10 Buildings You Must Know at Hillsborough Community College-Plant City

10 Buildings You Must Know at Hillsborough Community College-Plant City

Hillsborough Community College – Plant City is a two-year community college in Tampa, Florida. The school has an enrolment of around 23,000 students. The in-state tuition is around $2,500. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit. What makes Plant City location so unique is that has the Trinkle Center, Armwood Collegiate Academy, and Amazon Career Choice. It also has clubs in vet tech, nursing, and student government.

1. Technology Building

 a computer keyboard on a laptop

The technology building is where you will find students with IT questions and doing homework. The technology building has IT, support staff, there to help with any issues on your own computers or the computers that are provided to the public. The computers have access to wifi printing as well as scanning.

2. Student Services Building

 person giving a tour of the building and campus

The student services building is where students go for questions about the campus. The building is a great resource for those new students who are looking for directions to their classes or just a good overview of where things are. The building also has resources that are mostly free for students to access.

3. John R. Twinkle Center

outside view of john r twinkle center

The John R. Twinkle Center is the main multi-purpose building for students. The building holds space that can be used for a variety of purposes. The multi-purpose building gets rented for public events, meeting space, large scale events, and fundraisers.

4. Learning Resources Center

 outside view of learning resources center

The learning resources center is used by students to be a guide for doing any type of homework or project. In this building, you will find the library. The library has all types of books, magazines, newspaper articles, and online credible sites. The resource center is a great place to visit if you are in need of research materials but don’t know where to start as they have plenty of staff waiting to help.

5. Science Building

 science materials such as flasks

The Sciences Building is where a majority of students have their classes. It is where you will find the major science courses as well as their professors’ offices. The building has state-of-the-art labs as well as a bookstore. If you are looking to have the convenience of not worrying about shipping time then this is the bookstore you need.

6. Plant City Green House

 people visiting the green house

The plant city greenhouse allows students to have on the field experience when taking their science courses. You are able to study biology with actual living things to observe. The greenhouse also is a prime example of how the school looks to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

7. Educational Partnership Center

 a person holding boxes to collect food on greens

The educational partnership center is where you will find the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. This is a program that teaches students the relationship that food and the farming industry have with each other. You learn the process of growing food as well as sustainable agriculture practices.

8. Administration Building

 administration near students in front of a tent

The administration building is where you will find a majority of the offices on campus. These offices are used by staff in order to conduct major campus meetings or ideate events that will be happening for recruiting. The admin building is a good source for major questions about the campus as well.

9. Physical Plant

windmills and sunroofs

The Physical Plant is where the school is able to run most of its operations when it comes to getting energy. The Physical Plant always has to be maintained in case of a state of emergency were to put it in threat. The physical plant is only accessed by trained staff.

10. Maintenance Building

 a tri group of handymen

The maintenance building is where you will find staff coming in and out of for the operations and cleaning of the campus. The maintenance building is where students and staff can call to let the campus know of any issues such as plumbing, leakages, and other hazards that arise. It is is a building only trained staff can go into.

Hillsborough Community College-Plant City location is a large campus that services a larger amount of students. The campus itself is set up in a way that everything is conveniently located near each other. It has all your essential buildings such as event space, teacher offices for extra help, and a greenhouse for real-world research.

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