10 Coolest Classes at WCU

Having trouble figuring out what classes to take? College can be difficult when we have so many things on our plate at once. Having classwork can seem like the last thing we  want to do. There is a solution! Below is a list of some of Western Carolina‘s coolest classes to help you stress less and achieve more.

1. ART 131 – Introductory Drawing

This class is super simple to take because there is an artist in all of us. Drawing is party subjective and can be fun too! It is a class you can fly through and not have to worry about the heavy work load.

A classroom of students in art class.


2. COMM 190 – A User’s Guide to the Mass Media

In this day in age, we are all very familiar with the media and how it affects our lives. This class simply delves into what the mass media is and how it functions. It will tell you the context of media and the techniques used to promote it, what has worked, what has not, and the impact it has on society.

The mass media.


3. COMM 351 – Introduction to Television Studies

This course is just what it sounds like. It is all about the thing most of us watch every day. It will focus on how television has changed over America since it was created, its development and impact in our culture, and how it regulates.

An old television set.


4. DA 253 – Social/Ballroom Dance

This class would be perfect to take with your friends because you can all just have a good time dancing together and earn good grades while you do it. This is a partnering dance class where you will learn the basic steps of the ballroom style dancing.

A celebration with people dancing.


5. ESI 471 – Field Studies of Selected Regions

In this class, you just learn all about one region and then get to go on a two-week field trip to the place! It would be after spring final exams and with a cost, but very integrative, easy, and fun.

A map of the southeastern part of the United States.


6. EDPY 190 – What is Education For?

The question we often ask ourselves in college… This class exactly explains that. It delves into the meaning of education and its influence in our lives. You will also explore what meaning and purpose in your life involves education. It is like a course about your view of school and its importance.

Here is a person studying at school.


7. ENGL 192 – First Year Seminar in Motion Picture Studies

This class is all about movies. You will watch, read, and write about different motion pictures and analyze them. It is pretty easy because it comes from your opinion about movies. Plus, who doesn’t love watching movies? There is also a student-run film festival for the final project.

The inside of a movie theater.


8. LEAD 150 – Band of Brothers: Leadership and Masculinity

For all the guys out there, this one’s for you. It is a socially active class where you learn about transitioning into college life as a man and how to be a leader in the process. It is a great way to meet new people, learn about yourself, and make a difference.

Four guys showing support.


9. MUS 375 – Ensemble

This course just involves singing in an ensemble, or a chorus. You will have a selection of songs with different repertoire each semester to sing or play. It is a simple class to get through and would not require much study time outside of class.

An ensemble of musicians being conducted.


10. PE 228 – Adapted Physical Education

PE was always the easiest class in elementary school and the most fun for many. It focuses on a therapeutic way of training in physical education. It is a great way to get in your exercise for the day as well.

Several silhouettes playing sports.


College can be challenging and overwhelming sometimes. Having some cool classes in your schedule makes all the difference. Best of luck at Western Carolina!

10 Easiest Classes at Wofford

College students go through so much on a daily basis and with a heavy workload on top, it only makes things harder. For a chance to ease the stress, try registering for some of these easy class at Wofford College.

1. ANTH 202 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Communications

This course focuses on people skills. It is the study of humanity with a view of how society has changed over time. It also brings the perspective of linguistics and is a good class to consider taking.Society and culture.

2. BUS 339 – Consumer Behavior

We are all consumers. This class is easy because it is very relatable. You will be able to explore why consumers act and respond the way they do and have a better understanding for their behavior.

Different people shopping.

3. EDUC 320 – Human Growth & Development: A Life Span Approach

Simply put, this class is about life. It concentrates of how people develop from infants to adults and how changes in their lives affect them. Since this is something we all go through, it would be interesting to learn more about human development.

The evolution of human growth.

4. ENVS 330 – Art & Earth: Materials, Processes, and Perceptions (with lab)

This class teaches you about art materials with a focus on nature and earth. It includes lectures, experiments, and field experiences. It is the study of nature through art, very insightful and engaging.

The artistry of a tree in nature.

5. MUS 201 – The Understanding of Music

This introductory level class is basically listening to music through the ages. You will learn a new perspective of hearing music from the Renaissance period to the present time.

Colorful music notes with sound waves.

6. PHED 102 – Fitness

Is it difficult to fit in your exercise every day? Taking this class is literally working out but also earning credits! You will learn about how to train properly and work on getting those gains.Woman exercising in a gym on a treadmill.

7. PHIL 205 – Philosophy of Food

This course revolves around food and how it relates to philosophy. It will take you into explanations of different kinds of food and the effects that food can have. Topics include: the nature of food, food as art, biotechnology, the ethics of eating animals, human rights and food safety, cultural identity, and the politics of global food distribution and production.

A table full of different kinds of food.

8. HIST 305 – South Carolina

Want to learn more about where you attend college? Then this class is for you! It covers the history of South Carolina and its background from when it became a state to its contribution today.

A map of the state of South Carolina.

9. THEA 210 – Stagecraft

This class introduces how a theatrical production is put together. It delves into the creative art process of putting together a show while learning about set design, lights, sounds, backdrops, and stage management.

The backstage of a theater with sets being built.

10. SOC 250 – Sex & Gender Across Cultures

A class that interests us all…this course focuses on debating gender and human sexuality while exploring the differences they play in cultures. It examines how they affect society.

People of all different sex and gender.With all the stress from college work, take advantage of signing up for some easier classes to help get through successfully. Best of luck with your studies at Wofford College!

10 Easiest Classes at Elon

College can get stressful, but depending on the classes you take, you can make it easier on yourself. Every university has classes that you can easily pass and take as electives to boost your GPA. Being a smaller institution, Elon usually caps classes at around 33 students so there is more individualized attention and time available to ask questions for your success. Here are some of the easiest classes at Elon to help you get through your next semester.

1. ECON 203 – Statistics for Decision Making

This course is simple because it is partly your own opinion and choices. You gain the knowledge and understanding of probability and analyze decisions by testing them and learning about the statistics. This class has written and oral presentations through a standard spreadsheet program.

2. COM 220 – Digital Media Convergence

In this course, you will learn how to create new media. This is relevant is today’s society and something that most of us are already very familiar with. You will gain the skills of how to put together text, sounds, and images to make media, as well as learning aural and visual theories. You will also make your own Web page.

3. COM 225 – The Process of Communication

This class is super easy because it is just explaining how and why we communicate the way we do. You go into theories that explain the effects of communication. This focuses on human interaction as well as news, media, and entertainment.

4. REL 236 – Religion and Racing

One of the more unique classes at Elon, this course takes you into the world of NASCAR. You get to learn about how culture, history, and religion impacts car racing in American society. It also focuses on the role of minorities, ministries, racing fans’ obsession with speed, danger, and death.

5. GST 364 – Technology and Society

This class focuses on the invention and technology in society. It delves into technology becoming a reflection of cultural identity and social change. Also going into videogaming, it teaches students the impact of technology in our lives and how it has affected our culture.

6. MUS 413 – 20th Century Techniques

This course is a study of music in the 20th century. It discusses the changes of techniques that are used in electronic music, which include the study of the sounds and development.

7. CLA 171 – Classical Mythology

This course is about some of our favorite books, such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and Clash of the Titans. It reveals how classical mythology still shapes our culture and how ancient stories of gods, mortals, monsters, and quests play a part in literature still today.

8. COM 230 – Media History, Media Today

This course examines media in America and how it has changed over generations. It is an insight into trends, technology, personalities, and society that impact media. New developments have changed our world, and this is an easy class that explains those changes.

9. ESS 342 – Sport Psychology

For all the sports fans, this class is for you. It simply covers the behaviors and research of sports. It introduces the psychology of the decisions players make, such as motivation, personality, goal setting, and burnout. This course will examine performance enhancement through applied theories.

10. ENG 362 – Film Criticism

This is basically a class about movies, so how much better could it get? This course teaches you how to think critically about cinema and how to dissect films.Give yourself a break and take some of these classes to lighten your load and still boost your GPA.  Enjoy your time at Elon!

5 Healthiest Food Options at Winthrop

There are only a limited number of places to find food on campus and it can be difficult for college students to eat healthy. Winthrop offers many different types of food, but it depends on the choices you make that makes the difference. It is absolutely possible and can be fairly easy to eat healthy with on campus food at college, even when you may not have your own kitchen to cook. The hardest part is sticking to it and learning the balance. It is knowing where to find the best food for you and what food to choose that you put in your body.

1. Stations at Thomson

 Being cafeteria food, Thomson is surprisingly flavorful and contains numerous possibilities of food choices. The vegetables are thoroughly cooked, there are vegetarian options, and there are many ways to make your own food in this dining hall. Some of the best ways to eat healthy in this cafeteria are by making your own salads or sandwiches. They are create-your-own stations where you can choose exactly what you put on it and how much you put on it. Especially for the picky eaters out there, this option is super helpful! Thomson also serves food at the international and homecooked sections that are usually pretty good for you. Fresh cooked meats and vegetables are always available for dinner.

2. Markley’s at the Center

 In Digs (Digiorgio), there are other food options in an area called Markley’s at the Center with stations that offer Chick-Fil-A, Einstein’s Bagels, Mexican food (Zoca), Japanese food (Miso), a burger station (Burger Studio), and a potato/salad bar (The Wedge). These food options take a special meal swipe but are just as easily attainable and can be healthy, depending on what you order. Some of the best things to order would be a soup, salad, or wrap, and you have the liberty of choosing all that goes in your food. Chick-Fil-A serves grilled chicken as a healthier alternative as well. The biggest thing is making the right choices of what food you decide to put in your meals.

3. Café Cash

  The other option of getting food on campus is by using café cash. This can be used to buy meals or snacks in Digs, at the Starbucks, Subway, or Eagle Express. The most efficient way to get the best use out of this is choosing things that are healthy when you are in a rush or have a busy schedule. There are hummus packets and sushi in Digs, egg whites at Starbucks, frozen meals at Eagle Express, which is like a mini grocery store to get late night essentials in the building of Thomson. A variety of choices are available right at your disposal.

4. To-go Meals

One of the most vital aspects to eating healthy is portion control. Since students never know the exact food options that Thomson serves or if other places are not open, there are always free to-go boxes ready at the door to take food with you to save for later.  Most all of the food at Winthrop can be taken to-go. Also take advantage of the free, unlimited supply of fruit always out to grab in the dining hall.

5. Dorm Room Food

 One of the best ways to control what goes in your body is knowing the ingredients you put in your food. Though it may be difficult to cook food in a dorm room with only a microwave and fridge, the dorms  have community kitchens with ovens and stove tops for students to make their own food. You can also rent out pans and trays you need if you do not have them. You don’t even have to leave your own dorm room if you want microwavable oatmeal for breakfast, or an apple and peanut butter for a snack. There are many dorm room food recipes online that are easy to make. All you have to do is go grocery shopping and you can have any healthy food you choose at your disposal. Finding a balance to what you eat is most important and helps with eating healthier with the food options available at Winthrop. Being a college student, it is vital that you must maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to function and stay alert for classes. Although it can be challenging to stay on track with eating healthy while there are many bad choices just on the other side of the cafeteria, it will be so beneficial in the long run. You will feel better throughout the day and be able to keep up your energy. Staying healthy is the key to good living!