10 of the Easiest Classes at Loyola University New Orleans

There’s no doubt sooner or later you’re going to have to take some challenging courses in college; it’s inevitable. And those hard classes can really weigh down a student’s GPA! If only you knew which classes were easy, so you could balance out the difficult classes and save your GPA. Well, if you’re a student at Loyola University New Orleans, then it’s your lucky day! Here is a list of the top 10 easiest courses taught at Loyola University New Orleans.

1. CMMN A100 – Introduction to Mass Communication 

This course is a survey of the various fields of Mass Communication taught at Loyola and specific preparation for courses taught in the school. Consideration is given to philosophical foundations, historical development, current trends and status, organizational structure and career opportunities. This is a really fun class where you learn about the media in our society. You watch viral videos, learn about the affects advertising has on us, and discuss how things are spread through different mediums such as internet and television. The topics are very easy, and it would be hard not to pass this class with flying colors.A post with various signs 

2. ENGL A100 – Expository Writing

Writing; you’ve been doing this since elementary school. This course is an introduction to English composition that focuses on grammar, paragraph and essay structure, and critical reading skills. Students are assigned to the course on the basis of a placement test administered by the English department. This class is an easy A; all you have to do is write a couple essays with minimal grammar errors. Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Person writing on paper

3. FOST A205 – Introduction to Food Studies  

Who doesn’t love food? This course is designed to give students an overview of important contemporary issues in food studies, and a taste of a variety of ways to approach those issues. Students will study the social, economic, psychological, and cultural impacts of food and cooking, in homes, schools, and professions, and the social contexts for our relationships with food. This is a super fun and easy class all about food! It’s a foodie’s dream come true. Have fun learning about food while simultaneously raising your GPA!Various foods in bowls

4. MKT B280 – Basic Marketing 

Marketing is a very fun and interesting field of study! This course assists students in understanding the role of marketing from a managerial perspective. It examines how product, pricing, promotion, and distribution decisions are made to satisfy the needs of specific target markets. If you’re interested in sales and/or advertisement, then this is just the class for you! Even if you don’t think this is your forte, this class is simple enough for anyone to understand and do well. This course is an introductory to Marketing, so only the basics will be covered.A jumble of words related to marketing

5. POLS A100 – Introduction to American Government 

You probably already have a pretty good understanding of the American Government from learning about it in high school or from taking the Constitution test. But for those who don’t have any prior knowledge on the topic; don’t worry! You can still pass this class easy. In this course, structure, development, powers, and limits of the federal government are discussed. This is just an introductory class, so even if you know nothing about American Government, you will be taught the basics in this course.The US flag, Congress building, and a gavel

6. PSYC A100 – Introduction to Psychology 

Interested in  learning about how your mind works? Look no further! This course is a survey of the major fields of psychology. You will learn about why living things behave the way they do, what your brain does when you’re asleep, and mental illnesses/disorders. This course is super interesting, and since it’s only an introductory course, it’s also very easy! You will learn about the basics, not the more complicated topics. Get that A while you learn about your brain!A brain with colorful art

7. SOCI A100 – Introductory Sociology 

This introductory course focuses on the key concepts, theories, and methods that sociologists use to understand the social world. Readings, lectures, videos, and presentations are used to examine the role that culture, socialization, social inequality, and social institutions play in shaping human behaviors and human interactions. This class is just an introduction to Sociology, so it only covers the simple basics. You’ll be learning all about society and cultures all the while getting an easy A!People walking on a sidewalk

8. SPAN A100 – First year Spanish I

Want to learn another language? Then this class is perfect for you! This course examines at the fundamental structure of the language emphasizing the development of the four basic skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.  The cultural elements of the Spanish-speaking world are also presented. This class will teach you the very basics of Spanish, like short phrases, vocab, colors, numbers, etc. Don’t worry, they don’t expect you to already have a grasp of the language, so this class is perfect for beginners.Person writing in Spanish with marker

9. SPCH A100 – Fundamentals of Speech 

In order to get a good grade in this class, all you have to do is talk! Okay, so maybe it isn’t that simple, but it’s not difficult either. This course is a study of the factors governing good speech content and delivery; an introduction to speech behavior in human interaction. All you have to do is write, practice, and deliver a speech on a given topic. There’s no difficult quizzes or tests; the only hard part is nervousness! But once you get over the nerves, you’ll be smooth sailing your way to an A.A microphone in front of a crowd

10. VISA A115 – Visual Arts; Painting for Non-art Students 

Arts and crafts in college? Yes please! This course gives students with no art background the opportunity to draw and paint under guidance. This is an extremely fun, easy, and relaxing course. Add this course to your schedule if you want a more laid-back semester and a perfect way to let your creative juices flow. Who said coloring was just for kids? Paint and draw your way to that higher GPA!Person paintingThese classes will allow you to get all the credits you need to graduate while also allowing you to meet your academic goals, such as a high GPA! Challenging courses can lead to a really stressful semester, but adding these easy courses to your class schedule will allow you to be able to relax and breathe a bit more.

10 Easiest Courses at Lock Haven University

Every student wants a perfect GPA and great grades. But with all the difficult classes you have to take, it can be hard to reach those goals! Thankfully, there are easy classes at Lock Haven University you can take to lighten your course-load and raise that GPA! Here are the top 10 easiest courses students at Lock Haven University should take.

1. ADAC101- Introduction to Academic and Personal Development

This class is probably one of the easiest- if not the easiest- course offered at Lock Haven. This course explores the psychosocial development of college students with a focus on self-awareness along multiple domains including academic skills, interpersonal relationships, career interests, and technological and communication skills. Students are acquainted with university resources, diversity issues, and the connection between student learning styles and college success. Take this class if you want a easy schedule and easy A.

2. ANTH101- Intro Anthropology

This class is not only fascinating, but it’s easy! This course gives an overview of what anthropology has discovered about our biological and cultural evolution in physical anthropology and archaeology. Students will also examine contemporary societies from a cross cultural perspective. This class is just an introductory course, so it’s very surface-level learning. It doesn’t go super in depth or discuss difficult topics. Take this class for an interesting and easy A!

3. ART103- Introduction to Art

Even those who aren’t “artistically gifted” can enjoy this class! This course is a survey of art history that serves as an introduction to aesthetics, perception, art criticism, and the art heritage of humankind. It is designed to help students develop appreciation and understanding of the visual arts. Fulfills General Education Requirements. You don’t need to be Picasso to pass this class. It’s an easy, enjoyable class that also fulfills General Education Requirements! A course that will raise your GPA and fulfill a requirement? Two birds with one stone!

4. BIOL101- Basic Biology

This is a basic, introductory biology class, so it won’t be very difficult. This course covers topics across the biological hierarchy from atoms to issues of global ecology including genetics, molecular biology, and evolution. Humans may provide the focus of some discussions; however, emphases include broader aspects of biological phenomena. Students will also work in a laboratory to gain hands-on experience. How interesting does using a microscope to look at cells sound? How interesting does a high grade with minimal work sound? If these intrigue you, then this is the course for you!

5. ECED101- Cultures of Childhood

Do you like children? Are you interested in learning more about them? This class is an introduction to the complex social and cultural factors that influence children’s development and learning as well as the ethical guidelines that determine professional conduct and development. This is an extremely fun and easy class where you can channel your inner child.

6. ENGL110- Introduction to Literature

If you like to read, then this easy class is perfect for you! This course is an introduction to fiction, poetry, and drama that seeks to develop the student’s understanding of literature. Not only is this class an easy A, but it also fulfills General Education Requirements. Who knew all you needed to do to raise your GPA was a little reading?

7. PSYC100- Intro to Psychological Science

Who doesn’t love learning about how the mind works? This course introduces students to the field of psychology, the scientific study of behavior, including actions, thoughts, and feelings. You’ll learn about how the mind functions while you’re asleep, how mental illnesses and disorders develop, and much more. This course is enthralling, and since it’s only an introductory course, it’s also very easy!

8. RECR110- Intro to Recreation & Leisure

One of the most fun and easiest classes you can take at Lock Haven. This course is designed to give the student an awareness and understanding of the parks and recreation field. The course includes an overview on the importance of play, history, and the influences of mass leisure. A class all about having fun and relaxing? You’d have to try to get a bad grade in this class! Students will learn about parks, entertainment, and how people use their free time to have fun!

9. SOCI101- Introduction to Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture. This course emphasizes the concepts and methodology by which the sociologist investigates the relationship between groups, institutions, cultures and the individual. Race, gender, class, religion and other forms of difference receive special treatment as mediating variables in this relationship. This class is just an intro to Sociology, so it only covers the simple basics. You’ll be learning all about society and cultures all the while getting an easy A!

10. SPAN101- Spanish 1

This class is an introduction to Spanish speech sounds, the vocabulary in context and basic speech patterns, and development of essential grammatical concepts. Conversation and readings. This course studies the development of basic skills in listening and reading comprehension, speaking, and writing of Spanish. You don’t even have to know any Spanish going into this course, because this class starts with the very basics. You’ll learn elementary Spanish, such as colors, numbers, and basic vocabulary and phrases. It’d be difficult to not get an A in this class.Look no further Lock Haven University students, these classes are the keys to getting great grades and a higher GPA! Put these courses in your class schedule for guaranteed relaxed, easy-going semesters. Might as well take classes you enjoy while working to get that degree!

10 of the Easiest Courses at USFSP

Everyone knows the saying; “C’s get degrees.” If only you knew what classes to take to get that high GPA your parents hope you have… Well, if you attend the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP) campus, then you’re in luck! Here is a list of the 10 easiest classes offered at USF St. Pete so you can get that A and raise your GPA.

1. ANT 2000- Introduction to Anthropology

This class is not only interesting, but it’s easy! Anthropology is the study of human societies and cultures and their development. This class studies the four major branches of anthropology: physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology. This is just an introductory class, so it doesn’t go super in depth or discuss difficult concepts. 


2. ART 2201C- Art Concepts and Practices 1

A class where you get to do arts-and-crafts? Yes please! Students will be introduced to diverse art studio practices and concepts where topics include forms of communication, sourcing inspiration, and critical theory. Studio projects are augmented by lecture, discussion, reading, writing, and critical analysis. Who said coloring was just for kids? As long as you finish the projects, this class is an easy A.


3. CRW 3013- Creative Writing 

In this class, you can really let your creative juices flow. This course will introduce students to the fundamental tools of creative writing: how to generate ideas, recognize and develop a writer’s  voice, choose a form and genre, assess and edit creative work, and how professional writers work on their craft. You’ll pass this class with flying colors, as long as you finish your stories. 


4. ENC 1101- English Composition I

This course helps prepare students for academic work by emphasizing expository writing, the basics of library research, and the conventions of academic discourse. There is a lot of writing in this class, but the prompts are pretty easy. You can crank the essays out fast if you really sit down and focus.


5. ESC 2000- Introduction to Earth Science

This is an introductory course in the Earth Sciences. Topics covered include geology, weather, climate change, ocean dynamics, and the history of the Earth, the solar system and beyond. This class is not only an easy A, but it’s pretty interesting! You can learn about the floating rock you live on while simultaneously raising your GPA.


6. EVR 2001- Introduction to Environmental Science

Interested in the environment? Want to learn about human affects on the environment? Well you’re in luck! This is an introductory lecture course linking the human and physical/biological world. The course will develop an understanding of population and resource interactions. This class is so easy you’d have to try to get a bad grade.


7. HIS 3938- General History & Historiography 

Want to get a good grade while learning about history? This is a variable topics class that provides students with an understanding of how the discipline of history is relevant to analyzing human conflict, its multiple roots, and the impact it has in contemporary society. This is just a general class, so it is not difficult. This class is especially enjoyable for history buffs!


8. HUM 1020- Introduction to Humanities

This class analyzes selected works of literature, music, film, and visual art, representing artists of diverse periods, cultures, genders, and races. You’ll be discussing movies, shows, books, and art; how much easier could it get? This class is super interesting and super simple. Do the work and an A is guaranteed!


9. SPC 2608- Public Speaking

There are no projects, no quizzes, and no homework; aside from writing your speeches of course. This class studies the nature and basic principles of human communication; emphasis on improving speaking and listening skills common to all forms of oral communication through a variety of experiences in public discourse. This class is super easy, even for those with stage-fright or speech anxiety. As long as you get up and give your speech, you’ll get an A. Just make sure you practice your speeches!


10. SPN 1120- Beginning Spanish I

This course studies the development of basic skills in listening and reading comprehension, speaking, and writing of Spanish. You don’t even have to know any Spanish going into this course, because this class starts with the very basics. You’ll learn elementary Spanish, such as colors, numbers, and basic vocabulary and phrases. It’d be difficult to not get an A in this class.


If you want an easy, laid-back class schedule and a higher GPA, then these classes are perfect for you! Might as well make your education at USF St. Pete enjoyable while you work to get that degree. Go Bulls!


5 Things USF Students Should Never Do

Every university has unique rules and different “do’s and don’ts.” Whatever college you choose to attend, it’s important to know these rules! The University of South Florida has its own set of do’s and don’ts every student should be aware of. These are the five most important things USF students should NEVER do!

1. Don’t be a Hermit

You are going to meet people like this in college. You rarely ever see them and never actually know if they’re even in the dorm or not! These people would rather sit in their dorm rooms all day than go out and socialize. If you sit inside your room 24/7 and only leave to go to class, you’re not going to meet new people. College is the best years of your life, so make some friends and live it up!


2. Don’t Step on any USF Seal

There are a few USF seals around campus that all students should avoid treading on. The seal in the picture has a barrier around it to keep people from walking on it, but most of the seals around campus don’t have ropes surrounding them. It is seen as disrespectful to the university to step on the seal, and it’s even thought to be bad luck to step on them! There’s an old superstition that says if you step on the seal, you won’t graduate!


3. Don’t Stand on the Bull Statues

If you go to USF or are planning on choosing USF as your future home, then I’m sure you know about the iconic bull statues in front of the Marshall Student Center. There’s an old story, more a myth really, about a student who wanted to get a picture taken on one of the bull statues in front of the Marshall Student Center. The student climbed on top of the bull, stood up on it, and fell straight through, destroying the statue. The student then had to pay thousands of dollars in order to have the statue replaced. Rumor is the statues are hollow inside, and that’s why the student fell through. But don’t worry, it’s safe to sit on the bulls! You won’t cause any damage, and you’ll be able to take a classic USF bull-riding picture.


4. Don’t Anger the Geese!

This couple rules the park behind Juniper Poplar. They may look cute and cuddly, but don’t approach them! They are both in a permanent bad mood. If approached, quite like a bear, either stand completely still until the coast is clear, or play dead. Don’t get in their way unless you want to get jumped by two angry geese.


5. Don’t Wear UCF Gear (Duh!)

If you’re already a student at the University of South Florida, then you know about the major rivalry between USF and UCF. If you’re thinking about coming to USF, then you need to know the unspoken rule; DON’T WEAR UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA GEAR! It doesn’t matter if you’re from Orlando, it doesn’t matter if your boyfriend goes to UCF, it doesn’t even matter if you transferred from UCF to USF; don’t wear UCF gear. Unless, of course, you WANT to be stared at, given mean looks, and probably booed.



Now that you know the five major don’ts of being a student at the University of South Florida, try not to do them! Hopefully these tips will help you if you didn’t already know them. If you know a friend who is planning on studying at USF, warn them of the don’ts, or send them this article! As always, go Bulls!

5 Types of Professors at the University of South Florida

College professors; you either love em’ or you hate em’. And while you can wish on a million shooting stars to have all fabulous professors, the painful truth is that you’re gonna end up with at least one bad teacher. Here are the five most common professors you’ll encounter at USF.

1. The One that Never Shows Up to Class

The professor is there for the first couple of days to go over the syllabus, class expectations, and assignments. Then, they vanish, never to be seen again. In their place, a Teaching Assistant. You start to wonder if you imagined the professor, a lack-of-sleep-fueled hallucination. You and your friends walk past your professor on the sidewalk, and your friend whispers, “Wait, was that him?” But none of you know. The professor becomes somewhat of a legend in your class, a mythological beast you and your peers make stories about. Then on the last day of class the professor is actually there and you walk in like:


2. The One that Doesn’t Enter Any Grades

Technically, the professors aren’t required to enter grades on Canvas, but the majority of them do. It’s nice to know how you did on a test or what your overall grade in the class is! But beware; some teachers don’t enter any grades, or wait until the last day of classes to do so. You’re left completely in the dark, not knowing if you have an A or a F. If you want to know what score you got on your essay or what your grade is in the class, you’ll have to go to their office or wait until the end of the semester. It’s super inconvenient and annoying.


3. The One that Cancels Class All the Time

This is one of those times where you either love it or hate it, depending on your professor and the kind of student you are. If your class is at 7:30 in the morning and you were up late, or you’re just not a morning person, then a cancelled class might make your whole day. If final exams are in one week and you really needed to go to class and get a bit more help, then you might not be too happy about class getting cancelled. There’s nothing better than getting an extra hour of sleep, but there’s nothing worse than waking up, getting completely ready, going to class, and then finding out class was cancelled. What gave it away, the empty room?



4. The Easy Professor

Most students like this type of professor. This instructor is easy going, doesn’t make you buy expensive textbooks, and gives points for completion, not accuracy. They may not necessarily teach well, but they make the quizzes and tests easy enough to pass. Their class is an easy A, and that’s why students take it.


5. The Coolest Person You’ll Ever Meet

This is the best professor you are going to have at USF. You will remember them as your favorite teacher. This type of professor is a great at teaching, makes the class/subject interesting and enjoyable, emails back quickly, and actually puts things that were taught on the tests. They are funny, sympathetic, understanding, and overall just a really cool, chill person. These types are rare and hard to find, but if you’re lucky you might just be blessed with an amazing professor.



For a better chance at getting the type of professor you want, check out RateMyProfessors.com in order to find out a little more about the instructors at USF! Real students with real experiences rate the professors they’ve had, so you can find out how difficult the professor/class is, if they’re good at teaching, and other opinions about the professor from the students. As always, go Bulls!

5 Reasons to Join a LLC at the University of South Florida

If you’re thinking about living on campus at USF, a LLC might be just the thing for you! For those who don’t know what they are, a Living Learning Community is a specialized residential community with an emphasis on an academic major or other area of interest.

There are so many amazing advantages and opportunities you get from being in a LLC! Here are the top 5 reasons to live in a Living Learning Community at USF.

 1. Easier to Make Friends

A LLC is a living space that allows students with certain similarities to live together. By living with other students who have something in common with you, you can become close and make friends with others much more easily. You’ll already have something in common to talk about! Going off to college can be scary, especially if you’re leaving all your friends behind back home. If you’re worried about not knowing anyone and not sure how to make new friends, then a LLC is where you need to be. Living Learning Communities are close-knit, so you’ll become very close to your LLC peers very quickly. You’ll have nearly 20 new friends in your first week of college just from living in the LLC!

22254858_1661268293906566_4943408183448104794_o (1)

 2. Better Academic Performance

More often than not, the students you live with in the LLC will take a lot of the same classes as you. This means that you’ll be able to get help with classes and homework from those you live with. You can also have study sessions and work on projects together right where you all live. It’s a very convenient way to get help quicker and finish assignments faster. Living in a LLC is a great way to succeed in your classes and stay on track. 


3. Get Ahead in Your Career

It’s getting harder and harder every decade to find a job after graduation. This is due to the job market growing increasingly more competitive. You need to have an impressive resume and experience in the field in order to even be considered for a position. Living in a LLC is a great way to get ahead in your field of study and future career. LLC’s offer students the chance to make lasting connections with professionals through events put on specifically for the LLC. By being engaged and involved in your LLC and attending the events, you will have opportunities for networking, company tours, guest speakers, etiquette dinners, internships, etc. All of these events will give you an advantage in your career field.


4. Sense of Belonging

It can be easy to feel alone and unnoticed on a big campus. You’re not familiar with the huge campus yet, you get lost sometimes, and you’re surrounded by thousands of strangers. There’s no dodging the homesickness. But after a little time, living in a LLC will make you feel at home. Your LLC peers will become your second family, and your Living Learning Community will be like a second home. When you live in a community with all your close friends and attend the LLC events, you start to truly feel like you belong.


5. Have an Incredible College Experience

Sure, you might still have an awesome college experience without living in a LLC, but you’ll definitely have a better experience being in one. Being in a LLC gives you so many opportunities to make lifelong friendships, enjoy fun student events, gain experience in your field, and make memories that will last you a lifetime. With so many benefits to living in a LLC, it’s hard to find a reason not to! If you’re planning on living on campus and want to have an amazing college experience, then consider choosing a Living Learning Community as your new home.



Deciding to live in a Living Learning Community is one of the best decisions you can make. There are 14 different LLCs to be exact. For example, if you wanted to live in a LLC focused on your specific major, you could choose the Bulls Business, Engineering, STEM, or Zimmerman Advertising LLC. If you wanted to live in a LLC with a different area of interest, you could choose the American Sign Language, ROTC, or Stonewall Suites LLC. Of course there are many others aside from those, so check them all out at the USF Housing and Residential website! As always, go Bulls!