400+ Student Discounts for UMass Amherst Students

student discounts for umass amherst students

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Being a student is difficult and very expensive, as I’m sure we all know. Moving out and living on your own can be a pretty extreme transition for students, especially first-year students.

Studying at UMass Amherst can cost almost $50,000 a year to study there as an out of state student.

This is why it’s crucial to spend your money in smart ways. Using discounts and coupons is a great way to save your money throughout the year!

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Here are a ton of student discounts that you can take advantage of as a student at UMass Amherst.

Local DiscountsNational Discounts

Local Discounts for UMass Amherst Students

aerial view of umass amherst campus

Student discounts around the UMass Amherst campus.

Student Discounts on Technology

female student on her cell phone

Discounts on technology products for students at UMass Amherst.
Spotify and Hulu50% off and FreeStudents can receive a half-off discount on monthly Spotify costs as well as free Hulu when they sign up using their student email!
Microsoft OfficeFreeStudents can get free Microsoft Office 365 through their school when they sign up with their student email.
Windows and AppleVariesUsing UMass Amherst’s saver app called U$ave, students can get various Windows and Macintosh Apple discounts.
DellVariesUMass Amherst’s app called U$ave offers great discounts on many Dell products.
BestBuyVariesBestBuy offers students various discounts on different technology products using your .edu email.

Student Discounts on Education

students studying in a library at UMass Amherst

Education student discounts for UMass Amherst students.
The New York Times50% offStudents can get half off their monthly New York Times articles.
Wall Street Journal$1/weekStudents get to pay only $1/week for 15 weeks to access the Wall Street Journal.
The Economist$1.88/weekWhen using your student email address, students get a discounted weekly rate for the Economist.
Audible3 for $3Students have access to an exclusive 3 books for $3 deal. You have to use your student email for this.
The Washington Post50% offStudents can use their .edu email address to sign up for the Washington Post and get half off their subscription.

Student Discounts on Entertainment

students performing in a theater show on campus

Entertainment discounts for students at UMass Amherst.
AMC TheatersVariesStudents get discounted tickets and food when using their student ID at AMC Theater locations near UMASS Amherst.
Regal CinemasVariesRegal Cinemas also offers discounted tickets and snacks for students using their student ID at checkout.
Carnegie Hall$10 ticketsStudents only have to pay $10 for tickets to shows at Carnegie Hall when using their student ID.
New England Aquarium$2 offWhen using your student ID, students get to take $2 off adult tickets to the aquarium.
Boston Duck Tours$6 offStudents get to take $6 off regular-priced adult tickets for Boston Duck Tours when using their student ID.
Museum of Fine ArtFreeCollege students get free admission to the MFA when using their student ID.

Student Discounts on Labor/Service

moving boxes and other moving supplies in a house ready to be moved

Discounts on labor services around UMass Amherst.
Penske20% offStudents get 20% off their Penske Truck Rentals when using their student email address.
Supercuts20% offMost Supercuts locations offer student discounts when you show your student ID.
Life StorageVariesStudents can get various discounts on storage services with Life Storage when using their .edu email address.
ZipcarVariesZipcar rental cars have numerous discounts at UMASS Amherst. All you have to do is use your .edu address on their website.

Student Discounts on Clothing

female student shopping at a mall on campus with shopping bags and phone in hand.

Clothing student discounts around UMass Amherst.
J.Crew15% offStudents get 15% off their purchases at J.Crew when using their student email address.
Madewell15% offStudents get to take 15% off their purchases at Madewell when using their student email address on their account.
ModCloth25% offStudents get 25% off their order total at ModCloth when using their .edu email address.
Topshop10% offWhen you sign up with your student email using StudentBeans, you get 10% off your order at TopShop.
TOMS10% offGet 10% off your TOMS shoe purchases as a student using UniDays.
Urban Outfitters10% offStudents get to take 10% off their Urban Outfitters purchases when using their code through UniDays.

Student Discounts on Food

fancy restaurant overlooking water

Food student discounts around the UMass Amherst campus.
Grubhub$7 offOn your first Grubhub order, you can take $7 off any order of $15 or more using your student email and code.
DoordashFree deliveryStudents don’t have t pay for delivery for their first month of orders when you’re a new member.
Chipotle15% offChipotle online orders in some locations offer a 15% discount when you use Student Beans.
Burger King10% offSelect Burger King locations offer a 10% discount for students who bring their student ID.
Dairy Queen10% offGet 10% off your order when you show your student ID in various Dairy Queen stores.

Other Student Discounts

male student holding a giant bundle of 100 dollar bills

Student discounts on miscellaneous products and services for UMass Amherst students.
1-800-Contacts15% offStudents exclusively get to take 15% off their contact orders when using their .edu email
GM MotorsVariesStudents have access to various GM and Chevy motor discounts using their .edu email.
Pottery Barn15% offStudents get 15% off their furniture and home decor purchases at Pottery barn with their student email.
Sally Beauty Supply10% offStudents get discounts around 10% off for their purchases at Sally Beauty using their student ID.

350+ National Student Discounts in the US

national student discounts for all students in America

Discounts applicable to all students in the US

The above discounts are from local vendors on or around the UMass Amherst campus.

The thing is, the discounts don’t stop there.

There are also more than 350 companies across the US that offer discounts to any student in the US which includes big brands like Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc.

Click below to see all of the 350+ student discounts that you can take advantage of as well!

student discounts in the US button

Student Discount Cards and Programs

student discount cards and programs

In addition to all of the wonderful discounts above, we recommend looking into the following student discount cards/programs.

Each program grants you access to hundreds or even thousands of discounts for free or at a very low cost so that you can really take advantage of your student status.

ID.meAs a “digital wallet”, ID.me verifies your student status and gives you access to thousands of discounts at 400+ companies
ISIC (International Student Identity Card)The ISIC card gives students discounts, internationally and domestically, on travel, shopping, entertainment, insurance, food, and accommodations. They have over 160,000 discounts in over 130 countries and it only costs $25/year
Student Advantage CardGet access to up to 40% discounts at campus shows, local businesses, and online stores at $22.50/year
Student BeansGet access to the latest discounts right from a smartphone app that verifies student status online
UNiDAYSSimilar to Student Beans, UNiDAYS offers discounts at numerous popular brands by simply verifying student status online

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There are so many different discounts for students to take advantage of to save money. Students often struggle with saving their money, so that’s why we made this list to help students like you. Hopefully, these discounts have given you some great ideas to save your money!

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