10 Cool Courses at Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College

Pearl River Community College is a public community college in Poplarville, Mississippi. The amount of tuition it costs a year is around $3,000. The school has around 4,200 undergrad students. Here are 10 cool courses to take at Pearl River Community College.

1. ACT 2324: Commercial Refrigeration

a refrigerator filled with food

Commercial Refrigeration is a course that goes over the many ways that students can sell refrigerators as well as be knowledgable in how they work. Many refrigerators are similar but what makes them different are the key features. A few examples of features is how the cold air is distributed or even having an area with water flowing for easy access.

2. BAD 2713: Principles of Real Estate

1 lit house among many houses

Principles of Real Estate is a course that teaches students the basics when it comes to selling real estate and maintaining it. What real estate entails is usually a residential property or even a commercial building that needs a new home. In this class, you will learn about the many moving parts of buying real estate and selling it. This includes property taxes and a customer’s down payment.

3. BBV 1623: Chimneys and Fireplace Construction

an open fire with wood

Chimneys and Fireplace Construction is a course that teaches students the basics on how to maintain and build these key components in a house/building. In order to have a fireplace, you would need a chimney for ventilation reasons. The course goes over the materials, costs, and what you would need to upkeep/clean the chimneys/fireplace.

4. ECO 2123: Principles of Microeconomics

person trading an apple for money in a graphic illustration

Principles of Microeconomics is a course that goes over the reasons people have the spending habits they do in the economy on a small scale. The small scale usually refers to money and exchanging through either a small business or a single person buying items. It looks at factors such as a person’s income, amount of people in the household, or area in general for jobs.

5. ECO 2113: Principles of Macroeconomics

graphic illustration of consumers buyding different items in a cartoon

Principles of Macroeconomics is a course that looks at the big picture factors that make up money flow. This usually has to do with the overall data for job growth in major areas, household medians, as well as various state-enforced taxes/ laws. It is a great way to be able to predict how the world will look economically later down the road based on current or past trends.

6. DAT 1214: Dental Assisting Materials

an array of dental tools

Dental Assisting Materials is a course that allows students to learn and grow in their career as a dental assistant. The course goes over the many tools that an assistant as well as the dentist use in day to day operations. A few example tools that are used are saliva ejector, a numbing agent, cotton (for fillings) probes and so much more.

7. MAT 0123: Beginning Algebra

algebra math example with variable x

If you are looking for a mostly easy-going course or it has been quite a while since you’ve been in math – then this is the course for you. Beginning Algebra gets you into the habit of thinking critically as well as memorization of steps. Algebra uses letters to act as a variable and you need to configure what the number is equal to for the letter.

8. MAT 1323: Trigonometry

a triangle with the different variables and angles, including hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite sides labelled.

In the course of trigonometry, this math normally teaches you different problems that configure variables in relation to shapes. One of the major things that you learn is the Pythagorean theorem. This mathematical theory considers the sides of a triangle and then gives a missing side that you would look for the variable answer.

9. LLS 1423: College Study Skills

a person studying a book in a library

This course is not meant to frustrate anyone or even make someone feel like they aren’t doing their work but more so a guide for those who might study the material in different ways. Learning study skills sets you up for success. The course goes over how to be organized, how to manage your time as well as being able to take on tasks one at a time and maintain the information in the long run.

10. LLS 1213: Self- Affirmation

sticky notes with happy positive faces

Self Affirmation is all about the idea of reflecting on yourself and what you find to be worthwhile that you have in your life. You self reflect and see what you find yourself to be worth. It is a very important course. Many students give up or believe they are not capable of doing more for themselves when that is not the case. This class can help to re-evaluate your life.

Pearl River Community College is a school that is not only super affordable to attend but course wise is great when it comes to variety. The variety of courses goes all the way from learning to organize yourself and your homework to learning how to weld! The courses also are great as the small size means your professors can dedicate time in making sure you feel comfortable with the material as well as feel comfortable asking questions.

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