10 Cool Courses at Paris Junior College

Paris Junior College is a public community college with three campuses in Texas: Paris, Greenville, and Sulphur Springs. The school has around 3,000-4,000 people on average that attend the school. Here are 10 cool courses to check out at Paris Junior College.

1.BMGT 1341 – Business Ethics

cartoon person confused between choosing between legal and ethical

Business Ethics is a course that allows students to learn what it means to have an ethical workplace. Ethics is all about doing what is right even when it seems easier to break the rules or go against moral code. In the course, you will be given examples of what not to do in a situation as well as people to talk to when in a situation that is similar.

2.CNBT 1309 – Basic Construction Management

construction people building a space

Basic Construction management is a course that allows students to learn how to be an on-site manager for construction. Construction is a fairly hands-on field. In learning to be a manager, you will learn leadership tips as well as how to assign jobs to your associates. It is a great way to learn effective communication with your team.

3. COMM 2311 – Media Writing

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup

Media Writing is a course that allows students to be able to have a cool course in writing. Writing over the years has changed. In media writing, you learn how to convey your message across different platforms. To convey the message you will have to change up how the message is relayed or written for each specific platform.

4. HAMG 1313 – Front Office Management

customer talking to a person at a front desk at a hotel

Front Office Management is a cool course to take as it teaches how to conduct yourself in a professional way. It also teaches students to become leaders in their craft and communicate with others effectively. It teaches correct managing of time as well as assigning tasks to others and working as a team.

5. ACCT 2301 – Principles of Financial Accounting

a page with quickbooks homepage for accounting

Principles of Financial Accounting is a fun course if you are looking to be in an accounting or finance career. It is a course that teaches a student to go over ledgers and statements for differentiating where the revenues and expenses are coming from. It teaches students smart financial decision making.

6.ACCT 2302 – Principles of Managerial Accounting

cartoon of a person with a computer auditing papers

Managerial Accounting is learning to assess the documentation of ledgers and books in order to make leadership positions. It is a great way to keep people in check on where the money is going. If you are very numbers based and looking for a management role then this is a course that combines the two.

7. POFT 1321 – Business Math

person holding a calculator with money coming out titles business mathematics on top

Business Math is a fun course to take as it is a very real-world situation. It looks at dealing with math for percentiles, money and so much more. It is a great course for those looking to have careers in finance and accounting.

8.POFM 1300 – Basic Medical Coding

a doctor inputting information into a computer

Medical Coding is a harder course to start off with but gives all the basics you will need for being able to process orders. It is not as hard as what is seen as traditional coding. It uses a system that was coded or created and that system uses specific terminology to phrase things so that they mean something else, such as a job.

9. ECON 2301 – Principles of Macroeconomics

signs for different currencies of money on a world basis on a globe

Principles of macroeconomics look at the big picture and large scale economics such as the state and federal government money system. It also looks at taxes and trends of buying. If you are looking to learn about money in the large scale way that society spends it then take this course.

10.ECON 2302 – Principles of Microeconomics

person trading an apple for money to represent microeconomics

Principles of microeconomics looks at the buying behavior and factors of small scale economies. This means it may look at how individuals or small businesses are buying and making purchase decisions. It might look at education level, time period, or even abundance of jobs as factors for levels of income.

Paris Junior College is a community college that offers students low-cost alternatives to education without sacrificing valuable learning. The school has a variety of different courses to choose from. The school’s courses prepare them for any job situation they find themselves in.

10 Coolest Courses at Jacksonville University

Here at Jacksonville University, many students enroll in fun and exciting courses. Classes have just the right amount of balance for education and interest thus preparing students for possible career choices. There are a bunch of flexible classes that could fit in anyone’s schedule. There’s a wide range of topics where any student can find a class they are interested in. Here are 10 coolest courses to take at the Jacksonville University.

1. ARH 282 – Western Art to 1850

A title of "The History of Western Art" with a famous painting in the background.

This is a 3 credit course. This course introduces students to the history of western art from its origins to the mid-19th century. Topics include ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Baroque. There will be emphasis on art works during the eras of Neoclassicism, Romanticism, and Realism in modern Europe and the U.S.

2. GER 502 – Practice Concepts Older Adult

An older lady and a man smiling while sitting down next to each other.

This is a 3 credit course. This course introduces theories and skills needed for effective clinical practice with older adults and their families. There will be focus on issues such as the impact of physical and cognitive functioning on mental health; ageism, clinical bias, stigma, and other barriers to service; and ethical dilemmas in practice with this population. Students will develop diagnostic and treatment skills with older adults. There will be emphasis on evidence and strengths-based approaches and caregiving concepts.

3. KIN 140 – Ultimate Frisbee

Two players on different teams playing ultimate frisbee and trying to jump grab the frisbee.

This course is 1 credit. This class introduces the basic skills and knowledge of ultimate Frisbee. It also promotes physical activity via student participation. Students will develop fundamental skills of basic disc throwing and catching; learn offensive and defensive strategies; and gain an understanding of the history, rules and ‘Spirit of the Game’.

4. ELE 303 – CM 4 – Technology

Three young students sitting and playing an educational game on a computer.

This is a 5 credit course. This course focuses on strategies of technology in teaching and learning in a meaningful way to promote a diversity of students’ depth of understanding of concepts and process. Students will learn to use productivity tools for assessment. There is emphasis on current applications of technology used to plan and design technology.

5. SPO 370 – Sport Promotion & Technology

Multiple sports balls and equipments in a pile with a background of clouds and blue skies.

This is a 3 credit course. This course focuses on sport promotion and public relations by using a technology and e-commerce approach. Topics include strategic planning, marketing information management, communication, customer acquisition, event promotion ,and sales. Students will pay attention to the monetization of brand sponsorship and the use of innovative promotional techniques.

6. AVM 321 – High Altitude Training Lab

An airplane flying forward in the sky.

This is a 1 credit course. This course focuses on the study of physiological human factors and how it relates to the causes, components and effects of gas problems (hypoxia) and sensory problems (vision and inner ear) in the aviation environment. Topics includes the experience and documentation of the student’s hypoxic symptoms. Students will test this topic by using a hyperbolic chamber under a professionally controlled environment.

7. GEOG 317 – Natural Hazards

An earthquake, volcano erupting, hurricane, and tornado.

This course is 3 credits. It focuses on the study of the dynamic processes that induce natural hazards impacting human activity. Topics also include impacts of earthquakes and associated hazards, volcanoes, reduction processes, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Emphasis will be placed on natural hazards in the United States and Florida.

8. FVA 364 – Character Modeling Animation

The character development of Link in steps and a grey color.

This is a 3 credit course. This course covers the fundamentals of designing, modeling, texture mapping and articulating characters to be used in an animation environment. Topics include modeling and rigging and how they relate to and facilitates 3D Character animation. This class contains strong emphasis on enhancing Intermediate Computer Animation.

9. COMM 201SI – Principles of Speech Comm

A silhouette of two people talking as depicted by their speech bubbles.

This is a 3 credit course. This course covers speech delivery techniques, organization patterns and content. Students will need to prepare speeches and other oral communication presentations in class for evaluation. Students will be taught to develop and demonstrate skills in a variety of oral communication situations. Emphasis to detail will be given to each student regarding styles of delivery and content of the message.

10. BIOL 207 – General Zoology

A baby mammal being fed milk out of a bottle by a human.

This course is 4 credits. This class introduces students to the study of evolution, general ecology, life histories, physiology, anatomy, and behavior of animals. Lecture and laboratory will be used to survey animal phyla, anatomy and physiology. Students will also travel during field trips to study animals under their natural habitats and conditions.

10 Coolest Courses at West Texas A&M University

West Texas A&AM University is a public university located in Canyon, Texas and part of the Texas A&M University system. It has an enrollment of roughly 10,000 students. The school is a distance education leader with 3 undergraduate degrees that can be completed entirely online. Here are 10 of the coolest courses you can take at West Texas A&M University!

1. ANSC 3375 – Feeds and Feeding

Cows eat candy on a a farm

How would you like to feed animals and get an easy A for it? In this course, you will learn how to feed cattle, sheep, goats, and even horses! You will learn how to give the correct amount of grain feed and protein supplement to each animal. This helps ensure every animal you care for is properly fed and happy.

2. BIOT 4401 – Molecular Cytogenetics

A picture of genes through chromosomes under a microscope.

Cytogenetics is a branch of genetics that is concerned with how chromosomes can influence cell behavior during mitosis and meiosis. In this course, you will focus on how this mechanism works as well as tag DNA probes. In the lab component, you will do some data preparation and analysis. It’s a great course for those looking to enhance their experience in cell biology!

3. CIDM 4350 – Data Mining Methods

Graph of the steps in the data analysis process.

Do you want to be on the leading edge of databases and statistics? Data mining is the process of finding patterns in data. This course will teach you various algorithms people use to discover those patterns. Such patterns will then be used to predict future events and potentially influence decisions.

4.IDS 3392 – Topics in International Studies

Students hold flags of the countries they are studying.

How would you like to choose what to study in your international studies course? Well in this course, you can do just that! You only pick topics that interest you and ones that your professor also agrees to. You can even repeat the course for credit once as long as your topic is different.

5. MKT 4340 – International Marketing

Picture of personholding a globe while arrows point outwards

International marketing is tough work due to the cultural differences inherent in other countries. This course can help you when advertising to a worldwide audience! You will learn about the difference in markets, functions of the market, legal challenges, and socioeconomic challenges. It may be tough to get in to a market but if you can get in, it will be worth it!

6. MUSI 3347 – Music History from Antiquity to 1750

A musician plays a 300 year old violin.

Do you like history and also music? How about taking this history course in music?! You will explore music styles and practices from the ancient world all the way up until the middle of the 18th century. This will tie into the culture, religious practices and even architecture from the relevant regions. This course involves lots of writing, but you knew that was coming didn’t you?

7. NURS 3580 – Adult Health I

Adults talk and walk in the park.

Being a healthcare professional means you will often have to care for adults. In this course, you will be learning various strategies for taking care of adults including CPR and other basic skills. This will enable you to provide care in a variety of settings. After you take this course, you’ll be prepared to go work for a adult daycare!

8. POSC 4372 – Nuclear Weapons and World Politics

Kennedy and Khrushchev arm wrestle over the Cuban missile crisis in a cartoon.

Nuclear weapons have changed the political landscape ever since they were developed near the end of WWII. Now that everyone and their mother can get their hands on one, it is more important than ever to understand the impact of these weapons of war. In this course, you will explore the history of nuclear weapons, their use during WWII, and the consequences for international relations today. Topics include deterrence, proliferation, scenarios for nuclear war, and arms limitations.

9. PSYC 2272 – Professional Psychology: Careers, Ethics and Research Methodology

A word diagram of all the jobs that a degree in psychology can lead to.

This course is a must take for anyone seriously considering a career in any psychology related field. You will explore the many different career options a field such as psychology can yield. You will also learn about the ethics of research and some of the research methods used in various fields. This class will ultimately help you decide whether a psychology career is for you!

10. SOCI 1306 – Social Problems

portrait of old homeless person
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Can you name some social problems in the United States today? Economic stratification, poverty, and race relations come to mind. In this course, you will discuss these issues and many more all with an open mind in a safe space. Perhaps this course will enable you to become a social justice warrior.

Those were 10 of the coolest courses you can take at West Texas A&M University! You can learn about nuclear proliferation in the nuclear and politics class. Find a future career in psychology while you look at the research methods used in the fields. How about feeding cute cows and other farm animals? You can do all of that and more at West Texas A&M!

10 Coolest Courses at Richland College

Richland College is a public community college in Dallas, Texas. The school contains around 20,000 students. The school cost-wise is around $3,000 -$5,000. Here are 10 cool courses to take at Richland College to check out.

1. HRPO 1311 – Human Relations

characters on puzzle pieces connecting

Human relations is a course that is cool because it teaches students how to understand human interaction and learn best policies on how to communicate with them. In human relations, you will learn key skills in communication. You will look at factors such as verbal and nonverbal cues as well as how to phrase things.

2. BMGT 2309 – Leadership

2 people in a business meeting looking over information on a clipboard

Leadership is a fun course to take as it teaches students how to become leaders in their work field. If you’re looking for a more managerial position then this is the course for you. You will learn proper professionalism as well as relaying information in a way that allows for growth.

3. MRKG 2349 – Advertising and Sales Promotion

a horn an the sign for a video play button

Advertising and sales promotion is a course that allows students to learn about what it takes to make sales and how advertising correlates with it. Advertising is all about being able to verbally sell and visually sell a product. Promotion helps make the sale.

4. MRKG 2371 – Strategies in Social Media Marketing

an array of social media apps on a phone

Social Media Marketing is a course that allows students to have a cool hands-on class. In social media marketing, it has become a huge tool to help businesses grow their presence. You will learn brand partnerships as well as plenty of other helpful tips.

5. BMGT 2303 – Problem Solving and Decision Making

a person on a computer figuring out a problem, with hand on nose, in frustration

In the world of business and management, students will take this class and learn the side of handling problems. In this course, you will look at certain situations and assess how one can make decisions that best fit the business needs. The course is a great one in learning how to manage time and resources in a way that goes over obstacles.

6. HRPO 2301 – Human Resources Management

Cartoon of HR manager and employees with money and benefits above heads

Human Resources management is a course that allows students to learn how to manage a department of human resources workers. The course allows students to not only learn valuable management skills but also how to create a work environment that is best for the business and the workers. It is about learning new ways to communicate in a professional and empathetic way.

7. DANC 1110 – Tap I

a group of people on stage tap dancing during a theatre performance

Tap is a course that allows students to learn balance control as well as stealth. It is a fun course to take as it doesn’t take too much out of you mentally. It also gives students a way to stay in shape as it is very legs based.

8.DANC 1341 – Ballet I

a dancer doing a ballet move

Ballet I is a fun course to take that is all about being graceful in your movements. It takes a lot of patience and balance to get right but makes for a great workout. The course will take your mental worries away and train your entire body to get an all over-exercise.

9. TRVM 1101 – Customer Sales and Service

a person checking out items at a register, with customer facing camera and smiling with her arms crossed.

Customer sales and service is a course that allows students to learn how to handle any situation that deals with making customers satisfied. It is all about the phrasing of words as well as being able to hit business metrics. The course is a fun one in knowing how to improve revenue and help customers.

10. TRVM 2333 – Applied Conventions/Meetings Management

a large convention center with people listening to a presentation

In learning how to run a business, one of the major courses that will be helpful to you is about conventions and meetings management. In many situations, you will need to know how to organize a meeting or a convention. Meetings are to be organized in such a way that it does not take away from business needs as well as makes sure that attendance-wise most people can make it.

Richland College is a community college that offers courses to students that are looking for affordable learning alternatives. It is a varied school that still offers courses that are able to pave the way for job success. You can take anything from human resources to even learning a new hobby of tap dance.

Why Parents of College Students Should Care About OneClass

College is an important time that can have lasting effects on a student’s life long into the future. It can determine a student’s career, financial burden, and ability to thrive. Parents and families may face their own challenges, worrying about the academic success of their students as well as their ability to thrive on-campus.

OneClass is a powerful information-sharing platform that, in many ways, has transformed the ways students learn. Let’s review the top five reasons that parents and families should care about OneClass.

Learn five reasons why parents should care about OneClass

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1. Is Your College Student Struggling with Poor Grades?

Academic success in college is crucial. A student with a low GPA could lose financial aid, may have a more difficult time being accepted into graduate school, and may face limited internship opportunities. Additionally, poor academic performance is often seen negatively by professors, which could limit a student’s ability to get recommendation letters or receive nominations for research opportunities.

It’s clear that grades are important. Luckily, today’s sharing economy means that students have access to online resources that can have a dramatic impact on their college grades.

Of the millions of OneClass users, more than 90 percent have improved by at least one letter grade. 

This significant achievement is due to users having on-demand access to more than 10 million pages of study documents. Students also have the ability to search for their school, their department, their professor, and their course. This helps them to access the most relevant materials possible.

For example, consider how helpful it would be for a student to access a study guide that was prepared by a classmate. Rather than a generic resource, the document would be tailored to the exact needs of that class.

2. Do You Want to Support Success Without Being a Helicopter Parent?

As a parent, you’re committed to the success of your college student. However, being overly involved could have unintended negative consequences.

The New York Times writes that of parents who have children ages 18 through 28, 22 percent have helped them study for a college test, and 76 percent have reminded them about deadlines, including schoolwork. However, research shows that helicopter parenting can cause children to be “less self-reliant and more likely to face anxiety or depression.”

A successful strategy for parents is one that gives students the authority to be responsible for their own success. For example, rather than directly helping them with their homework, you can help them to seek out answers by providing access to on-demand online tutoring.

Today’s students are finding success in micro-tutoring with OneClass’ Homework Help. Whether they’re struggling with math, chemistry, or something else, the Q&A platform makes it easy for students to snap a photo of their question. Then, a subject matter expert will reply with a detailed, step-by-step solution. Students can get the help they need, and parents can avoid hovering.

3. How Effectively Is Your College Student Using Class Time?

Lecture classes can be challenging. Some students could find it difficult to pay attention through the entire class. Others could struggle with keeping up with everything the professor is saying. It can become even more difficult if the student has a language barrier or the teacher has an accent.

In many courses, lectures are a critical foundation for academic success. They’re the framework for exams, determine homework assignments, and shape the content of projects. As such, there can be academic consequences to falling behind during lectures, and missing an entire lecture could mean that your student struggles for the rest of the semester to catch up.

OneClass’ Class Notes let students access notes that were taken by one of their classmates. With this readily available resource, they can fill in the blanks about concepts they didn’t understand or catch up if they missed a class. Rather than busily taking notes during class, students are free to actively pay attention.

4. Are You Concerned About On-campus Competition?

For highly competitive colleges and universities, being accepted is only the first hurdle. Students could spend the next four years striving to keep pace with their classmates.

On college campuses, OneClass’ shared class materials could be giving some students an advantage. OneClass has helped millions of college students get better grades. If your children aren’t using them, they could be at risk of falling behind their classmates. Alternatively, they could have to work harder to get the same grades.

5. Are You Worried About Student Debt?

Student debt has become such a significant issue that presidential candidates have student debt policies,  families are looking for strategies to hack student debt, and some students are discovering creative ways to pay for college. However, there’s an easy way for students to earn money for something they’re already doing.

OneClass Note Takers are earning thousands per year by uploading class notes.

For every class, a student can earn $470 by uploading class notes and study guides. This can add up to significant earnings across a semester or academic year. Plus, when students are paid to attend class, they typically find that it also helps their grades. Not only are they earning, but they’re also learning as a result of taking detailed notes and revisiting them when uploading.

Find out how OneClass is helping students succeed in college.

10 Coolest Courses at Cabrini University

Are you attending Cabrini University this upcoming school year? If so, do not be afraid to look at some of the coolest courses that are available to you. Cabrini University provides itself in being able to offer cool and fun classes that any major is available to take. In this article, you will read about ten of the coolest courses at Cabrini University.

1. FRE 101 – Introductory French I

people holding speech bubbles above their heads

In this course, you will focus on the best way to improve yourself as an individual. You will get to learn a new language that not only fulfills your language requirement but will also help you in the future. You need no prior experience with the language, this course is made for beginners.

2. AST 317 – Reality and Popular Culture

animated figures with speech bubbles of different media outlets

In this course, you will get a different perspective on modern day culture. You will learn about how different forms of cultural habits has affected the twentieth century today. You will study certain topics such as movies, music and mass media.

3. BUS 232 – Sports Management

sport manager talking to his client

Sports Management is another great course that will teach you the roles of the sports career. Some topics you will focus on include both leadership and management of personal clients. You will also learn the business side as well as the legal aspect of the career field.

4. COM 247 – Basic Photography

woman in a field holding a camera

Have you ever wanted your hand at photography? This is the perfect course for any beginner. No prior experience is needed. You will learn how to use a camera, along with the software for digital imaging.

5. COM 487 – Career Preparation and Job-Search Techniques

people talking at a busy career fair

For any college student who thinks they need some helping planning out their future, COM 487 is available to you. This is a fun class that can help you by giving you the tools for your own future. You will get to look at the steps you need to take to get to your dream job.

6. AST 203 – Values, Conflict and Community in Popular Stories

students reaching their hands together

AST 203 is a very unique course that any student at Cabrini University should take. This class prioritizes the diversity of its students and community. In this course you will look at the different human value systems and how they impact the community. You will look at topics such as prison guards and incarcerated women.

7. BLK 436 – Black Power

an african american family together in a group picture

Another interesting class that is available to students of all majors is BLK 436. In this course, you will focus on the Black Liberation Movement. You will learn about different topics surrounding the movement such as the Civil Rights Era and how American life has impacted Black culture.

8. CIS 120 – Introduction to Computers

open laptop computers on a desk

Another class that can help you build future skills for your career path. You will be focusing on using Microsoft software. This is a self-paced computer module that can be completed on your own time. This course will give you a general idea of how to use computer software.

9. CRM 326 – Drugs, Addiction and Society

a variety of different pills on a table

This course is a very sensitive class that many students find interesting. You will get to learn more about how substance abuse and dependance has affected society today. You will learn everything from prevention all the way to intervention and different kinds of treatments. This is a very informational and eye-opening course that many students should take for their own benefit.

10. ENG 220 – Creative Writing

a woman writing on a desk in a notebook

The last class that can very interesting for students to take is ENG 220. This class, Creative Writing, focuses on letting students tap into their own imagination and write in their own personal style. This class will require you to study other author’s creative writing samples so that you can find your own personal style of writing.

If you are excited to start the next school year, make it even better by taking courses that are interesting and out of the ordinary! There are so many classes that many students are unaware of being able to take. This article lists ten of the coolest courses that are available to you at this institution. Do not be afraid to enroll in one today!

10 Cool Courses at Ashford University

Ashford University is an online non-profit university headquartered in San Diego, California.  There are around 35,000 students that attend the school. Here are 10 cool courses that you need to check out at Ashford University.

1. BUS 372 – Employee & Labor Relations

2 people in a business meeting discussing information on a clipboard

Employee and Labor Relations is a course that teaches students about the workforce. It is a fun course to take as it is very applicable to any and all types of degrees because as an employee you will want to know your rights. The course goes over knowing who to contact as well as the best way to communicate your concerns.

2. BUS 435 – Small Business Ventures

a woman who is in a business suit in the city

Small Business Ventures is a course that is fun as it looks the different ways people can create a successful business or help maintain success. The course is hands-on in teaching pupils how to run a smaller operation. The course teaches finances as well as taxes and loans as well as other subjects on what is needed for small businesses.

3. CRJ 308 – Psychology of Criminal Behavior

person studying the fingerprints of evidence

One of the many interesting courses to take is one that will give insight into why criminals do the things they do. All criminal behavior most is not out of the blue but calculated. To learn to see the warning signs before the crime or prevent new crime, students will learn where the behaviors have likely stemmed from.

4. CRJ 453 – Criminal Profiling

man and woman being looked at by background for height

Criminal Profiling is a course that allows students to learn what it means for people to go through profiling. Profiling is where certain groups of people are “profiled” and then judged accordingly. In some instances, certain racial groups are scrutinized for closely than others and judged on being more likely to have criminal activity on their background.

5. ECO 308 – Economics for Managers

cartoon of hands counting money and looking at charts

Economics for managers is a course that is helpful because it gives students a basis for knowing finances on a small and large level. Knowing economics from a managerial perspective allows you to be able to make tough business decisions. The course is helpful if you are looking to study finance trends or work for a business as a leader.

6. ECO 406 – Business Cycles and Growth

a chart with development in the center and other factors of business

Business Cycles and Growth is a cool course to take as it explores all the stages that a business goes through and how to make it. A business is usually in the introductory stage when trying to get their name out there. The course will teach you helpful tips on how to maintain success and find your niche customer base.

7. ANT 307 – Anthropology of War

a person holding a gun

Anthropology of war is a cool course to take as it explores the history of war. Anthropology is the study of humans and their past and present. In learning about the past of war it allows students to know how to prevent war or how it can be a tool toward peace in the long run.

8. ANT 202 – Human Origins & Prehistory

An image of anthropology and evolution

Human Origins and prehistory is a course that is cool as it teaches students how man first came about. By the term of human origins, it means the approximate area that humans were first discovered to have lived. Learning the prehistory allows students to be able to understand how growth-wise humans have come.

9. COM 223 – Persuasion in Communication

a microphone in front of a crowd of people

This course is a fun course to take as it is hands-on in teaching how to communicate with others. The information is applicable to all people because in every type of job you will need to at some point communicate. Many jobs you will need to communicate your argument in order to ask for things such as a raise, sell items to a customer, or make a speech to others.

10. COM 345 – Media Writing for Communication

a newspaper with press release on it

Media Writing in Communication is a course that is cool to take as it teaches you how to write your ideas in a way that can be understood in many different forms. This means that how you write your message for like a TV show is different than expressing your thoughts for an Instagram post. Knowing how to resonate your message among different modes of communication is a skill that will be helpful in many business jobs.

Ashford University is a school that allows students to be able to take their courses online. It gives students the freedom to find interesting courses all the while able to work their jobs and support their families. Their courses range from business-related all the way to even criminal investigation.

10 Coolest Courses at Worcester State University

College can be a stressful experience, there is no doubt about it. If you are dreading your current classes, a great way to bring excitement into your education is by taking courses that peak your interest! Luckily for students attending Worcester State University, you have the option to take a variety of fun and unique courses. Here are a list of ten of the coolest courses that are available.

1. AR 105 – Introduction to Animation

animation figures drawn on a paper

This course will focus on the basics and fundamentals of aesthetics of Computer Animation. The main program you will use is Adobe AfterEffects. You will get to look at how Animation motion graphics are made and get creative to make your own!

2. CM 103 – Survey of Radio and Television

man putting his leg on radio

Do you constantly listen to the radio or watch television? If so, this class will help you create a different perspective about these different technologies surrounding us. You will look at how programming, economic support and regulation impacts these two medias.

3. HC 234 – Multiculturalism and Health

globe surrounded by stethoscope on blue background

HC 234 is a very diverse class that pushes you to learn and thinking differently about the world. In this course, you will focus on how our differences in the world impact health and illness. You will look into how different ethnic/racial and cultural beliefs and practices take place throughout the world.

4. EN 174 – Women Poets

poetry on a pencil being dispersed

Do you want to support women and poetry? This course is an amazing way to look at the history of poetry women have written throughout time. You will get to analyze different forms of poetry from a variety of different writers. You will also learn about history from a “contemporary feminist perspective”.

5. HI 274 – Sex, Marriage and the Family

a happy asian family smiling together

This course is very unique to Worcester State University. In HI 274, you focus on the different types of courtship and marriage styles throughout the world. You will also focus on different family life-cycle patterns and how they impact children.

6. AR 210 – Drawing and Painting Studio

a person drawing with a pencil

Have you ever wanted to try your hand in art? If so, this course will allow you to learn the basics of both drawing and painting all in one. You will be able to learn the basic fundamentals of art while creating your own unique style.

7. CM 106 – Communications and the Internet

a website url on a computer screen

This is a fun class that can be beneficial for all future careers. This class will focus on how social and education has changed due to the impact of the internet. You will also learn how communication has been impacted by the Internet and how it is changing the work world.

8. HC 201 – Introduction to Public Health

a heart with images from hospitals

HC 201 is a fun course that will teach you the basics of Public Health. You will focus on the different health care initiatives that are put into place by the government. You will focus on both the positive and negative sides of Public Health to citizens.

9. HE 230 – Human Sexuality and Sex Education

a romantic couple on a bed with rose petals

HE 230 is another course unique to Worcester State University. Here you will focus on the importance of sex education in school institutions. You will learn about how this impacts students understandings and will also teach new students how to prepare for such courses.

10. PH 241 – Genocide and Human Rights

 human rights written on a chalk board

Although this course is extremely lecture heavy, it is an interesting course that many students can benefit from. You will look at mass violence through history and create your own theoretical analysis. You will be expected to look at these mass violence situations under an ethical and political stand point.

If you take an interest in spicing up your education, do not be afraid to take classes outside of your major. There are tons of different classes available to students at Worcester State University. Do not be afraid to enroll in one today!

10 Coolest Courses at The Catholic University of America

The Catholic University of America located in Washington DC is the national university of the Catholic Church. The university is committed to being a comprehensive institution of higher learning, faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ as handed on by the Church. More than 180 academic programs are offered to students at the university. Of all the courses offered, below is a list of 10 of the coolest.

1. ART 205-Watercolor Painting

A painting made from watercolor

This art course covers watercolor painting as a form of art. Students will learn the concepts and techniques for creating watercolor pieces. The course is mostly practical and students will spend most of the time in the studio painting. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Art.

2. DR 403-Public Speaking

A microphone on a stage in front of an audience

This is an introductory course that focuses on the concepts and techniques of platform speaking. Students are taught all that is required for effective communication in public settings.  Students will practice the skills gained to create speeches that they will present in class as part of the classwork. Students will also watch and listen to speeches from various speakers and analyze the techniques used in the speeches.

3. HIST 139-Monarchy in European History

A painting of an ancient influential leader

If you love history, then this course is recommended for you. The course examines the monarchy across European history. Students will study very interesting facts about the monarchies in European countries and how they were run including the roles of every member within each monarchy. The course is offered to freshmen and semaphores only.

4. MUS 103A-Acting the Song

A poster written ACTING THE SONG

This music course discusses the principles of acting as applied to the performance of songs. Students will learn through practice and class sessions the techniques and concepts required in the successful performance of songs in musical theatres. At the end of the course, students are expected to produce a musical act that will be presented in class.  The course is only recommended for Musical Theatre majors.

5. PSY 307-Child Development

Two toddlers playing with toys on a floor

This is a very interesting course where students learn the theories and facts related to child development from conception to adolescence. Students will learn interesting facts that are related to development such as language, perception, cognition, personality, and social relationships. This course is tailored for Psychology majors.

6. SPAN 101-Elementary Spanish I

the word HOLA written in colorful characters

If you are interested in learning a foreign language, then this Spanish course is meant for you. The course is designed for students with little or no experience with Spanish.  Students will learn how to speak, listen, write, and read in Spanish. In the class sessions, students will engage in conversations in Spanish as a way of familiarizing with the language.

7. TRS 200-Introduction to the Old Testament

The Old Testament written on a piece of paper

This course discusses the books and theologies of the Old Testament in the Bible. Students will closely analyze each book in the Old Testament to understand and interpret the messages. Students will have fun reading and analyzing the various stories in the Old Testament. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in religious studies.

8. ASL 101-American Sign Language I

Hand signs representing some words in American Sign Language

This is a very practical course that introduces American Sign Language to students. Students learn grammar, basic vocabulary, and sentence formation using hand signs. Students will practice throughout the course and engage in peer conversations using sign language to perfect their skills. The course is recommended for any student that is interested in learning the language.

9. CHN 101-Beginning Mandarin Chinese I

Chinese characters that translate to Beautiful in English

This is a beginner’s course that teaches students the Chinese language.  Students taking the course will learn Chinese characters and how they are implemented in speech and writing. The course uses video-based material to introduce the language in real-life settings. The course also focuses on teaching accurate pronunciation, tones, and grammatical expressions.

10. ENG 235-American Literature I

A drawing of a pile of books in colors of the American flag

If you are a fan of literature works, then you should enrol in this course. The course involves students reading and analyzing literary works by major American authors from the colonial period; particularly the nineteenth-century writers, to the present writers. The course may be used by English major students to fulfil upper-division course requirements.

10 Coolest Courses at Truman State University

Truman State University is a public liberal arts and sciences university located in Kirksville, Missouri, United States. The institute offers lots of courses that are both fun and difficult to take up with but will surely trigger your interests and sharpen your minds. If you are still not sure which course to take, here at the top 10 coolest courses at Truman State University!


a digital art concept of the world on the hands of man

This course concerns with globalization and preparing the students as they undergo a transformation of becoming a manager in the business world. This is one of the coolest courses because it exposes the student on how to act in the real business world.


team leader writing concept on white board

This course is an introductory class that deals with organizing, planning, scheduling, methods and techniques in order to formulate objectives. This is one of the coolest courses because this class uses creativity and critical thinking on how to manage and organize a plan.


chinese ornaments

Elementary Chinese is an introductory course that teaches the Chinese language in its most basic form such as writing, speaking and creating sentences. This class is for everyone especially to those who are interested in learning other language and this is one of the coolest class to be in!


child praying on a mat, bowing down

This course is the study of modern standard Arabic. This class includes writing, reading, and understanding the Arabic language. This is one of the coolest courses because this is one of the complex language in the world and very interesting to learn.


guidance counselor talking to two people

This is an introductory course about the counseling profession. There are many activities to be done, starting from the basic issues and trends, history, professional roles and functions, ethics, organization, and public policy processes. The student will be able to build a foundation in the counseling profession.


woman with pills on her hand

This course examines the practice of diagnosing mental health using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This is one of the coolest courses because a student will be able to examine and understand each disorder and cases in order to diagnose a patient.


map of the world

Geographic perspective is the study of geography that emphasizes on the topics involving the interpreting maps, human phenomena and the interrelated perspective of landscapes and environment. This is one of the coolest courses because it is about studying that involves the world we are living in.


old bridge with moss growing all over it

This course is the study of geography that focuses on the environmental field. This class allows the students to interact with their natural environment and the practice of creating strategies to promote more sustainable economic development.


soldier kissing his dog on the head

This course is about the practice of knowledge, skills, and attitude of becoming a leader. In this class, students are to be trained to develop and understand personal health and fitness program and this includes executing basic military training.


rangers running on the desert

Ranger Challenge is a team competition for endurance and teamwork. This is one of the coolest courses because it involves fun physical work such as one-rope bridge, grenade assault course, weapon firing, and kilometer road march and other activities related to ROTC.