Top 10 Buildings You Should Know at Metropolitan State University

Top 10 Buildings You Should Know at Metropolitan State University

Like many universities, MSU takes pride in its campus and keeps buildings in good shape to best benefit its students. Each building on campus houses different fields of study and it can be hard to keep track of which departments are in each building. Use this post as a handy guide to help you find where to go for all your on campus needs!

1. Saint John’s Hall

Saint John's Hall at MSU

Saint John’s Hall is home to four different colleges and the communications office– the College of Nursing and Health Sciences; the College of Liberal Arts; the College of Individualized Studies; Marketing and Communications; and the School of Communication, Writing, and the Arts. The College of Nursing and Health Sciences promotes the educational advancement of students through programs, community partnerships, activities and more. The College of Liberal Arts focuses on all humanities, social sciences, communications, and art programs. The College of Individualized Studies is designed for students who want authority over their own educations. The School of Communication, Writing, and the Arts offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees based on creating messages to share with others. Lastly, Marketing and Communications allows Enrollment Services to interact with students during their time at MSU.

2. Library and Learning Center

Library and Learning Center at MSU

The Library and Information Services, the Bookstore, and the Center for Academic Excellence Tutoring Services are all located in the Library and Learning Center. This is the place for all your academic needs, whether you just need to find some information or you need help with writing, science, math, etc. In addition, this is the place to get all your MSU apparel!

3. Founders Hall

Founders Hall at MSU

Many different offices and departments are located in Founders Hall: admissions, alumni relations, career center, College of Sciences, facilities, financial management, gateway, Human Resources, institutional research, judicial affairs, student affairs, TRIO programs, veteran services, and public safety. The most useful of these departments for students is arguably the career center and the TRIO programs. The career center provides students with tools and guidance while also allowing them to network with potential employers. On the other hand, the TRIO programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Education and help with student success.

4. Science Education Center

The Science Education Center at MSU

Like the building’s name suggests, the College of Sciences is located in the Science Education Center. The College of Sciences offers students many programs in math, computer science, and laboratory sciences. In addition, the Center for Academic Excellence is in the Science Education Center. Here, students can get tutoring in writing, math, statistics, science, economics, and more.

5. Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship Building

Library and Learning Center at MSU

The Institute for Community Engagement and Scholarship, or ICES, aims to help students learn in a non-academic way. Through ICES, students will learn through building partnerships and relationships with the local communities. It is a good way to network and meet new people!

6. Student Center

The Student Center at MSU

If health and fitness are important to you, this is a building you should probably get familiar with. Here, students are able to truly focus on their physical well-beings. All of the services and equipment in the Student Center are open to students, staff, and faculty!

7. Saint Paul Parking Ramp

Saint Paul Parking Ramp at MSU

While this isn’t an academic building, it’s still an important building on campus. If you have a car on campus, you should probably get familiar with this building. The Saint Paul Parking Ramp fits 830 cars for all students, guests, and employees.

8. Art Studio

An art gallery at MSU

Whether you’re an art major or you just like being creative, the Art Studio is a place for you. The Art Studio provides students with a space for them to make art and look at the creations of their classmates. In addition, the Art Studio has all the materials you need for whatever type of art you want to create.

9. Auditorium

Commencement ceremony in the MSU Auditorium

MSU has many facilities for all types of events and occasions, the Auditorium is one of them. Some of the events that take place yearly are dinners, presentations, music programs, film festivals, academic conferences, and even wedding receptions. In addition, after your 4 years at MSU, you’ll finally get to partake in the commencement ceremonies that take place in the Auditorium.

10. New Main

New Main at MSU

New Main is home to the President’s Office, IT services, Computer Science and Cybersecurity, and the Center for Accessibility Resources. The president’s office is where you can find university leadership and the president’s cabinet personnel. IT services provides students will all of their technology service needs. Computer Science and Cybersecurity offers students hands-on experience and teaches them current programming skill. Lastly, the Center for Accessibility Resources advocates for all students and makes the university’s services, spaces, and actives accessible to everyone!

After reading this post, you know about most of the buildings on the MSU campus. If you ever get lost or just don’t remember where you’re going, come back to this guide to figure it out!

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