10 Coolest Courses at Marywood University

Marywood University

Located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Marywood University is a Catholic liberal arts university with four colleges offering 60 bachelor’s degree, 36 master’s degree, two doctoral degrees, and two-terminal degrees. Below is a list of 10 of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. COMM 115 – News Writing

A cartoon illustration of a newspaper, a pair of spectacles, a cup, and a person writing on a piece of paper

This course teaches students the fundamental concepts and techniques of newspaper and broadcast-style writing. The course consists of computer lab sessions that simulate real reporters in real situations. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in communications.

2. ENGL 180 – Introduction to World Literature

A cartoon illustration of a lady holding a book

This English course focuses on western and non-western literature of the world. Throughout the course, students will study various literary works from different writers across the globe. They will analyze the writing techniques used, the themes and other literary components from the readings. This course is recommended for English students.

3. SPAN 101 – Elementary Spanish I

A book in front of a yellow background written ESPANOL in funky graphic illustration writing

If you wish to learn Spanish as a foreign language, then this course is recommended for you. The course is designed to teach students with no prior knowledge of Spanish how to understand, speak, reading, and write in the language. Students will learn through readings, videos and audio clips. This course can be taken by anyone who wishes to learn Spanish.

4. MUSC 215A – Violin Methods

A violin with a brown theme

If you wish to learn how to play the violin, this course is tailored for you. The course offers the methods and materials for teaching beginning violin and viola. Students will use a laboratory setting where they will practice playing the violin. At the end of the course, students will be familiar with the violin and able to play it. The course is recommended for all Music Education majors.

5. THEA 241 – Fundamentals of Acting

Two masks in front of a red curtain

This course introduces the vocabulary, concepts, and techniques of acting. Students will learn various acting techniques such as characterization, voice work, body movement among many others. The course is fun as most of the sessions are practical and involve students practicing to perfect the skills they are taught. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in Theatre Arts.

6. PHIL 215 – Critical Thinking

A poster with three stick characters written CRITICAL THINKING

This course introduces students to the skills necessary for analyzing, evaluating, and constructing logical arguments. Students will use their critical thinking skills to analyze various arguments from various speakers and writers as they try to understand the meaning and impact of the arguments made. The course is recommended for students pursuing a Philosophy major.

7. RST 203 – Biblical Themes

A presentation slide that has a closed Bible with words written beside it

This course in religious studies discusses various themes as they appear in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. Students will learn very interesting facts and gain a deeper understanding of the Themes in the religious books. The course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in religious studies.

8. ASTR 250 – The Solar System

The sun and the various planets

This is a very fun and interesting course that introduces students to the current state and past evolution of the sun and other heavenly bodies. The delivery mode of the coursework involves classwork, observation and experiments. This course is recommended for Astronomy majors.

9. HIST 101 – Global History of the Twentieth Century


If you are fascinated by history, then this course is meant for you. Get to learn very interesting historical facts by analyzing major events and influences in the 20th Century. The course will focus on the rise of new world powers, and the emergence of the developing world. Students who wish to pursue a History major are recommended for this course.

10. IARC 110A – Applied Design and Color Principles

A color wheel with different colors

This is a very practical course that explores drawing and color as a means of representing, exploring and developing designs for interior architecture. Students will be expected to create and color their own designs as part of the coursework. At the end of the course, students are required to come up with a project that will be evaluated by the professor.

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