10 Buildings You Need to Visit at Georgia Southern University

10 Buildings You Need to Visit at Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University is a public research university in the U.S. state of Georgia. The acceptance rate is around 65% and the school has around 17,000 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Georgia Southern University.

1. Ceramics and Sculpture Building

outside view of ceramics and sculpture building

The ceramics and sculpture building gives students access to a variety of different classrooms specially made for learning crafts and trades. The building has a 3D printer, wood carving room, glaze lab, and ceramic studio. The building is a great learning experience for being able to make different types of art and be your own boss.

2. Arts Building

the outside view of the arts building

The Arts building is made for students to go into for various types of art majors such as graphic design, painting, and animation. The arts building contains the student resource center. The student resource center is for students who are looking for information on different buildings and events going on.

3. Center for Art & Theatre

front view of the center for art and theatre

The center for art and theatre is a staple place to visit when you are looking for entertainment or scouting out student talent. You will find various performances happening as well as a box office to come in and pick up tickets. The building also has a sculpture garden which makes a fun day out with fresh air and unique art.

4. Health Services Building

inside view with chairs and an office

The health services building is meant to serve as a more affordable way for students to get the care that they need. It works for a majority of health insurance and the best part is that it is conveniently located so that students in any situation can make in. The building holds regular health care, an eye clinic, and a pharmacy.

5. Planetarium

 georgia southern university planetarium students looking at the stars

This planetarium is loved by students of all ages for various different events and programming. The planetarium is an ideal place to learn more about the world and space as well as in general makes for a beautiful sight. The planetarium has plenty of free events going on during the year and changes events depending on the season.

6. Recreation Activity Center

Recreation Activity Center (RAC) outside view

The recreation activity center is the place to go to for anything fitness and sports. The center features a rock climbing wall, basketball courts, aquatics areas, fitness center and so much more. The fitness center gives students access to free weights and plenty of machines to get people active and building muscle.

7. Lakeside Dining Commons

inside view of dining area with tables and chairs

The lakeside dining commons is a go-to place for students to get in their food for the day. You are able to eat all three meals which make your life worry-free. You can enjoy a two-story dining experience which means you and your friends have access to plenty of open seating as well as a changing menu. A few different types of foods they have is pizza, stir fry station, and salad and yogurt bar.

8. Botanical Gardens

georgia southern university botanical gardens with plants and trees

This building is where you will find a garden outside that has access to plenty of beautiful blooming flowers and plants, many of which are endangered and need to be preserved. The gardens are a great area to go to with friends and family for an affordable thing to do. The gardens are open to visit usually from 9:30am-5:30p.m.

9. Biological Sciences Building

 georgia southern university biological sciences natural science building outside view

The biological science building was made so that students have a building that has all their biology classes under one roof. The building teaches students sustainability which is a helpful skill when learning about how plants and natural forms. Sustainability is needed for students to help make the planet more eco-friendly.

10. Solms Hall

front view of solms hall

Solms Hall is the building that holds digital photography, graphic design, and art history classes. The hall contains plenty of mac computers that are open to students to go do their projects or edit videos/photos. The hall also has printing stations so you don’t have to worry about owning your own.

Georgia Southern University is a medium-sized school that has access to plenty of different buildings to satisfy all student needs. You have theaters, gardens, gardens, gyms, study areas, and plenty of resources to get the most out of your projects and homework. It is a school that gives you not only a well-rounded education but a well-rounded campus experience.

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