10 Coolest Courses at Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a private Roman Catholic university in Lisle, Illinois.  The school has around 3,000 students. It’s on the west side of Chicago. Here are 10 cool courses that you can take at Benedictine University.

1. MKTG 3810 – Consumer Behavior

Cartoon illustration showing different customers buying items

Consumer Behavior is a course that teaches students about the various databases that you can use to find out insights on shoppers. What is important to a business or even an independent consumer is knowing where the target audience is as well as their buying habits. But you also look for age, hobbies, and outlets where they give their opinions.

2. MKTG 4830 – Marketing Research

people conducting researching in a city

Marketing research goes over the various sites such as Nielson and looks over data to collectively make ideals on what works for a business. This data is then used to make future business moves. It is how the business can justifiably make said business moves with backed up evidence.

3. MGMT 3510 – Managing Non Profit Organizations

hands with hearts on them

If you’re learning to be a manager, this course goes over the sector of non-profits. Managing a non-profit is a large difference from running a standard business. A non-profit manager would oversee workers, handle revenue (which in most cases is used for maintenance of the organization) as well as the various taxes and uses to the greater good.

4. MGMT 3550 – Community Leadership

a large convention center with people

Community leadership is a fun course to take as it goes along with the narrative of becoming a person that represents the a model in the community. A community is a group that is made of like minds on a particular subject. The leader takes the ideas and presents them in such a way where the voices are heard within how the argument is given.

5. ART 3411: Art History I

a water color painting

In this course, you will learn how art and history mesh together to create a course of how art has changed over the years. You will learn the historical background by looking at major time periods of certain types of art. You will also look at major art figures.

6. MCOM 4040 – Christianity in Mass Media

cartoon of business man with devil and angel on shoulder

Christianity in mass media is a course that goes over how Christianity is portrayed in society when it comes to media. Media is consumed by the second and in such that it can have an effect on many people at one time. The course goes over examples of media depictions of events and people in the bible as well as even ideals of the church.

7. MCOM 3330 – Public Relations Principles

a person being interviewed with mics near him

Public relations principles is a course that goes over the various areas of public relations and how it relates to the customer. The customer looks at public relations as a statement usually in the protection of the client or the business when a crisis occurs. But, it also is when said client/business is in general in need of a representative to respond to inquiries on their behalf.

8. SOCI 280 – Cultural Anthropology

a group of african children

Cultural anthropology is a very cool course to take as it depicts a job that is heavily research and adaptation based. To learn about a specific culture is to not only make detailed observations but to learn the various research methods that are within the field. You will learn to ask the right questions, go deep into any particular societal ceremonies they have, as well as work in the environment they are in.

9. SOCI 3270 – Social Stratification

diverse hands with one common goal

Social Stratification is a course that goes under the ideal of understanding how people are divided based on a number of variables. People are divided under variables in order to better understand targets or a specific mindset and behavior. Then based on research the person correlates if that mindset/behavior is the causation of the group.

10. MATH 1250: Pre-Calc

calculator and a stack of coins

Precalc is a course that smoothly transitions a student to take regular calculus. Most students need the higher-level math course in order to make it through their major’s weeder courses and prove they know the application. A few topics you’ll learn in pre-calc is the application of algebraic terminology and variables as well as trigonometry.

Benedictine University is a smaller religious college that allows people to meet new people as well as not feel overwhelmed by class size. The campus has a variety of different courses to take all the way from continuing the religious path of knowledge to being a grade a salesperson. If you need extra help from professors the school has employees that are tentative to your education needs.

10 Coolest Courses at Tuskegee University

Tuskegee University is an independent and state-related institution of higher learning. Its programs serve a very diverse community of students. With a strong orientation toward educational disciplines in sciences, professions and technical areas, Tuskegee also emphasizes the importance of the liberal arts as a foundation for successful careers in all areas. Of the many courses offered at the institution, below are some of the coolest.

1. ENGL 0327 – Public Speaking

A microphone on a stage in front of an audience

Speaking in public requires confidence and skill. This course teaches students both. Students taking this course will learn how to compose and deliver speeches to different audiences. Throughout the course, students will write and present speeches in class as part of the classwork. Students who wish to pursue a major in English need to enroll in this course.

2. COMM 0324 – Nonverbal Communication

People in office wear with the words nonverbal communication written above them

Communication can either be verbal or nonverbal. This course in communication discusses the concepts and techniques of nonverbal communication and how they apply in the communication process. Students will learn and practice the various nonverbal cues in the class sessions. The course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in communications.

3. FPAR 0101 – Art Appreciation

A person's face painted with different colors

Art is generally beautiful and interesting. This course allows students to appreciate different forms of art. Students will interact with and analyze various pieces of art throughout the course as they try to understand the nature of art pieces and what the artist intended to bring out. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in Fine and Performing Arts.

4. MUSC 0112 – Marching Band

A matching band playing different instruments

Being in a band is fun. Imagine the symphony of the instruments as you play. This course teaches students how to play various instruments while marching in a band. Students will practice with their instrument of choice in a makeshift band during the course. At the end of the course, students are expected to play their instrument of choice comfortably while marching in a band.

5. CSIT 0265 – Web Design

A poster written WEB DESIGN with different components

If you love computers and how they work, you can gain a new skill by enrolling in this course. The course teaches students the fundamentals of web design using various programming languages. The course is very practical as students will interact with various design tools and programs. At the end of the course, students will be able to create basic web pages that can be hosted on the internet.

6. PHED 0315 – Kinesiology

human skeletal and muscular images

This course discusses the concepts and principles of anatomy and mechanics related to human motion and physical activity. Students will learn very interesting facts about how the human body functions. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in Physical Education.

7. HIST 0210 – History of the United States

The American Flag with the words "UNITED STATES HISTORY" written on it

Learning History is always fascinating since you learn interesting facts that you were not aware of. This course discusses the History of America and focuses on the social, political and economic developments in North America from the Age of Discovery to present times. Students will learn through readings and research.

8. FREN 0101 – Elementary French I

The word "French" written on a background of the French flag and the Eiffel tower

Learning a foreign language is important in the contemporary world. If you wish to learn French, this course teaches students the essentials of novice-level French communication. Students will learn how to speak, write, listen, and read in elementary French. The coursework will be delivered through readings, films and audio clips.

9. PHIL 0203 – Introduction to Ethics

A poster written Ethics and other words on pieces of paper

For students who wish to pursue a major in Philosophy, this is a very interesting course to enroll in. The course acts as an introduction to the concepts related to ethics including all the major ethical theories and their applications. Students will analyze writings from various writers as they try to understand morality.

10. PSYC 0272 – Child Psychology

A child speaking to a female psychologist

This psychology course discusses human development from conception through late childhood. Students will learn very interesting facts about the development stages of children. Students will learn through readings and research projects. The course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in Psychology.

10 Coolest Courses at Prairie View A&M University

Founded in 1876, Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU or PV) is a historically black public university located in Prairie View, Texas. PV has eight colleges that offer baccalaureate degrees in 50 academic majors, 37 master’s degrees and 4 doctoral degree programs. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. ARTS 1173 – Creative Thinking

A colorful poster written CREATIVE THINKING, with each letter formed from different tools and objects in art.

This arts course seeks to develop students’ creative process and allow them to develop different ways of thinking and coming up with the best solutions to problems. Students will read and analyze a lot of readings to develop their creative thinking ability more. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Arts.

2. HIST 1333 – History of Texas

A map of Texas with a cowboy hat

Most people find History exciting. If you are one of them, this course is recommended for you. You will get to learn very interesting facts about the history of Texas from the time of Spanish colonization to the present. The focus will be on the social, economic, and political contributions made to the state of Texas towards civilization.

3. CHIN 1013 – Elementary Chinese I

Written Chinese characters that says Chinese Language

Chinese language is becoming popular across the globe. Get a chance to learn how to speak, listen, read, and write in Chinese by enrolling in this course. At the end of the course, students will have acquired Chinese elementary vocabulary, structures and have a general knowledge of Chinese culture. This course is recommended for any student who is interested in learning a new language.

4. SPED 4013 – Language and Communication Problems

 Two people not understanding each other illustrated in a cartoon. Information coming from one person's mouth creates a cloud of tangled information that goes into someone's ear.

This course in special education teaches students to identify and understand the different problems related to language and communication. Students will learn very interesting concepts about communication and also interact with people with speech disorders just to have a practical view. The course is recommended for students who wish to major in Special Education.

5. PSYC 2423 – Developmental Psychology

A poster written Developmental Psychology with crayons in cartoon illustrations

This course in psychology equips students with the knowledge required to understand child and adolescent development. Through readings and research , students will gain knowledge on conception, genetics, prenatal development and physical, motor, among other concepts. This course is recommended for Psychology major students.

6. ENGL 2383 – Survey of World Literature

The world surrounded by books with different flags of countries

This English course focuses on literary works from known writers across the globe. Students will read and analyze various writings throughout the course to try and understand their style of writing and the context of their writings. Students who wish to pursue English to an advanced level should enroll in this course.

7. DANC 1041 – Folk and Ballroom Dance I

A man and a woman performing a dance

If you love dancing, then this course is meant for you. Students will be instructed on various dance styles. The course emphasizes personal fitness, as students will engage in a series of practical dancing sessions in the studio. The sessions will be supervised by a professional dance instructor who will work to ensure that every student taking the course perfects their moves.

8. ECED 3003 – Introduction to Early Childhood

A female adult playing with children in a daycare setting.

This course discusses the historical, philosophical, and social foundations of early childhood years. Students will learn very interesting concepts about the development of children. Apart from theoretical sessions in class, students taking the course will also participate in observation sessions where they will interact with children.

9. DRAM 1003 – Introduction to Acting

Two acting masks in front of theatre curtains

This is an introductory course for acting. Students learn the fundamental skills and techniques required to be a good actor. The course is very practical and most of the sessions are conducted in the studio where students practice to perfect the taught skills and techniques. This course is recommended for students who wish to pursue a major in drama.

10. KINE 1011 – Swimming I

An underwater photo of a person swimming in a pool

Swimming is such a fun activity to pass time and to keep fit. This course provides beginner swimming instructions to students who have no prior swimming experience. Students will learn the basic moves and safety procedures associated with swimming. At the end of the course, students should be able to perform basic swimming movements on their own.

10 Coolest Classes at Valparaiso University

At Valparaiso University in Indiana, you can take courses in your major, but sometimes stepping outside of your comfort zone can be most interesting. These courses are not only interesting, but will teach you things you may otherwise not have known. Try filling your extra classes and distributions with these courses.

1. Comm 230 – Graphic Design I

White and black abstract grid lines

This course is offered under the Digital Media department in Communications. At Valparaiso, students will learn the basic elements and structures of graphic design. This can be beneficial for any student, as graphic design is used in a variety of fields. From social media management to designs made for resumes or reports, this skill will peak your interests and sharpen your skills. This is also a great skill to put on a resume.

2. CS 260 – Mobile Computing

A woman wearing a watch while she's using her phone.

If you like using your phone in class, this course is perfect for you. This Computer Science course focuses on creating apps for Androids, IOS or Windows Mobile devices. Many different aspects of app creation are taken into consideration when making the app, including hardware interaction and common patterns. Learn how apps are made and make your own for a deeper understanding of the world at your fingertips.

3. ED 206 – School and Society

Children playing in an urban schoolyard, in a black and white picture

Most students have been in school for a majority of their whole lives. This course examines the relationship between school and society. This course also provides students with historical background on schools in different societies. The economic environments as well as cultural forces that impact schools are looked into as well.

4. ENG 204 – Middle Eastern Cinema

Hands holding a clapboard over a desert background

If you’ve ever had an interest in the Middle East, this course is for you. Paired with films and cinema of modern and contemporary films. Films from the Middle East and North Africa are analyzed. The Cultural Diversity component of the general education requirement can be fulfilled with this.

5. GEO 280 – Geography of Cyberspace

A laptop half-opened on a reflective white table

This course explores the geography of the internet. Part of the Geography department, this course discusses telecommunication and virtual spaces. Students with technology and media interests will enjoy this course. It implements geography as part of the department while tying in element of technology.

6. EAST 140 – Introduction to East Asian Culture

Concrete building with red sign

This course focuses specifically on eastern cultures. Chinese and Japanese cultures, as well as Korean and Vietnamese cultures are discussed in this course. Political, social and cultural values are explored in this course. Cultures are compared for similarities and differences as well as how they flourish in modern times.

7. KIN 191 – First Aid Instructor Certification

Green first aid duffle bag with a white stripe

Being First Aid certified in important in many fields as well as in a general sense in terms of skill. This course will result in this certification if done well. Students will learn the ins-and-outs of first aid and CPR. It is designed specifically for students who hope to become first aid instructors, but anyone can take it and become certified.

8. MUS 204 – Popular Music in America

Man singing into a microphone before a blue background

Students who love music will love this course. Historic trends of American music are dissected in this course. The Music Department offers this course analyzing popular genres of music throughout history. Jazz, hip-hop, gospel, R&B, rock, country and others. This course focuses on origins, history and social, political, economic and cultural impact and context surrounding each genre.

9. ASTR 101 – Astronomy

Silhouette of a person standing under multicolored galaxy sky

Anyone with an interest in the stars and the world above the clouds will love this course. Students will learn about the universe through the historical lens of mankind’s view. Astronomer’s ideas are evaluated and compared as well as the tools and techniques use. The structure of stars and the universe is also discussed.

10. SOCW 260 – Diverse Populations: Human Rights & Justice

Crowd with American flags and umbrellas

Students will learn more about the cultures around them through this course. Social work theories and practices will be discussed through the lens of human diversity. Oppression, human rights and strategies to address social issues are discussed in this course. Students who feel strongly about activism and human rights will benefit most from this course.

Throughout your time at Valparaiso University, you will take plenty of courses that reflect you major and general curriculum. There are plenty of interesting courses that you could take to fulfill your credits while also expanding your mind. Your worldview will be altered and broadened with these interesting courses.

10 Coolest Courses at Westminster College

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Westminster College is a private institution offering students liberal arts and professional programs in a serene environment. The institution offers 39 undergraduate majors and 13 graduate programs and in four schools. Of all the courses offered, below is a list of 10 of the coolest.

1. ART 106 – Drawing, inquiry, and expression

A drawing of a woman's face

This course is considered cool because it encourages and challenges students to analyze and understand the works of art. The course acts as an introductory course in drawing and visual communication. Students will spend time in the course learning new drawing techniques and perfecting their drawing skills. The course is highly practical as students will spend most of the times drawing.

2. PLSC 107 – Exploring global challenges

A person holding the world in their hands

The course in political science tends to explore all the global issues and challenges cutting across all the possible fields such as the ecology, economy, culture, and health. The course helps students to broaden their thinking and understanding of what is happening worldwide. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Political Science.

3. ENGL 133 – Walking

A person's legs captured as they are walking on a dirt road

The course explores the historical culture of walking in America. Students will take walks and later write interesting pieces about what they experience. The course is also fun as students will walk to various places outside the campus and experience new things while meeting new people. The course is accommodative to all students.

4. ART 180 – Photography

A person holding a digital camera

This is a cool course that allows students to explore their thoughts and vision through photography. The course acts as a beginner course in photography as it equips students with the knowledge, skills, and techniques required and used in photography. Students will take capture and edit various photos throughout the course.

5. THTR 218 – Stage makeup

A woman's face with make-up

This is a very interesting course in theatre arts. The course teaches students how to research, design, and apply makeup to characters to suit different performances. Students will practice their makeup application skills throughout the course using different types of makeup. Students that are studying theatre arts are recommended for this course.

6. HPW 152 – Downhill skiing and snowboarding

A person downhill skiing and snowboarding

If you find skiing and snowboarding exciting, then this course is recommended for you. You don’t need to have the know-how on skiing and snowboarding to enroll in the course; it accommodates all types of students and classifies students according to one’s level of experience. At the end of the course, students will be able to ski and snowboard confidently while maintaining all the safety procedures.

7. DANCE 270 – Improvisation/ Composition

Women performing a dance on a stage

This course in dance teaches students how to generate their own dance routines and how to communicate to an audience through dance. The course is mostly practical as students engage in dance projects and routines where they create their own dance contents. The course is recommended for Arts majors.

8. ENVI 301 – Field study

A male and a female conducting a field study in the forest

Studying outside of class is cool and refreshing. This environmental studies course provides just that. Students go on field trips where they collect samples, analyze them, and generate reports; instead of using theoretical approaches to learn. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Environmental Studies.

9. ART 203 – Ceramic Sculpture

A ceramic sculpture of a human face and hands

This is a very hands-on course that gives students the opportunity to explore their artistic imaginations through ceramic materials. Students will learn the concepts and techniques used in ceramic modeling and implement them in their own designs. Students will spend most of the course’s time in the studio practicing and perfecting their sculpturing skills.

10. FILM 345 – Video production

A person shooting a video using a digital camera

This course in Film Studies teaches students about the requirements, techniques, and skills of video production. Students will learn how to shoot, edit and publish videos for different audiences. The course is mainly practical as students will spend time in the lab shooting videos. At the end of the course, students are expected to complete a project where they produce their own video content.

10 Coolest Courses at Central State University

It appears like you can take a university course in just about anything nowadays. At Central State University, you can try various courses that you’ll surely love! In this article, we will talk about the 10 coolest courses at Central State University. If you want your college life to be fun and exciting, try out the courses below. Central State University is a public, historically black university (HBCU) situated in Wilberforce, Ohio, United States.

1.ART 1200 – Introduction to Photography

Students from Central State University in a group picture

First on our list of 10 coolest courses at Central State University is everyone’s hobby nowadays: photography. Art 1200 is an introductory course in photography. This class teaches students the right photo-taking techniques to help create an amazing photo creation. Also, in this course, students will know how to modify digital photo outputs through image processing software.

2. BIO 2000 – Evolution

The evolution theory illustrated.

Are you curious about how life originated? The BIO 2000 or Evolution is a course that explains the history and evolutionary process of life on earth. From fossil records, population biology, genetics to DNA changes, this class will make you crave for more information.

3. CHM 3600 – Introduction to Radiochemistry

Professor and students interact during a science class

Learn about nuclear concepts, calculations, use of radioactive materials, and theory with CHM 3600. If you want to know about cool concepts of chemistry, this class is just right for you. Introduction to Radiochemistry also tackles the principles of mass spectrometry and liquid scintillation.

4. CPS 2215 – Internet Web Essentials

Perfect graphic representation of an internet web.

In today’s digital era, CPS 2215 is a course that you’ll want to learn. This subject teaches students about World Wide Web (WWW) fundamentals, web editors, browsers and internet tools, web design, and even CGI. Imagine knowing all these amazing theories and learning how to apply them properly in your chosen field.

5. COE 2299 – Alternating Cooperative Education

Faculty from Central State University taking a group picture

One of the best courses and also included on our 10 coolest courses at Central State University is COE 2299. The Alternating Cooperative Education is a course that helps students integrate what they learned academically to the real world. With this class, you can experience on the job training and supervision, which can prepare you for your future career.

6. DRM 2215 – Acting I

students acting on stage in a theatre

Do you see yourself acting on TV or in theater? Well, this course under the Drama department can help you fulfill your acting dreams. DRM 2215 or Acting I is about the basic training and practice in creative, vocal, and physical process skills of being an actor. This class also involves experimentation and preparation of scripted and improvised scenes. You’ll surely have fun studying this course.

7. ENG 2100 – Great Books, Great Films

picture of books on one end and a film strip on the other side of the picture

Movies and books can create a world that is beyond reality and if you think that is cool, then take ENG 2100. This course, under the English Department, tackles significant literary works and film adaptations. Students will also learn how to write, view, and discuss film, literature, and their intersections.

8. GEL 1101 – Physical Geology

Sample landmark for Physical Geology.

Another cool class from the Department of Geology is GEL 1101 or Physical Geology. This course is about the origin of the solar system, universe, and the earth, including its materials and interior. Topics of this course also include plate tectonics, rock, and mineral identification and interpretation of geologic structures in the lab.

9. INT 2320 – Advanced 3D Modeling

Graphic inspiration of a 3D modeling design.

Let’s take creativity to a higher level with Advanced 3D Modeling course. If you want to learn how to construct and integrate 3D solid modeling and surface generation to animation, assembly and part models, take INT 2320. This course uses commercial CAD modeling packages that students will surely enjoy!

10. HMP 2250 – Culinary Arts

A group picture of culinary art students busy with food preparation.

The last on our list of 10 coolest courses at Central State University is the HMP 2250 or Culinary Arts. This course talks about advanced service techniques and food production. If you love preparing food, you’ll enjoy this class because you’ll experience realistic production, managerial and service work.

The following 10 courses are the unique and cool classes that you can take at Central State University. Don’t make studying stressful, enjoy your campus life and try unique and cool courses that will help you achieve your dreams.

10 Cool Courses at Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College is a public community college in Poplarville, Mississippi. The amount of tuition it costs a year is around $3,000. The school has around 4,200 undergrad students. Here are 10 cool courses to take at Pearl River Community College.

1. ACT 2324: Commercial Refrigeration

a refrigerator filled with food

Commercial Refrigeration is a course that goes over the many ways that students can sell refrigerators as well as be knowledgable in how they work. Many refrigerators are similar but what makes them different are the key features. A few examples of features is how the cold air is distributed or even having an area with water flowing for easy access.

2. BAD 2713: Principles of Real Estate

1 lit house among many houses

Principles of Real Estate is a course that teaches students the basics when it comes to selling real estate and maintaining it. What real estate entails is usually a residential property or even a commercial building that needs a new home. In this class, you will learn about the many moving parts of buying real estate and selling it. This includes property taxes and a customer’s down payment.

3. BBV 1623: Chimneys and Fireplace Construction

an open fire with wood

Chimneys and Fireplace Construction is a course that teaches students the basics on how to maintain and build these key components in a house/building. In order to have a fireplace, you would need a chimney for ventilation reasons. The course goes over the materials, costs, and what you would need to upkeep/clean the chimneys/fireplace.

4. ECO 2123: Principles of Microeconomics

person trading an apple for money in a graphic illustration

Principles of Microeconomics is a course that goes over the reasons people have the spending habits they do in the economy on a small scale. The small scale usually refers to money and exchanging through either a small business or a single person buying items. It looks at factors such as a person’s income, amount of people in the household, or area in general for jobs.

5. ECO 2113: Principles of Macroeconomics

graphic illustration of consumers buyding different items in a cartoon

Principles of Macroeconomics is a course that looks at the big picture factors that make up money flow. This usually has to do with the overall data for job growth in major areas, household medians, as well as various state-enforced taxes/ laws. It is a great way to be able to predict how the world will look economically later down the road based on current or past trends.

6. DAT 1214: Dental Assisting Materials

an array of dental tools

Dental Assisting Materials is a course that allows students to learn and grow in their career as a dental assistant. The course goes over the many tools that an assistant as well as the dentist use in day to day operations. A few example tools that are used are saliva ejector, a numbing agent, cotton (for fillings) probes and so much more.

7. MAT 0123: Beginning Algebra

algebra math example with variable x

If you are looking for a mostly easy-going course or it has been quite a while since you’ve been in math – then this is the course for you. Beginning Algebra gets you into the habit of thinking critically as well as memorization of steps. Algebra uses letters to act as a variable and you need to configure what the number is equal to for the letter.

8. MAT 1323: Trigonometry

a triangle with the different variables and angles, including hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite sides labelled.

In the course of trigonometry, this math normally teaches you different problems that configure variables in relation to shapes. One of the major things that you learn is the Pythagorean theorem. This mathematical theory considers the sides of a triangle and then gives a missing side that you would look for the variable answer.

9. LLS 1423: College Study Skills

a person studying a book in a library

This course is not meant to frustrate anyone or even make someone feel like they aren’t doing their work but more so a guide for those who might study the material in different ways. Learning study skills sets you up for success. The course goes over how to be organized, how to manage your time as well as being able to take on tasks one at a time and maintain the information in the long run.

10. LLS 1213: Self- Affirmation

sticky notes with happy positive faces

Self Affirmation is all about the idea of reflecting on yourself and what you find to be worthwhile that you have in your life. You self reflect and see what you find yourself to be worth. It is a very important course. Many students give up or believe they are not capable of doing more for themselves when that is not the case. This class can help to re-evaluate your life.

Pearl River Community College is a school that is not only super affordable to attend but course wise is great when it comes to variety. The variety of courses goes all the way from learning to organize yourself and your homework to learning how to weld! The courses also are great as the small size means your professors can dedicate time in making sure you feel comfortable with the material as well as feel comfortable asking questions.

10 Coolest Classes at Pacific Lutheran University

Located in Parkland, Washington, Pacific Lutheran University is a private, 4-year institution that offers many courses of study and majors for students interested in nearly everything. From Anthropology to Theater Studies, PLU students can explore new hobbies, cultivate unique passions, and find lifelong careers. For all those looking to expand their horizons, here are ten of the coolest courses at Pacific Lutheran University.

1. ANTH 104 – Intro to Language in Society

different ways to say hello from different languages in different coloured speech bubbles

Language is all around us, every day, even if we take it for granted oftentimes. Many of us can read, write, and use sounds to communicate – some even in multiple different languages and dialects. It’s hard to realize, but this wasn’t always the case in the history of humanity. In ANTH 104, students will track and understand the spread of language from the earliest human civilizations’ pictograms to the thousands of languages in the modern world.

2. ARTD 230 – Ceramics 1

A person forms a vase on a pottery wheel

Although much of college takes place in lecture halls, classrooms, and laboratories, this unique art design course will take students straight into the studio. Using hand-built and wheel-thrown methods of creating pottery and other ceramic works, students will gain a great introduction to the art of ceramics!

3. ARTD 110 – Graphic Design

Graphic Designer surrounded by color palettes and drawing tablet as he designs.

Graphic Design is a major career field, especially in the world of online businesses, with new technologies and companies popping up every day. ARTD 110 goes over the basics of color theory and composition. For students who are interested in art and design, this introductory course to the topic is a great way to explore this potential career path!

4. ASLS 102 – American Sign Language

Hands spelling out ASL in American Sign Language.

American Sign Language is an incredibly useful skill that allows hearing people to communicate with the Deaf community and hard of hearing people. For students looking for a unique language to learn – one that involves motion and visual cues instead of spoken words – ASLS 102 offers a great introduction. Students will learn vocabulary, grammar usage, and the basics of culturally appropriate behavior when using sign.

5. BIOL 369 – Marine Biology

Diver swimming above a large whale.

Marine biology is the study of the living organisms, including both plants and animals, that live in ocean ecosystems. In BIOL 369, students will be able to take field trips to the ocean and participate in labs about the topics they learn in lecture. From sea turtles and urchins in the reef to the magnificent whales off the coast, students will get a close-up understanding of the creatures in the deep blue.

6. COMA 212 – Public Speaking

A close-up photo of a microphone in front of a crowd

It’s something we all have to do at one point or another – no matter how horrible we feel about it. Let’s face it – public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Thankfully, COMA 212 helps students tackle those fears head-on, covering topics of speechmaking, audience analysis, and delivery.

7. CLAS 326 – A History of Medicine

Historical drawing of a European plague doctor

If you broke a bone, caught the flu, or had chronic pain in Ancient Egypt, what would the doctor treat you with? Although there was no such thing as Aspirin back then, you might be surprised to know that you could receive a prescription for willow bark, the natural plant containing acetylsalicylic acid (the active ingredient in aspirin). CLAS 326 reveals the fascinating journey of human knowledge in healing and medicine, from Egyptian herbology, Hippocrates’ theories, and French plague doctors all the way to the golden age of science during the European Renaissance.

8. DANC 251 – Ballet 1

a ballerina in pointe shoes

If sitting in a lecture hall for hours on end doesn’t interest you anymore, consider taking a dance class! Ballet, a Russian art form that tells stories through orchestral music and dance, is a beautiful and athletic dance to learn. In DANC 251, students will learn the basic technique, vocabulary, and traditions of ballet. Don’t let the grace of a prima ballerina fool you, however – ballet is rigorous and athletically challenging!

9. ENGL 227 – Intro to Poetry and Fiction

Bookshelves filled with multicolored books.

Calling all budding writers! Whether you want to be the next J.K Rowling or Dr. Seuss, Intro to Poetry and Fiction is a perfect starting point. In ENGL 227, students will participate in a workshop-style course where techniques of fiction and poetry writing will be taught. Feedback from peers and instructors will also be offered, but don’t worry – beginners are definitely welcomed.

10. PHED 225 – Ballroom Dance

Silhouette of a couple dancing.

Want to impress at the next wedding you go to? This increasingly forgotten, yet classically beautiful skill is great to have under your belt! In PHED 225, students will learn the basics of ballroom dance with a partner, learn different styles of dance, and have fun in a supportive environment. So ditch that awkward sidestep, put on your dancing shoes, and head onto the dance floor with an air of confidence.

10 Cool Courses at Corning Community College

Corning Community College is a community college in Corning, New York. The school has around 2,300 students attending. The average in-state tuition is around $4k while out of state is around $7k. Here are 10 cool courses you can take at Corning Community College.

1. MKTG 2058 – Principles of Selling

different customers buying different types of items, illustrated in a cartoon illustration.

Principles of selling is a course that goes over the strategies that make for good selling technique. It goes over how one should approach selling; such as tone and phrasing. It also goes over the different markets and niches that one would need to configure who to market to.

2. MKTG 2050 – Principles of Marketing

a group of young professionals networking on the rooftop with a background of the cityline

Principles of marketing go over the main sectors that make up marketing. The parts of marketing are broken up to 4 basic P’s. These 4 P’s stand for product, price, promotion, and place. Once you understand how these all work together you then have an idea of what the job title of marketer does.

3. WELL 1505 – Contemplative Meditation

a woman by plants in a meditative state

Contemplative meditation is a cool course to take as it goes over the ways that one can truly reflect and relax. If you want an easy-going course to take away some stress then this is the one for you. You look into your inner thoughts and grasp what really is making your life stressful. You are in a quiet place for a long time.

4. WELL 1003 – Quit Smoking Your Way

a hand holding a cigarette

In this course, you learn the various reasons why one should quit smoking whether it be vaping, e-cigs, or regular cigs. You look at the health benefits as well as the various ingredients that are in all of them. It’s a great support group that isn’t overbearing on progress.

5. WRIT 1060 – The Research Paper Process

clipboard with the words research paper on it

The research paper process is an extensive writing course to teach students how to create a good research paper. The course goes over the different moving parts in a research paper. You have the intro as well as the thesis, the argumentative data, conclusion and the page that holds your sources.

6. MCOM 1510 – Basic Filmmaking

a table and a script being written on paper, with an ashtray full of cigarette butts and a coffee cup

Basic Filmmaking is a course that goes over how you can make films. You learn how to direct others, get models for the extra shots, put together a basic script, find sight locations, and so much more. It is creatively a cool course to take to make your own creations.

7. MCOM 2150 – Basic TV Production Techniques

the set to for a tv and green screen

Basic TV production techniques is a course that teaches students how to make a TV show successful. The course goes over the various parts of a TV show, such as the lighting, the camera work, the various actors, the equipment, and the landscape. It is a fun course because it is hands-on and gives you real-world experience.

8. ACCT 2050 – Cost Accounting

calculator and a stack of coins on top of a spreadsheet

Cost Accounting is a course that goes over the ways that accountants are handling business when it comes to revenue and expenses. Many businesses leave it to accountants to make sure that the money balance is making the business budget itself accordingly. A few things you learn in cost accounting is controllable and uncontrollable costs as well as out of pocket costs.

9. ACCT 1100 – Federal Income Tax

uncle sam hand holding a bag with the word taxes on it

Federal income tax is one of the main ways that accountants make revenue. Many people, especially ones with their own business, need help at the end of the year doing their taxes. It is so they don’t mess anything up and make sure that everything is accounted for. A few different things you will learn are write-offs such as milage and phone expense.

10. BUSN 1033 – Applied Business Mathematics

money with a target and a calculator, with the title business mathematics written on top

Applied Business Mathematics goes over the basics of math as it relates to the business world. It is a very hands-on course that gives real-world examples so that it is easy to see how it would be a skill a business person would need. You will go over problems such as percentages as well as graphs and simple subtraction, multiplication, division and addition when it comes to revenue and expenses.

Corning Community College is an affordable way for students to be able to attend college courses without having to pay a large amount in debt. The school has a wide variety of courses to choose from. You can learn how to do income taxes for clients or even learn how to make your own short film.

Which Fraternities Have Produced the Most Successful People?

Are you wondering how Greek life could influence your future success? Our analysis revealed that a shocking amount of wealth, power, fame, and success has been acquired by fraternity members after they graduate.

While there are some trends, there are also some surprising contrasts. For example, both President Ronald Regan and musician Willie Nelson are alumni of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

There’s also evidence of alliances that were formed by fraternity brothers. In the case of the college startup, Snapchat, all three co-founders joined the fraternity Kappa Sigma at Stanford.

On average, fraternity membership increases eventual income by 36 percent, even though members also have a drop in GPA by 0.25. However, it may not be necessary to have short-term losses to achieve long-term success. Fraternity members who are also using OneClass’ study resources could see a net GPA increase of 0.75 or more.

Let’s review successful alumni of college fraternities to see which Greek house has produced the most presidents, billionaires, celebrities, and other successful figures.

U.S. Presidents Who Were in Fraternities

Among all U.S. presidents, 29 percent have been in a fraternity.

which fraternity most US Presidents

Delta Kappa Epsilon is the most common fraternity with more than 11 percent of U.S. presidents having been a member. That house has had even more impact in recent years. Among the 14 most current presidents, five have been in a fraternity, four of which were in Delta Kappa Epsilon.

  • George W. Bush: Delta Kappa Epsilon (Yale)
  • George H.W. Bush: Delta Kappa Epsilon (Yale)
  • Gerald Ford: Delta Kappa Epsilon (University of Michigan)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: Delta Kappa Epsilon (Harvard)

Recently, it’s become more common for U.S. presidents to have been a part of the Greek system while they were college students. Among all presidents, 27 percent were fraternity members, but among leaders since 1881, 50 percent of U.S. presidents have been fraternity members.

 presidents who are fraternity members

Billionaires Who Were Fraternity Members

There’s significant wealth among fraternity alumni, and by our count, at least 34 billionaires named to the Forbes 400 list.

The fraternity with the most Forbes 400 members is Sigma Alpha Mu with alumni, including the CEO of L Brands and the founder of Baron Capital.

fraternity with the most billionaires

When we look at the same data by total net worth, we see a completely different story. The total net worth of theSigma Alpha Mu billionaires on the Forbes 400 is less than a quarter of the Beta Theta Pi billionaires. This dramatic difference is due to two Beta Theta Pi alumni: the Koch brothers, each having a net worth of $53.5B. Phi Kappa Psi has the second-highest figure as a result of Michael Bloomberg’s $51.8B net worth.

billionaire fraternity members net worth

Successful Fraternity Alumni

Successful fraternity men have covered the full range of wealth, power, fame, and notoriety. In the lists below, we’ve highlighted selected alumni so that you can get a sense of the personality and priorities of each fraternity.

Alpha Epsilon Pi

  • Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook 
  • Jerry Nadler: Congressman
  • Richard Thaler: Nobel-winning economist
  • Sanford Weill: Citigroup
  • Chet Simmons: ESPN
  • Bernard Marcus: Home Depot 
  • Matt Van Horn: Lyft 
  • Justin Mateen: Tinder 
  • Frank Gehry: Architect
  • Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel: Musicians
  • Wolf Blitzer: TV news anchor

Delta Kappa Epsilon

  • George H.W. Bush: President
  • George W. Bush: President
  • Gerald Ford: President
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: President
  • Theodore Roosevelt: President
  • Brett Kavanaugh: Supreme Court Justice
  • Avery Rockefeller: Banker
  • James McNerney: Boeing
  • Frederick Smith: FedEx
  • Donald Fisher: Gap 
  • Herb Kelleher; Rollin King: Southwest Air
  • Frank Batten: The Weather Channel
  • William Randolph Hearst: Hearst Communications
  • Joseph Wilson: Xerox
  • Dick Clark: Media personality

Alpha Phi Alpha

  • Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil rights leader
  • Thurgood Marshall: Supreme Court justice
  • Duke Ellington: Jazz musician

Beta Theta Pi

  • Charles Koch, and David Koch (Deceased): Tied for 11th richest in the world
  • Sam Walton: Wal-Mart (Note: Sam Walton is deceased, therefore not included in Forbes 400. Adding the Walton family’s $130B net worth to the Beta Theta Pi total above would bring it to $237B.)
  • Bill Bowerman: Nike
  • Dave Gilboa: Warby Parker
  • John Warnock: Adobe
  • G. Kennedy Thompson: Wachovia
  • Stephen Sondheim: Composer
  • John Wooden: Basketball

Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • Ronald Reagan: President
  • Charles Whittaker: Supreme Court
  • Howard Schultz: Starbucks CEO
  • Mike Huckabee: Presidential candidate
  • Willie Nelson: Musician
  • Steven Squyres: NASA astronomer on Mars Rovers
  • Steve Forbes: Forbes
  • Les Paul: Musician; Electric guitar inventor
  • Marc Benioff: Salesforce
  • Elvis Presley: Musician
  • Conrad Hilton: Hilton hotels
  • William Fowler: Nobel-winning physicist

Phi Kappa Psi

  • Michael Bloomberg: 9th richest in the world
  • Woodrow Wilson: President
  • Herbert Dow: Dow Chemical
  • Orra Monnette: Bank of America
  • Jerry Yang: Yahoo!
  • Jerry Nelson: Ticketmaster
  • Zach Braff: Actor

Alpha Phi Omega

  • Bill Clinton: President
  • Rex Tillerson: ExxonMobil CEO and Former Secretary of State

Kappa Sigma

  • Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys
  • Bobby Murphy; Evan Spiegel; Reggie Brown: Snapchat
  • Ted Turner: CNN and TBS
  • Bob Dole: Presidential candidate
  • Richard Burr: Congress
  • Edwin Hubble: Astronomer
  • Robert Redford: Actor
  • Jimmy Buffett: Musician

Phi Gamma Delta

  • Mike Pence: Vice President
  • Calvin Coolidge: President
  • Charles Ergen: Dish Network
  • Brian Lamb: C-SPAN
  • Edmund C. Lynch: Merrill Lynch

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

  • William McKinley: President
  • Howard Wood: Charter Communications
  • Henry Paulson: Goldman Sachs CEO; Treasury Secretary during 2008 financial crisis
  • John Thompson Dorrance: Campbell Soup Company
  • William Faulkner: Nobel-winning author
  • Terry Gilliam: Director

Sigma Chi

  • Grover Cleveland: President
  • Matt Salzberg: Blue Apron
  • Jeff Arnold: WebMD
  • Brad Pitt: Actor
  • David Letterman: TV host
  • John Wayne: Actor
  • Matt Groening: TV cartoonist
  • Tony Hale: Actor

Sigma Nu

  • Charles Schwab: Charles Schwab Corporation
  • Bob Barker: Game show host
  • Eli Manning: Football quarterback
  • James Dean: Actor
  • Kevin Systrom: Instagram
  • Jon Hamm: Actor
  • Rainer Castillo: Chubbies Shorts
  • Glenn Miller: Bandleader

Alpha Tau Omega

  • James P. Hoffa: Labor leader
  • David Bohnett: Geocities
  • J. Erik Jonsson: Texas Instruments
  • Lou Groza: Football Hall of Famer
  • Tennessee Williams: Pulitzer-winning writer

Phi Delta Theta

  • Neil Armstrong: Astronaut
  • James W. McLamore: Burger King
  • Drew Houston: Dropbox
  • Ralph C. Wilson Jr.: Buffalo Bills
  • John Willard Marriott Sr.: Marriott
  • William F. Harrah: Harrah’s Hotel and Casinos

Chi Phi

  • Wilbur Ross: Secretary of Commerce
  • Walter Cronkite: TV anchorman
  • Brewster Kahle: Internet Archive

Zeta Psi

  • Henry Ford: Ford Motor Co.
  • Howard Dean: Presidential candidate
  • John Bardeen: Nobel-winning physicist
  • Dick Wolf: Law & Order creator
  • Richard Yuengling Jr.: Yuengling Brewery

Alpha Sigma Phi

  • Warren Buffett: Investor
  • John Kasich: Governor

Pi Kappa Alpha

  • Karl Rove: G.W. Bush administration official
  • Jon Stewart: Comedian
  • Steve Prefontaine: Olympic runner
  • Michael Dubin: Dollar Shave Club
  • Tim Ferriss: Podcaster
  • Jim Parsons: Actor

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Image attribution: seanlockephotography – stock.adobe.com