10 Coolest Courses at Saint John’s River Community College

Saint John's River Community College

St. John’s River Community College is a public college in Orange Park, Florida. They’re a very affordable school in Florida with a ton of cool class choices.

1. CLP 2140 – Abnormal Psychology

left and right brain psychology

Abnormal Psychology is an interesting psychology class at SJRU. Students taking this class learn all about mental disorders and conditions that cause people to differ from standard thinking.

2. DEP 2004 – Human Growth and Development

cute baby in a blanket

Human Growth and Development is an interesting health class. This class teaches students about how we grow throughout the years from being embryos all the way into growing old.

3. CJL 1100 – Criminal Law

 cops standing outside

Criminal Law is a criminal justice class at SJRU that teaches students about laws in the U.S, how they can be broken, and how criminals behave. It’s a super interesting class about the criminal system in America.

4. CJL 1102 – Courts and Criminal Evidence

gavel in a court

Courts and Criminal Evidence is another cool criminal justice law class at Saint John’s. This class teaches students all about how criminals go through the U.S court system, how they’re prosecuted, and more.

5. AST 1002 – Intro to Astronomy

galaxy in space

Intro to Astronomy is a super cool class at SJRU. This class is all about the origin, development and composition of space. It’s a super interesting class to take if you’re interested in space.

6. BSC 1020 – Intro to Human Biology

smiling group of cast of crazy rich asians

Intro to Human Biology is a basic but cool biology class. Students taking this class learn about the anatomy, physiology and neurology of the human body. It’s a super interesting and useful class to take.

7. CRW 2001 – Creative Writing

person writing in a notebook

Creative Writing is a very fun class to take as an elective or as a major requirement. This class teaches valuable writing skills while also allowing you to be creative and free as a writer.

8. DEP 2002 – Child Psychology

kid with a glass of milk

Another interesting psychology class to take is Child Psychology. This class is all about the development of infants and children. It’s very insightful into why we grow and learn the way we do.

9. EVR 1001 – Intro to Environmental Science

empty green forest

Intro to Environmental Science is a cool environmental class at Saint John’s. Students in this class learn about the Earth, it’s environment and development, and how humans have impacted it.

10. PHI 2630 – Contemporary Ethics

group of people talking

Contemporary Ethics is a cool philosophy class at Saint John’s that teaches about modern issues in society. Students learn and debate about ethical dilemmas in society, and it can get very heated. It’s a fun and insightful class to take.

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