Top 10 Coolest Courses at Buffalo State College

Taking online classes is fun and enrolling to a class that interest adds more fun in going to school but if you have not decided yet which class to take here are 10 Coolest Courses found at Buffalo State College:


Dancer wearing a beautiful dress while fixing her shoes

Do you still want to enhance your dancing skills? Enroll in this class now! This class teaches starting from the cultural and aesthetic value of dancing up to the dancing techniques including kinesthetic awareness, codified terminology and influential aesthetics elements that define dance techniques.


male and female performing ballet

Do you want to move like a ballet dancer? This class teaches you the basic principles of classical ballet and and allows you to appreciate its art. You will get to enhance your skills in ballet techniques and understanding of its codified terminology, influential aesthetic and historical foundations.


magnifying glass looking at pictures of people from various races

Introduction to sociology emphasizes the study of human society and in this class, you will learn the relationship between individuals and groups in society. This class also teaches the culture, processes, and change in society.


two kids looking happy while using a laptop

This class teaches the application of computers to applied social research problems. You will learn the computer analysis of data on how sociologies use computers in their works. This is one of the coolest class because you will get to develop how computers can help in social research problems.


group of people talking with each other in a meeting

If you consider yourself a talkative person interested in communicating, develop your skills in this class. It teaches the basis for personal and social interaction and helps you develop your communicating skill better as both consumer and producer of messages.


3 ladies smiling while talking

This class will teach the basic of oral communication. If you are interested in public speaking, group discussion and group problems solving and wants to develop this skill the enroll yourself in this class now because this class will help you enhance your ability to orally communicate well.


lady wearing a fashionable hat and coat

This class is for those who are interested in fashion. This class teaches the basic techniques of apparel construction. You will also learn how to measure, sew, select and fit, and compare garment techniques that will help you build your basic techniques in apparel construction.


lady wearing a knitted sweater

Want to learn how to knit? Now you know! Introduction to hand knitting teaches the basics of knitting, different techniques and types of hand stitches from traditional and ethnic knit design to the developmental designs.


an illustration of a bacteria

Learning and identifying about human’s body is interesting and in this class is the introduction to the general principles of disease. You will learn how to prevent diseases by knowing its etiology, signs and symptoms treatment and management of diseases.


a beautiful interior design of a house with sofa and paintings

If your interest is in interior design, then this class is for you! This class will teach you the survey of the theory and practice of interior design and also the emphasis on achieving how to build a healthier environment for people using their space.

Top 10 Coolest Courses at Oregon State University

Having the chance to study the course that interests you make school even more fun, you get able to learn and enjoy both at the same time the things you want to do in future with full of knowledge and here are some suggestions of the courses that will surely bring out the best in you here in Oregon State University!


nurse checking his own blood pressure

Are you interested in being part of the health care team management? This course is for you! This course will help you learn how to provide techniques and a new way of providing easier and stress-free health management with the use of our technologies and this course will also help improve information management.


nurse wearing a lab gown and glasses and a stethoscope

Being able to identify how to assess a person physically, culturally, psychosocially, and spiritually is one of the most interesting in the nursing field. You will be able to appreciate each case through further study of their health history and health assessment. In addition, this class will also teach you how to assess and identify the problems of the person that they never knew about before!


an equipment that measures the temperature and salinity of sea water

If you love exploring the ocean, then enroll yourself in this class now! This class let you dive into the world of the ocean and topics include marine geology and chemistry, ocean currents, coastal and biological processes.


photo of 2 glowing jelly fish

In this class, you will learn about the environment of the ocean. Topics include marine sediment properties and transport and even the history recorded in marine sediments. Environmental cycles such as the carbon cycle in the atmosphere and sea are being introduced as well as the plate tectonics and geological structure of the ocean basin and the physical and chemical properties of seawater.


citizens walking down the street carrying slogans of protests

If you want to write a constitution that addresses the issues of difference, power, and discrimination and involved yourself and your ideas in solving issues following a zombie apocalypse then you must enroll yourself in this class! This class teaches constitution writing about these issues that you want to help resolve.


flag of america with multiple ideas written over it

Are you interested in how the government of the United States function? You might want to enroll yourself in this class and find out how they work; topics include the description and analysis of American politics and government specifically on its elections, media, presidency, Congress, and constitution.


General psychology studies the behavior and experience of humans. If you are interested in studying and understanding the behaviors of a person this class is for you. You will also learn about a person biological bases of behavior.

picture of profile of a person with pieces of puzzle


an illustration of a brain behid sillhouettes of two men

It will always be interesting how the behavior of a person is being affected by the functioning of the brain and this class will teach you that! It also includes neuroanatomy, neurochemistry, neurosurgery, and neurology. After this class, you will understand why a person acts that way.


doctor checking the blood pressure of his patient

This class will help you a lot if you are interested in helping that involves public health because this class will teach you the role of public health in the community and help you develop into an educator to deliver public health.


drugs in the form of tablets and capsules

This class will teach you about the health care delivery systems which include learning the method of how healthcare is being financed and organized then delivered to the public.

10 Hardest Courses at Wofford College

Wofford College is an arts college located in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It offers different major fields of study that helps young individuals achieve their success. The college helps to mold their students and encourage them to reach not just excellence, but also transformation. Here are the top 10 hardest courses offered at Wofford:

1.COSC 235 – Programming and Problem Solving

computer code on a laptop

The computer is one of the evolving technology that is considered, to some, as a necessity. Due to the rising of computers, computer science is, as well, growing. The college provides adequate learning to students about hardware and software, and changes required to develop a better use for computers. Students will give much more attention to the basic or fundamental concepts.

2.ECO 201 – Principles of Microeconomics

an idea of the growth of money using coins and a miniature house beside it

This program helps students analyze market processes and understand how government policies and law works. The course provides knowledge that will help students learn more and develop their ability to think, communicate, and analyze.

3.REL 210 – Archeology of Religion

a statue of a woman and an angel in black and white

Humans are divided by culture, including religion. It is the belief of human that there is always greater and powerful above us all. The college provides knowledge to understand how religion affects the practices and differences of human. Students are furnished broad theoretical framework to perceive the diversity and influence of the religion.

4.SOC 210 – Introduction to Sociology

two young boys playing on a river holding a bamboo stick

Sociology studies human, its developments, structure, and function. The program helps students to dip their thoughts to the study of society and culture. This allows learners to explore everything that defines a human, for instance, race and gender.

5.ARTH 210 – Principles & Types of Architecture

picture of a historic building

This program allows students to study and explore architecture and its principles which recollects historic examples. What makes ARTH 210 complicated is that, aside from the obvious arduous memorization, students will also have to analyze the implications of these principles on various religious and civic structures.

6.CHIN 412 – Chinese Literature in Translation

two books about chinese literature

Chinese is one of the oldest languages and this program allows students to engage themselves in studying how China takes a part in international affairs. This also makes students realize the employment advantages to learning Chinese.

7.HUM 475 – Independent Study in Interdisciplinary Learning Communities

a photo of a library filled with books

This program will mold students to develop skill and knowledge in exploring the world of liberal arts which will be applicable to the modern world. Students will be guided by faculties in administering interdisciplinary learning communities in different areas.

8. ICS 280 – Selected Topics in Intercultural Studies

students from doing a group study

Intercultural Studies teaches students to learn about non-Western countries that they are interested in. The students are then encouraged to study at the place or area that they are studying for deeper understanding.

9.PSY 255 – Introduction to Research

student checking various research studies on a wall

Psychology deals with the mind and behavior of human. This program encourages students to engross themselves to research opportunities in and out of the campus.

10.THEA 212 – The Art of Acting

photo of various camera shooting at an actor with the camera in focus

The theater is concerned with live performances in which actions are well-planned and practiced. This program prepares students to be creative and engage themselves in the world of art. Students will be introduced to hard work, creativity and help develop their talent, courage & skills in a fun way.

Top 10 Hardest Courses at Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology is a private university in Melbourne, Florida. It is a global university that aims to create the future with their mission in advancing in Science and Technology for the benefit of all as well as the planet and they are defined as STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Here are Top 10 hardest courses in Florida Institute of Technology.

1. BIO 5515 – Pharmacology and Drug Design

dropping various liquids on test tubes

This course studies the principles and uses of drugs as well as emphasizing its preclinical studies. You’ll also learn about the structure and function, rational drug design and in vitro cytotoxicity assays. A student in this course must understand each drug and its effect on the human body both positively and negatively.

2. BIO 5630- Sensory Biology

close up shot of an eye

Sensory Biology introduces the vertebrate sensory system and focuses on the processes and perception of the system. All related study to Neurology is already complicated enough that requires the knowledge and patience to undergo each system related and its function in order to understand it as a whole.

3. ENS 5610- Principles of Environmental Security

a photo of a miniature tree inside a broken spherical glass

This course deals with techniques to monitor the response of the Earth’s system, preparing for disaster and responding on emergency procedure, case studies and dealing with the environmental hazards and ecosystem resilience and sustainability. This course is difficult, this is a wide coverage that deals with the world’s environment and everything related to the disasters it can cause and the effect of the aftermath.

4. ENS 5700 – Introduction to Water resources

a bottle pouring water into a glass

Introduction to water resources emphasizes on managing freshwater resources, fundamentals of hydrologic processes, and the importance of water to the human society. This course requires the student the interest of developing knowledge on water resources and the concern of how these waters can be preserved for careful use today and in the future.

5. BUS 5462- Information Security

internet security

The course Information Security is the training ground for skills development in securing the network that includes cryptography, authentication, security policies, and intrusion detection and forensics. This is one of the hardest courses because there are hackers that can alter and damage the system; clueless users are a bigger threat than the hackers.

6. BUS 5438 – Fraud Examination

a man wearing a hoodied jacket while taking off his mask

Fraud Examination covers the nature of Fraud; examines the causes of fraud, how it is committed, and how to prevent it. As a student in this course, you have to analyze how the strategies are developed in how this is done and think of the ways on how to uncover the evidence of this crime. You have to develop your analyzation and your critical thinking.

7. MTH 1011- Precalculus A

calculus formula written on a paper

Precalculus course overviews on math operation, algebraic expressions, quadratics, and linear equation for preparation on calculus. This course requires math analysis and understand the concept in order to apply it to the problems.

8. CYB 5017- Fundamental of Mathematics for Cybersecurity


This course studies the concept of fundamental mathematics for an advanced degree in information and cybersecurity. This is one of the hardest courses because it deals with calculus and statistics. A student in this course must be able to enhance their mathematics skills well and analysis of every problem.

9. BEH 5013- Developing, Strengthening and Maintaining Behavior

students fist bumping to show their solidarity and teamwork

This course covers the Developing, Strengthening and Maintaining Behavior. What makes this course difficult is the strategy you must develop in order to build rapport to your client and also on the strategies on how to maintain for one’s self.

10. BEH 5014- Introduction to Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behavior Analyst

students sharing ideas with one another

Introduction to Ethical and Professional Conduct of Behavior Analyst overviews the Ethical and Professional considerations important in professional practice. Being in this course, one must be able to analyze how the behavior can be related to any ethical and disciplinary standard of professions. One must undergo a full understanding of the Ethics as well.

10 Hardest Courses at Asnuntuck Community College

Asnuntuck Community College is a community college in Enfield, Connecticut. The autonomous institution offers many courses including ones in relation to the insurance and financial industry, business, oceanography, and massage therapy. They also offer a scholarship for students. Here are the top 10 difficult courses at Asnuntuck Community College:

1.ACC 115 – Financial Accounting

calculator, pen and an exam questionaire

This course is an introduction to accounting theory in order to understand basic accounting practices. Financial Accounting requires an interest from students, as well as dedicated time on this course to develop their skills. A student must be able to develop their analysis and interpretation skills in order to make financial decisions accurately.

2. ACC 125 – Accounting Computer Applications

a stack of silver coins with a clock on the background

This course deal with the basics of understanding information systems. Aside from dealing with accounting problems, a student must be flexible to learn software and computer so that they are able to enter data, create reports and prepare financial statements.

3. MED 170 – Law and Ethics for Health Careers

medical personnel using a laptop on a table with stethoscope, correction pen, glasses and pen and paper

Law and Ethics for Health Careers discusses the legal and ethical responsibilities of Health care practitioners. For students who wish to enroll on this course, they must be open to learn about their own beliefs and cultures, as well as the patient’s, so that they will be able to give them the most respectable care. This course is difficult because you must be able to analyze how the professional code of Ethics is utilized, given that it might affect one’s personal belief.

4. MED 216 – Electronic Medical Records Management

a close up photo of a microscope

This course studies Electronic Health records which are now used in a hospital setting. This is for coding and billing, patient’s chart and medical records which also focuses on the day-to-day operation in the front office. One must be able to learn how to use the device as well as come up with solution for errors and the protection of confidential records.

5. CJS 101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

handcuffs beside two keys

This course is an overview of the basic law and criminal justice system. This course is difficult and needs a deep understanding and a student enrolling this course must develop their knowledge on the language of criminal justice. They also learn how to discuss problems and improvements of the system.

6. BIO 115 – Human Biology

close up photo of bacterias

Human biology deals with the overview of the Human Body and how it works as it engages in a changing environment and how it maintains its ability to maintain homeostasis. What makes this course difficult is the number of medical terms to remember and to understand since it will deal with the body anatomy and the body’s different system must be understood well.

7. BIO 101 – Introduction to Nutrition

fresh vegetables including tomatoes, broccoli, and spices

Introduction to nutrition teaches about the basic principle of nutrition with emphasis on the effects on the human body such as metabolism, interaction, and biological basis of human nutrition. One must be able to study and understand the structure and function of nutrients the food contains such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and minerals.

8. ECN 101 – Principles of Macroeconomics

picture of a guy in the background wiht nubers and an arrow on a chart going upwards

This is an introduction to macroeconomics that involves major concepts and tools of economic analysis. This covers issues such as unemployment, business cycles, monetary policy, inflation, monetary policy, etc. This course is difficult because it requires analyzation and interpretation as well as the cause and effect of each problem and each problem solutions.

9. POL 112 – State and Local Government

a female  justice statue holding a sword and a justice balance

State and local government study the functions and role of state and local government. This course also focuses on the ongoing events currently happening in the state governments in order to learn the problems facing the localities and the state. This course is difficult because critical thinking and information literacy skills must be developed as well as writing and speaking skills.

10. EVS 292 – Current Topics in Environmental Science

butterfly on top of a leaf

Current Topics in Environmental Science investigates the topics including the local issues and its impact such as pollution and its effect on environmental health. A student in this course must get involved and educated about current environmental issues the world is facing and must be willing to learn how to resolve the issue.

10 Hardest Courses at Quinebaug Valley Community College

Quinebaug Valley Community College is a public community college that offers many courses which are accredited by the NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc.) and thereby, signify that the College has met the standards of a quality College with sufficient or ample means in catering the purpose of the College, as well as the needs of the students. It is located in Danielson, Connecticut and is one of the colleges and universities in the state of Connecticut. Here are some of the difficult courses of Quinebaug Valley Community College:

1. ACC 123 – Accounting Software Applications

stack of money growing with a small bud of plant on top of each stack and with a huge clock beside it

Accounting software expresses the type of application software that documents and processes the necessary transactions which serve as functions of an information system. This course teaches students the use of financial and accounting software, using IBM microcomputers.

2. ANT 218 – Sex Roles in Western and Non-Western Societies

photo of a man and woman chilling while drinking coffee with a pug

Men and women are different, anatomically and psychologically. Sex role is the accepted and appropriate behavior and attitude of an individual in a community. This course teaches students how to determine the factors that influence the masculinity and feminity of an individual, which will focus on socialization, family life, and the organization of work in some communities.

3. GEO 111- World Regional Geography

two people looking at a map

World Regional Geography allows students to study the world’s major cultural regions including the lands, people, and places. Students will learn about the interchange of several conditions in different regions and background of the history of the world events, as well as the growing of the complex global business environment.

4. MAT 268 – Calculus III: Multivariable

female student looking at a black board with calculus formula

This course is the third course in the calculus trilogy and encourages students to learn the basic of calculus. Some topics included are calculus of vector functions, calculus of vector fields, vector geometry in space, and parametric and polar forms.

5. MED 250 – Principles of Pharmacology

hand holding drug capsules

Drugs are in demand today, especially with the growing new different disease-causing microorganism. This course teaches students the necessary actions needed to provide adequate medication therapy for a client or patient. Since this is an introduction to the nature and properties of drugs, this also teaches students the technical competencies and contemporary legal issues relating to pharmacology.

6. MLT 204 – Clinical Immunology and Immunohematology

blood being observed in a test tube

The immune system is the body’s defense to any foreign material that enters our body. This course is designed to teach students to learn the basic theory and functions of the immune system, and clinical immunology and immunohematology.

7. PHL 191 Death and Meaning of Life

the idea of life after death, seen by a person swimming towards a bright light

People come and go, and there is no such man who can explain what it is to die, or if there is life after death. This course helps students to understand the meaning of death and how different philosophers view death and the fulfillment of human life.

8. POL 103 – Introduction to International Relations

an overview photo of a group of people sitting on a room

It is inevitable that humans are shaped by many factors and are divided by differences. This course is an introduction to the study of international relations to shape students into understanding the international political events and allows them to analyze such events, as well as how the world events are studied.

9. PSY 210 – Death and Dying

statue of a woman dragging two people by the head beside a tombstone

Death is an inescapable event that occurs in human life. This course is designed to help students know the psychological and philosophical literature relating to death. By providing different activities, students will be able to deeply understand the view of death in American society and to make students realize their own mortality and the meaning of living.

10. SCI 111 – Space, Time, and Spacetime

a conceptual photo of space time and warmhole

This course covers the history of the physical sciences which begins during the time if Isaac Newton through the progress of quantum mechanics. It will teach students to know the role of philosophy in the development of physical thought.

10 Hardest Courses at the Aurora University

Aurora University is a private, co-educational liberal arts college located in Aurora, Illinois, United States. AU offers various academic programs through the School of Education and Human Performance, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Nursing, School of Social Work, the Dunham School of Business and Public Policy, These are the top 10 hardest courses at Aurora University!

1. BIO 2660 – Anatomy and Physiology I

anatomy of a man showing internal organs and veins

Anatomy and Physiology focuses on the study of human parts as well as the disorders that may occur in each respective parts. This is a difficult course because it has a lot of branches that need to be understood and there are a lot of terms that need to be remembered! Students must have patience as well as strategy on how to memorize the terms faster.

2. BIO 2280 – Microbiology

a photo of dna strands

This course studies the microorganism which also includes virology, mycology, bacteriology, and mycology. This is a complex course because it compromises various microorganism inside the body as well as in the surroundings. This course requires a good memory and understanding how each organism can be acquired and treated.

3. BIO 3050 – Pathophysiology

man reading a book while sitting on a coach with a pillow

Pathophysiology focuses on the signs, symptoms, and function of organs that are deceased in order to make a diagnosis and for patient care. What makes this course difficult is that it does not require a student to be the smartest, but a strategic mindset on how to absorb all information all at once and have a good outcome.

4.NUR 4780 – Ethical, Cultural, and Policy Considerations in Healthcare

man holding a book beside a stack of books

This course is about breaking down and analyzing a situation with the involvement of ethical rules and policies that are both acceptable and not acceptable in a healthcare setting. This course is hard because there are many possible actions that are considered immoral in the Ethics of a Healthcare setting that can alter the decision of a person and this course require the knowledge of understanding.

5. NUR 3015 – Introduction to Nursing Informatics

a stack of books with an open on at the top

Nursing informatics is the utilization of electronic devices that contains medical information such as the patient’s record. What makes this course hard is that a student does not only need to develop the skills of operating the devices but also develop the skills on how to protect legal information as well as be able to perform immediate actions if an acute error occurs.

6.CHM 1200 – Principles of Chemistry

woman wearing a lab coat performing an experiment with test tubes

Principles of Chemistry is an introduction to organic m, inorganic and biological molecules. This also emphasizes on the topics such as thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, and catalyics. This course has a mixture of physics and mathematics so a student enrolling in this course should consider their patience on dealing chemistry, physics, and mathematics all at once!

7.NUR 3160 – Pharmacological Concepts

a cactus toy in front of an open book

This includes the concepts of pharmacology. Drugs are being studied for applications and for prescriptions and the proper amount is taken. This is a hard course because there are many different drug types particular for a certain disease and a student must have the ability and strategy to learn all the drugs and everything related to it.

8. MTH 2320 – General Statistics

a book beside a grid paper and a pen

This course deals with the general statistical model to analyze and interpret data. A student must be able to use logic and problem solving and figuring out how to approach each problem and solve it.

9.PSY 1100 – General Psychology

man sleeping in front of a pile of books

General Psychology studies human behavior which includes both normal and abnormal behavior, sensations, learning, motivation, and cognition. A student must be able to develop their writing skills, develop strategies in studying efficiently, go deeper with the course and give a lot of time reading.

10.NUR 4500/Z – Nursing Care of the Family

woman holding a wheel chair

Nursing care of the family studies the concept of providing nursing care to diverse families during the prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum period. This course is hard because the student must be able to learn all possible health promotion and health risk assessment action in different client situations. Also, it takes a lot of time reading and understanding how each family works including their beliefs and values and the nursing care done must be able to respect their culture and beliefs.

10 Hardest Courses at Concordia University Irvine

A small group of Southern California Lutherans called the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) planned to build A college to serve the people of the Pacific Southwest that was the named Concordia University Irvine – a private Christian university in Irvine, California, United States. They aim to sharpen the skill and broaden the knowledge of the student to mold them into a professional with a bright future. they offer various courses and these are the top 10 hardest courses at Concordia University Irvine.

1.Educ 451 – Language and Culture

eyeglass on top of a huge book with a tea cup beside it

This course focuses on the study of language and culture on education of both elementary and secondary students and this includes the study of socioeconomic status, cultures, gender, and religion. What makes this course hard is that this is broad and the student must be able to dive into the deeper scopes of factors of the culture and language to understand the complication that possibly occurs in school and the differences of each group.

2.Educ 467 – Emergent Literacy

picture of open book with chapter saying renewing the mind

Emergent literacy studies on the development of literacy skills in young children, ages 0-8. A student must be creative and skillful enough to make strategies on how to build rapport with children; especially at the given range of age, these children are difficult to build trust with.

3.Educ 468 – Observation/Assessment of Young Children

two young children writing on their artbook

This course studies the strategies and tools that will be utilized in order to assess the development of young children ages 0-8. This is a difficult course because a student has to be patient, wise, and creative in order to get the proper assessment of each child.

4.Educ 402 – Creating a Positive Learning Environment

reading a book from the back of the class

This course is to teach students how different factors such as the family, school, friends, and environment can affect one’s well being. This is considered as one of the hardest course because as a student of this course you have understood the cause and effect relationship of each factor, how this affects the student so you must broaden your knowledge, create strategies and be open minded.

5. Educ 248 – Principles/Curriculum of Early Childhood Education

young girl holding a book while holding a flower

This course studies the activities needed to be performed in order to meet the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of young children. This course requires the strategic planning of a student to meet the goal. It requires the intelligence and skillful planning of a student to help develop this child and grow with healthy well-being.

6. HST 226 – United States History

young woman at the library reading a book in the shelves

This course is a survey of the history of the United States from colonial times to the present. This covers the phase of growth and progress of the state being affected by social, political, and economic development. Students must have the patience, knowledge, and develop techniques in memory learning as he studies the phase in the entire state including colonisation, civil war, economic expansion, depression, colonialism and imperialism.

7.HST 371 – Islamic Civilization

woman at the library sitting on a table while reading some books

Islamic Civilization is an introduction to the Islamic people and culture in the middle east from the history up to the present. This is a difficult course especially to those who practice different beliefs and values because, in order to understand the role of their religion in shaping social and political institutions, they have to learn and understand first the religion and their beliefs and values.

8.POL 413 – Religion and Politics in America

man reading the menu at a cafe

Religion and Politics in America studies the role of religion in American public life. Being a student in this course means you should be able to balance his beliefs on religion from the politics. You’ll have to adjust your own religious beliefs and political tendencies.

9.MBA 608 – Business Analytics

two students discussing over a section of a book

Business Analytics focuses on Business analysis to enhance manegerial decision. Being in this course, a student must have the flexibility and creativity to deal with complex business partners. It needs patience to understand ang build plan for a successful outcome.

10.MBA 611 – Data Analytics

woman writing while using her laptop on a table

Data Analytics deals with the techniques and principles of analyzing data. This is considered as one of the hardest course because as one deals with complex data he has to develop data analytic thinking and strategies how to breakdown the problem and come up with a solution.

10 Hardest Courses at Richland College

Richland College is one of 48 two-year, open-admission colleges of the Illinois Community College System located in Decatur, Illinois. They offered various courses and with great practice and learnings it will bring your future into success and these are the top 10 Hardest Courses in Richland College

1. CHEM 2423 – Organic Chemistry I

woman reading a book from a bookshelf at the library

This course emphasizes the study of properties, reactivity, bonding, and behavior of organic molecules. It also deals with purification and identifications of organic compounds. What makes this course difficult is that a student has to understand how an organic compound functions and reacts. It also requires learning a huge amount of molecular theory, reaction and nomenclature to be able to perform the process in the laboratory well.

2. CHEM 1406 – Introductory Chemistry I (Allied Health emphasis)

lady reading a book at the library

This is a broad one that covers topics in organic, inorganic, biochemistry, environmental and food chemistry. This focus on different topics that needed to be understood well in a given time. This requires the full interest and determination of a student to deal with this difficult course because it is confusing and broad.

3.CRIJ 1306 – Court Systems and Practices

an overview of a huge library with a lot of students studying

The court system and practices introduces the judiciary in the criminal justice system, prosecutional right to counsel and the American Court system. This course is one of the hardest courses because of the weight and amount of lessons that needed to be memorized and understood in order to be applied accurately in an actual situation.

4.CRIJ 1307 – Crime in America

woman reading a book at a meeting

This course deals with crime problems in America. The number of crimes that arise as well as the prevention of it is emphasized. There are a lot of different factors why and how crime occurs in America and the same as there are a lot of possibilities that can be done to prevent it. You’ll have to think critically, wisely and practically and give more time to understand, solve and evaluate problems.

5.ENGR 1201 – Introduction to Engineering

woman writing on her notebook

This course is an introduction to the engineering profession. This involves the application of mathematics to solve a problem. What makes this difficult is the mathematics that brings life to this course. As a student of this course, you should be either good with mathematics or at least interested in learning it.

6. ENGR 2334 – Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I

black woman holding a book looking at the camera

The course emphasizes techniques in the application of the fundamentals of thermodynamics to many processes and teaches how to analyze real-life engineering system. Application of mathematics and chemistry in one course is what makes this course to deal with.

7.ECON 1301 – Introduction to Economics

picture of woman writing on notebook and typing in laptop at the same time

Introduction to Economics is a broad course that deals with all the factors that affect the economy of a nation. Since this is broad this becomes a difficult course there are lots of ways how the economy is being affected. Students have to learn about demands, prices and output, market failures, inflation, business cycles, unemployment, trade, supply, etc.

8. GEOL 1445 – Oceanography

lady has fallen asleep while reading a book with a man trying to cover her with a sheet

This course is the introduction of chemical, physical, geological and biological of Earth’s ocean. This course is difficult because of its study ocean life as a whole. A student has to undergo an examination on the ocean surfaces and floor; understanding how seawater, waves and currents, atmosphere and marine resources and pollution.

9. GEOL 1403- Physical Geology

picture of people in the library reading

Physical Geology is the study of Earth’s interaction and processes with the ocean, biosphere, and atmosphere. It also includes the theories, geomorphology, geophysics, and geochemistry that occurs in Earth. This is a difficult course because it requires a lot of time to be able to study and understand the events that takes place on Earth.

10.BMGT 2347- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

guy drawing a miniature photo of earth on his notebook with his friends

This deals with problem-solving in a team environment that involves critical thinking and interpreting data for effective problem-solving. This is one of the hardest course because a student has to be creative and critical in building ways on how to analyze and fix the problem.

10 Hardest Courses at Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University is a public research university in Carbondale, Illinois, United States. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are being offered in the arts sciences, business, education, engineering, and nursing while Professional degrees are offered in dental, mental and pharmacy. They are one of the most promising university in the United States that produces graduate that are highly-educated and skillful individuals. Among all the courses they offered, here are the Top 10 Hardest courses at Southern Illinois University.

1. PSYC 331 – Abnormal Psychology

girl with glasses holding a pencil in front of a notebook while laying on the grass

This course is an introduction to the major forms of psychopathology which studies the symptomology of the different mental disorders, etiology, and treatment. Now, this is a difficult course since it requires a student’s full interest in studying the level of distress that a troubling behavior is causing. It will stir up your mind to think to identify the problem and provide a diagnosis.

2.PSYC 222- Effects of Recreational Drugs on Mind and Body

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This course aims to teach students how drugs produce a reaction on our body, especially with recreational drugs. This is a challenging course and you’ll have to develop a way of thinking about how each drug can alter the user’s memory, attention, behavior, and decision-making. This course also explores the effects of drugs inside the human system.

3.LAW 516- Criminal Law

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This is the study of Ethics and Human rights and those who violate it and are punished. Also defending those people who are violated from their rights or privacy. This is a difficult course because of the amount of information that needs to be studied and each situation has different of ways that can lead into different result based on how you managed the data and the case.

4. LAW 540 – Family Law

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Family law is the course that deals with cases of family issues such as divorce and child custody. This is a difficult course because family issues sometimes involve feelings and this can lead to arguments that can make the issue worse. This course allows one to think and analyze all possible situation of one case especially when talking child custody and divorce.

5. CE 448-3 – Structural Design of Highway Bridges

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Structural Design of Highway Bridges is a branch of engineering from Civil engineering that emphasizes the study of design, construction, operation, and maintenance of roads bridges. This course needs the student’s full responsibility and knowledge on making the accurate calculation about the pathways because it can cost lives of people when one has miscalculation about is measure and strength.

6. ENGR 492 – Special Problems in Civil Engineering

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Students study engineering problems that focus on structural, hydraulic, environmental, applied mechanics, geotechnical, computational mechanic and surveying. This is a difficult course because it is broad that opens in all possible problems on the different situation that can occur.

7. PSYC 302 – Introduction to Neuroscience

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This course studies the role of biological processes in the behavior and other species. Studying Neurology is complicated enough and this course will also include behavioral endocrinology, psychopharmacology, sensorimotor functions, sleep, walking, emotions, psychopathology, and memory. This is difficult because of the complication of the topic that involves the anatomy and functions of each that brings effects.

8. PSYC 303 – Adolescence and Young Adulthood

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This examines the interrelated psychological, biological and social aspect of adolescent life. A student does not only require knowledge but also skills in building rapport and trust towards adolescents since this stage is the most sensitive part of life.

9.CE 310-3 – Environmental Engineering

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An engineering course that focuses on water, land and air pollution control. A student must be able to learn about pollution issues from cause and effect to prevention and control; with all the different source of pollution, a student must be able to analyze wisely to come up with engineering solution on how to control this matter.

10.CE 330-3 – Civil Engineering Materials

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This is the introduction of materials such as cement and aggregates, its production and evaluation and other properties of the material. This is a challenging course because a student must be able to identify the property of a material and how can these affect the setting where it will be used; such as identifying and using the accurate material for a specific project that requires special materials.