10 Coolest Courses at Northeast Mississippi Community College

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Located in Booneville, Mississippi, Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) is a public community college that offers diverse educational programs to its students to meet their career needs. NEMCC offers Associate Degrees and certificates in various disciplines. Of all the courses offered by the institution, below is a list of some of the coolest.

1. ART 1313 – Drawing I

A drawing of a human eye

Creating perfect drawings requires you to develop and perfect your artistic skills. This course allows students to study the basic principles of construction of visual forms. Students find this course cool because it is highly practical and they spend most of the time in the studio implementing and practicing the skills they have acquired in class.

2. SPT 1113 – Public Speaking I

A microphone on a stage in front of an audience

Effective public speaking is dependent on the mastery level of the concepts and techniques related to public speaking art. Students that enroll in this course will learn the techniques and methods necessary to deliver quality speeches. Students will have fun in the course as they will be required to create their own speeches and present them in class as part of the coursework.

3. MUA 1211 – Guitar Class I

A person playing a guitar

The guitar is a very popular musical instrument that is appreciated worldwide. Learn how to play the guitar by enrolling in this course. Students will learn the fundamental concepts related to playing the guitar. Students will be required to practice the skills taught in the studio. The course consists of two one-hour class lessons or one half-hour private lesson per week.

4. CUT 1134 – Principles of Baking

Baked cookies placed on a metal stand

This course focuses on the fundamentals of baking science. Students in the course will learn baking terminologies, methods, and techniques. The course is highly practical and students will be required to prepare yeast goods, pies, cakes, cookies, and quick bread as part of the coursework. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Culinary Arts.

5. ENG 2133 – Creative Writing

An open book with the words "Creative WRITING" written above it

This English course focuses on developing the creativity of students when writing. Students in the course will read and analyze a series of creative writing such as poems, short stories, essays, and plays from renowned writers as part of the coursework. Students will also be required to develop their own original content that will be analyzed by the instructor and fellow students.

6. PHI 1113 – Old Testament Survey

An open Bible with the words OLD TESTAMENT written

The Old Testament in the Bible contains a lot of interesting readings, stories, and themes. This course surveys the themes, dates, concepts and the characters in the Old Testament. Students find this course cool because they learn very interesting and fun facts from the Bible. This course is recommended for Philosophy major students.

7. HPR 1551 – Fitness and Conditioning Training I

People conducting a fitness routine in a gym

This course offers instruction and practice of basic principles of fitness and conditioning through a variety of exercises and activities. The course is very practical and the sessions are conducted in the gym where students engage in a series of physical exercises with the help of professional instructors.

8. HIS 2213 – American (US) History I

An old American flag

This History course surveys the history of the United States up to 1877. Students find this course cool because they learn very interesting facts about the political, social, and economic state of America from books and films that depict the referenced times. The course is recommended for students that wish to major in History.

9. IST 1153 – Web and Programming Concepts

Colored circles with various programming languages written in them

If you are interested in programming, then this course is meant for you. The course acts as an introduction to website development and programming logic. Students will gain hands-on experience by interacting with the programming tools and software. At the end of the course, students will be required to create their own website pages as part of the course’s project.

10. CDT 1314 – Creative Arts

A poster written CREATIVE ARTS

This course in Early Childhood Education Technology is designed to plan and develop creative art activities for children up to eight years. Students will have fun creating and practicing various activities through guided sessions. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Early Childhood Education Technology.

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