10 Easiest Classes at Concordia University, Irvine

There are many classes to take at Concordia University in Irvine. Luckily, there are ten very easy classes that you can take if you need a break from your other classes. Keep reading to find out what the ten easiest classes at Concordia University, Irvine are.

1. Art 200: Elements of Art

This class covers basic art skills that students must learn for other art classes. Students say that there are no midterms and no finals. Therefore, most of the class consists of doing art projects. Different elements that students must learn is how to draw a line, three-dimensional space, shape, form, and how to use colors. Therefore, students say that this class is very easy.

An image of a human art form

2. Eng 201: World Literature

This class covers the world’s national literature. This class has no midterm or final, but instead, students are assigned to write multiple essays throughout the course. Students say that this class is easy because the grading on the essays is not very hard.

An image depicting world literature

3. CHST 210: America and the World

This is a core history class that covers the history of not only America, but also the world. Students are required to know important dates of events that have taken place. There is a midterm exam and a final exam, but the study guide is released ahead of time. Therefore, students say that it is very easy to get an A in the class.

An image depicting the history of the Americas

4. Com 111: Public Speaking

This class requires students to make four speeches in front of the class. These speeches will prepare students for professional and social settings in which communication is required. Students say this course is easy because no papers, midterms, or final exams are required. Because only speeches are graded, students believe that this class is easy.

Hello in different languages

5.CPHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy covers metaphysics, epistemology, free will and determinism, evil and existence of God, and personal identity. This class is said to be easy because there is no midterm and no final. Instead, students have to write three-course papers that cover topics that were learned in class. Because there are no exams, this class is said to be very easy.

An image depicting thinking

6. DAN 101: Ballet

This class requires attendance, and it is very mandatory that you show up because attendance and participation is a huge part of your grade. This class will cover artistic dance using set steps and gestures. Because of this, students say that this class is very easy.

Performers doing ballet

7. HST 201: Western Civilization

This course goes over western civilization from pre-history to the early modern era. The different topics that are covered are ancient Greece, Rome, and Christian institutions of the Middle Ages. This is a great course for students to take to finish general education requirements. There is a midterm and a final exam, but both of these are very easy because a study guide is released ahead of time.

The writing of history

8. PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

This class goes over human behavior, dysfunction, and the way that people learn. This class has no course papers, but instead, there is one midterm exam and one final exam. These exams are easy because students say that the notes are almost exactly what is on the exams.

An image that depicts psychology

9. SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology

This class goes over the study of society, including patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture. Students say that this class is very easy because there is no midterm or final exam. There are papers that are due every week, but these papers are short in length and the prompts are very easy.

Image result for image of social connection
An image of social connections

10. SOC 365: Sociology of Globalization

This class goes over the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations. This class is said to be easy because although there are one midterm exam and final, the study guide is released ahead of time and the professors are usually very lenient on helping students complete them. Therefore, it is easy to score highly on the exams.

A picture of globalization
     Be sure to take at least one of these classes each semester. Not only will you learn about interesting topics, but it is a great way to boost your GPA and satisfy your general education requirements!

10 Easiest Courses at PCC

If you think you are going to have a hard schedule for next semester, consider taking some easy classes to lighten your school work load. There are many classes to take at Pasadena City College, but there are ten classes that are considered by students to be very easy and interesting! Keep reading to find out what the top ten easiest courses at Pasadena City College are.

1. Geology 001: Physical Geology

This course covers the study of the earth’s rocks, mineral, and soils. Students will have to know how these have formed over time. There are exams such as midterms and a final. However, there is no term paper. Although this class does have exams, the exams are said to be easy and basically straight from the notes. Students also say that there is a group project, which really helps bolster your grade!Rocks folding

2. History 007A: United States History to 1876

This is one of the easiest history classes offered at Pasadena City College. Different events that are of historical importance are covered in this course. There is an exam and a final exam, but a study guide is released which really helps students do well in the course. Attendance is mandatory and weighted in your final grade as well.Instruments associated with History

3.  Music 007A: Music History and Literature

Music is studies from a chronological perspective in music history and literature. Students are expected to know the different types of musical styles and when they originated. This class is easy because there are no midterms or final exams, but instead there are projects and papers throughout the course. Therefore, students really like this class because it is not only easy but also interesting.Musical notes

4. Kinesiology 003A: Beginning Swimming

This is a very easy course that satisfies general education requirements. Beginning Swimming focuses on swimming techniques and the general exercise of swimming. There are no midterms, finals, or group projects. The grade is only based on attendance and participation, which makes it a great class to take if you plan on going to class!A woman swimming in a pool

5. Anthropology 005: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology  is the study of how language influences the social life. Students will have to know how to document endangered languages, and the structure of language. There is a midterm and a final exam, but the material seems to come straight from the lecture notes. It is also nice that attendance and participation is a large portion of the grade, so that can help you get an A in the course.Microphones associated with speech

6. Anthropology 001: Physical Anthropology

Physical Anthropology is the branch of anthropology that is concerned with the study of human biological and physiological characteristics. Students will have to focus on these characteristics and their development. This class is said to be easy because the exams are very, very easy! Many students that take the class say that most students get A’s or B’s.The evolution of man

7. Art 057: Motion Graphics

In this class, students study the pieces of digital footage or animation that create the illusion of motion. Students will learn how to re-create motion and rotation. Students say that this class is pretty easy because there is no midterm or final. There are a few independent class projects, but the projects are very doable and the class is interesting.Image of motion graphics

8. Anthropology 002: Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology studies human societies, cultures, and their development. Students say that this class is easy because the midterm questions are released by the professor ahead of time, and the midterm is in essay format or short answer format. Don’t let this scare you though- the questions are released ahead of time so that you can practice your response and know exactly what to study to get an A on the exams.An image of a mother and a child from a different culture

9. Sociology 022: Sociology of Aging

This class covers the process of aging and the different challenges that come with it. It also covers what it means to age in different societies. This class has no exams, but instead there are three essays that students must write throughout the course. Therefore, students say that this class is very doable and easy.An image of aging

10. Psychology 001: Introductory Psychology

This class focuses on the basics of psychology. Because it is an introductory course, the concepts are very general. For this reason, students feel that this class is easy. There is one midterm, final, and a term paper. However, the grading on the paper is said to be easy and the exams are very straightforward.A colorful representation of psychologyBe sure to sign up for any of these ten classes for the next semester. Besides learning about other subjects and topics that may not be related to your major, you will be increasing the amount of units you are taking and bumping up your GPA.

10 Easiest Classes at Pomona College

It is important to know which classes you are taking are hard and easy so that you can allocate time to those classes appropriately. There are many classes to choose from at Pomona College. Keep reading to find out about the top ten easiest classes at Pomona College:

1. African Studies 10A: Introduction to Africana Studies

This class introduces the interdisciplinary exploration of key aspects of Black history. This includes culture and life in Africa and America. Students that take this course learn about the global Black experience as it is stated in literature and shown through art and social sciences. Students take this class in order to satisfy their general education requirements. They say that there is a midterm and a final. However, the study guide is almost identical to the exams themselves.An image of African Designs

2. Anthropology 002: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

This class covers the structure and dynamics of human culture and social institutions from a comparative perspective. Diversity in the ways of life and patterns of social organization are explored. Students also learn about ethnographic materials from societies around the world. Students usually take this class because there are three required essay papers that they have to write. There are no exams, such as midterm examinations or finals.The evolution of man

3. Art 108: Figurative Painting

This class is for students that want to explore the technical problems of painting the figure. It goes over how artists represent the body in the past and present works of art. There are formal problems and frameworks that are assigned throughout the semester through projects. Therefore, this class is mostly art projects. Students tend to take this class to satisfy general education requirements.girl painting on canvas in studio

4. Environmental Analysis 010: Intro to Environmental Analysis

This class is offered each semester at Pomona College. It looks at environmental change over periods of time and investigates the environmental ramifications of economic and technological decisions. There is one midterm and one final, but the study guide really helps students with these. Most of the time, students end up doing very well in the class.

A photo of an old map of the world

5. Linguistics 010: Introduction to Linguistics

Students investigate what exactly is language, and what do you know when you know a language. The different topics covered in this course are how sound is produced and how words are constructed from their component parts. Students like to take this class because it is very interesting and straight forward. Because of this, it is easy to understand so most students end up getting A’s in the class.

Speech bubbles with "hi" in different languages

6. Media Studies 076: Gender and Genre

Media Studies 076 investigates gender and how it is related to musical genre. This class does have exams and a term paper, but these are all straight forward. Students say that the study guides really helped them prepare for the exams. Additionally, the term paper wasn’t a very long paper. It was brief, so students say that definitely made the class a lot easier as well.A female student listening to music

7. Music 004: Materials of Music

Students learn elementary understanding of the materials of music. This includes harmony, melody, and rhythm. There are no exams in this class. There are many projects and papers that take place so that students know the historical and theoretical viewpoints of the factors that enter into the musical experience. Because of this, many students feel that this is an easy class.

A woman dancing to music

8. Art 109: Painting as Experiment

This is a class that investigates the central question of what it means to paint. It goes over experiments related to the process, materiality and meaning of contemporary and historical painting practices. Projects typically include using materials and performance to show the painting’s relationship to site. Students do not have a final exam or a midterm, so the fact that it is mainly just projects really makes it an easy class for students to take.An image of music

9. Environmental Analysis 1020: Nature, Culture, and Society

This class goes over case studies regarding nature and society. Students are able to analyze problems and dilemmas relating to key contemporary environmental issues. The different types of topics vary but draw on different types of sources in humanities and social science, such as history, philosophy, literature, religion, and art. There is a lot of group work involved in this class, so pretty much almost everyone gets an A as long as you are doing your part of the assignment or projects in the class.The marine environment

10. History 010: Ancient Mediterranean

This class goes over the political and cultural history of the Mediterranean world from 3000 B.C.E. to 400 C.E. Students will be expected to know about the earliest Ancient Near Eastern empires through the decline of the Roman Empire. This class requires a lot of memorization, but the dates and facts that students must know are said to be easy. Therefore, if you just memorize what you need to know for the exam, this will be a very easy class for you!Ancient Mediterranean artPomona College definitely has a long list of easy classes that students take to either bump up their GPA or increase the amount of units that they are taking. In addition, these classes are really helpful with getting pre-requisites out of the way. Make sure you sign up for a couple of these interesting yet easy classes! You will not regret it.

10 Easiest Courses at RCC

Registration at Riverside Community College may be confusing to students because there are so many classes to choose from! If you want to incorporate easy classes into your schedule, then keep reading to find out what the ten easiest courses at Riverside Community College are.

1. Accounting 1B: Principles of Accounting

This class goes over the managerial accounting principles and information systems. It includes basic concepts, limitations, tools and methods to support the internal decision-making functions of an organization. Students say that this class is easy because the exams are open note. Therefore, you must go to class. If you go to class and take good notes, you will most likely get an A in the course! Many students also like that there is a lot of group work, and you can get feedback and help from your peers, which makes the class easy as well.An image of instruments associated with accounting

2. Applied Digital Media 1: Introduction

This is an introductory course for the graphic communications industry and Applied Digital Media program. The basic concepts that this course goes over is an introduction to basic graphic design, typography and prepress. Students say that this class is easy because there is no midterm or final. Instead, there are various projects throughout the year that must be completed. If you do well on those, you may get an A in the course.An image of social media icons

3. Anthropology 1: Physical Anthropology

This class covers an introduction to human biological evolution, physical diversity, and relationship to the animal world. It does this by using scienti c and comparative methods. Through test taking, students will need to know the topics of genetics, fossils, primates, and modern human variation within an evolutionary framework. Although this class may sound like it is a lot of material, it is usually pretty easy for students because the test material comes straight from the lecture notes.An image of human evolution

4. Anthropology 2: Cultural Anthropology

This class serves as an introduction to the anthropological concept of culture and to the methods and theories used in the comparative analysis of cultures. Throughout the class, different types of group projects are required regarding cultural practices and institutions. Students say that this class is easy because there is a lot of group work involved. There is a group midterm exam and a group final, which helps students get an A.An image of cultural practices

5. Art 2: Contemporary Art

This class covers the history of Western art: painting, architecture, and sculpture, from the Renaissance through contemporary art. The class mostly consists of art analysis about different types of art paintings and architecture. Therefore, all you need to do is be familiar with the different types of styles of art, and you will most likely experience that the class is very easy.An image of an example of contemporary art

6. Art 6: Art Appreciation

If you are a non-art major and want to take an art class, then this is the right class for you. This class covers the creative process and the diversity of style, technique and media throughout different art forms that are present in the media and other forms as well. Students say that this class is very easy because there is no midterm and no final. Instead, students have different types of papers and group projects that they must complete.Art collection

7. Communications 1: Public Speaking

This is an introductory class that prepares students to present four minimum speeches, including informative and persuasive presentations in front of a live audience, such as students. There is a strong emphasis on rhetorical principles, development and support of sound reasoning and argument, theories of persuasion, application of ethics in public speaking, listening skills, and theory. There are no midterms or exams, just presentations. Therefore, this class is very easy to students.An image of a microphone associated with public speaking

8. Communications 9: Interpersonal Communication

This class analyzes the dynamics between two people in relationships. Students study values, communication models, listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, among many other topics. There is a lot of partner work, and your participation is graded from how active you are in your partner work. Therefore, students think that is one of the easiest classes that they have ever taken. It also helps that there is no final exam!An image of message relay

9. Early Childhood Education 19: Observation and Assessment

This class goes over the appropriate use of a variety of assessment and observation strategies to document child development and behavior. Most of the class is activities and exercises that students must complete in relation to observation and assessment of children. Therefore, it is a fun yet informative class that most students usually get A’s in.An image of a child

10. Early Childhood Education 42: Child, Family, and Community

This class studies the developing child in a societal context. It focuses on child, family, and the community with an emphasis on historical and socio-cultural factors. There is a midterm, final exam, and a term paper. However, the term paper is very short and the exams in this class come directly from the notes. Students usually feel that this class is very easy.An image of children in a community

There are many different easy classes to choose from at Riverside College. Be sure to sign up for these classes quickly, since they are high in demand! It is always a great idea to take an easy class or two each semester to help bolster up your GPA and give you insight about other subject materials.

10 of the Easiest Courses at Humboldt State

Humboldt State University (HSU) has a large range of classes that students can take. However, a lot of students seek to take classes that are considered easy A’s and require a small amount of work. These classes are especially great to take if you already have a full course load. Keep reading to find what the 10 easiest courses at Humboldt State are.

1. ANTH 104 – Cultural Anthropology

Students say that this is an easy class because there is only one midterm and one final- and both of them are very easy since you are given a study guide. Because the exams are so predictable, students tend to do very well in this class. The only thing that could possibly make or break your grade is whether or not you go to lecture. Since the exams are relatively easy, participation is heavily waited. Make sure you go to class to get that A!

2. ANTH 315 – Sex, Gender, and Globalization  

This class covers topics such as what gender is and how it is defined around the world. It also covers different region around the globe and the social settings that may contribute to how gender is defined. This class consists of a lot of essay writing and not a lot of exams, which makes it a very easy course to do well in! Be sure to sign up for this class quickly though, because it tends to fill up quickly.

3. ANTH 485 – Language and Society

This class covers how language is used in society, and where language comes from. Different types of languages are examined in societies around the world, and their similarities and differences are analyzed. This class consists mostly of projects, group work, and essay writing. Therefore, students think that this class is very easy and a great class to take in order to boost their GPA!

4. COMM 100: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

Communication 100 has no midterms or finals. It only consists of oral presentations, and therefore does not require a lot of work from the students in the class. Attendance does account for a high percentage of the grade, so you are already almost to an A grade if you show up to class. The speech prompts are extremely doable, and most students end up getting A’s and B’s in the class.

5. COMM 105: Introduction to Human Communication

Communication 105 is very similar to the typical communications class, except it is focused on one to one interaction between humans. This is a great class to take in order to learn how to communicate better with friends, colleagues, or others. This class has no midterm and final, and it consists of a lot of group work between students. The grade that you get also comes from peer review and peer editing, so be sure to participate during class.

6. FILM 109 – Film Comedy Around the WorlD

Film 109 typically takes place once a week for about three hours. Most of the time during class, students are typically watching movies and analyzing the genre and other specifics about the film. There is no midterm or final, but instead students are instructed to post online in message boards and to take place in class discussions. Beside class discussions, attendance is a large part of your grade. It is definitely a great class to take if you need to fill up your class schedule.

7. ART 321 – Comics

Art 321 consist of analysis of different types of comics from different time periods. There is no midterm or final, but there are many projects where students are asked to draw comics that they are assigned to. For this reason, many students think that the class is actually very fun. Because the class is so interesting, students are able to easily get an A.

8. ES 105 – Introduction to U.S. Ethnic Studies 

This Ethnic Studies class helps students understand key content and theories regarding ethnic studies. Students will be able to analyze the interdisciplinary issues that surround certain ethnic groups in America, such as African Americans, Asian Americans, and Chicanos. This class requires a lot of essay writing about race, class, ethnicities, and social diversity. This is easier than to take midterms and finals for many students, and therefore students consider this class to be an easy A.

9. ES 308 – Multi-Ethic Renaissance

This class focuses on different types of ethnicities and does an in depth analysis of all of them. Many students think this class is very interesting because they get to learn about ethnicities and expand their knowledge regarding groups of people that they encounter on a day to day basis. There is a midterm and a final but a study guide is given in order to direct students on what to study, and the questions come from the study guide. Therefore, students take this class to get an A.

10. SOC 104 – Introduction to Sociology

This course is said to be easy because it is an introduction to sociology, which covers very surface level aspects of Sociology. If you are interested in knowing about social relationships and social interaction, this class is for you! There are midterms and a final in this class, but the lecture material is very straight forward and is easy to understand and study. For this reason, many students feel that this class can easily be mastered and an A can be attained.Hopefully, you end up taking one of these classes to boost your GPA- or just for fun! Whatever the reason is, know that you are definitely getting at least on A this semester. Happy learning!

10 Easiest Courses at Century College

Often times, we find ourselves wanting to take classes that are considered an “easy A.” Luckily, there are ten classes at Century College that are known to give you a very easy A with minimal stress. Keep reading to find whether or not you are interested in taking these easy classes along with your schedule!

1. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Course Code: 001241)

This class is an introduction to physical anthropology. The main focus of this class is to study human origins, which makes it very easy for students to study since the topic is relevant. The class covers evolutionary theory and other related topics, such as Mendelian and population genetics, taxonomy, and primate behavior and ecology. The course also places an importance on human and non-human fossil evidence, and the study of Homo-sapiens. This class is very easy because the class consists of participation through lecture attendance, doing assigned readings, and working hands- on with fossils to get a better understanding of the material. Therefore, not much is demanded from the class! It is a good idea to take this class if you have a heavy course load and want a fun course to take.

2. Physical Geography (Course Code: 000571)

This course covers the topics of the physical and environmental systems of the earth, the dynamic processes that shape and characterize our planet, and to the geography of the natural world.  This course is said to be very enjoyable and easy because it incorporates a lot of hands-on activities which makes it a lot less boring! These activities are used so students can understand scientific terminology related to the Earth’s atmosphere among many other types of topics. This course also covers the influence and that people and the environment have on one another.

3. Introduction to Sociology (Course Code: 001062)

Introduction to Sociology is not a class that has hard concepts, so students like to take it because it is said to be an “easy A.” The concepts that are covered in this class are culture, socialization, groups, organizations, and inequalities that people of different classes, race, and gender experience. The course goes over how sociological research is used to understand concepts and methods about sociology and how to understand human behavior. There are midterms and final exams, but this shouldn’t keep you from taking the course because the exams are pretty easy and a study guide is usually released ahead of time.

4. General Psychology (Course Code: 00285)

This is a broad, general class that goes over the concepts of Psychology. Therefore, students usually don’t find this class to be very difficult. This course covers fundamental principles, research findings, and different types of theories that are in psychology. Because it is an introduction class, this class introduces core ideas and findings in the scientific study of behavior and the mind. As stated on the class website, psychology is a very broad discipline that includes many topics including brain anatomy and function, learning, human development, intelligence, perception, memory, emotions, motivation, personality, social psychology, sleep and dreaming, and psychological disorders and their treatments. It is also a great class to take because it is so interesting, too!

5. Western Civilization 1 (Course Code: 001536)

Western Civilizations is a course regarding the survey of human experience in the western world from ancient civilizations into the early modern period. The class focuses on the west and how it is related to the rest of the world. Different types of developments such as social, cultural, political, and economic are integrated into the course. This class is said to be easy because there are a lot of different essays that students have to write for the class, but the essays are not very long and the prompts are extremely doable.

6. U.S. History 1 (Course Code: 001542)

This course is a survey of U.S. History from pre-contact Native North America through the Civil War era. The course covers social, cultural, and economic developments that took place during this time period.  There are two midterms and one final, as well as a class paper. However, the exams have extensive study guides that students can use in order to get a good idea of what questions will be on the exams ahead of time. For this reason, students tend to succeed and generally do well in the class!

7. The U.S. West: Environment, Culture, and Politics (Course Code: 001541)

This history class is only open to second year students, but it is still a class that students always try to take because it doesn’t require a lot of work. This class covers culture, politics, and the environment of the United Stated region, such as the U.S. West. It covers the different connections between the western environment with human history during the 20th century. Unique topics that students tend to  be interested in this class include ethnic and cultural diversities among the human populations, and environmental movements that took place in the West and different regions of the United States.

8. Introduction to Healthcare (Course Code: 00625)

Students that are interested in going into healthcare tend to take this course. It is a course that focuses on students interested in exploring various careers in healthcare, such as dental assisting, diagnostic imaging, medical assisting, and medical office careers. It is an overview of how healthcare is delivered in the United States. This class introduces different areas of healthcare and different activities are done to help students find what they are passionate about. There are no midterms or exams, but usually there are classroom activities and group projects. For this reason, students think this is an easy class that gives them an easy A.

9. Fundamentals of Public Speaking (Course Code: 001475)

This class focuses on the different techniques for public speaking in academic and community settings. This class is not the typical class where students take notes from a lecture, but instead there is a lot of group work and presenting. Students practice skills by preparing and presenting different oral presentations in class. Information is taught such as audience analysis, ethics, speech purpose, organization, delivery, visual aids, outlining, and speaker evaluation. There is only one final exam, and it is not even in the actual exam format students are used to. This class is all presentations, so students find it pretty easy to get an A in it.

10. Interpersonal Communication (Course Code: 001496)

This class focuses on communication theories and concepts, such as using the self and others as communicators and using verbal or nonverbal messages listening, conflict management, self-disclosure and different human relationship dynamics. The course content applies to communication situations at home or in the workplace. Since this class is an interpersonal communication class, there are not a lot of written exams. Instead, the exams take place as presentations that students have to do in front of groups, or the class. Because there isn’t a lot of note taking and homework from books, this class is very easy for students to take and definitely an easy A.There are many different easy classes to take at Century College. These classes tend to fill up pretty quickly, so be sure to enroll as soon as you can! These classes are great to take if you want to boost your GPA, get extra learning in without the time commitment, or just need an extra class for units. Enjoy!

10 Easiest Courses at MSU

It is often times nice to know of classes that are easy so that you can incorporate them into your schedule. These classes can give you a break from your hard-core classes in college, and also give you insight about other areas of study. Keep reading to find what the ten easiest courses are at Metropolitan State University.

1. Astronomy 120: Introduction to Astronomy

Astronomy is an extremely interesting class that doesn’t require much work. There is rarely any homework assigned, and the grade mostly relies on discussions, attendance, and exams. The exams that are given are said to have an extensive study guide, so that you are able to get an A and know what to expect on the exam. Like all classes, some effort is required. However, students say that it is a very interesting class, so they end up paying attention most of the time. Additionally, this class can satisfy your electives that are needed in the university.

An image of the stars

2. Art History 1500: Art and Visual Literacy

Art History has no hard exams, which makes it a great class to take if you are looking for an easy A. The exams that are given in the course are essay exams in which you must analyze an art piece. Many students say that as long as you study the notes given in the class and know the characteristics of each art piece, you should be fine and will most likely get an A in the course!

An image depicting prominent figures in art

3. Criminology 1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice System

Criminology 1010 focuses on an introduction to the Criminal Justice System. While the class does have two midterms and a final exam, these exams are open note. Therefore, as long as you take good notes, getting an A in this class should be very easy for you. If you know you aren’t great at taking notes, a good idea is to meet up with a friend and discuss points you may have missed and vice versa. This is a great way to get all the details you need. The class is pretty dependent on notes, so be sure to take good notes and this class will be an extremely easy class!

An image depicting the criminal justice system

4. Dance 1120: African Dance

Dance 1120 focuses on the concepts and movements of African Dance. The course requires attendance, since there are no written exams or finals. Attendance is mandatory since you do a lot of dancing and partner work in the class. As long as you show up and you are actively participating in the class, it should be easy to get an A! Of course, you may need to memorize some dance moves. However, this is still relatively easy.

An image showing African dance

5. Dance 5173: Dance Production

Dance 5173 puts the student in charge and requires the student to be able to put on a short dance production that consists of other students. This is a great way to show that you really know what it takes to not only participate in a dance, but to also organize and direct one. This is a very fun class and the grading criteria is not harsh. As long as you show up to class, this should be a class that flies by quickly and can get you an A on your transcript.

An image depicting dance forms

6. English 1001: Writing Studio

English 1001 is a beginners class to writing. If you need extra units or simply  want to take an extra writing class knowing that you will get an A, this class is for you. Many students say that this class is easy because there are no official midterms or finals. Instead, there are short essays and writing papers that are required from students. The grading on these papers are relatively easy as well.

An image showing a writer's idea

7. Exercise 1020: Resistance Training

Resistance training is a very popular class among students because all you really need to do during class is train! This is a great way to get in shape while still raising your GPA. There are no midterms or finals, and the grade that you get is only based on attendance and participation. Be sure to participate, and you are already on the road to get an A!

An image showing students performing resistance training

8. Gender Women Studies 1001: Introduction to GWS

Gender Women Studies is a great class to take if you want an easy yet informative class! Many students feel that everyone should take at least one gender women studies class during their time in college because it is not only informative, interesting, and a great class, but the class is extremely easy! All you need to do is participate, write a paper, and take a final exam. The final exam is pretty much dependent and copies the notes that are given to students during class.

Women's Studies can be presented in different forms

9. History 1030: World History

World History is an easy class for students because they say that the exams are very easy. The professors that teach it know that most students take the class as an elective, and therefore the material isn’t too heavy. Be sure to take good notes and go to class, since the notes aren’t posted online. Other than that, you are basically set for an A in the class.

A map of the entire world

10. History 1040: World History since 1500

World History since the 1500s is a great class and is similar to History 1030. The only difference is that the subject material is a little bit heavier since it is more specific. Despite this difference, students still believe that this is an easy class. There is one term paper and one final exam, but most students get A’s and B’s on the papers. Be sure to attend class and take good notes, and you are good to go!

An image depicting Colonial America in the 1700s

There are a plethora of classes to take at Metropolitan State University. Be sure to check out these easy classes if you need a GPA boost, or simply want to learn more without worrying about whether or not the class will be hard. Good luck!

10 Easiest Courses at Georgia Southern

Easy courses always add joy to our schedules, and provide us with a sense of relief when it is midterm and final season. Easy classes are the classes that students know that they will get an A in if they put in the work. Be sure to keep reading to find what the ten easiest courses are at Georgia Southern University.

1. Anthropology 1102: Introduction to Anthropology

This introduction to Anthropology class focuses on the study of human societies and cultures. Many students feel that this class is easy because it is extremely interesting and it is heavily based on group work. This class consists of two different group projects, a group midterm, and a final presentation that must be given in front of the class. The grading criteria is also fairly easy. Therefore, students feel that this class is an easy A.An image depicting human evolution

2. Anthropology 2331: Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology is a very interesting class that goes over the different cultures of humans throughout different areas and times of the world. The class consists of a midterm, final, and a course paper. However, the course paper is very short and easy- which makes it less stressful for students that have a lot of work in their other classes. The midterm and final material come straight from the notes, so there is no need to buy a book according to students that have already taken the class.An image depicting wall paintings of culture

3. Art 2135: Painting Introduction

Art 2135 has no midterms and no finals, which makes it a great and non-stressful class for students. Be sure to attend class because attendance is 100% mandatory for students if they want to do well in the class. This class consists of a lot of painting and learning about different painting techniques. As long as you are proactive in the class, you should be able to get an A.A painted elephant

4. Communication 1110: Public Speaking

Public speaking class introduces students to the way to communicate to other students and an audience about different types of topics. The class has no midterm and no final, but students are required to make speeches about different topics each week. The class does consist of different types of research that are required for the speeches, but nevertheless it is still an extremely easy class.Microphones associated with public speaking

5. Criminology 3233: Introduction to Criminology

Introduction to Criminology is a class that meets once a week for about three hours. Often times, the class does not go for the entire three hours so you can usually leave early. The class has a group midterm and final, so if you take good notes and have a great group of students, you should have no problem getting an A in the class.A fingerprint from a criminology lab

6. English 3400: Introduction to Poetry

Introduction to Poetry does not require any midterms or finals. Instead, it requires students to write poetry every week that is then compelled into a portfolio that is turned in at the end of the semester. Be sure to attend class because attendance in mandatory and can have a big impact on your grade. It is a great class to take if you need to take classes for writing requirements.Words of poetry arising from a pen

7. English 5590: Studies in African American Literature

Students say that English 5590 is an easy class because there are no midterms or exams. Instead, the class only has class papers that are required of students. All of the information needed for these paper can be found online, in notes, or in the textbook. Therefore, it is a straight forward class that students really like to take in order to satisfy their general education requirements.Women in African American Literature 

8. Nutrition 4130: Introduction to Nutrition

Nutrition 4130 is a class that has no midterms or finals, and students are required to participate in a lot of group projects and presentations. If you are a student that likes working in groups, then this class is definitely for you! It is a very easy course and many students take this class to satisfy their general education requirements.Nutritional foods

9. Public Health 7133: Public Health Policy and Ethics

Public Health Policy and Ethics requires students to participate via discussion and message boards that are set on by the class. There is no midterm or final exam, and many students feel that it is an extremely easy class to take. It covers the different policies that public health officials have to learn and sometimes deal with. The class also introduces different scenarios that students that will continue to go on in Public Health may have to deal with.Public Health icons

10. Kinesiology 1412: Swimming

Swimming is an easy class for students to take because it is solely based on participation. Be sure to show up to class and to be actively involved, and you will get an A. This is also a great option since students can get a workout in if they don’t have time for it anywhere else. Students also enjoy this class because the pools are heated and warm, so you’ll always want to be in the pool.A student swimming in the pool

There are many easy classes to choose from in Georgia Southern University. Be sure to sign up for these classes early, because they tend to fill up pretty quickly! These classes are easy and great to take if you are looking to boost up the amount of units you are taking, or to improve your GPA. Happy learning!

10 Easiest Courses at Clarion

When signing up for classes, many students wonder what the easiest classes are. Once everyone knows what the easy classes are, they are in a hurry to take the classes before it fills up. Keep reading to find out what the top ten easiest courses at Clarion University are to ensure that you sign up for those classes early on.

1. Anthropology 217: Introduction to Archaeology

Archaeology is a very interesting subject that provides basic information about culture and material culture, types of archaeology, excavation and the process of archaeology, technique and tools, and looting and destruction. Students say that this class is easy because the midterm and the final consists of analyzing archaeological artifacts and simply memorizing and learning the notes. Therefore, all you need to do is take good notes in this class and you will already be on your way to an A. Participation is recorded in this class, so be sure to attend class every day!Prehistoric Cave Paintings

2. Communications 113: Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a class that introduces students to how to speak professionally about a range of topics. The class has no written midterm or final. Instead, each week students have to present speeches about different topics to their speech groups. A notecard is allowed for the first couple of speeches, but you will need to be able to memorize and recite your speech if you want to get that A grade. Students say because there is no actual exam, it is a very easy class.This image shows typical symbols associated with communication

3. Communications 150: Speech Science

Speech Science delves deeper into speech. Students learn exactly what happens when someone is speaking, listening, or thinking to another person. Students say this class is easy because the exams are open note. Be sure to take good notes if you want to do well, since you are able to use your notes on the exams. Students also say that there are a lot of exercises that are done in class, which help with bumping up their participation grade.This image shows the science of speech between speaker and perceiver

4. Econ 310: Microeconomics

Microeconomics is said to be an easy class because it is easy for students to conceptually understand. The exams are straight from the notes, and students feel comfortable that there is only one midterm exam and one final exam. For these reasons, many students feel that microeconomics is a great, easy class to take if you are interested in economics or if you are looking to take a class to fulfill a general education requirement.This image depicts visual microeconomics

5. Anthropology 250: Prehistoric North America

Prehistoric North America is an interesting class that goes over the history, culture, and characteristics of prehistoric North America. Students feel that this class is easy because it is highly dependent on discussion boards instead of actual exams and homework assignments. Since this class requires a lot of group work and discussion boards, students like to take Anthropology 250 to satisfy their general education requirements.These are cave paintings often found in prehistoric North America

6. Earth Science 111: Basic Earth Science

Earth Science covers the geology of the earth, such as the composition of earth materials, structures, and processes. It also goes over the organisms of the planet and how the planet has changed over time. Students like to take this class because it is extremely interesting! There are a lot of fun activities such as group projects and discussion boards, and not a lot of quizzes and exams. Therefore, it is isn’t a very stressful class for students to take. Instead, it is interesting and fun!An image depicting the Earth

7. Geology 310: Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development seems to be an all time favorite class among students. The lectures consist of very interesting, cool ideas and videos that the professor presents. The class requires one discussion board post each week. Besides that, students have a group project to come up with ways on how to make their campus more sustainable. It is a hands on, interesting class that typically meets once a week.An image showing environmental, social, and economic aspects of Sustainability

8. History 372: The American Revolution

The American Revolution came about from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain and the colonial government. In this class, much of the American Revolution is covered in detail. For those who love History, this will be an easy-breezy class to get an A in. The class consists of one midterm and one final, but it really is just all memorization of History and being able to recall dates and events. For this reason, students believe that History 372 is an easy A.An image depicting the American Revolution

9. Earth Science 140: Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters is a popular course among students because it is very cool! This class covers natural disasters and how they occur, where they occur, and what to do in response to one. Students have to present on natural disasters. There is no exam or final exam, but discussion boards are required.An image of a tornado

10. Anthropology 256: Anthropology of Addiction

Anthropology of Addiction covers everything students need to know about how humans came about being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. The class requires a term paper, a midterm, and a final. However, do not let these scare you because they are very easy. All the information that you need is based on notes, so be sure to take good notes.An image depicting addiction

Clarion University has a lot to offer in terms of the various classes that are available to students on campus. Of course, there are hard and easy classes that students can take. Try taking one or two easy classes in your schedule each semester so that you don’t get too overwhelmed with harder classes. Enjoy!

10 of the Easiest Classes at Chapman University

Chapman University is a great campus for people who prefer small class sizes. Although small class sizes many not seem to matter as much, it can actually help you get to know your professor more and find out about extracurricular opportunities such as research, volunteer work, or becoming a student instructor. There are many classes offered at Chapman with some of the top professors that a California school has to offer. Students, even people that are in their junior year, often wonder what classes they should take. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Chapman University.

1. Anthropology 102 – Cultural Anthropology

The course code for this class is 8692. This class focuses on the study of how human civilizations have adopted to living situations. Humans have done the by forming group identities, families, language, and symbols. The class aims to focus on how civilizations have helped contribute to different world views. The way humans have interacted and lived have contributed to concepts of progress, culture, community, and social interaction. Students in this class investigate and explore these concepts by using examples and models from the different cultures that are being studied. This class has two midterms and one final, and it is said to be easy because the material is genuinely interesting for students to learn about. Because it is so interesting, the material you are tested on is not hard to grasp or understand. This allows for students to get an easy A in the class! The course is offered every semester.

2. Art History 200 – Ancient to Medieval Art

The course code for this class is 8966. This class focuses on the introduction of how visual art came about in the history of art. This class investigates the timeline from the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) period to the Middle Ages. Although this class is a popular class to take among Freshman students at the university, it is offered every semester. Therefore, if you do not get the class at first, you will always have an opportunity to take it the next semester! This class is said to be easy because the midterm consists of analyzing art pieces, which can be easily done if you put the effort in to know the style and characteristics of the work of art being studied.

3. Dance 113 – Dance Performance

The course code for this class is 9495. There is an instructor consent required for the class, and usually students can enroll if they have satisfied prerequisite, audition, or content of an instructor. Therefore, if you want to enroll in the course, you have to get everything done and turned in at a timely manner to be cleared in time for registration. This course is for students who have performance responsibilities in theatre and dance productions. Students are taught how to optimally perform in dance and are given the chance to strengthen their performance skills. There is a midterm and final, but they are not given on paper. This aspect of the class seems to attract students.

4. Chemistry 105 – Chemistry of Environmental Issues

The course code for this class is 8047. This course is designed for students that are non-science majors. The course allows for non-science majors to have a science background by enabling them to critically evaluate environmental issues that they are presented with both in lecture as well as media. The topics that are covered in this class are basic chemistry related to air pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and energy resources. This class is three credits. It is said to be easy because the topics are very interesting and there is no midterm, just presentations and a final.

5. Art History 306 – Later Greek Art

The course code for this class is 8969. This Art History class focuses on artistic developments that have occurred in the Greek world. The time periods that are looked at during this class are the archaic, classical, and Hellenistic period which are around 550 BCE- 100 CE. This class is usually offered every semester, but it varies based on how many students are willing to sign up for it. Although this class requires a lot of reading, the material is straightforward and easy. Analysis of art pieces can also be easy if you study your notes. If you go to class and put in the effort, you will get an A!

6. Psychology 101 – Introduction to Psychology

The course code for this class is 9014. This is the first course that is offered in the subject of Psychology at Chapman. Students learn about theories, principles, processes, problems, methods, and applications of psychology. The grade is heavily dependent on participation, and so if you simply show up you are already off to the right start in the class. This class also requires students to serve as participants in course-relevant research studies in order to expose students to the field of psychology. Therefore, it is a really fun class that many students say is easy to get an A in.

7. Psychology 201 – Critical Thinking

The course code for this class is 9035. This class allows for students to explore the empirical and theoretical evaluation of psychological assertions, facts, and research studies. The course hopes for students to learn these methods to reduce the probability of errors of thinking. The course is said to be easy by students because there are only quizzes, and no midterm. Depending on the professor, the final is a final paper. Not to mention, the material is extremely interesting!

8. Art History 325 – Topics in Early Modern Art

The course code for this class is 8970. This is a course that only students that have a junior standing or above can take. It investigates aspects of the history of early modern art. Topics range from Italian sculpture, Venetian art, Florentine art, Flemish painting, Italian architecture, and colonial Latin America. This is an easy class because there is only one midterm and final. However, it is not as easy as other art history classes because it covers a lot more material. It is usually offered every semester, so students can take it whenever it fits in their schedule.

9. Chemistry 101 – Chemistry of Live in Living and Nonliving Systems

The course code for this class is 8403. This class is designed for non-science majors and it covers a quick overview of organic chemistry and biochemistry and how it applies to the everyday lives of students. Therefore, this is a great class to take if you are ever wondering why students have to learn so much about the sciences. The topics that are covered in this course include molecular components of the human body, human energy sources of carbohydrates, fats and oils, and other chemicals that are commonly used such as in food additives and clothing polymers.

10. Dance 130 – Hip Hop

The course code for this class is 9500. Students who sign up for this class get 1/2 credit, and therefore it is a good class to take if you need an extra amount of credits or just want to take a class for fun. This dance course is designed to teach students vocabulary and styles of dance in hip-hop. It is offered every semester, which makes it a great class to add no matter what semester it is.There are a plethora of classes to choose from when you are a student at Chapman University. If you are taking hard classes for your major, you may want to balance it out with enjoyable and easy classes. Try to take any of the ten classes that are listed above. Be sure that you sign up for them quickly, because they tend to fill up due to high student demand. Have fun!