10 Buildings you Need to Know at Central Connecticut State University

10 Buildings you Need to Know at Central Connecticut State University

Central Connecticut State University is a public university in New Britain, Connecticut.  The school was founded in 1849. It has an enrollment of over 9,000 students. Here are 10 different buildings you need to visit at Connecticut State University.

1. Beecher Residence Hall

front view of beecher residence hall

This is a three-story residence hall. The first and second floor are meant for male students while on the third floor you have female students. The residence hall has plenty of amenities to enjoy such as a shared kitchen for easy dinner and snack time, fitness center and study lounges. The hall also has a basement and TV area for relaxation time.

2. Seth North Residence Hall

front outside view of seth north

The Seth North Residence Hall is the smallest residence hall and holds just over 100 students. The hall has study lounges, a TV area, and a computer lab. It makes it a great spot to get to know new friends and acquaintances. You also have access to the basement which holds the laundry facility.

3. Copernicus Hall

front view of outside hall with trees and students

Copernicus hall is where you will find the school of engineering and all the science classrooms. On the roof, there is a greenhouse where students can learn sustainable practices. On the second floor, you will find the planetarium.

4. Elihu Burritt

outside view of the library

The Elihu Burritt library is the main hub for students to do their research and homework. You will printing and scanning stations so students are able to cheaply and conveniently print their materials for their projects. The databases, printed books, and media access make it easy for credible source material to be found and used.

5. Welte Hall

outside view of welte hall

Welte Hall is used for music majors to have their classrooms and practice rooms in. The hall is the school’s major auditorium. It seats over 1,900 people in it. The hall is used for concerts and plenty of theater performances.

6. Bassett Hall

outside view of the social science hall

Bassett Hall is the building that holds the various majors of political science, anthropology, geology, history, and sociology. The building has 17 different classroom areas as well as holds conference space as well. The building also has labs and computer areas for easy homework access.

7. Memorial Hall

outside view of memorial hall with rocks and trees

Memorial Hall is where students who are interested in attending the school go to visit with any pressing questions or looking for a tour. The hall is most notably used daily for the fitness and exercise floor. The RECentral fitness has classes for Zumba, yoga, spinning and much more.

8. Hilltop Cafe

outside view of hilltop cafe

The hilltop cafe is the school’s all you can eat dining area. It has choices such as desserts, drinks, grill stations, and pizza. The foods serve do change out so you have variety. The cafe also is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

9. Copernicus Garage

the outside view of the parking garage

The Copernicus Garage is a giant area for students and faculty to have parking. The garage must have a permit for every car that parks there or you will end up having a ticket or possibly get towed. If you need a place to park near your classes, this is a large and safe space to park.

10. Bichum Lab

front view of bichum lab

The Bichum Lab is a large building that can allow up to 20 students to conduct lab work. The building is perfect for conducting your experiments and research. The rooms are equipped with art lab materials so if you need to play catch up on projects, this is the place to be.

Central Connecticut State University is a medium-sized school that offers students an education that allows for the learning and skills needed for their respective fields. The buildings are spread out enough so that students are not overwhelmed by large class sizes. You can do anything from practicing your favorite instrument to making homemade crepes with friends at your dorm.

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