10 Coolest Courses at Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College

College can be tough. Especially if you’re a student who takes hard classes each semester. For instance, science or math majors have labs on top of labs on top of more labs! That’s A LOT….on anyone for that matter! Luckily for you, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of the coolest courses that you can check you at Clovis Community College below:

1. COMM 1 – Public Speaking

A microphone in front of a crowd

Are you one to always speak in front of a crowd or are you the person who sits in the back dreading for your name to be called on? Either way, this class is designed to help students overcome any of their challenges when it comes to public speaking. This class will help students develop skills to accomplish their goals for speaking in front of anyone!

2. PHIL 6 – Symbolic Logic

A look at the word Logic written on lined paper

Words are symbols. Images are symbols. Everything in the world can be a symbol for something. This class will walk students through the symbols of logic as it relates to some of the greatest philosophers and also some of their own logic in which they have created. These will help students understand symbols within their own logic.

3. MUS 12 – Music Appreciation

Silhouette of a person playing guitar and singing

Artists are born and developed. Music is what people use to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and ambitions. Students will also learn more about music and different genres of music. Students will also learn more about communicating their own thoughts by creating their own music or how they can create their own world through music.

4. FILM 1 – Introduction to Film Studies

A projector for different films

What is your favorite movie? This class will give students an introduction into the world of Hollywood and film. Students will learn more about the history of cinematic as they learn to develop an appreciation for drama and acting as an art form – after all, films are here to entertain.

5. GEOG 1 – Physical Geography

picture of a rush of water down riverway and words physical geography above

Geography allows people to really see the world from a different standpoint. This class will teach students about the natural aspects, features, and processes on our Earth. This class will also allow students to study the natural environment as a whole and really study the landscape that surrounds them.

6. ART 2 – Art Appreciation

The symbol and different ways of creating art

What is art? Everything in our world has been designed in some way and so therefore, everything is art. This class will show students how to appreciate art and how to comprehend art as a genre. This class will take students through the different aspects and techniques that artists use in order to create different things.

7. MUS 16 – Jazz History and Appreciation 3

Louis Armstrong performing the trumpet in black and white image

Do you know who Louis Armstrong is or any other great jazz player? Jazz is around us and lives in New Orleans, especially. This class will take students through the history of jazz and how it has influenced other genres such as rock and roll, pop, and even R&B. This class will also talk about the influential musical artists of different time periods within jazz.

8. PHOTO 1 – Basics of Digital Photography

Person that is holding a camera

Do you like to take pictures? What about uploading them on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram? This class will teach students about digital photography and skills needed. Students will also learn more about setting up settings in order to create a story through photos so that people can capture different photos.

9. ASL 1 – Beginning American Sign Language

The sign for letters for ASL

Do you want to learn a new language? Have you ever thought about learning a new language with your hands? This class will teach students about the art of American Sign Language and how ASL has shaped the world we live in. Students will also learn more about how ASL helps those who are disabled when it comes to communicating.

10. PHIL 1 Introduction to Philosophy

The difference between philosophy now and then in a diagram illustration

This class will tell students about the history of philosophy. Students will learn more about the presence of different philosophers throughout time and how these philosophers have influenced the way we think, see, and feel. This class will also allow students to learn more about how to apply philosophy to different things in our world.

Hopefully you have found a class or two that you are interested in taking! These classes will help students to find their passions outside of their majors so that they aren’t so that you can preoccupy themselves with something else outside of their harder classes.

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