Tips for PSY 1305 at Baylor University

Many say that one of the top five hardest classes to take at Baylor University is PSY 1305, and many can attest to this fact. It is a difficult class and the class average is usually a C, which no college student wants to hear. However, there are ways to combat this and to help get yourself to that B or A if you work hard and learn a few tips that may help you along the way. Here is a couple to keep in mind as you start your semester with 1305.

1. Attend the Class!

I know this seems like “duh!” but many students start out saying they will attend all their classes and somewhere throughout the semester that idea sort of comes to a halt. At Baylor, the Psych department does not exactly check for attendance. You have to sign in on a website on your phone and you don’t even have to be in the classroom to check in. This creates many students to not attend certain classes because they will still get credit and can sleep in or do something else. Even though you can get notes from someone else or just read the book, you should realize that this will not completely help you for the exams. The Psych department at Baylor has hard exams and a lot of the material is not on the powerpoints but in the lecture, what they say. And you will not get this information if you don’t attend classes so make sure you do it!Image result for psychology class

2. Go to SI

If you don’t know, Supplemental Instruction is a great program created at Baylor that is completely free to students. A student who has taken the course and received an A retakes the class and helps out students with material and what to expect for the tests. They have reviews and worksheets and definitely help in your journey through 1305. It is a great resource that you should take advantage of because this is definitely going to help when you enter for the test. The Psych exams are long and very situational and you need a clear understanding of all the material to understand what conditions are being displayed in examples. The Baylor Parent Fund helps support this free service to make sure you go to get help!Image result for student college teacher

3. Do the Extra Credit

There is usually one of two routes in a Baylor Psych class that you can take for extra credit. Your professor such as Riley or Weaver may offer extra credit by doing extra SONA experiences. The Psych department at Baylor is required to keep up on research and in order to make it less expensive, they have Baylor students volunteer to do it or have the incentive of extra credit to be a part of many experiences or research. SONA experiences are how they conduct their research and if you do some in person or online, and you don’t want to turn down the opportunity to get extra credit for this difficult of a class. Other professors such as Clarke offer extra credit through creating study guides before tests which give you more points and help you study.  You will regret it when you are late into the semester and are starting to panic because your grade is not at what you want it to be. Baylor professors are very understanding, so take the chance!Image result for psychology experiments

4. Go to Success Center

I know some people get weird about getting a tutor, but it is super recommended for this class! The Success Center at Baylor is a place where they have tutors for each subject waiting there to help you 8 hours a day 5 days a week and are just waiting for someone to come and ask them questions. You really should take advantage of the amazing opportunities and resources that Baylor offers you so that you can succeed in your classes. At the beginning of the semester, the Psych professors always make it a point to go to the Success Center and spend some time there a couple times a week going over material from class. This is really recommended and you should take advantage of these amazing programs so that you can get a good grade in Psych 1305!Image result for baylor success center

5. Do SONA Early

Although some SONA credits are a part of the extra credit, the Psych professors at Baylor usually require you to receive about 5 SONA hours to pass the course. These can be very annoying if you wait until the end of the semester to do them because lots of Baylor students wait and then it’s hard to get a good time for an experiment. You’ll probably get an 8 am time slot and no one wants that. Instead, if you do them early, you can get some really interesting experiments that Baylor Psych majors create such as the testosterone levels in your body dictating your personality or surveys on memory and technology. Make sure you do your SONA hours because if you don’t, you automatically do not pass the class and no one wants to retake that hard class again.Related imageThis has bee considered one of the hardest classes that people have to take at Baylor and so these tips can really help with your time in this class. Get all the help you can get because you want to do as well as you can with your time in college. Keep the GPA high and the stress low!

5 Fun Historical Facts About Baylor

Baylor is in the heart of Texas definitely has a few historical stories behind it that make this university so special. From its finding and initial story to today’s amazing culture, Baylor is rich with history and fun facts that compel you to come to this school just to be a part of it. Don’t take my word for it, here are just a few historical fun facts about this amazing university that you will want to know!

Image result for baylor history

1. Original Campus was in Independence, Texas

Despite the amazing college town that Waco is today, it was not founded there. Baylor‘s original campus is in Independence, Texas a place where you must go during your time at Baylor. The original campus is full of history and stories from the past that just leave everyone speechless or in tears. The campus was split into girls and boys campus and has the origninal pillars that is the image of Baylor. It became a university when Texas was a republic, seperate from the rest of the U.S. making it the oldest university in Texas. And, when Baylor moved to Waco, it merged with the Waco university to become what it is today. Baylor has come a long way and looking back it was an amazing journey that thankfully gets to continue.

Image result for baylor independence texas

2. Bear Mascot

When Baylor started participating in sports such as intercollegiate football, they did not have a mascot, just went by “the Baptists”. That is, until one of the president’s of Baylor in the early 1900’s decided that it was time for Baylor to have a mascot. So he created a contest to make it fun, having the students enter poems or songs or yells based on the mascot. Then the student body voted on what was entered and although the buffalo got 2nd place, the bear took the win and became Baylor’s mascot. Many of those chants were then used at Baylor sport games and began to stick. The Bears have been Baylor’s mascot for over 100 years and continues to bring pride to the university.

Image result for baylor bear

3. Baylor Line

The Baylor Line is such an important part of Baylor‘s history and culture and many students cannot imagein life at Baylor without it. Interestingly enough, the Baylor line didn’t form until around the 1970’s by male students as a spirit organization. Back then, they just wore special t-shrits and sat in a section and cheered for the players. Later in the 90’s it became what the line is today, finally adding woman and running across the field, wearing gold jerseys with a fun nickname of their choice. The Line brings to life Baylor‘s football games and cheers and motivates the players as they run through the man-made tunnel and get cheered by their classmates. This is a tradition a part of Baylor that will forever be timeless.

Image result for baylor line

4. Memorial Light Posts

Baylor University has an amazing, beautiful campus that many people look at and instantly decide to come here. One of the unique aspects of Baylor’s campus is the light posts that are scattered all throughout the university. Many do not know, but these as well have an interesting history behind them. Each one of the light posts commemorates each of the men and woman who fought and died in World War II. Names have been added to each of the lampposts to truly memorialize the soldiers who fought and Baylor even has a plaque in the shape of a shield to commemorate those who died as well. This is just another light that Baylor illumines.

Image result for baylor memorial lamp posts

5. Fixer Upper

Yes, as many of you know, the show Fixer Upper is centered here in Waco. It has a special place in our hearts and many Baylor students visit Magnolia as a nice weekend day trip, walking just a few blocks to have a fun day at the beautiful market and bakery. For a little up to date history, the amazing Chip and Joana actually attended Baylor University and met there and eventually got married and started a show that is cherisehd by many across the U.S. Baylor has brought forth so many amazing people and showcasing their talents when they didn’t even know they had any. It is such an amazing university and these two amazing people attended and created a new community and name for the Waco town. You know what they say, ring before spring!

Image result for fixer upper baylor

I hope that you fall in love with Baylor‘s history just as much as the rest of the Bear Family and learn to appreciate and cherish what this university is know for. It is such an amazing environment that has so many wonderful traditions that connect you back to the past days. This is what makes Baylor so special and hopefully you decide to attend because of its amazing culture!

How to Survive Pre-Nursing Major at Baylor University

Many people talk about the trials and tribulations of pre-med majors but I’m here to tell you that Pre-Nursing is going to be a hardship as well at Baylor University. Don’t panic because it is all going to be worth it, just make sure you have the tools and information to pass your first two years of college so that you can go on to Dallas and become a nurse. Though you might not have as many classes or extracurricular like pre-med majors, you will have many hard classes and things you have to do to be qualified to head to the nursing school. Here are a few tips on how to survive those first two years before you leave Waco.

Image result for baylor nursing

1. Get to Know Other Nursing Majors

I know this seems kind of a redundant tip about college, but as a nursing major, this is super important! There are a little over 200 students in the nursing program each year, and these are the people that are going to be in all your major science classes and most likely in some of your other required classes and then, when you are off to nursing school, these will be your only classmates on campus. Because of this, you will want to become close with at least some people for when you need some apartmentmates to make living in Dallas a little cheaper because trust me, it is not going to be cheap. So it is important to make sure you know lots of people to form study groups and meet up for hanging out or needing support together for here and in Dallas.

Image result for get to know nursing majors

2. Get in a Group Chat

I cannot stress this enough! When you are in classes such as Anatomy and Physiology or Chemistry or even Psychology, you are going to want to be in multiple group chats with your fellow classmates, who talk about the class and questions and answers they have and it is a lot of helping each other out with confusing homework or stuff before tests or final exams. People in group chats help give answers and form study groups together which is essential for passing some of these classes. You are going to need a good support group for some of these classes and people to vent to and discuss things that are going on in class. Make sure you get an in for this type of thing because it will be a lifesaver for your major! GroupMe is where it’s at

Related image

3. Join NSNA

As a Nursing student, I would advise you to join the National Student Nursing Association because it is a great way to get more involved in your field and work more with the subject to see what you like and dislike and get lots of advice from registered nurses and nurse practitioners. This can help build up your resume for sure, as you will be more involved and getting into your area and will definitely be helpful for you. Lots of different people in the field come and talk about their experiences and going through nursing school and different areas of nursing you can go into as well as the education you can go through to get you further in your nursing career. Baylor has a great NSNA Club that you can join and should definitely get involved with if you can!

Image result for baylor nsna

4. Don’t get Behind on Reading

I mean, this is obvious for all your classes, but especially your core four science classes: Chemistry, Anatomy&Physiology 1&2, and Microbiology. These classes are honestly brutal and you do not need to get behind on them. If you do, this is going to affect all your other classes as well as your grade in that class. And trust me, once you get behind, you stay behind and it is hard to catch up and stay on top of other classes and no one likes to play catch up. Make sure you try to keep up with readings and not fall behind for these reasons, and keep up the good grades so that you don’t have to struggle with you pre-nursing years at Baylor!

picture of open pile of books wiht a pair of glasses

5. Take the HESI Early

If you don’t know, one of the qualifications for nursing school at Baylor, and many other schools is to take the HESI Exam. You need like a 90% on this exam to get into Baylor’s Nursing Program in Dallas and so you should start studying as soon as possible! You have to start your application the fall of your sophomore year to find out if you get in for the fall of your junior year and you usually find out in the spring of your sophomore year. But in order to guarantee that you get in with a good score on the exam, you want to take it probably in the spring of your freshman year. That way, if you do not get the score desired, you can take it again. There are many study guide books and review books on Amazon or anywhere that can help you with this test, and Baylor proctors it regularly so make sure you do that before heading home in the summer. I am sure there are places near where you live that will also administer it and that is fine if you end up not liking your first score. Just make sure to keep trying and make sure you get the desired score for when its time to apply for nursing school!

Image result for hesi exam

Make sure you keep these couple tips in mind when you want to switch your major while taking Dr. Taylor’s classes and when you are struggling with the grades and classes. The pre nursing years are getting you ready for your time in Dallas, which will also be challenging. But just remember that it will all pay off and you will have an amazing job with amazing pay and hours. Good luck and remember that with the help of your classmates and professors, you will survive!

5 Things Didn’t Learn at Orientation at Baylor

Time to leave everything you’ve known and head off to college, away from everything familiar to you; leaving family, friends, high school, the whole works. Never in life will you really have to endure such change – being forced to live in small quarters with another person you don’t know, leaving everything that you are accustomed to. It is no small thing and it is okay to be afraid and sad and maybe a little nervous but also excited. It is a new experience that you will get to go through and there are things that you will need to know. So you will need to know some of the nitty gritty things that maybe your counselors are not so keen to tell you. Here are a couple things that you didn’t learn at orientation.

Image result for things you didn't learn at orientation college

1. Talk To All Your Professors

For some reason, this point is not emphasized enough. If you are going to survive your classes, you need to go to office hours and really talk to your professors. At Baylor, our professors make a lot of effort to make sure they set up plenty of time for students to come in and ask questions and talk with them. They understand that you have classes and a whole schedule of your own and so here at Baylor, our professors really try and accommodate so that you have plenty of opportunities to get what you need. Your professors are smart and they know what is challenging and what may need more help than others. Having a one-on-one conversation with them is really helpful and definitely shows that you care about the material and how well you do in the class.

Image result for talk to your professor

2. You Will Gain Weight

You may have heard a couple rumors about the famous “Freshman Fifteen.” Well, we are sadly here to tell you that those rumors are more often true than false. It is a big adjustment to get used to and sometimes food helps without you realizing it. You are nesting and getting accustomed to a new life and the food at Baylor is yummy and southern and good. The thing is, just because you can have a couple pieces of pizza, a burger and chicken fried steak from Penland does not mean you should. I know that the grilled cheese and quesadillas at East Village are to die for as well as their soft serve ice cream machine but know that sometimes you should go for the watermelon or zucchini. It is okay to gain a little weight so don’t get too freaked. Just make sure to cut back a little on the carbs and head to the SLC for a nice workout every once and a while.

Image result for freshman fifteen

3. You Get Sick

Maybe it is the change or the stress of a new place and hard classes or maybe it is something else completely, but you do get sick a couple times your first year of college. That is why it is important that you go to the Student Life Center (SLC)  and see the health center! They are so nice over there and are definitely around to help, with the flu, common cold, a sinus infection, whatever you seem to get. Baylor has an amazing nursing staff as well as healthcare and since you are paying the big bucks to go here you need to take advantage of the things you are given like the health center. Stress can cause you to get a little blue, and so it is important to hydrate and get plenty of rest and even skip some classes to make sure you are back to complete health. Remember, there is also a counseling center there as well that you can visit at any time, they are always open to helping you out. It happens and orientation will not tell you this, so make sure you are prepared and use the Baylor resources given to you!

Image result for sick in college

4. Buy Used Textbooks

The Baylor Bookstore is a place where your money goes down the drain. Textbooks are expensive, even more, expensive if your professor wrote the book. So do yourself a favor and do not buy any textbooks there unless you absolutely need to. There are going to be other Baylor students who have taken that class and want to get rid of the textbook they no longer need. And if you do end up needing to buy the book from the bookstore, don’t feel too bad. Sometimes Amazon or other people just don’t have it for you to secondhand use and that is okay. That just means that next semester you try and sell that book for as much as you can! Baylor is an expensive place and there is no need to spend more money than you have to. There are plenty of group chats and Facebook groups with frantic students trying to find cheaper books and you can help them out with selling yours. Just remember, find your best option!

Image result for buy used books

5. You and Your Roommate will Fight

You might be a little nervous to meet your new roomie for the next year and that is totally normal! Roommate stories tend to scare new college students but you should know that more often than not, it is a great experience. Baylor does a great job of finding and matching people to roommates that they will be compatible with and so you should not worry too much. But if you have grown up with siblings, you know that sometimes living so close and with someone all the time, it can cause some conflicts. Don’t be discouraged, these are just sibling riffs and can be resolved easily if you communicate with one another and just talk it out. Baylor dorms can be a little cramped, depending on where you are, you just have to make sure that you create a system. Whether you are in the suites that share a bathroom with a couple people or in the communal dorms that share, even more, you will need to learn to work nicely with others if you are going to survive your first year at Baylor. If you ignore the problems that you have, your living space will not be a happy one and no one wants that in college. So make sure that you understand that little things like this will happen and you must try and fix it together in order to live in harmony.

Image result for fight with roommate

Hopefully, you are not discouraged by this list, college does have some things that you have to get used to. You need to be prepared for what happens instead of being blindsided by it all and sometimes being informed about a couple conflicts will help you better prepare yourself for the future. There is a lot of information coming at you when you start this new chapter of your life and so make sure you are well informed about it all. Hope it all works out!

Image result for baylor

5 Fads of Baylor University

Every University differs in terms of its little quirks and fads around its campus and Baylor is no different. There are many sayings and common beliefs shared around this University, some apply to people and some don’t but it is fun to learn about them and notice these ideas and things being expressed around campus while you are at Baylor. Here are a couple of fun fads you might like to know about life at Baylor University.

1. Dr. Pepper Floats

What did you expect? Dr. Pepper was literally invented in Waco, Texas! And no one will ever let you forget this fact as it is super hyped around campus. Here at Baylor, we have Dr. Pepper hour every Tuesday, where you can come to the SUB and get a free Dr. Pepper float and enjoy fun conversation and hang out time while eating the magnificent masterpiece created in this beautiful town. You won’t see many coke products around, as Pepsi and Dr. Pepper go hand in hand and everyone is obsessed. There is even a beautiful Dr. Pepper museum not far from campus that really showcases how much this college town loves its soda. You may not be a big soda drinker, but after coming to Waco, you may be hooked!

Image result for dr pepper floats baylor


2. Southern Style

If you do not live in the south, this might be news to you. People coming from California who are used to the California casual will be in shock once they head south to Waco, Texas. Southern style refers to a style of clothing expressed in the Southern belt, especially during the humid, deathly summer heat. This consists of big T-shirts and athletic shorts, most times people wondering if someone is really wearing any shorts on those oversized T-shirts! You are going to want to stock up on your big T-shirts as you head to Baylor because you will stick out like a sore thumb if you are wearing much else during the months of August to October and April and May. This is a major fad here at Baylor and everyone heads over to Barefoot or the Bookstore to go and join the style.

picture of a girl in a store with southern fashion

3. Business Before Christmas

Every school has their own funny little sayings that describe situations and ideas that are widely spread around campus. One of the famous ones from Baylor includes “Business before Christmas.” It is a known fact around campus that underclassman in the Business school has a much easier schedule than those of the Science world or literature. Many of the business classes are very laid back and thought of as some of the easiest classes around campus, at least lower classman classes. That being said, many students who have chosen a harder major such as Neuroscience, Pre-med, or Biochem, realize how difficult it is to keep up with such a competitive major and before Christmas break, end up switching to the Business School, where it is much slower and easier for the students. It’s a funny saying because it happens quite often by the end of fall semester, but that is why they call them weed out classes!

Image result for pre med too hard

4. Ring By Spring

To go along with the last fad, we have another saying that is quite popular around Baylor‘s campus. Many people when they go to college, do not really have their minds on getting married right away and settling down. Marriage rates are not very high in undergraduate universities; however, at Baylor, the low number of weddings skyrockets to a shocking number. That’s right, “Ring before Spring” refers to a man proposing to his girl before the Spring Semester of their Junior year at Baylor. It’s crazy, young freshman bug-eyed wondering how this saying is true, and then finding out that yes, Baylor students are very close and personal here and many guys are not afraid to show their love for their girl, proposing before even graduating. We don’t exactly know why this fad is so true, but it is. So if you head to Baylor, look out! You might just find the love of your life.

Image result for baylor marriage

5. Common Grounds

If there was any fad that we had to talk about here at Baylor, it would definitely be Common Grounds. Sure, you’ve got Dunkin Doughnuts and Starbucks to fill your coffee cravings, but how can those even compare to the trendy coffee shop we call Common Grounds? Located on campus, this cute shop sells phenomenal coffee and little goodies as well as the coolest merch ever! It has a homey, retro feel inside the shop, with random couches and chairs to sit down and relax and drink some coffee and color or work or do school work. Sometimes it can be hard to come across a seat inside here, because of its love, and so you just head out back where there are lots of benches and lawn chairs. Many people make this place their study base, a perfect place to just sit outside in peace and just work and enjoy the amazing coffee! Make sure you try a Cowboy Coffee, you won’t be disappointed.

Image result for common grounds baylor

6. Whataburger vs. In n Out

When you come to Texas, you know you have to try out the popular fast food joint Whataburger, but Waco and Baylor have created a food between the competing burger places of Whataburger and In n Out. If you are from the West Coast, you have grown up with In n Out as the place to be. But many Texans and West Coast people tend to change their mind or completely stick to their heritage and it is an ongoing battle of which burger joint is better. Look out, you are probably going to be asked this question at some point on Baylor campus, with the two joints, not even a mile from campus, located just on the edge of campus in the grease pit, with the rest of the fast food places. Make sure you try both and decide for yourself. Choose wisely!

Image result for whataburger vs in n out

These probably don’t even cover the long, long list of fads here at Baylor University! Here are just a few to help you as you begin your journey in Waco, Texas. It is good to know what is popular and common in your new hometown, so make sure you try it all out and come to your own conclusions about all these ideas and fads. It is really an amazing place and has so much to offer. Keep your eyes open!

5 Things To Know About Being a CL at Baylor

For those of you that are a little unfamiliar with the terminology, CL is a Community Leader here at Baylor. This is the equivalent of an RA at other colleges, the upperclassman that you can go to in your hall, the hall monitor of your dorm. Becoming a CL is an amazing way to get involved at Baylor, make money, and have a place to live for free! So here are a few things you may want to know before you begin your process of becoming a CL here at Baylor!

Image result for baylor dorm hall

1. Application Process

When we say application process, we mean: applying, interviewing, more interviewing, classes, and you’re in! But don’t be overwhelmed! If you want to become a CL, you usually apply in the middle of fall semester, and if you pass this part, you get to go through a couple rounds of group interviews so that they can get a feel for who you are as a person. Each interview is sort of like a round, and when you pass you go on to the next until the last round. If you pass the last interview, then you are basically in, but not technically. You must enroll in some leadership classes for the spring and this means that you are in. However, there is the fact that you could possibly fail or drop the course, in which case you will not become a CL. What an application process!

Image result for community leader application

2. Meetings

If you want to be Community Leader at one of the dorms at Baylor University, there are going to be a lot of meetings to attend. You will have to have some beginning meetings with your freshman, just getting to know everyone in the dorm, introducing them to the rules, and checking up on them to make sure everything is going well and the rules are being followed. Then there are many staff meetings that you must go through with the rest of the dorm CLs and your boss’. Just going over protocol and how things are going and maybe how to improve what is happening in the dorms. These include some personal meetings with your supervisors, just getting more of a feel how your hall is doing, and what you have been doing to include your freshman in the Baylor experience and their dorm. Everyone knows they can be a hassle, but it’s your job, and you got this!

Image result for baylor meetings

3. Drinking Policies

This may seem kind of obvious, but it needs to be said for those who are unaware. Although Baylor is a dry campus, we all know that alcohol somehow makes its way around to college students. If someone catches you drinking anywhere or anyplace if you are under 21, they can report you and you will be kicked out of the CL program and could get suspended from school. It is a serious offense and should not be taken lightly. Only really admirable, upstanding people can be CLs and if you are seen with the wrong crowd doing the wrong things, you might miss your chance to be a CL. You are going to be a person who has to make sure that others are not drinking and violating school rules and the law and if you violate them yourself, then you cannot be trusted looking out for the safety of these young students. Be careful how you go about your school year if you plan on being a CL.

Image result for baylor community leader

4. Event Planning

You are not just someone who supervises the hallways as a CL. You are a community leader and that includes planning fun events for the students in your hall. These freshmen are just getting used to life away from home, getting into the rhythm of school work, and trying to make friends, it might help them if their new home away from home was welcoming and a fun place to hang out and do cool things. People have little events like playing board games or cooking together. Sometimes they just do chill things like coloring or talking, and sometimes they have big events such as dances and formals. You will have to get creative and come up with cool ways to get your students involved in your dorm and talking with one another.

Image result for baylor community leader

5. The Big Sibling

You may all know this but if you become a CL, you are going to be a sophomore or older, usually looking out for freshman students. The idea is, you know the ropes and they don’t. You are going to be the big brother or sister that they come to for advice, help or questions and it is important to make yourself available and approachable to them so that they know they have someone to come and talk to.  Sometimes students have problems with their freshman roommate and don’t know how to solve the issues, or they are confused about where certain classes are or even just wondering about how certain things work on campus. As their CL, you are there to help mediate anything that goes on and give them advice and tips from your own experience as a freshman at Baylor. Pass on your wisdom and knowledge and help them out a little. Sometimes, you may need to even come to them and ask them if they have any questions or concerns, as many new students will be shy. You are their big sibling though, so just embrace the job like you are!

Image result for baylor community leader

Now you know a whole lot more about the whole process of being a Community Leader at Baylor! Now you know what to expect if you decide to apply for this position. Many people believe that this job is very rewarding and that you will not regret your decision to stay on campus another year and become a dorm CL. Good luck!

5 Jobs You Can Get as a Baylor Student

From the movies and shows, we know that as a college student, spending money can be on the low side. With parents paying for your massive Baylor tuition bill, you may need another source to get those late night snacks and fund those shopping sprees. However, being a college student, especially if you’re a freshman, you might not have a car or time to commute to some fast food or retail place off campus. Amazing opportunities at Baylor such as Federal and University work-study are available to students to help with such problems. Here are just a few of the many jobs you can get at Baylor:

1. Baylor Call Center

Looking for a fun job with great hours and amazing co-workers? The call center is the place to be! Here you are making calls to Baylor Alumni, asking them for donations to help with scholarships that helped them, and you, with paying for tuition at Baylor. You get to see how their experience was at the University and have great conversations with some Alumni. And sometimes, you just get the answering sheet and all you have to do is listen to the ringer as you color or do your homework or just talk with those around you. They even play Netflix while you are on the job!! This is such a chill environment and you won’t be sorry you took the job. Getting paid for this? Easily the best decision you made!


Related image


2. Chapel Student Leaders

Everyone is required to take 2 semesters of Chapel while attending Baylor, and you can get paid for it!!! Chapel needs people to help direct students to seats, make sure everyone is being respectful, to take phones away, and to make sure everyone swipes their ID on their way out of the chapel. Even when you have to attend chapel, you can get paid for working your own session. Getting credit for a class and getting paid? Seems like a pretty sweet deal. $10/hour and there are nine sessions a week, so plenty of opportunities to earn some cash for all you fun expenses during college. Apply as soon as possible to get this sweet gig!

Image result for waco hall



3. SLC Employee

This is one of the best jobs you could ever snag at Baylor, so if you plan to do so, do it fast! At the Student Life Center, most employees just have to swipe students in or even just sit and watch students enter and exit the gym. This is really a relaxing job, where you can bring homework or talk to fellow co-workers/friends and just hang on your phone. You want this job, it has great hours and does not feel like you’re working at all! Many students want this, so make sure you apply soon so you can get a spot working and making some good pocket money for all your latest adventures around Waco!

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4. CL

Though this is not a job that you can get your freshman year like most other jobs, it is an amazing job with great benefits and gets you super involved here at Baylor. Community Leaders are what most people call RA’s, they are non-freshman students who are just there for the new freshman in their dorms, in charge of the hall, a person you can go to ask any question or favor. You create activities to create a bond with your hall of boys or girls and just ensure that they are following rules and adjusting to their new lifestyle well. In order to get this job, you must submit an application near the end of your fall semester, and if you are accepted, you will go through a couple of groups and separate interviews, and if you pass, you will have to take a couple leadership classes. If you complete these classes you will most likely become a CL at Baylor. If you do, you receive free room/board and get paid to live and just work the front desk. It is a process, but definitely a rewarding job!

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5. Desk Assistant

If you are just looking for a chill job that you need soon, where you will be able to sit and answer phones, look at emails, and do a bunch of office work, being a desk assistant is a great way to earn money. There are so many different offices around campus that are in need of student’s to work the desks for them and make sure everything runs smoothly. All you have to do is go to Job Listings on Baylor’s site and look at the many variations of Desk Assistant jobs that you could take and email the supervisor about an interview, as simple as that! A great way to earn some extra cash and a booster for your resume.

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We have all been in a place where money is tight and we are looking for different, easy ways to earn some extra cash. These are great ideas for you, as a full-time college student, that you can try to make some more money without stressing too much with trying to balance you school, social life, sleep and work. Good luck!

5 Ways To Impress Your Professors at Baylor

As a college student, it is important to make a good impression to your professors at the beginning of each semester. It makes a difference and can definitely change your experience in your classes whether or not your professors at Baylor think you are a good student or if they believe you are unfocused and disrespectful. Since Baylor is an upstanding private, Christian college, you are held to a higher standard and it is important to remember this as you try to be amicable to your professors. As you start each semester, follow these few steps to ensure that you make that good first impression on your professors to create a great semester.

1. Go to Office Hours

Going in to see your professor who likely does not know who you are in the sea of his many large classes can sound intimidating. But don’t let that stop you! Once you go to the first one you will wonder why you thought it was such a daunting task. Most of your professors at Baylor will actually be really down to earth and interested to talk with you, whether it is about questions you may have about the course or even just to talk about random topics and to get to know him or her better. Talking with them about why you chose a Christian University and where you think God is taking you on this journey is a personal favorite topic around here. This could be very beneficial in the future if you are struggling and need help, a personal relationship with your professors can aid you in bringing your grade up with their help

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2. Put Away That Phone

Whether your professor allows phones in class or not, you should always be engaged during class and try not to look at your phone. From experience, many of us know that when we are talking to a group of people and looking around the room, people who are on their phones or talking to other people or simply just not paying attention tend to hurt our feelings. Baylor teachers pride themselves on their work and studies and it is important to listen and take interest in what they are trying to teach you. What your professor is talking about is important and they want to know that you understand that by paying attention. Not having your phone out makes you more amicable and better prepared for exams!

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3. Be an Active Learner

In class, discussions are what drive your time there, what helps people learn and understand better. If no one is answering or asking questions, your time in class can be very boring and discourage your teacher. However, truly engaging in class and actively learning can stimulate learning and your teacher will be very impressed with you. Many professors at Baylor pride themselves on this kind of teaching and learning process as our mission statement strives to educate in such a way. Don’t be too shy to just speak your mind in class, it gets the lesson going and can help everyone around you.

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4. Be On Time

Yes, everyone knows that being on time to class is a very good sign in a person and many people — not just professors— enjoy this quality in others. However, this does not only refer to being on time to class but leaving on time. Many students become antsy and begin to pack up 4-7 minutes before the class period is over, and this can really tick professors off. They try to start right on time as to not take up any of their students time and they expect the same in return. This is their slot time to teach and they do not feel respected when others begin to make noise in order to pack up and be out of the class as soon as possible. So make sure you are on time with leaving and not starting to pack up and book it out of the room ASAP, your professor will really appreciate it.

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5. Dress to Impress

It is very true that you should dress for success, and in college, this saying becomes very pertinent during your classes. People these days seem to bypass this notion, wearing sweats and crop tops to class and setting of a bad image for their professors. Though you may not realize it, your appearance does count and professors seem to notice things like this when being introduced to a new class. Especially if you have to give presentations in class, it is very important to dress appropriately for such instances. Baylor prides itself on teaching leadership and service through academic excellence and what you wear can definitely show how much you care about Baylor‘s mission.  Many people view college as their job, professors dress nicely for their job teaching you, they most likely appreciate it when their students dress just as nice for their job as well. Demonstrate to your professors that you take their classes seriously and they will treat you with respect. Keep in mind when you are getting ready in the morning that you want your professors to respect and like you for the rest of the semester, so dress to impress!

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Though professors are not at all like your old high school teachers, they do want to feel connected to their students. Maybe they can’t learn everyone’s name and have a personal relationship, but if you follow these steps, you can improve your chances of your professor creating a personal relationship with you that will help you throughout the semester. Remember that your professor is the one that creates all the tests and lectures and knows how and what to study. Use them to your advantage to help you ace this semester’s classes!

5 Baylor Events You Can’t Miss!

When emerging yourself into the college life, it is important to truly get involved and make the most of your time there. Joining in on events and fun things around campus is a great way to do this! Baylor is always having fun events going on all the time and there are a few that you cannot miss, especially as a freshman. Immerse yourself in the Baylor Bear tradition and get involved as soon as possible!

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1. Football Games

There is literally nothing as exhilarating or spirited as a Baylor football game. As a freshman, you get the opportunity to run the line, just a sea of freshman running across the field before the game starts, forming a huddle for the players to run through. This gets those on the field and in the crowd pumped for the start of the game. The amount of “Sic ’ems” yelled are too many to count and the cheering is ridiculously energetic and fun. Whether we win or lose, it’s always a fun experience to be a part of. And make sure you get a picture with Bruiser the Mascot before the season is over!

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2. Dr. Pepper Hour

Dr. Pepper is right of passage at Baylor, as you visit the Dr. Pepper museum or simply enjoy a float at the Student Union Building, this amazing soda created in the heart of Texas is a must!  Every Tuesday at the Student Union Building, Dr. Pepper floats–though they sound gross, they are actually quite amazing – are distributed for free to students. You can also receive a punch card and if you go to a certain amount of Dr. Pepper hours, you can get your name on the Dr. Pepper Hall of Fame in the SUB, which is super cool! Trust your fellow students, this is the place to be on Tuesdays. And if you’re lucky, there will be games and fun stuff to do, and maybe even the President herself!

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3. Late Night

If any event is going to get you fully involved in the Baylor life, it is going to be Late Night!! Yes, this event is in the evening but don’t get too grumbly, because it’s a chill event you don’t wanna miss. As a student, there are many organizations and clubs to be a part of at Baylor and Late Night is the perfect way to be introduced to them all. There are booths for as many clubs as you can think of and the sororities and fraternities put up booths as well so you can get to know each one for later in the year if you decide to RUSH. All throughout campus, there are booths with information and sign-ups for groups such as Republican Club and Habitat for Humanity and a bunch of sports teams you can join. It is such a fun night walking around campus to see what you can be involved in, just make sure you sign up for everything that sounds interesting. You always have the option of backing out later.

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4. Christmas On 5th

Baylor is nothing but spirited and when Thanksgiving is over, Christmas time is here. This is definitely an event that you will be glad you dragged your butt to as all of Fountain Mall is decorated with nutcrackers and the manger and Santa Clause. There are animals such as donkeys and camels and everyone brings their dogs and it is a true petting zoo. Inside the SUB, there are cookie decorating and writing letters to Santa as well as an intricate CandyLand scene where you receive candy along your route to the throne room, where you can take cute pictures with all your friends. Speaking of pictures, you definitely need to make taking a picture with Santa Clause a check off on your Bucket List at Baylor. Plus, the free hot chocolate that is distributed is to die for and you won’t regret coming once everyone gathers close near Draper building to see the Christmas Tree lighting. It is such a magical experience that you will remember forever!

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5. Dia de Oso

You might be asking yourself: “What the heck is ‘Dia de Oso’?” Well, this is an amazing event that Baylor hosts during Spring Semester where they cancel classes for a day and have all these fun events around campus. In literal meanings, it means “Day of the Bear”.  It’s a great way to de-stress and take a break before finals start up. In past years there have been events such as Yoga with Goats (though not much yoga actually went on) and celebrities such as Ansel Elgort coming to put on a concert on campus. There is Zumba and Fun Runs and food trucks and photo booths, all of it created in order to bring students together and put smiles on their faces. If you are needing a break from studying for Spring finals and want to just enjoy yourself, head over to Dia de Oso and participate in a Super Smash Bros tournament and stroke a couple animals at the petting zoo.

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Whether you like to stay in on Friday nights or you are the life of the party, these five events at Baylor are the few that you just cannot miss! Getting involved is so important at college and makes your experience there so much better. So make sure you engage in all the fun activities that this school has to offer and make the most of your time at BU!

5 Reasons to be a Nursing Major at Baylor U

When entering college, choosing a major can be a daunting task. Let’s face it, it’s your future! These are not decisions to make lightly. That is why when coming to Baylor University, becoming a Nursing major is such an amazing choice. With all the stress and hardships of college, this is the perfect major for someone who wants to be challenged, but also enjoy the whole college experience. Here are 5 reasons why this major is right for you!Image result for baylor nursing

1. Classes

As a Nursing student at Baylor, your core classes in your first two years in Waco are pretty standard pre-requisites. Pre-med majors have to go through the extensive stress and lots of years of school only to be in debt, while nursing majors get to take some hard classes as well as interesting ones and be out of school in 4 years, making good money. Anatomy and Physiology will probably be your hardest course while at Baylor, but there are lots of resources to help get you through it. Taking courses such as Sociology, Psychology and The Art of Nursing will really be more fun than stressful. Everyone will be wishing they were a nursing major.Image result for classes

2. The Professors

As a Nursing major, you will be introduced to an amazing group of professors. The director of Nursing Admissions, Cene Linares, is also the Art of Nursing professor and she is your go-to girl on campus. Any questions or concerns you have, she will be the answer to your prayers. Besides her, there are many professors you will have to take such as Mark A. Taylor and Dr. de Mesa that are such amazing people that really get to know the Nursing students while they are in Waco. Use them to your advantage, they are here to help so make sure you go to office hours and stay after class just to discuss the class or even your path through nursing, they are kind and compassionate people.Image result for baylor cene linares

3. The People

As a Nursing Major, you will be closely knit with your group of fellow Nursing Majors, these will be your people. At Baylor, with classes such as Bio 2401, you will need study groups and friends to rant about the class to and they are going to be those friends. As you become close the first two years of college, you will then be able to move to Dallas to the Nursing School and have great study friends to share an apartment with and ride to school. The Nursing School is only a little over 100 students so you can get to know most of the people on campus which is really fun. In Waco, when a group of friends wants to go out Sunday night, you’ll have to stay behind, because you have a huge test the next day. But in Dallas, you won’t have to worry about that because everyone else will be having the same test the next day with you. All in all, it’s a great group of people to be close with.Image result for baylor nursing

4. Change of Scenery

When starting college, everything is new and fun, including exploring  this new city in which you’ve decided to call home. However, what most students don’t tell you is after a couple of semesters, their old college town they once loved starts to become mundane and boring. You get to enjoy the small town of Waco and all its gems for two years before leaving and having another exciting move to the big city, where there are endless possibilities to explore. The Nursing Campus was just recently renovated and is super nice and new and there are so many places around the city to check out while everyone in Waco is headed to Austin or even Dallas to find something fun to do!

5. Life After Graduation

Many majors at Baylor have to continue their education or repeatedly look for a startup job once they finally receive their Bachelor’s degree. But as a Baylor Nursing student, 95% of students walk across the stage at graduation knowing they will be starting a job at a good paying hospital. The other five percent are usually students who are too fixated on a certain nursing specialty that usually new nurses won’t be able to find right away. As a nurse, you will make a great beginning salary and not have to worry about paying off your education or any bills you owe. The amount of job security that Nursing brings is amazing, and a great career to pursue.Image result for baylor nursing graduation

All in all, becoming a nursing major at Baylor University is a smart choice. While other schools require you to receive your Bachelor’s and then apply to nursing school, Baylor is able to get you in and out in 4 years and ready to begin your career. And if you ever want to go back and further your education in order to become a Nurse Practitioner instead of an RN, Baylor has already set up and amazing Master and Ph.D. program to help you receive the education you need to further yourself in your amazing career. Become a Baylor Bear and join the Nursing program!!

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