10 Coolest Courses at the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth which is located in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, is one of the five campuses operating as subdivisions of the University of Massachusetts. The institution offers undergraduate, masters and doctorial degree programs. Of all the courses offered at the institution, below is a list of 10 of the coolest.

1. CIS 120 – Web Page Development

A crane dropping the letter E to form the word Website

In the digital world, websites are very important for communication. This course introduces students to the techniques and concepts related to the development of web pages. Students will have interactive sessions where they will interact with the various computer software and languages used in web page development. The course will also include individual projects where students will be required to create their own webpages.

2. DES 251 – Introduction to Graphic Design

A poster written Graphic Design in colorful letters

Graphic design is a very important skill in the contemporary world. Through this course, students are introduced to the fundamentals of icon development, packaging design, and information design. The course is highly interactive as students spend most of the sessions in the lab practicing what they have learned. The course is recommended for students that wish to major in Design.

3. ENL 267 – Creative Writing: Poetry

A half pencil with the word Poetry written on one end

Writing good poems is dependent on the mastery of the contemporary techniques employed in the writing of poetry. This course teaches students the techniques of poetry writing. Students will read and analyze a series of poems from various poets. The course is recommended for students taking a major in English.

4. FIA 243 – Watercolor

A watercolor painting of an elephant with colourful water coming out of trunk

This course in Fine Arts introduces students to the use of color and the various methods and materials of watercolor painting. Students learn technical and critical skills necessary to work in watercolor. Students will spend most of the course’s time in the studio working with watercolors to produce watercolor art pieces.

5. REL 327 – Witchcraft, Magic & Religion


Magic, witchcraft, and religion have very interesting relations, differences, and facts. Through this course, students discuss the cross-cultural and comparative perspectives on religion, magic, and witchcraft and how they are conceived by different people. Students will learn very interesting facts through readings and research. Religious Studies students are recommended for this course.

6. ARA 101 – Elementary Arabic I

Characters in Arabic

Learning a foreign language comes in handy in the modern world. If you wish to learn Arabic as a foreign language, this is the best course to enroll in. It teaches students to comprehend elementary Arabic. At the end of the course, students will be able to speak, write, read, and listen in basic Arabic language. This course can be taken by any student who wants to learn Arabic.

7. MUS 117 – Class Guitar I

A music instructor teaching a guitar class

Knowing how to play the guitar is cool. This beginner course teaches students that have little or no experience in playing the guitar the fundamentals of guitar playing. The course is highly interactive as students will be practicing the guitar most of the time. The course also includes workshops on melody writing.

8. HST 115 – History of US I

An old American flag

Learning about past events can be interesting and educative. This History course surveys American history from the beginning to the Civil War. Students will learn interesting facts about the political, social, cultural, and economic interactions of ancient America and how these factors contributed to civilization. This course is recommended for History majors.

9. PHL 110 – Principles of Critical Thinking

A poster with three cartoon characters written CRITICAL THINKING

Critical thinking is a very important skill to help people through life situations. This Philosophy course introduces students to the methods and principles of reasoning. Students will learn to distinguish between correct from incorrect reasoning. Students will analyze various relevant readings throughout the course as part of the coursework.

10. PSY 215 – Adolescent Psychology

Four teenagers posing for a picture

Understanding how teenagers think and why they behave the way they do seems interesting. Through this Psychology course, students will study the theories of adolescent personality development among other related topics. This course is recommended for Psychology majors.

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