Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Smith College

Top 10 Buildings You Need to Know at Smith College

Smith College is a private women’s liberal arts college in Northampton, Massachusetts. The acceptance rate of the college is around 37%. Here are 10 different buildings that you need to visit when attending or touring Smith College.

1. Cappen Annex

Capen Annex outside view

The Cappen Annex is where different groups and organizations hold their office and meeting area space. The different organizations are the design thinking initiative group, school paper, college yearbook, and others. The design thinking initiative is for students to gain real-world experience by using problem-solving skills.

2. Clark Hall

outside view of Clark Hall

This hall holds the center for work and life as well as the student affairs office. The student affairs cover subjects such as school programming, engagement for students, and resident life. The hall is also does programming for multicultural affairs.

3. College Hall

outside view of College Hall

College Hall is one of the school’s earliest buildings to be made. The hall now is used as the major building for administrative offices. Just a few of the many offices that are in the building are the president’s office, financial aid, and the disability services office.

4. Ford Hall

outside view of Ford Hall

Ford Hall is a science and engineering facility. The building holds the
Picker Engineering Program, computer science, chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. The building is named after the major donor of the building Ford Motor Company.

5. Garrison Hall

Garrison Hall outside view

This building is for the office of college relations. It is where you will find the efforts of the school to let the media know about changes and updates to the school. The building helps to coordinate events to have engagement with the community and the school.

6. Hatfield Hall

outside view of Hatfield Hall

Hatfield Hall is where students take their foreign language classes. It also holds study areas to work on homework or practice. The hall has easily accessible offices so that it is readily available to meet up with your professors about any questions.

7. Brown Fine Arts Center

Brown Fine Arts Center outside view

The Brown Fine arts center is home to many distinguished areas in it such as its museum of art, art department, Hillyer Art Library, and an impressive theater. The center has plenty of fun things to do when it comes to affordable entertainment to bring any friends or family.

8. Wright Hall

outside view of Wright Hall

Wright Hall supports a lot of the academic initiatives on campus. You will find the poetry center, community engagement, sustainability and much more in this hall. The hall is also optimal for lectures and presentations because of Leo Weinstein Auditorium, which holds up to 400 people.

9. Sage Hall

outside view of Sage Hall

Sage Hall is the building that holds the music department. The building has access to a large concert hall, an intimate recital hall, practice rooms, an early music room, and an electronic music studio. The practice rooms make it easy for students to prepare for their big performance.

10. Lyman Conservatory

Lyman Conservatory outside view with trees

The Lyman Conservatory is a great place to do research or in general visit for its wide variety of plants. The conservatory has access to over 2,500 different species of plants. The school gets lots of students and outside guests to visit the conservatory during the spring bulb show and fall chrysanthemum show.

Smith College is a very selective school that admits a smaller amount of students. The enrollment size is ideal as it makes it easy for people to get to know each other as well as professors to have a way to easily meet up after class for any concerns. The school’s buildings are unique and offer plenty of services to students such as a poetry center and even a building for multicultural affairs.

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