items intended to be placed on reserve are taken to the Information Desk on the first floor.

9. Services for Alumni

Alumni Library Card

Alumni are only eligible for resources that are provided freely including open access books, PubMed and more. A guest-borrowing card is issued to any UB alumni at no charge. This card gives them the right of borrowing to a maximum of three print books simultaneously. The library does not permit alumni in accessing library audio material, digital resources, or computers.

10. Services for Local Community

Writer David day holds a library community card.

Guest borrower’s cards are issued to those who are not employees, students or alumni of UB. The card is renewed at $25 annually. You can borrow to a maximum of three print books using the Guest borrower’s card. Outsiders are not allowed to access audiovisual items, digital resources, or computers at the library.


Top 5 Libraries at University of Bridgeport

1. The Wahlstrom Library

Magnus Wahlstrom Library, University of Bridgeport

Wahlstrom Library is nestled at the heart of the University of Bridgeport. This research and learning facility covers the first four levels of 126 Park Avenue adjacent to Carson Hall. The UB’s Maps and Directions page gives the exact directions to the library. Each of the four floors is equipped with different resources that fit the specific library services offered including computers, tables, chairs, self-checkout equipment, book collection, print journal collection and more.

2. Mt Aery Library

A green Garden in front of Mt Aery Library

This study and research institution is located in Bridgeport CT and held privately. The library’s undertaking is based in one location but corporates with neighboring libraries as well. Mt Aery Library falls among public libraries. Research indicates that the facility was founded in 2009 and its incorporation took place in Connecticut.

3. Bridgeport Public Library Newfield

Two cars parking in front of Bridgeport public library Newfield branch

This library facility is the main public library in Bridgeport city. The City of Bridgeport is the most popular metropolis in Connecticut. The capital has more than 145,000 residents with over 60 spoken languages. Nestled in a town with a variety of significant tourist attractions, Bridgeport Public Library prides in being among the cultural centers that promote study and research in the area.

4. Black Rock Branch Library

Main entrance of the Black Rock Branch Library

Black Rock Branch Library is a comprehensive study and research facility in Black Rock region of Bridgeport, CT. This section of Bridgeport has a diverse and active community. Founded in 1932 and reopened in 2009, this facility has been renovated from 6,000 square feet to 11, 00 square feet. Other changes years down the line include the installation of free wifi and public computers in the entire building. This library acts as a hub for teens, adults, and children.

5. Daniel T Banks Health Sci Library

Daniel T Banks Health Science Library – Bridgeport, CT

This library is held privately and located in Bridgeport, CT. Its business is based on a single location. Daniel T Banks Health Science Library falls under Medical libraries. The facility was founded in 1982 and merged in Connecticut. The company’s estimated revenue figure stands at 54385 with an employment rate of about three staff.

Top 10 Library Resources at Bentley

Bentley campus is nestled in Waltham, Massachusetts. The institution covers 163 acres and provides excellent services to the two worlds: a local university neighboring Boston, the most popular college town in the nation. With the focus of enhancing the learning and research standards of the campus, Bentley library is determined in providing a myriad of services to its clients. The following are top 10-library resources at Bentley University.

1. E- Resources



Bentley Library provides and allows you free library and online access of various electronic resources. You may use your campus network password and username to access a variety of library databases. In most cases, Bentley’s proxy server grants you authentication on being prompted to provide Bentley’s password and username. Unlimited access of the electronic resources requires you to make initial registration with correct Bentley university address.


2. Course Reserves

Reserve Collection with books on shelves


Course reserves enable the professors to quickly locate the assignment materials for the entire student population in a specific class. Course reserves exist in two categories: Physical and Electronic reserves. Mostly, the instructor will put some printed course materials on course reserve for easy borrowing by students in a shorter period. These collections are referred to as physical reserves.


3. Inter-library Loan (ILL)


5 stages in Inter-library loan process (verifying bibliographic data, checking IRC print and e resources and collections, submitting to partner libraries, getting response and delivery time

Current Bentley students, staff, and faculty can request for articles and books that are not in Bentley Library through ILL. All requests concerning inter-library loan should only be made online. Your Bentley email address serves as your username for the inter-library loan. You are required to use your Bentley password as your ILL password.


4. Bentley Library Museum Pass Program

Ticket icon

This initiative enables current Bentley staff, students and faculty to explore the art and culture of local museums. The tickets offer discounted entry to a wide range of museums. Booking for the museum passes should be made online. The library service desk requires a genuine Bentley ID for the reservation and the picking process of the passes.


5. Research Help

Library writing and research project

Bentley library has experienced librarians who are ready to help in all research areas. Whether it is on the phone or via email, the library guarantees full access to its staff. On any inquiries pertaining research, feel free to contact them during library hours or email them after hours. They are prompt in following up with you as soon as they resume.


6. Study Spaces

Study spaces during Bentley Library hours

Both study and research spaces are essential aspects of any library facility. Bentley library offers new areas for both collaborative work and personal study. The three floors of the building feature 24 modern collaborative study rooms. Bentley library comprises 36 study carrels sited on the upper level.


7. Borrowing

Library patrons borrowing books

The library services desk may be responsible for the checkout of the library materials. This place is sited on the main floor of the library building. Your campus ID serves the purpose of the library card. The checkout of the library items requires that you present your Bentley Id card.


8. Streaming Films

Library gadgets for film streaming


Bentley library offers film-streaming services including classic feature, instructional videos, contemporary films, award-winning documentaries, presentations, and news broadcasts. The facility avails these videos in three significant collections: kanopy, Swank Digital campus, and Films on Demand. The streaming videos can be watched on or off campus. The ones in the Films on Demand may likely be accessed in the catalog of the library.

9. Audio-books & E-Books


New audio-book display


You may access Bentley Library’s audiobooks and eBooks by delving into the catalog of the library. Some eBooks can be read while connected or just in PDF style. However, some are downloadable and may be saved on external devices such as Kindle or iPad. You may use your computer or phone to enjoy overdrive audiobooks.


10. Archives


Bentley Rare Book Museum houses ancient artifacts


The Archives at Bentley University collects and offers access to Bentley’s historical data, growth, and activities. The information stored in the archives includes photographs, documents, and multimedia. The objects may consist of data that was gathered years down the line to offer a complete image of Bentley University’s culture. Bentley archives welcome all researchers to come and exploit its resources.


Top 5 Libraries at Bentley University

1. Bentley Library


Students walking in front of Bentley Library


Bentley Library is quickly spotted by its clock tower. This feature protrudes from the heart of its roof. The  library and research facility is sited at the core of the campus. The building is in the midst of the academic halls and the college building. Bentley library is not labeled. However, it is identified as no 54 and it is well captured from the college drive.


2. Waltham Public Library


Green garden in front of the Waltham Public Library


The Waltham Public library is an independent facility that is entirely financed as a community hub. The library enhances a productive society by offering a myriad of contemporary information, recreational and educational free services to all community members. The Walthman public library is popular for its professional and friendly staff. They offer safe, convenient, and helpful assistance to the visitors.


3. Watertown Free Public Library


The main entrance of the Watertown Free Public Library


This library attends to people from all the occupations. The library building can be accessed both from the back and the front entrances. The facility has an elevator that offers access to the second level of the building. Watertown free public library has an average collection of books, music CDs, books on CD as well as films in ASL.


4. Newton Free Library


Newton Free Library – Front View


The Newton Free Library is an associate of the Minuteman Library Network. NFL’s library card allows you to borrow items from this facility besides other 41 academic and public libraries. Loan period, renewals, and fine policies differ regarding the specific library. Newton circulation policies apply on all items checked out in the facility.


5. Robbins Library


Students plying outside Robbins Library


You are expected to present your ID, current address, and name for the issue of a Minuteman Library Network card. You have to carry your cad along on every library visit. The MLN library card is required in borrowing materials from the Fox Branch Library, Robins Library or any other MLN library. Items not provided in the MLN library may be asked for from the related library via inter-library loan.



Top 10 Library Resources at FIT

FIT prides in supporting the research and academic requirements of the entire campus community. To achieve in this, the institution has a well-equipped library facility that serves the faculty, staff, and students. The FIT library has well organized large volumes of both print and non-print materials to support the instructional programs in various fields of study. The following are top 10 library resources at Fashion Institute of Technology.

1. Research Help

Librarian offering research help to students

The FIT library has professional staffs who help in finding information, searching through the library’s site and class assignments. The fifth floor of the facility has the research inquiry desk ready to meet your needs. This staff responds to your chat, text message or email throughout the library working hours. The FIT library allows for interactive research appointments with the existing employees and students of FIT.

2. Computers in the Library

Computer section of the library

Library computer rooms usually are opened during regular library hours. The labs close down earlier than other library departments. The three library spaces are fixed with computer workstations, print release stations, printers, scanners, and copiers. All the floors have wireless connectivity, and all public computers are controlled by the library’s wireless network (FITAIR).

3. Inter-library Loan (ILL)

Inter-library Loans and document Deliver services

Most patrons benefit from the inter-library loan by getting items that are not found at FIT Library. They are expected to present an official FIT ID and a functional email account. The ordering of FIT materials, particularly reserve items are not allowed through inter-library loan. You are advised to read through the ILL FAQs for answers to some of the inquiries regarding potential costs and speed of delivery.

4. Library Instruction and Workshops

Librarian offering instructions to two students

All staff and faculty members have to compete the library’s online request form to request for a session in the library. The library management enters your request into their instruction calendar and assigns a librarian to your class. The librarian keeps coordinating with the class one week before the material date as planned. You will be informed on negotiating for new time and date in case a disagreement arises about the requested time and date.

5. PrintFX

Librarian organizing printout sheets

PrintFX is FIT’s most famous center for digital output. Experts here fulfill your expectations into reality. PrintFX continually produces high-quality output for highest standards of satisfaction and service. The facility produces excellent digital production at low prices including budget posters, portfolio prints, button pins, vinyl cutting, laser cutting, 3D printing, fabric printing and more.

6. Special Collections & College Archives

Sample Library collection featuring two women

The special collections and college archives are focused on a variety of objectives. SPARC gets, maintains, and offers access to various items for leading researches in their original state. The materials preserved cover several languages and geographical setups in the format of digital and print forms. All acquisitions are tailored to enhance FIT’s curricula at large.

7. Visitors at the Library

A visitor being oriented to the library materials

The FIT library works towards supporting the learning, teaching, study and research needs of the entire FIT College members. Visitors are expected to make an earlier appointment to qualify using the FIT library. Appointment for current FIT and SUNY students is not a guarantee. However, a valid FIT or SUNY ID is required from these students for access to the building. All FIT library visitors must complete the library’s online appointment form. Appointments by email or phone are not allowed.

8. Faculty, Staff or Administration

Two members of staff using library material

The entire library plus its specific units provides materials and resources to boost classroom faculty alongside the shared goals. FIT Library Faculty Liaison Program creates a dialogue between classroom faculty and library faculty. This synergy defines fundamental interactions in the library for all academic departments. The library’s goals are steered towards high curriculum support, delivery of library resources to FIT community and collaboration in support for curricular initiatives.

9. Services for Students

A student studying from the librar

FIT’s library staff and faculty are centered and focused on the achievement of the students. They assist students in general research, topic research, access of library DVDs and books, and borrowing services. All Students are guaranteed free assistance on the renewal of library DVD and books. The library offers the Graduate Studies Programs that help graduate students who are aspiring to cross over the walls of the physical library in their research.

10. Forms

A student completing a library form

All inquiries about research assistance are submitted to the “Ask the Library” page. The FIT library provides an interactive research form for schedules regarding one-on-one consultation with librarians. An instruction request form is offered for requests concerning any library research instruction lesson. You may use the purchase request form to suggest a book or a periodical title for the library to include in its purchases.

Top 5 Libraries at Fashion Institute of Technology

  1. Gladys Marcus Library

Students studying at FIT Library

The FIT library has a collection of over 197,000 print materials and more than 300,000-combined print, electronic and non-print. Other selections available in this facility include professional digital and electronic documents. These resources are hardly found in ordinary academic libraries. FIT library newspaper and periodical collections range to over 400 extensive back issue runs and current subscriptions.

2. New York Public Library

Students playing in front of the New York Public Library

This library has various dedicated locations that are entirely based on research. In addition, this facility has other libraries that offer borrowing services for most items. The library locations act as study and research spaces for learners and the public. FIT students who need more answers to a variety of library-based questions are offered assistance in this library.

3. Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library, Flatbush Branch

Brooklyn Public Library is one of the most famous borough’s institutions supporting patrons from all the occupations. Founded in 1896, this facility has been ranked as the sixth largest national library system. The library currently serves about 700,000 cardholders. BPL’s card is offered freely to any resident of New York State. Individuals aged 13 years and above are eligible for applying for a library card online. Get a Library Card.

4. Queens Library

Residents crossing the zebra crossing towards the Queens Library

The Queens library caters for the needs of 2.3 million patrons from 62 regions. The facility also serves seven centers tailored for adult learning and two literacy centers for families. This library distributes large volumes of books and additional library items in the entire nation. QL is an established learning and research system governed by a board of 19 trustees appointed by the New York City Mayor.

5. Metro

Staff at Metro Atlanta Library easing out some books

Metro is an independent consortium of several institutions. The facility comprises of museum, academic, research alongside corporate libraries in the region of New York City. Current FIT employees and staff have an opportunity of getting passes to explore these libraries. They are only permitted when their requirements are not provided at the FIT library (Borrowing is not allowed at Metro facility).


Top 10 Library Resources at Georgia Gwinnett College

Kaufman Library is focused on supporting the goals of Georgia Gwinnett College. This library and learning center serves both the research and information needs of the faculty, staff, and students of the college. Apart from just helping the university system of Georgia, Kaufman Library also extends its services to the Gwinnett County community. This facility provides various services that enhance a conducive environment for study and research. The following are top 10 Library Resources at Georgia Gwinnett College.

 1. Course Reserve

Course reserve request | Georgia Gwinnett College

Staff and faculty can put their course items on the reserve to be used by the students. The library has a circulation desk that holds the course reserve materials. Typically, checkout duration differ though most take two hours. Fines are imposed on reserve materials that are handed in late.

2. Borrowing

A librarian and alumnus of GGC

GTC faculty, students, and staff are allowed to register a Kaufman Library account. By this, they can borrow books on proving their membership by the school ID at checkouts. The checkout duration is 14 days with a single renewal. Qualified students can check out to a maximum of fifteen GGC materials simultaneously.

3. GIL Express

GIL Express & the GIL-Find Catalog |UGA Libraries

Items not found in the GGC bookstore can be applied for, from other library institutions. Such request is made through GIL Express. This is a sharing initiative for resources not available in a local collection. The process requires you to find the items using the GIL-Find Catalog and logging into your library account to activate the request.

4. Interlibrary Loan

 Inter-library loans Manager

A request will not be effected if the stuff is missing at Kaufman Library. Besides, some items may not be provided through GIL Express. In this case, a request has to be made through the inter-library loan. The library rules require you to first confirm with the USG or GGC systems before making your application.

5. Research Help

The Den (Bldg. A) – Information Commons at Kaufman Library

The reference desk provides research help during library sessions. This point of inquiry is sited on the second level of the main building. The Reference Librarian offers further assistance. You are free to check with the research guides for any inquiry.

6. Print/Copy/Scan

Printing//Scanning – Information Commons at the Kaufman Library

Students use the funds on their Claw cards to access library printing and photocopying services. Black and white print costs ten cents for each page. Color printing is charged at twenty-five cents per page and only black, and white photocopying is done at ten cents per page. Students can scan materials and send to their respective emails at no charge.

7. Disability Accommodations

Disability accommodation in the library

Kaufman library is focused on accommodating all clients including those with disabilities. All library sections have enough housing to support this group of users. Clients who require additional help are requested to contact the service desk. The Disability Services of the library takes full consideration of the students with disabilities.

8. Library Instruction for Classes

Librarian helping students in research

Kaufman library offers special instruction programs to enhance both classwork and course curricula. The instructional classes are tailored to equip the learners with the practical application of electronic sources and print in research. The library facility prides in developing class assignments to incorporate library resources and literacy skills in information. The library instruction booking form is provided for requesting the instruction.

9. Materials/Resource Purchase Requests

Bookstore - Kaufman Library

You are expected to fill the material request form for the library to collect your resource purchases. The head of Collections responds to all questions concerning resource purchase requests. Policies state that you inform the library once you have published items you intended to include to the collection. You are also required to specify in the request items that are for faculty publication.

10. GGC Scholarly Digital Archive

Digital Media Lecture 1: Basic Concepts Georgia Gwinnett College

Staff and faculty members are allowed to forward their scholarly work to the library’s institutional repository. Additional questions on how to deposit work in the General Space are submitted to Catherine Downey. She is the head of information commons and access services. All intellectual and creative outputs by faculty, students, staff, and student organizations are available at the General Space.

Top 5 Libraries at Georgia Gwinnett College

  1. Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center, Lawrenceville

Georgia Gwinnett names Library for Founding President

Kaufman Library holds 37 study rooms both for project and group work. Besides, the facility has a tutoring program alongside with a Teaching Excellence Center for the faculty. The Access service department at this university library is the main point of inquiry for several library patrons. The main entrance of the building has the circulation desk that makes it easy for patrons to check out DVDs, books, iPad, laptop and other items.

2. Gwinnett County Public Library, Lawrenceville

Gwinnett County Public Library 2780 Five Forks Trickum Rd Lawrenceville

This Gwinnett County Public Library is an excellent place for acquiring skills and fun. Perhaps you intend to read, listen, or watch it; every day is a new experience. Apart from just accessing the books, the facility offers you a chance of checking out the entire world through magazines and movies. Besides, the library introduces you to various languages, with a realization of family history and other job-related skills.

3. Gwinnett County Public Library, Grayson Branch

Parking space outside Gwinnett County Public Library, Grayson Branch

This library offers a conducive environment of researching on topics. The facility has a real-time reference system that enhances the access of text databases. Hop into the Grayson Branch from 6.30pm to 7.30 pm for a quick tour. The database has a lot of useful stuff to offer.

4. Gwinnett County Public Library, Snellville

Front view of Gwinnett County Public Library Snellville

Gwinnett County Public Library Snellville Branch is an associate of the LibraryThing for Libraries. This membership promotes the facility’s catalog with LibraryThing features and content. Snellville library facility offers help in career planning as well as coaching on job readiness. Other services provided here include an introduction to photocopying, computer workstations, and printing.

5. Gwinnett County Public Library, Hamilton Mill Branch.

The Hamilton Mill branch of the Gwinnett County Public Library

This library allows you to check and renew materials on the identification of your library password and card number. The checkout period for all items is three weeks unless other issues are arise. The facility allows you to check out 75 items at a time. You are required to check out and submit the items to a GCPL location. Renewal of an item may be done up to two times on conditions that the account balance is below $15 with no pending requests.

Top 10 Library Resources at Bethel University

Several libraries at Bethel University make studying much more comfortable for both the students and the faculty. These libraries offer a wide range of books, resource, and other material needed to enhance the potential of the students in their studies and research. Below is a quick rundown of top 10 library resources at Bethel University.

1. Research Assistance

Research librarian with a student

Bethel research librarians offer assistance on the access to the information and use of the library facility. Bethel libraries have an ongoing service that gives online help  pertaining to library and research. The facility also provides online research guides to the students through chat. The research librarians interact physically with the faculty and students for extended and customized assistance.

2. Interlibrary Loan

Research Librarian – Bethel University

You can decide to borrow stuff from external libraries through Bethel Library. In this case, you are required to submit a request of the material to your favorite Bethel library. The respective librarian will then locate the library that has the item, get it and send it to you for checkout. In some cases, you may qualify to get the material through the mail from their local consortium or anywhere around the world.

3. Equipment and Technology

Research Librarian – Bethel University

The Libraries provide the University & Seminary students with a wide range of equipment for checkout. Some of these resources include iPad, video cameras, adapters, phone charging cables, speakers, and more. The University Library has set up a large lab within the campus. This facility is equipped with both Windows and Mac computers that are installed with Microsoft office, FitnessGram, and SPSS programs.

4. Study Rooms

Students in the study room – Bethel Library

The seminary St. Paul library has three group study rooms. The second floor of the main building has study rooms 203 and 204. Study room B16 is sited in the library’s basement. The library also has a few individual study carrels that can be reserved for four months for few affiliates of the university community.

5. Mailing Services

Two librarians doing mail work – Bethel Library

Students who qualify for some conditions can receive journal articles and books through the mail. Eligible students include adult graduate or undergraduate students of the university library. All students from Bethel seminary qualify to obtain library materials on mail disregard of the place they live. You may use your interlibrary loan account for materials that are not online even if they are not stocked at bethel libraries or any other location.

6. Lamination

Lamination equipment

Bethel library provides lamination services both to the faculty and to the students. You can drop off your material and pick them up at the checkout in the university library. The lamination services are charged at $75 per foot. The maximum wideness includes 1 1/4 feet. You will get an email after your request is made.

7. Disability Services

Librarian offering assistance a disabled student – Bethel university library

Bethel university libraries are focused on making their facilities beneficial and practical for everyone. The library reference desk helps the students in retrieving specific items. The university libraries also provide various reference appointments. As such, you may plan to meet a reference librarian for an individual appointment.

8. Services for Faculty

A faculty member with a librarian

The libraries provide several services, particularly for the faculty. The facility has an online form that you can use to reserve your course material. Allocation of department funds for a DVD or book is also done through the library online request form. The Teaching and Learning technology group helps you out with your digital video for your Moodle course. The library instruction sessions are useful for familiarizing the students with the information on library resources.

9. Services for Alumni and Retirees

Alumni at Bethel Library

The libraries offer a free library card to alumni on registration. This card gives them a check out privilege of up to five books from the seminary library. Alumni can personally get a card at the library check out desks. Alumni cards at the seminary library can be acquired by completing a seminary alumni card form.

10. Services for Guests

Librarian serving a guest

Bethel libraries offer several services to the guests. All visitors are given a chance of using the library’s online and print services. Borrowing privilege is granted to all guests on registration of a library card. The card allows you to check out up to five books in the libraries. However, some exclusions are applied. Bethel university libraries also provide other resources as far as Minnesota.


Top 5 Libraries at Bethel University

1. University Library

Side view – University Library

Bethel University library aims at being the most significant learning hub at Bethel. The facility empowers learning through scholarship support. It unveils pathways to technology and resources. Overall, the university library promotes collaboration and encourages curiosity among faculty, staff, guests, and the student community at large.

2. Seminary St. Paul Library

Open space in front of the Seminary St. Paul Library

This facility offers resources and services to the Bethel Seminary community. The library fosters relevant, transformational, and mixed learning at Bethel. The Carl H. Library in St. Paul has approximately 3,000 print titles, 170,000 books, 12,000 non-print items, and 22,000 electronic titles. Individual sets comprise of Klingberg Puritan, Nelson-Lundquist, bethel university archives and more.

3. Seminary San Diego Library

Seminary San Diego Library main entrance

The memorial library in San Diego has over 22,000 unique journal titles, approximately 1,200 periodical titles, 1,500 non-profit items, and over 82,000 books. The groups entail the Turnbull Rare Books, global resources, as well as Spanish publications for languages. The seminary San Diego library participates in the American Theological Library Association. The facility is also a member of the Cooperating Libraries in Consortium.

4. Friends of the University Library

Student studying at the Friends of the University Library

The Friends of the University Library promotes the value of the library facilities, collections, as well as services. The library does this by encouraging gifts publicity of library services and contribution in the programs of the library. You can acquire membership of the Friends through  participation and consistent financial support. Qualified members get Friends notifications and newsletter of community events.

5. Digital Library

Student reading at the Digital Library

The digital library consists of more than twenty significant collections. The groups are centered on the history of Bethel, student experience, natural history, art & creative works, faculty & student scholarship. Collections at the Digital library comprise of primary source materials, which can be accessed digitally. The items can be arranged to help in learning and teaching.

Top 10 Buildings at Cleveland State University

CSU is an urban-based institution sited in the city center of Cleveland, Ohio. This school was founded in 1964 as a state-sponsored campus to offer higher education in Cleveland. When it was first formed, this campus acquired the buildings, staff, faculty, and programs of Fenn College. A quick rundown of the most popular 10 buildings at Cleveland State University is as follows:

  1. Art Gallery

Art Gallery - Cleveland State University

The CSU galleries are situated at 1307 Euclid Avenue. The place is right in Cowell & Hubbard Hall. This historic house is sited at the corner of the East 13th Street at the center of the new Arts Campus. The stylish recently renovated gallery place has three different exhibition areas. The three spaces include a study area, classroom, meeting space, as well as a media room.

2. Center for Innovation in Medical Professions

Students relaxing at the front of the center for innovation in medical professions This building is about

This building is about 100,000 GSF. It houses the Speech and hearing clinic, Health and Wellness clinic, Nursing labs, Audiology labs, and the OT/PT training area. Other spaces provided under this roof include meeting rooms, distant learning rooms, quiet study and lounge areas, as well as faculty offices. During the 2015 summer, the Northeast Ohio Medical University relocated from the Union Building to this hall.

3. Euclid Commons


Students walking in front of the Euclid commons

Euclid Commons is a significant state-of-the-art community at CSU. The building was specially built to accommodate current students and tomorrow’s generation. The community holds more than 600 learners. Euclid Commons offers utmost student’s privacy needed for academic achievement.

4. Julka Hall

Cleveland State University, Julka Hall

Julka hall was established in 2010 on the CSU University in downtown Cleveland. The building houses the School of Nursing as well as the College of Education & Human Services. The Ohio, Columbus, office of international design and architecture firm NBBJ designed Julka hall. The construction was named after CSU alumnus Anand Julka. Bill Julka was the pioneer of the information and technology smart solutions company at Cleveland.

5. Marshall College of Law

Marshall College of law – Cleveland State University

Marshall College of law is housed in an open modern facility at CSU. The facility stands right on the edge of the campus and gives the students quick access to the Cleveland legal community. A large atrium is designed at the heart of this building to provide lounge and study spaces for the students. The surrounding of the atrium comprises of classrooms that are fixed with technological equipment to enhance multimedia learning.

6. Music Department

Open space in front of the music department

The Department of Music at CSU is sited at the heart of a vibrant American cultural center. This facility exploits the rich musical resources in the city to offer comprehensive educational opportunities to the scholars. CSU draws from well-known worldwide Cleveland Orchestra as well as other renowned professional organizations. Thus, the students learn with a wide range of great musicians across the world.

7. College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

CSU wins Addy award for the design of class edge lounge – Cleveland

CSU’S college of arts is situated at the core of the Playhouse Square. This is the second-largest arts district in America. Through this facility, students acquire unique opportunities for practical learning experiences with working professionals. The school of Film and Media arts cover 36,000 square feet on the top level of the Idea Center.

8. Ronald Berkman Hall

The main entrance to the Berkman Hall

CSU’s Main Classroom Building was renamed after the university’s president Ronald Berkman during a farewell tribute. Berkman spent nine years in the leadership of the university. This hall offers modernized services to both the faculty and students. The north end of the building has an elevator tower and stairs. Berkman hall has a student’s services department, 4-story atrium, conference facility, pedestrian bridge and an auditorium for 800 visitors.

9. Student Center

Students walking outside the CSU students’ center

Holding over 200 student activities and organizations, the CSU student center is positioned right on Euclid Avenue. The building is in the midst of both the 21st and 22nd streets. Recent renovations done to this construction cost $500. The student center has three levels with a core public forum, multi-level atrium, and glass exterior. The hall is fixed with flat screen TVs, digital cables and displays, internet access, wireless inter-connectivity and LED message boards.

10. Levin College of Urban Affairs

Levin College of urban affairs

This college is sited on the historic Euclid Avenue right in the Playhouse Square district. The college provides high-class courses in areas that advance communities. From the report filed by the U.S World Report, Lavin College focuses on both urban policy alongside with local government management position in the midst of best national programs. Students in this college learn by studying, doing research, and taking part in community projects.

Interesting Facts about Cleveland State University

  1. Ranking

Top Online MBA Programs Logo – CSU Ohio

CSU’s MBA program emerged the first among other programs in Ohio State ranking #44 in the entire US. This is a report filed by the US World Report. Besides, the program was graded #38 for veterans national-wide. CSU is joined with George Washington University regarding national rankings.

2. AACSB Accreditation

AACSB Accreditation Logo- Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University holds AACSB in both accounting and business management. A lesser percentage of business schools worldwide have this accreditation. Universities and colleges may own accreditation through a regional accrediting agency such as the NCA. Main aspects of the entire institution including services, and facilities determine regional accreditation. Alternatively, a university may hold professional certification through a different accrediting agency based on the particular discipline.

3. Clubs and Organizations


CSU’s student organization (SHRM) was awarded an honor for offering personal growth and development opportunities from the overall SHRM organization. The school’s SHRM student chapter was crowned regarding the total number of activities completed in the merit award cycle. The cycle was operational between April 1, 2014, and March 21, 2015. Operations comprised of resumes workshops, outreach programs and more.

4. Graduate Career Earnings

Mid-Career Salaries Graph - Cleveland State University


The Brookings Institute recognized CSU for the provision of the largest income boost to its graduates. Cleveland University was ranked among the top three public universities in Ohio. This category of institutions were said to offer the highest increase of career earnings to their graduates. A per the report filed, CSU’s graduates own average career salaries exceeding $10,000 as compared to those of similar graduates in other universities and colleges.

5. Small Business Awards

CSU’s Award from Small business Administration - Cleveland State University

The US Small Business Administration has acknowledged Cleveland University as a great performer in the Export Assistance Network within Ohio State. The organization is part of the SBA’s small business development facility stationed at Cleveland state university. The recognition was based on the higher production level of client involvement in export programs for the academic period ranging from 2015 to 2016. CSU EAN participates in small and medium businesses that are venturing or already in the export of services and products across the world.