10 of the Easiest Courses at MSC

Macon State College (MSC) a branch under Middle Georgia State University  inspires to educate inspired learners through leadership, partnerships, and community service. They strongly believe in hands-on experience as the best method of learning. Along with this, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission heavily recognizes MSC as it awards many of its associate, baccalaureate and master’s degrees. So here is your guide to start your year off with a high GPA at one of the top credited schools in the Southwest.

1. ARTS 1100 – Art Appreciation

For those who have always taken an interest in art, ARTS 1100 is the perfect course for you. Art appreciation allows for students to see the different perspectives and types of art. Professors work hard to ensure that students feel comfortable to express themselves and encourage them to have their own voice.

The image above shows a woman creating an art mural.

2. BIOL 1001 – Introductory Biology

If you are looking for an easy science pre-requisite, then BIOL 1001 is an amazing class. Professors work hard to make a slow and broken down curriculum so students do not feel overwhelmed. Students have rated BIOL 1001 as the perfect class to take for non-science related majors. It is a great introduction to science while also helping students raise their GPA!

The image above shows an animation of cells in the body.

3. COMM 1110 – Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a great class for those who are looking for both an easy A and to further their speaking skills. Public speaking has not only become a necessity but also a great advantage over others who are not commonly comfortable with this action. Taking this class will give you a competitive edge once you leave college, making this the perfect class for a prospective student to take.

The image above shows a man giving a speech to a large crowd.

4. HIST 3992 – Wizards! History of Magic

HIST 3992 is a new course at MSC. This course allows students to take a different perspective on what it meant to be a “wizard” in the past and its historical significance on the world. This course is just as diverse as it is interesting. Don’t be afraid to try something new as this might be your ticket to an A!

The image above shows an animated picture of a wizard.

5. MATH 1200 – Elementary Statistics

If math is not your strong subject, then MATH 1200 is the perfect introductory course for you. Elementary Statistics is the first course you can take in your math series here at MSC. It is known to be the easiest one and a great and easy way to complete your math requirements. Let this be your guide to a great math career at MSC.

The image above shows an animated picture of statistics on an electrical device.

6. PSYC 1101 – Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Psychology is a great class for those who want to know more about the physical and mental attributes of the mind. Professors work hard to encourage students to bring their own ideas to the class. PSYC 1101 has been known as one of the easier courses to take while also being quite interesting. So if you have ever taken an interest in Psychology, this is the perfect introductory class for you.

The image above shows two minds connecting their thoughts.

7. PSYC 2103 – Introduction to Human Development

Introduction to Human Development is a course based primarily on the past and the present. It allows for students to create their own perspective on how humans have changed throughout the years. This is also a great introductory course that can count as an elective in the Psychology department. Let this class be your ticket to a higher GPA and interesting course!

The image above shows a perspective on the development of humans throughout time.

8. SCIE 2999 – Lizard Behavior

Lizard Behavior is a course very new to MSC. This class is highly taken as it is an easier class that will fulfill a student’s science requirement. If you have a hard time in science courses, then this is the perfect way for you to ace your first science class. Not only is it interesting and different, but it is equally a breeze!

The image above shows a picture of a standard lizard.

9. SPAN 1001 – Elementary Spanish

If you need to fulfill a language requirement, Elementary Spanish the best introductory course to help you set yourself up for future Spanish classes. Elementary Spanish is the first course in the Spanish series classes and it is known to be the easiest language class you can take. If you want to learn more about the amazing language of Spanish while also raising your GPA, SPAN 1001 is the perfect course for you.

The image above shows conversions of spanish words to english words on a blackboard.

10. ENGL 1101 – English Composition 1

If you are looking for an easy class to take to fulfill your English requirement then ENGL 1101 is an amazing choice. This class allows you to learn the basics of English while also helping raise that GPA. If English has not been your strongest subject, then don’t be afraid to choose this class!

The image above shows the word 'English' surrounded by ways to use the english language.

Macon State College has been widely accredited by organizations like the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission. If you have decided to take your studies a step further, then MSC is the perfect place for you. Let this classes guide you to a great GPA as you follow your path. Good luck!

10 of the Easiest Courses at AiAtlanta

The Art Institute of Atlanta (otherwise known as AiAtlanta) is a hub for prospect art prodigies all over the country. AiAtlanta offers a wide range of degrees such as Visual and Interior Design, Animation, Gaming & Technology and Fashion. Along with this, professors work hard to ensure that they are giving students the best and most hands-on experience as possible. If you are looking to further your career as an art major, the Art Institute of Atlanta is awaiting you. Here is your guide to 10 of the Easiest Courses to take at AiAtlanta to help you start your year off with a high GPA.

1. FND 105 – Design Fundamentals

For those who are looking to go into design, Design fundamentals is a great introductory course. Teachers encourage students to learn the basics while also incorporating their own unique edge. The class is known to be mainly an online course, so if you are looking for something you can do on your own time, this is the perfect class for you.

The image above displays the basic shapes and figures.

2. FND 110 – Observational Drawing

Observational drawing is considered one of the core methods for researching, developing and communicating ideas. Learning the ideas of observational drawing is an amazing way to get ahead in the art industry. If you are looking to further your drawing skills, FND 110 is an amazing class at a steady pace and easy course load to allow students to raise their GPA.

The image above shows a drawing of basic office supplies.

3. SP 101 – Beginning Spanish Conversation & Culture

If you are one of the many people who struggle with fulfilling their language requirement, look no further! Beginning Spanish Conversation and Cultures gives students an easy introductory course that allows them to feel comfortable enough to step out of their comfort zone. There should be no reason why anyone should be scared of learning a new language and SP 101 makes sure that students feel encouraged to learn!

The image above is a decorative picture of the word 'Hola'.

4. HU 140 – Introduction to Theater Arts

Introduction to Theatre Arts is a class apart of the program electives that students are allowed to choose from with the approval of their academic director. Introduction to Theater Arts allows students to get a basic knowledge of what it means to be a part of the backstage crew. It is an easy and hands-on course that may be very time-consuming however it is worth it for the easy A in participation!

The image above depicts actors who are participating in a theatre art production.

5. PH 301 – Ethics

Ethics is the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. Many students struggle to fulfill their Ethic and Social Science requirements, however you should look no further! Professors work hard to create an easy course that allows students to feel encouraged to participate. Ph 301 is a great class for those who have no prior knowledge to Ethics in the past.

The picture above shows the pillars of morals.

6. HA 222 – Art History II: Art of the Medieval & Renaissance

HA 222 is a great introductory course to Art History. Along with this, it is a great twist as it focuses on the Medieval and Renaissance eras. Most students find these eras extremely interesting and have nominated this as one the “Must Take Classes”. With a great curriculum and great professor, nothing stops this class from being the best!

The image above is a picture from the Renaissance era.

7. SC 116 – Acoustics

For those who have never touched a guitar in your life, this is your chance to shine! Professors are extremely understanding and try their best to encourage students to step out of their comfort zone. SC 116 is mainly based off of participation, so you get to earn credit while also learning a new instrument!

The image above shows an acoustic guitar laid out on the floor.

8. DFVB 202 – Principles of Cinematography

Many students have been up and coming in the motion picture industry. If you have began to take an interest in Cinematography, then this is a great introductory class for you. Students work hands-on with other professionals to learn different perspectives and techniques on the motion picture industry. Choose this class as a great way to learn more about Cinematography while also raising your GPA!

The image above shows the work that goes on behind cinematography.

9. DFVB 306 – Internship

DFVB 306 is a new class put in place by AiAtlanta. This is an elective course that allows students to learn the skills and necessities to gain an internship in the future. Many students have begun to choose this course as they feel that it has helped them greatly for skills that they will need once they leave college. This class is an easy A that will help further yourself as a professional.

The image above shows the loop of how to acquire and go through an Internship.

10. DFVB 313 – Sound Design

Sound design is a unique major that AiAtlanta offers to its students. It allows students to use their creativity everyday and practicing creating sound tracks. Take this class if you have found yourself extremely interested in music. Many students love this class as they feel it is extremely different from a majority of the other art majors that AiAtlanta offers.

The image above shows a board displaying its sound design.

The Art Institute of Atlanta is an extremely welcoming school that wants to further art students in their studies and potential futures. They hire professional teachers with well-developed experience to give each major a competitive edge. If you are looking to get your art on, then this is the perfect school for you.

10 of the Easiest Courses at CalArts

The world-wide recognized school California Institute of the Arts (otherwise known as CalArts) prides itself as being known as the “game-changer” in the education of professional artists. CalArts offers over 70 different degrees in different art genres and strives to promote diversity in each class. If you are looking to study any field in the arts, CalArts is the perfect school for you. And here are the 10 easiest courses to start your educational career at the California Institute of the Arts.

1. Human Rights and Wrongs – CSOC416

The image above shows a man who has dedicated a part of his time to help those in need.


The course Human Rights and Wrongs particularly focuses on the social justice conflicts and how they are depicted over social media. The course also allows students to see how news is carried through a global perspective and how we as students can encourage others to be properly informed. Along with this, it also focuses on the question of how are justice, human rights and the truth related. Human Rights and Wrongs is a highly informative class that allows students to study a highly relatable subject that also helps raise GPA!

2. Sex and Death – CSCM335

The picture above shows someone who believes they are seeing the light.


CSCM355 has been known as one of the most interesting courses you can take at CalArts. Teachings students about biology from the beginning to end, it allows students to take an easier elective while also getting their science pre-requisite out-of-the-way! In this course you will learn about the organization around the biology of life history patterns and the different perspectives behind ecology, evolution and genetics.

3. Print & Digital Media – AART214

The picture above shows a students drawings overlooking a city from a further away perspective.


Print and Digital Media is the first class in the Studio Series at CalArts. It is mainly taught throughout different studios which allows students to get a more hands-on experience. Each class is also taught by a different faculty staff member which allows students to get different perspectives of art. If you are looking to learn more about digital media, this is the perfect class for you!

4. Photography and Media of Fuzzy Pictures – APHM440B

The picture above shows a shot that was taken out of focus.


APHM440B is a new course to CalArts which focuses on the photo history and the development of photos. It allows students to focus on organization and production of photographic production. Professors work hard to make sure that all students are allowed to display their different perspectives and encourage students to work outside of their comfort zone.

5. Introduction to Anthropology – CSOC263

The picture above shows the evolution of man and mind.


Introduction to Anthropology gives students a broad look at the different cultures and various different views on ideas that come from each culture. It allows students to debate and use problem-solving skills to follow-up on topics like gender, ethnicity or religion. Professors are certified anthropologists who have experience in the field and want to provide students with a different perspective on Anthropology. If you are interested about getting to know more, this is the perfect introductory course for you.

6. Arts in Context – FAIC675

The picture above shows well-known art from the past.


Arts in context is CalArt’s introductory course to the history of experiment animation. In this class you will work to see the connection in art between different traditions and techniques. Throughout this class, students will also be exposed to very different works of art and give students experience with the different experimental animations. Professors highly encourage students to create their own perspective on art and give them the courage to make their own voice.

7. Graphic Design – AGRA678

The picture above shows a simple image of graphic design.


AGRA678 is the introductory class to Type Design History. It allows students to both learn about the history of graphic design while also incorporating the new techniques from current day. There is a particular emphasis on creating each students different personality through graphic design. If you have always wanted to begin your journey through graphic design, AGRA678 is just for you.

8. Acting and Speech – TACT110

The image above shows a man who is acting and being recorded.


This course is only available to Acting Program students only. It is the first year introductory course to students that allows students to have an easier transition into the acting world. This course works on the development of listening, transcription and articulation skills. Along with this, since it is a first-year introductory course, as long as you show up and show you are trying, it is a guaranteed A.

9. Oboe Studio Class – MPRF524

The image above shows actors putting on a performance on a stage.


Oboe Studio class is a performance studies class offered only to students apart of the Oboe Program. This is an introductory class that studies the fundamentals of major solos that oboist play in orchestras. For those who are looking to pursue a career as a oboist, this is an extremely small class that is well-focused on each students progression.

10. Design & Production -TDAP320

The picture above shows many different patterns placed together.


TDAP320 is an easy introductory course for anyone apart of the Design and Production program. The course is designed to allow students to work with various programs in the school of theatre. It is also created to show students the different issues that they may endure while in the theatre business. Students learn the basics begin the design and production of what it means to be apart of theatre.

With so many different courses and degrees offered at the California Institute of the Arts, it is no surprise why so many students have flocked to this school over time. If you are looking to continue your passion in art, CalArts is waiting to help you become a better artist in your own special way. Allow this article help you guide yourself to a great first semester and a great first GPA!



10 Easiest Courses at DSU

Attention all Art Majors! If you are looking for an amazing education while also obtaining a well-rounded experience, Daytona State College (DSU) is perfect for you. Below are just a taste of the amazing (and easier) courses that DSU has to offer while also boosting that GPA.

 1. Beginning Modern Dance 1- DAA1104

If you have always wanted to take a chance at dance, this class is just right for you. Since DSU offers small classes, teachers are able to provide a private and open space for students to express themselves and try new things. This class is the perfect introduction to modern dance techniques for those at the beginning level.

The image above depicts an amazing dance class for women.

2.  Introduction to Digital Media- DIG2000 

This introductory course allows students to see digital media in a whole new perspective. Professors allow students to become familiar with different types of graphics and how to create different prints. As social media and technology become an important part of almost all work areas, it is important to be informed in as many ways as possible to give yourself a competitive edge. DIG2000 allows students to obtain these new skills while also raising that GPA!

- The picture above shows the main sources of digital media and how impactful it can be in different ways.

3. Introduction to Songwriting- MUC2601 

Have you always wanted to take a crack at song writing? Does listening to music inspire you to create in endless ways? If you answered yes, MUC2601 is the perfect course for you. Professors encourage creativity and give students a lot of room to use their own unique talents to their potential. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you never know where it could lead you!

- The picture above shows a young lady endulging in the art of songwriting.

4.  Introduction to Music History and Literature- MUH2110 

Perhaps if music writing isn’t for you, learning about all that music has gone through throughout the past is! MUH2110 is an amazing course that teaches students the importance of how music has changed throughout the eras while also helping raise that GPA. Professors work to give students a well-rounded education in music from past to current generations.

- The image above shows a music sheet from the past.

5. Theatre Appreciation- THE1000 

The art of well-developed shows can only come alive on the stage. What many people tend to overlook is the importance of what a theatre can do for actors and the audience. If you want to learn more about what theatres have to offer and the history of the development of theatres in the past, then this course is perfect for you. An easy A and a new-found appreciation of the arts, what more could you ask for!

- The picture above shows a small but well designed theatre.

6. Managing Your Success- SLS1122

Along with the arts, DSU offers many different courses that motivate and teach students skills that can help them well after they leave college. SLS1122 helps assist students to become great test takes, time management and how to get involved in different organization. Although this is a graduation requirement for students looking to get an Associate of Arts degree, it is an easy A that additionally gives students amazing resources.

picture of person drawing with chalk. features stairs with stick figure going towards graduation cap

7. Career Development- SLS2301 

DSU’s main goals are to prepare their students for the after-college life. In SLS2301, the course shows the different types of career interests and academic programs to ensure that students are choosing the correct career for them. Along with this, students additionally get help from professors on how they will be able to further their career once they choose one that they are comfortable pursuing.

- The picture above shows the different directions that career development can lead you to.

8.  Design 1 and Lab- ART1201

For those looking to go into the graphic design field, ART1201 is the perfect introductory course for you. Studio assignments give students the basic fundamentals of art and teach students new cutting edge techniques. As this class is meant to be extremely interpreted, students are calling it “the art class to take”.

- The picture above shows pencils as someone is about to become inspired to design.

9. Sculpture 1 and Lab- ART2701 

ART2701 is an amazing course for students who love hands on experience. Introduction of three-dimensional space is an extremely fun subject that many students love taking as their art requirements. The exposure to different materials such as wood, clay and plaster gives students the opportunity to learn how to work with different textiles.

- The picture above demonstrates an artist sculpting.

10. General Botany and Lab- BOT1010 

Another easy class that students at DSU love to take is BOT1010. It gives students a different perspective on their surroundings while also giving them hands on experience during their labs. Professors work hard to bring an engaging and welcoming atmosphere to those with no previous background knowledge of Botany. BOT1010 is the perfect class for those who want an introduction to the function of plants.

- The picture above shows a plant growing, a concept learned in the study of botany.

Daytona State University is a small populated school that welcomes students from all over the nation to be a part of their community. Focusing mainly in their arts department, professors and staff encourage students to take a variety of classes and find their personality through art. If you are looking to pursue a degree in the arts, this is the place for you. Refer to the guide above and you will be able to look into different versions of art while also raising that GPA!

12 Easiest Courses at CBU

Formally recognized as one of the best universities in the Southeast region, Christian Brothers University (CBU) of Memphis, TN prides themselves in promoting diversity and a welcoming environment to students all across the nation. For those students looking to attend or already attending this university, here is your guide to the easiest courses to take at CBU.

1. Art – ART 102A  

Art 102A focuses primarily on the development of basic art skills for those who have no previous knowledge of art. Along with this, teachers provide a welcoming environment to allow any student to express themselves in any way they would like. If you have been afraid in the past to take an art class, this one is perfect for you!

 picture of art materials that may be used for future art courses.

2. Cultural Anthropology- ANTH 160

ANTH 160 is a beginners class to the study of human society’s and past cultural development. Professors are all experienced anthropologists who use their past to bring a relatable and recent perspective to the class. Cultural Anthropology allows students to get a closer look into the behavioral and biological backgrounds that make each culture unique in its very own way.

- The picture above shows the different culturals that may be studied throughout the Cultural Anthropology courses.

3. General Psychology- PSYC 105 

The course’s name “General Psychology” says it all. The professors for Psychology work hard to give a brief and broad understanding of the basis of Psychology in the course. CBU’s psychology department works hard to give a well-rounded and hands-on experience in a small set classroom. Expert professors love working with students personally to give an interesting background to the world of Psychology.

- The picture above displays the brain that is studied in Psychology and shows how vivid and different the brain is in different sectors.

4. Elementary Spanish 1- SPAN 101

For those who have no prior knowledge of Spanish, this is a great introductory class for you. It is an easy course that gives you the basic skills to help you complete your language requirements. It is the first class in a set of three to help any student reach their pre-requisites. Professors are extremely understanding at CBU as they want students to have an open learning environment for learning a new language.

 The picture above depicts the bursting language of learning Spanish.

5. Fundamentals of Epidemiology – PHLT 102 

If science is your weak spot, taking PHLT 102 will be your best bet. The fundamentals of Epidemiology here at CBU help give students an easier approach on the study of diseases and possible distribution. The Public Health department at CBU works hard to give students a clear understanding and interesting perspective on what it means to be involved in the this specific industry.

- The picture above depicts what the Public Health Sector of CBU looks like.

6. Introduction to Packaging – PKG 101 

If you are looking to take a different and interesting course, PKG 101 is for you. Introduction to Packaging gives you the basic knowledge and skills for the packaging industry that takes over our nation! Along with this, CBU wants to ensure that students have the proper knowledge of what the packaging industry includes before they choose their future jobs.

-  The picture above are different types of packaging that may be used in the packaging industry.

7. Sport Facility and Event Management- SMGT 315 

For those looking to go into the sports and management industry, this is the perfect introductory course to take. SMGT gives students a wide perspective and new approach on how to break into this industry with a competitive edge. Along with this, it gives students the basic skills the basic skills to make sure that they will be prepared to take on the job after leaving college.

- The picture above is a sports field and the type of area that the sports management industry will be working in.

8. Speech Communication- SPCH 125

SPCH 125 helps give students the proper tools to help them succeed in the business world and world around them. Speech communication is also an easy course to take as it allows students to use most of the class time speaking with one another. Many students recommend as they believe that after this class they came out as better public speakers. Take SPCH 125 if you believe that you need a boost in your public speaking skills.

- The picture above shows two people communicating and the importance of knowing how to talk and how to listen.

9. Principles of Marketing- MKTG 311 

Marketing has been taking over social media platforms for the most recent years. The demand for students to become experts in marketing has become an essential skill. For students looking into Marketing as a Business Concentration, MKTG is the best and easiest course to give you an introduction to this section of the business world.

-  The picture above shows how marketing affects the world around us everyday.

10. Introduction to Education- EDUC 211

For the future teachers of the world or those open to becoming teachers, EDUC 211 gives an amazing background to what it means to be a teacher in this nation. The requirements for becoming teachers have only raised throughout the years, it is important for students to get a basic understanding of what the teaching endures! Professors use experience to give students a different perspective on what it means to be a teacher.

The picture above shows a basic classroom and what it looks like to be an elementary teacher.

11. Basic Algebraic Expressions- ALG 115

Professors at CBU’s math department want to ensure that they get the best education in math as possible. Math professors want to give students an open and stress free environment to learning the basics of math. If you want an easy class and an easy A in a college math course, ALG 115 is the perfect introductory class for you!

The picture above shows a basic algebraic problem.

12. Computers in Problem Solving- CS 112 

Computer science is one the upcoming sector jobs in the current working world. Taking a basic computer science class has become a requirement for many majors. CS 112 at CBU is known for being an amazing introductory course for those with no previous knowledge of electronic equipment. Take this class for your own pleasure or to complete your pre-reqs, it won’t disappoint you!

The picture above depicts a basic feature in the Computer Science department.

Here is your guide to finding the easiest and most welcoming introductory classes to CBU. May this guide lead your education career to success! Plus, it might just boost your GPA up a bit, which is never a bad thing.