Top 10 Library Resources at University of Michigan – Flint

For diligent students, the library is considered to be the most exciting and convenient place to study and research. If you’re looking for a convenient and cozy environment to study, then the Frances Wilson Thompson Library at the University of Michigan – Flint is the right place for you. Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at the University of Michigan – Flint.

1. Interlibrary Loan

The UM-Flint only has one library and although its supplies are more than enough for the needs of its students, there are certain materials that are only available on nearby libraries. Interlibrary Loan allows students to borrow research materials and documents from libraries outside UM-Flint.

woman looking for books at a library

2. Off-Campus Access

Online library resources such as E-Books and E-Journals are available 24/7, whether you’re on or off campus. Students at UM-Flint can easily browse the entire database of the library by simply logging on to their site!

students taking a picture on the university lawn

3. Checking Items Out

The Thompson Library allows students to check out nearly all of its items except for a number of private and secured documents. Check out their site for more information about their borrow and return policy.

female student checking a book from a library shelf

4. Get This (Books from Ann Arbor)

The “Get This” feature is similar to an Interlibrary Loan except, it’s only limited to transactions between the University of Michigan – Flint and Ann Arbor District Library. It’s also significantly much faster, averaging a response time of 2-3 days (if the book is on the shelf) while Interlibrary Loan usually around 1-2 weeks.

stack of books

5. Course Reserves

Course reserves are research materials that professors put behind the circulation desk or make available virtually for the students they are teaching.

research materials on the table

6. Library Instruction and Orientation

All the faculty members of the Thompson Library are more than happy to provide assistance to students for the complete utilization of library resources. The librarians regularly conduct sessions to encourage students to use all library equipment and services.

teacher teaching students

7. Reference Desk

The librarians at Thompson Library can answer any queries via their Reference Desk. Students can use this service in person or online. So if you ever need help or got any question about a library resource(s), the librarians are more than happy to help you out!

teacher on a desk teaching parents

8. WiFi

Of course, regardless of how big your library is, there will always be some materials that are not available in it. Luckily, at UM-Flint, students can access free WiFi services inside the library premise!

smartphones, tablets

9. Computer and Laptops

Just like any advanced libraries, the Thompson Library also has a number of computers and laptops for students to utilize. Students can also access virtual services using library computers.

laptop beside a pen and book

10. Tutorials

Last and arguably the most handful service of the Thompson Library is their tutorial services. Students can ask for personal tutorials from any available faculty at the UM-Flint library. Every additional boost can take you a long way in the university!

student getting tutorial session

Top 5 Libraries at University of Michigan – Flint

1. Thompson Library

The Frances Wilson Thompson Library provides all the essential research materials for both students and faculty members of the University of Michigan – Flint. The first floor of the library mainly has all the computer equipment as well as the executive rooms: the Thompson Center for Learning and Teaching and then the Honors Program. The second floor provides group study rooms and spaces as well as ITS workstations. The third floor has the majority of the research materials, laboratories, and the Children’s Literature Collection.

student doing research

2. Ann Arbor District Library

All residents living within the Ann Arbor District Library area are provided with free services from the library. This includes computers, internet and many more. The Ann Arbor is the only library that allows the “Get This” library service from the UM-Flint.

a photo of a public library with residents studying

3. Detroit Public Library

The Detroit Public Library opened on March 25, 1865, and initially contained a collection of more than 5,000 books and public documents. Today, there are multiple branches of the Detroit Public Library following the need for public collections and resources. The main branch is the closest one to the University of Michigan – Flint.

public library on the evening with students studying

4. Flint Public Library

The Flint Public Library provides a complete learning experience for students and even for young adults that are starting to build their own family. This public library provides research materials and resources specifically catering to the needs of teens, kids, and parents.

books under the desk at the library

5. Lapeer District Library

The Lapeer District Library offers full library services for the public including Borrow/Renew, Virtual Library, and many more. If you love to do extensive research on a particular subject, then the Lapeer District Library is the best choice as you can access their database 24/7 – entirely for free. The library also has a number of award-winning and definitive book lists including Pulitzer Prize Winners, Nebula Award Winners, Hugo Award Winners, Man Booker Prize Winners and many more!

a photo of a librarian using the library computer

Top 10 Library Resources at the UM Dearborn

Doing extensive research and collaboration is essential for any college student. This is why libraries are one of the most important places in a university. So if you’re searching for a library that has advanced technology and collaboration feature, then the Mardigian Library at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is the perfect place to be! Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

1. Borrowing Items

All residents at UM-Dearborn are provided with special borrowing contract. The school has special borrowing/returning rules as well as fines which usually depend on the material and the condition it was returned.

a hand taking a book from a shelf

2. 3D Printing

The Mardigian Library has one 3D printer which is usable for general use of students and faculty members. Get that idea realized via the 3D printer at the UM-Dearborn!

3D design of dropbox


3. Librarian Partnerships

The librarians at the Mardigian Library can provide research assistance to students as well as provide private tutorial sessions to help improve their studies.

librarian checking on library catalog


4. MeLCat

MeL is the eLibrary of the University of Michigan-Dearborn. It operates 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere by students. MeLCat allows all residents at UM-Dearborn to order research materials, books, DVDs, etc. and have them delivered at the library for you to check out.

photo of software disc


5. Research Education

The Mardigian Library offers Research Education Program which basically helps students learn more about any of their course-related assignments and projects. It also aims to improve the students’ research skills and help them become more information literate.

picture of two books with scribbles on it

6. Alumni Services

All UM-Dearborn Alumni can receive a special library card which enables them to borrow books from the Mardigian Library. This card has a specific borrowing/returning contract as well as fines. It’s worth noting that all alumni can avail for the MeLCat service.

graduate students throwing their cap with their professors

7. IDEA Studio

The IDEA Studio provides tools and equipment mainly for group collaborations at the Mardigian Library. This is also where students can access and use the 3D printer.

a study room with book shelves

8. Interlibrary Loan

Can’t find what you’re looking for at the Mardigian Library? Then order it online! Using the Mardigian Library’s Interlibrary Loan, students can order research materials, books and documents from any other libraries outside UM-Dearborn.

a photo of books

9. Reserve a Group Study Room

Whether you have a group project or simply want to collaborate with your classmates, you can easily reserve for one of the two study rooms located on the second floor of the Mardigian Library.

an overview of a library with several study rooms

10. Loanable Tech and Resources

One of the most incredible aspects of the Mardigian Library is that it allows students to check out not only books and documents but computers and equipment as well. Here are just some of the things you can borrow at the UM-Dearborn library: Kindle Fire HD, Kindle E-Reader, HP Chromebooks, Lenovo Chromebooks, Digital Cameras, GPS Units, and many more.

laptop, smartphone, pen and paper and coffee

Top 5 Libraries at the University of Michigan-Dearborn

1. Mardigian Library

The Mardigian Library is the sole campus library of the University of Michigan Dearborn. It supports all the teaching and research needs of the campus. Recently, the Mardigian Library has undertaken a library-wide project to review and revise all of its services to further help all the UM-Dearborn residents.

photo of a library living room

2. Center for the Education of Women (CEW) Library

The Center for the Education of Women Library focuses on providing educational materials and services for the development of women in society. Its main categories include humanities, behavioral science, philosophy and many more.

group of women collaborating

3. Mark Chesler Library Collection

The Mark Chesler Library Collection has more than 1,200 books, films, and journals with topics focusing on social identity, multiculturalism, intergroup relations, and social justice. It’s important to note though that all books at this library are not available for check out.

male student writing on a book

4. Classical Studies Library

The Classical Studies Library houses more than 3,800 books, journals, commentaries and major work references for significant figures worldwide. The library also has a wide collection of classical art and archaeology research materials.

three female students reviewing for exams

5. Sumner and Laura Foster Library

The Sumner and Laura Foster Library is accessible to Economics Department graduate students and faculty members with MCard access at the University of Michigan. It stores a collection of economic books and dissertations completed in the Department of Economics.

library with elevators

Top 10 Library Resources at University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Universities often times build a number of libraries to house a specific collection of documents and materials. But in the case of the University of North Carolina–Wilmington, they prioritize in creating a huge dome of collective knowledge for all their residents. Here are our Top 10 Library Resources you can avail at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington.

1. Interlibrary Loan

When doing extensive research, students may find themselves looking for materials not available at the campus library. This is where Interlibrary Loan comes in handy. Students at UNCW may borrow research materials and books from any library via the Interlibrary Loan. It only takes a few minutes to fill up the form and the student can then get the specific document in a matter of days.

student reading book at the library

2. Learning Commons

Students have access to the various Learning Commons at the Randall Library including the Exercise desks, Computer labs, Technology Assistance Center and more.

study areas at the library

3. Computer and Laptop Availability

In the first floor of the Randall Library, there are over 115 computers and laptops available for general use. There are also iPad kiosks scattered in the library for quick browsing and charging.

student with glasses using laptop

4. Print, Copy, and Scan

All UNCW residents have access to library printers and scanners. The library also has several iPrint stations scattered across the premises. Getting a copy of a specific review material has never been made easier!

student using library printer

5. Reserve Group Study Room

The UNCW library has 8 group study rooms on the first floor and 15 group study rooms on the second floor. It also has 2 study pods on the first floor and the popular Technology Enhanced Collaboration Space (TECS) reservable by any UNCW residents.

study rooms at the library

6. Borrowing and Renewing

The UNCW library has specific rules when it comes to borrowing and renewing borrowed books. They also have specific guidelines when it comes to fines and Interlibrary Loans. But overall, all students are greatly welcomed to borrow research materials and books at the Randall Library.

photo of book stacks

7. Digital Makerspace

The Randall Library offers students access to its digital technology including 3D printing, 3D scanning, 360 cameras, and virtual reality.

digital technology

8. In-Person Help

Need help from a specific topic? How about a research assignment? Well, the UNCW faculty has you covered! From tutoring to research help, you can get all the assistance that you need at the Randal Library!

HELP photo

9. Online Help

Just like how you get quality assistance in-person, the UNCW library also offers astounding online services for all students. These online library services include Email, Phone and Chat supports. These services are also available even after library hours! How crazy is that?

online assistance

10. Floor Maps and Virtual Tour

If you’re a freshman or simply hasn’t fully explored the Randall Library yet (it’s humongous after all), the library has Floor Maps scattered across the library premises. They also have a Virtual Tour that would take you to all the nooks and crannies of the library.

map reading

Top 4 Libraries at North Carolina-Wilmington

1. Randall Library History

According to an archive, the Randall Library was initially created by faculty and staff of William M. Randall in 1997. Since then, the library has grown to its current size, housing the majority of collection and documents of the University of North Carolina – Wilmington. It is currently under renovation for expansion and is expected to be completed by Fall of 2021.

photo of a library with a person reading

2. New Hanover County Public Library – Northeast Branch

This is the nearest off-campus library from the UNCW and offers a wide array of categories including Health, Legal, Kids, and Outreach.

library desk with a stack of books

3. Cape Fear Community College Learning Resource C

This library is the farthest on this list and is owned by Cape Fear Community College. It has a collection of research materials, documents, DVDs and novels available for its residents. It has all the basic library services including Interlibrary Loans, Room Reservations, Borrow and Renew, etc.

a row of books

4. New Hanover County Public Library – Main Branch

The main branch of the New Hanover County Public Library is much bigger than its Northeast Branch and has a significantly larger collection of research materials. It also has some added amenities like computers and laptops, study rooms, etc.

a shelf of books

Top 10 Library Resources at the UNCG

At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, students not only borrow research materials and books from their libraries. The majority of student learning experience occurs and develops at these quiet halls. So if want to maximize your growth as a student at this University, here are the Top 10 Library Resources you can use at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

1. Research Help for Students

The librarians at any libraries of the university provide a myriad of services for students including research guide (by subject), research tutorials, as well as citation guides.

student requires research help


2. Borrow, Renew & Order Materials

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has a clear Borrow and Renew Contract for all of its books. You can check their Loan periods at their library services online. Furthermore, students can now order materials at the library or online.

borrow books from the library

3. Display Case Reservation

Do you want to publicize an event such as a special initiative? The Jackson library, in particular, has a number of display cases that are available for use by campus organizations and academic departments.

student presenting

4. Distance & Online Learning Guide

As an online or distant learning student, you have full access to all materials available on any library at the UNCG. You can also get online services such as Help with Research, Library Catalog as well as Library Online Tools. You could say that nearly everything the UNCG libraries have to offer are now made available virtually!

student using a laptop

5. Electronic Books

The UNCG libraries offer digital copies of all their research materials in the form of E-books. The best thing is that you don’t need things like Kindle, Nook, iPad or a smartphone to access these materials. You can read UNCG E-Books using the library computer or any of your personal computers!

e book reading


6. Tutorials

At UNCG libraries, you can ask for personal tutorials and assistance with your projects through any designated library faculty. Learning is much easier with a tutor around!


7. Digital Media Commons

At the lower level of the Jackson Library, you can find a dedicated space for UNCG students and staffs to create and refine their multimedia projects. Here are just some of the tools available: Digital Images, Digital Video, Digital Audio, Presentations, Web Pages, 3D Printing and many more!

student using a projector

8. Wireless Access in the University Libraries

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the library? Then find it online! Get free wireless internet access across all UNCG libraries!

wireless internet access


9. Printing in the Libraries

Each UNCG student is given a free 75-page worth of standard print for one semester and then 40-page worth of print during the summer. Getting a hardbound material is a lot easier thanks to this privilege!

3D design printing


10. General Use Computers and Software

UNCG libraries provide free general use of their computers for all UNCG students, faculty and staff. They also provide free internet access in their vicinity.

student using library computer


Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

1. Walter Clinton Jackson Library

The Jackson Library is the largest among the 5 libraries and contains the bulk of the UNCG collections including Audio Books, Digital Media, Theses and Dissertations, Government Information, etc. It is open 24-hours during the Weekdays and closes at 10 pm during the weekends.

librarian reading a book


2. Harold Schiffman Music Library

The main purpose of the Harold Schiffman Music Library is to enhance and support the research, teaching and performing activities of UNCG by providing music information, resources and services to all of its residents. The library has 5 laptops, 4 iPads, 2 digital voice recorders, 4 camcorders, 2 microphones and 2 still cameras.

student looking for a book at the library


3. Intercultural Resource Center

The Intercultural Resource Center is a place where all members of the UNCG community can share and build their experiences together. Its main purpose is to create an opportunity to make cross-cultural connections among all students.


4. Interior Architecture Library

The Interior Architecture Library, also known as IARc, was opened in 2009 and housed a collection of books, DVDs, periodicals and student design theses. Some of its more valuable collections include the illustrated guidebook of London indicating the history of its city, the Silver Jubilee Walkway.

library walkway


5. Teaching Resources Center

The Teaching Resources Center has served as a media center offering a large collection of picture books, young adult fiction, audiobooks, board books, kits, manipulatives, and DVDs. Its main purpose is to provide instructional materials and services to students and faculty alike.

library photo with shelves

Top 10 Library Resources at UAB

One of the major study areas for students at the University of Alabama – Birmingham is its 8 major libraries. These libraries offer a wide variety of resources for students to help them on their research and study. Today, we’ve compiled the 10 Library Resources at University of Alabama – Birmingham to help you maximize your time on any of its libraries.

1. Reserve a Space

Students can make reservations on one of the 19 study rooms available for both individual and group studies. This is a first-come, first-serve basis.

student using laptop in the library

2. Interlibrary Loan

The University of Alabama – Birmingham offers Interlibrary Loan and document delivery services which basically enable students to borrow materials not available at the UAB libraries.

book in the library

3. Research Assistance

The UAB has a Reference Department which assists students with identifying, locating and using research materials.

librarian helps students

4. Databases

The UAB has a huge database which all students can access via the library computers. All materials can be categorized by subjects, by types and by providers.

student researching library database

5. E-Journals

Browse through thousands of electronic journals and published materials via UAB’s E-Journals section. All materials are categorized based on their specific fields.

computer data base

6. Instruction and Workshops

The UAB librarians and course instructors can provide collaboration between students to help further their research on a specific topic.

students collaborate with librarians

7. Computing and Equipment

Students can access library computers and equipment to further their study and research. They also have access to printing and photocopying machines as well as Wireless Connections.

students using library computer

8. Borrow and Renew

All current UAB residents can borrow research materials from any UAB library. All printed materials (except non-circulating materials), media and etc. are available for checkout and can also be renewed for a period of time.

student borrowing book

9. Courier Service

The UAB Courier Service enables the transfer of one eligible UAB library material(s) from one library to another. This is done through user request.

books being delivered

10. Copyright Resources

The UAB library staff can help students check for copyright issues on their research materials. With this library service, you’ll mostly never encounter any copyright issue with your research!


Libraries at the University of Alabama – Birmingham

1. Lister Hill Library

The Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences is currently the biggest biomedical library in Alabama. The library was built on 1945 and housed a huge collection of medieval manuscripts and some thirteen thousand rare books.

collection of books

2. Mervyn H. Sterne Library

The Sterne Library, at its present location, opened in service in January 1973. The library has a seating of 1,150 users and has more than a million of printed and electronic books as well as over 41,000 periodicals. This library also provides users access to specialized databases, materials, etc.

library shelves

3. Reynolds-Finley Historical Library

The Reynolds-Finley Historical Library (formerly Reynolds Historical Library) was built on 1958. This library housed a collection of over 14,000 rare books, manuscripts and journals pertaining to history of medicine, science and health care. These materials date back from the 1300s through the mid 1900s.

picture of a library

4. Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences

The Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences contains seven hundred years of medicine represented in the form of instruments, equipment, models and specimens used by healthcare professionals all over the world. Experience the long history and evolution of medicine as it progresses through time.

soldier reading book in a library

5. LHL @ University Hospital


The Lister Hill Library is a branch location of the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences. This library serves hospital staff and currently is not open for the general public.

inside a library with yellow lighting

6. UAB Archives

UAB Archives is the appraisal, collection and reference use of UAB’s official records with historical value. This library provides reference use to both UAB residents and the general public.

archives in library

7. UAB Digital Collections

UAB Digital Collection is an online library that contains all digital research materials and data available for all UAB residents. Students can get assistance about the collections by contacting the Digital Collections staff.

Digital Streams series. Arrangement of numbers, lights and design elements on the subject of digital communications, data transfers and virtual reality

8. 801 Building

The 801 Building is basically a remote storage facility for less-frequently requested items. These items are made available for users via the Courier Service. It is also a treasure trove for Vinyl Albums, CDs and other formats of music.

stack of old cds