10 Hardest Courses at IU Southeast

Southeast is one of the least prominent campuses in the Indiana University system, but it is no less important. Many of the courses here are the ones that help create a foundation for lifelong learning among the students in attendance. The ten listed below are unquestionably some of the most challenging for students to endure!

1. GEOL-G 180 – Dinosaurs

A large dinosaur is roaring

In addition to being one of the coolest courses, Dinosaurs is also one of the hardest. Paleontology is a popular field of study at Southeast so it is not just for those who love the Jurassic Park movies. Rigorous requirements are present in this course and students will be expected to exceed them.

2. PHYS-P 105 – Basic Physics of Sound

Sound waves going to the ear

Physics courses are always going to be exceptionally difficult. There’s just no getting around that when it ends up being the field that you choose to study. However, courses about the physics of sound are a cut above and they have often weeded out many students who were just on an exploratory track.

3. PHIL-P 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophers are ancient thinkers

For students interested in philosophy, this course will test them to see if they can make the grade. They will be required to do a great deal of reading and critical thinking. A lot of the ideas presented in the course are thick and dense so it will definitely take more than a couple tries to fully understand everything.

4. CHEM-C 100 – The World as Chemistry

Beakers are filled with chemical concoctions

Chemistry courses are hard enough. But this class puts everything in the world through the lens of how it intersects with chemistry. This world science that can tend to go to macro and micro levels is not an easy one and students should expect to put a great deal of work into the subject.

5. ENG-L 102 – Western World Masterpieces II

The	Western	World is seen	as	the Americas

A lot of English courses deal with texts from Romantic and Medieval periods of Europe. They tend to specifically focus on British and Irish literature. But this course refuses to let the masterpieces from South America and Australia be forgotten!

6. FINA-A 102 – Renaissance through Modern Art

Renaissance music is a form of art

All forms of art are difficult to understand, for different reasons. Renaissance art is definitely among the most challenging, though, because of how it demands an even greater knowledge of historical context among its pupils. Renaissance art involves more than just statues and paintings, though; it also pertains to music.

7. MUS-M 174 – Music for the Listener

Music can be heard through headphones

Music courses are often presumed to be among the easiest, but this is not true. You might be able to listen to music every day, but critically thinking about it requires an entirely different set of skills. This course also requires students to evaluate the effect that music has on listeners.

8. CHEM-C 125 – Experimental Chemistry I

Symbols of chemistry and science

Chemistry is hard enough without students having to think about different directions the course could go. Shouldn’t that be for the scholars to know, after all? But experimental chemistry doesn’t give students all the answers. Instead, it expects students to think critically about the subject while also exploring what is possible.

9. AST-A 100 – The Solar System

The Solar System has planets

Solar system courses, on the surface, are definitely very cool. However, the astronomy elements can quickly fall by the wayside. This would give way to a strong emphasis on the math that goes into astronomy, which can be exceptionally difficult for students to comprehend, including myself!

10. FINA-F 100 – Fundamental Studio Drawing

A black and white sketch of a studio

Fundamental studio drawing is a very particular art course that demands a lot of its students. Precision is key here and it’s not like high school art skills. Real artistic merit is evaluated in this course and the standards are high.

They may be a hard set of courses listed below, but the students would not be at Southeast if they were not more than capable of knocking these courses out of the park.

10 Hardest Courses at Indiana University – Bloomington

Bloomington is one of the finest campuses in the Indiana University system. It also boasts a series of stellar courses and programs that challenge students to be their best selves. This comes through the idea that many of the classes pose quite the hardships to students! Here are the 10 Hardest Courses at Indiana University – Bloomington:

1. EDUC-M 302 – Math throughout Secondary Curr.

Mathematic formulas are written on a chalkboard

Math is not an easy subject to learn. And it is also certainly not an easy subject to teach. Students will always struggle with math so it is up to these education majors to find a way to make math easier to learn for younger generations, which is far from an easy thing to do!

2. EAS-E 333 – Sedimentation and Tectonics

A map of the world's tectonic plates

The planet is always shifting and so is our understanding of geographical features of the world. To understand tectonic plates and the science behind earthquakes, students have to adapt to a constantly-changing planet. There is even an opportunity for field work to be done by students.

3. ENG-L 316 – Literary History III

Old books are stacked atop one another

The history of literature is a rich one. This course takes you through the history of how poems and stories were written and studied. This is the third level of the literary history track, which is exceptionally difficult at this school.

4. ENG-L 390 – Children’s Literature

The Sneetches is a famous children's book

Children’s literature is easy to read, but difficult to study. There is a deep thought process that goes into it that is not always understood by scholars. This course is a must for education majors who want to teach at an elementary level.

5. ENG-W 202 – English Grammar Review

Grammar is spelled with blocks

Grammar is a fickle thing. There are hard rules of grammar that are intricate, but also that differ among different sets of grammar rules. It is also fluid, meaning that grammar can change from what is taught for someone’s entire life. Understanding the rules of grammar through assignments is crucial for students taking the course.

6. ENG-W 303 – Writing Poetry

poetry pencil

Poetry is a very hard subject to analyze. It can be even more challenging to open up enough to write some poetry of your own. It is not easy to adhere to the forms of poetry laid out at the outset of the subject! Students will read famous poems and different forms of writing poetry, en route to crafting their own works of poetry.

7. ENG-L 312 – Literary History II

History is spelled with letters

The history of literature has a lot of depth and richness to it! This is the intermediate level of the aforementioned upper level of the course. It is recommended for English students who wish for an understanding of their subject.

8. INST-S 250 – Intermediate Sanskrit II

The language of sanskrit is put to paper

Of all the foreign languages offered at this school, this definitely is the most challenging one. The highest level of sanskrit offered at the school, this course is often seen as an incredibly challenging endeavor. This is thanks in large part to the fact that the sanskrit symbols tend to look very similarly to one another. Students will learn to read the language by this class with a sense of fluency.

9. ENG-L 310 – Literary History I

Older texts are stacked near each other

This is the base level of the literary history courses mentioned above. Despite being the introduction to the trilogy, it is still a 300 level course! And it’s one of the hardest for English majors. Students are expected to introduce themselves to and familiarize themselves with the history of their major.

10. EDUC-M 454 – Grammar for Teachers

A pencil corrects a grammar mistake

For many teachers, especially those who teach English, they love grammar and teaching grammar! However, there are some education majors who are opposed to all things English. For them, this Grammar for Teachers course is a nightmare in terms of how difficult it is to pass. Students are expected to correct real examples of poor grammar.

The Bloomington campus may be a daunting one, but the challenges will help its students grow as learners, undoubtedly.

10 Hardest Courses at IUPUI

The Purdue Campus of Indiana University is one of the premier academic institutions in the entire state. It also has a major reputation of having some rigorous academics. Here are ten of the most challenging courses that prove this.

1. AERO-A 102 – The Air Force Today II

The Air Force logo is blue

The Air Force is a major commitment and we will talk more about that later. The Air Force is a rigorous organization and one can expect course-based assignments that focus on preparing students for the requirements of the faction of the military. One is never fully prepared for all that it entails!

2. INFO-I 303 – Organizational Informatics

A web of informatic icons

Informatics is one of the hardest subjects to begin with. Organizational informatics just takes it to the next level. In addition to the consumption of a great deal of knowledge and information, students are also required to synthesize the readings into a project to create a unique class experience around group work.

3. AFRO-A 369 – The African American Experience

Black culture is important to study

Not only is this a challenging course because of the rigorous syllabus and required texts, but it is also an important one. For students studying anthropology, culture, sociology, history, or any related topic, it is absolutely critical.

4. EDUC-K 490 – Research in Special Education

Cutouts of children with special needs

Special education teachers are definitely among the most impressive workers in the world. The strides they make in the subject are simply remarkable. It all begins in this class, too, which would definitely weed out some of the ones who just cannot crack it. Students will have to take some time to work in classrooms, as well.

5. AERO-A 202 – The Development of Air Power II

An airplane takes off

It is amazing that planes fly! I mean, how can they do it when it is a cylinder that is coasting through the air when many socks that fall from a washing machine just drop on the ground? That is what this course aims to unpack! Students will be expected to analyze flight patterns and have a general understanding of engineering and history.

6. GEOL-G 135 – Indiana Geology

A person tours a geological location

Geology is a very challenging course because of the amount of memorization it demands of you. But Indiana geology is even harder because there’s very little general basis for the subject beyond what is known about Indiana. For out of state students, this course becomes an even more challenging endeavor. Many field studies are included in this course.

7. BIOL-K 357 – Microbiology Laboratory

A hand holds microbiological petri dish

Microbiology lectures are very hard to parse because of the deluge of information emanating from the professor’s discussion. What’s even harder than that is the laboratory portion of the class, though. This requires hands-on experience from students and it has not been kind to many unsuspecting academics in the past.

8. CHEM-C 430 – Inorganic Chemistry

The molecules of inorganic chemistry

Chemistry often has a reputation as one of the hardest subjects at any school. Organic chemistry made a name for itself as the hardest course in the entire realm of chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is marked as one course that is just as difficult. Students will be expected to complete textbook-based and lab-based chemistry work.

9. AERO-A 302 – Air Force Management and Leadership II

An Air Force leader speaks with Air Force members

The Air Force is a big commitment! It is very difficult to partake in such a field, but it can be even harder to be a leader in it. Leadership and management is hard to come by because it is a difficult subject to learn especially through coursework. Students will experience real-world field routines with this course.

10. ASL-I 370 – Healthcare Interpreting

Three hands sign the ASL acronym

American Sign Language is one of the most fun subjects for students to learn at the institutional level. This is especially true because of an entire field it opens up to students. Healthcare interpreting is crucial for the well-being of the world, but it is also quite daunting to be able to use a basis of ASL in such an extended manner.

It can be clearly seen that Purdue definitely has some challenging courses offered, but they are nothing that Indiana students are unable to handle!

10 Hardest Courses at IU South Bend

The South Bend campus at Indiana University is arguably its most famous and well-known institution. Likewise, there are many classes that will ask the most of students and their capabilities. The ten courses listed below are some of the most difficult at the school.

1. ENG-G 301 – History of the English Language

A collage of English words

The English language is a complex and intricate one that takes a long time to learn. It’s even harder to learn some of the forms of old English. And this class requires a lot of reading of these ancient texts that might as well be written in a different language.

2. BIOL-L 334 – Biology of Cancer

The cells of breast cancer

There’s a reason why the cancer of the body has baffled scientists for generations. It is not an easy disease to figure out, by any means. This class merely scratches the surface of cancer and its cells, but it still ranks among the hardest in the entire field.

3. EDUC-E 328 – Science in the Elementary School

Little kids can love science

Science at an elementary level can be relatively easy as long as the students study what they’re supposed to. But it is incredibly challenging to learn how to teach this subject specifically to a classroom. Making sure no students are being left behind on the subject is crucial, but it is hard to navigate this with growing classroom sizes.

4. BUS-K 201 – The Computer in Business

Business workers use computers together

Business majors and computer science majors unite on this subject! This particular course showcases some of the hardest elements of both topics and makes people realize how challenging they can be, especially when joined together! However, in the world of modern business, computers are an absolute necessity.

5. BUS-D 300 – International Business Administration

Business is conducted all over the world

Business, unfortunately, is not a universal language. This course delves into the language and cultural barriers across the world that affect how people conduct business. It’s a challenging course, but a necessary one for those who aim to be globe-trotting entrepreneurs.

6. THTR-D 230 – Flamenco Dance II

A flamenco dancer holds her skirt

Dance classes are never going to be simple. They might seem like an easy A, but dance professors watch for slackers and they almost always grade strictly. For those who love to dance, but are a bit shy about doing it in front of others, that’s another reason why this course could be a challenging one!

7. TEL-T 336 – Digital Video Production

Videos of fireworks are taken digitally

Digital video production is so much more than just filming. It requires an entirely new understanding of film and video production and how each of them work together in the modern era. A lot of skills are required to be honed and enhanced throughout this particular class.

8. SPCH-S 228 – Argumentation and Debate

Two people have a debate as silhouettes

Public speaking is often considered one of the top fears in the world. Build an entire class around it and throw around some confrontation and you’ve got quite the doozy of a course. Not only is it quite hard in terms of subject material, but it can also push a lot of people out of their comfort zones.

9. MUS-X 350 – Jazz Ensembles

A jazz band plays music

Jazz is definitely one of the harder music genres to master. Sure, you will be graded based on how well you play your instrument. But a challenging part of the grade also comes from how well you perform music with others.

10. FINA-P 453 – Graphic Design III

Animated symbols of graphic design

Graphic design is easily one of the most scrutinized courses. It can be easy to forget that a class is not just hard because of what it requires students to do. It is also hard because of the high expectations that are held by professors.

South Bend might be known for its basketball program, but it also boasts a series of some very challenging courses, as evidenced by the list above!

10 Hardest Courses at George Brown College

In downtown Toronto, George Brown College is one of the best academic institutions in one of Canada’s most prominent cities. It also has its fair share of difficult courses, though. Here are ten of the most challenging.

1. ANAT1010 – Functional Anatomy

Anatomic diagrams show the human body

Anatomy is very challenging because of how much needs to be known about all sorts of science. There is so much that goes into anatomic studies. The human body is always adapting and students need to be, as well.

2. GHUM1052 – World Religions

A few religions are posted

World Religions is a challenging course, but it is also a fascinating one. Many students love to learn about the diversity around the world. Religion has informed a great deal of human history, as well.

3. DENT3012 – Orthodontics IV

A person with braces smiles

Orthodontics of any kind would definitely make the list. It is not easy to be a dentist, or sure! However, the fourth level of orthodontics is definitely the hardest version of it that is offered at this school.

4. BIOL1004 – Microbiology and Infection Control

Microorgamisms are featured in the drawing

Microbiology is basically a course that would be akin to speaking another language. That’s how foreign the concepts of the course are. However, it does hold as one of the most life critical courses for any science student.

5. GSCI1024 – Environmental Science

A small tree is held in hands

Environmental science is a pretty blanket term for a course, but it is relevant to this list nonetheless. Often regarded as one of the most challenging courses for any school, it tends to force critical thinking about the science of the world around us. There are a vast amount of environments that can be studied, too.

6. GSSC1159 – The Strange World of the Familiar: Sociological Inquiry

The first slide of a presentation features a key phrase

A class all about the familiar side of society might be thought to be on the easy side. But it actually can be quite challenging in terms of its subject matter. After all, the course materials force students to think about the odd facets of their everyday lives.

7. COMP1165 – Desktop Software Installation and Support

Windows has popular computer software options

Computer science courses are some of the hardest no matter which university they are offered at. Installing and maintaining computer software is an ominous challenge. But it can be quite useful for the university, as a whole, as well.

8. MATH1012 – Mathematics for Information Technology

Numbers are involved in math and IT

Mathematical studies are among the hardest at any college campus. Putting them together with information technology makes this the pinnacle of difficulty. However, you cannot have one without the other.

9. GHUM1088 – Ancient Great Thinkers

A statue of an ancient philosopher

Ancient thinkers wrote a lot and they used a lot of complicated language. For classes that are built around the texts they wrote, this poses quite the challenge for students. The curriculum is mostly reading that is hundreds of pages long and very complicated to parse.

10. GSCI1146 – Plants and Society

Plants grow in naturally occurring environments

The study of plants is a rigorous on its own. But combining its study with the impact it has on environments that are not entirely natural can pose quite the challenge. It is rewarding to learn how much we depend on plants, however.

George Brown may not be the easiest way to get a degree, but the difficult courses will be the ones that make your education worthwhile!

10 Hardest Courses at Emily Carr University

Emily Carr University is one of the top schools on the academic wishlists of Vancouver citizens. Many enroll at the school despite its rigorous academic standings. This is embodied by ten of the hardest courses at the school, which are listed below.

1. SCIE201 – Perception and Science

Light perception reflects wavelengths

Science, with all the required memorization and knowledge, is a challenging subject. This is especially true for those who gravitated towards artistic schools. The ideas and theories behind science are very complicated to grasp, though, to be sure.

2. ANIM230 – 3D Character Animation

Anna and Elsa are popular examples of 3D animated characters

2D and 3D character animations are very different styles. However, both require a different set of skills. Neither are anything but challenging, but 3D animation is definitely where animated media is gravitating towards more and more.

3. SCIE217 – Ergonomics

A man works at his desk

Ergonomics is the study of the conduciveness of the workplace to human nature. It requires an understanding of kinesiology, anatomy, business, and more. Because of its wide reach of subjects, it undoubtedly earns a spot on the list of hardest courses.

4. ANIM308 – Motion Graphics

Lines swirl to create the illusion of movement

One of the hardest things in animation is to make the characters and the action look fluid. It is not meant to be stilted or awkward. To capture these motion graphics is a true challenging art form in and of itself.

5. COMD304 – Typographic Systems

A word cloud showcases typography

Typography applies to a wide swath of collegiate courses. But its presence in various technological systems can cause quite the headache for those studying commercial designs and more. This particular typography course made a name for itself as one of the hardest courses around.

6. ENGL200 – Creative Writing

Imagination is poured into a book

Creative writing is not as easy as it sounds. It can be quite challenging for students to write a coherent and impactful story. It is also a challenge for students to be willing to share that sort of thing with their fellow classmates.

7. ENGL201 – Writing Across the Arts

This diagram shows various steps for writing

Writing is a universal skill in the sense that it applies to every subject. For those who are comfortable writing in one class, it is a little difficult to transfer those skills to another subject matter. Technical writing and different types of poetic writing (think: poetry) are involved in this course.

8. COMD305 – Publication Design

Publication template designs are laid out

Publication and design are two processes of writing and art that are often overlooked. But they are just as crucial for propping up these works that come from artists. They’re difficult to learn, but worthwhile because without them, the entire industry might just falter.

9. FVM401 – Editing II

An editor cuts a video

Film editing is not as easy as it may seem. It’s not as simple as cutting video clips and sticking them together on the computer. Editors have to watch for continuity, sensibility, the director’s vision, and more.

10. FVM325 – Cinematography

A cinematographer stands behind a camera

Cinematography is arguably the most important element of a film’s production. If you tried to think of a movie that could have been made without cinematography, you would never come up with one. The entire look and feel of the movie is orchestrated by cinematographers.

The courses may be challenging at Emily Carr, but there’s no denying that the high caliber students at this school will be able to handle them with ease!

Jobs for College Students at Brock University

Brock University is one of the best schools that any student could attend in Canada. Part of the college experience, though, is working to help pay for some of the costs of college. Listed below are eight of the best jobs available to Brock students!

1. ESL Instructor

ESL letters are filled with flags

For many students at Brock, especially those who are international, English is their second language. It takes true linguistic experts at a student level to help connect with these students. This worthwhile position could see students make a very visible impact on their peers.

2. Campus Fast Food Worker

A cashier holds a tray of food

Brock has their own fast food restaurants on campus that are staffed by their own students! CareerZone posts many of the job opportunities that are available for Brock students to work in this industry. From cooking food to cleaning the kitchen to operating the register, there are many different options this position could take!

3. General Store Cashier

A cashier scans items and food products

CareerZone also has an entire list of cashier positions for students to work at. General stores are popular because they have all the products students need for a smaller cost. Plus, it might not hurt to ask one’s supervisor about potentially receiving an employee discount.

4. Intramural Referee

A referee holds a whistle

For many intramural teams and sports, they could not exist without students willing to officiate the matches. CareerZone posts about the sports that need officials. For some intramural sports, the referees hired might be completely in the dark about the rules, having to learn them on the fly.

5. Lifeguard

A lifeguard holds a floatation device

One side of the recreation facilities has a swimming pool for students who are looking for a good workout or even just a leisurely swim. Lifeguards are on hand during the prime hours to make sure their peers are acting safely. By finding these jobs on CareerZone, the application process becomes a breeze!

6. Welcome Desk Attendant

A student sits at the welcome desk

Across the Brock campus, there are many different welcome desks. They could be in the student union, the admissions offices, the recreation centre, and more. Each one needs a student staffed in front of it to provide a welcoming smile to all who enter.

7. Tour Guide

A tour guide speaks to prospective students

High school and upcoming college students often like to go on tours of college campuses before deciding where to apply or where to enroll. What better way to introduce them to the campus than by having a fellow student show them around? Tour guides are always needed to cover all sorts of shifts!

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Jobs for College Students at Concordia University

Concordia University is a famous and reputable academic institution in Canada. They also offer a lot of jobs for students who want to be more involved at their school. Concordia has many jobs, but these are eight of the best!

1. Event Set-Up Assistant

Workers set up a venue

Concordia has many different events on campus during the course of the year. Crew members are often employed with the task of setting up these events and also taking them down when they conclude. Events include small concerts, open mic nights, faculty banquets, and more.

2. Writing Assistant

A student outlines an essay

There is an entire area on the Concordia campus that is specifically dedicated to helping students who are stumped on their papers. English majors and other such essay-oriented students staff this building. They are always on hand to help with the many steps of the essay process from outlining to citing.

3. Nanny

Disney's Mary Poppins is a famous nanny

Have you ever wanted to be like the iconic Mary Poppins character from the books and movies? Well, families in the Concordia area are giving students the opportunity to live out this dream! They are calling for nannies on online job boards to help come take care of their children.

4. Dog Sitter

A woman walks a dog

In addition to families seeking someone to watch their children, there are also many people who want to make sure their dogs are taken care of while they are at work. For animal loving students, a part time dog sitting job is as good as it gets! Dogs are meant to be fed, played with, taken for walks, and more.

5. Bellhop

A bellhop carries a suitcase

Bellhops may seem outdated, but they are actually still a big part of many fancy hotel areas. They are tasked with making sure the rooms are in tip top shape before they bring the suitcases and luggage of the guests to the room. Bellhops also have to know the ins and outs of every pathway in the hotel so they never get lost when going to a room.

6. Office Data Entry Assistant

An assistant presses the data entry key

Data entry jobs are very tedious and can tend to be too time consuming for office professionals. With so many important tasks to be completed, they will often hire assistants to complete data entry tasks for them. It is the perfect job for an introverted student who prefers quieter work!

7. Office Record Keeper

Drawers are filled with manila folders

Office assistants could also take on the job of keeping records. Offices cannot properly function without the proper keeping of records and organization. These are crucial pieces to ensuring that offices are still acting as well-oiled machines.

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Jobs for College Students at the University of Lethbridge

If you have ever wanted a job while you study for your classes, it can be hard to know where to look. Fortunately, Lethbridge aims to make it easy by collecting a database and a roster of potential jobs for students. And eight of the best ones to be pursued are listed below!

1. Student Tutor

A peer tutor offers assistance

Student tutors can take on many different roles at the Lethbridge campus. For one, many students will ask them for help in college classes that the tutors may have actually taken before. For another, the tutors could always end up being asked to teach people various subjects in an online capacity.

2. Campus Security Official

Campus security officials pose together

For students who like providing a sense of protection and safety to the campus, they can apply for lower level and part time security positions. They would patrol the campus that they know so well and make sure emergencies are taken care of. They would also do so during hours when many police officers prefer not to work.

3. Substitute Teacher

An apple holds a book open

In the local area around the University of Lethbridge, there are many public schools. And because public schools are not infallible, teachers will sometimes get sick and not be able to come into school. If too many call out at once, substitute teachers are going to be needed and they sure would love to have some education majors from the local university step in to help.

4. Food Service Supervisor

Food service workers prepare and serve food

Many college students will apply for part time food service jobs while they are working on their classes. However, at Lethbridge, students are given the opportunity to rise up in the ranks while still keeping their part time status. They are often able to become supervisors to make sure food is being handled safely and cleanly.

5. Table Washer

A person washes a table

Another job that students can apply for to get their foot in the door of the food service industry is that of a table washer. Students often prefer to eat their food on clean surfaces during the various meals of the day. These table washers are responsible for monitoring tables and cleaning them as soon as students leave to ensure that no one sits down to a dirty table.

6. Painting Event Host

People participate in a painting event

In the area surrounding Lethbridge, many facilities host special painting event nights. These are a good way to spend some relaxing and fun times with friends while potentially uncovering a talent you never knew you had. And these events often tap students to lead them due to the fact that they often occur in the evening.

7. Online Marketing Assistant

A cartoon cloud of digital marketing outlets

Today, a lot of marketing still takes place in person or over the phone. But every day, online marketing grows more and more in terms of legitimacy. And it can be a very niche industry to try to figure out. That is why many businesses are asking for Lethbridge students to help them with online marketing campaigns, whether they are over email or social media or something else entirely.

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.

Jobs for College Students at Seneca College

It never hurts to make money at a job and gain some experience while studying for classes. If students are interested in pursuing this dual role while they are in university, then Seneca is there to help. There are plenty of jobs that can be worked by students at and near Seneca!

1. Food Preparation Attendant

A worker slices a tomato

SenecaWorks has many different jobs available to students in the food service industry. Often, these jobs will pertain to cooking or serving food. However, one of the more prestigious jobs is that of attending to the preparation of food and ingredients, as these students would essentially serve as the right hand man (or woman) of the chef.

2. Athletics Equipment Manager

Sports equipment materials pile on top of each other

There are also many athletic-based positions available to students on SenecaWorks. One of these is that of an equipment manager. Equipment managers work with the respective sports to make sure that all the equipment they need to engage in games or matches is present and accounted for so coaches and players don’t have to worry.

3. Research Assistant

Two scientists collaborate on research

Many professors will also make use of the SenecaWorks service by posting positions that they need help with. This will often be relevant to professors who are conducting research programs as assigned and paid for by the university. Student assistants are often hired as a way of helping the professor and bolstering their own resumes.

4. Career Services Assistant

An assistant helps a student find a job

In sort of a meta spot on this list, this job may actually be found on the career services website itself. Sometimes, the place where you look for a job could be the place where you get hired. After all, someone has to assist students with finding part time employment. Why could this not be a student, too?

5. On Campus Receptionist

A receptionist sits at her desk

At Seneca, there are a great many offices and buildings that require the talents of a reception worker. Receptionists are tasked with manning the phones and scheduling meetings. However, they can also provide an exuberant energy to an office that could otherwise be viewed as dreary.

6. Bookstore Shelver

Books are lined up neatly on a shelf

Many shelving positions found on SenecaWorks will pertain to the library. However, the bookstores on and near the campus are often in need of shelving and organization, as well. After all, many people will pick up a book from one shelf, change their mind, and just leave it wherever so someone has to find these misplaced novels!

7. Admissions Assistant

College applications are accepted with a stamp

Students at Seneca will very rarely, if ever, be asked to help decide on the admissions decisions for prospective students. However, it is not unheard of for these admissions professionals to have assistants. Someone has to send the letters in the mail, after all!

8. Notetaker for OneClass

OneClass logo, it offers online employment for students

Take notes with OneClass and get paid while you go to class. When you take Notes with OneClass, you not only earn but also get better at studying and focusing during your lectures. Become a Notetaker today.