10 Coolest Courses at Fairfield University

Fairfield University

College is a time in your life where you will experience the good and the bad. It is a time for growth as you explore your curiosities and adapt to adulthood. It is also a time where students get to explore what they would like to do for the rest of their lives, or a big chunk of it. Exploration can come in many different forms, this includes classes. As you go about exploring, we encourage you to take the time to find some classes that spark your curiosity. Below are some of the coolest classes that you get a chance to explore at Fairfield University!

1. MK 0241 – Digital Marketing

cartoon illustration of people shouting and marketing something

Are you wanting to brand yourself on social media to gain an audience of your own? This class will teach students about the applied methods to use when it comes to digital marketing. Students will also learn how to adapt traditional marketing tools to digital spaces as well. This class will explore advertising online, social media marketing, email marketing, and analytics.

2. MU 0157 – Introduction to the Music Industry

Different tools that are used for making music represented in a cartoon illustration design

This class will help students engage in the music industry. Students will learn more about the history of music and how it applies to the industry as well. Students will also learn more about changes in the technology, growing awareness for music and artists within the industry, the importance of attorneys, musicians, managers, and their agents as well.

3. GD 0201 – Graphic Design I: Making Meaning

Cards that were created by graphic designers

Are you artsy? This class will teach students about the meaning and the techniques of graphic design. Students will learn more about social media marketing, designing for different platforms, art forms, and more. Students will also learn more about composing a design in order to explore a deeper meaning for designing a graphic.

4. MU 0102 – History and Development of Rock

The development of rock music

What is your favorite rock artist? This class will teach students about the history of rock and the development of it as a genre. Students will also explore the roots of rock, country, and blues styles that have all contributed to the creation of rock as well Students will also get a chance to listen to Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, and more famous rock icons.

5. ENW 0214 – Professional Presentations: Writing and Delivery

A person that is writing with pen on notebook

Are you good at giving presentations in a professional setting? No matter what you do in your life, you will have to present in a professional setting. Students will also learn more about writing and critical-thinking skills when it comes to presenting as well. This class will also study technology when it comes to presentations.

6. EN 0103 – Fairy Tales

Cinderella's fairy godmother making her fairy tale a reality  in a screengrab of the cartoon movie

What is your most memorable fairy tale? Do you imagine yourself living a fairy tale one day? This class will explore the aspects of creating a fairy tale and how various authors have created a successful fairy-tale for audiences around the world. This class will also explore the art of fairy tales in popular culture and in films.

7. AH 0101A – Exploring Art History: Technology and Art

The arts and technology coming together in venn diagram, as they make magic

Art is all around us. It’s what moves through us and it’s caught in the history of our world. This class will study the history of art as a form. Students will learn more about ancient, medieval, and contemporary art forms that are planted throughout he world as well. Students will also learn more about technology that is used to create art.

8. AY 0052 – Culture and Political Economy

picture of a ballot box written Vote on it.

What are your political views on culture and the world’s politics? This class will explore the world of political and economic dynamics as it relates to different cultures. Students will also explore the small scale societies that are in our contemporary world and how theories form when it comes to politics as well.

9. SO 0163 – Urban/Suburban Sociology

word cloud for sociology, including all related terms

Have you ever thought about the world around you? This class will explore the nature of the city and the growth of cities throughout the contemporary and modern-day world. Students will learn more about control of communities, urbanization, and the emergence of city life. Students will also explore the development of people in those cities as well.

10. TA 0030 – Acting I

masks that represent the art of acting in front of red curtains of theatre

Are you always acting? This class will teach students about the introductory techniques and key concepts of acting. Students will learn more about how to develop and explore their acting skills as they engage audiences on and off the stage. Students will also explore the art of performing and the art of being an acting performer.

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