Top 10 Library Resources at the Pasadena City College

Collaboration and learning is made a lot easier at the library. With the advancements of technology and information, libraries are now more valuable than ever. Aside from computers and wireless internet, you’re going to find out how library services are vital for the growth and development of a student at any university. Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at the Pasadena City College.

1. Borrow and Renew

At the Shatford Library, every type of material has its own borrowing period as well as renewal guidelines. Overall, all residents at Pasadena City College may borrow and renew books and research materials at the Shatford Library without any hassle.

a collection of books

2. Community Patrons

One of the best features of the Shatford Library is that its borrowing and renewal service extends outside its residents into the general public. Yes, you heard that right – the general public is very much welcome to borrow its books!

girl reading a magazine

3. Group Study Rooms

Share your insights and ideas with your fellow classmates atone of the library’s group study rooms! This is a first come first serve feature which means you need to make a reservation online.

kid reading book

4. Computers and Printing

Students can freely use the computers and laptops at the Shatford Library at any given time (so long as the library is open). They canalso use the printers and scanners if their project requires them to.

group study

5. Disability Services

Are you a person suffering from any form of disability? Then you’ll never feel that way at the Pasadena City College! Their library offers a myriad of services to help you get started on your research and studies! From one-on-one research help to assistive equipment, you’ll never feel left behind at the Shatford Library!

person with disability sign

6. Suggest a Purchase

If you find that something is lacking or missing in the library, you can actually suggest purchasing that book or review material using the Suggest a Purchase feature. You can also use this feature to get updated books that are being required by your professor.

woman buying

7. Interlibrary Loan

Aside from using the Suggest a Purchase feature, you can also use the Interlibrary Loan to borrow books from nearby libraries. This service is completely free and may even be used by the general public.

open page book

8. Chat with a Librarian

Are you at your dormitory doing a particular task? If you suddenly find yourself wanting to ask something from the school’s library, you can do it online anytime, anywhere! Simply login and start chatting!


9. Ask a Librarian

Can’t find the book you’re looking for? Do you need some assistance on your project? You can ask anything on the librarian!

female holding books

10. Research Guide

Getting a private tutor might be costly but not in ShatfordLibrary! Get a private assistance from any library faculty on your projects without spending a single penny!

girl reading book

Top 5 Libraries at the Pasadena City College

1. Shatford Library

The Shatford Library provides free access to all residents at the Pasadena City College as well as the general public within the area. The library is open from Mondays to Sundays and offers parking spaces for the public to use.

books at the shelf

2. Hill Avenue Branch Library

The Hill Avenue Library is one of the branches of the Pasadena Libraries. It holds a collection of books for kids and teens.

kid at the library

3. Pasadena Public Library

The Pasadena Public Library is the central library of the Pasadena Libraries which comprise of nine branch libraries. It has 100full-time employees and serves more than 1.3 million people per year. It has3,000 on-site programs, computer services as well as a huge collection of printed books, periodicals, media, and eBooks.

two heads at the library

4. Lamanda Park Branch Library

The Lamanda Park Branch Library is another branch of the Pasadena Libraries. It is located at South Altadena Drive and is open Mondays to Sundays. It has a collection of children books as well as nonfiction and Spanish/bilingual materials.

books behind the jeans

5. Crown City Books

The Crown City Books is a public library in Pasadena, California. It is located near the Pasadena City College and is a good alternative for students that can’t find review materials in Shatford Library.

books with strings

Top 10 Library Resources at Orange Coast College

Are you planning in enrolling to Orange Coast College? Then lucky for you, we made a compilation of library resources that you could use to improve your studies and excel on your desired course! Check out this Top 10Library Resources at Orange Coast College.

1. Books and Media Reserves

The OCC Library provides all the books and media services needed by its students and faculty members. These research materials can be copied orborrowed for a period of time.

books with coffee and glass

2. Periodicals and Electronic Resources

Students can access e-Books and even periodicals online. This service is also made available even outside the campus area using the Off-Campus Access feature.


3. Ask a Librarian

Do you need assistance on your stay at the library? Whether you’re looking for a specific book or simply needs a tour, you can ask a librarian to help you out!


4. Research Guides

You can also ask a librarian or any library staff to help you on your research and projects. This service is entirely for free and you can avail it as long as the library is open.

student looking at his project

5. Tutorials

You can set up an appointment for a private tutorial session from one of the librarians. You can also ask for tutorials even in groups!


6. WiFi

The OCC Library provides free access to its wireless connection. So feel free to use Google whenever you can’t find the right book for your assignments.


7. Computers and Laptops

Aside from wireless internet, students can also available for free access to the library’s computers and laptops.

laptop and smartphone

8. Printers and Scanners

Did you forget to print your assignments? Then you can easily print it out using the OCC Library printers! You can also use one of its scanners to print important documents and files.

old printer

9. Off-Campus Access

You can access the school’s database 24/7 using the off-campus service. This feature can be used on any device including laptops and mobiles.


10. Library Workshops

The librarians at the OCC Library regularly conduct workshops to help students learn how to do library and information research.

student writing on a whiteboard

Top 5 Libraries at Orange Coast College

1. Orange Coast College Library

The Orange Coast College Library is the only library in the campus and holds all the books, documents, and audio-visual materials. The library is open from Mondays to Saturdays. The library is located at the west side of the campus near the Lewis Science Building.

beautiful library

2. Mesa Verde Branch Library

The Mesa Verde is a branch library of the Orange County Public Libraries. It is open from Mondays to Sundays and focuses on Teens and Kids books. It also has a collection of eBooks and Audio files.

photo of old books

3. Costa Mesa Technology Library

The Costa Mesa Technology Library is another branch of the Orange County Public Libraries. It is open from Mondays to Sundays and holds a large collection of literary and children books. The library also offers 3-D printing demonstrations.

beautiful old library

4. Orange County Public Law Library

The Orange County Public Law Library’s main purpose is to provide reference materials and research services on federal and international statutes, case law. It also offers supporting materials to the legal community and even the general public.

set of encyclopedias

5. Fountain Valley Library

The Fountain Valley Library is another branch of the OrangeCounty Public Libraries. It is open from Mondays to Saturdays. The library holds a number of History, Health, Genealogy, and Business books.

opened book

Top 10 Library Resources at the County College of Morris

There are a lot of stresses in college. From financial toacademic stresses, you might feel overwhelmed by these experiences. But today,we’re going to show you how you can partly or even entirely remove the academicstress in college. Check out these 10 Library Resources at the County College of Morris and make your college life a hundred times easier!

1. Reference and Information Services

Students can get in-person assistance for any reference and information services on the CCM Library. Furthermore, students can also call or even email the library staffs for off-campus services.


2. Borrowing and Returning Materials

Residents at County College of Morris can borrow up to five items per subject using their CCM ID card. Check out their website for specific loan periods of each type of research material.

books in a shelf

3. Course Reserves

The items that are held by professors for a particular course are being kept behind the service desk. Students may photocopy or borrow these items.


4. Online Resources

Students can access the library database even off-campus. This service is also made available for faculty and staff as well as alumni.

book on top of a laptop

5. Archives

The CCM Archives holds all information about the history of the County College of Morris, its faculty and students as well as its entire staff. The archives are available for viewing through appointment basis.


6. Library Cards

All students are given library cards for the complete access of the CCM Library services. Alumni can present their alumni cards to be given an updated library card of their own.


7. Computer Services

The CCM Library provides free general use of their computers and laptops for a specific period of time. Students may access their service so long as the library is open.

laptop with ipad

8. Printers and Scanners

Students can avail for the CCM Library’s printers and scanners. Printing and copying is 10 cents per black and white page while colored pages are 25 cents.

man standing beside a printer

9. Study Rooms

Students in groups of two or more can avail for the CCMstudy rooms. This service is a first come first served. It’s worth noting that these rooms should only be used for study and research to academic.

study room

10. Collection Development Guidelines

The Collection of Development Guidelines helps faculties as well as working students to further their knowledge in teaching students in accordance with the mission of the County College of Morris.

book with italics

Top 5 Libraries at the County College of Morris

1. CCM Library

The CCM Library is the sole in-campus library at the CountyCollege of Morris. It provides all the necessary research materials and books for all residents of the college. The library is open from Mondays to Saturdays.

books on a shelf

2. Morris County Library

MCL was established in 1922, a year after Morris County residents had voted to build a public library. For over 84 years, the library has now grown to house not only books but also a collection of media and digital information.


3. Wharton Public Library

The Wharton Public Library was established way back in May of 1891. It initially contains a collection of 200 books. Today, the library has over 22,000 books, 50 magazines and newspapers, 3,000 audio materials as well as 1,200 sets of DVDs.

spiral books

4. Roxbury Public Library

The Roxbury Public Library opened on February 20, 1961. Since then, the library has now grown five times bigger. It is now filled with computers and books primarily about education, literature and cultural activities.

books with tv

5. Randolph Township Free Public Library

The Randolph Township Free Public Library focuses on providing learning materials for teenagers, children and young families. The library also hosts a number of programs and events to help and guide parents and their children to become better household.

two books with a pen

Top 10 Library Resources at the College of Staten Island

College is about shaping your future. And what better way to create the perfect road than to excel? So today, we’re going to show you how you can shape your future and succeed in life. Here are the top 10 Library Resources at the College of State Island. Be sure to use them all!

1. Library Computing Services

Are you in need of internet access? Do you need to edit or update a presentation? Then fear no more! At CIS Library, you can use all of their computing services entirely for free!

female student using laptop

2. Photocopying and Scanning

Of course, photocopying research materials and other important documents is essential for any student. Luckily, the CIS Library provides general use of their photocopying machines and scanners to all residents of College of Staten Island.

photo of a printer

3. Course Reserves

Students can get textbooks and materials specifically reserved by professors at the CIS library. They can either borrow these materials or photocopy them.


4. Group Study Rooms

Do you want to collaborate with your classmates? If you need a place to share your intellectual ideas or even random thoughts, you can make a reservation to use one of the group study rooms at the campus library – entirely for free!

desks with upside down chairs

5. Off-Campus Access

Do you need to research a specific topic at the library but you’re away from the campus? Good news! You can access the library databaseusing the off-campus access online.

female student with laptop

6. Services for Persons with Disabilities

The College of Staten Island highly encourages the participation of students with disabilities on their library events and services. The CIS Library provides exclusive services for students with disabilities to help them on everything that they need.

elderly pushing a wheelchair

7. Interlibrary Loan

If you find the library missing a particular book, you can use the Interlibrary Loan to order books or materials from other neighboring libraries (off-campus).

ordered books

8. Materials Request Form

This service lets students to request the library to purchase books, journals and audio-visual materials to add on the current collection. You can also use this service to ask the library to purchase a required textbook material for your course.

notebook and pen

9. Research Consultations

Do you need help on your research? Then simply ask for research consultations to any available library staff. Finish your research projects with the help of a free tutor!


10. Archives and Special Collections

The Archives and Special Collections holds and preserves the documents pertaining the history of Staten Island as well as the College of Staten Island.


Top 5 Libraries at the College of Staten Island

1. CSI Library

The CSI Library was first established when former senator John J. Marchi donated his papers and documents about his half-century career to the College of Staten Island in 1999. Over time the library grew and now holds all research materials and documents needed by all residents of the College of Staten Island.


2. West New Brighton Library

The West New Brighton Library was established in 1913. Currently, the library holds a collection of 45,000 books, periodicals, CDs, and videos for adults, young adults and children.

books on shelves

3. Todt Hill-Westerleigh Library

The Todt Hill-Westerleigh Library opened to the public in April 18, 1991. The library is opened 7 days a week and is a walking distance from the College of Staten Island.

white books

4. Hormann Library

The Hormann Library provides all research materials for the residents of the Wagner College. It provides services similar to that of the CSI Library.

library ceiling

5. Mariners Harbor Library

The Mariners Harbor Library opened on December 16, 2013. It is a single-story library that serves roughly 30,000 people.

4 old books stacked

Top 10 Library Resources at Irvine Valley College

The library is where we run to when youneed the information for your academic works. It has a lot of material that canbe utilize for your work and these materials will help you finish your work ontime. There are resources that can be used for your work and here are 10 of the resources that will help you gather information easier at Irvine Valley College.

1. Internet

It internet inside the library helps students to browse on the internet for other sources of their information such as Videos and Pictures. This is accessible to students who want to expand their use of sources and find many information.

social media on phone

2. Librarians

When you don’t have the best book that contains most information you need and its location requires for a professional help, they know where they are placed and they know almost everything!

librarian reading a book

3. Reference Desk

When you’re in doubt or confused with your research go to the reference desk and ask advice for the best thing to do with the librarians.

teacher talking with her students

4. Periodical and Electronic Sources

It contains library database where useful topics about each subject are easy to find.

laptop with e books

5. Books-Media-Reserves

This allows you to search for a book, its location and its availability. It is hassle free, you don’t have to roam and search each book for the title and be disappointed because it’s not available.Just search and know if it is available.

laptop with pen and paper and smartphone

6. Printer

The library has printer for students use. There are accessible to all with the permission of the librarian. You can print your output any time!

photocopy machine

7. Computer

If you don’t have a laptop or forgot to bring one, you can use the library computer to type your work and print afterwards.

kids looking at laptop

8. Research Guides

There are articles and researches that the librarians know that can help the students and these are compiled for easy and efficient access.

mother with son looking at map

9. Books Free for Borrowing

If you’re not still finished reading a book you’re so interested in, you can borrow it from the library. Just present your library card and don’t’ forget to return it on time.

book deposit

10. Library Lectures

Librarians give lecture to students who come in the library and provide handouts. They will also give tour to the students around the library.

math lecture

Top 5 Libraries at the Irvine Valley College

1. Irvine Valley College

This library is the main library inside the college. This provides the students the resources that are helpful to their Academic works.

library hall

2. Heritage Park Regional Library

This library near Orange Coast College that has databases, e-journals, and wifi for students to use for more sources of their information.


3. Katie Wheeler Library

This library provides the most efficient resources and it also provides an area where you can read your book as long as you like.

library hallway

4. University Park Library

This library has computers where you can browse information, it is quiet, a good air-conditioning and it has WiFi, who doesn’t love free WiFi?

college park

5. UCI Science Library

This library has a lot of study space where you can do your academic works peacefully and it provides you almost everything that you need.

Shot of UCI Science library at night

Top 10 Library Resources at the Mount Holyoke College

When we gather information we want to read all the resources that can help us get an idea about something that we are writing. Especially in research, you have to gather all the information you can use so you go to a library. However, a library is huge and if you don’t want to take all day looking for information here are 10 library resources in the Mount Holyoke College that you can utilize:

1. Circulation Desk

This allows you to borrow book and electronic devices such as cables, laptops and camera.  Just ask your librarian and don’t forget toreturn them!

students in front of a laptop, discussing a problem

2. Requesting and Interlibrary Loan

If you don’t want to search the stack for a book and find out it is not available, you can make your request and email to the librarians and they will reply if the book is ready to pick up.

photo of a book

3. Computers

You can use the computer library if you want to search on the internet especially if you don’t have laptop or you didn’t bring one.

female student using a laptop

4. Internet

Surf the internet for more ideas. You can search for pictures and videos and even more information to represent your work.


5. Online Catalog

If you’re already in the library and can’t find the book you are looking for, you can search on the online catalog for the location of the book and for you to know it is available or currently being borrowed.

three laptops with binomials

6. Reference Desk

If you are not confident with the output of your work you can to the reference desk and have your work consulted with your librarians. They will help you and give you advice about your work.

desk with notebook, laptop and stick notes

7. Librarians

If you need something or has a question they are the ones that can help. Approach your librarian, they know almost everything.

librarian selecting a book

8. Database

It contains researches and article for you to use in your research. These are easily accessible, so all you have to do is search the article that can help. It is less hassle that searching the stacks.

photo of database

9. Printer

The library has printers in which you can print your output.  You can ask your librarian for permission.

printer ink

10. Research Guides

The libraries gather useful articles, researches and references that are commonly used by the students. You can search an article that may help you about your academic work.

two students using laptop

Top 5 Library near Mount Holyoke College

1. Mount Holyoke Willinston College Library

This is the main library of the college and aside from the useful resources that can be utilized it also has room for you to conduct a meeting, to study and read.

2. Gaylord Memorial Library

This library has resources that can help students with their work, it also has on going sale to raise funds for the library and allows donation. You can donate a book for someone to use it as asource of information.

a photo of a library

3. South Hadley Public Library

This public library provides resources for people that can be used for their research or any academic work.

book shelf with books

4. Chicopee Public Library

This public library has computer and internet for you to search additional information.

two open books with pen

5. Holyoke Public Library

This public library is for you to extend your resources. It has a lot of books that are useful, computer and databases that will lessen your time consumption in searching for ideas and information for your work.


Top 10 Library Resources at COS

Libraries provide the most efficient source of information. It provides useful resources and material that will help you do your work without consuming a lot of time. It also assures you that you are getting the right information.  Here are the 10 resources that can be found in the library at the College of the Sequoias.

1. Ask a Librarian

When you find it difficult to look for any source of information that you need you can ask a librarian and she will tell you the best book that contains what you are looking for!

female students collaborating with librarians

2. Academic Databases

It contains a collection of electronic databases for research. Now if you think you don’t have enough time to search the entire library this will surely help you. It has a lot of articles that you can use for your research.

students using computer

3. The Writing Center

The writing center help you with your writing. If you’re stuck on the same page and ran out of idea, they can help by suggesting ideas or what to do next. They also suggest the strategies and techniques you can do, the materials and resources you could use to create that A+ output.

student writing

4. Cos Tutorial Service

If you can’t solve your math assignment you can go to the tutorial service. It offers tutoring service on various subjects by the trained tutor. You just have to contact and make an appointment!

tutorial service

5. Research Guides

Useful resources, subject guides and assistance in research are compiled by the librarians. All you have to do is click and search.

book with watch and glass

6. Cos Online Library Catalog?

It provides you the easiest way of searching the location of the book you need. It also allows you to know if the book is currently available and its location.

card catalog

7. Visalia LRC Map

It lets you see the map of the entire library with the location of what you’re looking for. When you click one theMath room on the map it lets you see a picture of the room.

student holding a map

8. Computer Common?

The library provides computers for you to do your research. Computer help desk is an area for students to do their work, writing and printing.

laptop with coffee

9. Internet?

This allow students to browse through the internet to search for another sources of information for research and assignment.

female student biting her pencil in front of a laptop

10. Reference Desk?

This is where you can ask your librarians anything related to academic works. You can ask for consultation with regards to your research to you librarians.

school desk

Top 5 Libaries at the College of Sequoias

1. Visalia Campus LRC

This is the only library in this school which aids the students with their Academic works. It contains all essential review materials for all students at the College of Sequoias. It is currently under renovation and will be available for general use on December 15, 2018.

a pile of books

2. Exeter Branch Library

This library was originally a deposit station, a place where the general public could borrow and return state books. It was set up by Exeter Women’s Club on March 1909. Over the years, it grew to what now has become the Exeter Branch Library. Its collection focuses on materials for children and teens. 

glass on top of a book

3. Tulare Couty Library

This is a public library free for use to all students nearby. Students can use its rooms for studying, meeting and doing their Academic works.

a shelf filled with books with a ladder

4. Farmersville Branch Library

This public library lets the students use computer to do their research and make use of their book for reading and learning.

books with a page design

5. Ivanhoe Branch Library

This public Library contains books, computers, and internet for use in research and work.

old books on a shelf

Top 10 Library Resources at the Cedarville University

Now that you’ve found your goal in life, it’s about time you start walking its path. The road to success might be difficult, but with ample preparation, you’ll definitely overcome any challenges that you may face. At Cedarville University, you can definitely graduate with ease by maximizing the use of its library services. Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at Cedarville University.

1. Curriculum Materials Center

Are you a student that loves to do community work such as teaching the children and the youth? Then Cedarville University will provide you with exclusive educational resources to help you improve with your endeavors!

students collaborating with other students

2. Course Reserves

The librarians at the Centennial Library will reserve A/V materials, papers or books at the Service Desk which students can copy or check out anytime. They can even check them online as they’re also converted into eBooks, eJournals, etc.

a stack of review materials

3. Group Study Rooms

Studying is made easier with peers. At the Centennial Library, students can make reservations of one of its Group Study Rooms. This enables students to grow not just individually but also as a team.

students doing collaboration at a group study room

4. Borrow/Renew/Request

All residents at Cedarville University have the privilege to borrow any review materials at the Centennial Library. They can also renew this contract as well as request for additional documents.

a compilation of magazines and review materials

5. Disability Assistance

The Centennial Library provides reasonable accommodations for users with disabilities in order to promote their involvement in library activities.

persons with disability having a meeting

6. Computer/Printers/Scanners

The Cedarville University provides sophisticated computers and laptops to students which are all entirely free for use. Students can also go to the library for prints and copies of their research materials.

computers with books

7. Research Center

Do you need help with a specific topic? Then the librarians at the Centennial Library are more than happy to help you! You can chat with a librarian during library hours or even better, schedule a research appointment!

students researching with librarians and teachers

8. MediaPLEX

The MediaPLEX is a project support hub where students can go to for copying, printing, laminating, binding and any craft services. The MediaPLEX is located at the lower level of the library where it also offers collaborative workspaces for students and has digital media equipment and computers at their disposal.

students printing and using computers

9. Materials from Other Libraries

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the library, you can request any specific item(s) using the OhioLink (academic libraries), SearchOhio(public libraries) as well as Interlibrary Loan(ILL), a network of libraries throughout the world.

woman writing on a book with a calculator

10. RefWorks

RefWorks is simply a Web-based bibliography and database manager which helps students organize their research and cite their papers more effectively.

students collaborating and writing

Top 5 Libraries at Cedarville University

1. Centennial Library

The Centennial Library was constructed in 1987, during which was the centennial year of the Cedarville University. The library houses all the documents, journals, newspapers and research materials of the college. Aside from providing educational materials for students, the library also provides scholarships for meritorious students.

pile of books

2. Greene County Public Library

The Green County’s Public Library has ranked in the top ten in the U.S libraries for its size and population served (100,000 – 250,000). It has numerous branches which are located in Xenia, Beavercreek, Cedarville, Fairborn, Jamestown, Bellbrook, and Yellow Springs.

stack of books

3. Cedarville Community Library

The Cedarville Community Library is a branch of the Greene County Public Library and was opened to the public in October 1961. In 2001, after a major fundraising drive led by Jan Bosma, the Cedarville College Associate Director of Library Services, a new library building was opened to the general public.

books arranged horizontally

4. Yellow Springs Community Library

The Yellow Springs Community Library is a branch of the Greene County Public Library and was established in 1899. In 1965, the establishment was further developed and erected a new building which is now called the John F. Kennedy Library. The Yellow Springs Community Library is actively supported by the Yellow Springs Library Association via monthly community meetings.

a photo of bookshelves

5. Jamestown Community Library

The Jamestown Community Library opened on October 16, 1928, in the nearby high school of Greene County. In 1937, the library was moved to a room in Town Hall where it has continuously grown to this date. One of its major supporters was John S. Thomas, who donated most of his personal books to the library. Since then, the library has grown significantly and to accommodate more documents and materials, a new building was built in 1998.

female students writing

Top 10 Library Resources at Carthage College

College can be intimidating for many due to all the academic stresses it puts on the students. However, learning can be made significantly easier with the use of university services particularly the so-called “Library.” Today, we’re going to show you how Carthage College has made education a lot easier and exciting for all of its students. Here are the Top 10 Library Resources at Carthage College.

1. Learning Accessibility Services

Carthage College ensures that all students, specifically those with disabilities, can learn and succeed in their academics despite their handicap. Thanks to its Learning Accessibility Services, students with disability can be accommodated by faculty and staff and give essential assistance for their use of the library. It’s worth noting that all of their services are entirely for free!

3 female students listening to lecture

2. Teaching Commons

One of the most essential aspects of learning is communication. Because of this, the Carthage College ensures that it has all the necessary equipment and services to provide and encourage collaboration among its students and faculty members. Teaching Commons enhances the collaboration between students and teachers via various tools and activities such as practice sessions, reading groups, workshops, etc.

photo of teachers

3. Tutoring

Self-studying can be tough. Thankfully, the librarians and staff at Hedberg Library provide individual and group tutoring sessions. From Math to Literature, solve all your projects, quizzes, and assignments with the help of certified professionals!

tutor teaching 2 kids

4. Writing Center

The Hedberg Library offers the Brainard Writing Center, a free resource available to all members of the Carthage community. Basically, this service provides assistance to students, who need help with their thesis, reports, etc. by helping them in choosing their topic, formulating a thesis statement, organizing thoughts, etc.

student writing

5. Interlibrary Loan

If you find yourself searching for a specific material or document that is not available at the Hedberg Library, then you can simply borrow it from any other off-campus library! Simply inquire for an interlibrary loan and you’d get your desired research material in 2-3 weeks.

books on the table at the library

6. Computing

Any advanced libraries have computer systems on it. The Hedberg Library is no different. It has computers, laptops, printers, and scanners all available for the general use of the Carthage community.

ccccccccccccstudent using laptop with book and coffee

7. Borrowing Equipment from the Library

The Hedberg Library allows its community to check out library materials and equipment for a specific amount of time. This privilege also extends to all of its alumni.

elementary student reading book

8. Network and Security

Carthage College provides free WiFi coverage on most of its halls and campus locations including the library. Wired Ethernet connections are also available on all of its establishments within the campus.

ethernet cables plugged onto a modem

9. Media Services

All residents at the Carthage College are eligible to use media services from 7:30am – 7pm. Media services include Cable Television, Carthage Live Streaming, Classroom Technology, and Educational Media. The campus also has its own cable channel: Channel 95, which students can tune onto for any campus activities, announcements, and upcoming events.

class watching a presentation via projector

10. Working at LIS

The Carthage College offers an on-campus job for students who want to earn money as well as gain valuable work experience while studying. Also, by working at LIS, students can get to know other students as well as build a strong relationship with faculty members and staff.

student doing a project on a laptop

Top 5 Libraries at Carthage College

1. Hedberg Library

The Hedberg Library was named after Donald D. Hedberg, a chemist, inventor and successful entrepreneur who donated $1 million to create the ScienceWorks program in 1994. The building has two levels with the lower level housing general books, group study rooms, conference room, and periodicals. The upper level has the information desk, new books, computers, writing center, and teaching commons and resource center.

fiction novels

2. Simmons Library – Kenosha Public Library

Initially named the Gilbert M. Simmons Library, the Kenosha Public Library is the main resource center for the Kenosha County Library System. It has served the city and county of Kenosha for over 100 years. The public library holds a vast collection of kids and teens books, resource materials such as newspapers, articles, eBooks, digital media, voting information and many more.

a section of a library

3. Northside Library – Kenosha Public Library

The Northside branch was built on June 7, 1993, which, including overall furnishings, cost $2,510,000. It is the most recent library of all the Kenosha Public Library branches. The public library has all the advanced digital equipment including printers, computers, and laptops, etc.

common space of a luxurious library

4. Uptown Library – Kenosha Public Library

The Uptown Library is built to accommodate the growing needs of the Westside. The construction cost of this west branch library was a total of $50,000. Currently, the public library has a collection of 6,000 books.

librarian witha stack of books

5. Southwest Library – Kenosha Public Library

The Southwest branch opened to the public on January 16, 1981. It was renovated in 2004 to house more books and research materials. During this time, the Bookmobile goes into service. The public library was further developed in 2009 which saw the addition of computers, laptops and other digital equipment.

female student checking out a book

Top 7 Library Resources at the UNCP

Library services are essential for the growth and development of each student at any given school. And one university opts to focus on providing high-quality library resources to its students and faculty. Check out the Top 7 Library Resources at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

1. Online Research

Can’t go to the library? Then do not fret. At the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, you can easily access the school’s entire research database in just a few clicks of a button. With the help of Summon 2.0, students can search and access online materials and documents whenever and wherever they are.

student online research


2. Library Catalog

One of the many features of the UNCP library is its Library Catalog, called BraveCat. This system enables students to search the library via corresponding keywords or categories. Reading online has never been this easy thanks to BraveCat!

libray catalog


3. E-Journals

The UNCP library also compiled all of its journals and scholarly materials online. Thus, students can now access these research materials without ever having to go to the library! The same goes for its collection of E-Books!

notebooks and journals


4. Citation Linker

Having a hard time looking for a specific book you’ve just read? With the Citation Linker, you can now search for articles, journals or books by just having a citation at hand! Just think of it as searching for a specific music video on YouTube using a single line of lyrics.

student using laptop at the library


5. Research Guide

Do you require assistance on your project? Then the UNCP library faculty has you covered! You can ask for a Research Guidance from any available faculty at the UNCP library. It’s like having a private tutor – for free!

student get research guide


6. Ask a Librarian

Whether you’re looking for a specific book or wanting to learn more on a specific topic, the UNCP librarian will definitely help you out. The UNCP librarians are considered to be very helpful and polite so you can be sure to get the right help that you need!

student asking for help from the librarian


7. Friends of the Library Organization

Lastly, the UNCP has a very healthy library community called the Friends of the Library. Its mission is to help the students be more active on scholastic activities as well as promote the Mary Livermore Library and its collections.

There are many perks in joining this organization including Borrowing privileges, Library Lines newsletter, Invitations to the Friends of the Library sponsored events, National Library Week Book Sale and many more! Learning has never been this fun and engaging!

student organization at the campus


Libraries at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke

1. Mary Livermore Library

There is only one library available at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and that is the Mary Livermore Library. Unlike many libraries on big universities, the Mary Livermore Library provides significant spaces for its students, giving more room for any individuals to study in peace.

Also, the Mary Livermore Library housed nearly the entire collection of research materials and documents of the UNCP, making it a lot easier for students to find and borrow materials. This library is significantly huge and has over 481,000 cataloged volumes, over 172,000 licensed eBooks as well as more than 167 databases – including the Charlie Rose collection, government documents, etc.

a photo of the library

2. Robeson County Public Library

The nearest library outside the UNCP campus is the Robeson County Public Library. It housed a collection of books for Children, Teens, and Adults. Also, students at the UNCP may initiate interlibrary loan for specific materials at this public library.

a photo of a public library

3.  Henderson County Public Library

This library was opened to the public on August 1, 1904, following years of hard work of Edward Jonas – the publisher of the Henderson Journal. After more than a century of service, the Henderson County Public Library has grown to become one of the biggest libraries on the U.S. It stores a vast collection of research materials, public documents, online resources and many more!

library photo with round tables and chairs


4. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library – University City Regional

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is serving more than a million citizens in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. It has 20 branches and is considered to be the leading urban public libraries in America.

professor reading a book at the library


5. Robeson County Public Library

The Robeson County Public Library focuses on enriching the minds of children, teens, and young adults. Its main categories include fantasy novels, children stories, genealogy and computer basics.

two children drawing on a notebook