10 Coolest Course at Thomas University

Thomas University

Located in Thomasville, Georgia, Thomas University is a four-year coeducational private university offering associate, bachelor, and master’s degree programs. The university offers its students a serene learning and living environment that prepares them for successful careers and responsible leadership in the changing and complex world. Below are some of the coolest courses offered at the institution.

1. ART 270 – Introduction to Painting

A painter holding several brushes painting on a canvas

This art course acts as an introduction to the techniques and concepts of painting in oils and acrylics. The course is mainly practical as students spend most of the time in the studio practising and polishing their painting skills. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue an art major.

2. BIO 110 – Current Issues in Life Science

Lab equipment on a table with the words LIFE SCIENCE written

This course in Biology introduces non-science majors to important biological principles and concepts. Students taking the course will also discuss the nature of the scientific process and current issues and topics related to life sciences. This course has lab sessions where students will conduct a series of experiments related to the course.

3. ENG 304 – Introduction to Creative Writing

An open book with the words Creative WRITING written above it

If you are fascinated by creative writing, this course is recommended for you. Students will learn the techniques of writing poetry, short fiction and short screenplays. Students will be required to practice their writing skills by creating their own content that will be analyzed and discussed during class sessions. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in English.

4. FLM 450 – Film Making

A digital camera filming a scene of a concert happening on stage

This is a project-oriented course that purposes to develop the camera techniques of students. Students will interact with and learn how to use Final Cut Pro, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro applications to produce short film projects. The course is highly practical and students will spend most of the sessions in the studio.

5. HIS 304 – 20th Century America

Photograph of an American street in the 20th Century

If you are a history lover, this course is highly recommended for you. The course explores the political, economic, and social growth of the United States and its changing role in world affairs from 1898 to the present. Students will learn very interesting facts about ancient America through readings and films. This course is recommended for History majors.

6. MUS 344 – Pop & Rock Music

A poster written POP and ROCK

This music course focuses on America’s popular music styles, significant musicians, and musical groups in the from 1900 to the present. Students will have fun listening to and analyzing various songs from different artists and music groups. This course is recommended for students that wish to pursue a major in music.

7. NSG 332 – Healthy Aging

Two elderly people leaning on bicycles

This course tackles the psychological, social, and physical aspects of ageing. Students will learn very interesting facts about the elderly including functional performance, demographic trends, pharmacotherapy, nutrition, sexuality, living options, and future concerns among others. This course is recommended for nursing majors.

8. PSY 201 – General Psychology

A representation of the human head with a thought balloon written General Psychology

This is an introductory course in psychology that introduces students to the science of human behaviour and mental process. Students will discuss and analyze very interesting topics and concepts throughout the course. This course is tailored for students that wish to pursue a major in psychology.

9. REL 210 – Introduction to World Religion

A poster written World Religion with symbols of various religions of the world

This course in religion surveys the different religious ideas, traditions, teachings and beliefs of the major religions in the world including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Shintoism. Students will through religious books, films and writings learn very interesting facts regarding religion.

10. SPS 300 – Injury Prevention

A person writing INJURY PREVENTION with a blue marker

This course focuses on common athletic injuries and how to prevent and treat them. The course involves both theory and practical sessions where students will practice how to treat various athletic injuries. The course will also cover basic nutrition concepts related to the treatment of athletic injuries. This course is recommended for students that wish to major in Sports Science.

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