Top 10 Buildings You Need To Know At College of the Sequoias

Top 10 Buildings You Need To Know At College of the Sequoias

College of the Sequoias (COS) is a public two-year community college located in Visalia, California. It is named for the Giant Sequoia trees native to the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range. One of the most prominent features of a university is its campus. Here are 10 buildings you need to know about at College of the Sequoias.

1. Sequoia Building

sequoia building entrance

The Sequoia Building on campus is one of the college administrative buildings. It houses the Academic Services office, which offers 158 certificates and degrees in Academic and Career & Technical Education programs. Students can come here for any assistance with their curriculum, program alignment, and institutional planning.

2. Kaweah Building

Art Gallery at Kaweah Building

One notable building you have to visit is the Kaweah Building. At this building, you will find the COS’ Art Gallery which is open to the public. The gallery provides five exhibition opportunities for national, regional, and local artists during the academic school year.

3. Moro Building

COS Athletic Training Facility in southern part of Moro

The Moro Building houses a lot of COS’ athletic facilities. At Moro, you will find facilities such as the gymnasium as well as the Athletics Department. This is an important location especially for student athletes, where they can train as well as receive prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries.

4. Giant Forest Building

giant forest building entrance

The Giant Forest Building contains various important departments such as the Bookstore, Health Center, Orientation Offices, and COS Student Activities Offices. These departments are essential to know for students to know about. Here, students can buy school apparel, receive health care, and so on.

5. Alta Peak Building

Alta peak building

The Alta Peak Building contains the COS Cafeteria and Food Services. Students can come here for a meal or a quick snack on campus. The COS Cafe inside of the Student Union serves food such as traditional Mexican fare such as asada, chile verde, chickenor vegetarian burritos, nachos, and tortas.

6. Blue Oak Building

blue oak building sign

The Blue Oak Building is headquarters to the COS District Police Department, which is part of the Student Services Unit at COS. The COS District Police Department handles all reports of criminal behavior and emergencies on campus. They work to create a safe experience for students on campus.

7. Coffee House

The Grind Coffeehouse on Visalia Campus

One particularly important building is the Coffee House on campus, called The Grind. The Grind Coffee House offers hot, cold, and blended coffee, as well as tea, with an assortment of flavorful options for all your coffee and tea needs. You can find The Grind just outside of the southwest side of the Sequoia building.

8. Lodgepole Building

entrance of Lodgepole building

The Lodgepole Building is a location where you might spend a good chunk of your time studying during the school year. This is where the campus library is located. Not to mention, there is also a rather scenic walkway maintained next to the Lodgepole Building.

9. John Muir Building

John Muir building

The John Muir Building is where the majority of the science departments are located. Here, science classes are taught in the life sciences and physical sciences. In addition, there are a variety of different laboratories involving both faculty and student researchers.

10. Sycamore

welcome center at sycamore building

The Sycamore Building contains the Social Sciences division as well as Media Services. This building also contains the Welcome Center as well as a Student Success Center. The Student Success Center in particular is a place for students to study, use in lab laptops, access a print/copier, schedule appointments with counselors, make overnight checkouts, ask general questions, and see their Peer Mentors.

Hopefully this list of buildings at College of the Sequoias helped you understand more about the campus, as well as familiarized you with it. If you get the chance, definitely visit some of the buildings if you’re at College of the Sequoias campus.

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