Restaurants and Cafes for Students at University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Nebraska is a fun place to live as an undergrad once you find your own spots. We have compiled here the best spots to eat around the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to keep your body and mind fueled as you study!

1. The Mill Coffee and Tea

This spot has multiple freshly brewed coffee and tea options from multiple country origins . This is the perfect spot to get caffeinated and study in an aesthetic space. The minimalist post industrial ambiance will get you to focus and finish that midterm paper!

Inside of the Mill Coffee and Tea.

2. Ivanna Cone

If you are more of a sweet tooth person, this local ice cream shop is your go to. Ivanna Cone has multiple homemade ice cream options with specialty flavors. Their menu also includes smoothies with fruit and ice cream!

Menu at Ivanna Cone.

3. Misty’s Steakhouse and Brewery

This steakhouse not only serves quality steak and a variety of burgers, but also has good drinks and wine selection. The menu includes chargrilled steaks, famous prime rib and seafood. This is a go-to in Nebraska for a quality American cuisine experience.

Classic Burger and Fries at Misty's.

4. Leadbelly

Perhaps one of the best features of this spot, other than its great food, is the fact that it opens until midnight and 1 am. Leadbelly features the great Canadian Poutine dish, potatoes and gravy heaven, burgers and sandwiches. If you are a vegetarian options exist but are limited.

Leadbelly Nebraska Facade.

5. Vincenzo’s Ristorante

This Italian spot features Tuscan flat breads, authentic spaghetti dishes, vegetarian pizzas and entrees featuring chicken and salmon. Their dinner hours extend to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This spot has by far the most authentic Mediterranean Italian ambiance and food. Plus, they include gluten free options!

a seafood dish at Vincenzo's.

6. Blue Sushi Sake Grill

If you are in the mood for fresh sushi, this spot has a wide ranging menu including salmon and tuna options. For vegetarians and vegans, they have vegetable roll options. In addition, they add raw and non raw options.

Blue Sushi entrance.

7. The Oven

This spot specializes in North Indian cuisine. Indeed, they cook their dishes in a clay oven and include, chicken, lamb shrimp and tandoori options. They have several locations at the historic Haymarket for a classic ambiance, or a chill vibe at the Cellar.

Sample dishes at The Oven.

Being a student in Nebraska does not mean you don’t get to enjoy quality foods or experience different cultures. The food scene next to Lincoln will not only fuel your finals but also transport you to Italy, India, China and Japan.

Restaurants and Cafes around University of Louisville

Being a student in the south means getting a lot of sun and being around the good old southern hospitality when it come to food. Below we have compiled the best local spots to eat at while you are attending the University of Louisville.

1. Derby City Pizza Co.

Say hello to southern style pizza! This place has a wide range of special pizzas including pizzas for meat lovers and vegetarians. They also have gluten free crust options as well as low carb crusts. This is a great spot to celebrate the end of midterms with your friends.

Southern style chicken pizza at Derby.

2. El Molcajete

This Mexican restaurant has small plates for comfort food. You will find your vegetarian and meaty options of burritos, tacos and rice bowls. Their menu also includes sea food and deserts for a late night out. The place closes at 10 pm every night.

Sample bowl at El Molcajete.

3. China Inn Restaurant

If you are craving Chinese soy infused food, the China Inn is your go to. s This local spot has all your favorite appetizers from dumplings, noodle dishes and fried rice dishes. Their menu includes meat, pescetarian and vegetarian options.

China Inn facade.

4. Home Run Burgers and Fries

If you want your classic American and southern meal, hit the Home Run. They have three locations across Kentucky and will have your favorite chicken, beef or pork burgers with crispy fries. This local gem is a good option for a long day and comfort food.

The american southern cuisine at The Home Run.

5. JB’s Pub

This Pub has all of the classic pub food such as the burgers, sandwiches and more importantly fresh brews every month. Their Mediterranean feta pizza is a vegetarian favorite . The Pub supreme is a 3 meat packed pizza for meat lovers.

A full house at JB pub.

6. Wagner’s Pharmacy

This restaurant name suggests classical music and apothecary. The reality is that you can get a great heart American breakfast at Wagner’s.It used to be a pharmacy and a low key meeting point for horsemen to have coffee. Wagner has been in KY since 1922, a true historical gem. Their menu includes breakfast plates, omelettes, burgers, sandwiches and soups.

Wagner's pharmacy inside.

7. Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe

This cafe has a variety of classic american pub and breakfast options such as burgers and some good beer! The ambiance of the spot is mostly for sports fans. If you need a place to watch the game with friends, this hall of fam is your go to.

Inside of Hall Fame Cafe.

Being an undergrad in Louisville, is all about making the best out of the city and the resources at the university. There are many great spots to hang out with friends and have good food in Louisville. We hope you enjoy these suggestions!

Restaurants and Cafes at University of Hawaii in Manoa

Being an undergrad is a hard job. You are transitioning from high school to being an adult while trying to earn a degree. Living in Hawaii is an exciting opportunity where you can try out new foods, live by the water and enjoy more warm weather. Here are some restaurants near University of Hawaii in Manoa to try out

1. Glazers Coffee

Located on Kings Street, this coffee shop includes signature caffeinated beverages in a seattle style ambiance. hit the road for Glazers if you are looking for a spot to study. Not only the staff is friendly, but they will also draw shapes in your cappuccino!

coffee cup

2. Hale Aloha Café

this coffe spot is a relatively cheap find compared to other spots around the university. Located on Dole Street, this spot offers an array of salad, sandwich and soup options to grab on the go. They also have gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Salad bar at Aloha Cafe.

3. Café Kaila

This Cafe is a wonderful opportunity to sit, relax and hang out with your peers. Did we mention it is an award winning spot? Located on Kapiolani  boulevard, this spot offers breakfast options such as french toast, omelets and salads as well as a variety of sandwiches. You can also find vegetarian options.

Hearty breakfast option at Kaila cafe.

4. Anytime Cafe

Located on Kapiolani boulevard as well, this cafe offers a chill ambiance where you can get a burger, salads, pizza and even lo-mein! Anytime cafe is open until 11 pm or even midnight so it is a great option to grab a late night bite during midterms. it is also easy on your wallet as a college student!

Entrance of Anytime Cafe.

5. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

the coffee bean and tea leaf is a great place to have a selection of pastry and coffee to choose from. From cappuccinos, iced lattes to hot chocolates, and from muffins to croissants and sandwiches, this spot is great for a good break from studying. the spot is located at the mall near the university so that you can also get your shopping done!

Coffee bean and tea leaf croissant with iced coffee.

6. Peace Cafe

Are you vegan? are you somehow unable to find vegan places around? Peace cafe is your destination. Peace cafe offers and cozy vibe for your to have vegan snacks, beverages and smoothies. This plant based spot also offers a variety of colorful nutritious bowls with vegetable protein.

Lunch Bowl at Peace Cafe.

7. Le Crepe Cafe

Located on woodlawn Dr, Le crepe has a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes and coffee. If you are a vegetarian, this place is a great find! with a base in Paris, this spot uses fresh ingrediants such as spinach, cheese, flour, fruit and vegetables to bring you fresh tasty crepes. A great brunch idea!

Le Crepe cafe facade

Being a student in Hawaii has the marvelous health benefits of being around good food, smiling people, and sun. Make sure you are fueling your finals with brain food to keep strong and smart!

Restaurants and Cafes at Tufts University

Living right outside of Boston is a great opportunity to be in the city and try out new foods while you are an undergrad. Here is a list of a diverse array of places to try near Tufts University.

1. True Bistro

At True Bistro, you will get a special Vegan experience, even if you are not vegan. This plant based spot hires an innovative chef to create a special menu featuring salads, small plates and large plates. Dinner is the best meal to have at True Bistro as well as their weekend brunch.  They also partner with Grub hub and seamless for ordering.

view of the true bistro facade.

2. Noor Mediterranean Grill

At this mediterranean spot, you will find many vegan and meat options such as falafels, shawarma, grape leaves and wraps. They also deliver to most parts of Cambridge. Usually they are open late, so heading there for a late night dinner while studying for exams is a great idea!

Meal sample including Tabboule, hummus, grape leaves and Rice at Noor.

3. Yoshi’s  Sushi

This is a relaxed spot if you are looking for the fastest and best sushi around Tufts. Their menu also includes Japanese and Korean specialties for dining-in, takeout or delivery such as Noodles, sashimi or Naruto. Try their Boston roll or avocado roll if you are vegan.

Sample of California roll and Salmon/tuna roll dishes.

4. Ball Square Cafe & Breakfast

At this busy place, you will find great local brewed coffee as well as homemade hot chocolate. For breakfast options, their menu includes omelets, bagels, pancakes and pancakes. This is the best spot for hungry students or if you just want a relaxing place to sip coffee, read, and write your english paper.

Students waiting at the entrance of the cafe.

5. Nick’s House of Pizza

If you are craving cheesy heaven, visit this spot. They offer calzones, pizzas, salads and pasta dishes in generous portions. This is not the healthiest you will get around Tufts but it is a wonderful place to go for a late night eat or if you need something very filling on a long day. If you are vegetarian, you will find plenty of options!

Mediterranean pizza at Nick’s House of Pizza, picture from website.

6. Tasty Cafe Boston

This cafe has a lot of options for comfort food such as burgers and fries, desserts and coffee beverages. Seating is spacy and they serve breakfast all day. This spot is also open every day of the week making it a great option for busy students!

View of the inside of Tasty Cafe

7. Moultons Restaurant

This classic seafood spot serves fresh catches of fish from Boston as well as pasta dishes and steak. They close on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays and have lots of space with a full bar. Moultons is a modest family run business for a great low key date night too!

Seafood dish at Moultons with sauce and Broccoli.

Tufts is not an easy university to study at. Making sure you are taking care of yourself as an undergrad and eating nutritious food is an integral part of acing exams and not burning out. Bon appetit!

Restaurants and Cafes at Miami University

Who said that being an undergrad is all about studying? At Miami University, there are many spots where you can eat , relax and experience the Italian far niente, known as enjoying doing nothing. We have complied for you the best local coffee spots and local eats.

1. Kofenya

It is pronounced koh-fen-yah. If your pinterest page is all about hipsters and coffee, Kofenya is the spot for you. With an aesthetic coffee lover ambiance, you can enjoy a relaxing cup of latte while you write your next English paper. They also sell swag such as coffee mugs and thermoses.

Kofenya customer sipping coffee outside of the local shop. Kofenya website.

2. Patterson Cafe

If a classic American vibe is what you are looking for, head to Patterson! This cafe is a busy spot for a generous American Breakfast such as omelets, bagels and egg wraps. While cramming for exams, a protein rich platter at Patterson with a cup of coffee will fuel your day.

View of the Cafe entrance.

3. El Burrito Loco

El Burrito loco is a wonderful local Mexican spot. There is plenty of seating there and you will find it busy and loco at several times a day. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you will find good burrito options as well as salads and tacos. Yelp reviews reported super friendly staff and exceptional service.

Full meal at el Burrito Loco including chicken, rice and a drink.

4. Quarter Barrel Brewery + Pub (Oxford)

At this spot, you won’t find much fancy food, but rather unique cocktail blend to try with your friends to celebrate exams being over. They have a variety of salads, entrees, and sandwich selections, but the main star there is the beer. It is home and locally brewed, as you get to take a sip from bougie beer with classy french names. cheers!

Pub ad in 2017.

5. Krishna Carry Out

At this local Indian spot, you will find all your vegetarian and non vegetarian variety of curries, naan break and rice. They also have a variety of appetizers and generous portions. The ambiance is family friendly and they also have take out for study nights.

Sample meal at Krishna restaurant including Palak Paneer , naan and appetizers.

6. Paesano’s Pasta House

In this spot, you will be transported to Italy.  In this relaxed and intimate ambiance, this is one of the perfect date spots around the University of Miami. Their menu includes all your favorites from pesto to risotto and white sauce pasta

A sample of the restaurant's alfredo dish.

7. Mac & Joe’s

This tavern surrounded with wood will bring you back to the 50’s America. Mac and Joe’s is a classic sports bar with many flat screen TVs where you can watch the game with your friends on a Friday night. Usually, it is open till midnight and till 2 am at some nights. The menu includes nachos, salads and sandwiches. All the classic bar food!

A view of the tavern including wood chairs and TVs for games.

There are multiple local and original spots around UMiami to eat well and relax. Being an undergrad is not easy, but it gets easier when you are surrounded with friends, and get some down time to relax in chill spots.

Best Spots to Eat at Binghamton University

Being an undergraduate at the Binghamton University takes a lot of work and passing exams. We have listed for you the best seven spots to eat and dine around campus to fuel your brain and body.

1. Basha’s Lebanese Grill

If you are in it for some Lebanese Mediterranean food , visit Basha’s. They offer a selection of mezze, or Lebanese starters that include hummus, babaghanouj and taboule. If you have a vegetarian or vegan diet, Lebanese food is going to be your friend. Their menu also includes a variety of entrees including falafel and shawarma.

Basha's Grill entrance.

2. Los Tapatios

This spot is open everyday until 9 pm. If you are craving mexican food and tasty margarita, hit this restaurant in solo or with your friends. They serve fajitas, chips and homemade salsa. This spot is located at 1101 Bunn Hill Rd.

Los Tapatios Entrance in Vestal

3. Man Nam

Are you craving some Korean food? Man Nam is your way to go. Man Nam offers a selection of grills where you can make your own BBQ with Korean entrees. They also feature boba tea, and alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine. They are located at 4010 Vestal Pkwy E .

Pork Belly display at Man Nam.

4. Royal Indian

For taste buds that appreciate spicy food, go to Royal Indian. This spot features classic Indian dishes in a chill vibe where you can watch the ball game or comedy shows. They open every day till about 10 pm and are located at 1101 Bunn Hill Rd .

Buffet at Royal Indian.

5. CopperTop Tavern Vestal

If you are hitting the bar with your friends and looking for an ambient scene to drink and have late night food, visit the CopperTop Tavern. They are located at 4700 Vestal Pkwy E . Their food includes a variety of sandwiches, pizzas, pasta and noodle dishes and decadent desserts.

Inside CopperTop Tavern in NY.

6. Little Venice

Little Venice has a local feel to it, since it has been family owned for decades. Once inside and surrounded by the oil paintings, you will be transported to the Venice Canal. They feature a wide variety of pizza and pasta platters.

Little Venice in Binghamton and the oil paintings on the wall.

7. Citrea

Citrea features modern Mediterranean food with wood fired pizza and appetizers. They are located at 7 Court St in Binghamton. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food and the brunch options on the weekends.

Fresh Pizza made at Citrea

At Binghamton University, you will find a variety of food options around you to nibble on between your classes or for a late night outing. Being in New York, but not in New York City will give you the benefit of not waiting in long lines and still enjoying tasty food.

Best Spots to Eat around University of California Riverside

Being a student in California is a wonderful sunny experience. We have compiled the best spots to eat around University of California Riverside.

1. Bytes

Bytes is a cafe located at the ground floor of the Winston Chung Hall. It usually open until the afternoon on weekdays (5 pm and 7 pm). Go to Bytes of you are looking for a quick bite between classes. They serve Starbucks coffee as well as pre packaged food to go.

2. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This spot is the perfect place for your lattes and cappuccinos. They also have sandwich options as well as signature teas and ice coffee options. Perks include comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi and a chill ambiance. They are located at HUB, across from Latitude Fifty-Five

3. The Habit Burger Grill at Latitude Fifty-Five

This spot is located at the  HUB, across from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Their menu includes breakfast platters as well as various sandwich options, salads, fries and charbroiled burgers. If you follow a vegetarian diet, you will find options at this location.

4. HUB Food Court

The HUB foodcourt is the place to go if you are looking for a variety of food options. The HUB includes Chronic Tacos where you can build your own tacos and burritos or bowls. Visit MOD Pizza if you are looking for artisan pizzas and salad options. Finally, if you are craving Asian food, try the 
 Panda Express or the Hibachi-Sa for sushi.

5. Ivan’s at Hinderaker

This spot is located at the Hinderaker Hall. You will find good fair trade  coffee, pastries, lattes and teas. There are also freshly made smoothies and a variety of wraps or  salads, cut fruit and parfaits . You will find options to eat if you follow vegetarian or vegan diets.

6.  Market at Glen Mor

This market has grocery options for students, as well as food that is the closest thing you will get to home made food. You can enjoy the food at  Savor, grilled sandwiches and burgers at Sizzle, sushi made fresh daily at Sushi with Gusto, and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or lattes ,Frappuccinos at Starbucks. It is located at 400 West Big Springs Road.

7. Starbucks

Nothing is better than a good old familiar Starbucks muffin with a cup of coffee. You will find this location at the Glen Market. When it is nice out, you get to sit on the patio and study for your exams. Starbucks also has pre packaged food options and juices. Vegetarian options included.

University of California Riverside has plenty of options for you to stay healthy throughout your undergraduate years. The nice California sun with a balanced diet will help you excel at your courses.

Best Food Spots Around Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Living at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) can be taxing and overwhelming during your undergraduate years. If you are away from home, this transition can be even harder. That is why we have compiled for you the best spots to eat and relax at the MIT campus.

1. Cambridge Grill (Alpine Bagel)

This grill is located at W20 1st Floor, 84 Massachusetts Avenue. It operates from Monday to Wednesday until 9pm, and from Tuesday to Sunday until 8 pm. At the Cambridge Grill, you can build your own burger, as well as choose off the grill specialties. They also serve a variety of pizza, salads and sandwich options.

Cambridge Grill ad for student event.

2. Anna’s Taqueria

This taqueria is open until 11:30 pm everyday, which is perfect if you are studying till late night. Located on the west campus on W20 1st Floor, they serve tacos, generous burritos and other options such as sandwiches. This location does not accept credit or debit cards.

Burrito options at Anna's Taqueria

3. 100 Main Marketplace

The Marketplace is open until 5pm everyday and is closed on weekends. It is located in the Sloan School of Management building, at Kendall square east campus. The Marketplace is considered to be MIT’s  most extensively varied food service location. They serve full hot breakfasts, ready to go panini sandwiches as well as a grilling menu. You can even make your own burgers, salads and sandwiches.

view of the marketplace dining hall

4. Asian Bistro Food Truck

The Asian Bistro Food Truck is open until 3:30 everyday and is closed on weekends. Located between buildings 56 & 66 (in North Court), this truck serves vietnamese and pan-asian dishes. Entrees will feature a side of rice as well as vegetable sides. Visit them if you are looking for a spicy kick to your meal!

Asian Bistro foodtruck in the outside sun

6. Bosworth’s Café

The Bosworth’s cafe is open until 5pm daily but not on weekends.This spot is founded by MIT  for students. They feature fresh-brewed Peet’s Coffee, caffeinated spiced beverages, a gourmet selection of aromatic teas and tasty pastries and desserts from famous Boston bakeries. If you love coffee, this spot will be your favorite.  It is located on Lobby 7 (77 Massachusetts Avenue 7-111) in Central campus.

Bosworth Cafe Logo designed by MIT students

7. Cafe 4

Cafe 4 is located in Building 4 of 1st Floor of central campus (77 Massachusetts Ave. 4-115). They open until 5 pm daily (closed on weekends). Located at the end of the infamous “infinite corridor” at MIT, it is one of the busiest locations on campus. Go to cafe 4 for a fresh cup of coffee (Green Mountain Brand), bagels, or a quick soup and sandwich for lunch on the go.  They also feature grab-and-go salads and sushi!

Cafe 4 Logo at MIT

8. Café Spice

Open until 8:30 pm on weekdays and until  8:00 pm weekends, Café Spice serves Indian food. Their menu includes Kathi rolls, Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Vindaloo. Cafe Spice is located in the Lobdell Food Court (Stratton Student Center ) on East campus. They do not accept cash or credit.

Options including Halal at Cafe Spice

Being a busy student at MIT requires a lot of patience . That is why it is important to fuel your body and mind with good food during your undergraduate years.

Best Food Spots Around Indiana University – Bloomington

Living in Indiana is not like living in a busy city, but that does not mean that you cannot find great local food there! We have compiled for you the best spots to eat at Indiana University Bloomington.

1. The Bakehouse

The bakehouse is located in Courthouse Square (there is another one on East Third, by the mall). This spot has a great selection of breads , sandwiches, salads and coffee. A perfect spot to eat while jotting down your assignment and smelling fresh bread.

The Bakehouse pastries for sale.

2. The Runcible Spoon

This special spot is located on sixth Street, between Dunn and Grant. The Runcible Spoon is comfortable for sitting while you go with friends, or if you are diving in solo and need to chill alone.  You will find gourmet coffee and artisanal pastries. They open till midnight, and they have been around for decades, serving filling meals throughout the year.

The runcible spoon entrance.

3. Bear’s Place

For a casual quick sandwich, go to Bear’s Place, near Third and Jordan. Bear’s serves the classic Mother Bear’s pizza as well as a variety of sandwich options. If you are over 21, they serve alcohol and host live music for a fun night out.

Bear's Place at night near University of Indiana.

4. Bloomington Bagel Company

This bagel spot is located near Dunn and Kirkwood, across from the People’s Park. They also have another close location at Seventh and Morton. For a good price, you will have a menu of different bagels, sandwich options, soups, pastries and coffee.

Sample sandwich at Bloomington Bagel Company.

5. Anatolia’s

If you are going for a more ethnic vibe spot, check out Anatolia’s . It is located at 405 East 4th St. They serve Greek, mediterranean and Turkish food (no alcohol served). You will travel to the middle east and across the Aegean sea from Indiana by tasting their food . They host open buffets on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays between 11:30 am and 2.30pm.

Anatolia's entrance by Indiana University

6. Anyetsang’s Little Tibet

For more Asian inspired cuisine, visit 415 East Fourth. Anyetsang’s serves authentic Tibetan cuisine. The prices are moderate and they serve vegetarian and vegan options. Try their shogo balay and yellow curry for a vegan treat on a Friday night.

Little Tibet's entrance

7. Bloomington Sandwich Company

Located on Kirkwood and Washington, this spot makes its very own corned beef from scratch. Go there for a large selection of sandwiches, soups, salads, sides and coffee beverages. This place is also vegetarian and gluten free friendly!

Front door of the Bloomington sandwich co.

Make sure you are always eating a healthy diet during your undergraduate years. When finals hit, you will need to be visiting nutritious places to eat and rest. Indiana University has a lot of options to help your healthy eating habits.

Best Spots to Eat at University of Iowa

Finding a good and affordable spot to eat and grab that quick bite in between classes is important when you are a busy full-time student. In this article, we have compiled for you the best spots to eat at University of Iowa. Eat healthy to study well!

1. Food for Thought Cafe

 You will find the Food for Thought Cafe  located at the Learning Commons inside the Main Library. At Food for Thought you can buy sandwiches, ready to go products like paninis and snacks. You can also have a to go coffee or tea! If you are vegan, vegetarian, or have a gluten-free diet, you will definitely find some products that suit you. Food for Thought accepts Hawkeye Dollars, UI Charge,Visa, Mastercard and Discover. It is only closed on Saturdays.

Student dining hall. interior

2. Burge Market Place

The Burge Market Place is located at the Burge Residence Hall (east side of campus). This store is convenient for students in  dorms. There are nine station options where you will find fresh food and pre made items. It is great during the cold because you will find soups, fresh breads as well as meats.

Market Place dining hall interior

3. Petersen Residence Hall : Black Gold’sGrill

This hall includes Black’s Gold Grill. Visit this location especially if you are a meat fan. There is a variety of items on the menu including pizzas, burgers, salads, quesadillas  and sandwiches. You may even sit down and chill as you watch the news of the sports games. This location does not accept cash but does accept other forms of payment. IF you are vegan, this place is accomodating with fruits , vegetables and fries!

Deli options at university dining hall

4. Catlett Market Place

If you are in the Catlett residence hall, this place is an easy ride. It is also convenient for students in dorm rooms. You will find a long menu that serves food all day. Options include pizza, salads and burgers. Not only the food is inviting, but the place overlooks the Iowa River!

Student gathering eating burgers

5. Clinton Street Market

This market includes a variety of sandwiches and wraps as well as salad. So, if you are vegetarian , vegan or gluten free,this place can cater for you. You will also find some good snacks to grab on the go like cheese, coffee beverages and milk shakes. If you are crunching for your midterms or finals, this space can be very helpful. The Clinton St Market does not accept cash and is open Monday through Friday between 10 am and 2 pm.

Student Market for snacks

6. The EMRB Café

 The EMRB Café is located at the Eckstein Medical Research Building (on the ground floor). In this cafe, you can order hot food , a variety of entrees and sides for breakfast and lunch meals. There are also Starbucks products ready to go. The cafe does not accept cash and does include vegan, vegetarian,and gluten-free options.

Cafe with Starbucks coffee

7. Fire Up Late Night Grill

 Are you having those midnight cravings from all the finals cramming? Go to Catlett Hall!This late night spot is open from9pm till midnight, from Monday to Thursday. You will find hearty quesadillas,grills for burgers and sandwiches as well as breakfast items. This location accepts Hawkeye Dollars, UI Charge, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Grilled Burger with vegetables for late nights

Being a full time university student requires taking care of your body and staying healthy to perform well at School. The University of Iowa has a plethora of dining options that will keep you furled through your undergraduate years.