10 of the Easiest Classes at Frostburg State

At Frostburg State University, there are a multitude of courses and electives ranging in level of difficulty. Your schedule doesn’t have to entirely consist of challenging core classes, though. Here are a list of the top 10 easiest classes to take at Frostburg State University:

1. HIST 103 – History of the United States

Whether you’re looking to brush on some ancient U.S history, or just looking for an easy review of one of your high school classes, consider this course. It will simply reiterate the political, economical, social and diplomatic trends in the nation from 1492 to 1876. If you didn’t have a problem with high school history, this class should not be much harder.

A man standing in front of ancient artwork

2. MUSC 102 – Tonal Analysis I

If music and easy classes pique your interest, then you’re in luck. This courses serves as an introduction to the dimensions of tonal music, and students will review fundamentals of musical analysis and be required to know how to name basic tonal materials. Additionally, students will learn elementary diatonic harmony and learn how to construct formal phrase units.

Half of a record player

3. MGMT 110 – Career and Professional Development I

This might be one of those easy classes that prove to be beneficial in the long run. In this course, students will be introduced to the professional aspects of a career. The material is not in-depth, but rather broad, and intended for business majors. If you’re not on the business route but would still like to take this course, simply request permission from your department.

A man and woman walking side-by-side

4. EXSS 103 – Foundations of Exercise & Sport Science

If you preferred the health aspect of physical education, consider this course. Students will study the history and philosophy of exercises and sport medicine. There will a special focus on the disciplines of athletic training and fitness. This course might be especially relevant to those pursuing a path in physical therapy. As long as you come to class, you will not have to do much outside of it.

A man standing in front of weights at a gym

5. ART 105 – Three-Dimensional Design

If you’re looking for an easy art elective and tired of drawing or painting, look no further. Students will be introduced to the visual organization and formal analysis of 3D design. Students will also learn essential vocabulary, media explorations and and design applications in the field. While this is not a hard class, you will have to dedicate some time to it: 2 hour lecture, 2 hour lab.

Colorful blocks stacked upon each other

6. CMST 122 – Introduction to Public Speaking

If you don’t have extraordinary stage fright, then this will be an easy class for you. You’ve most likely presented hundreds of times in high school, so think of this class as all those presentations in one. Students will be introduced to basic principles underlying effective public speaking and communication. The different modes of communication that will be studied include persuasive, informative, and ceremonial.

A microphone resting on its stand

7. ECON 200 – Basic Economics

This class is intended for non-business, accounting or economics majors, meaning it is not meant to provide a thorough and deep understanding of the material. Rather, it serves to provide a basic introduction to any student who may be interested in learning about macro and microeconomics. As stated in the course catalog, it is only aimed to provide “minimum competence” of the topics.

A person in their workplace

8. EDUC 100 – Career Analysis in Education

This is one of those easy classes that only offer one credit, so you can easily squeeze it into a packed schedule. It is an interesting course that will provide an analysis of American education system and survey students with a preliminary self-assessment to understand how their abilities and interests match the demands of how public education is taught.

A notebook and pen lying next to a desk plant

9. ENGL 100 –  Publication Practicum

This course will be perfect for anyone who enjoys writing, editing, and journalism. Students will write and edit for the campus literary magazine, providing excellent field exposure and resume-building experience. Although the course only offers 1 to 2 credits, it is repeatable up to 4 credits.

Various newspapers in assorted in a stand

10. ATTR 206 – Introduction to Athletic Training

If you’re interested in the personal trainer, physical therapy, or chiropractor route, this course may be for you. It is not a difficult class, as it just provides students with exposure to the athletic training field and focuses on its theoretical base. Students will also be introduced to injury prevention and management techniques.

A person lifting a weight
 If you get stuck selecting courses for your schedule, give some of these a shot. Not only will they barely demand any of your time, but they’ll be sure to raise your GPA. 

10 of the Easiest Courses at Providence

This private, co-educational college located in the heart of Rhode Island is sure to have courses that’ll lighten up your schedule. Furthermore, Providence offers a plethora of easy courses that won’t drag you down, but instead, help your GPA rise up. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest courses at Providence College:

1. AMS 101 – Introduction to American Studies

This 3-credit course introduces students to very basic problems, tools, and the methodology needed to examine a range of topics related to American culture and history. You will have ample time to study each topic, as themes shift every semester. If you still need an AMS elective, this course will satisfy that requirement.

A man holding a U.S. flag

2. APG 101 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This interesting class will teach students about the importance of humans as makers of tools, moral judgements, and rules. Students will also compare the ways in which people of Western and non-Western countries make sense of their environment and their experiences. With the limited amount of homework assigned and the surface-level material, this class will be sure to be an easy A.

A sculpture diagramming the human brain

3. ART 101 – Visual Design I: 2D

Every college offers an easy art class that will fit into most schedules. This class will investigate the elements of two-dimensional design, such as texture, line, shape, color and value. The different mediums that will be explored include painting, drawing, photography, and print-making. You will need to attend class 6 hours a week, but at least it wont be laborious.

An abstract art piece made using paint

4. ARH 110 – Introduction to Museum Studies

This introductory class aims to survey the methods of curators and museums. There will be a focus on the study of original works and connoisseurs, as well as exposure to personal training. There are no prerequisites required due to the easy nature of the class, however, ARH 106 is suggested. Once again, this class will still offer a solid 3 credits.

Framed photographs on a blank wall

5. BLS 101 – Introduction to Black Studies

This course aims to simply familiarize students with a foundation of black studies from a scholarly view. It also introduces students to theoretical approaches that will further prepare them for further courses in black studies while also helping to build analytical skills. Students will not simply be completing daily assignments, but engage in a semester long activism project. The material in this course is not intended to be difficult, but rather used to develop an appreciation for black studies in the student.

A woman smiling and closing her eyes

6. GEO 175 – Introduction to Geography

This course is one of the easier science or environment-based classes. It seeks to explore the major concepts and approaches of modern geography, including the physical, cultural, economic, political and environmental aspects. It will also investigate their influence in the 21st century. Learning will be based on direct inquiry, analysis of world issues, and technological labs. Not all learning will be learning or lecture-based, but students will also engage in hands-on activities and discussions.

A man with a suitcase walking on a map

7. HPM 101 – The American Health Care System

This 3-credit course will explore the historical evolution leading up to the current setup of the American health care system. It will examine the socioeconomic context in which health care is delivered, those who pay for care, and the providers. For those with any interest in law, it will also analyze contemporary proposals for health care reform. This course serves as an introductory course for Health Policy and Management, so the material will not be in-depth.

A person writing surrounded with a variety of healthcare equipment

8. HIS 100 – Thinking and Writing About History

This course will introduce students to the study of history, and literally get them to start thinking and writing about history. Students will break down the different aspects of historical thinking including critical investigation, synthesis, interpolation and evaluation. Students will learn research and writing skills, as well as verbal skills. It will further consider basic issues of historiography, and the philosophy of history.

A man looking at historical art work

9. MTH 105 – Introduction to Mathematical Methods

Fear not, for this is not another difficult math class. It is designed to introduce students with minimal math background to the problem-solving process, basic computer-programming, consumer mathematics, and statistical inference. All topics discussed only require previous high school knowledge, and will be reviewed.

A person measuring and cutting a piece of paper

10. MSC 101 – Basic Concept of Music

Not musically gifted like some of your friends? Well, this course requires little to no musical background, likewise to the limited amount of work you’ll have to do. Students will be introduced to note reading, pitch, musical notation, rhythm, scales and harmony. Music from the 17th and 20th centuries will also be explored.

A guitar lying against a blank wall
 If you’re still stuck on which classes to choose for the upcoming semester, try adding a few of these. They will be sure to ease your schedule while simultaneously boosting your GPA.

10 Easiest Classes at Diablo Valley College

Ranked among the top 5 transfer colleges in California, Diablo Valley College offers a vast array of opportunities for you to flourish academically. Lucky for you, not all of these opportunities are challenging. If you want to effortlessly increase your GPA, here is a list of the top 10 easiest colleges at Diablo Valley College:

1.  ADS 102 – Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Skills

Given that ADS stands for “addiction studies,” you will be learning vital communication skills that will help you appropriately respond to patients undergoing drug or chemical dependencies. You will learn techniques that will help these individuals transform back into their healthy state, while also adapt communication skills that can help you motivate others in general. This class does not assign much homework, but rather focuses on class discussions and partner conversations instead. If you’re the student who gets in trouble for talking too much during class, this verbal-based class might be for you.Two people on a coffee date

2. ADJUS 120 – Introduction to the Administration of Justice

Most of us have taken a high school government class, so for many, a lot of the material discussed in this class will be a review. The American justice system and its branches will be reviewed, and there will also be a large emphasis on the criminal justice system. It is an online class, so you can work at your own pace. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you should be just fine.icra iflas piled book

3. ANTHR 125 – Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory

This course will introduce you to the basics of scientific inquiry, the history and nature of archaeological research, and dating techniques, among other topics. The teacher will discuss material in surface-level, so it should be relatively easy to understand. Not much work is given out, but you may want to use this extra time to supplement your notes with some textbook reading.ancient archaeology attraction clouds

4. ARCHI 120 – Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design

If you are interested in creating ambitious building designs in the future, this course will provide you with the foundation (perhaps literally) to build them. Although architecture is known to be an intensive major, this is by no means a time-consuming or work-heavy class. Students will learn about urban planning, as well as environmental and landscape design. This learning will largely be carried out by drawing shapes and creating basic models, which should not only be easy, but fun for the creatively-minded. For the graphic designers out there, models will also be computerized. Nevertheless, previous graphic design or computer science knowledge is not required.aerial view and grayscale photography of high rise buildings

5. ARTHS 193 History of Asian Art

If you enjoy (or tolerate) learning about history and love art, today might be your lucky day and ticket to that easy A. This course serves as an introduction to some of the most popular Asian art forms and traditions. While art and artists will be the primary focus, religion and culture will also be discussed. A lot of learning will come from both the lectures and the readings. It is an interesting class with minimal work, so add it your schedule if you need to balance out some of those more rigorous classes.hawa mahal palace

6. ASTRO-110 The Visible Universe

Astronomy is arguably one of the easiest science college classes you can take. This course will introduce you to fundamental astronomical concepts to help you understand the importance of celestial motions and coordinate systems. The math discussed in this course is very basic, which is why only MATH 090 is recommended. If you’re looking to familiarize yourself with our planet but not willing to put in much work for that A, take this class.sky space dark galaxy

7. BUS 109 – Introduction to Business

Business classes aren’t always just for business majors. Perhaps you just want to sell some clothing on the side, or live out your Food Network dreams and sell some cupcakes to your neighbors and classmates. Whatever your reason is, this basic business class might be for you. You will learn about decision-making, marketing, financing, and more. You will also learn about the roles of business in a market economy and evaluate the global and social conditions in which business operate. This course is meant to build your familiarity with the business sector, rather than to give you depth on it. If you want an easy, maybe even relevant, class to take next semester, consider this introductory course.people coffee meeting team

8. BUSMG 168 – Customer Service

Looking for that easy promotion at work? This customer service course might just do it for you. Not everyone is gifted with marketable social skills, but this class will help you develop the compassion, generosity, and trust with customers to improve. The relationship to customer service skills and career success will also be examined. As you can probably already guess, the material covered in this course is very easy. There is not much outside class work given, so if you just attend class and listen you should be set. That said, only 0.5 units are credited for this course.adult business commerce cook

9. BUSMG 161 – Leading Groups and Teams

Here’s another extremely easy 0.5 unit class that you can add to loosen up any dense schedule. As the name may already suggest, a lot of the work in this class will be done in groups. The aim of this class is to come up with practical methods to better manage group work to reach more efficient outcomes. Emphasis will be placed on organizational techniques that will guide the group toward productive outcomes. This is not meant to be a difficult class, and there are only 9 lecture hours per term in comparison to the 54 offered by 3 unit classes.group hand fist bump

10. CARER 100 – College and Career Readiness I

As with any college and career readiness course. this course is relatively easy considering that the focus is your life and your choices. You will be introduced to career exploration and learn about options for post-secondary decisions. Job search skills, self-exploration, and decision-making strategies will be emphasized. Since the course doesn’t demand much, it only offers 1.5 units.business college composition deskThese 10 classes are sure to increase your GPA at a very minimal cost. If your schedule already consists of too many units, consider adding an easy 0.5 or 1.5 unit class. If you’re looking to the flip side, however, and looking to add more units to your schedule, there are also plenty of 3-unit introductory classes on the list. Happy class registration!

10 of the Easiest Classes at Middlebury College

This private liberal arts college in Vermont offers classes that entertain a range of interests and majors. Many of these classes are easy As, and are sure to raise your GPA. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest classes to take at Middlebury College:

1. AMST 0104 – Television and American Culture

If you enjoy watching film, why not also get a 4.0 from analyzing it? This course analyzes the past 6 decades of American television, tracing back to its origin in the radio form. The role of television on American society will also be investigated, as well as its influence on gender and racial identity. Rather than grading assignments, each assignment is given a “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” mark. Professor Mittell has noted in his syllabus that he is willing to allow students as much time as needed to adjust to his different grading policy. With an exciting yet easy class, coupled with an understanding professor, you’re bound to ace this class.Person watching TV at night

2. CLAS 0132 – History of Rome

Travel back to ancient times with this easy elective. This course simply serves as an introduction to Roman history, from its establishment as a republic to its role in the current Western world. This 50 minute class only takes place two days of the week, and you also won’t have to spend much time outside of class. As long as you can keep up with the readings, this class should be a breeze.ancient architecture arena buildings

3. CMLT 0101 – Introduction to World Literature

Learn basic literary terms, the roles of different mediums, and how to identify elementary literature concepts such as theme. Students will analyze literature from both Western and non-Western cultures, and develop better critical and analytical skills. This course is reminiscent of many high school English classes, and given that it serves as an intro-class, should not be too difficult.brown book open with bookmark

4. ARDV 0116 – The Creative Process

In this course, students will investigate how ideas emerge and are portrayed in the arts. This class will be very experimental-based, with a few written journals and readings to accompany your art work. Throughout the entire semester, only one short project will be assigned.abstract painting

5. DANC 0160 – Introduction to Dance

Get moving with this entry-level dance class! No prior experience is needed, and you don’t even have to be a good dancer (phew). This introductory class teaches some basic movements, composition techniques, and performance skills. At the end of the course, students should have improved flexibility, strength, coordination and rhythm. Although most of the learning in this class will be carried out experimentally, readings and reflective statements will also be assigned.Couple dancing in the middle of the road

6. ECON 0150 – Introductory Macroeconomics

This class will cover basic concepts that will be a review for you if you took economics in high school. For example, issues such as inflation and unemployment will be discussed. Taxation, fiscal policy, and government spending will also be discussed, among other topics. If money is already inflating, why not also inflate your GPA with this course?Bitcoin currency and american hundred dollar bills

7. EDST 0115 – Education in the USA

While in school, why not learn about its greater role in the States? Get your brain fired up with this thought-provoking class, as you investigate the role of schools in educating citizens in a democracy. New understandings will be established by analyzing current policies and educational issues. This class be will be discussion-heavy rather than assignment heavy, making it much more easy to attain that easy A for a lot of people.Person working on laptop and writing in notebook

8. CRWR 0106 – Writing for the Screen I

In this course, fundamental concepts of dramatic narrative will be studied. Students should already be familiar with many concepts, such as outline and character objectives. Assignments will be given out on a weekly basis, giving you plenty of time to complete them.Moulin Rouge building

9. ENAM 0123 – Adventures in Literary Romance (Pre-1800)

This course will focus on on the genre of romance, and its relations to other genres. The implications of romance, as well as its influence in television and film will also be analyzed. This is an easy course because there are no papers or exams, like at all. Instead, there will be daily quizzes based on the readings. Students should also be expected to participate in the class discussions.close up of wedding rings on floor

10. ENVS 0112 – Natural Science and the Environment

One of the easier science college classes, this course investigates major global environmental issues and how they can be addressed. Some of these issues include climate change, water partitioning, energy resources, and biodiversity. In the 3-hour lab that goes hand-in-hand with this class, solutions to these issues will be experimented with.yellow and white fishAs the first operating college in Vermont, Middlebury has been providing students with the chance to excel for generations. The road to excellence is not just full of mountains, but straight paths too. Hopefully this list will create more straight paths for you, and make that road a little less challenging.

10 of the Easiest Classes at MST

Also known as Missouri S&T, this university offers an extensive list of classes at varying difficulties. While it’s good to challenge yourself every once in a while, it’s also nice to give yourself a break with easier classes that are sure to keep your GPA afloat. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest classes at Missouri University of Science and Technology:

1. ECON 1300 – Business And Economic Statistics I

This course is intended to be an introductory course in business and economic statistics, meaning no previous knowledge on the topic is required. Elementary statistical concepts will be taught, some of which may be familiar from a high school statistics class. The only prerequisite required for this class is Math 1120 or Math 1140, with an ending grade of at least a C.business charts commerce computer

2. EDUC 1040 – Perspectives In Education

Although intended for those pursuing a career in education, this easy course can be of value to anyone. It will help you evaluate your own personal and professional characteristics, and assess if they are fitting for a teaching profession. Since this class is not meant to be difficult, only 2 credit hours are awarded.close up of open book

3. ENGLISH 1211 British Literature I: The Beginnings To 1800

Most of you are probably very familiar with American literature like Hamlet and Macbeth, but how many of you are acquainted with British literature? Travel back in history as you analyze works and authors in a chronological time-frame, and investigate the techniques used by these authors. As long as you don’t mind reading, this course should be both entertaining and easy for you.books school stacked closed

4. ART 1185 – Study Of Film

If you’re interested in raising your GPA by watching movies and then discussing them, consider taking this course. Both classic and contemporary films will be studied, and there will be a focus on philosophy and director’s technique. Authors of these films include Fellini and Chaplin. This 2-credit course is also accompanied by a 1-credit lab course, of which a $30 lab fee is required.television camera broadcast camera

5. ART 1120 – Drawing I

Whether you’re tired of drawing stick figures or just want to familiarize yourself with drawing in a more professional context, this basic class can help. Fundamental concepts of drawing will be learned, such as proportion, perspective, placement, texture and technique. This class is very hands-on, and the only real writing will come from journals describing your artwork.person holding black pen

6. GEOLOGY 1111- Introduction to Physical Geology

If you have to take a science class and chemistry or biology are not your strong suits, you might want to settle for geology. This basic introductory class will provide students with an overview of Earth’s materials, surface features, and processes. An emphasis will be placed on resources, geological hazards, and environmental problems. Although there is a textbook for this class, it is not required. It is merely meant to supplement the lecture, which is where most learning will be derived from. While this is not a hard class, you will still need to show up and take decent notes.gray rock mountain with white snow during sun rise aerial photography

7. HISTORY 1790 – Introduction to History

This easy 1-credit course can be added to any schedule for a quick GPA boost. It will introduce students to the study of history, its various fields, and the current faculty teaching it. Students will also learn about employ the research methods used by historians, which may come in handy when it comes to writing research papers for other classes.adult art artistic artists

8. THEATRE 1190 – Theatre via Video

This class rewards you for watching online plays on your own time. After viewing these plays, students are then expected to meet as a class weekly to discuss. That’s right, you watch plays on your own accord then meet just once a week to discuss them. How easy is that? Make sure you have some pocket-money though, as you are required to attend $5 live performances throughout the semester.people at theater

9. SP&M S 1185 – Principles Of Speech

In this course, students will learn about the various components of speech. Topics include effective interaction skills, speaking skills, and listening skills. The professor does not assignment much homework, as a lot of learning is done in class. Despite not being a demanding class, it still offers a full 3-credits.black microphone

10. ART 1180 – Art Appreciation

In a science and technology heavy school, it’s important to remember to take some time to appreciate the arts, which can be done by taking this introductory course. This course is meant to familiarize students with limited knowledge of the arts with basic information that can help them approach and understand art regardless of the medium. Release stress in this class through sculpting, painting and modelling buildings.abstract paintingThere you have it, a list of some of the easiest classes at Missouri S&T! Although a science and technology focused school, there are still a lot of classes that cater to other majors. This list provides a range of classes available to any major, and anyone who is looking to increase their GPA can take them.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Bentley University

Whether you’re majoring in business, law, medicine, or even the aesthetic design, there are courses offered by Bentley University that can enrich your college experience.  Here is a list of the top 10 easiest courses at Bentley University:

1. CDI 101 – Career Development Seminar

This introductory course is targeted toward first-year students, and it is not difficult in terms of concept because it focuses on the student’s career goals. Students will learn how to write a resume and cover letter, gain interview skills, acquire networking techniques and learn about the role of social media. An emphasis will be placed on creating a four-year plan, and developing the tools and skill set required to succeed in one’s future profession. This course is usually taken with CDI 102, Career Development Internship, which offers a field-based learning environment.close up photo of man wearing black suit jacket doing thumbs up gesture

2. CS 150 – Introduction to Data and Information Management

Yet another introductory course, CS 150 aims to acquaint students with information management, databases, storage and data collection. You do not need to have any experience or background knowledge to take this course, since it serves as a foundation. While particularly useful for computer science majors, this course can also help you decide if this is the type of path you want to partake. If you’re looking to strengthen your data and information management techniques or are looking to learn completely from scratch, this basic course is for all levels.person writing on notebook

3. CIN 270 – Introduction to Cinema Studies

Almost every college or university has an easy theater or cinema based class. These classes are not only convenient schedule fillers, but are also very entertaining.  This specific cinema class emphasizes four topics: cinematic history, implications of cinema as a cultural institution, authorship in literature/film, and the characteristics of the cinematic medium. American and foreign, as well as sound and silent films will be studied. Serving as the introduction to cinema studies, in-depth concepts in the cinematic world will not be studied. If you’re looking for a less generic or all-encompassing course, try taking the next level, CIN 370, or Selected Topics in Cinema Studies.actors artists ballet costumes

4. EMS 201 – Introduction to Cultural Studies

This class is particularly interesting, because it is debate and discussion based. It gives students the background and vocabulary to debate on the meanings of cultural texts, and considers culture in the light of social and political struggle. It also looks at how cultural texts change meaning as they become more “popular” and the use of the word “popular” itself in different contexts.  Although dealing with seemingly dense material, the professor breaks down concepts in a way that is easy to understand and as a bonus, does not hand out too much work.woman with face paint raising her hands holding textile

5. MC 200 – Introduction to Media Theory 

Keeping the trend of introductory classes, this easy 3-credit class will help students become more aware of the messages embedded in the media. It will look at the way we perceive media through theory by analyzing its production, distribution, uses and meanings. This class is easy as it focuses on analyzing different media platforms, rather than actually doing much physical work. If you are aspiring to have a career in the journalism-related field, then this course is definitely for you.apps blur button close up

6. GB 110 – Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

You don’t need to have aspirations of wanting to be an entrepreneur to take this class.  This basic class will provide you with an overview to the legal and ethical issues confronting business people, and will provide you with the tools to analyze and pick out these issues. This course also discusses sales, crimes, employee discrimination, contracts and E commerce. Not all work in this class is to be completed alone, as group projects are also assigned. Again, this is meant to be a basic, simple class, so more difficult topics like accounting and finance are not introduced.two person shaking each others hands

7. IPM 140 – Adding Value with Information and Processes

This elemental course will serve as an easy 3-credit addition to your schedule, and provides with you the base for developing techniques in definition, modeling, and standard process design. Students will often work in groups, and the final project will not be an exception to this. Groups will represent a non-profit organization and compete in terms of process design and information. Activities like this promote an engaging, light atmosphere and help make the class a lot easier than it could be.business charts commerce computer

8. ID 211 – Introduction to Gender Studies

Not all classes that get you thinking need to be hard. This class will investigate insightful questions relating to gender roles, power distribution, gender relations and stereotypes. It is a discussion-based, rather than work based class. By coming to class and listening to both your professor and classmates, this should be an easy A for you.baby blur boy child

9. MG 225 – Career Management

This 3-credit class is not demanding and will help set you up for the future. It considers career management from various perspectives, but primarily from the perspective of the student managing his/her future career. It aims to explore the characteristics which affect a person’s success in their designated career choice, and the significance of career management for organizational effectiveness. The only background required for this class is a prerequisite, General Business 102, which is another easy class to take. The professor for it does not hand out any tests or quizzes, but rather a few case studies. Still, students come out learning a lot. How’s that for a two-in-one?adult business career clean

10. NASC 100 – Astronomy: Solar System

If you’re looking for an easy 4-credit science class to take, astronomy is the one! Lots of the topics covered in this course should already be review for most students, such as the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, climate, and environmental issues. Students will also gain appreciation of the solar system through NASA and telescopes, and learn how studying other planets helps us to better understand the Earth. The material is not dense, and should not take as long to study as other science classes.sky earth space workingThat about sums up some of the easiest classes to take at Bentley University. A lot of times, easy, introductory courses can also be used to gauge your interest toward a certain career path. Who knows, maybe Introduction to Cinema Studies will make you the next big star? And your GPA will be higher, so what’s there to lose!

10 of the Easiest Classes at ELAC

While college is a time to put yourself out there and take on risks and challenges, a balance is always important to ensure you don’t burn out. This balance can be achieved by taking lighter, easier classes to supplement those harder, time-consuming courses. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest classes to take at East Los Angeles College (ELAC):

1. THEATER 260 – Acting I

If you have stage-fright, don’t fret. This class does not focus on performances, but is lecture-based instead. You will learn about the basics of acting, and assignments will be based on the steps, theories, and techniques discussed in the lecture. Since it is a foundational class, the material is not difficult to comprehend and there are not many assignments given. Although laid back in comparison to many other classes, this course still offers a solid 3 units.  It is offered in both the morning and late afternoon, catering to both early-birds and night-owls.food snack popcorn movie theater

2. COUNSEL 001 – Introduction to College

This class is an easy A due to its minimal time and work requirements. Nevertheless, it will provide you with the tools and skills required to excel during the rest of your college years. A strong emphasis is placed on time management and study skills, but other general information such as transfer requirements, obtaining an associate’s degree, and campus resources are discussed. This class will add a layer of sustenance to one of your “fluff” classes.pexels-photo-916335

3. EARTH 001 – Earth Science

If you’re looking to take an easier science class, try Earth Science. This class includes discussions on rocks, minerals, earthquakes, plate tectonics, natural disasters, earth’s climate and more. It’s not a dry, bland class simply encompassing theoretical data. Rather, lectures will cover how these various topics affect you – like the price of gas you pay, for instance.

ball shaped blur close up focus

4. FAM & CS 021 – Nutrition

The information covered in this class is not dense, and should be easy to understand. It will also have you set for life as you learn to make the best decisions for your health-related needs. It is an online class, and is structured into weekly assignments, quizzes and discussions. These quizzes are completely multiple choice and true-and-false based, and the discussions are simply your thoughts on the assigned topic. Easy enough?

appetizer close up cucumber cuisine

5. HEALTH 008 – Women’s Health

This class complements the previous nutrition-based class perfectly, and applies to women of all diversity backgrounds. Once again, this easy class will guide you through life as you learn about exercise, mental health, cardiovascular disease, sexuality, reproduction, drugs and diseases that are more prevalent to women. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to boost your health while also boosting your GPA, and will still earn you a solid 3 units.adult buildings city exercise

6. FRENCH 010 – French Civilization

Conducted completely in English, this course is an interesting course on the geography, institutions, government, history, and culture of France. Readings will cover the natives’ way of life, values and contributions to the global world. If you’re interested in the French culture, its rich history and traditions, regardless of whether or not you’re fluent in French, then this course is for you. Unlike most French courses, this course less intimidating because you do not need any previous knowledge on the language.photo of eiffel tower

7. LIB SCI 101 – Library Research Methods

Yes, yet ANOTHER easy class that actually has value. While we’ve all written countless research papers, we may not always be using the most efficient or resourceful methods possible. This class will introduce you to some nifty databases, and tell you exactly how to manage, locate and reference sources for college-level papers. You will also learn how to evaluate these sources, and how to generally organize your papers overall. It is very hands-on, and focuses on the actual learning aspect rather than actual work itself. Unlike some of the other easy classes that offered 3 units, though, this one only offers 1.adult blur books close up

8. PHOTO 121 – History and Appreciation of Photography

This class will explore the use of photography for aesthetic reasons and scientific ones, as well as analyze its use in documentaries. You will become familiar with key historical photographic pieces, diverse styles and photographic methods. This course does not require any advanced previous knowledge, or even the skills required to operate a camera. If you have an interest in photography and want to learn more about its background, give this course a shot.black canon dslr camera

9. MATH 107 – How to Do Word Problems

This is an easy class because it walks you through step-by-step, and gives you a general procedure that can be used to work out a range of problems. It’s especially nice that the only exam in this class is the final, and that homework and quizzes are the sole contributors to your grade. The quizzes are given on a weekly basis, and are not difficult; rather, they’re meant to encourage you to come to class and take good notes. Keep in mind that this class must be taken with Math 115 (Elementary Algebra).black click pen on white paper

10. HLTHOCC 062 – Skill Set for the Health Care Professional 

This course will help prepare you for entry level skills needed in the health care and service industries, and when taken with with other “HLTHOCC” classes, can be used to obtain a “Health/Service Careers Foundation Skill Certificate.” This meaningful, career-focused course is not daunting, however. It simply provides you the concepts and skills required to build a foundation for health care professions. The topics discussed included, hygiene, basic first aid, infection control and basic health communication. With a strong emphasis on “basic,” this course only offers 2 units.addiction aid bottle capsuleWhether you’re interested in health, art, history, or science, ELAC has easy classes that are sure to raise your GPA. Make sure to still put in some effort, though, or else you might find yourself struggling in these so-called easy A classes.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Barry University

Located in the heart of Miami, the classes offered at Barry University are as diverse as the population. This liberal arts school promotes well-rounded learning, illustrated through the variety of courses and electives offered. Not all of these courses are difficult, and some can be added to your schedule as GPA boosters. Here is a list of the top 10 easiest classes to take at Barry University:

1. COM 104 – Interpersonal Communication

Unlike your typical communication classes which emphasize public speaking and writing, this communication course is more applicable to the everyday world. Less professional-based, this class focuses on the study of emotions, language, perception, and listening. That said, there are still 2 speeches given over the course of the semester and frequent quizzes. As long as you skim the textbook and take decent notes, these quizzes should be a breeze. The professor is engaging and understanding, and encourages class discussion. Due to the lack of tests and intensive studying, this 3 credit class should be not be a concern.woman sitting on chair near laptop computer

2. CAT 102 – Basic Computer Applications

This class does not compare to a computer science class. It is a very basic, introductory hands-on course that provides you with elemental computer application training. If you have used applications such as Word, Excel spreadsheets, and know how to generally navigate the Web, this class will be a piece-of-cake for you. This lab course will also cover online library skills, using electronic mail, and word processing. It is primarily targeted toward students who have never used these online applications or skills, but could also just be used as an easy class filler.photo of man and woman looking at laptop

3. THE 209 – Life and Afterlife in World Religions

Regardless of whether or not you come from a religious background, this class is sure to pique your interest and provoke your mind. Eastern and Western religions will be examined, and will be primarily studied through their sacred scriptures. Although the class deals with heavy, sensitive material, only a general overview will be examined. This means you won’t need to know the nitty-gritty and specifics of the religions discussed, but rather the more greater, overall themes. If you want to explore some religious implications on life without having to do a lot of work, this class is perfect for you.beads bible blur book

4. ENG 102 – College Writing for the Adult Learner

This class focuses on the principle concepts of aim, audience, and mode. For most students, these topics should already be a review of middle and high school English class. The course emphasizes proper grammatical and idiomatic techniques, so that ideas can be lucidly conveyed at the college level. Considering this class covers the basics of writing and serves as a preparation for English 202, it is an easy way to add 3 credits to your schedule.people notes meeting team

5. MAT 106 – Survey of Mathematics

Don’t let the “mathematics” in the title fool you, or scare you away if you’ve barely slid by your math classes all your life. This is not a difficult class because it aims for students to develop an appreciation of the history and applications of math around us, rather than to perform hardcore calculations or calculus problems. Therefore, theories, counting methods, consumer mathematics, numeration systems, as well as some algebra, statistics, and geometry will be explored. The topics covered are not dense, and should be relatively easy for all levels. If you’ve maintained at least a B, or even a C, in your math courses, then an A for this 3-credit class is definitely attainable.black and grey casio scientific calculator showing formula

6. PSY 206 – Principles of Psychology

Introductory psychology courses serve as a prerequisite for a multitude of college classes, serving as not only easy, but useful. This is an easy course because it simply provides an overview of core psychological concepts, including intelligence, the brain, social interactions and personality. It does not go into depth on more intensive psychological topics, such as the psycho-social issues of disaster or the psychology of drug and substance abuse. Take this course if you’re looking for an easy, fulfilling class – or if you simply need it to take other classes for your major.analysis blackboard board bubble

7. TH 304 – Creative Dynamics

If you’re looking to blow off steam from your time-consuming and work-dense classes, try out this fun, hands-on elective. It will help you develop creativity and spontaneity, as well as confidence. Students will learn how to improvise, role play, and undergo character development to experience personal growth and cultural enrichment. This class is meant to be enjoyable, and should not be stress-inducing. If you have a creative background or are looking to expand upon it, take this easy 3-credit class.architecture room indoors auditorium

8. POS 303 – Public Policy and Administration

This course is especially relevant to students with an interest in politics. This course will provide you with an overview of administration and policy formation in the United States, with regards to the local, state, and federal governments. These topics will be taught with reference to classical policy and administration dichotomy. Unlike the higher-leveled political science classes, this class does not focus on specifics and comparative analyses. Instead, the course focuses on creating a strong foundation in the political science field by covering broad, generic principles relating to the U.S. government system.america ancient architecture art

9. SWS 336 – Social Welfare as a Social Institution

This class is the first class in the social welfare sequence, so it serves an introductory course. Students will be introduced to social welfare through service, historical, political and policy viewpoints. The aim of this class is to become familiarized with social welfare professions, and their contributions to the growing world. Considering that the material is not in-depth and rather surface-level, this should be an easy class if you come to the lectures.three toddler eating on white table

10. TH 360 – Elements of Contemporary Theatre

The next level up from Theater 304, this theater class is not much more difficult. Rather than having a focus on actual acting, however, this course emphasizes the study of plays and their elements. Most students should already be familiar with some of these elements, such as setting, plot, dialogue, characterization and music. These will be studied within a historical context, so studying will still be required. Nevertheless, the content is not difficult to comprehend if the student already has, or develops, a strong understanding of basic play elements. If you love history and theater, this easy might be a no-brainer for you.people at theaterRegardless of your major, this liberal arts school offers courses that cover a range of interests. Many of these courses are easy, and don’t require much time or work at all. Hopefully, this list will help de-stress your schedule, and as a result, you.