10 of the Easiest Courses at Tougaloo College

Every student needs a break once in a while from the heavy course load of their major. Students at Tougaloo College are no different, so here’s a list of some classes that are sure to take some pressure off your workload!

1. NSD 211 – Intro to Public Health and Epidemiology

Designed to historically look at health care and disease progression through society, this class offers students a unique outlook on public health while also covering the foundational aspects of epidemiology and chronic disease. Designed as an introduction to public health and wellness, this class will surely be interesting as well as easy.

An image of all the major terms related to Public Health.


2.  BUS 161-Fundamentals of Business

A basic course in business, this class is an easy class that will also teach you a lot about business essentials which are applicable to any field. Offered every fall, this is a popular course that gives students a taste of what it takes to successfully run a business.

A drawing of business strategy focal points and what they entail.


3.  HIS 130 – Introduction to African History 

Focusing on the social, economic, religious, artistic and political institutions of the Sub-Sahara and West Africa, this class offers students a preliminary, basic overview of African cultures and histories. A relatively broad class, this is sure to be a lighter course to balance out your heavy load.

A detailed map of Africa with border images of African cultural leaders.


4. HIS 319-Latin America 

A historical survey and political analyzation of Latin America, this course gives a broad and basic overview of Latin American history and life. Emphasizing 20th-century developments in Latin America, this course offers a political science point of view on history, giving an interdisciplinary side to it.

A flag map of Latin and South America.


5. POL 112-American National Government

A general analysis of American government and politics, this course is a simple class especially if you already know the basics of how the American government functions and was designed. Focusing on federalism, the Constitution, and the 3 branches of government, this class leaves students with a general understanding and knowledge of how the US came to be what it is today.

An overall lay of some of the most recognizable American icons such as the constitution and the Capitol building.


6.SSD 245-Intro to World Geography 

Surveying the world’s regions, this class focuses on location aspects, physical/cultural diversity, and environmental issues facing different parts of the world. A general overview of world geography, this class is interesting yet also simple with minimal prior knowledge.

A flag map of the world.


7. PSY 111-General Psychology 1 

The first of a two-part series, this course is an introduction to the principles of behavior and gives a comprehensive review of major theoretical areas of study within psychology. A popular class, this course is designed to give students from all backgrounds a basic understanding of human behavior and mental function, making it a relatively easy class to conquer.

A juxtaposition of left and right brain.


8. PSY 323-Social Psychology

An introduction to major theories and research, this class focuses on the impact that social environments have on individual behaviors. Interesting yet also introductory, this class is sure to be a weight release.

A word map of all the terms associated with social psychology.


9. SOC 201-The Sociology of the Family

Designed to give a more detailed introduction to sociology, this course examines courtship, love, marriage, husband-wife and parent-child relationships, and family disorganization. While not the easiest sociology class, this is one of the more interesting beginner level classes that is also simple enough to relieve some stress and pressure off the student.

A silhouette of a 4-person family.


10. RLS 231-Religions of the World

An introductory course that surveys the major religious traditions of the world, this class is an introductory course that is sure to relieve some pressure off your major workload. Specific time will also be devoted to looking at the diverse religious traditions of Africa.The symbols of the religions of the world surrounding the globe.


These are just a few of the many options for easy, yet fulfilling, courses offered at Tougaloo College. While it is important to unwind and de-stress with some lighter, balancing classes it is also important to stay engaged and so encourage yourself to pick a class that really excites and interests you. Who knows, maybe your easy class will become your life’s passion!

10 Easiest Classes at Point Park

Even the “easiest” majors at universities can still be extremely difficult and stressful at times so all students really need to balance their schedules with easier, nicer courses against those tough major requirements. Plus, these courses are usually GPA boosters. At Point Park University, students are no different and stress levels are the same – so here’s a list of some easy, less-stress classes that you can take as a Point Park student.

1. Introduction to Criminal Justice – CRMJ 150

This class is a general overview of the US criminal justice system focusing on the major agencies responsible for running and maintaining our constitutionally created justice system. While sometimes holding controversial discussions, this course is a great way to explore modern politics and modern issues on a national and global scale while also still being in an introductory class therefore not needing to worry as much about the level of difficulty or level of expertise expected of you.A gavel next to handcuffs and a stack of books

2. Introduction to Literary Studies – ENGL 120

Designed to give students some useful tools for collegiate literary classes, this course teaches students terms, definitions, and reading strategies that are essential to literary studies. For most students who have come from a well-rounded primary education, this class should be a breeze and should really just be a refresher course on how to properly read and annotate books for a class.An example of literary annotations of a novel

3. Development of the Death Investigation System – FSCI 100

An overview of forensic science from its origins to modern day, this course provides students with a wide description of possible job opportunities in forensics and also gives students a chance to explore a relatively understudied field. Since it is an introductory class based mostly on descriptions, definitions, and history, this course should provide students with a bit of a break from their hectic classes while also giving them something new and fresh to explore.A scientist swabbing blood spots at a crime scene

4. Effective Speech – ENGL 121

Basically a public speaking class, Effective Speech will give students the opportunity to hone their presentational skills while also exploring topics they may find interesting or are just curious to learn more about. This class is great for students who are a little nervous speaking in front of others because it prepares them for real-world job presentations, interviews and other possible public speaking events they may stumble across in their futures.A view of an audience from a public speaker's position

5.  Languages of the World – GCS/MLNG 205

An introduction course to the theories of human language, this course lets students look at the development of human language systems and explore political, geographical, and sociocultural factors that affect language development and continuation across the globe. The course also includes language recognition training and increased exposure to dozens of global languages.A graphic representation of the most spoken languages on Earth

6. History of American Music – HIST 220

Students will learn about the development of American music styles along with the history leading up to those developments in this course as well as look at the ever-evolving musical technology that allowed those developments to reach our homes and touch our lives so easily. Students will also be exposed to musical critiques and have the opportunity to explore both the composer/musician side of the music as well as the audience/listener side.A shot of a classic, American jazz band focusing on the saxophone

7. Introduction to Intelligence – INTL 101

An introductory course, this class offers students a detailed description of the origins of collecting, assimilating, and using intelligence from the Spartans all the way to modern-day citizens. This is a foundational class that lays the groundwork for further exploration of methods and analysis of intelligence.An intelligence gatherer using modern technology to asses information

8. Critical Thinking – PHIL 201

This course studies the strategies, techniques and principles of effective problem-solving, decision making and critical analysis. Emphasis is placed on the development of a student’s critical thinking skills and everyday application of those skills both inside the classroom and outside.A breakdown of critical thinking among left and right-brained thinkers

9. City-University Life – UNIV 101

This course introduces students to the communities that people construct for themselves and the values and dynamics that define such communities . Actively exploring the notion of what it means to be a responsible member of the community, students will discuss and analyze their studies through the lenses of multiple communities that they themselves are a part of.A representation of global community building with people of different races and backgrounds

10. Elementary Spanish 1 – SPAN 101

An introduction to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture through conversation and basic grammar, this class offers students with no Spanish language experience a great opportunity to try something new and perhaps fall in love with a culture and language so unique from their own.The word for Spanish in the Spanish language decorated with traditional latin cultural events or items i.e. insturments or dancersSo, if you are looking for a bit of a break from your heavy classes or your stressful work load, check out a few of these listed courses to see if any of them suit your fancy! While most are introductory courses, they might ignite an unexplored passion inside you and, who knows, maybe one of these courses could lead to your future career! Even if that’s not the case, just remember to enjoy your college experience as much as you can and soak up as much information from each class you take because you’ll never again get the opportunity to explore so many different subjects, cultures, and ideas.

10 of the Easiest Classes at Carnegie Mellon University

CMU is notorious for being a challenging school with a rigorous academic course load no matter your major. That being said, there are certainly plenty of easy classes at Carnegie Mellon that will help you boost your GPA and give you a bit of a break from your difficult courses.

1. 85-221 – Principles of Child Development

Covering moments from conception through adolescence, this introductory psychology class gives students a glimpse into the human development process. Focusing on basic tenets and facts of these developmental processes, this course gives students an overview of the first 20 years of life from a psychological perspective, information that can really spark student interest in further psychological or biological study. 

2. 84-265 – Political Science Research Methods

This class is great for students interested in politics, foreign affairs, or just interested in doing non-lab based research during or after college! The course provides an overview of the most utilized methods for political science research and emphasizes strengthening students’ critical thinking skills in order to prepare them better for further studies and research opportunities.

Background text pattern concept wordcloud illustration of political science

3. 76-221 – Books You Should Have Read By Now

Did you miss out on some classic literature when you were dozing off in high school lit class? Do you ever feel left out when your friends discuss their favorite classics and the social, political, and cultural impacts of those books? No worries, this is the class for you! From Toni Morrison to Jack Kerouac to Cormac McCarthy this class will expose you to some of the basic classics that all successful adults should have read by the time they become professionals. Beyond the reading, this class explores the impacts of these monumental works on society and culture following their publications.


4. 66-204 – Film Festival

Students in this course will spend the semester planning and managing a city-wide film festival. Students will learn many skills that are useful in all aspects of life and career such as marketing and material distribution, organizing people and facilities, general event logistics, and fundraiser organizing. Along with all of this, students will learn basics of analyzing and critically viewing films.


5. 79-201 – Introduction to Anthropology

A basic introduction to the discipline, this course is designed to give students an understanding of social interactions and how people, both in their own personal relationships and on societal scales, solve problems and deal with conflict. The course also discusses the basic responsibilities and roles of an anthropologist as well as the importance of historical change. 

6. 80-130 – Introduction to Ethics

This course attempts to engage students in a continuing discussion on human beings’ most daunting and prominent moral questions. It is designed to give students basic skills to answer ethical questions and examine all opinions of these time-old debates.


7. 88-284 – Topics of Law: The Bill of Rights

This course examines the history, importance, and place of the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution and in US society past and present. It focuses on the historical meaning and cause of each amendment as well as the evolution of those causes and meanings over time to present day. 

8. 69-112 – Fitness Fusion

Designed to introduce various aspects of fitness, this class is great for students looking to diversify their workouts, or start working out in general. With slow beginnings that build up to a full, fun, cardio-packed, semi-aerobatic, workout, this class will certainly get your blood pumping! 

9. 88-150 – Managing Decisions

This class is designed to give students the basic understanding of making “good decisions” and what that means in today’s society and professional world. Preparing students to best present themselves in their professional careers, this course investigates multiple levels of “good” decision making that range from personal life choices to national policy decisions. 

10. 82-101 – Elementary French I

If you are interested in language and looking for an easy way to start, any of the elementary language classes would be good for you! This class focuses on French and is accessible to students with no prior experience with the French language. It is designed to give students basic oral and written communication skills in French. So, if you’re looking for GPA-boosting classes that will give you a bit of an escape from your rough classes at CMU, this list should help you out! Just remember that you still have to put in a little effort to ensure you get the grades you need to rock your semester!

10 Easiest Classes at Duquesne University

Looking for a GPA boost this semester? Want to take a load off from all your heavy classes at Duquesne? This list offers some great alternatives for those stressful classes that hurt your GPA!

1. Biblical & Historical Perspectives- UCOR 141

No surprise that a Catholic university like Duquesne would offer a range of religious classes. This course, however, is known for being an easy class with great ratings. Examining the historical, literary, and theological parts of key Bible texts, this class also is interested in the contemporary application of these texts and their respective messages, therefore giving students with modern interests a plus too.


2. Fundamentals of the Internet- COSC 130

Interested in teaching students technical and advanced Internet functions, this class teaches students HTML and web page design resources to ensure their future success in other classes and business/professional endeavors. Mostly taken to fulfill Research and Info Skills, this class is known for its simplicity. With most of the quizzes being counted as extra credit, students are guaranteed that this will be a GPA booster. 

3. Enjoyment of Music- MUNM 170

Designed to teach an understanding of basic musical elements, this class consists of lecture, as well as attending various musical performances. An easy A, and a quick way to meet the Arts elective, the class is basically graded off of 5-single page reviews and take-home midterm/final.


4. Arts and the Human Experience- ARHY 161

A lecture course designed to expose students to artistic expression, this course reminds students that as humans, we are never alone although it may sometimes feel that way. With tests that are known to be easy and professors that are passionate and interesting, this class is a must for many students looking for a GPA boost.


5. Psychology of Gender- PSYC 353

Known for having great professors, this class explores what it means to be a man, woman, or something else in today’s world. Encompassing things from biology, culture, race, mythology, and psychology, this course gives students a wide perspective to examine gender by their day-to-day life.


6. Research Methods in Psychology- PSYC 201

Designed to provide students with an introduction to psychological research, this course addresses qualitative and quantitative approaches to research to give students a broad understanding of research methods. Teaching writing style, ethical issues, and credible source-spotting, this course is great for students looking for an easy way to get involved in research.


7. Introduction to Archaeology- ARHY 214

Designed to give students an overview of archaeology as a discipline, the course offers the opportunity to learn the aims, history, theories, and methods of the subject.  Specifically focusing on modern practice and ethical concerns, the course is a great intro for students interested in archaeology professionally or just personally.


8. History of Things- ARHY 224

Thinking about what the objects that surround our daily lives truly mean, this course critically examines both every day and abnormal objects that influence human life. Designating its students as “object detectives”, this class lets students explore the meaning of the things in their lives and the things we, as a society, value as art, whatever that means.


9. Presentational Communication Skills- COMM 303

Providing students with an introduction to corporate presentation skills, this class prepares students for real-world presentations and meetings as well as builds student confidence in public speaking.


10.  Introduction to Peace and Justice- AFST 222

Designed to give students a basic understanding of the conceptual, spiritual, and practical aspects to peace and justice throughout the world, this class examines global conflict, interpersonal relationships, and other social/societal issues. Treating peace and justice as byproducts of society and human interaction, this course offers students a unique opportunity to examine intangible concepts that affect people globally and daily.

10 Easiest Classes at the University of Pittsburgh

Let’s be real, most classes at Pitt are hard, time-consuming classes. Every major has those classes that jeopardize the GPAs of its students, so what can those students do to save themselves? The classes in this list will help boost your GPA with minimal effort and will provide a much-needed break from any stressful classes weighing down your schedule.

1. History of Jazz- AFRCNA 0639

With classes that consist of rhythm repetition, listening to various jazz artists, and attending live performances by Pitt musicians, History of Jazz is always an interesting, and easy, A for students overwhelmed with work from other classes. While recitation is mandatory, the class is fun and gives students a lot of information on such an influential period in American music and American history.


2. Intro to Performance- THEA 0830

Designed to give students a taste of public speaking mixed with fostering awareness of theatre and the art of performance, this intro class is always a hit. With fun activities like theatre games, warmups, improv classes, and easy scene studies, Intro to Performance gives non-theatre students a chance to shine. 

3. Intro to Psych- PSY 0010

Even though it’s technically a science class, Intro to Psych cannot get any easier. As long as you attend the lectures, stay awake, and memorize the provided terms and study guides, you’re guaranteed to do well. Normally, classes this easy are boring but Intro to Psych has an added bonus, the content is actually interesting and useful in other classes/life!


4. Russian Fairytales- RUSS 0090

While this is a more reading-heavy class, it satisfies the International/Foreign Culture gen ed requirement, a typically challenging box to check. This class, as long as you attend and do the readings, is generally very easy and will boost your GPA with minimal effort.


5. Intro to World Art- HAA 0010

This class basically consists of sitting, listening, and watching powerpoint slides scroll by for a few hours a week and it’s actually kind of fun! You’ll learn about art you’ve never seen and you’ll learn the history behind some of the most famous works in the world. There are few grades but the assignments are easy and the tests are simple if you paid attention in class and memorized the given terms and works.


6. Public Speaking- COMMRC 0520

A requirement for most majors, this class is an easy A as long as you can stand up and talk for a few minutes every few weeks. While this may sound scary to some, the class is lowkey and the topics are always interesting. While the workload is small, this class gives students a lot of useful skills for the real world and for other classes/opportunities in college.


7. Intro to Film- ENGFLM 0400

This class is offputting at first solely due to its length but the majority of that class time is spent watching films, with a minimal amount of time reserved for discussion. With themes that vary from semester to semester, there’s always a class that will fit your interests for an easy A that’s actually entertaining as well. It gives students a more academic approach to viewing films as well as skills for assessing and discussing films. 

8. Intro to World Music- MUSIC 0311

This class gives students a new approach to listening to music by encouraging students to look at the social, political, economic, and cultural messages behind global music trends. It also forces students to explore music from different parts of the world, therefore opening the minds and ears of students to new experiences and styles. This class, as long as you attend and pay attention, is notorious for being easy although there is a listening component on each exam. 

9. Party Dance- PEDC 0164

A physical education class, this course is literally designed to teach basic popular dance moves for social situations i.e. it’ll give you some perfect new moves to rock in South Oakland all throughout the semester. If you’re looking for an easy A that will set you at a good credit count, any of the PE classes will work but this one is especially fun. 

10. Observational Astronomy- ASTRON 0086

This class is perfect for non-science students who still have to fulfill the Natural Science gen ed requirement because it’s an introduction to astronomy that’s simplified and interesting too! With content covering the solar system and the star, this class also has fun night-time components where students go to the Allegheny Observatory to stargaze and learn even more! A generally easy A, this class will also give you some great information to impress your next nighttime date with.

5 Creative Ways to Stay Healthy at U of Pittsburgh

Everyone wants to feel their best, especially during your college years. You’re stressed enough as it is with school and work and other obligations, sometimes staying fit and healthy seems like more of a task than a fun adventure. There are tons of nonconventional ways to stay fit and active while having fun with your friends at Pitt, below are just a few ideas!

1.Go on walks

There are so many beautiful parks and places to walk around Oakland, use them! Schenley Park is just steps away from campus and offers beautiful scenery and all sorts of hikes from easy to challenging. Take your friends, throw on your sneakers, and get some fresh air while the trees are full and gorgeous! If that’s not your thing, or the winter is too harsh for the forest walks, utilize the city sidewalks! Walk around Oakland, downtown, Shadyside, Southside…wherever! Just get out and move, it’ll really pay off in the long run!

2. Make the trip to the grocery store

Eating out is delicious, easy, and incredibly convenient for all of Pitt’s students, but eating out can really put a damper on your wallet and on your health. Make the trip, once a week, to your grocery store of choice and stock up on fruits, veggies, and healthy meals/snacks to keep yourself healthy and fulfilled AND to save your wallet during the week! Whether you’re a Giant Eagle fanatic or a Whole Foods splurger, there are plenty of stores that can supply your yummy needs!

3. Utilize the gyms

There are TONS of gyms on Pitt’s campus, there is certainly one that suits your needs and style of workout. Whether you’re into busy places and big machines, and even bigger people, or you just want a quiet, relaxing place to meditate, there are plenty of spaces that suit your needs. If the Pete scares you, as it scares me, then try Bellefield or the Union! There are lots of gyms with ranging levels of machines and space, so don’t let fear stop you from working out how you want!

4. Use your friends

Your friends can be your greatest allies in your search for college fitness! Hold each other accountable for your workouts, make healthy, delicious meals together, and plan fun, exciting ways to stay fit that you can do together on the weekends! Make a plan, set a goal, and do it together! Take pictures along the way and make endless memories while staying healthy!

5. Use the Stress Free Zone

Whether you want to dabble in yoga or meditation, the Stress Free Zone is a great place to explore your inner needs and find a path to peace and a personalized way to destress and detox! The center is free and open to people of all levels of meditation and yoga so stop by, leave your personal limitations at the door, and commit yourself to unwinding a little!

There you have it, 5 surefire ways to stay fit and active while on campus and avoid, or work off, that dreadful freshman fifteen! These are all things that you can do with your friends or your significant other so they serve a dual purpose! You can get healthy AND make some fun, awesome memories with the people you love.

5 Ways to Stay Safe at a Party at U of Pittsburgh

College is an amazing time to explore new things, make lifelong friends, and study what you’re passionate about! A big part of college, whether you participate in it or not, is the party scene and at Pitt, there are definitely plenty of opportunities to explore that part of life if you’re looking! If partying is something you do choose to take part it, and there’s no shame in either choice, then there are some things you should know in order to stay safe while having fun at Pitt.

1.Watch your drinks

This is a necessity, especially in these modern days where drugs are cheap, easy to find, and their contents are unknown to most. You can’t trust everyone you meet and you should never trust someone who isn’t explicitly close to you with your drink at a party. If you leave your drink unattended, throw it away and make a new one. It might seem overdramatic but keep yourself and your friends safe by just starting over. There’s no need to risk a life-threatening, life-ruining situation.


2. Don’t leave your friends behind

This works two ways: never leave your friends at a party alone and never let your friend leave alone. You came as a group, you should leave as a group. Obviously, there are exceptions to this from time to time, but make sure you know who your friends are with, if they’re not with you, and how they will be getting home at the end of the night before you split up.


3. Never walk alone

This one goes with #2 but it’s much more common than you think. Sometimes you’ve had enough and just want to go home, but please make sure you convince someone to leave with you. Even if it means waiting a little longer to go, walking with at least one other person is essential to staying safe in Oakland. The streets are dark, the sidewalks are uneven, and we are in a city so not everyone you meet is going to be nice or normal. Air on the side of caution here and walk with a group to keep everyone safe.


4. Trust your gut

Your gut is your best friend at Pitt, especially when it comes to parties. College parties are filled with students trying to impress other students which is normally all fine and dandy…until it isn’t. If you feel like something is off, or you feel uncomfortable in any way, trust your instincts and leave or grab a friend or call campus police. Everyone around you wants you to stay safe so use your resources to ensure that happens.


5. Don’t walk with headphones

Now, obviously, this applies less during the day but at night you should never walk with headphones in. It makes you unaware of your surroundings which puts you at risk while you’re out. It might seem like it makes people think you’re less approachable or offputting, but really it just makes you a target.


6. Don’t take *that* shortcut

You know the one, it shaves 3 minutes off your walk but means you have to walk through an unlit, narrow alleyway, or something to that effect. Again, it’s not worth it! Those shortcuts are gold mines for people looking to harm others and you do not want to be that person. 3 minutes isn’t going to kill you, you’ll get home eventually, but certainly in one, safe, happy piece if you stick to roads that are well lit and densely populated with other people.


Some of these might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t listen and end up in some serious, dangerous situations. The party scene can be great and can give you endless memories, but follow these tips to make sure those are all positive memories 🙂

5 Best Ways to Start Researching at U of Pittsburgh

Pitt is, in case you haven’t heard yet, a research institution, which means there are hundreds of projects going on at any given moment. Most of these projects love employing and working with undergraduates who are motivated, passionate, and hardworking, and there are countless benefits to working on a project. Whether you are genuinely interested in the project and the discipline or you are looking for a great resume booster and possible recommendation letter, finding a research opportunity at Pitt is easy once you know where to look! Below are some excellent ways to get involved as early as your freshman year!

1.First Experiences in Research

This one-credit class may sound like it’s just for freshman, but it’s not! This class is for anyone who is interested in getting involved in research, but just isn’t very sure how to do it. You get paired with a research project that fits your interests and you get to work with researching professionals and in the class, you learn how to write professionally, review papers/posters, and create a research presentation poster! At the end of the semester you present your poster and get to see what everyone else worked on, and you always could continue with your lab if your experience went well!


2. Internship/Research Fairs

These fairs are held all throughout the semesters but keep your eyes and ear peeled for them at the beginning of the semester especially. These fairs are filled with information and networking opportunities that could lead to you finding a project within a matter of days! They are usually professional attire so make sure you have an outfit that is clean and ready to go, and it won’t hurt to bring a resume with you!


3. Undergraduate Poster Presentations

Sporadically throughout the semester, there are poster presentations, where research labs send employees to chat with other peers and departmental advisors, but they are usually open to the public, or at least other Pitt students! If you’re interested in finding a research job but are not sure what kind of project you would like, these events are perfect for pursuing and exploring all sorts of possibilities and you might even find the lab you want to work in right then and there! Again, it wouldn’t hurt to bring a few resumes to these events, just in case!


4. Talk to professors/advisors

If you are really at a loss, talking to your advisors directly or even contacting your professors about their personal research interests and projects can be a great way to get into research! These people are more than willing to help you find your passion and explore your interests and you should take full advantage of them! Just remember to keep your interactions professional and to always respect the work that they are doing, even if it doesn’t seem like the right fit for you.


5. Contact Labs Directly

Finally, you can always directly contact labs or companies that are doing research through email or phone. It’s always a good idea, if you are using this approach, to contact multiple (4-8) labs at once because statistically not too many will reply. Furthermore, make sure your emails and phone calls are professional and talk about your strengths and possible benefits to their projects.


Any of these resources will be a great way for you to start exploring disciplines, finding projects, and getting involved in super exciting research opportunities! Once you find a few projects that you like, reach out and set up an interview! Be professional and stay confident in your additions to the lab and you will surely find a great opportunity!

9 Road Trips You Can Take from U of Pitt

Let’s be real, everyone loves Oakland and the never-ending fun that is Pitt‘s campus, but sometimes you just need a break, an escape to anywhere that doesn’t put french fries on absolutely everything. If you’re lucky enough to have, or know someone that has, a car on campus than a road trip is the perfect weekend escape for college kids that is cheap, easy to plan, and incredibly memorable! Below are some super fun road trips that you can take from Pitt that will help you reset and unwind 🙂

1. Rival Sports Game

Let’s be real, Pitt football hasn’t been the greatest the last few years but the Panther Pitt always has fun and turns out to support the team! Pitt away games are even more fun than home games because the Pitt gets to show how proud they are of their team and their school AND you get to explore a new place! Whether it’s the Penn State football game or a WVU basketball game, these away sporting events are a great reason to take a road trip with a few friends and support the school you love!


2. Niagra Falls

Just a 3 and a 1/2 hour drive, this iconic natural landmark is an awesome trip to take over a long weekend! With stunning views, fun boat rides, and even ziplining, Niagra Falls offers countless Instagram worthy moments and endless memories for friends. If you have your passports, you can cross into Canada and go out at night after seeing the Falls and explore the cute town that surrounds the Canadian side of the Falls!


3. Philly

This drive is a little longer, at just under 5 hours, but if you can switch up the drivers halfway through it is totally do-able! Philly, the city of brotherly love, is a city that has something for everyone! Museums for your artsy friends, historic revolution sites for your nerdy friends, and an awesome nightlife scene for your wild friends 🙂 With a beautiful skyline and endless possibilities, Philly is a great getaway from Pittsburgh, especially if you still wanna be in a city.


4. Cleveland

Similar to Philly, Cleveland will give you a big city feel without the long drive to the Big Apple! A much shorter drive, just 2 hours, Cleveland is a closer option for all the fun city activities: museums, sporting events, tours, food, and parties! You can see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or take a boat tour of the skyline, whatever you do will be fun and memorable for all your friends!


5. Gettysburg

If you’re looking for a more historic trip, visiting Gettysburg is a great option! Just over 3 hours away, this monumental town is full of great history, nice people, and quaint, small-town shops and restaurants! There’s something for everyone here and you can even take Segway tours of the battle site!


6. Lake Erie

Just under 2 hours away, Lake Erie is a beautiful spot for a natural getaway. The views alone from the shore are stunning, but you can swim, kayak, hike, and even rent a boat to go out onto the water! Surrounded by cute shops and yummy restaurants, this spot is perfect for a quiet, calm getaway for relaxing and resetting before going back into the city.


7. PA Grand Canyon

Another natural hotspot, the PA Grand Canyon is a beautiful, scenic wonder that provides numerous hikes and countless pictures! Just about 3 hours away, this is a beautiful drive to an even more beautiful spot and will give you and your friends the perfect space to relax and have fun!


8. Washington DC

Just under 4 hours away, DC is a great spot for a super fun weekend away! There are endless things to do and see and there’s truly something for everyone on your trip to love! From the monuments to the museums to the amazing food scene, DC will give you a huge reserve of fun memories and countless stories to tell for years to come!


9. Cedar Point

Only 3 hours away, Cedar Point is the perfect escape for your thrill seeking friends and your snakc loving buddies! Filled with awesoe rides, delicious food, and super funky picture opportunities, Cedar Point is a great road trip for reliving your child-self and soaking up some fun with your friends!


There ya have it, nine super fun, yet easy to achieve, road trips that will help you relax, unwind, and reset so that you are fresh and ready to return to Oakland! Any one of these trips will leave you with tons of memories with your friends that you’ll cherish for years to come and you can get some pretty awesome souvenirs! Even if you don’t have a car, some of these trips can be taken by bus for a pretty cheap cost so don’t count out the trip just yet! Explore your options and enjoy!

5 Best Burger Places Around U of Pittsburgh

It’s lunchtime, and your morning class went on for far too long today. You’re meeting friends at Market for lunch and all you want is a thick, juicy burger with a few pieces of freshly sliced cheese, sliced tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and a large handful of pickles. So there you are, swiping into Market, salivating over the image of the coming burger and what do you see? Small, thin, dehydrated patties of “beef” with a small square of unknown white cheese barely melted on top. The toppings are picked over and limp while the burgers and bus are almost completely cold. This sad food can in no way be considered a burger and is certainly not going to fulfill your intense craving for that thick slab of meat. Below, are a few tried and proven restaurants that are close by, inexpensive, and absolutely delicious for when you just need that perfect burger.


Located right down the street on Forbes, Stack’d is a hub for Pitt and CMU kids to gather, chat, eat delicious burgers, and watch various sports all at the same time. On some nights, they even have karaoke and trivia and every night of the week is a different deal past a certain hour! The burgers are custom and always perfect, with more options than you ever knew possible! The prices are cheap and the experience is really fun 🙂 Plus, their fried pickles are delicious and totally addictive!


2. Burgatory

Similar to Stack’d, Burgatory is a make-your-own style restaurant where you can custom order any burger your heart desires. Burgatory is great if you want to adventure off campus, try an insane milkshake, or even eat a burger with your coffee at 9 am. The burgers are always great and the service is refreshing after the sad state of service in Pitt facilities. Located down in the North Shore and by the Waterfront, there are tons of ways to easily get to a delicious burger within minutes of campus.



BRGR is great if you’re looking for a slightly more upscale burger joint where the options are a little more limited but the preset menu is creative and delicious. BRGR, located right by the Target in Shadyside, is always busy, filled with happy people enjoying their burgers and their nights. And, to make it even better, it’s a short walk to Millie’s Ice Cream Shop which, if you haven’t tried it yet, is absolutely to die for.


4. Burgh’ers

Located just a short bus ride away in Lawrenceville, this spot is young, hip, and upbeat with tons of make-your-own choices and yummy shakes. This spot is a great get away from the hustle and bustle of campus and is perfect for people watching, casual strolling, and fun boutique shopping. So grab a burger and enjoy this little-known, awesome part of town!


5. Five Guys

And finally, last but not least, everyone’s favorite close, cheap, and always greasy burger…Five Guys is perfect for those afternoons where you can’t imagine leaving campus or those nights where everything else is closed. Plus, the burgers are cheap, the fries are delicious, and they give you free peanuts! It’s a win-win-win!


So there you have it, five new restaurant options for when you can’t go another minute without your dream burger waiting on a plate in front of you and Pitt‘s facilities just aren’t making the cut. These places will for sure deliver a satisfying meal along with excellent service and a fun experience, all for a low price (perfect for a college student)!