10 Hardest Classes at Pace University

Like every other university, there are some of the classes at Pace University too with the bad reputation for their difficulty level. Hard doesn’t mean they are impossible to ace, hard classes just refer to classes which requires you to put a little more efforts than what you usually do. Here is a list of classes which are considered to be hardest classes on Pace NYC Campus.

1. MAT 131 Calculus I

College-level calculus is definitely not a piece of cake. Its mostly required for STEM and business majors. This class requires you to practice a lot even after class. Students work on some questions in class and assume that they know all the concept but in calculus, that is not the right way to go. There is a new concept in every question of the textbook so it is highly recommended to solve as many questions as possible from the textbook to ace this class with a nice grade.Calculus works by making visible infinitely small.

2. ACC 203 Financial Accounting

This 4 credit class is the most basic accounting class which starts from scratch. Best suited for students with no background in accounting. This course gives students a broad view of accounting’s role in satisfying society’s needs for information and its function in business, government, and the non-profit sector. Students gain an understanding of the multifaceted nature of the accounting profession including its history, ethics, public responsibilities, and international dimensions. Students learn from a user-oriented perspective of the accounting cycle, the nature of financial statements and the process for preparing them, and the use of accounting information as a basis for decision making.Fundamentals of accounting

3. LAW 101 Business Law I

This course is an introduction to the nature and sources of law; the role of ethics in the legal system; the law of torts and crimes; the law of contracts; and real and personal property law. Besides law related majors, this class is a requirement for business students too.contract paper

4. MAR 201 Principles of Marketing

This class is an introduction to the complex and dynamic field of marketing and its systems. It also examines marketing’s place in the firm and in society. Considered and analyzed are marketing research and strategies for product development, pricing, physical distribution, and promotion, including personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, and public relations.Complex and dynamic field of marketing

5. BUS 101 Business Practice

This course will acquaint students with the functions of business and their interrelationships. Students will work in teams to run simulated companies. Development of business writing and speaking, presentation and data analysis abilities will be stressed. BUS 101 is required as part of the Business Core for all business majors.Basic business practice

6. BIO 101 General Biology I

This is the first half of a one-year course designed to give the science major an understanding of general biological principles. Topics include cell structure and function, mitosis, meiosis, molecular processes in cells (enzyme functions, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, DNA structure protein synthesis) and basic concepts of development, and genetics.bacteria in petri dish

7. COM 200 Public Speaking

The course is devoted to instruction in the mechanics of writing and presenting one’s own material. This will include such things as the following: outlining, addressing varied audiences, styles, and appropriate techniques of delivery, as well as the use of technology to enhance one’s presentation. It is a pragmatic, skills-oriented course designed to provide a context for practicing the construction and presentation of well-reasoned public messages.Get familiar speaking in public

8. CHI 101 Elementary Chinese I- Mandarin

This class is for students who have little or no knowledge about Mandarin. This is the foundation class for learning a whole new language. It’s considered hard as its completely different from common languages like English or Spanish. Students usually have trouble getting along different sounds associated with letters.chinese characters

9. CHE 111 General Chemistry I

This is a basic chemistry class but its considered hard due to the fact of lengthy coursework along with lab work every week. Be prepared to learn a bunch of new concepts which sometimes will be difficult to get at once. So practice, read the textbook and do your labs on time to stay in tune with class.Mix the right chemicals

10. PHI 121 Ethics in the Workplace

This is one of the philosophy class for all business students. It covers basic philosophical concepts which are often hard to memorize so its recommended to not miss any class and read text after every class. This will help you keep in mind all the concepts taught in class.powerpoint on good workplaceThese are some of the hard classes that most of the students at Pace are required to take unless you are some language major. Though there are more than enough resources to study for these classes which include the learning center of Pace University. They provide all the help in every possible way that you need to succeed in these classes.

10 of the Best Clubs at University of Delaware

University coursework can be tiring but its always good to have some extracurriculars on the side not just to stay involved on campus but also to keep yourself refreshed with activities of your interest. Here are some of the top clubs that students might be interested in to have fun 4 years at University of Delaware.

1. Ag Ambassadors

Ag Ambassadors are a group of student volunteers who assist in promoting the College by participating in recruitment events, engaging with prospective students and their parents, giving tours, and visiting high schools in the region.  Applications are accepted each Spring.

Ambassadors ready to engage with prospective students

2. Agricultural College Council (AgCC)

AgCC gives students an insight of identity, provides events for students to socialize and allows students to raise their opinions.   AgCC supports, initiates, and manages services which are beneficial to CANR students and promotes student-faculty cooperation to better suit student needs.  AgCC assists in the preparation, organizing, and promoting the Fall and Spring Ag Socials, Ag Carnival, Ag Day, the Advisor Appreciation Reception, movie nights, game nights, and study breaks.

Events organized with a motive to raise awareness about sustainability

3. Blue Hen Birding Club

Blue Hen Birding is official birding club. They’re a nature-oriented club, with a focus on providing students the chance to go off campus, explore natural scenes around the east coast, and study their field ornithology skills – even if they’re not wildlife majors!

4. Food Science Club

This club strives to bring Food Science education to a whole new level. This club is all about serving the interests of students and expanding their horizons. Their meetings consist of guest speakers from the food industry, trips to local establishments, and the ever-popular Institute of Food Technologist meetings.

Everything in food is science, only subjective part is when you eat it!

5. Horticulture Club

The Horticulture Club is a free way to travel to the finest and most popular gardens, arboretums, conservatories and parks in and around the Delaware area. Members have the opportunity to participate in hands-on work with plants in their own UD greenhouse, as well as the chance to volunteer at Ag Day, the Horticulture Club’s largest fundraiser of the year.

There are no mistakes in gardening, only experiments!

6. National AgriMarketing Association (NAMA)

NAMA is a student chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association.  The University of Delaware NAMA is committed to promoting Food & Agribusiness Management. Students gain valuable career experience through group trips, guest speakers, development of marketing plans, and development of presentation skills.

“Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life.”

7. Autism Speaks U at the University of Delaware

Autism Speaks U at University of Delaware was founded in 2013 to involve the campus and local community through awareness, education, and fundraising and in doing so, positively affect those fighting with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

“At the end of the day, we don’t dream our lives…WE LIVE THEM!”

8. Best Buddies

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization assigned to establish a global volunteer initiative that produces opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden.”


9. Blue Hen CrossFit

Blue Hen CrossFit Club is a tight-knit organization of like-minded individuals who enjoy working out and becoming better athletes and friends. They are based out of UD CrossFit, where most of their members train, but members can train at any CrossFit gym. 

“Sweat is fat crying.”

10. Ducks Unlimited

The mission of ducks unlimited includes educating both students and the general public about wetland preservation, protection, and conservation through hands-on experiences and educational displays. They also put a large focus on Fundraising to support Ducks Unlimited conservation and protection of these wetlands.

No one has right to wreck this planet

Top 5 events happening at the University of Delaware


Writing is an exploration; you start from nothing and learn as you go!


University of Delaware faculty members in all departments are invited to participate in a workshop Aug. 15-17 that will focus on ways to design and support effective student writing assignments. The workshop is designed to help faculty rethink how the courses they teach can provide students an opportunity to learn the kinds of writing valued in a particular field. Participants will learn strategies to incorporate high-impact writing activities into their courses.


The Taste of Newark festival features art and auctions on the lawn of UD’s Old College.


The 15th annual Taste of Newark food festival will be held from noon to 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 30, on the lawn of the University of Delaware’s Old College in Newark. Taste of Newark guests can enjoy culinary delights from 50 Newark restaurants accompanied by the wares of the area’s finest vineyards and breweries.


Come and taste the joy of summer!

The summer Farmers Market, which is held every Thursday through Sept. 20, offers a wide variety of locally grown produce, baked goods and more.
Along with items from local area farms, the market includes a Chef’s Table where visitors can sample and take home unique summer recipes.


An informative session dedicated to undergrads.


New or recently restructured programs featured at the information session include social media marketing, nursing home administration, and an extensive new drone pilot training program with five courses targeting novice to advanced users. Hosted by UD’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies (PCS), the information session provides high-level program overviews and gives prospective students opportunities to network with faculty and program graduates so they can ask questions and learn more about the programs.


Best-selling comedian and author Jeff Foxworthy will feature at the University of Delaware’s annual Parents and Family Weekend


Foxworthy, who is the largest selling comedy-recording artist in history and the best-selling author of more than 26 books, will perform at the Friday Night Comedy Show, scheduled at 8 p.m., Oct. 12, in the Bob Carpenter Center.

Top 10 Clubs at USC

People may consider it hectic to manage extracurriculars and coursework while at university but this is actually the perfect time to take advantage of the collaborative environment that a university provides. Following is the list of top 10 must join clubs at the University of Southern California.

1. Active Minds at USC

College students are full of passion and vigor but the more passionate they are, the more they are vulnerable to mental illness. It can range anything from anxiety to major depression. Active Mind is a social club with the motive of raising awareness in such issues and fighting against stigmas by cooperating therapies, group activities, exercises, and peer support.

An active mind cannot exist in

2.  Ascend USC

Ascend USC Chapter is the Premier Pan-Asian Business Club at the University of Southern California. They are dedicated to providing the best resources and opportunities for their members, affiliates and corporate partners to promote long-term, mutually-useful relationships among each other.

If you are not networking, you are not working!

3. Asian Pacific Islander Caucus (APIC)

The Asian Pacific Islander Caucus (APIC) at the Price School of Public Policy works to promote discussion around API issues as related to policy, preparation, and public administration, as well as reflect on API positionality within these areas. They organize a mixture of panels, discussions, and social events.

Believe in your purpose, and you will be unstoppable!

4. Associated Students of Planning & Development

ASPD is the representative society for students in the Master of Planning program at the Price School. ASPD hosts a wide variety of cultural, networking, professional, and public-oriented events to help improve student life and learning opportunities.

Your network determines your net worth!

5. Best buddies at USC

Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization committed to practicing one-to-one friendships with a USC student and a student with intellectual or developmental disabilities at a local high school. They go to their host center and put on events (e.g. holiday parties, arts and craft sessions, gardening, dance classes) every other week. In addition to that, they also host 2-3 special events per semester! This could be an event with a USC sports team, or a super fun fundraiser on campus!

Surround yourself with people who make you a better person every day!

6. Chalk the Block USC

Chalk the Block is a one-day event that concentrates on connecting the gap between USC and the local community. The hope is that by bringing local youth to campus for a day to chalk their dream, they will both be allowed to fulfill their goals and also find an inspirational place here at USC.

Think outside the box!

7.  Challenge for Charity

The goal of this group is to promote future business leaders with a lifelong dedication to community involvement and social responsibility.  MBA Challenge for Charity enters its 32nd year in which top West Coast MBA programs will compete in fundraising, social, volunteer, and athletic events in pursuit of the coveted ‘Golden Briefcase.’

Charity is the root of all good works!

8. Code The Change

Code the Change provides free digital goods for non-profits and social enterprises, supporting these organizations develop their influence through technology. In the process, Code the Change gives student developers the opportunity to use their talents for social change.

Talking is cheap, show us the code!

9. Dragon Boat at USC

Dragon Boat is a competitive, team sport that requires paddling on a long canoe shaped boat. The team is open to everyone and is always looking for new paddlers to help them achieve gold medals in all their races.

Paddle for fun, race to win!

10. Eco-op

The Eco-op at USC is a tight-knit cooperative living community focused on environmentally sustainable practices. Their goal is to provide a space where members can give ideas and work together to make a positive environmental change. Members of the Eco-op participate in discussions and development projects to further educate USC students and advance USC towards an environmentally-minded future.

Making the world a better place to live!

Top 5 events Happening at University of Southern California

1. Two-Day Fall Career Fair

This is a great chance for students who are looking for jobs or internships to build up a great network in job market. This 2 day event brings employers from a diverse array of industries to campus opening wide array of networking opportunities for students.

Network with professionals of your field

2. Sustainability Professionals Speaker Series

Ms. Cortez-Davis helps manage the regulatory, legislative, policy, and public engagement aspects of the City of Los Angeles’ water resources. For over 22 years, her experience has included water conservation, water quality, pipeline design and construction, environmental compliance, water recycling, water rights, and groundwater management. In this event, Ms. Cortez-Davis talks about her professional activities and experiences, the state of water in the region, and engage in Q&A about sustainability careers for students interested in similar paths.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

3. Slack Campus Recruiting Online Information Session

This is a free live Q&A hosted by Slack- a cloud-based set of proprietary team collaboration tools and services, founded in 2013. This is aimed toward Computer Science students to have a chance to interact with Slack team members and expand their knowledge about the subject.

Slack- a cloud based company set for proprietary team collaboration tools and services

4. Keep Up with Social Media: Your Online Presence

Social Media presence is crucial to your job search. This session informs students on how to maximize their presence on LinkedIn. It opens many possibilities of networking and showing your presence in the job market.

Social Media is the key to network!

5. USC Global Fellows Internship Program Information Session

The USC Global Fellow Internship Program provides an opportunity for USC students by funding them for interning in Asia for at least 8 weeks. Students are selected through an application and interview process. Internships are likely to be available in commercial, political, and cultural centers such as Hong Kong and Taipei.  This highly-competitive program is a great opportunity to develop international work experience in Asia. This session informs students about the program and application process thus considered one of the best events which open bunch of opportunities for undergrads.

Great opportunity for internship abroad!

Have a great start to your semester by participating at these amazing events or even getting involved in a club! We all know how much fun and important co-curricular activities are when we are students. Don’t miss out on the fun!

10 of the easiest classes at Newberry college

This article brings up the top 10 of the easiest classes at Newberry college. Like every other university, Newberry college has some easy A classes too which helps every student balance the difficulty level of their coursework. This article discusses the top 10 of those easiest classes.

1. BIO 181. Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology

This is a semester-long basic combined study of the structure and function of the human body. This class is designed for non-science majors who need some specific introduction to the subject. Topics that are emphasized in this class include basic chemistry and functional human anatomy and physiology at the cellular, tissue, organ, and organ system levels, as well as the relationship between form and function.

 Human Anatomy

2. BUA 101. Introduction to Business

This class is an overview of various functions of businesses, including management, accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, law, as well as other areas.

“Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.”

3. CHE 105. General, Organic and Biochemistry

This is an introductory level class that focuses on the chemistry of the human body. This class covers a wide range of topics such as atomic structure and bonding, structure and reactivity of molecules, acid-base theory, stoichiometry, solution chemistry, basic organic chemicals and reactions, the structure and function of biomolecules, basic biochemical processes, and basic drug chemistry. This class is also designated in a way that fulfills the needs of any non-Science major.

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."

4. COL 113. Academic and Career Preparation

There is a choice between HON 101 and this class for all the freshmen. The main reason to choose this class amongst other choice is that this course offers dual focus, academic and career preparation. The course is designed to prepare students for academic expectations of the College while preparing them for their vocational futures.

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.”

5. COL 150, 151, 152, 153. Academic Success Program. (1)

This class is created to assist students academically by developing communication, organization, time management, and research skills. Students in this class are provided support in all the possible ways to become academically successful.

“Work to become, not to acquire.”

6. COL 201. Peer Mentoring

This course is created for students who are serving as peer mentors in COL113, Academic and Career Preparation. The main purpose of this course is to introduce teaching and learning about being effective peer mentors and to give peer mentors an opportunity to reflect on their experiences. Training includes effective communication techniques, conflict resolution, leadership, knowledge of campus resources, and more.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”  ? Benjamin Franklin

7. COL 210. Building Your Personal Brand-Planning for Personal and Career Success

This class is specifically created for sophomores. The main purpose of this class helps define success for themselves and form a strategy and system that assists to achieve their goals.

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

8. COL 220. Foundations for Life and Money

Intended for freshmen and sophomores, the goal of this course is to help students understand budgeting, saving, building wealth, debt, choosing loans, and the job market.

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

9. COL 300. Learning Leadership

The course introduces students to some basic principles and ideas of leadership and individual values. Students will recognize personal leadership techniques and abilities. Students also get the chance to learn how to adjust and use them effectively in various life circumstances. This course is highly interactive and experiential in nature. Participants will be required to participate in many varied exercises.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

 10. COL401. CareerSuccessSeminar

Using a psychometric tool and a step by step workbook, students get to learn some of the best practices in career management and job search. Topics included in this class are networking, personal branding, resume development and interview preparation.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

These are 10 of the easiest classes at Newberry college. Even though they are easy, they still require you to show up every class and get assignments on time. Work hard and be attentive to ace all classes with a great GPA.


10 of the Easiest Classes at Nazareth College

Affordable and quality education at Nazareth College has helped hundreds of students to launch their successful career right after graduation. To make your Nazareth College journey more smooth, this article discusses 10 of the easiest classes that will help you boost your GPA while earning credits.

1. ART 101 – 2D Design

This class is all about study and experimentation with essential components and sources of visual design in the sequence of 2-D problems. This class is ideal for beginners who are interested to explore this subject more.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!


2.ART 221 – Photography I

This class introduces students to basic photographic techniques, camera and darkroom along with experiments of picture-making as a descriptive and expressive art form. A basic requirement for this class is manual 35mm camera.

In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.


3. ART 211 – Painting I

This is an introductory level class for the students who are interested to explore the subject of acrylic paint and associated subjects in the contemporary world of art. This is a perfect class to explore a new subject while getting a GPA boost. Not having hard concepts to memorize or not having the fear of midterms screwing your GPA makes this one of the easiest class.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


4. CDL 100 – Exploring Self, Majors, and Careers

This is a basic 1 credit class that every freshman is encouraged to take. This not only gives an extra credit to your transcript but it also gives a great career advice at the beginning of college life.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.


5. COMM 101 – Theories of Human Communication

This is a great class to learn about the theories of human communication. This course explores topics such as social patterns that humans have created as a symbol, effective discursive patterns for leadership and persuasion, and production techniques for communicating with diverse populations.

Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success.

6. CSD 253 – American Sign Language I

This is an amazing class where students are introduced to the study of American Sign Language’s (ASL) linguistic features such as vocabulary, grammar, and conceptually accurate idiomatic practice. This class also focuses on the use of sign language in educational and clinical settings.

Sign language is the noblest gift God has given to deaf people.


7. ENGE 357 – Theories of Grammar and the Composing Process

This class includes a concentrated and thoughtful study of modern composition ideas as well as conventional, fundamental, and transformational-generative systems of syntax. The focus is also put on an extensive exploration of the connections among grammar, style, and the how the composition is structured.

A man's grammar, like Caesar's wife, should not only be pure, but above suspicion of impurity.


8. ENV 450 – Environmental Science Senior Seminar I

This course is a reading-tutorial course for Environmental Science seniors that are deeply involved with research of certain topics in environmental science. The student will have a chance to study contemporary topics such as energy, pollution, populations, wildlife management, conservation, and related social issues.

The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth


9. GEO 101G – PI Intro to Geography

This is a perfect class to begin exploring the subject of geography. It begins by giving an idea of how geographers look at the world and continue its teaching on what tools do geographers use to examine how people, material sources, ethnic conflict, ideas, and power are spatially distributed on the earth’s surface.

If some peoples pretend that history or geography gives them the right to subjugate other races, nations, or peoples, there can be no peace.



10. MGT 211 – Personal Financial Management

This is a course designed to help students learn how to make good daily economic decisions. Topics that theses course covers include bank accounts and services, investment, credit and borrowing, home purchase, insurance and income tax.

Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.


These are the 10 of the easiest classes at Nazareth College to help you balance your coursework of the semester. However, these class doesn’t guarantee A without a single effort, it just means an easy A with little efforts.


10 Easiest Classes at Nicholls State University

Like every other university, Nicholls State University also has some easy A classes which every student wants to know about. This is the list of top 10 easiest classes that will help manage the difficulty level of coursework during a single semester.

1. UNIV 100 – Strategies for College Success

This class introduces students to useful study practices, time management technique, goal settings, and organization skills in a structured, managed environment.  The class also focuses on certain guidelines that every student should learn for success in college life.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm"

2. UNIV 101 – University Prep

This class is focused on entering freshmen and transfer students with less than 30 hours. This course is intended for students to get used to with university, provides a support system and promotes understanding of the requirements of the major.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today"

3. SPCH 101 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking

This course teaches students one of the most essential qualities required in today’s world that includes  The delivery of carefully prepared speeches; audience analysis, outlining, and adapting researched subject to common speaking situations; production of voice, articulation, pronunciation, and body activity.

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.

4. SPCH 104 – Speaking Through Technology

This class is the study and presentation of communication principles through various live and recorded presentations in diverse contexts. The best part for students enrolled in Petroleum Engineering Technology and Safety Management (PETSM) is that this class is available completely online for them.

"I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them."-Isaac Asimov

5. MATH 100 – College Algebra

This class focuses on topics such as the real numbers and their properties, linear equations and inequalities, systems of equations, polynomials, fractional expressions and equations, exponents and radicals, quadratic equations, and functions and their graphs.

“In real life, I assure you, there is no such thing as algebra. ”  ? Fran Lebowitz

6. LDST 211 – Honors Studies in Leadership Theories and Practice

This course is mainly for business majors who have completed 30 non-developmental hours, BSAD 101, and are accepted into the Honors Program. This class focuses on guided readings in leadership theories, and exploration and development of leadership skills with emphasis on critical thinking applications used to identify and solve issues facing leaders in the business world today.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

7. LDST 251 – Leadership Studies: Theory and Practice

This is kind of class not open for everyone but only through a specific application process and permission of department head. This course also includes readings in leadership theories and development of leadership skills through independent or collaborative projects in service learning.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

8. HIST 340 – History in Film

This is one of the easiest class where most of the time of class is used to watch some old movies that helps students learn the history of film. This class doesn’t have any hard concepts, just watching films and writing loads of papers.

"Film is an opportunity to showcase creativity"

9. ENGL 102 – English Composition II

This is an intermediate level composition class that is focused on English majors to increase their composition skills. However, this is also open for students outside English major to fulfill AOK Requirements. Hence, the professor keeps the difficulty level low and is easy to ace.

Good composition is like a suspension bridge - each line adds strength and takes none away.

10. MNGT 301 – Management of Organizations and Behavioral Processes

This class is the study of effective strategies that are used to manage organizations with emphasis on organizational theory and design, individual and group behavior, and management functions to achieve successful performance within the organization and its relationship to external environments.

A key to achieving success is to assemble a strong and stable management team.

These are the top 10 of the easiest class but there are plenty more easy and difficult classes as well which you will explore as your journey continues at the university. Be attentive and give your best to ace every class with the best possible grade and boost that GPA!

10 Easiest Classes at Chicago State University

Like every other university, Chicago State University has some easy A kind of classes too. These are the classes that every student would want to take during their CSU Journey in order to fulfill some requirements while giving a GPA boost with easy efforts.

1. HS 1575 First Aid Emerg Care

This is a very basic class where students get to learn emergency first aid care essentials. This class is easy as well as the knowledge is essential for everyone irrespective of major so students from all the majors are highly encouraged to take this class.

first aid kit

2. HSC 3319  Intro to Public Health- online

This is an easy online class teaching students basics about public health. All you got to do for this class is some readings online and completing assignments on time. Since it is online, you need not worry about attending in person which reduces half of the efforts.

fruits and veggies and stethoscope

3. MATH 0910 61. IL Basic Mth Rev Tch

This is the most basic level of college math class usually for non-major students to fulfill the math requirement. If you know high school math well, this class will be a piece of cake for you. Just show up every class and get a GPA Boost in that semester.

math around a cartoon guy

4. NURS 2190 61 Intro to Nutrition

This class is more like a guide for students to learn about the nutritional value that is necessary to live a healthy life. This is one of the easiest class to ace since there are no hardcore concepts to memorize.


5. PHIL 1020 Intro to Logic

This class introduces students to the concept of logic.  It is a basic interactive class where students learn to apply logic to correct situations. Logic improves with practice and this class is full of interactive logical sessions which makes it extremely easy to ace.

intro to logic on blackboard

6. ENG 1230 Writer’s workshop

This is a basic level of writing class which is one of the easiest class you can take during your journey at CSU. There are no hard midterm or final to ace this class, all you have to do is attend certain workshops and be attentive to assignments assigned throughout the semester for this class.

people around a round table

7. GEOG 1100 Global Diversity

This class introduces students to the diversity of our globe. This is one of the easy class to ace since professors make this class very interesting to learn with the use of interactive visuals, presentation, and other extremely helpful study materials.

world and people standing in front

8. MATH 1200 College Algebra

This class comprises of college-level algebra. Algebra always seems like a tough class but this is completely not true. This is an extremely easy to ace class where professors make every effort to make all the concepts clear for students and make this a fun learning class.

algebra on paper

9. PHIL 1040 Ethics

Unlike other ethics courses, this is extremely basic and easy to ace. Students are introduced to basic ethical concepts and are tested on their thinking abilities. There is not much to memorize in this class, its more of a thinking process.

Powerpoint on workplace ethics

This course introduces students to history and philosophies that revolve around PE. There aren’t many hardcore concepts, it is more of reading and interactive class with lots of presentation and assignments. It shouldn’t be hard to ace this class as long as you show up in class and stay up to date with coursework.

History word cloud

It’s always a good idea to balance your every semester’s coursework with an equal amount of easy and difficult classes. To make your search easier, these were 10 of the easiest class to begin your CSU Journey with. There will be a lot more which you will come across throughout your 4 years here. Make sure you check this out if you’re looking for a boost in GPA!

10 Easiest Classes at Albertus Magnus College

Albertus Magnus College is a Catholic, private liberal arts college located in Connecticut. It offers a wide range of majors to choose from and is full of highly motivated students. To keep a good track of grades throughout the college, it is very important to manage difficulty level of coursework in each semester. Hence, this article gives students a heads up on the top 10 easiest classes at Albertus Magnus College.

1. MA 100 Introduction to College Mathematics

This introductory level college math class teaches students the skills that are important for further study in most disciplines and includes the algebra which is important for the advanced level of mathematics classes.

Mathematics is not just about numbers, it is all about understanding!


2. MA 111 Mathematical Ideas: In Theory and in Practice

This is Mathematics theory and practice class where students are introduced to connections between various parts of mathematics (e.g. graphs, probability, etc)  This is a fun interactive class where professor tries to connect all the concepts of mathematics with each other to better student’s understanding.

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics!

3. SC 105 Special Topics

This is a non-major course focused to examine different perspectives of Science.  Topics vary largely depending on professor but it is always a great learning experience for students from all across different majors. This class also includes field studies for some hands-on experience thus making understanding clear and class easier to ace.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow!

4. CO 229 Introduction to Digital Communication

This course provides students with a comprehensive interpretive introduction to the area of digital communication. This is one of the easy class that students can take to give their GPA a small boost since it doesn’t have any hard concepts to memorize nor any hard exams. Professors are very supportive and make the subject matter very clear in order to ace the class easily.

The art of communication is the language of leadership!


5. CO/DR 326 The Creative Mind

This class introduces students to what marks and makes a creative mind, also putting a focus on the difference between talent and creativity. This class is not just a class but also a way to explore your potential as a creative person and boost your GPA.

Cultivate a creative mind!

6. EN 100 Introduction to College English

This is a very basic college-level English course which is focused on reading comprehension and expository composition. This course also prepares students to read, think and write with the efficiency, interpretive acuity, and cogency generally expected in college classes.

You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing!

7. EN 143 Introduction to Creative Writing

This is a creative writing class designed as a general introduction to the approaches of literary composition. Through continued and well-organized practice in the techniques that stimulate and refine creative writing, students will learn to develop their intuitive and critical abilities essential to significant artistic achievement.

Whether or not you write well, write bravely!

8. FL 111I, 112I Elementary Italian I, II

Learning a foreign language is always interesting as you get to know a lot about the new culture and are able to interact with people from different parts of the world. This is a fun learning class that introduces students to Italian. professors are extremely nice and helpful who are dedicated to helping students learn a new language.

A different language is a different vision of life!

9. PE 95 Wellness

This is a theoretical course which is must recommend for everyone as it doesn’t have any hard concepts to memorize. It is just focused upon health and well- being of individuals. Topics covered a wide range of variety that includes nutrition, stress management, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases.

The greatest wealth is health!

10. PE 96 DD Weight Training

This course is created to give proper instruction to those students who are interested in the development of strength and general conditioning. Various equipment is used in this class to give students a variety of training. This has no books or hard to ace exams, just an easy workout class to boost your GPA.

No Pain, No Gain!

Not all classes are easy of course but with proper focus and efforts, no class should be hard either. Keep attending classes regularly and with a set amount of efforts, you should be able to ace the semester with decent GPA.

10 Easiest Classes at Asbury University

College classes can become overwhelming to a few students who take all difficult courses in the same semester. It is very important to balance the difficulty level of classes in every semester. To help students maintain this balance, here is a list of top 10 easiest classes at Asbury University.

1. AMS 102  Introduction To Leadership

This class helps students get familiar with fundamental skills that are necessary to be a leader, both in the military as well as civilian context. This is one of those class that students from any major can take and gain a vast amount of knowledge that can be helpful in daily life.

Leadership is not a title or position; it is action and example!2. ART 123 Introduction to Drawing

This class introduces students to drawing as a means of expressing ideas in visual form. This is a fun easy class with lots of interaction that is focused on building a practical understanding of drawing as the foundation for all visual thinking.

A drawing is simply a line, going for a walk!

3. ART 340  Traditional Black & White Photography

This is an easy interactive studio course where students are taught black and white darkroom craft as a form of artistic expression. Students also get the opportunity to learn traditional silver-based light-sensitive processes and darkroom techniques and much more.

There is always something really appealing about black and white pictures!

4. BIO 217 Environmental Science

This is an interactive class that is easy to learn since it connects to daily life environmental issues such as ecological, economic, and human health impacts of air and water pollution, global climate change, ozone depletion, acid rain, hazardous and solid waste, alternative energy resources, soils, deforestation, overfishing, biodiversity, and endangered species.

Our planet is worth more than oil company profits!5. BU/BUA 100 Introduction to Business & Personal Finance

This course introduces students to a basic understanding of the business world through a broad study of the economic environment in which business is conducted, the various functions of business operations, and the relationship of business to government. Students get to learn important topics within personal finance that will help them understand how to be more informed consumers and participants in ongoing debates concerning business and the economy. Professors of this class make every effort to make this class easy to ace and help students learn better.

Never depend on the single source of income; keep investing to create another source! -Warren Buffet

6. COM 150 Public Speaking

This class is an introduction to the theory and practice of public speaking. Students get to learn a lot of new things about speaking effectively in public. This is an interactive class with lots of public speaking activities that make it easier to ace.

If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives!

7. COM 461 Social Media Marketing

Technology and especially social media have completely changed the way business operate its marketing. This class teaches students how they can use social media in the marketing world and take it to the next level. This is easy to ace class since its all about social media and which college kid doesn’t like to learn about social media.

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone!

8. ELC 092 (6) Written Communication

This class is focused on to improve student’s English language skills. Since most of the students are already familiar with English, they dont find this class hard to ace. All you have to do is submit assignments on time which is, of course, manageable with the right planning.

The language we use influences the way we think!

9. ESC 150 (3) Earth Science

This class examines planet Earth’s place in this universe. This course discusses Earth’s rock cycle, tectonics, geologic time, oceanography, meteorology, the formation of the solar system, and the life of stars. This is fun to learn class since everything practically connects to the real world. This class is open to all majors and students can satisfy the foundational requirement for a natural science.

Science reveals that all life on Earth is one!

10. EXS 350 (3) Physical Fitness Assessment & Prescription

This class discusses methods and techniques that are used to improve physical fitness. This class does not have any difficult exams to crack, all it includes is assessment, training techniques, exercise prescriptions, enhancement of health and skill related areas of fitness. Thus, making it one of the easiest class to get a GPA Boost in a semester.

Fitness is not a destination, it is a way of life!

Like every other university, these are the top 10 easiest classes at Asbury University. There are a lot more which you will explore as you go ahead in college life. Overall, supplement smart work with hard work for all your classes and no class will be difficult to ace. In fact, these classes are known to be a GPA boost!

10 Easiest Classes at Wayne State University

Wayne State University is an only urban research university in Michigan which is renowned particularly for its contributions in Sciences. Although Wayne State University is considered one of the strict colleges compared to other state universities, it offers some easy A kind of classes too because it is university’s extreme desire to help students not only get their degrees but to also create new leaders into the world. Here are top 10 of the easiest classes offered at Wayne State University.

1. LFA 1040 Healthy Lifestyle Basics

This is a basic lifestyle class that introduces students to basic healthy habits that one should have to lead a healthy life. This is open to students across any major and doesn’t involve any hard concepts to learn thus giving an easy GPA boost.

5 ways to a healthy lifestyle

2. MAT 0993 Beginning Algebra

This is most basic Mathematics class of Algebra. Most of the concepts taught in this class are more related to high school Mathematics so this course is more like a revision than learning anything new. For students who excelled in high school mathematics, this class doesn’t require much efforts to get an A.

Most basic algebra concepts

3. COM 2010 Introduction to Film

This course is a basic introduction level class for students interested to explore more about the film industry. There are no hard concepts or exams to appear for, you just have to learn the backstory behind the movies you have been watching forever.

Film, therefore, is part of society, not distant from it, easy to experience for people regardless of class.

4. APH 2400 Introduction to Photography

This is the most basic level of photography class that is open to students from all majors. who have some interest in photography and are ready to explore subject in detail. This is a fun easy class since the outside world is your classroom and having 10 well shot pictures are your finals. It is considered easy because photography is something every college student loves to do and would not mind doing it for finals too.

Photography is the story we fail to put in words!

5. HE 2310 Dynamics of Personal Health

Taking care of Personal Health is something everyone has to be aware of. This class is not only a GPA booster but also full of knowledge that everyone should have.

A healthy outside starts from inside!

6. PHI 1010 Introduction to Philosophy

This is an introductory level philosophy class which introduces students to the concept of philosophy. Students interested to learn about philosophy but dont know where to get started from, this is the best class, to begin with. This is one of the easiest class to ace where the professor knows students are here to learn and thus making mistakes is common. Thus, there are no hard to ace kind of exams just a bit of writing papers to understand the concept.

Introduction to philosophy

7. MGT 2530 Management of Organizational Behavior

This class is highly for students with their options open and are interested in exploring management studies further. This is a basic level of management class that introduces students to the concept of management and professors are extremely helpful to make this class easy to ace with a good grade.

Managing is all about managing in the short term while developing the plans for the long term.

8. CSC 1000 Introduction to Computer Science

This is a must required computer science class for everybody since in today’s world a little knowledge about computers can prove to be beneficial at any point of life. Since there are many people who don’t have much interest in computers but are still required to take this class, professors try their best to make this class an easy A.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

9. MAT 1000 Mathematics in Today’s World

This class consists of very basic mathematics that everyone should learn to survive in today’s competitive world. If you have paid enough attention to high school maths this class would be extremely easy to boost GPA.

Mathematics is not just about numbers and equations, it is all about understanding.

10. PSY 1010 Introductory Psychology

This introductory level psychology class fulfills many AOK Requirements and is extremely easy to ace. Professors are extremely helpful in making understanding clear about the subject matters and provide students with study materials from best possible sources.

It all depends on how we look at things!

These were the top 10 easiest classes however there are many more which you will explore as you go further along your journey at Wayne State University. Be attentive and fulfill all the requirements of class including home assignments and online projects, then no class will be tough to ace. You might even get a GPA boost!