10 Coolest Courses at Furman University

Furman University

Furman University is a private, liberal arts college located in Greenville, South Carolina. They werre founded in 1826 and named after the clergyman Richard Furman. Here’s ten of their coolest courses.

1. ANT 360 – Psychological Anthropology

evolution outlined from human anthropology

Psychological Anthropology is a class about how culture influences the behavior and beliefs of people. This class discusses different cultural views regarding health, wellness, mental illness, child rearing, and more.

2. BIO 140 – The War on Cancer

cancer cells in blue background

The War on Cancer is an interesting biology class that discusses the origin of cancer and its basic biology. Students learn how cancer is diagnosed, prevented, cared for, and examined.

3. POL 235 – Healthcare, Public Policy, and Law

doctors drawn out in digital art

This is a cool public policy class that discusses the relationship between healthcare and policy making. There is an important distinction between health policies and health laws that need to be learned in this class.

4. PSY 218 – Abnormal Psychology

gears in human head beside an interrogation mark beside

Abnormal Psychology is an interesting psychology class that discusses abnormalities in human psychopathology. This class discusses mental illness, disorders, etiologies and more.

5. PSY 450 – Memory and Metacognition of Learning

rainbow brain art

Memory and Metacognition of Learning is another interesting psychology class offered at Furman. Students learn all about the origin of memory and how we store it, and how we use our memories to learn new information.

6. PSY 415 – Placebo Effect

digital art that represents placebo effect

One last cool psychology class at Furman is the Placebo Effect. The placebo effect is a popular, well known effect in science that causes people to feel the effects of something when it isn’t actually there. It’s a really cool topic to learn about!

7. SOC 234 – Medical Sociology

pills lined up

A cool sociology class offered at Furman is Medical Sociology. In this class, students learn about applications of sociology related to medicine. There are a lot of sociocultural aspects related to the medical field.

8. MXP 150 – Sociology of Harry Potter

harry potter poster

A super cool and fun class at Furman is the Sociology of Harry Potter. Students in this class learn how to apply sociological theories to the Harry Potter world (ie; race, gender, class, etc.). This is a pretty fun and interesting course to take.

9. BIO 252 – Oceans and Human Health

blue waves in the ocean

Oceans and Human Health is an interesting course at Furman all about how ocean processes affect human health. Students learn about the contribution of the ocean and marine life to medicine and research.

10. HSC 151 – Current Issues in Public Health

stethoscope on a clipboard

Current Issues in Public Health is a cool public health class at Furman. Students in this class learn about modern health related issues and epidemics, and learn solutions to them.

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