10 Coolest Courses at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Do you love taking fun classes but don’t think they are available to you anymore? Think again! Students at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse have the opportunity to take different fun classes regardless of your major. In this article, you will learn more about different classes that are available to you. Don’t be afraid to enroll in one today!

1. ART 217 – Painting for Non-Art Majors

These are paint brushes.

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at art? If so, this is the perfect course to test your artistic ability without the pressures of doing well around other art majors. In this course you will focus on basic principles such as painting, oil and acrylic.

2. CYC 310 – Social Policy for Children and Family

this is a happy family portrait

This course is a very unique course to this institution. In this course you will examine current and proposed child and family policies. Some things you will learn about include basics of child and family development, along with current policies and programs.

3. ERS 220 – Introduction to Ethic and Racial Stereotypes in the Media

people of different races profile pictures

This course is very interesting as it covers different forms of entertainment in the media. You will look into these different forms and seen how they have impacted perceptions of different racial groups. You will learn more about the history before and create your own perspective on certain topics.

4. ESS 104 – Dance Appreciation

these are people dancing in class

Another fun class to take a break between classes is Dance Appreciation. In this course you will look at how human society has progressed and changed with dance. This is another great way to incorporate exercise into your daily life.

5. ART 222 – Metalsmithing for Non-Art Majors

hands showing mandmade jewellry

A very fun course is Metal smithing for Non-Art Majors. This course requires no previous experience or knowledge in the field. You will focus on using nonferrous metals in jewelry. You will get the opportunity to keep your own creations as well.

6. ENV 301 – Environmental Sustainability

Split environments showing the ocean and tree full of leaves on one side and on the other a desert arid environment.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about sustainability? If so, this is the perfect way to learn more while also earning credit in college. You will learn about different approaches in sustainability and our effects on future generations to come. You will also learn how to incorporate different sustainability habits into your own life.

7. ES 100 – Physical Activities

these are students in physical education class playing with a ball

In this course, you will get to engage in a variety of different physical activities. You will learn about the basics while also learning the scientific and physical importance of their moves. This is a fun way to learn more about specific activities and how you can use them in your own life.

8. ESS 113 – Basic Swimming

this is a man swimming in the pool

This is a fun class that is an amazing way to get exercise between classes. This course however is only available to sport science majors and minors only. In this course you will start at your own level and learn to get to an American Red Cross intermediate skill level.

9. ESS 201 – Safety, First Aid and CPR

these are items found in a first aid kit

Another fun course that will take you far is ESS 201. In this course, you will go through instruction and practice in proper first aid principles. You will study different procedures and emergency care including CPR training. By the end of this course, you will be able to receive First Aid certification and CPR certification if you have passed all the requirements taught.

10. PSY 100 – General Psychology

These are freshman college students walking down path

A fun course that all majors can enroll in is PSY 100. In this course you will focus on the basic principles and theories of Psychology. You will learn more about scientific evidence in the field and how it has evolved throughout time. It is a fun way to learn more about the way people think and why.

Taking fun classes is a great way to make sure that you are enjoying your education. It is a also a great way to give yourself a breather between your more difficult classes. Most of these classes are available to all majors. Do not be afraid to enroll in one in your upcoming school year!

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