10 Coolest Courses at Mendocino College

Mendocino College

Mendocino College is a public community college in Ukiah, California. The school has around 4,000 students. The cost of tuition is around $1,500 for in-state and $7,500 for out of state. Here are 10 cool courses you can take at Mendocino College.

1. POL 201 – Comparative Politics

the logo for green party with green earth

Comparative Politics is a course that allows students to learn about different political views and parties. The political parties view government and society in different ways over similar topics. You will learn about ideals in economics, war, and sustainability.

2. POL 203 – International Relations

different country flags and group of business people

International relation is a course that allows students to learn about different cultures and how to present yourself in a professional way. How you speak with people is important but communication is especially important when you might be talking to people from different countries.

3. CAM 58 – Chocolate Confections

assortment of pink and chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate confections is an art form that manipulates chocolate in order to create edible works of arts. You will learn to craft different foods with chocolate and use the ingredient to bring out unique flavors. The course mostly goes through dessert-making technique.

4. CAM 121 – A: Catering Lab I

large hotel pans with food inside at a buffet

Catering is a part of the cooking industry that deals with making large amounts of food for events. The art of catering is having an understanding of client needs as well as the organization of food handling. The course goes over skills in plating, multitasking, sanitation and much more.

5. DAM 110 – Adobe Photoshop

cartoon of different editing software logos on computer

In the world of visuals sometimes your pictures don’t depict how exciting the event is as well as you would like it to. Adobe Photoshop is a course that is helpful for anyone looking to work in digital media and editing as it is the main tool for photo edits. The course will teach you how to use all the tools in Photoshop as well as give advice on how to improve lighting, warmness, etc.

6. DAM 150 – Digital Media

two computer screens with design programs

Digital Media is a course that allows a student to learn about cool outlets of helping others get their messages across on the current platforms. The digital age is the popular media that is consumed today. In the course, you will learn the different types of platforms as well as how to change up the way the message is presented in order to make it readable for all.

7. WOD 70A – Introduction to Woodworking

man holding piece of wood in a woodshop station

Introduction to Woodworking is a course that allows students to be able to learn hands-on a skill that can take you into a craft and hobby. The course is stress-free and more so, the learning process isn’t memorization but application of tools and creativity. It is a great course to let out your creative juices and make anything under the sun such as furniture, or even works of art/sculptures.

8. ASL 200 – Elementary American Sign Language

sign language symbols for A, S and L.

Elementary American Sign Language is a course that allows students to learn a new skill and language that is helpful for communication of those without a voice. The course is a basic one that will teach you phrasing and letters for sign language. It is very visual when it comes to learning and might even lead to an interpreter career.

9. BUS 174 – Introduction to Green Business Principles

a hand holding a green tree and grass

Introduction to green business principles is a fun course to take as it teaches you the different ways that a larger or even smaller business can make steps towards a sustainable planet. It goes about details such as recycling, lowering packaging and even engineering different ways to reuse materials and put out less toxic fumes. The course is perfect for those who are looking to make positive strides while also running a successful company.

10. BUS 110 – Federal Tax Accounting

a hand with a bag that reads taxes

Federal Tax accounting is a fun course to take as it teaches students the side of accounting that is very much applicable to understanding your own taxes. Federal taxes are paid to the government as well as is heavily dependant on income. Taking this course will give you an idea on where you are financially and even teach helpful tips on tax preparation accuracy.

Mendocino College offers students an inexpensive way to get in their credits for college. The school has a wide variety of courses that with the small size makes it easy to get help along the way from professors. The courses teach life skills such as tax preparation or even lead to a new hobby of wood furniture design.

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