10 Coolest Courses at University of Nevada – Reno

University of Nevada – Reno offers students cool classes to ensure that they have a good academic balance. These classes engage students in an exciting and fun way. It is a way to salvage your academics and have that college experience that you have been yearning for. The list below describes each of the coolest classes at the University of Nevada – Reno!

1. DAN 338 – Modern Dance (Advanced)

Picture of three people dancing

This first class is great way to earn credits in an easy and fun way. If you are a dance enthusiast, then you must enjoy this class. Students learn about body alignment and rhythmic patterns. The trends in modern dance will also be highlighted.

2. ENG 106 – Editing for Style

Screenshot of photoshop screen

The next class, ENG 106 is a great way to learn techniques in editing for style. Students will gain skills for editing different documents. In addition to that, they will gain skills in proof reading and clear writing.

3. ACC 201 – Financial Accounting

Close up picture of people writing over financial documents

This is cool class that takes you through financial accounting and the basics. Topics include accounting principles, measuring business income, assets and equity accounting. Students will also be expected to model the accounting cycle successfully.

4. AM 145 – American Sign Language I

A-Z Sign Language guideline

In this class students will learn about signing and finger spelling techniques. An understanding of the Deaf Culture will be expected of the student. Etiquette in sign language will also be discussed.

5. APST 270 – Introduction to Statistical Methods

Closeup picture of statistical derivations

This is an introductory class to statistics and the methods used. The principles of statistics and the different ways in which they are applied will be explored. In this class emphasis will be given to computer applications.

6. ART 231 – Painting I

A painting of people walking

This is a great way to break the boredom that comes with attending hard and monotonous classes almost all day. Students will explore the history of painting and contemporary trends. Enroll in this class and gain skills in painting.

7. AST 109 – Planetary Astronomy

The solar system showing all planets

This is a fun class where you get to learn about the different planets in the solar system. Students will learn about the different observational techniques and the results that each produce. The students will also try to explain the different physical phenomena that happens in the universe.

8. ATMS 121 – Climate Change and Its Environmental Impacts

Highly detailed planet Earth in the morning. Exaggerated precise relief lit morning sun. Detailed Earth. The countries of Central America. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Climate is important to human survival. In this cool class students will learn about the environmental impacts of global climate. In this class students will study wildfires, landscapes and destruction of water resources.

9. CPE 201 – Digital Design

design word cloud

Every aspect of life has become digital. In this interesting class, you will learn how to apply engineering and computing principles. Topics include register transfer, binary arithmetic, number bases, memory, minimizations and the Boolean logic.

10. COM 217 – Argumentation and Debate

debate club logo in red

Lastly, the Argument and debate class is one that equips you with knowledge and skills in debates and argumentation. You will learn about research, evidence organization and citation of sources. Activities will include discussions, debates and speeches.

In conclusion, these classes help you gain knowledge in a more enjoyable and exciting way. It is up to you to make your life at the University of Nevada – Reno by taking up these classes. Feel free to enroll at any time!

10 Coolest Courses at Ferris State University

At Ferris State University, students have a variety of classes to choose from depending on their preferences and goals they have set. Some of these classes include the cool classes that are interesting and quite different from the others. In addition, their relatively easy, fun and they have been tailored in a student friendly way. The topics are relatable and interesting. Below is the list of the 10 coolest classes offered at Ferris State University.

1. ACCT 205 – Managerial Accounting

A drawing of an accountant at work

The first class on the list is Managerial accounting. It is an important class that teaches students about how financial information can be used in management decision making. They also learn how to utilize accounting data.

2. ARCH 341 – Architectural Design 1

A closeup picture of an architectural drawing in progress

This is an interesting class that focuses on the basics of architectural designs. Students in this class will use the basic design concepts in a bid to explore architectural space and form. In this way natural and social environment can be sustained.

3. BIOL 111 – Environmental Biology

A picture of reagents in test tubes

Another cool and interactive class for you to join. In this class students will learn about the basic principles of biology as they apply to the environment. It is a cool class and it is easy to pass.

4. LITR 380 – World Folk Literature

Once upon a time, beginning of a folktale

In this class, students will learn about folklore and oral literature from all over the world. Their history and origin will be explored. in addition, its place in the current world be evaluated.

5. ENGL 323 – Proposal Writing

A closeup picture of a person going through a research paper

This is the perfect class for you to learn about research writing with an emphasis on proposal development. It is an important skill since academic research plays an important part in the university and the life of a student. Referencing and citations as well as organization will be discussed.

6. MKTG 321 – Principles of Marketing

Highlights of the marketing principles

This is an interesting class to take up for students who want to learn about marketing. You will learn about the basic principles of marketing. Topics will range from market planning, promotion, market research, consumer behavior, physical distribution, pricing and selling.

7. AIMC 334 – Fundamentals of Media

Screenshot of social media applications in a mobile phone

There is no other better place to learn about the basics of media other than in this class. The AIMC 334 class will explore the role of the media and the structure of individual media. Focus will be on the advertising media.

8. GCOM 131 – Building Prof Digital Docs

A digital document opened in a tablet

This is another exciting and cool class where you get to learn about building professional digital documents using the computer software. Topics will include production of digital documents, creation of vector art, capturing and manipulating raster images.

9. RMLS 224 – Cycling

A picture of two people cycling

This is a fun class for sure! it is great way to exercise and get outdoors for excursion. It is also a way to plan for activities with friends for cycling trips. Personal safety is emphasized.

10. HSMG 127 – Principles of Cooking & Baking

A closeup picture of baked products

Last but not least, the Principles of Cooking & Baking class teaches students about the concepts of preparing common foods. Students learn about different ingredients, their storage and the preparation techniques.

Considering how college can be so tough sometimes, these cool classes will give you a chance to take a breath. They will be a way of taking a break from the other boring and hard classes in your schedule. These classes help you gain skills and knowledge. On top of that they help you to boost your GPA.

10 Coolest Courses at Eastern Michigan University

Every student has their own objectives that they have set to achieve while at college. Well, at Eastern Michigan University your dreams are valid! The university offers students with interesting and fun classes that are easy to pass. With these classes students can create the perfect balance to ensure that they don’t overwhelm themselves with all the hard classes. Listed below are 10 coolest classes that are offered at Eastern Michigan University.

1. AD 122 – Three-Dimensional Design

Rendering of 3D dragon

With this class you have the perfect way to avoid boredom and monotony in other classes. In this classes you will gain technical skills that you can even use after school to make income. You will learn 3D structures and materials used.

2. AD2D 304 – Watercolor

A water colored paint

This is another class that engages students and employs friendly learning techniques to ensure that students gain knowledge and skills fully. In this class students will learn about different watercolor techniques and processes.

2. ATM 390 – Virtual Retail and Merchandising

Inside a retail shop

The ATM 390 is another great class to add to your schedule. It is important since the skills gained go a long way in helping you in your career. Students get a chance to use a unique retail and merchandising software in order to place merchandise in different settings.

3. CNST 206 – Surveying

Surveying equipments in the field

The CNST 206 is an important class to add to your schedule. In this class students will learn about transit and level and their basic use. Topics include; linear measurement, simple transverse survey and angle measurements.

5. CMT 121 – Graphic Communication

A graphic drawing of people communicating

The next cool class is graphic communication. In this class you learn how to prepare and design graphic media. Important skills in collecting information, analyzing and disseminating it will be gained in this class.

6. CRM 412 – Law and Society

Text sign showing Law And Society. Conceptual photo Address the mutual relationship between law and society.

The law and the society goes hand in hand. A society that is not governed by laws is doomed to fail. In this class the interrelationships between social institutions and law will be explored.

7. CTAR 155 – Producing Theatre

Crowd watching a performance in a theatre

This class takes you through the basics of theatre production. You will get a chance to learn about theatrical production organization. This class is easy to study and pass.

8. DTC 155 – Fundamentals of Healthy Lifestyles

A picture of different fruits and vegetables

This is an introductory class to health and lifestyle. It is an important to promote healthy living. In this class students will evaluate their individual health and wellness status. They will also gain skills to enable them lead a healthy lifestyle.

9. FRNH 411 – Introduction to French Linguistics

Dice forming different language names

It is important for students to learn a new thing once in a while. This will be an introductory class to the components of French linguistics such as semantics, phonology, syntax and sociolinguistics.

10. ACC 240 – Principles of Financial Accounting

A closeup picture of a financial documents showing bar graphs and charts

Lastly, this is very important class where you get to learn about financial accounting and the principles. Students will learn about financial documents and how they are created business decision-making.

The above classes are composed of interesting topics that will keep you wanting to learn even more. They are also easy to study anywhere including at the comfort of your room. It is prudent that you add one or more of these classes ease of your schedule.

10 Coolest Courses at University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado, a public research university is determined to ensure success of all its students. The university has a variety of classes available for students to enroll. Out of these classes are the cool classes that are unique in their own way and are structured to be fun and interesting. In addition, they are easy to study and will most definitely help to boost your GPA. These classes are available to all students who would wish to spice up their college experience. Check the list below for more information.

1. BA 205 – Business Communications

Illustration off a business handshake

The first class, Business Communications is an important class and still quite unique. You should highly consider registering for the class. In this class you will learn on how to plan, organize and present written business communications. Use of computers that have integrated software to help write business reports will also be emphasized.

2. AST 109 – The Cosmos

Picture of a galaxy

This is a perfect way to break from those other boring classes. In this class you get to learn about the cosmos and other things in space. Enroll in AST 109 and have fun as you learn about time, the big bang, and the black holes.

3. ART 271 – Introduction to Photography

Silhouette photo of children running in the beach

In this class students will be introduced to the technical aspects of digital photography. This will include exposure, editing, image manipulation and printing. It is a great way to utilize your time in a creative way and still earn extra credits.

4. BACS 200 – Web Design and Development for Small Business

A guide of website design process

With this class, students will learn about techniques in web design and how to develop it for the small businesses. The students will be able to design, develop, publish and manage websites.

5. BAFN 372 – Introduction to Real Estate

Block word forming a house

This is a class that should be in your schedule already. In this class you will learn about the principles of real estate. Students will also learn how to evaluate and appraise real estate investments. The issues to do with financing and legal marketing will also be discussed.

6. DNCE 354 – Dance Performance I

Young people dancing and jumping

Imagine getting extra credits for gaining skill in dance performance. You should definitely enroll to this class and get the basics of dance performance. Students will learn about theories of performance and choreography.

7. EDEC 205 – Nutrition, Health, and Safety

A child covering his face with oranges. There are also a variety of fruits in the picture

In this class, students will learn about health and nutrition and how important they are to our lives. Topics such as menu planning, management, nutrient knowledge, safety and health practices.

8. ENG 200 – Introduction to Creative Writing

Closeup picture of hand holding a pen writing on a book

When you take on ENG 200 as a creative writer enthusiast you are assured of enjoying your time in campus. This will be an introductory class to creative nonfiction, reading and writing.

9. ET 425 – Computer Applications

Close up picture of a laptop computer and a phone help by hand

This is class will take you through the different computer applications. This will include the current applications such as the Microsoft office. They will also learn how to use them in their academics.

10. THEA 240 – Beginning Stage Directing

Director instructing actors on how to perfom

Last but not least, it’s the THEA 240 class. Just like the other cool classes this class has its perks. You get to enjoy a unique class experience like no other. Topics include current theories and practices of stage directing.

Well, as you can see and read for yourself, these classes are pretty cool. It wouldn’t hurt to squeeze some in your schedule to ensure that you have balance in your academics. With these classes you are a step closer to achieving your personal and academic objectives. Enroll now.

10 Coolest Courses at Colby College

It is every student’s wish to have a fun and easy time while in college. Well, at Colby College this wish comes true. This is due to the variety of easy and fun classes that are offered here. These classes are interesting and promises you unique experience. This is your way to take a rest from those engaging and stressful classes in your schedule. By adding these classes in your schedule you are assured of a GPA boost as well as a worthwhile experience in college. Check out the list below with 10 coolest classes offered at Colby College.

1. AM117j – Fundamentals of Screenwriting

A book and a pen

The first class on the list is the AM117j. It is an introductory class to screenwriting where students learn the basics of screenwriting. Emphasis will be on the 3-act structure and screenplay format. Topics will include; scene construction, character development and dialogue.

2. AM228 – Nature and the Built Environment

Picture of nature and seats arranged along a path

The second cool class entails learning about the built environment. This includes nature and structures and how the Americans have been influenced by it. Topics include; green building, park design, environmental justice campaigns and suburban development.

3. AR228fs – Print and Digital Media I

Illustration showing the difference between print and digital media

This is an introductory class to print and digital media. In this class students will be introduced to different techniques, materials and concepts for printmaking. Students will also learn about digital image manipulation, paper handling, press printing, Photoshop and use of hand and power tools.

4. AS342s – Galaxies and Cosmology

A picture of stars and galaxies

This is another interesting and fun class where students get to learn about the galaxies and the cosmology. Students will attempt to answer the question about the existence of the universe. Topics include composition of the universe, dark energy, dark matter and the big bang theory.

5. BI271f – Introduction to Ecology

A green model of the earth

The BI271f class takes you through the basics of ecology. Students will explore the different interrelationships among organisms and their environment. Students will then develop experimental designs and analyze to ecological data.

6. CH217s – Environmental Chemistry

An industry emitting harmful gases to the environment

In this class students will learn about environmental chemistry. The different ways in which the components of the environment relate will be explored. Topics include global warming, acid deposition and loss of the atmospheric ozone layer.

7. CL138s – Heroes of the World

Colored drawing of modern heroes

Every community has a figure or figures who they refer to as heroes due to the deeds that they are said to have done. Well, in this class emphasis will be put in the Greeks, the Irish and the Romans. Their traits and experiences will be discussed.

8. CS325j – Web Programming

Closeup picture of a web programmer working on a website

Website programming is an important skill to learn especially if you want to develop industry standard website pages. Students will gain a lot of skills in programming and critical thinking. Topics will include HTML, CSS, the Internet and the HTTP/TCP/IP protocols.

9. EN174s – Public Speaking

Illustration of public speaking

Public speaking is another important skill for every student to possess. In EN174s you will learn about argument and counter argument, oral presentation, verbal and nonverbal skills. Speech writing and orally presenting it are some of the skills that you will learn.

10. MU254 – Music of Meditation

Silhouette of a person meditating while listening to music

Music is such an important art! In this interesting class students will focus on studying about the music of meditation. This will include study of music, rituals, meditation in Hinduism, Rinzai Zen Buddhism and monastic Roman Catholicism.

It goes without saying that you really need these classes in your schedule. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with only hard classes. Take this opportunity to squeeze some of these classes in order to spice up your experience in college. Enroll now at Colby College.

10 Coolest Courses at Rider University

Founded in 1865, Rider University aims to provide students with numerous experience during their time in the university. The university has a number of courses and among these are the cool classes that offers you a unique and satisfying experience. These cool classes employ student friendly curriculum to ensure that students gain the necessary skills. In addition, they are fun, interesting and they tend to give you a break from some of the hard classes in your schedule. Below is the list containing the 10 coolest classes at Rider University.

1. ACC 210 – Introduction to Accounting

A closeup picture of an accountant writing a book with his pen

The first class is the ACC 210 that introduces you to the basic principles of accounting. Topics such as long term assents, current assets, equity accounts, liabilities and merchandising concerns will be explored.

2. THE 240 – Script Analysis

Three sheets of paper with scripts

The Script Analysis class is another cool class for students to learn about script analysis. Students will gain techniques in breaking scenes into objectives, activities, beats and subtext. It is such an interesting class for students interested in script production.

3. MKT 280 – Sports Marketing

Hand holding a piece of chalk writing on the board

In this exciting class, students will learn about the sports industry and how marketing in sports is done. The different challenges experienced such as retaining fans will be discussed. Ways to maintain strong brand in sport will also be taught.

4. HLS 270 – Networking/Telecommunications

Blue print of computer networking

In this class, students will learn about the computers and networking. In addition to that, students will get to learn how this can be use in network design and security. Topics such as wide area networks, LAN and the Internet will be discussed.

5. LIT 390 – The Bible as Literature

An opened Bible placed on a rock

This is an interactive class that brings the instructor and the students together as they evaluate the different stories of the Bible and how they relate to literature. Learning will involve reading and discussing among students the stories of the bibles such as Samson and Delilah.

6. ART 230 – Three-Dimensional Design

3D design of a city

In this ART 230 class, students will learn how to do designs using 3D in sculpture. It is pretty interesting class that will broaden your view of art. Sculptural materials and current issues will be discussed.

7. ENT 348 – Small Business Management

Close up of a hand holding a pen with Business Management writings below it

Small businesses are part of almost every citizen. In this very important class, students will learn about management, starting and maintaining a small business. Research skills and having a producer orientation rather than a consumer will be emphasized.

8. DAN 220 – History of Choreography

Young girls practicing choreography

Imagine earning credits just by learning about choreography and its origin. Well, in this class students will learn about the history of this art. They will be able to come up with their dances through reading and analyzing critically.

9. CSC 220 – Computer Organization and Architecture

A handwritten illustration of the computer organization

It is important to know about the details of the computer considering we use them almost daily. In this CSC 220 class, students will learn how the computer systems execute commands and manipulate data. Topics will include; machine level code, code compilation, optimization and c programming language.

10. COM 207 – Social Media and Social Change

An illustration of a hand holding a phone

In this last class, students will learn about social media and how it has changed the way we do things in our day to day lives. Sharing of information through the web using Wikipedia and YouTube will also be explored.

These classes are everything that you have been looking for all along. They are tailored to suit your academic needs and they equip you with important skills in the easiest way possible. Take your time to check them out and register as soon as possible.

10 Coolest Courses at Winthrop University

Winthrop University is an institution determined to guide their student through academic excellence. It does this by offering cool classes with unique and interesting topics. These classes are fun and enjoyable to attend. Not to mention that they are also easy to pass. It is important for students to incorporate some of these classes in your schedule to take a break from the hard classes. Below are the 10 coolest classes at Winthrop University.

1. ACCT 280 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

Financial document with a calculator, glasses and pen on top

This is an exciting and interesting class that gives you the fundamentals of financial accounting. Topics such as investing and fundamentals of operating will be taught. The role of financial accounting in business settings will be explored.

2. ARTS 305 – Introduction to Photography

Camera on a tripod with a blurred bridge on the background

If you have an interest in photography, then you have reached your destination. This class will take you through the basics of photography in the most student friendly way. Students will learn how to use a digital camera in image production.

3. ATRN 151 – Foundations of Athletic Training

An athletic starting to run

This is another interactive class for students who want to learn about the foundations of athletic training. Topics on injury classification, professionalism, history and employment setting will be discussed.

4. BIOL 213 – Anatomy & Physiology I

A blue print of the human body showing the major blood vessels and the heart

The BIOL 213 is a class worth considering to register. It is a great way to jog your brain by learning some of the anatomical terms and physiological processes that take place within the body. Topics ranging from histology, homeostasis, integumentary system to cell biology will be explored

5. CRTW 201 – Critical Reading, Thinking, and Writing

Word cloud about writing and communication

This class covers everything to with writing, critical reading and thinking. After been in engaging class there is no other better way to refresh your brain than to hop in the CRTW 201 and engage in reading or writing or engaging in critical thinking.

6. CSCI 101F – Learning Adobe Photoshop

A screenshot of an Adobe Photoshop application in use

The CSCI 101F class is an interesting class that equips you with the skills to manipulate photos and videos using the Adobe Photoshop software. It is fun as you will get to learn about all the components of the software and also get to try it out yourself.

7. ENTR 373 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship

An illustration of diversion between entrepreneurship and employement

The ENTR 373 introduces you to entrepreneurship and all the components that entails it. Students will gain skills in order to be able to differentiate ideas and opportunities in business. They will also learn how to use the business model.

8. NUTR 221 – Human Nutrition

Word cloud about human nutrition

This is an important class that highlights the fundamentals of nutrition and how to cater for the needs of individuals, family and the community.

9. ECON 215 – Principles of Microeconomics

Word cloud about microeconomics

The Principles of Microeconomics class is one worth enrolling to. You will learn about market conditions and how economic behavior relations to decision making. Enroll now.

10. MUTC 302 – Sound Design and Visual Media

A sound system used in music production

The last class in this list will highlight sound design, audio capture and how to edit. The tools and concepts for that will also be discussed. Students will also learn about digital content creation.

Now that you have this list you can go ahead and register for the classes that best interests you. With these classes you are assured of a different college experience from the one you were having. Register now for these cool classes at Winthrop University.

10 Coolest Courses at Indiana University-Southeast

Indiana University-Southeast provides students with high-quality programs that promote student learning and progression to better life. The university offers students with a lot of classes to choose from. Some of these classes are fun, enjoyable and offers a cool learning experience for students. It is the best way to gain knowledge. These classes are easy to pass and therefore helps you to boost your GPA. Below is the list containing the 10 coolest classes at Indiana University-Southeast.

1. MUS-E 241 – Introduction to Music Fundamentals

A page of music sheet

Music is a special art with a lot of applications. In this MUS-E 241 class, you will learn about the basics of music, the notations, rhythms and chords. Basic music theory will be taught as well as the piano.

2. ENG-L 103 – Introduction to Drama

Word cloud about drama

The ENG-L 103 is a class to look forward to. It is an exciting class as it is easy. In this class you will be introduced to plays from different places and times. Emphasis will be on the works of Ibsen, Shakespeare, Shaw, Miller, Albee, Strindberg, Moliere and Sophocles.

3. ENG-W 231 – Professional Writing Skills

close up drawing of a hand writing on a book

The Professional Writing Skills class is another interesting class offered at this university. Topics such as organization, research methods, writing techniques and preparation of business and professional documents.

4. JOUR-J 200 – Reporting, Writing, and Editing I

A picture of a page of a report with a red pen on top

This is an interesting class that aims to equip you with skills in reporting, writing and editing. In this class you will learn how to gather information, develop stories, to combine both verbal and visual messages, to write and edit news.

5. CHEM-C 100 – The World as Chemistry

Lab chemicals in flasks

Get to learn about the different aspects of life and how they relate with chemistry. Chemistry in the context of politics, environment and social life around us will be explored.

6. MATH-M 122 – College Algebra

A worked solution of an algebraic problem

College Algebra is a class that has been tailored in a simple way to equip you with skill in solving problems in calculus. The professors are experienced and the teaching methods are student friendly. The needs of the students are emphasized. Topics such as linear and nonlinear as well as logarithmic functions will be explored.

7. HIST-H 231 – Women, Men, and Family in History

A black and white picture of a family

This is another class that brings you joy and relief just by the thought of attending it. It is an easy class as it is cool. The topics are quite unique. You will learn about family relationships and how the roles of the family in the society are changing. Topics will include marriage, inheritance, courtship, birth control, changes in in gender roles among others.

8. SOC-S 163 – Social Problems

Word cloud about social issues

Why spend all your time in all those hard classes when you can easily enroll to the SOC-S 163. In this class you will look at the social problems in family, religion, race, crime and civil rights

9. JOUR-C 200 – Introduction to Mass Communication

Close up picture of hands holding microphones

This JOUR-C 200 class introduces you to the concepts of mass communication. It is a class that is well structured and has great instructors. The influence mass media, the functions and responsibilities will be explored.

10. ECON-E 101 – Survey of Economic Issues and Problems

Drawing of a hand holding a phone. Illustrating phone survey

By enrolling to ECON-E 101 you are signing in to one of the coolest class with unique and interesting topics. The different economic issues and problems will be highlighted in depth in this class. topics will include pollution, national debt, inflation, social security, unemployment, crime and food prices.

With this list, you are better placed to pick out the coolest classes of your choice. These classes have easy and interesting topics which you will enjoy to study. Register and become part of the unique experience at the Indiana University-Southeast.

10 Coolest Courses at Wright State University-Main Campus

Wright State University-Main Campus offers a variety of courses to their students. Some of these courses are hard and engaging while others are fun and easy to pass. The university provides students with a chance to add some of these coolest classes to their schedule in order to boost their GPAs. These classes also help students to relax once in a while after being in classes that require a bit more work. Below are 10 of the coolest classes offered at Wright State University-Main Campus.

1. ENG 2800 – Introduction to Creative Writing

I love creative writing written in a cool font with a heart

The first class is the ENG 2800. This class employs a different teaching technique that leaves students with knowledge about creative writing and wanting to learn more. Basic techniques in poetry and short fiction will be explored. Learning will be interactive through group discussions.

2. FAS 2000 – Introduction to Food Science

Students learning how to cook different recipes

Another exciting class for you to take up. Interesting topics about food processing will be explored. fundamental concepts in food processing, food components and nutrition will be explored.

3. COM 2020 – Interpersonal Communication

An illustration of flow of information during communication

This cool class equips you with skills in communication to help you. Emphasis will be placed on the role of communication in different relationships. Topics in gender, verbal and nonverbal messages, diversity, relation development and perception will be explored.

4. CSD 3210 – Introduction to Health Care Issues

An illustration of a list of doctor's prescriptions

Health care is an important aspect of human life. In the CSD 3210 class, the functions, tools and operation of health care administration will be explored. Topics ranging from managing relationships, managing health services and managerial tools will be highlighted.

5. CS 2160 – Visual Basic Programming

A screenshot of a programming code

Programming is great skill to have as student. This will be an introductory class to event driven programming. Students will gain skills in programming learn how to design graphical user interfaces.

6. ART 2080 – 3D Foundations

Digital visualization of a lion

ART 2080 – 3D Foundations is a fun and exciting class that keeps you engrossed throughout the sessions. Here students will learn the fundamental concepts of sculpture. The materials and processes to come up with 3D designs will be discussed.

7. ATR 3030 – Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise being carried out

Exercise is an essential part of mental and physical health. In this class the student will gain skills in reconditioning injuries and illness, planning and evaluating therapeutic exercise programs. They will also learn about documentation.

8. BMB 2500 – Human Nutrition

Word cloud about human nutrition

Human nutrition is an important cool class. In this class students will learn about the principles of nutrition and the nutritional management of diseases. Topics will include physiology, nutrition, specific nutrients, and nutritional energetics.

9. ACC 2070 – Careers in Accounting

A laptop computer with an accounting screen saver

You should not miss out on the ACC 2070. You will learn about the career opportunities that are open for students in accounting. It is a way to encourage students and to motivate them to work hard and smart to get where they want.

10. ANT 2100 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I

A well labeled diagram of the human skeleton

Lastly, the ANT 2100 is class that satisfies your quest to learn about the human body and the processes that take place within it. Interesting topics such as the nervous system, cells, tissues and skeletal system will be discussed in this class.

Everyone dreams of a fun time in college. Well, this is your chance to do just that while taking awesome classes. With these cool classes, you can have an easy and great time in campus. These classes employ student friendly curriculums: that means they are easy to pass. Feel free to register for these classes at Wright State University-Main Campus.

10 Coolest Courses at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

You don’t have to overwork yourself with hard classes all semester when you could take some cool classes to ease you off. At the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs (UCCS), you have the opportunity to choose classes that are interactive and fun. The classes are student centered to ensure that the students enjoy the learning experience. This classes bring joy in campus and they are the perfect way to break off from some of the more engaging classes offered at the university. Take on some of these cool classes at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and you won’t regret your decision.

1. ACCT 2010 – Introduction to Financial Accounting

Close up picture of people writing over financial documents

The first class on the list is Introduction to Financial Accounting. This class offers you with important knowledge on business concepts. Topics ranging from accounting principles, business transactions and financial statements will be discussed.

2. ECE 1001 – Introduction to Robotics

A picture of a dog robot

In this class you get to learn about design of robots and the foundational materials. Topics include drive mechanisms, robot controls and guide, properties of sensors, gears and motors. It is an interesting class to register.

3. ENTP 3000 – Principles of Entrepreneurship

A picture illustrating the principles of entrepreneurship

To be a successful entrepreneur demands a certain set of principles. In this class you will learn about what it entails to open and run a successful business. Skills in market feasibility study, business creation, market strategy and financial model testing will be gained.

4. BIOL 1050 – Personal Nutrition

A picture of different foods on a square ruled board

This is yet another cool class with interesting topics about personal nutrition. Nutrition is an important aspect of human life and more so, yours as a student. Students will gain skills in evaluating their nutritional needs and how to have an adequate diet.

5. COMM 2100 – Public Speaking

A person addressing a crowd

Public speaking is an inevitable part of life. In this class, you get the opportunity to improve on the skills of speech delivery and general public speaking. A lecture-recitation approach will be employed in this class.

6. CS 4910 – Introduction to Computer Security

A person operating a computer and also writing on a book

Learn about computers and security by taking on CS 4910. You will learn skills such as software security, basic cryptography, operating system security, network attack and protection.

7. ASL 3590 – Deaf Culture

A picture illustrating sign language used by the deaf

The ASL 3590 is a class that studies the culture of the deaf. Topics ranging from, the values, customs, heritage and norms of the American deaf community will be explored.

8. AH 3010 – History of Photography

A picture of a digital camera and history of photography inscribed in the picture

Photography has been there for quite some time. In this class history since the inception of photography will be explored. The way it has changed throughout from the 19th century to the present will be explored.

9. INOV 3540 – iPhone and iPad Application Development

A picture of an iPad and it's application icons

In this cool class you get to learn about iPhone programming and how to write and install apps into iPhones and iPads. It’s a pretty cool class that will broaden your knowledge on technology.

10. INTB 3600 – International Business

People from different countries exchanging handshakes to seal a business agreement

Lastly, the INTB 3600 gives you all the information pertaining to international business. Factors influencing international business operations such as economic and political will be studied. Current issues pertaining to the subject will also be tackled.

Hopefully this list encourages you to enroll in some of the cool classes. Spice up your study life in a better way that boosts your GPA. This is because, apart from these classes being fun and cool they are also easy to pass. Enroll now to these classes at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.