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University of Portland

Are you tired of taking the same breadth courses in college? One way to fix this solution is by enrolling in classes outside of your major to help spice up your education. Luckily for students attending the University of Portland, there are a variety of different classes that are open to all students. In this article you will find many different and fun classes that are available to you. Do not be afraid to enroll in one today!

1. CST 107 – Effective Public Speaking

A man giving a speech.

This class is a fun way to get better at public speaking while also getting to meet new people. It is a great course that mainly encourages participation for your grade. This is a great way to take a break between classes.

2. MUS 130 – Class Piano I

this is a girl playing piano

This is a beginning piano level course that is available for any student to take. It is a basic class of instruction for piano that focuses on sight reading and improvising. This is a great way to not only get credit for your classes, but also learn a new musical instrument.

3. THTR 207 – Introduction to the Art of Theater

this is an empty theatre.

Another fun class to learn more about a topic many people haven’t learned much about is THTR 207. Some things you will focus on include design concepts and art techniques. You will also focus on drawing and painting as well as the theatrical side of art theatre including script analysis.

4. SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

these are words revolving around the word sociology

If you have ever had an interest in Sociology, SOC 101 is the perfect introduction for any student in any major. Some topics you will focus on include society, culture and social institutions. You will focus on also creating your own opinions on different theories and scientific methods.

5. PHL 314 – Philosophy and Feminism

these are women holding hands representing feminism

A very unique course to the University of Portland is Philosophy and Feminism. You will focus on different feminist theories and perspectives. You will also focus on how feminism has changed and developed through the years. You will focus on feminist theories from De Beauvoir to Irigaray.

6. CST 301 – Media and Society

these are groups of people representing society

Another fun course is CST 301, Media and Society. In this course, you will focus on the impacts of Media on Society today. You will study how interactions and the world has changed in relation to media. This is a very interesting course that can help you create a different perspective on how media has also impacted your own life.

7. MUS 101 – Music Theory I

these are different music platforms.

Music Theory I will give you a well rounded education on music as a whole. You will focus on musical concepts on its elements specifically. It is a fun class that also requires you to listen to different music genres and create your own preference and perspective on music.

8. THTR 325 – Acting for Non-Majors

actors performing on stage

In this course, you will focus on the fundamentals of the acting process. You do not be afraid or have any previous experience in acting because all students in this course are encouraged. You will practice different acting methods and how to read script work. You will be expected to participate and perform in this course.

9. SOC 325 – Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competence

these are the different circles of society.

In this course you will focus on issues regarding human diversity. You will discuss topics such as privilege, prejudice and discrimination. This is a very heavy course that covers deep topics. However, it is equally a very enlightening and informational course that can help you create different perspectives on issues you many have not put much thought into previously.

10. SW 357 – Perspectives on Gender and the Body

these are symbols representing different gender groups

This course is another unique course to the University of Portland. In this course, you will focus on different meanings of “gender” and “body” in society today. You will learn the different cultural meanings of gender and body images as well. You will be expected to be respectful and to participate with your own opinions in this course.

Don’t let your education wear you down. Make sure you are always taking classes that help you broaden your education and perspective. This is an amazing way to learn more about different topics outside of your major. Look for one course that interests you today!

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